Review by solidussnake508

Reviewed: 07/28/01 | Updated: 07/28/01

This is the best racing game I have ever played

First let us start out with the downsides gameplay. There are two basic modes of play one is simulation mode and the other one is arcade mode. Now in the arcade mode you can race on five tracks to start out and as you win races more tracks become available to you. The sim mode is where you start out with a certain amount and you can buy a low-end car and with that car you can win races in the beginner league, the amateur league, professional league, the rally races, and the endurance races. The only major flaws to the gameplay are that that races in the pro league and the endurance races are way to long. Most of the endurance races are two hours each and all of the pro league races are ten laps each. It took me over 120 hours to beat the game and after I have done all courses 100 times it just gets old.

The other thing that really ticks me off is that you have to do all the license tests. I hade no problem with the license in the previous GT's but the tests are so hard I just want to smash something or break the disk in half. The graphics are the best I have ever seen in any type of console game. The graphics in the rally racing are also amazing I still love to see the dust kick up because it looks so real. The difficulty is very hard. The control is very easy to use. Gran Tourismo one and two vets will feel right at home. As one would expect this has no story. The replays are also very well done.

The sound is extremely well done. From the reving of my NSX to the squeal of my tires as I round the corners the whole thing is so realistic. Now I think once I have beaten the game I will not play the sim mode but I will still play the arcade mode. One of the best features of this game and the previous games is how customizable the cars are. You can change everything from the gear ratios to the downforce and the stiffness of the springs.

So I you want my opinion you should buy this game. To pay 50 or 60 dollars for this is a good deal to me. I would pay one hundred for it.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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