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"Finally a game that pushes Plastation 2 to its limits"

Ever since the original Gran Turismo was introduced on the playstation videogame racing sims have never been the same. Every game was forced to come with a sim that was as precise and in depth as Gran Turismo, with plenty of good imitations and plenty of bad ones. Well several years have passed and with dozens of sims Gran Turismo and Gran Turismo 2 still remain the standard for racing games, leaving plenty of reason to be excited about the third part.
After finally geting my hands on a copy of this game the day of the first release I realized that finally there is a game that will push the limits of the PS2. It will finally show of what it can do. The game is so great that it not only sets a new standard in videogame racing sims but also a new standard on console games as well. Here's why.
After seeing the opening introduction I knew I was in for the best graphics ever. I had never seen anything as detailed as this game in any PS2 game, let alone any other console.The detail in every car and track is just simply phenomenal. The car physics are incredible. Once you see a replay of a race in a wet surface you'll see something that just isn't comparable to anything else in any other console.
SOUND 10/10
I wasn't surprised by the sound at all. Since the the release of the first GT the sound was great. If you have had a chance to hear some of these cars perform you'll notice how close the sound is to the actual cars' sound. If not try to get Speed Vision on cable and you'll see or rather hear what I mean. There is also a huge soundtrack that includes over twenty songs from former and current rock acts.It even includes original music from Snoop Dogg and Raekwon from the Wu Tan Clan that was recorded for this game.
Now comes the important part. The game looks and sounds great. But how good is the actual game? The answer is a very simple one. The game is great. There is now a more extensive arcade mode. As usual you can download your own garage to play in the arcade mode. There is a new i-link
mode that allow you to hook up several PS2s to have up to 6 human racers at one time. But again the meat of this game is in the simulation mode. This mode contains all of the familiar features of the first two games with a couple of pluses. There are now more tracks including a great new Japan track and Cote de Azur, which is really a picture perfect version of the Monaco track. There is a more in depth rally mode that rivals some of the rally games around. The amount of cars has been reduced from the colossal 500 plus of GT2 to 180 plus in this game. Still there should be plenty of pleasant surprises. (I was disappointed in Saleen not coming back on the game and still am disappointed in the absence of the Porsche and Ferrari licenses. Need for Speed is not the game to display these great cars, GT is.)You will also find the the computer cars are a little more aggressive and will not hesitate bumping you of the road. The control remains amazing and it's still unchanged. You will notice that the new PS2 controls are pressure sensitive and that makes braking easier and more fun. It will take you dozens of hours to complete everything.
Overall this game is virtually perfect. I read some negative reviews that I think miss the whole point of the game. But I think it would be a disservice to the review to rebut their arguments or correct their grammar. This game is the most in depth racing game ever. This game has you wetting your lips of what console games should and will be in the very near future. Start your engines.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/29/01, Updated 07/29/01

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