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    FAQ/Walkthrough by CGibson

    Version: 3.0 | Updated: 03/21/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Onimusha : Warlords US Version
    PlayStation 2 (C) Copyright Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
    Onimusha (C) Copyright 2001 Capcom Co., Ltd.
    FAQ Copyright 2001 Clark Gibson
    Version : 3.0
    Date made : March 16, 2001
    Contents :
    Dark Realm Tour
    Revisions : 
    March 18th : Finished the main Walkthru, Added Item descriptions, Enemy 
    list, Magic list and Dark Realm tour.
    March 19th : Corrected grammar errors.
    March 20th : Added Samanosuke's/Kaede's extra costume to Secrets.
    March 21st : Various corrections and additions.
    Characters :
    Akechi Samanosuke : The main character.  All around bad ass samurai 
    Kaede : Partner to Samanosuke.  Originally sent to assassinate him but 
    decided not to for some reason.
    Yumemaru : Adopted brother of Princess Yuki.  He's quite feisty.
    Yuki : Typical princess who has never been beyond the walls of her own 
    castle.  Longs for the day to see the world  with Samanosuke.
    Odo Nobunaga:  A powerful warlord seeking to conquer Japan.  When killed 
    at the battle of Okehazama he sold his soul to the Demon Clan in 
    exchange to be resurrected and take the land with an army of monsters.
    Toukichiro Kinoshita :  Nobunaga's most trusted general.  Although he 
    has the complete trust of Nobunaga all he truly cares about is his own 
    advancement in power.
    Nui :  A woman who appears later in the game claiming to have some 
    relation to Princess Hatsu.
    Demon Scientist:  Charming fellow.  He seems to be the brains behind the 
    demon hordes and his experiments on the populace are horrific.  It never 
    reveals his name or if he even has one.
    Random Soldiers/People:  These are people you will encounter being 
    assaulted by monsters.  Save them and reap the rewards or let them die 
    and get squat.
    Weird Upside Down Man : Your guide to the Dark Realm.
    Peasant Zombie Swordsmen
    Peasant Zombie Archers
    Blue 3 Eyed Ninja
    Black 3 Eyed Ninja
    Spiked Armadillo Monsters
    Bull Ogre
    Red Undead Samurai
    Blue Undead Samurai
    Insectoid Drones
    Chameleon Ninja
    Blue Skulls
    Behemoth Horned Demon
    Samanosuke Doppelganger
    Queen Bee
    Control Scheme
    Control Pad 
    Up - Move forward
    Down -  A quick leap back  ( handy to get some space between you and a 
    creature )
    Left/Right - Turn in that direction
    R1 - Readies sword/Locks onto the nearest target/Switch display in the 
    R2 - The 180 degree turn  ( great to have when running for your life )
    L1 - Block/Switch display in the menu
    L2 - Controls the hood on the Panda Suit
    Square - Attack
    Triangle - Use Magic Attack/Cancel menu selection
    X - Use item/Open door/Confirm menu selection
    Circle - Absorb souls ( hold )
    R1 + Left/Right - Activates the strafe function  ( basically run around 
    in a circle around the target )
    R1 + Triangle - Locks onto a target and hits it with a Magic Attack
    R1 + Up + Square - A quick jab of the sword to the front
    R1 + Down - Kick
    Kaede's Special Attacks
    R1 + Up + Square - Flip/twist over an enemy so that you are facing it's 
    back.  Move up quickly and press Square again for an instant throat 
    slash kill.
    Triangle - Hurl Kunai at enemies
    Normal Sword : The weakest of all swords
    Bishamon Sword - Fused with all 3 Magics and can kill lesser demons in 
    one slash
    Raizan - Sword infused with Lightning
    Enryuu - Huge blade infused with Fire
    Shippuu - Swallow type weapon infused with Wind
    Long Range Weapons/Ammunition
    Bow - Typical wooden bow used by archers
    Matchlock - Primitive firearm
    Kunai - Small daggers used by Kaede
    Arrows - Iron tipped, wooden arrows
    Fire Arrows - Ignites upon contact
    Bullets - Capable of penetrating armor 
    Burst Bullets - Sends bullets in a spread pattern
    Health/Ammunition Upgrades ( use Soul Power at the Magic Mirror to 
    upgrade these )
    Arrows upgrade to Fire Arrows.
    Bullets upgrade to Burst Bullets.
    Herbs upgrade to Medicine.
    Other Upgrades ( these increase total health and magic meters )
    Power Jewels - Increase Health Meter
    Magic Jewel - Increase Magic Meter
    Shiden - Enables Thunder Magic and access to doors sealed with Blue 
    Kouen - Enables Fire Magic and access to doors sealed with Red Jewels
    Arashi - Enables Wind Magic and access to doors sealed with Green Jewels
    Thunder Special - A quick slash combo ending with an overhead slash 
    accompanied by a bolt of lightning.  As the level of the orb increases 
    the size of the bolt will increase.
    Fire Special - A turning overhead slash that shoots a stream of fire in 
    the direction you are facing.  As the level of the orb increases the 
    range of the firewall increases.
    Wind Special - A whirlwind encircles you damaging nearby enemies. As the 
    level of the orb increases the size of the vortex increases.
    Bishamon Special - The Bishamon Sword special is a spinning slash 
    accompanied by a purple ring of fire.  The ultimate magic attack...it's 
    power cannot be increased.
    Gauntlet : You use this to absorb the souls of the recently deceased 
    demons for use as energy with your weapons, magic and herbs.
    The Gauntlet itself is capable of power ups.
    First Transformation - 20,000 Soul Power
    Second Transformation - 50,000 Soul Power
    Rope Ladder - Durable rope ladder
    Wood Ladder - Sturdy wood ladder
    Purifier Bell - Purifies the cursed
    R. Crest Piece - Half a key to a door in the Keep
    L. Crest Piece - Half a key to a door in the Keep
    Gear - Used to open secret path
    Gold Plate - Used to open the path to the West Prison
    Silver Plate - Used to open the path to the West Prison
    Bishamon Ocarina - Used to open the path to the Bishamon Sword
    Evil Plate - Used to open the seal on the door leading to the Demon Gate
    Soul Absorber - Automatically consumes souls
    Talisman - Resurrects you upon death
    Rosary of Com. - Allows communication with the dead
    Red Key - Opens doors marked with red ink
    Blue Key - Opens doors marked with blue ink
    Green Key - Opens doors marked with green ink
    Flourite - Collect all 20 to unlock the Oni Spirits mini game
    Shinobi Kit - Used to unlock doors/disable traps
    Vision Staff - Allows you to see the hidden Flourite pieces
    Great Bow - Used to destroy the barrier to the Dark Realm
    Great Arrow - Used to destroy the barrier to the Dark Realm
    Statue Head - Used to open the gate to the Matchlock
    Decorated Sword - Used to open the path to the East Area
    Decorated Arrow - Used to disable the trap holding the Great Arrow
         "Strange incidents are occurring in the Inabayama Castle in Mino 
    prefecture.  Soldiers and workers are disappearing without a trace.  
    Worried by these inexplicable events, Princess Yuki sends a plea for 
    help to Samanosuke.  At once, he races to the castle.  But he arrives 
    too late.  Yuki has been kidnapped!"
         "At the same time, enemy troops are attacking the castle.  Leading 
    the army - risen from certain death and astride a fierce warhorse - is 
         "It's time for action!  Samanosuke vows to rescue Yuki with the 
    help of his partner Kaede and defeat Nobunaga and his army of demon 
         Hot on the kidnapper's trail, Samanosuke and Kaede are lead to the 
    path to the Keep.  It's assumed the princess would be held there.  
    Samanosuke instructs Kaede to one path and he shall take the other.  
    Later Samanosuke encounters the criminals still in possession of Yuki!  
    Tossing the princess aside, the demons launch into battle yet soon into 
    it they flee.  As Samanosuke comforts Yuki a huge demon warrior erupts 
    from the earth!  Samanosuke slices the vile beast with his sword---but 
    there is no effect!  The horrid creature laughs as he smashes his 
    gargantuan club into the samurai, launching him into the air and roughly 
    against the rocks!  The last thing Samanosuke sees before the darkness 
    takes him is the beast moving towards Yuki.
         Samanosuke awakens to the sound of a voice he doesn't know.  
    Infinite darkness stretches out as far as the eye can see.  Suddenly 
    many floating spirits appear before him.  They identify themselves as 
    the Ogre Clan subverted by the Demons.  They tell Samanosuke that his 
    power is too weak to challenge the Demons and offer to help.  They give 
    him a special gauntlet that has the ability to absorb the souls of the 
    Demons and use them as power.  Before he can respond the Ogres thrusts 
    Samanosuke back to the World of the Living.  The Gauntlet on his arm 
    proves that the experience wasn't a delusion and the brave samurai 
    embarks to retake Yuki and decimate the Demon Army.
         Hey, what's that glittering thing over there!?  A Magic Mirror, eh?  
    These can be used to use the Demon Souls to upgrade weapons, ammo and 
    herbs to give them more power.  The Orbs however MUST be upgraded or you 
    will soon find yourself trapped with nowhere to go surrounded by hellish 
         Not far from where you awaken is a fort of some kind.  It seems the 
    Demon Army is hard at work killing helpless people.  Well, let's show 
    these pathetic creatures what it's like to face a real fighter!
         After wiping the floor with those weaklings enter the fort itself 
    to get information about the Keep.  However some demonic backup has 
    arrived and the sniveling cowards lock you in with them!  Oh well you 
    know what they say --- "Let's get it on!"
        The people beg forgiveness for not helping and trying to get me 
    killed and reveal a hidden path to the Keep.  Hmmmm, they just saved 
    their own lives.  I would have gutted them like fish otherwise.  Well 
    anyway enter the path.  The path takes me to a small cave---get the herb 
    outside the cave you can't miss it it's green!---which is rocked by an 
    explosion seconds later.  After the dust settles it appears a huge hole 
    is in the way!  No way around that!  I guess we'll have to descend into 
    the darkness and hope there is another way out.  
         The cave opens up onto a majestic temple.  Ooooooh, a treasure 
    chest!  A map of this Underground Temple!  How convenient!   Anyhoo, up 
    the steps we go.  Egads!  A mummified corpse sits just before me!  Nope, 
    it's really dead.  Hmmm, this Green Scroll looks interesting.  Gadzooks! 
    When I moved the scroll the pedestal moved and revealed a door!  Let's 
    take a peek.  A path going left to a door around a corner and a path 
    going right to a dead end.  I noticed in the dead end there was a small 
    cabinet which contained a book of Seiryu and near that in the opposite 
    corner on the floor was a Flourite.  Hot dog!  Let's go to the door at 
    the end of the left passage now.
         These pots look nice I wonder how they would look on my mantle---
    OOPS! Damn it broke! Wait, what's this!  A treasure chest was in the 
    pot! Hmmm, a Journal # 1.  Interesting.  Hey, look at that blue orb on 
    the stand.  Touching the orb it magically transformed into a mean 
    looking katana literally surging with electricity.  I bet I could open a 
    mean can o' whoop ass with this thing!  Ok, there's a path to the left 
    of this stand.  A large chest resides in a small alcove on this path.  
    Hmmm, this chest is tricky it requires a combination.  Luckily the 
    combination is written on it I just have to line up the numbers 
    correctly.  Here's what it looks like :
    *****     *****     *****
    | 3 |     | 5 |     | 6 |
    *****     *****     *****
    *****     *****     *****
    | 2 |     | 1 |     | 4 |
    *****     *****     *****
         Ok we need to have it read :
    *****     *****     *****
    | 1 |     | 2 |     | 3 |
    *****     *****     *****
    *****     *****     *****
    | 4 |     | 5 |     | 6 |
    *****     *****     *****
         Let's see.... I can only move blocks in groups of 4.   So that 
    means I can twist the group of 3521 or 5614.   I'll call 3521 the Left 
    Group and 5614 the Right Group.  By the way we only have a set number of 
    times to twist the dials so we have to get it right quick.
    Twist the Left Group once.
    Twist the Right Group once.
    Twist the Left Group once.
         Bingo!  I now have a Rope Ladder!  All that work for this?
         Ok, there's a staircase...going up!  Ah ha!  A treasure chest to 
    the left just barely visible.  Ooooo! A Magic Jewel!  These increase my 
    total magic meter. Oh yeah there's a Magic Mirror here too.  I'm not 
    your mother so I'm not going to remind you each and every time to 
    enhance your orbs, weapons and stuff so please remember.  Well, we have 
    arrived at the Keep.  There's a strange blue barnacle like crystal on 
    the door.  Magic locks are always the most effective.  Hmmm the crystal 
    reacts with the orb on my gauntlet.  I see electricity in the 
    crystal...maybe if I equip the Raizan something will happen?  Yup, the 
    crystal released its grip on the door and I can now enter.
         Whoa, wait a second what's that weird chest by the mirror.  There's 
    some writing on it......
         "Chant the name of a clan subverted by the demons."
         A Clan subverted by the Demons? Oh yeah!  The Clan of the Ogres!  
    There are selections for...yes "Clan", "of" and "Ogres" are included in 
    the choices.  Ok, from left to right the answer is:
    1 3 6
         YAY!  A Power Jewel!  These things increase my maximum health 
    meter.  Ok let's go into the Keep now.
         A bridge of some kind.  Maybe I should test the quality of the 
    Raizan on these planks.  Eureka! A treasure chest was hidden behind this 
    plank!  The map of the South Area, eh? I'll hold on to this.  Past the 
    next door places me in the ...
         Courtyard.  Hmmm, the grey door to the right won't budge.  There 
    aren't anymore doors on the bottom so let's go up the hill and see about 
    some others.  Blast! The main entrance has a red crystal barnacle on it 
    and the Raizan has no effect!  Hmmm there's another door to the side 
    maybe there's a side entrance.
         Dear Lord, the Demons have a soldier surrounded!  I leapt into 
    battle and slew the foul beasts.  The soldier - grateful to be alive - 
    gave me an Herb as well as a clue to the location of the red behemoth 
    that took Yuki.  He said the beast tore through the wall here and made 
    for a cave in the moat.  It sure is a long drop and last time I checked 
    I wasn't immortal so I need to find a way to climb down.  Ah ha!  This 
    rope ladder I acquired recently looks like it would be perfect!
         This cave really stinks....a fitting place for a foul creature of 
    Hell to reside.   There's a Magic Mirror and there's another one of 
    those weird puzzle boxes.   More writing.....
         "Which is the equipment that was created by the Clan of the Ogres 
    in order to destroy the Demons?"
         Simple.  They gave me this Gauntlet to destroy the Demon hordes.  
    Let me check to see....yes the choices are there "Gauntlet of Ogres".  
    From left to right the answer is:
    6 1 4
         Click!  More jewels for me!
         The far door is encased with a red crystal so I know I won't be 
    going in there.....this larger door seems to be the only choice.   
    That's when I came face to tusk with my old friend from before.  It's 
    payback time!
    *****Boss Battle*****
         This one isn't too hard.  Seeing he's a large, fat brute he 
    probably isn't too agile or quick.  I could charge up to him then strafe 
    to the side to avoid his attacks and assault him from the side with my 
    Thunder Special.   He's got a fairly long reach with his club and his 
    "Bull Charge" is pretty much unstoppable, however he is slow to recover 
    from such a maneuver and those precious seconds is all I need to tear a 
    strip of flesh outta his hide.  Sometimes he just ups and stops right in 
    the heat of battle to rest.  Sucks to be so out of shape, doesn't it?  
    All the easier to slice you in half.
         In his final death throes he collapsed the door leading further 
    into the cave.   I better check this out seeing the monster destroyed 
    the door to the outside and the other door has one of those red crystals 
    on it.   The chest I found here had a Journal # 2 in it and inside the 
    large jars was a Flourite piece...that makes 2 Flourites so far.  
         Further into the cave I happened upon a small laboratory and a 
    kooky Demon Scientist.
         As the kooky guy fled he summoned his newest creation -- 
    Reynaldo!.......Next on Reynaldo....Disgusting tentacled monsters get 
    their butts kicked and sent back to Hell!  This fiend has tentacles for 
    arms that he can use to reach out and slap me, grab my sword or reach 
    underground and grab my feet setting me up for attacks from other 
    creatures.  Yet, I successfully avoided those attacks and sliced the 
    sucker in half......What be this?!  The two halves regenerated into 2 
    new creatures!  These things are indeed troublesome.  Yet they lack any 
    real power so I finished them off with my Thunder Special.
         Ah ha!  The Fire Orb was in this lab!  Upon taking the orb in my 
    hand once again the orb morphed into a sword...this one being a huge 
    blade!  I'd like to see how quickly this baby could slice and dice those 
    demon scums!  Anyway I used the blade --called Enryuu-- to open the red 
    crystal door and returned to the Keep entrance and used the blade on 
    that one too and gained entrance.  Oh! Before you leave smash the crate 
    outside the boss room to reveal a chest with Medicine in it.
        It was horrific.....bodies all over and most the room was destroyed 
    by some great force....probably that huge horned fiend from before.   
    There are three doors I can choose from here....one immediately to the 
    left of the main entrance, a set of double doors directly across from me 
    and another door to the left of the double.  I decided to go for the 
    door nearest the double one and found a save room complete with a Magic 
    Mirror, a chest containing the map of the Keep and a weird blue pool 
    which can replenish my magic supply.  As I scouted the back of the room 
    a man quickly dropped down in front of me!  He looks like a worm 
    suspended by a thread.  He said nothing and as quickly as he had come, 
    he was gone.  I'll worry about him later.
         Exiting this room I went through the large double door just in time 
    to witness a puzzling scene.
         Kinoshita introduced.
         Not much in here save a chest which contained a Journal # 3...how 
         Through the red door was another small room filled with dead 
    bodies.  They haven't started to rot yet so I suppose it could be worse.  
    I hope I don't end up sitting beside them anytime soon.  In the next 
    room I saw that boy again this time it was Kaede chasing him.  
         Yumemaru identified.
         This next room contained a door with a weird blue plate that seemed 
    to be keeping the door sealed.  Upon closer examination I noticed a 
    piece of the plate was gone...perhaps if I found the piece....Well maybe 
    I'll find some clues through the other door.
         At the end of this hall was a staircase, a door under the staircase 
    and a chest.  The chest had an Herb in it..I also found a Flourite in 
    the small cabinet above the chest....3 so far.  I decided to check the 
    door under the stairs.  In it I discovered another of the trick treasure 
    boxes and a Suzaku in the corner.   Let's get that sucker open!  The 
    numbers were in this pattern:
    IMPORTANT: Do Not Cut The Rope!  Trust me on this I'll explain in a sec.
    *****     *****     *****     Left Group = 5361, Right Group = 3214
    | 5 |     | 3 |     | 2 |
    *****     *****     *****
    *****     *****     *****
    | 6 |     | 1 |     | 4 |
    *****     *****     *****
    Twist the Left Group once.
    Twist the Right Group once.
    Twist the Left Group once.
    Twist the Right Group twice.
         The chest held a bow!  Perfect! Now I can use these arrows to rain 
    destruction upon the demons from a safer distance.  Go upstairs and into 
    the first door you see.  Look in the bucket hanging there for a Power 
    Jewel!  If the rope had been cut the jewel would have fallen into the 
    pit and couldn't be obtained till late in the game.  Outside this room, 
    follow the hall around the bend to see a door on the right side covered 
    with 2 red crystals or a set of double doors without any crystals.  
    Since I have been religiously upgrading my orbs and swords I could 
    remove the 2 crystals and enter the room.  Inside was a planning room 
    with a Red Book and a R. Crest Piece in the chest.  This piece looks 
    important and it seems there is another half somewhere.  I should keep 
    an eye out for it.  Go in the double doors across from the red crystal 
    door to see 2 soldiers in mortal combat with demons.  Use the newly 
    acquired bow to snipe at the creatures from above.  To get the closer 
    demon I had to move to the broken staircase and lean around the pillar 
    to get a good aim.   The grateful soldiers dropped an Herb and a Magic 
    Jewel so go get em!  Return to this balcony once the goodies have been 
    retrieved and go to the red crystal door on the other side.  The next 
    room contained a staircase and a bunch of large wooden crates. I wanna 
    practice my swordplay here a second. SMASH!  Oops...they don't make 
    crates like they used to.....this Enryuu is powerful.  Hey a chest was 
    in the crate....it held more Arrows.  And under the staircase was 
    another Flourite.  I'm getting quite a collection of these little blue 
    rocks.  Got 4 now.  Nowhere to go but up!  
         A Magic Mirror and a 2 red crystal door along with a Byakko and a 
    chest containing more Arrows.  I met up with Kaede again who had 
    information about Yumemaru.  However not much later huge iron bars fell 
    around us trapping us!  I pulled the lever near us and the bars went 
    up....so these levers control the bars.  This is how we got through the 
    trap :
    Kaede went and pulled the right lever in the group of 2.
    I went and pulled the lever next to her.
    Kaede pulled the leftmost lever in the group of 3...this also lifted the 
    bars from the chest!  Got Holy Armor.
    I pulled the rightmost lever in the group of 3.
    Kaede pulled the final lever to grant escape from this place.
         The next room was pitch black save for the magic pool.  I used my 
    Fire Special to light the candles and revealed the exit.
         This next room contained many queer plates on the floor.  Some were 
    "+" shaped and some were "X" shaped.  At the opposite side of the floor 
    was an "O" shaped tile.  I assumed that pressing that tile would cancel 
    the trap.  However pressing the "+" tile caused all tiles stretching out 
    in straight lines to the left/right and up/down to collapse revealing a 
    pit of spikes below.  The "X" tiles also caused tiles to open yet the 
    tiles that fell moved diagonally from the "X".  It would seem the "+" 
    and "X" pointed the directions the gaps would open.
    *****The trap is random so I cannot provide a walkthru for it.*****
         Upon completion of the tile trap Kaede and I entered a small room 
    with vents in the ceiling.  Suddenly a sound was heard and a large iron 
    plate began to lower in front of us.  I pushed Kaede thru so we would 
    both not be trapped in this room.  Soon after water began pouring in 
    from the vents at an alarming rate.  I was going to drown if Kaede could 
    not disable the trap!  Kaede cried out that she had located the trap 
    controls and was going to attempt a rescue.  
         The controls for the water trap took the form of a moving block 
    puzzle with the two halves of the Crest on the board.  To disable the 
    trap the two halves of the crest must come together at the bottom 
    middle.  Easier said than done.  The positions of the blocks were as so 
    |           ||           ||            |
    |    1      ||     2     ||     3      |
    |           ||           ||            |
    |    ||     ||     ||    ||     ||     |
    |    ||     ||  5  || 6  ||     ||     |
    |    ||     |*************|     ||     |
    | A  ||  4  |             |  7  ||  B  |
    |    ||     |    Empty    |     ||     |
    |    ||     |             |     ||     |
    |    ||     |             |     ||     |
    *************             **************
    |           |             |            |
    |    8      |    Empty    |     9      |
    |           |             |            |
    For visual aids better than this one go to www.ign.com.
    A = Left Crest Piece
    B = Right Crest Piece
    Move 5 down to the bottom
    Move 6 down to the bottom next to 5
    Move 4 right until it is above 6
    Move A right until it is next to 4 and above 5
    Move 1 down on top of 8
    Move 2 right and down on top of 1
    Move 3 right on top of 2
    Move A to the top
    Move 4 to the top next to A
    Move 5 up
    Move 6 up
    Move 9 under 5 & 6
    Move 7 down
    Move B down
    Move 4 on top of B
    Move A on top of 7
    Move 5 up to the top
    Move 6 up to the top
    Move 9 up under 5 & 6
    Move 7 left twice
    Move A down next to B
    Move 6 on top of B
    Move 5 on top of 6
    Move 9 up
    Move A left
    Move B left
    Move 4 down as far as it can go
    Move 6 right
    Move 5 right
    Move 9 right
    Move 7 up as far as it can go
    Move A left
    Move B left
         Success!  Samanosuke is saved!
         Quickly leave this death trap through the double doors and continue 
    around the bend to the box on the wall on the opposite side and pull the 
    cord to permanently disable all previous traps.  This act will also 
    lower the staircase to the upper levels.  Kaede left me to investigate 
    elsewhere leaving you alone to go upstairs.  A large door with the 
    imprint of a crest and a ladder going down is all that exists here.  Use 
    the R. Crest Piece on the door and go down the ladder.  The ladder 
    continues down another level but do not go down again yet.  Instead 
    follow the corridor to another ladder and go down it.  To the left of 
    the ladder is a corridor, which exits through a trick door into the 
    strategy room where the R. Crest Piece was found across from the balcony 
    on the second floor.  If you want you can enter the hall and save the 
    soldier to receive some Arrows and a clue to enter the upper levels.  To 
    the right of the ladder is a chest containing a Power Jewel.  They sure 
    didn't bother to try to hide this one. Return to the original ladder and 
    go down it to the lowest level.  The L. Crest Piece is in the chest and 
    Journal # 4 hidden behind a plank on the wall...slash the plank to 
    reveal it. Return to the locked door at the top of the ladder and use 
    the L. Crest Piece to gain entry.
         Continue Down the path stopping to get the Seiryu and don't miss 
    the Flourite ( 5 ) across from the Seiryu position.  In the next room 
    grab the Suzaku and go behind the stairs to get a chest of Arrows and 
    proceed up.  Continue around the balcony and enter the first door you 
    find.  In this room is a Seiryu, a chest containing Medicine and 2 
    decorative stand I can turn into toothpicks.  The left stand conceals a 
    strange altar I can absorb souls from; the right one has a passage to 
    the roof behind it along with a Magic Mirror.  Go up to the roof.
    *****Boss Fight*****
         This one looks like trouble!  He uses Wind Magic and although it is 
    the weak version it still does plenty of harm to me and sets me up for 
    one of his powerful lunges.  First things first! Use the Fire Special to 
    get rid of that pesky sheild.  Now my real attack can begin!  I kept my 
    distance from the demonic titan and waited for him to lunge after me.  
    Then I dodged to the side and let him have it with the Thunder Special!  
    The beast dropped his Wind Orb when he fell from the roof.  As I picked 
    up the jade orb once again the sphere magically morphed into the Shippuu 
    ( capable of ultra quick strikes on enemies but low power ).  I returned 
    downstairs and continued along the balcony and used the newly acquired 
    Shippuu to open the green crystal door at the end.
         Nui introduced.
         I went back to the area where you opened the green crystal door and 
    get the chest with the Burst Bullets I noticed there earlier.  Then I 
    went back to the first floor of the Keep and went in the door near the 
    main entrance.  I used the Raizan to unlock the 2 blue crystal door.  I 
    followed along the path until it terminated in a room with a weird 
    pedestal where 3 colored orbs lay.  Might as well pick up the Blue Book 
    while I'm here.  Equip each weapon -Raizan, Enryuu and Shippuu- and look 
    at the orbs to open the way down into the underground.  The path 
    branches off midway through and terminates at a door covered with cursed 
    spirits...the door will not open no matter what so proceed down the 
    branch path to another door.  I opened the chest for an Herb and used my 
    sword to cut a path through the tentacles.  Beyond the tentacles lies a 
    Byakko, Orange Book and a Green Book.  The next door leads to a hall 
    lined with glass cases containing Red Samurai.  Proceed to the first 
    door you see.  The chest contains a map of the Keep's underground area.  
    Slice the rope holding the weight to drop it on the scale thus lifting 
    the side under the water so you can grab the Rosary of Com. Return to 
    the glass hall and move to the next door. The chest in this room 
    contains a Purifier Bell...just the thing for removing cursed spirits.  
    Go back to the door and use the bell to purify the cursed souls and 
    enter.  Go down the hall and into the first door you see.  Ignore the 2 
    green crystal door for now and proceed to the other door.  In the back 
    of this room is a White Book and a chest containing an Herb.  Now you 
    can enter the 2 green crystal door and pick up the Apocalypse # 1-damn 
    after this adventure is over I can probably open up my very own 
    library!-.  The open iron maiden has a Flourite -this is number 6- and a 
    volume of the Byakko is in this room as well.  Now let's attempt to open 
    the trick treasure box.  The numbers are as so :
    *****     *****     *****     *****        
    | 2 |     | 4 |     | 3 |     | 8 |     
    *****     *****     *****     *****
    *****     *****     *****     *****
    | 1 |     | 6 |     | 5 |     | 7 |     
    *****     *****     *****     *****
    Left Group = 2416, Right Group = 3857, Middle Group = 4365
    Twist the Middle Group once.
    Twist the Right Group once.
    Twist the Left Group once.
         Yay! The chest held a Blue Key!  Return to the hall of glass 
    samurai and move to the final door yet don't open it until you go past 
    it and pick up the 7th Flourite near the last samurai under glass.  Now 
    enter the Blue Ink Door.
         Take Kaede to the main entrance of the Keep.
         Get Red Key
         Exit the Keep and go to the area where you used the rope ladder ( 
    don't descend it though ) and go to the door marked with Red Ink and 
    unlock it.  The chest contains an Herb and since Kaede has no armor and 
    only a small knife to defend herself, it is important she have a ready 
    supply of herbs.  Ignore the well...all that resides in there is the old 
    man who will take you to the Darm Realm. ( For extra challenge and if it 
    is at all possible try taking Kaede through the Dark Realm! )  A 
    Flourite lies next to the door with the 3 blue crystals on it so pick it 
    up to make your collection 8.  You will eventually enter the prison 
    area.  Save the soldier for a Soul Absorber and enter the door next to 
    the fort.  Make your way to the prison entrance picking up the Kunai on 
    the ground and using the Shinobi Kit on the locked door.  Ahhhh.. 
    another puzzle box.
         The writing was as follows : "Which is a mysterious place where the 
    Clan of Ogres meet?"
         Ah ha! The answer is the "Chasm of Dimension" which from left to 
    right of the choices available is :
    5 7 2
         After you open the box and obtain the Magic Jewel proceed out back 
    and pick up the gear near the dead body and return to the fort.  Climb 
    the ladder and enter the door on the second floor.  
         Go down the ladder to an area with a Magic Mirror and pick up the 
    West Area map from the chest.  Use the Shinobi Kit on the door near the 
    Mirror and once through enter the first door you see.  
         Go to the chain hanging in the corner next to the furnace and when 
    the flames have subsided pull it to open the door on the other side of 
    the room.  The door is on a timer so wait for the flames to start to die 
    down before pulling it.  Once inside the small room, get the Gold Plate 
    and smash the crates to reveal an Herb.  Pulling the chain inside the 
    small room permanently opens the door and quells the flame bursts.  Exit 
    the room and enter the door across from it.  
         There is a small chest just as you enter that contains an Herb but 
    is hard to see and another chest which holds Journal # 5.  Pick up the 
    Suzaku as well.  Open the trick shelf and insert the gear you obtained 
    earlier then pull the cord to open the secret passage.  Pick up the 
    Flourite in front of the small statue -this is number 9- and pick up the 
    Byakko and the Silver Plate from the chest.  
         Return to the area where you got the gear and place the Gold/Silver 
    Plates in their respective places to open the gate and gain access to 
    the cell area.  
         Watch out for the flames as you manuver to the first door you see.  
    Get Flourite # 10 near the barrels next to the staircase then go on up.  
    Open the trick box.  The number positions are as so :
    *****     *****     *****     *****        
    | 6 |     | 8 |     | 4 |     | 7 |     
    *****     *****     *****     *****
    *****     *****     *****     *****
    | 2 |     | 5 |     | 1 |     | 3 |     
    *****     *****     *****     *****
    Left Group = 6825, Right Group = 4713, Middle Group = 8451
    Twist the Middle Group once.
    Twist the Left Group twice.
    Twist the Right Group twice.
         The Sacred Knife was in the chest...alas, this is the only weapon 
    upgrade available for Kaede.  Return to the ground floor and follow the 
    path to the small storage room at the end of the hall.  
         Get the Genbu and the supply of Kunai in the chest and hightail it 
    back to the stairs going down at the cell block entrance.  
         Slice through the tentacles with the Sacred Knife and enter the 
    next room.  Go click on the cell.
    *****Mini Boss Fight***** 
    ( Yes, for the weak Kaede such simple fights as this are as taxing as 
    Boss Fights. )
         All you can really do here is try to follow it around the room, 
    block it's attacks or dodge them and repeatedly slash him.  You won't be 
    able to run over and stab him while he is down because he will cloak as 
    soon as he falls and go underground.  Kunai are of little use for Kaede 
    cannot lock on to the beast while cloaked.  Give him your best.
         Control of Samanosuke restored
    *****Boss Fight*****
         While Kaede fought the Chameleon Ninja, Samanosuke was up to his 
    eyeballs in trouble engaging his doppelganger.  This is a difficult 
    battle if you are just mindlessly slashing about.  I noticed that if I 
    blocked his projectile attack it will bounce off me and into the wall 
    where it will transform into a soul.  Like before all I really needed to 
    do was wait for him to lunge at me, dogde and blast him with the Thunder 
    Special or Wind Special.  The Fire Special should be used at a distance 
    due to its wind up time.  
         Proceed up the stairs and get the Evil Plate from the small chest 
    and the ladder from the large chest. -although it looks like one, the 
    big chest is not a trick chest-  Use the ladder to climb up the chasm 
    and back into the Keep.  
         At this point it is now possible to return to the save room with 
    the old man and challenge the Dark Realm and/or get a jump on the next 
    quest by collecting the items beforehand.  You have to enter the Dark 
    Realm to get the final 3 Flourites! Don't forget!! Do not use the Evil 
    Plate on the door with the Blue Plate on it until you obtain the Vision 
    Staff and comb the Keep for missing Flourite...but if you followed this 
    guide you should have all the Flourite in the Keep.  Let's go get those 
    items now.  
         See the section on the Dark Realm for details on that "mini game".
         Exit the Keep and go to the 3 blue crystal door you saw as Kaede, 
    be sure to help the soldier on the way for some Burst Bullets-at least 
    the people you save know the meaning of gratitude!-.  Inside the room 
    resides a headless statue and a chest in the path behind the large 
    statue blocked off by a gate.  Gather souls from the shining red idol 
    and pick up the Genbu, the Herb and the Vision Staff from the chests and 
         The Vision Staff will cause the Flourite to glitter so you can see 
    them.   You will spot the 11th glittering Flourite on the path leading 
    to the fort near the prison.  Go into the door on the second 
    floor...down the ladder and into the 3 red crystal door you saw before.  
         Pick up the Medicine from the chest and cut the rope holding the 
    catapult to eliminate most the demons at the bottom of the hill and 
    reveal the location of the 12th Flourite.  
    *****Mini Boss Fight*****
         Beyond the door at the bottom of the hill lies a wide area 
    containing 3 large Bull Ogres and a Gargantuan Boss Bull Ogre.  This 
    will be a rough fight unless you can eliminate the 3 lesser Ogres 
    leaving the Boss Ogre alone.  Use the Fire Special to get a head start 
    on them and the Wind Special if needed.  Once the 3 bodyguards are 
    toast, concentrate on the Boss Ogre by using your strafe and hitting him 
    with the Thunder Special from the sides.
         Once they are dead search the area and gather up the Decorated 
    Sword, Bullets and the Statue Head.  Return to the 3 blue crystal door 
    and use the Statue Head on the headless statue to raise the gate in the 
    backroom and take the Matchlock from the chest.  Return to the Keep and 
    use the Evil Plate on the Blue-Plate door.
         Exit into the Keep courtyard and proceed to the bottom to witness a 
    cutscene.  Destroy the insectoid creatures and use the Decorated Sword 
    in the stone to reveal a door.  
         Proceed to the pier and walk to the 2 green crystal door at the far 
    end ignoring the branch path.  
         Go past the turn and to the edge of the bridge.  The bridge is 
    up...shoot the rope on the opposite side with an arrow to release the 
    bridge.  Across the bridge is a Talisman hidden behind a board on the 
    wall and Bullets in the chest.  Go back to the path across the bridge 
    and get Journal # 6 then exit.
         Enter the first door and climb to the roof to get the 13th 
    Flourite, a Magic Jewel near the body and a Soul Absorber.  Go out on 
    the roof using the broken area to get the last 2 items.  Return to the 
    bottom floor get the Bullets in the chest if you haven't already and 
    exit through the door you came in with.  Continue on the path to the far 
    door and enter to get Genbu and Bullets from the chest.  Slash the plank 
    on the wall to reveal the East Area map.  Return to the tower and enter 
    the 3 green crystal door in the back.
         Keep going till you reach the waterfall...there is a glittering red 
    altar on the way you can absorb souls from.  Go behind the waterfall to 
    find a trick chest.  The positions are as such :
    *****     *****     *****
    | 1 |     | 3 |     | 8 |
    *****     *****     *****
    *****     *****     *****
    | 2 |     | 5 |     | 9 |
    *****     *****     *****
    *****     *****     *****
    | 6 |     | 4 |     | 7 |
    *****     *****     *****
    Top Left Group = 1325, Top Right Group = 3859, Bottom Left Group = 2564,
    Bottom Right Group = 5947
    Twist the Bottom Left Group once.
    Twist the Top Right Group once.
    Twist the Bottom Right Group once.
    Twist the Bottom Left Group once.
    Twist the Bottom Right Group once.
         Great Armor was in the chest.  Run to the hut...if the need arises 
    slash the bridge to send it crashing into the pit.  
         A Magic Mirror and another puzzle box.  The writing on it read as 
    follows : 
         "Which is a container that can be used to fill the gauntlet with 
         Answer : A Dragon Orb.  This puzzle is different from the others in 
    the fact you only need to enter 2 words instead of 3.  So instead of 
    entering "A Dragon Orb" just put "Dragon Orb".  The from left to right 
    choose :
    3 6
         Yay! the final Magic Jewel.  Your health and magic meters should be 
    maxed out now.  Don't forget to get the Medicine from the chest and the 
    14th Flourite from the pier near the boat downstairs.  Now use the boat.
         Go into the door and get the Great Bow from the altar at the far 
         Take Kaede down the path you ignored at the beginning of the pier 
    area and use the Shinobi Kit to open the door.  Take the branch path and 
    enter the room to the side.  
         Inside is the 15th Flourite, an Herb hidden by the large statue in 
    the corner of the room and the Apocalypse # 2 hidden in the area behind 
    the large statue.  Leave the room and go to the other door and use the 
    Shinobi Kit on it.  Take Kaede to the hut near the waterfall and use the 
    Shinobi Kit on the locked door.  
         Slash the crates to get a chest of Arrows.  Go to the right and 
    enter the door to the save room.  Scramble up the ladder to find the 
    16th Flourite and an Herb under the crates.  Go back down and though the 
    next door.
         Run down the hall and enter the door around the corner...ignore the 
    double doors for now.  
         Get the herb, 17th Flourite and Suzaku.  Go up the ladder and 
    around the bend to find the final trick box.  The number positions are 
    as so :
    *****     *****     *****     *****        
    | 7 |     | 5 |     | 4 |     | 2 |     
    *****     *****     *****     *****
    *****     *****     *****     *****
    | 8 |     | 1 |     | 3 |     | 6 |     
    *****     *****     *****     *****
    Left Group = 7581, Right Group = 5413, Middle Group = 4236
    Twist the Left Group twice.
    Twist the Middle Group once.
    Twist the Right Group twice.
    Twist the Middle Group twice.
         The chest held a Decorated Arrow.  Return to the hall and go into 
    the double doors you ignored earlier.  Run behind the statue and switch 
    the Great Arrow with the Decorated Arrow. This act also releases the 
    lock on the black chest where you get the Green Key.  Exit this room and 
    go back to the hall you entered when you used the Shinobi Kit on the 
    locked door in the hut this time going the other way and use the Green 
    Key on the door.
         Go down the ladder and use the boat to get to where you left 
    Samanosuke and peek in the door.
    *****Boss Fight*****
         The Queen Bee makes her presence felt as she sends wave after wave 
    of her minions to attack.  The Queen herself keeps to the air only 
    coming down to attack.  I use Wind Specials to put some distance between 
    myself and the drones and use the Matchlock with regular bullets -burst 
    bullets don't reach the Queen as she is airborne- or the bow with fire 
    arrows if you have any on the flying demon.  Don't forget about the 
    drones' attacks and be warned that more drones more will emerge from the 
    water to replace those who are destroyed.
         It's time to put an end to this nightmare.  Take the Great Bow and 
    Arrow and return to the Demon Gate.  Use the Great Bow to destroy the 
    *****Boss Battle*****
         A familiar face awaits you at the entrance to the Dark Realm.  The 
    warrior you fought on top of the Keep is back and tougher than ever.  
    Use Fire Specials to make him lose his shield.  This will make him 
    discard his huge blade and change his weapons and his tactics-this is 
    basically the only difference from your fist encounter-.  He moves very 
    quickly and his combos are tremendous.  Block his combos and try to hit 
    him with Wind or Thunder Specials when he is close and Fire Specials 
    when he is far from you. ( if you still have any ) If you need help near 
    the Demon Gate entrance is a chest containing Medicine.     
         Past the Boss room is a fountain that you can recharge your magic, 
    a Magic Mirror and a map of the Dark Realm.  To the side is a portion of 
    the wall that is a different color than the rest of the room.  If you 
    conquered the Dark Realm tour from before and obtained the Bishamon 
    Ocarina use it here to open the "door" and gain access to the most 
    powerful sword in the game -  the Bishamon Sword!  Continue past this 
    room deeper into the Realm.
         Travel down the ramp taking out your frustrations on the Reynaldo 
    creatures you find with your new Bishamon Sword.  At the bottom you can 
    pick up 2 Medicines before entering the room of the final boss.
    *****Final Battle*****
         The serpent monster is very difficult.  He has many attacks ranging 
    from slapping you around the room to firing lasers from his eyes.  When 
    he moves his face in close it means he's about to spit fire at you so 
    quickly strafe to avoid it.  As you attack him occasionally he will 
    collapse in pain...this is your opportunity to run in and pop him in the 
    head!  Use healing items when needed and try to outlast him.
    *****Note*****  I used the Bishamon Sword on him.  I didn't go through 
    the Darm Realm tour only to use regular weapons on the king of demons!
    *****Ending Sequence*****
    Dark Realm Tour
         Your tour through the Dark Realm can be activated after you have 
    recovered the Evil Plate.  You can access the Realm as much as you want 
    from the Well and the save room in the first floor of the Keep.  Be sure 
    to bring as many Herbs/Medicines you can because to get the Bishamon 
    Ocarina you need to go through all 20 levels without returning to the 
    BTW : Ninja is both singular and plural as are words like fish and deer.
    Level # - Enemies encountered
    *******   *******************
    1       - Peasant Zombie Swordsmen
    2       - Blue 3 Eyed Ninja
    3       - Peasant Zombie Swordsmen and Red Undead Samurai
    4       - Red Undead Samurai 
    5       - Blue 3 Eyed Ninja and Red Undead Samurai
    6       - Spiked Armadillo Monsters
    7       - Insectoid Drones
    8       - Spiked Armadillo Monsters and Blue Skulls 
    9       - Small Bull Ogres and Spiked Armadillo Monsters
    10      - Large Bull Ogres and Blue Skulls
    11      - Reynaldo Creatures
    12      - Reynaldo Creatures and Blue Skulls
    13      - Reynaldo Creatures and Insectoid Drones
    14      - Chameleon Ninja
    15      - Chameleon Ninja and Reynaldo Creatures
    16      - Black 3 Eyed Ninja
    17      - Blue Undead Samurai and Red Undead Samurai
    18      - Chameleon Ninja and Black 3 Eyed Ninja
    19      - Blue Undead Samurai and Black 3 Eyed Ninja
    20      - Large Bull Ogres and Chameleon Ninja
    Level 6 - Flourite
    Level 9 - Medicine
    Level 10 - Flourite
    Level 11 - Soul Absorber
    Level 13 - Talisman
    Level 14 - Herb
    Level 15 - Flourite
    Level 16 - Herb
    Level 18 - Herb
    Level 20 - Bishamon Ocarina
    Yuki's Letter
    Sougen's Note
    Journal 1
    Journal 2
    Journal 3
    Journal 4
    Journal 5
    Journal 6
    Blue Book
    Red Book
    Green Book
    Orange Book
    White Book
    Apocalypse 1
    Apocalypse 2
    Seiryu 1-4
    Suzaku 1-4
    Byakko 1-4
    Genbu 1-4
    Oni Spirits Mini Game - Collect all 20 Flourite pieces
    Ultimate Mode - Complete Oni Spirits Game
    Kaede's Extra Costume - Get S rank
    Samanosuke's Extra Costume - Finish the normal game 
    Ultimate Mode allows use of the Bishamon Sword throughout the whole 
    game, infinite magic, arrows, bullets and 99 Soul Absorbers.
    Legal Stuff
    This FAQ is for private and personal use only. It can only be reproduced 
    electronically, and if placed on a web page or site, may be altered as 
    long as this disclaimer and the above copyright notice appears in full. 
    This FAQ is NOT to be used for profitable/promotional purposes; this 
    includes being used by publishers of magazines, guides, books, etc. or 
    being incorporated into magazines, etc. in ANY way. 

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