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Reviewed: 07/21/01 | Updated: 07/21/01

Gorgeous and disturbing mold into one

You read my review cuz I gave it a 4 don't you? Disturbing isn't it? Well that's exactly how I felt when I play this game. By no means that score means the game is a crap but hey I need to somewhat able to express to you how I really really feel about the game. Nothing annoyingly come close than giving a near-crap 4 score to the best GT sims ever made (at least this year, 2001).

We play this game because of our dream in driving all those fancy cars outthere that we won't be able to afford (at least not in this life). So those cars in the game that claim themselves to be S2000, 3000GT, Vipers gotta be DAMN close to what we know in reality. Folks, this game succeed in providing us with the experience as close as simulation console game can be. The graphics looks real in my 17'' Monitor, the sounds & fxs sounds real with my Surround System and my GT force wheel behaves realistic. Note my word there, this is GAMECONSOLE-wise. Yes. The experience of going to your nearest Dodge dealer for a Viper test drive will still beat this game hands down.

One thing for sure, you gotta luv those replays. Damn this is the richest replay ever in racing game EVER. I can just sit there in front of my TV, tweaking with the replay options and watch those pretty replays again and again....

And then disturbing things start to become obvious.

First, you're driving a car that seems to have this invincible barrier that make the car totally immortal thru out the race (except for the tire. wonder why.) You won't get scratch, no dents, heck nothing fall off no matter how much you abuse your car including running straight to the wall in 200Mph. Forget Viper GTS, I WANT THAT BARRIER FOR MY REAL CAR.

Next comes the tracks. The details is kinda a mixtured bag here and there. In some cases they're so amazing like the Tokyo and Seattle (those flags!) but the others like the Test Speedways tracks pretty much Dreamcastic at best. There's too many texture maps that got tiled all accross the tracks that everything looks so BLAND and BORING. I don't won't to race my 900HP Viper in BLAND and BORING tracks! What's that!? 10 FREAKIN' LAPS!? ARRGGGHHH...

Why is my speedometer showing 'MPH' when I'm driving a Japanese/European car? They managed to make me sit on the right side but not changing the speedometer? Why? I bet the Japanese players must be scratching their heads too while driving a Viper with 'KmH' showing on the speedometer.

When I approach another car, why can't I see my car reflections on that ever-so-glossy other car's body? It seems to be able to reflects on all the other stuff around it but not my car? (I think I know the reason why, but it's still kinda disturbing huh?)

When I hit reverse and drive backward, why's that my car's reverse light never lights up? Hitting emergency brake won't lights up your brake light either, while normal brake will. Why? What's so hard of making them lights up? Don't tell me I busted my car's reverse light in my previous races...

How come not a SINGLE particle of Carbonmonoxide seems to come out from my car's muffler ? They managed to make all those crazy dusts for the rally events but not my muffler?
This makes driving in outer view mode looks so unrealistic.

When I 'lowered' my car's and tuning it like crazy, how come I get a feeling that my car 'visually' stays the same? I know changing the engines and all that won't affect the visual. But lowering your car's height and changing your tire should definitely change your car's appearance right?

Why don't they make this game an ultimate GT sims by putting all those neat gimmicks from other GT games? For instance:

- Different face of speedometer for each cars. I think one of the Ridge Racer series did this. SO COOL.

- Ability to buy a used car. Sega GT did this. It make sense
and more real.

- Ability to create you own dream car. Again Sega GT provides you with this ability.

AND the questions goes on and on...

Let it be known however, that by no means this is a poorly crafted sequel. In fact, there's some other itsy bitsy details that's easily overlooked by other game. Like those orange road-block thingy that can realistically tumbling around if you hit them, this is NOT an easy feat. Also those banners and flags that waves beautifully. They managed to got GAZZILION car tuner brands for each car manufacturer, even including dozens variety of wheels. And those wet tracks ... I wonder if there's a rainy or snowy tracks? Anybody knows?

Gameplay wise, this is GT2. That's all I have to say. If you never play GT2, it means that the gameplay ROCKS. BUT, for those GT2 veterans, they'll get disappointed fast. Especially by the car's AI. Which in my opinion no way portraying realistic driving manuvuers.

How about the music? Well. It's all there. I think there'll always be a couple or more of pieces that'll appeal each one of us plus you can always disable those other ones that you don't like. There's tons of variety of musics in the game, and I heard that SONY will even release the game's soundtrack so you can jam 'em to your real car and put those GT skills you learn to a test on your neighborhood.

I would say that the BEST thing about GT3 is not the gameplay, not the sims, not the multitude of cars, not the options, not the musics. It's the replay mode. Cuz only in replay mode everything runs so smooth that you'll never notice anything disturbing and thereby succeed in keeping yourself suspended in the realm of disbelief.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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