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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Kaji Ryoji

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/18/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    FAQ/Walkthrough - Kessen
    Version 1.0
    By Kaji Ryoji (Acer0108@aol.com)
    Table of Contents
    1.0  Introduction
      1.1  Background Information
      1.2  Author Information
      1.3  Copyright Information
    2.0  Tokugawan Walkthrough
      2.1  Skirmish at Kuzegawa
      2.2  Battle of Sekigahara
      2.3  Escape from Minakuchi
      2.4  Battle from Harima
      2.5  Defense at Seta
      2.6  Summer Battle at Osaka
      2.7  Retreat from Ueda
      2.8  Battle at Mount Fuji
      2.9 Defense of Hakone
      2.9a Battle of Sekigahara
    3.0  Toyotomi Walkthrough
      3.1  Skirmish at Kuzegawa
      3.2  Battle of Sekigahara
      3.3  Retreat from Ueda
      3.4  Defense of Hakone
      3.5  Battle at Fuji
      3.6  Winter Battle at Edo
      3.7  Escape from Minakuchi
      3.8  Battle from Harima
      3.9  Battle of Sekigahara
      3.9a Defense of Seta
      3.9b Summer Battle at Osaka
      3.9c Battle of Sekigahara
    4.0  Battle Manuevers
    5.0  Miscellaneous
      5.1  Basic Strategy
      5.2  Choosing Officers
      5.3  War Council
    6.0  Frequently Asked Questions
    1.0  Introduction
        Kessen is a game designed by the strategy oriented company, KOEI.  
    They’ve designed such games as the Romance of the Three Kingdoms 
    series, the Dynasty Warriors series, and so on.  Kessen is more like a 
    real-time strategy game, in the fact that everything is real-time, and 
    you can move your forces about to defeat the enemy forces.
        Already, KOEI has announced Kessen II and III, as well as Dynasty 
    Warriors III.  Kessen II is supposed to be about the Romance of the 
    Three Kingdoms era, so we will hear more about that eventually.
       1.1  Background Information
        Kessen takes place after Hideyoshi dies.  Tokugawa then decides to 
    take command of the land himself.  In history, Tokugawa beats the 
    Western forces and takes over Japan, starting the policy of 
    isolationism.  However, in this game, you can change the course of 
    history itself.
       1.2  Author Information
        I can be contacted at Acer0108@aol.com.  Only send e-mails there.  
    My AIM is Kaji Ryogi, and I’ll release my ICQ number later, but I never 
    use it anyway.  This is my second FAQ/Walkthrough, just for personal 
    reference.  Send tips, your own walkthroughs, and questions to my e-
      1.3  Copyright Information
        This document is copyright of the Internet Privacy Act, and 
    intellectual property of myself, Kaji Ryoji.  If you wish to distribute 
    this document, you must contact me and you must also leave this 
    document in an un-edited format.  This document may NOT be used for 
    profit in any DIRECT manner by any other person(s).  By direct, that 
    means you may not place this document on a package to be sold for 
    profit, nor can you force users to click on banners to access this 
    document.  You may have banners on the site, but you cannot force them 
    to click on them.  This document may not be sold to any magazine, etc.
    2.0  Tokugawan Scenario
      2.1  Skirmish at Kuzegawa
    Tokugawa has already dispatched, and Ishida had come to ambush him, and 
    even though Tokugawa is at a disadvantage, he decides to attack 
    Mitsunari in an attempt to defeat him, here and now.
    Mission Walkthrough
        For the beginning, follow the tutorial until you get control of 
    your army (and additionally, no more tutorial screens, as you will 
    control it for a little bit during the tutorial, then it will be reset 
    as soon as the tutorial ends.  The tutorials shows you a little bit 
    about moving, special abilities, and some of your units massive 
        Now, once the battle starts, you can leave the battle to your 
    officers, but you should take control to make sure nothing goes wrong, 
    and to make sure you can grasp a sense of the controls.
        First, all your armies already have preset attack orders, so pick 
    “Proceed as planned!  Let the battle begin!”  Your armies will 
    automatically engage the enemies.
        Honda will engage Shima in an even battle, and you can watch it if 
    you wish.  However use Honda’s “Raid”  Special Maneuver to lower enemy 
    morale and inflict a little amount of damage on the enemy.  Raids are 
    also fun to watch.
        At this point, one of your officers may comment that they appear to 
    be concentrating on you.  This means that all officers that are not 
    currently engaged in a battle will attack your commander, which is 
    Tokugawa.  However, you should feel safe, so you should select “There 
    is no change in plans!”  to keep things moving.
        Yi will engage Gamo.  Also, certain events are random, such as 
    duels.  I had Yi duel Gamo as soon as he engaged him.  Also, during the 
    battle, many officers will perform beneficial special manuevers to 
    assist their allies, such as “Rally”, which increases the target unit’s 
        Once Tokugawa is in range, use his barrage on Ishida to soften up 
    his defenses.  Ishida may approach you then, so back up a little bit 
    and prepare to use a cannonade when you have enough troops.  The other 
    possibility is that Ishida will back off.  Hold your position in this 
    case and fire your cannonade if possible.
       Eventually, Yi’s army will scatter Gamo.  Have them pursue him.  
    When, or if Yi catches up to Gamo, he’ll attempt to kill the remainder 
    of Gamo’s army to destroy it.  If Gamo escapes, then he’ll rebuild his 
    forces a little bit, and you’ll have to attack him again.
        Now Ishida will have entered combat with Tokugawa most likely, if 
    they all charged at you.  Either way, once you demolish all the 
    enemies, concentrate on Ishida, and he should fall before Akashi 
    arrives.  Fukushima will probably arrive to assist in time.
        If Akashi arrives while you’re still engaged with the other forces, 
    use Fukushima to distract him, otherwise concentrate on Ishida.
        End mission.
        Ishida has retreated from the battle.  Tokugawa makes his way to 
    Mina castle, and Ishida returns to Okina castle, and now you get a 
    chance to watch the briefing and such.
    2.2   The Battle of Sekigahara
        Tokugawa knew Ishida planned to ambush him at Sekigahara, and he 
    decided to attack Ishida there, because of his expertise at open 
            Just use the plans that have been picked so far.  Additionally, 
    add the defect order to Shimazu, and you should be all set for that.  
    If you need further explanation than the tutorial gives, refer to that 
    section of the walkthrough.
        For my officers, I switched Kani with Sakai, although you’re losing 
    some attack power there by switching spears with bows.  However, with 
    Honda, Yi, and Fukushima there, you should be all set anyway.
        Tokugawa remembers Sakon Shima, who had attempted to assassinate 
    him, and almost did before.  However, his concubine had protected him 
    from the assault with ninja skills.  He is also displeased that his son 
    was delayed by Masa Sanada.  Then an argument takes place where 
    everyone shows their reason of hating Mitsunari Ishida.  Then it is 
    seen where Josui decides to take over Japan also.
        After the scenes take place, the planning phase begins, where you 
    can change the initial orders of your units, although it doesn’t make 
    much difference.
    Mission Walkthrough
        Many events will occur in this battle.  All the officers that you 
    have attempted to influence will not attack (The ones that were already 
    set).  Kobayakawa will join your army when you have defeated several of 
    Ishida’s troops.  However, Shimazu’s troops will retreat and head to 
       After a little bit, mobilize your armies and move Tokugawa into 
    range to cannonade the enemy.  Use your force’s special manuevers, 
    especially naga Kuroda’s Triple Barrage.  It will inflict serious 
    damage on enemies like Shima.  Hosokawa dons his volley and barrages as 
    his special manuevers, which are fairly useful.
      Eliminate each enemy to clear a path to Ishida, but retreat if you 
    are losing serious ground.
        By monitoring your forces in this battle, you should inflict some 
    serious damage and gain Kobayakawa.
        If you need to inflict quick damage or escape a battle with Yi, use 
    his charge.  He inflicts heavy damage against mounted forces and most 
    male forces.  In this battle, officers will want the opportunity to 
    issue their own orders.  Allow them to do so, so they will keep high 
    morale and zeal.
       In the course of this battle, many enemy units possess triple 
    barrage, and it will do quite a bit of damage.  Otani uses cannonade 
    against your forces, which is for extreme damage.  On your forces, 
    Tanaka and Tokugawa and use the cannonade.  Tokugawa has more forces 
    than Ishida, but overall, the enemy has more troops.  Eventually, 
    Kobayakawa will, and he provides a great advantage, because he has his 
    10000 troops, although they’re slightly weak.
        Once you eliminate enough enemy troops, charge Ishida with all you 
    End mission.
    2.3  Escape From Minakuchi
       Ishida and Sakon Shima had attempted to retreat now, and Ieyasu 
    attempts to stop him.  There is no briefing for this mission.  You also 
    find that Shimazu, who betrayed you earlier, is fighting with Ishida.
    Mission Walkthrough
        You must stop Ishida from escaping to the red glowing spots on the 
    map.  The enemy is in a weakened state in this battle, but so will you.
        For this battle, you can charge,  but you’ll engage many enemies 
    anyway before you reach Ishida.  Your special maneuvers are vital in 
    this battle, so make sure you use them.
        In this battle, Ishida WILL use his cannonade on your troops, so be 
    careful about positioning Ieyasu too close at the beginning of the 
    battle.  Respond by using Ieyasu’s cannonade and you will inflict heavy 
    damage because you possess more cannons than Ishida.  Tanaka also has 
    the ability to use cannonades.
    Keep Ishida occupied, or else he’ll reach the escape point.  However, 
    he can’t retreat until the other two units arrive.
    End mission.
        Sakon Shima is now dead, but the rest escaped the battle.
    2.4  Battle at Harima
        If you win, you will fight Josui at Harima, who is Naga Kuroda’s 
    father.  It is also seen that Sanada (father) is dying at the hands of 
    Ieyasu.  Now there are many emotional scenes between many people 
    deciding why they fight.
    Mission Walktrough
        This mission is extremely hard.  You must defeat Josui Kuroda here, 
    and he has a large force backing him.  
        Have Kobayakawa attack Tachi and he should keep him occupied for 
    awhile, if not defeating him.  Send Hide Tokugawa after Shimazu while 
    shooting all your best attacks at him also.
        In the event that they all attack you, ignore it for awhile.  
    Eventually, there will be a scene where Fukushima and Kato greet each 
    other.  Also, Hide will have an epitome and lead his troops to try to 
    impress his father.
        Kuroda posses the ballista spear weapons, and they will inflict 
    massive damage that will range in the thousands.  You can counter that 
    with Kobayakawa’s ballista.
        You should probably have Fukushima attack Kuroda early on to weaken 
    him.  Think of Fukushima as a sacrificial pawn in this mission.  Just 
    keep charging Kuroda to injure him.  Kuroda will fire all his shots at 
    Fukushima, and they’ll be wasted.
        Hopefully, you’ve also defeated Yuki Sanada, because his ninjas 
    will rip your forces into tiny screaming pieces.  Those troops are the 
    most effective troops in the game.
        Raiding will be effective in this battle as fights will tend to 
    last awhile.  By lowering enemy morale, the troops will die much 
    easier, and you will preserve your own troops.
        As soon as you scatter several armies, send Tokugawa and Honda 
    after Kuroda.
        The battle will be quite hard, so use your drum calls if you lose 
    any duels or are beaten down quite badly.  Chances are you will lose a 
    lot of armies toward the end of the battle, but don’t worry, Tokugawa 
    should be fairly strong if you’ve kept him away.
    End mission.
    2.5  Defense at Seta
        Josui has been defeated.  Now Hide Tokugawa has succeeded his 
    father as Shogun.  Yuki Sanada has gained control of the Toyotomi 
        This is an extremely small battle compared to your previous ones.
    The enemy has four units and three reinforcement units.  You have five 
    reinforcement units, but only two active units.
        Follow the plan and be cautious.  Todo has an increased amount of 
    men for this mission (7000).
        However, the flaw with following the plan is that Kimura will 
    cannonade you right off the battle.  Kimura will also have an advantage 
    over you, using female cavalary
    2.6  Summer Battle at Osaka
        Hide is now rushing to battle, and he arrived late to battle again, 
    but Tokugawa hears gunshots from Date.
        Hide now asks to lead an attack, and Tokugawa says that it is 
    dangerous.  It is seen where Sanada leads his army.  Ieyasu decides to 
    take him on himself.
    Mission Walkthrough
        Toyotomi is planning to appear in this battle, so beware.
        Follow the basic mission plan, except have Naga Kuroda attack 
    Katsu.  I replaced Masa with Hosokawa, and Fukushima with the last 
    officer on the list.  Hosokawa should stay and ambush the enemy unit.
        For this battle, you gain many valuable tactics, such as artillery 
    and ninjas.  Hopefully, you assigned ninjas to Tokugawa’s unit to take 
    full advantage of this formidable attack.
        If Yuki attacks Tokugawa’s unit, you will see the scene from the 
        Just eliminate the enemy units and charge Yuki.
    End mission.
        Afterwards, Princess Sen meets Tokugawa again, who is her 
    grandfather.  Finally, you have reached the end of the harder version 
    of the campaign, by winning all the missions.
    2.7  Retreat From Ueda
        Ieyasu and Hide headed back to Edo, but Ishida came to chase 
    Tokugawa, and to put them in a pincer with Masa Sanada.  Tokugawa 
    decides to charge through them.
    Mission Walkthrough
        You have five units versus three in this battle.  The escape point 
    is behind you, so it appears to be very easy.  Order Masa to attack 
    Shima to help Todo. 
       Next, there are two ambush points in this map.  The default one 
    contains Sanada, the other contains Yuki.  Make sure you take him out.  
    If you’re not careful, you will lose one of your officers.  However, 
    this is surely death for Todo and Masa.
        Alternatively, you could just have everyone concentrate on each 
    enemy one at a time to try to beat Ishida.  To crush Ishida, use an 
    army attack.  As soon as the battle starts, use the army attack to get 
    them moving towards them instead of away.  If you move away, you will 
    get hit with a cannonade.  So as soon as the battle starts, use the 
    cannonade on Ishida.
         Personally, it is BY FAR easier to fight Ishida for victory. It is 
    absolutely vital to kill him quickly though, or else the Sanadas will 
    approach you.
    2.8  Battle at Mount Fuji
        Please note, if you lose here, you go to Hakone. Josui Kuroda have 
    taken control of Kyushu.  Then Josui moves north after hearing of the 
    Eastern loss at Sekigahara.
        Set the bide orders on Hide Mori and Ban.  Also, change Nabeshima 
    with Masa, and you will be all set.  If you wish, you can also replaced 
    Kuroda, because he will be somewhat hard to control.
    Mission Walkthrough
        Follow the plan.  Your forces that are west of you will immediately 
    go to engage Ishida.  Send your defense force to meet the incoming 
    forces from the southwest.  Once you defeat all the forces and both 
    reinforcements arrive, order an army attack and finish him off.
    2.9  Defense of Hakone
        Having lost from Mount Fuji, many officers planned to stay at 
    Hakone to try to stop Ishida, so Ieyasu could escape.  Suddenly, Ieyasu 
    arrives and said that he will stay and fight with them.  Then he says 
    that he will not abandon his troops.  Then they start to cry because 
    they are touched by Tokugawa’s loyalty and commitment to them.
    Mission Walkthrough
        The enemy has five units, and so do you.  However, Gamo and Akashi 
    are on their way to assist them.  Yuki, who is Tokugawa’s son, is on 
    the way to assist you.
        The most dangerous adversary is Yuki Sanada and his ninja in this 
    mission, so dispatch him immediately, but don’t let Tokugawa enter 
    battle with him.  Instead, charge and use the cannonade to hurt him.
        After quite awhile, Matsu will arrive to reinforce you.  What I did 
    however, was have Yi charge through all of Ishida’s men.  Then have him 
    rest for some time away from the battle.  Then I had the army engage 
    everyone and let Sakaki attack Ishida.  Then, once Yi was rested, I put 
    him into a pincer move.  That was what beat him.
    Unfortunately, Yi was killed, but he killed Ukita with him.
    2.9a  Winter Battle at Edo
        The Toyotomis have taken over most of the land, and Tokugawa has 
    been declared an enemy of the state.  Then all of the forces are 
    concentrated in Edo.
        Let Hide Mori bide.  The rest is actually up to you, since everyone 
    else has perfect loyalty now.  Also, replace all of Tokugawa’s men with 
    ninja.  That will increase his battle power to epic proportions.  I 
    also replaced Matsu with Hosokawa and Sakai with Katakura.
        We see Naomasa’s death.  They also hear that Date has publically 
    declared his intentions to betray them.
        They also hear that Mitsunari brags that he will win in three days, 
    and only brought food for three days.
    Mission Walkthrough
        Follow the plan.  Naotaka Yi then screams to avenge his father and 
    they rush the enemy.  Unless you use your abilities wisely, you will 
    lose this battle.  Charging and the cannonade will be the keys to 
    winning the early battle.  Later, Tokugawa’s ninja should finish the 
    job.  The mission is very simple once you get into it.
    2.9b  Battle of Sekigahara
        Having been defeated by Ieyasu, Ishida dies, and Yuki Sanada begins 
    to attack Sekigahara.
        For this battle, I set Hide Mori and Toyo Shimazu to bide.
    Next, put Katakura in the northwestern ambush point.
    Mission Walkthrough
        Follow the battle plan.  Once again, concentrate on the enemy that 
    breaks through your defense lines.  They might inflict serious damage 
    on you and it will be an even battle, so use your special abilities as 
    often as you can without fatiguing any given unit too much (charge is 
    one of those abilities that can tire out your units).  Once you have 
    cleared a path from your base to Yuki, order an army attack.
    3.0  Toyotomi Walkthrough
    3.1  Skirmish at Kuzegawa
        Ishida’s forces at Ogaki had planned to ambush Tokugawa, who was 
    headed to Akasaka castle.  Shima decides to attack Ieyasu, but Ishida 
    wishes not to, but then he hears a call to battle, and then attacks 
    Ieyasu also.
    Mission walkthrough
        Basically, follow the tutorial, or you can skip it.  You are at a 
    slight advantage in this battle, as you have more soldiers than 
    Tokugawa’s forces.
        As in it’s Tokugawan counterpart, Fukushima and Akashi are headed 
    to reinforce Tokugawa and Ishida.  Send Gamo and Shima to engage Yi.  
    Shima might challenge Yi t a duel, but this is all random.
        You probably won’t have room to perform a charge on Yi, so raid him 
    instead to prolong the lives of your own troops.  For Gamo, also raid 
    Yi, unless you can barrage him before you engage him.
        Hopefully, Ishida will have intercepted Tokugawa.  Use the triple 
    barrage on him.  If you follow all the necessary steps, you’ll defeat 
    Ieyasu before any reinforcements arrive.
    End mission.
    3.2  Battle at Sekigahara
        Ishida returns to Ogaki castle to plan for the next battle.  For 
    this mission, definitely have Fukushima bide.  Additionally, I set 
    Yoshi for bide, and the other two for defection.
    Mission Walkthrough
        This mission will be somewhat difficult, as you have many units 
    that will be uncontrollable or extremely hard to control, such as 
    Kobayakawa.  If you begin to lose the battle quite badly, Kobayakawa 
    will defect.
        Asano is on his way to help Tokugawa, whereas you have Choso to 
    reinforce you.
        Several of Tokugawa’s avengers will approach Ishida, so just stand 
    your ground, firing your cannonade when they enter range.
        Afterwards, try to advance your forces bit by bit.  It will be 
    difficult since you are unable to use the majority of your army 
       Don’t move Ikida until all the avengers are dead, as Hide Mori will 
    be flak to defend you against.  You will probably take awhile, so Choso 
    will arrive first, then Natsuka.  If you take a long time, Yama will 
    End mission.
    3.3  Retreat from Ueda
        Tokugawa has joined with Hide, and attempted to return to Edo, but 
    Ishida had intercepted Tokugawa, and has Masa Sanada put him into a 
    pincer attack.
    Mission Walkthrough
        Tokugawa doesn’t have that many troops for this mission, but 
    neither do you.  The advance which you possess however, is Yuki.  He 
    has the ability to use ninja.
        Once Ishida gets into range, fire the cannonade before Tokugawa 
    decides to hit you with something.  Order Gamo to do the same.  Then 
    order Shima to attack Masa.  By this time, an enemy, might have made it 
    to the escape point.  Order the ambush to the appropriate daimyo.  
    Order the other one to stand down and assist him, as they will 
    concentrate on one point.
    3.4  Battle of Fuji
        Tokugawa had returned to Edo and powered his forces.  Kuroda had 
    taken over Kyushu, and arrived to Fuji.  No one knows who he will side 
        For the defect and bide orders, they’ve already been set, so just 
    add a defect order to Todo, although it is unlikely that it will work 
    anyway.  When picking officers, IF you still have Kobayakawa, don’t 
    bring him, as he will only be flak, and extremely hard to command with 
    low battle power.  Don’t assign Kikkawa either, because he will do the 
    same thing.
        Now, Yuki shows his father a flying fusillade in an upclose and 
    personal way.
    Mission Walkthrough
        Follow the assigned battle plans.  Kuroda will join you if you can 
    inflict major damage on the Tokugawan forces.  Yuki and Matsu are on 
    the way from Edo to reinforce Tokugawa, so keep that in mind.  Use a 
    drum call on Sanada to increase the fighting strength.  Also use Yuki’s 
    ninja on whoever he’s attacking.
       If Yuki arrives (and he probably will), he will give Tokugawa a huge 
    advantage in manpower, so becareful.  This is probably a good time to 
    mobilize Ishida to try to bomb all of your foes.
        The battle will be fairly even, so concentrate your forces on one 
    army at a time, save Kuroda.
    End mission.
    3.5  Defense of Hakone
        Many soldiers are to wait at Hakone to buy Ieyasu time to escape.  
    Many men decide to defend Hakone to try to buy Tokugawa time, although 
    it possibly would sacrifice them.  Then Ieyasu decides to come back and 
    attack Ishida.
    Mission Walkthrough
        Ishida’s rank swell with sodliers this time around.  As usual, 
    follow the battle plan.  If Tokugawa mobilizes, intercept him.  Otani 
    might be unengaged, so use his cannonade if that happens.
        Once you eliminate all of Tokugawa’s men, chase him.  He’s very 
    slick, so he’ll retreat often, so when he does, shoot him with a large 
    tactic.  This mission will be very quick.
    End mission.
    3.6  Winter Battle at Edo
        Tokugawa hopes to place all his hopes on the battle at Edo.  
    Masamune Date has come to assist Ieyasu.
        For this battle, I set Date and Katakura for defection, and 
    Fukushima and Mogami for Bide.  Fukushima would never defect to 
    Ishida’s side, so that’s a given.  However, Katakura and Mogami are 
    probably interchangable.
        For other officers, I replaced Anko with Satake.  I also gave Yuki 
    Sanada all ninjas.  Additionally, for the war council, I added some 
    ambush points.  Finally, change Uesugi from attacking Date to attack 
    Nao Yi.  Date and Katakura will defect if the tide of battle turns.
    Mission Walkthrough
        I had my army follow the battle plan.  Tokugawa will hold his 
    positions.  Have Sugi charge Nao Yi.  Mogami will bide his time in this 
    battle, so that’s an advantage right in the beginning.  Play your cards 
    right, and Nao will be dead right away.  Now charge Asano and you will 
    decimate the majority of his forces using anyone that’s near him.
        To win this battle, it is necessary to split the forces into 
    multiple parts, possibly three; Sugi’s northern forces, Otani in the 
    west, and the southern forces.
        It is not necessary to gain Date and Katakura’s assistance as they 
    will remain idle, unless you provoke them.
    End mission.
        This ends main branch.  There are two other branches which I will 
    provide a walkthrough now.
    To reach the next branch, you must lose at Sekigahara.
    3.7  Escape from Minakuchi
        Ishida was attempting to escape through Minakuchi, and Tokugawa 
    intercepted him.  Ishida’s forces are pessimistic, but decide to smash 
    through Ieyasu’s forces.
    Mission walkthrough
        Follow the plan and you will move to defensive positions.  You are 
    at a disadvantage in this battle, with very few soldiers.  Fukushima 
    will be the first to attack you, so charge him like a freak and he 
    should be weakened.
        The way to victory lies in either getting Choso, Ishida, and 
    Shimazu to the other side of the map, or defeating Tokugawa.  Of the 
    easiest ones, it would probably be easier to defeat Tokugawa by 
    following the plan. Tokugawa will come to you, so just wait for him to 
    attack Ishida, then smash his forces with the triple barrage.
    End mission.
    3.8  Battle at Harima
        Unfortunately, Ishida has been defeated.  Now Josui Kuroda plans to 
    attack Tokugawa.  He had joined with many westerners, then planned to 
    join the western leaders around Harima.
        Now, set the defect order to Fukushima and anyone except Hosokawa.  
    Have the other two bide their time.  Get rid of Kikkawa and Goto and 
    add Satake and Ono in their stead.
        Now we see Yuki on the grave of his father, which can be seen in 
    the main branch of Tokugawa.  
    Mission Walkthrough
        Follow the plan.  Remember that Kato cannot attack Fukushima in 
    this battle, they’ll retreat and refuse to attack each other 
        This battle can be extremely hard, so just keep your cool.  You 
    will most likely lose many units at the beginning, but those units will 
    have weakened many of their units for the rest of your units to enter 
    and trounce them.  Fukushima will join you when you have nearly twice 
    as many troops left (percentage wise) as the eastern forces.
        When you have defeated Tokugawa, you will see another movie of him 
    being surrounded.
    End mission.
    3.9  Battle of Sekigahara
        Josui Kuroda had been killed while fighting Ieyasu, and Yuki Sanada 
    is now the commander.  They meet at Sekigahara.
        Now, have Naga Kuroda and Date defect, and let the other two bide.  
    Now, replace Anko with Satake for more men.  Hopefully, you also 
    received the strength of Fukushima in the last mission.  The last thing 
    to do is to replace all of Yuki’s soldiers with ninja, and use the 
    “Horns” formation to increase the usefulness of the ninja.
        The last thing you should do is assign Nao to the ambush point next 
    to Akashi.
    Mission Walkthrough
        The music seems a bit different now, no?  Anyway, follow the 
    mission plan.  Your army will stand still, and so will the Tokugawas.  
    Begin your offensive and try to destroy as many of the enemies as you 
    can.  Eventually they will fall into your traps.
        In this battle, if you replaced Yuki with all ninja, he will be the 
    trump card.  You would be surprised how many men eight thousand ninja 
    will kill.  Use the ninja on anyone who attempts to attack, but save 
    some to kill Ieyasu. In this battle, Hide possesses the cannonade.
        Use your ninjas in Tokugawa a few times and he will be dead.
    If you’re still having trouble, then start the battle off by sending 
    Fukushima and Shimazu after Yoshi and have Fukushima charge him, then 
    finish him off.  Another thing that seems constant is that if you 
    charge Mogami with Maeda, he will instantly charge back.
        Alternatively, don’t use Yuki at all and concentrate on his guards 
    one by one.  If you beat enough of the troops (well, I had 66% of 
    troops left and he only had 11%), Naga Kuroda will defect.  I had 
    already defeated Date by this time, although it’s not necessary.
    End mission.
    3.9a  Defense of Seta
        After losing at Harima with Kuroda, Tokugawa arranges a marriage 
    between Sen and Toyotomi.  Finally, Tokugawa orders a campaign to 
    destroy the Toyotomi’s, and Yuki Sanada attempts to stop Tokugawa at 
    Seta and to force them to join them.
    Mission Walkthrough
        For now, the enemy has only two units:  Tokugawa and Todo.  
    However, many officers are heading to reinforce him.  You will only get 
    three units to reinforce you, but you start with four already, so rush 
    Tokugawa as fast as you can.  Unfortunately, Yuki has no ninjas with 
    him, so this can become a long fight.  If you don’t want to get 
    flooded, you will kill him right away, therefore, no plan is needed, 
    attack!  Have Kimura charge Todo as soon as they enter combat, and get 
    ready to use the cannonade as soon as the zeal is restored.  If Kimura 
    suddenly enters combat with Tokugawa after charging, his zeal should be 
    restored, so charge one more time and have his army rest.
        Use Yuki’s mounted barrage as soon as you enter range on Tokugawa 
    to try to weaken him as much as possible before fighting.  Katsu will 
    keep Todo occupied.
        Akashi will arrive first, but by that time, Tokugawa should be 
    nearly dead or scattered.  If not, send Akashi to take on Todo.
    End mission.
    3.9b  Summer Battle at Osaka
        Now, the Western forces had fallen back to Osaka.  Tokugawa had 
    called for peace, and had the moats in the castle dried up.  Yuki 
    prepared to fight in a quick battle to try to defeat Tokugawa.
        Give Fukushima and Yoshi the defect orders.  Katakura must bide, 
    and Hosokawa will bide, but rarely defects, if ever.  You won’t get to 
    bring many men on this mission, so replace Ban with Ukita.  Lastly, 
    give Yuki Sanada all ninja in his troops, and give him to Horns 
    pattern.  Yuki is seen drinking with Lady Yodo, when Saizo informs him 
    that Tokugawa is moving.  Yuki appears to be extremely drunk, as his 
    ego has become inflated.  Outside, many officers look down at Osaka 
    castle.  Yuki then shows everyone the fireworks that he had planned, 
    and the officers are impressed and become happy from this sight.  
    Tokugawa sees this and laughs at it, believing it to be a silly and 
    futile display.
        During the war council, assign Ukita and Ono ambush orders.
    Mission Walkthrough
        Follow the battle plan.  They say that Toyotomi promises to join 
    you in battle, but not to let your hopes up.  He doesn’t, just so you 
    know, unless you want to take a long time in this battle.  All your 
    forces will mobilize.  Yuki will engage in battle with Tada Honda, so 
    use the ninja on him, and you will inflict an extreme amount of damage.  
    Tada will fall soon after.  Send Akashi to assist in the battle against 
    Hide Tokugawa.  Basically, at this point, you need to gang up on them.  
    Long range attacks, keeping in mind, are ineffective against Hide’s 
    anvil formation.  Charging is much more effective.  Katsu MIGHT reach 
    Tokugawa (He may get engaged with Hide instead).  If he does, charge 
    Tokugawa to inflict a little bit of damage.
        Fukushima will join you if you set the defect order on him fairly 
    early in the battle.  Beat them down a little bit more (22% to my 75%) 
    and Yoshi will join you.  When Tokugawa is nearly defeated and Yuki 
    attacks, you'’l see an FMV of them having a quick duel, except he finds 
    out that Ieyasu escaped already.
    End mission.
    3.9c  Battle of Sekigahara
        Tokugawa heads to Kyoto, but Yuki has continued to chase him, but 
    then is forced to return to Edo.  Then Toyotomi had returned to Kyoto.
        For this mission, set the defect order to Naga Kuroda and Date.  
    Next, replace Ban with Fukushima, or if you don’t have him, replace him 
    with Satake.  Nao may be replaced with either Shimazu, Ukita, or 
    Konishi.  I prefer Shimazu, as he has the best battle insight.  
    Finally, Ono may be replaced with Satake.
    Mission Walkthrough
        Looking at the battle plan, everyone just stands still, so make 
    sure you have added an ambush somewhere, such as Goto.  Start by moving 
    your forces around a bit to get Tokugawa moving.  Just a few inches is 
    good.  Someone will run into one of the ambush points.
        Simply let the enemy approach, then pick them off one by one.  Once 
    this is done order an army attack, and you will be done.
    End mission.
    5.0  Battle Manuevers
    *   Ineffective vs. “Anvil” formation
    Command      Zeal Usage        Effect
    Rally            15           Raise ally’s zeal.  Commander only.
    Artillery        45           Fires projectiles.  Does damage vs all
    Avoid            20           Evade enemy army, will not enter combat.
    Ballista         30           Mobile spear launchers.  Best vs. Mounted
    Cannonade        55           Effective vs. all units.*
    Drum Roll        10           Raises morale of own army.
    Barrage          30           Single firing line.  Best vs. grounded
    Charge           45           Charge through enemy lines.  Reappear on
                                  Otherside.  Effective against mounted
                                  Forces.  Arrow best formation.
    Escape           10           Flee from battle instantly.
    Flying Fusillade 25           Firing while moving.  Cannot use during
    Mounted Barrage  30           Single lined cavalry firing.*
    Ninja            40           Use “Horn” Formation.  Inflicts massive
                                  Damage to all enemy units.
    Raid             30           General attacks men to lower zeal.
    Spear Wall       25           Use “Reef” formation.  Best vs. Mounted
    Triple Barrage   40           Three line barrage.*
    Volley           25           Arrow wave.  Best vs. grounded.*
    5.0  Miscellaneous Information
    5.1  Basic Strategy
        Try to gang up on enemy forces, as it appears to be quite 
    effective.  Many small forces will always beat a large force, because 
    each unit has many sub-units divided equally among each other.  If you 
    can wear each of them down, they will have small sub-units and will be 
    defeated very easily.
        If an officer wishes to engage someone, then let him do it.  It 
    will increase his zeal.
        The higher the fatigue of a unit, the lower the life of every 
    soldier inside it is.
        Experiment with formations to get the most out of your special 
    5.2  Choosing Officers
        Look at the meter on the right when choosing officers.  Insight 
    stands for how well their soldiers fight, and the battle rating is how 
    well they will fare in duels.  I’m not yet certain what the other 
    ratings on the side do.  Another thing you should keep in mind is the 
    bias between the West and the East.  Lastly, learn all of the generals’ 
    relationships with the leader, e.g. Fukushima will NEVER defect to the 
    West if you are Ishida.
        The same applies when choosing what officers to defect and bide.  
    Keeping in mind that certain officers have some loyalty to their 
    commander, and also many other factors apply, such as campaign 
    5.3  War Council
        Here, you will see the enemy placement, your own, and also have the 
    opportunity to change some of it.  When setting ambush points, look at 
    where the enemy stands in relation to your commander.  Ambush points 
    can be set in the red circles, and the green are where you can place 
    everyone else.  Ambushes should be set in a straight line to your 
    commander, as the enemy seems to like to rush to your defensive forces.
    6.0  Frequently Asked Questions
    This section will have any questions that anyone e-mails to me.

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