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"Another step in racing game evolution..."

In the gaming industry, time will come when a game truly revolutionize its era when it displays excellent gameplay, graphics, sounds, and deep realism. That game also gets lots of publicity, hype, and everyone seems to be waiting for it. Gran Turismo made history by applying life-like driving into a video game. Then Gran Turismo 2 game and blasted everyone with more cars, tracks, and an excellent soundtrack. Now, with the 3rd installment in the Gran Turismo series, with the Playstation as its home, how will Gran Turismo live to the expectations of everyone. Let's go.

Gameplay/Controls (10): All driving game fanatics wants realism in terms of handling, actual cars, in-depth car customization, tough opponent, and more, in a racing game. Gran Turismo 3 has all of that. Again, Gran Turismo 3 boasts a number of cars (although Gran Turismo 2 has more cars) now with a more real look. It's almost the same as its real life counterpart. The handling of the cars have been enhanced. Depending on the drivetrain (the position of the engine and the wheels that push the car), you'll have to drive differently with each car. With the processing power of the PS2, AI (Artificial Intelligence) has been enhanced and the CPU cars actually think during races. Also, let us not forget the tried and tested licensing examinations. Man, they're tough! You'll need them once more in order to participate in the GT races.

For the controls, Gran Turismo 3 mapped them in the way the previous game did. But now, button sensitivity has been implemented here. The lighter you push the button, the lighter the gas pedal goes down. As for the handling, again, it is excellent.

Storyline (n/a): Well, Gran Turismo 3 doesn't have any story just like its predecessors. But you'll also see the background of a particular car, when it started and how it came to be.

Graphics/Sounds (8): About the graphics, I'm speechless when I saw it with my own eyes. The car is extremely detailed. The environment is the best part of it all. You'll see the horizon get blurred and once you get near, it becomes clear. You'll also see the heat on the ground and the intense smoke coming from the wheels (especially during Rallies). Lighting effects are also enhanced. When you're under a bridge, it gets dark and you'll have to adjust with the driving conditions. The only drawback in this game is its less impressive soundtracks. The previous game had extremely good soundtracks. But now, the soundtracks are quite bad and doesn't coordinate perfectly with driving. But some of them are good (about 2 or 3).

Re-play Value (9): You can always race and race again and hone your skills in driving. But don't play on repeating the entire simulation mode again since it'll take you literally hundreds of hours to finish it completely. Or, you can try out different cars and customize them, then experiment on them by racing them with the CPUs or other players.

As a conclusion, Gran Turismo 3 lived up to the hype and to the expectations of everyone. With excellent graphics, controls, and deep realism in the game, this is by far the best racing/simulation game to date. Don't hesitate. Buy it, now.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/14/01, Updated 10/14/01

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