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Reviewed: 08/29/01 | Updated: 07/31/03

The Drive of Your Life - Indeed!


Gran Turismo 3, The Drive of Your Life, err at least in a video game. This game is almost perfect in lots of ways. If you have played Gran Turismo or Gran Turismo 2, you know what to expect from this game, a extremely customizable racing simulation. This is easily one of the very best racing games ever to be on a console. It is developed by an internal Sony studio called Polyphonal Digital. This game really shows some of the graphical capabilites of the console. Now, onto the review.

Graphics: 9

As I said before, the graphics are one of the high points of this game. Polyphonal really went to great lengths to make the graphics great, and you can see that the moment you start the race. Every car is fully 3D. Every car is detailed right down to the last screw. The backgrounds, while not as pretty as the cars are quite an upgrade over all other currently available racing games. In rally races, if you look behind you, you can see dust flying up from your tires. The dust can even blind your opponents! my only complaint is the people. In normal races, while you're racing past, if you look into the stands, you can see the heads of individual people. Not just one multi coloured blob. But, while in the rally races, as you drive along, there are people at the side of the road taking pictures, the lights are flashing in their cameras, but they look like cardboard cut outs! That is my one and only complaint about the graphics. There are no ''jaggies'' that I have noticed, but that doesn't mean their not in there. The effects of sun glaring off your windshield are great. Even when the sun is positioned around the car, the shadow shifts place. You can see the reflection of overhead trees in your back window. The graphics are a must see to believe.

Game Play: 9

The game play. Have you ever played Gran Turismo 1 or 2? I so, you know what to expect from this game. The controls are very very similar. Turning is the same, it can be quite difficult in some cars, while very easy with others. It's not like arcade racers like Mario Kart where you don't have to brake before turning. This game is made to be a simulation, similar to the real thing. Therefore, you must brake before turning, or you'll crash into a wall. Polyphonal has used the Dual Shock 2's analog buttons in this game. For both the gas and brakes, you either accelerate faster / slower or brake faster / slower depending on how hard or lightly you push the button. This is an innovative feature for sure, but it can tire out your finger after a while. Another element of the game play is that you can customize your car. You can take it to the dealer and get your engine or brakes tuned, or get brand new parts altogether. You also need to get the occasional oil change. This can increase your cars performance.

Sound/Music: 8

This game has many different sound tracks from many different artists. The music, for the most part, fits in with the game quite nicely. Usually a fast paced song to mix with the fast feeling of your car zooming down the track passing other cars left and right. The sound effects are great as well. The engines sound just as real as they possibly could in a video game. When you crash into the wall, they could have added some more effects, but they didn't. Oh well, it doesn't disturb the rest of the game. The other sound effects in the game are mostly just the usually BING when moving from menu to menu.

Rent/Buy: Buy!

This is one of the few MUST - HAVE games for the PlayStation 2. It is a fun game with excellent graphics. And there's NO WAY you can beat it in a single rental. The game takes over 100 hours of game play to beat it 100% trust me, you'll want to get all those fancy cars before you'd be paying the extra charge for late returns on a rental. There are 2 types of play modes in this game. Arcade and Simulation. the simulation is almost like a story mode. It is the main mode in GT3. The other mode, Arcade is full of all the races. You have the option to play them on easy, normal, and hard difficulty levels. These two modes together will keep you playing for a long time to come.

Last Comments: The drive of Your Life!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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