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"Most Beautiful Racing game ever"

Gran Turismo 3, the game that single handedly reformed me into a born again racing fan. GT3 is such a beautiful, and fun game that it made me love racing games again. In the past i had been a huge racing fan, but it kind of died off lately. Recently i played GT3 for the first time at a buddies house and was completely blown away. Not only did it look more stunning than any other racing game i've even seen, it was fun, and addictive too!

Now i know many will say GT3 has the same handling and physics at GT2, but i take that to be a good thing. I think GT2 reached near-perfection, and never expected GT3 to be anything more than a newer, better looking GT2.

Graphics : 10/10. The graphics are (simply put) beautiful beyond belief.And it was the graphics that first attracted me to this game (along with the gran turismo name) Polyphony digital® has brought a new level of beauty and realism to racing games. The realtime shadows that reflect off the room of your car, the dirt flying behind you in a rally course,the pylons bouncing this way and that......true beauty at its best

Gameplay : 10/10. I cant stress how fun, and realistic this game is. From its rally courses,to it's straight loop raceways everything in this game plays and handles like a dream. Everything is easy to understand, but at the same time takes some skill and knowledge to master. The controls are great, the physics are notch in every category

Story/depth : 10/10. This is a huge game. Although there is no true ''story'' to mention (of coarse) there is a large amount of depth in this game. Tons to be won, earned and bought. Plenty of courses to be explored and mastered. You will not get bored with this game for a LONG LONG time.....that is, if you EVER get bored with it

Replayablitiy : 9/10. Arcade mode is fun. Going back and buying every car will also be fun. Once the game is beaten 100% there will still be fun things to do, the game will never get truly stale. GT3 offers enough variety and customization that it can be enjoyed for a long time.....or at least un till GT4 :)

Overall : 10/10. Like i said, i love this game. It made me fall in love with racing games again. Lets just say i haven't had this much fun since GT2

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/25/01, Updated 07/25/01

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