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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Nemesis / CMoriarty

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                    {This space is dedicated to my now deceased ASCII Art.}
              O N I M U S H A   W A R L O R D S   F A Q / W A L K T H R O U G H
              o n i m u s h a   w a r l o r d s   f a q / w a l k t h r o u g h
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    [ Title    ]   Onimusha Warlords(tm)
    [ Platform ]   PlayStation 2(tm)
    [ Version  ]   v.FINAL
    [ Author   ]   Colin Moriarty (CMoriarty) and Brett "Nemesis" Franklin
    [ E-Mail   ]   cmoriarty311@cs.com / nemesis@flipmode.com
    [ Plug     ]   http://nemmysresource.cjb.net (Nemesis' Website)
    [ Updated  ]   October 17, 2001
     i.   Intro
     ii.  Legal Stuff
     iii. Updates/Revision History
     iv.  Game Basics
      v.  Story
     vi.  Characters
    01.   Walkthrough
           * Nanamagari
           * Underground Temple
           * South Area
           * The Keep
           * The Keep Underground
           * West Area
           * Underground Passage
           * West Area (Part II)
           * East Area
    02.   Ending (SPOILERS)
    03.   Ratings
    04.   Weapons and Items
    05.   Magic Mirror Locations
    06.   Fluorite Locations
    07.   File Items
    08.   Maps
    09.   Enemies and Baddies
    10.   Bosses
    11.   ***DARK REALM GUIDE***
    12.   Oni Spirits Mini-Game Guide
    13.   Secrets, and how to unlock them!
    14.   FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
    15.   Special Thanks, About the Authors, and Closing Notes
     i. Intro
    Hey guys, what's up? This is Colin Moriarty, your new author for this FAQ. My 
    boy Brett (you may know him on GameFAQs as the very famous Nemesis) allowed me, 
    with his permission, to finish up this very incomplete Onimusha Warlords FAQ 
    for him. He didn't want to finish it, it got boring for him, so that's why 
    we're doing this. While he originally authored this guide, it's mine now. =) 
    Actually, it's ours, but I'm doing all of the updating from here on out! If you 
    want to e-mail a question about the game, you'll want to e-mail Colin (that's 
    me) at cmoriarty311@cs.com, but comments can go to either Colin or Brett. Brett 
    (call him Nemesis, he likes that), can be contacted at nemesis@flipmode.com.
    Onimusha is a great Playstation2 title. At the point I'm writing this, I have 
    nine Playstation2 games, and this one is my favorite. It reminds me a lot of 
    Metal Gear Solid or such cool FPS/Platform games, except you have no guns, 
    you're a Samurai. It's a nice twist on the genre, and although a relativly 
    short quest, I'm sure you'll find it very enjoyable.
    The game is incredibly deep and has insane replay value. There are ratings and 
    such at the end of the game after you beat it in which you get a grade for how 
    well you did in the game. You can play again and strive to get better. Plus 
    there are secret areas of the game, like the Dark Realm, where you can unlock 
    powerful items and weapons. Plus there are 20 pieces of Fluorite in the game, 
    and if you get them all, you unlock the mini-game called Oni Spirits. If you 
    beat the mini game, you'll have all of the strongest gear at the start of your 
    next game.
     ii. Legal Stuff
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    E-Mail Address: cmoriarty311@cs.com / nemesis@flipmode.com
    (c) Copyright 2000-2001 Brett "Nemesis" Franklin and (c) 2001 Colin Moriarty 
    (CMoriarty). This FAQ and everything included  within  this  file  cannot be 
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    promotional purposes.  It  cannot be used in any sort of commercial 
    transaction. It cannot be given away as some sort of bonus, gift, etc., with a 
    purchase as this creates incentive to buy and is therefore prohibited.
     iii. Updates/Revision History
    Version FINAL (10/17/01)
    . Finally, after a few months of this, that and the other thing, I finally got 
    around to finishing up the remaining sections in the guide I never got around 
    to completing. The Oni Spirits Minigame section is now complete, as well as the 
    Secrets section of the guide. That means this is the final version! But please 
    keep your e-mail coming if you have questions or comments!
    Version 1.00 (07/29/01)
    . Well, here we are, finally, at Version 1.00. That means that, basically, the 
    guide is 100% complete, and will only be updated one more time, to make it a 
    final version, and also, to finish up the Secrets and Oni-Spirits sections. 
    Other than that, it's complete! Enjoy!
    Version 0.85 (07/27/01)
    . As usual these past few days, I updated mainly the walkthrough section. We 
    are getting there boys. By the time I finish the main walkthrough itself and 
    all of the appendices, and then put information in on the endings, the secrets, 
    the Dark Realm, and the Oni-Spirits minigame, the guide is gonna be pretty 
    massive. So please, Onimusha: Warlords fans, stay tuned for that.
    Version 0.65 (07/25/01)
    . I updated the walkthrough more, polished up some other sections of the guide. 
    I also added a few more sections to the guide, including an enemy section and a 
    boss section. The guide is well on it's way to being complete, so stay tuned in 
    the coming days.
    Version 0.40 (07/24/01)
    . Well I finally updated the guide with more info. I added a few more sections 
    and polished up the walkthrough up to The Keep. More to come in the coming days 
    indeed. Stay tuned for that.
    Version 0.37 (06/26/01)
    . There is really nothing new in this guide in this update. It's actually only 
    a simple update, letting people know that Nemesis, the original author of this 
    guide, has given the rights to it and the permission to finish the guide to 
    author Colin Moriarty (that's me). Any questions from here on out should be 
    sent to cmoriarty311@cs.com. Don't bother Nemesis with questions on Onimusha, 
    he don't want them. Feel free to e-mail him with comments, though! An actual 
    update with content will happen by the first of July, 2001. Until then...
    Version 0.35 (06/21/01)
    . Updated all of the sections through the point I am at, and added the walk-
      through for The Keep Underground and part of the walkthrough for the West
    Version 0.30 (04/29/01)
    . Everything you see before your eyes (or what you don't see). This is the
      first and only update for at least a week (7 days), because I'm going on
      vacation tomorrow morning, and I won't be back for 6-7 days at the most,
      so please don't expect any updates until then.
     iv. Game Basics
    . Basic Combat will be used with the Square button, and will be used for the
      majority of the game. If you hold down R1 while fighting, you can move
      front to back and side-to-side with ease, instead of running around like
      a headless chicken.
    . Kicking can also be used, but is not as effective as your basic or special
      attacks. Kicking is performed by holding down on the directional pad, then
      pressing Square. It should only be used when you are in a tight spot with
      one or more enemies.
    . At certain times in the game, you can aquire sub-weapons (like a bow), so
      in order to use it, just hold down R1 and press Square to shoot it.
    . Blocking can be performed by holding down L1 then press the directional
      button away from the enemy
    . Special attack is used when an Orb is equipped to your Ogre's Gauntlet and
      you have the required Magic Power to perform it. Once you have the required
      Magic Power, press Triangle to perform a powerful special attack.
    . To save your game, simply locate a Magic Mirror, then select the [Save]
      option. Be sure you have the required space to save on your Memory Card, and
      to save often.
    . As you kill enemies, they will drop souls for you to collect with your Ogre's
      Gauntlet. Just hold down the Circle button after they die to collect their
      soul. They come in 3 different flavors:
      - Red Soul: Enhances Ogre Gauntlets or and orb.
      - Blue Soul: Increases your character's Magic Power.
      - Yellow Soul: Increases your character's vitality.
    . By aquiring Red Souls with your Ogre's Gauntlet, you can save up enough souls
      to Enhance in item or a weapon. To do so, find a Magic Mirror, and select
      the [Enhance] option.
    . By distributing souls to an item, you can choose how much you want to enhance
      that item by. The longer you distribute, the more enhanced the item will
      become, and vice versa.
    . There are a few different Orbs that can be equipped onto the Ogre's Gauntlet:
       - Fire Orb:    Allows your character to perform Special Attacks with the 
                      power of Fire!
       - Thunder Orb: Allows your character to perform Special Attacks with the
                      power of Thunder!
       - Wind Orb:    Allows your character to perform Special Attacks with the
                      power of Wind!
       - Power Jewel: Increases your vitality.
       - Magic Jewel: Increases your Magic Power.
    Reading the Main Menu:
    The main menu in the game is easy to navigate. Upon pressing the Start button 
    during the game, you will be brought to your main menu, which holds your 
    inventory and other information. You have five choices to choose from once you 
    press Start. EQUIP, ITEM, FILE, MAP, and EXIT. You can choose which one you 
    want to get to by using the D Pad or by using the R1 and L1 buttons. Once you 
    have highlighted which you want to choose, press the up and down buttons on the 
    D-Pad to navigate the list below, then press the X button once you have gotten 
    to the item in that sub-chart you want to choose.
    EQUIP shows you your weapon and armor inventory and allows you to equip 
    corresponding weapons and armor pieces.
    ITEM shows you your various items, such as those of healing properties, et 
    FILE shows you your important documentation, letters, and books that you come 
    across during your journey.
    MAP shows you the maps of places you've been, to help you get around easier.
    EXIT, naturally, allows you to exit back to the game.
     v. Story
    The storyline of Onimusha is what drives the entire game to such an addictive 
    A powerful warlord by the name of Nobunaga Oda is a warlord of Japan, who seeks 
    to unify the islands of the nation. In recent times, however, strange things 
    have been happening, and it seems that Nobunaga is to blame.
    Samanosuke, a samurai, seeks justice as he is dragged into an epic storyline 
    that hits him at his heart, as people he loves and cares about get kidnapped, 
    and strange happenings begin taking place everywhere.
    It seems that it's the work of demons...
     vi. Characters
    Below is a list of the characters in the game.
    Name:        Samanosuke Akechi
    Age:         24
    Occupation:  Swordsman/Samurai
    Description: Samanosuke is the main character in the game, and the character 
    you control through 90% of your journey. He is a master swordsman and great 
    with the weapon, but soon gets dragged into a deep storyline that he can't 
    control. With the power of three orbs, those of Lightning, Fire, and Wind, 
    Samanosuke is sent by the Spirit World to stop the plight of the Demons before 
    they destroy everything; including humanity.
    Name:        Kaede
    Age:         Unknown
    Occupation:  Kunoichi (Female Ninja)
    Description: A Ninja of the Iga, Kaede's original intent was to assassinate 
    Samanosuke. But after her attempt was foiled, she joins forces with Samanosuke 
    based on absolute trust and caring. Kaede weilds a short, ninja sword, and 
    although she is weak, she is fast and cunning. You get to use her in two 
    scenarios of the game, as well.
    Name:        Princess Yuki
    Age:         19
    Occupation:  Princess of Inabayama Castle
    Description: The whole storyline revolves around getting back the kidnapped 
    Princess - and this is her. She is the sister of the powerful warlor 
    Yoshitatsu, and seeks the help of the famous Samanosuke... that is... before 
    she gets kidnapped by the demons.
    Name:         Yumemaru
    Age:          12
    Occupation:   ???
    Description:  Orphaned at a young age, Yumemaru has been cared for like a 
    brother by Princess Yuki for quite a long time. When Yuki disappears, Yumemaru 
    also feels that it's his duty to get back his sister from the kidnappers. That 
    is, until he gets kidnapped by the demons himself.
    Name:         Nobunaga Oda
    Age:          Unknown
    Occupation:   Warlord
    Description:  A powerful warlord bent on unifying Japan, Nobunaga's real 
    intentions, and more importantly, his real identity, come out as you play the 
    Name:         Toukichiro Kinoshita
    Age:          Unknown
    Occupation:   General
    Description:  This odd man is a General under Nobunaga Oga, and is bent on 
    getting to be even higher-ranking amongst the clan. You have several run-ins 
    with this character throughout your journey...
     01. Walkthrough
    This is the first area you will be in. You will start off Kaede, but you will
    both go separate ways. Take the northern route (the way Kaede did not go), and
    once you enter the second screen, a cut-scene will begin. A few demons will
    have Princess Yuki, so fight them off until they flee. Once they have fled, a
    rather large demon comes in and knocks you out when you try to attack him in an 
    effort to save the Princess. After you get knocked unconscious the Princess 
    will be kidnapped by the demon.
    A cutscene ensues and spirits tell you that in your current state you are not 
    powerful enough to battle the evil. They give you the power of the Ogre's 
    Gauntlet on your right hand to encompass the souls of those you defeat to make 
    you stronger and to assist you in destroying the demon forces. Once you awaken, 
    you'll get the Instructions as well, which basically explain how to get the 
    souls of your enemies, and what the different color souls signify, red, blue, 
    and yellow. You'll also find that you now have the power of the Ogre's 
    Gauntlet. Use the Magic Mirror near the large wooden doors and save your game. 
    Continue through the doors near the Mirror, and through the next area with 
    corpses and crows around the corpses, until you stumble upon some villagers 
    being attacked by demons. A short cutscene ensues with the villagers atop the 
    protective wall of their village spearing the demons with their long, spear-
    like weapons. One villager gets dragged down off the wall into the group of 
    demons and is brutally stabbed by four demons simultaneously. When the cutscene 
    ends, kill the demons off, then head through the next door and through another 
    door through the shed. A villager invites you to hurry up through the next 
    door, until four demons come from behind. The villagers get spooked and look 
    you in the small shed with the four demons. Kill the four demons off, collect 
    the souls they give after their defeat, and approach the door that the 
    villagers locked. Press the X button and Samanosuke will tell them that the 
    demons are defeated and they should open the door. The villagers, a little 
    nervous that he managed to kill the demons, open the door slowly and a cutscene 
    ensues. The villagers apologize to Samanosuke and tell him to head to the Keep, 
    that demons have attacked there as well. After the cutscene ends, feel free to 
    speak to the three villagers standing there for any additional information, and 
    then run around the back of the shed, and through the woods. As you run through 
    the woods, kill the two demons who ambush you and collect their souls. From 
    there, enter the cave at the end of the forest, and some sort of explosion will 
    happen, creating a hole in the ground of the cave, not letting you go any 
    further. Enter the hole in the ground, and into the underground cave system.
    Fight your way through the caves, as they are linear, and fight a total of 
    three Demons who will attack you individually, one by one, as you go. Make sure 
    to collect their souls. Once you find the temple entrance, open the chest to 
    the left of the stairs to get the Underground Temple Map. Climb the stairs to 
    find a mummified monk. Examine him, and take the Sougen's Note. Read it, then 
    the monk will automatically move out of your way, and reveal a door leading 
    into the Temple. Enter it.
    Underground Temple
    Once inside, head north (Samanosuke's right), and around the corner to the
    dead end, killing the Demons as they come at you, and collecting the souls they 
    leave behind. There is a lot of them, so do be careful to not let them sneak up 
    on your from behind and cause you a major-leauge headache. Take care of all of 
    them as they come. Check out the wall, and take the Seiryu. Check out the 
    corner of the hall opposite of where you found the Seiryu and next to the door 
    you came in here with, and examine the ground. You will find your first piece 
    of Fluorite. Now go down the other path until you come to a door. Enter the 
    door and go into the room. Smash the pots on the sides of the room, and inside 
    the one on the left side farthest from the door you just came through is hiding 
    a secret treasure chest. Inside this treasure chest is Journal #1. Read the 
    Journal entry, then approach the glowing blue object a top the alter at the 
    center of the room, which is the Thunder Orb. Take the Orb, and head to the 
    left of the alter. 
    Run down the hallway you come across, and along the way down, you will find a 
    treasure chest tucked into a little crevvase alongside the path. To open it, 
    move the left-sided numbers, then the right-sided numbers, then the left-sided 
    ones again. Inside is a Rope Ladder. Once you retrieve this Rope Ladder, head 
    up the stairs further up the path to exit the Temple.
    South Area
    Right after exiting the Temple, turn to the right and open the semi-hidden
    chest to find the Magic Jewel. You can sort of see the brown of this chest 
    through some of the foliage in the way, so you can actually see where it is, 
    sort of. After you get the jewel, make sure to go to your inventory and use it 
    so that your Magic Power gets raised a bit. Go the opposite way of the chest to 
    find a large door with a blue orb on it, and a Magic Mirror to the left. Use 
    the Mirror to save your game and enhance your sword and/or magic, then check 
    out the chest near the Mirror to find a puzzle. The Question asks: 
    "Chant the name of a clan that has been subverted by the demons."
    The answer is "The Clan of Ogres", but to unlock it, simply select the
    first set of Kanji, then the third set (the single square), then the 6th
    set, then select "OK", and it should unlock, giving you the Power Jewel. Use 
    the Power Jewel from your inventory to raise your vitality slightly, giving you 
    more time to live. =)
    Now approach the doors in front of you and you'll notice that there is a Blue 
    glob on the door, blue in color. In interacts with the Ogre's Gauntlet on 
    Samaonsuke's arm and allows the door to be opened. Save your game at the Magic 
    Mirror behind you again, and enter the door. Fight off the slew of enemies on 
    the other side, on this bridge, collecting the numerous souls they leave 
    behind. Be careful, as these enemies have rolling attacks that are difficult to 
    avoid. They also keep appearing out of smoke, so make sure to watch your back. 
    After you defeat all of them and they stop appearing, go to the top right of 
    the screen. Hack with your sword at the piece of wood covering up the hidden 
    treasure chest. Take the South Area map from the chest, then continue through 
    the next set of doors. However, if you feel like leveling up your magic and 
    sword, the bridge is the first good place to do it, being that behind the doors 
    you just came through is a Magic Mirror. I personally leveled up my sword and 
    magic to level 3 before proceding further, which is the maximum level that your 
    sword and magic can go in this game. I figure that if you just take care of 
    leveling up these two items now, you won't have to worry about going back and 
    leveling them up later after you get the Fire and Wind Orbs/Sword. If you are 
    going to do this, make sure to keep an eye on your energy and to keep saving 
    when you go back and forth. When the enemies stop appearing on the bridge, 
    leave the area and come back and they will be there waiting for you once more.
    Anyway, on the other side, you can go 3 ways: 2 ways lead to the same area to 
    the north (and the gate leading to the Keep is towards the far north in this 
    area), and there is a locked gate to the southeast that leads to the East Area, 
    but you can't access it yet. Head northwest and through the next door, then 
    ignore the locked door here (it leads to the West Area and you can't get 
    through it anyway), and head south to the smashed up wall. Kill the Demons as 
    they come at you before you try to climb down the wall. Once you are ready to 
    climb down, use your Rope Ladder here, and decend the ladder. (by the way, the 
    guy that is fighting the Demons in this area has nothing to say, but you can 
    get an Herb from him as well as some information, just talk to him after the 
    Demons are all defeated in that area.)
    Once you are all the way down the ladder, take the linear, short path to the 
    little cave area. Examine the treasure chest by the Magic Mirror, which will 
    bring you to a codebox which you will need to answer to get what is inside the 
    chest. Examine the code box and the question will ask you:
    "Which is the equipment that was created by the clan of Ogres in order to
    destroy the demons?"
    The answer is "The Gauntlet of Ogres", so answer this by selecting the Kanji
    in the following order:
    - 6th one over
    - 1st one
    - 4th one over
    If done right, you will get another Power Jewel. You should use it, because
    you will be fighting a boss soon, but it's your choice. Once you are ready
    (and saved up), then enter the large door to encounter the first boss.
       BOSS 1
    This guy is strong, yet slow, since he's really big. Start off by attacking him
    with your Special Attack to get him dazed, then attack him normally until
    a bunch of souls come out of him. Run away from him, then once you are far
    enough away from him, suck the souls into yourself, then continue to attack.
    You should run around the center fire so you can dodge him and attack him from
    behind, then run away and repeat this process. Be sure to heal yourself when
    you need it, and always suck in any souls he drops. He seems to drop more and
    larger souls when you use a special magic attack, but don't use the special
    attack too much right away, or else you'll be stuck with normal attacks for
    most of the fight. After defeating him, suck in all of the souls he drops
    (and he drops a lot of 'em...).
    After the fight, head through the door behind the dead monster and take
    Journal #2, then continue through the next door. In this hallway, smash
    the pots near the door, up a little after you come through the door, then 
    examine the ground to find another Fluorite. Now head right and through the 
    skeleton hallway, and through the next door.  A cutscene from here ensues and 
    you will see a Skeleton Priest performing a ritual on a dead corpse of a human 
    before he smells a human and figures out that you are in the room. He speaks a 
    bit and summons his powerful monster to fight you. If you leveled up your magic 
    and sword, and both are on at least Level 2, simply walk up to the monster and 
    use a Magic Attack on him to kill him easily. Collect his souls and then go to 
    the northwest of the room to the orange orb atop a small stand. Search there 
    and you'll collect the Fire Orb, which will give you new powers in Fire. It 
    automatically equips itself, but for now, equip the Lightning Sword for now.
    Backtrack through the Skeleton hallway back into the boss room. Here are four 
    new enemies, Soul Suckers. These ones steal your soul energy, then pass it 
    along to their friends. Once you kill one, it'll pass the energy to another 
    monster, until 1 monster has all of the stolen energy. Be sure to kill it fast 
    to get your energy back, or else it'll dissappear and you'll lose that soul 
    energy. From here, go to the small door in the boss lair with the red thing on 
    it. Make sure to equip your Fire Sword and Orb and the red glob will go away, 
    makng the door able to be opened. From here, once out of that door, slash at 
    and destroy the crate in front of you. Get the Medicine that is inside the 
    treasure chest there, and then go and save at the Magic Mirror. Your Thunder 
    Orb and Thunder Sword should, without a doubt, be fully leveled up by now, at 
    Level 3. With all of the souls you've gotten since fighting the boss, this 
    should be no problem.
    Make your way back up the rope ladder, and into the main courtyard, where
    you will find a door that uses the Fire Orb to unlock. Unlock it and enter
    the next section - The Keep.
    The Keep
    As you enter the door, a small cutscene ensues, showing you the room that the 
    Demons have destroyed basically to a major point. Kill the enemies that attack 
    you as you enter, and be careful of the large enemy that accompanies the two 
    weaker demons, as he can take a lot of hits and dishes a powerful punch with 
    his sword. He can also block you, additionally. When the three enemies in the 
    main room are defeated, enter the northwestern door to find a small room with a 
    Magic Mirror and a Magic Meter Fountain that refills your Magic Meter. Take the 
    Keep Map from the chest, first. Then refill your magic at the Magic Meter 
    Fountain, and enhance your weapons/orbs and save your game at the Magic Mirror. 
    If you go to the end of this small room an odd man in a cocoon will shoot down 
    from the ceiling, hanging by a string, and stare at you for a few seconds in a 
    short cutscene. Remember his location later, we'll be back here to take care of 
    some "secret" business with him. So make sure you're all saved and such, and 
    then exit this room, and kill the enemies that reappared in the main room of 
    the Keep. Agan, try to take out the weaker two demons first so you can 
    concentrate on the stronger and bigger demon at hand. Don't get too close to 
    him or he'll grab you by your neck and eek out of you a whole bunch of energy! 
    Enter the southern door on the western side, and follow the hallway down to the 
    blue orb door, killing the weak demon enemies and getting their souls as you 
    go. Use your Thunder Orb to open this door, then on the other side. On this 
    side, walk up a little bit to the other side of the room and you'll be ambushed 
    by three demons that are fast and can do a nice bit of damage to you. Kill the 
    three enemies, then enter the next door to go outside. Take the Blue Book from
    the table near the door, and if you'd like, unlock two of the three orb keys in 
    the center at the end of the room by equipping the Fire Orb/Sword and analyzing 
    the Fire Orb there, and then repeating this process with your Lightning gear. 
    Then return all the way back to the main room in the Keep. From here, take the 
    northern door in this room to watch a cut-scene. It's an interesting cutscene 
    with a man of much mystery (that'll you meet again later in the game) is trying 
    to kidnap a boy of unknown origins, until the boy escapes and Samanosuke 
    doesn't let the kidnapper get any farther.
    Once the cutscene ends, open the chest here to your right to get the Normal 
    Arrows, then enter the next door, and run down the small corridor into the 
    small room, then through another door. Enter this room and open the chest to 
    the far left to get Journal #3. From here, go back to the room that the 
    cutscene just happened in. Three or four Demons will meet you here. Destroy all 
    of them and collect the souls they drop. If you want to, go back to the room 
    with the Magic Mirror in it at the beginning of the Keep and save your game, 
    then come back here. Equip your Fire Sword and Orb if you haven't already, and 
    then open the door at the top of the room guarded with the spirit of fire. 
    Enter the room and prepare to battle more demons. These are the fast moving 
    demons, so switch to your Lightning Sword if you'd like so that you can battle 
    them quicker. After they are defeated, go out the door at your right and into 
    the hallway. You'll come across a large door with a crest on it. Analyzing the 
    door will show you that the door cannot yet be opened. Go down the hallway to 
    trigger a cutscene.
    Kaede has the boy from the previous cutscene in her control, but the boy is 
    afraid, even after Samanosuke provides him with the information that he doesn't 
    want to hurt him, even though the other Samurai did. The boy, however, escapes 
    down the hallway and Samanosuke sense Kaede after him. From here, go down the 
    hallway that the boy just ran down prior to you and go through the door with 
    the barred window into another small hallway. Head down the hallway and kill 
    the weaker demons as they come at you. A stronger demon will attack you once 
    you get out of the small corridor intot he small room with the stairs. Kill him 
    and take his soul as well. Open the chest there to get some Herbs, and then 
    search to the left of the treasure chest to get your third piece of Flourite.
    From here, instead of going up the stairs, go to the door behind the stairwell 
    and enter it. Here is a larger treasure chest with a combonation lock. You have 
    to make the numbers go in order from 1 to 6, so simply do this:
    - Leftside, Rightside, Leftside, Rightside, Rightside
    If done right, the combo will unlock, giving you access to the Bow. Now check
    the shelf in the back of the room to find the Suzaku book to add to your Files, 
    and then go back to the previous room. Go up the stairs now and once up the 
    stairs go immidiatly into the door to your left before any Demons come at you. 
    In this room, search the bucket for a Power Jewel. Careful not to cut the rope 
    that is holding the bucket up or you will lose the Power Jewel! Go back to the 
    main room on the second floor and attack and kill the enemy Demons here and 
    collect their souls. There is a door that is locked with the Fire Orb, but it 
    requires a level 2 or higher spell to open, so if you don't have that level, 
    kill more demons for more souls, then return downstairs to the Magic Mirror and 
    upgrade your fire spell. Enter the door across from the double-orbed door, and 
    you will see some demons fighting some people below. Ignore this, and enter the 
    single orb door on the balcony. In the next room, fight off the enemies, then 
    enter the next door to find a large breakable crate. Smash it to find a box 
    containing some Normal Arrows, then search the ground around it for another 
    Fluorite. Ignore the stairway there for now as we'll go up to the third floor 
    in just a minute. For now, backtrack to the double-orb door and go through it. 
    Inside of this room you can find a chest with the R. Crest Piece and the Red 
    Book on the table. Return to the room where you found your latest piece of 
    Once inside, head up the stairs to go to the third floor that we just ignored a 
    few moments ago.  At the top of the stairs, take the Normal Arrows from the 
    chest and take the Byakko book located to the left of the treasure chest. There 
    is also a Magic Mirror here. Upgrade your sword and/or Orbs at this Magic 
    Mirror (your Lightning Sword and Orb should be maxed out as of now, both at 
    level 3. My Fire Sword and Orb are both at Level 2 as of now. If yours aren't, 
    make them so before continuing.) Also, save your game here. Have your Fire 
    Sword/Orb equipped and enter the next door, and Kaede will enter. A cutscene 
    explaining some more of the story will ensue, and then a gate falls on either 
    side of you and Kaede. You both will become trapped and you'll have to find a 
    way to escape.
    To escape is a tricky thing, so here are the straight instructions to escape. 
    First, pull the lever to open the gate, then use Kaede to exit the cage and
    pull the lever to the right. Now use Samanosuke pull the other lever, and use
    Kaede to go through the next opening. Use her to pull the left-most lever,
    and a chest will be revealed. Open it to get the Holy Armor, then use
    Samanosuke to pull the lever that is to the right of Kaede, but not the one
    DIRECTLY next to her. Pull the one that is the third in the row, and the
    gate will open. Go through the door at the end to exit this gate-trap.
    In the next room, refill your Magic Meter with the fountain, then use your
    Fire Orb's spell to light the candles in the center of the room, and the
    door will unlock. Enter the door. In this weird room, you will have to make
    it across by standing on the tiles with an "x" or a "+" on them. Each time you
    do this, some tiles drop while others are opened, and that character becomes
    trapped. You switch characters each time you step on a tile like that, and
    keep moving along the room until you reach the door on the other side. Keep in 
    mind that in obvious fashion, when stepping on a "x" all blocks in diagonal 
    relation with that block will fall, while stepping on a "+" makes all blocks in 
    straight relation to that block fall. Make sure not to kill your own character 
    by moving quickly. If you take your time, this puzzle is actually quite an easy 
    one. Once you get to the "o" on the other side, exit the room into the next 
    In the next area, a short cutscene will ensue and Samanosuke will end up 
    becoming trapped, and it's up to Kaede to save him. Enter the water puzzle on 
    the wall, and move the parts around so that the 2 yellow pieces come together, 
    and are at the bottom-center of the puzzle. Many people find this puzzle 
    irritating and hard, I thought it was easy, but there's no real trick to it. 
    You have to use logic and you have to move quick, those are the only real tips 
    I can give you.
    Continue through the door near the puzzle, and enter the next room. In this
    room, towards the back, there is a shrine with a lever you can pull. Pull it
    and some stairs will lower. Kaede and Samanosuke will part, so head up the
    stairs. Now just make your way through a series of rooms and corridors until 
    you reach a dead-end with a ladder and a door. Go down the ladder 2 times so 
    you are on the second level, and you'll end up in a room with a chest. Open the 
    chest to find the Left Crest Piece. Now, go back up the ladder once, and take 
    the hallway to another ladder. Go down the ladder and you'll be in another 
    corridor. Take the corridor down to a treasure chest and open the chest to find 
    a Power Jewel. Use it and then take the other corridor to the end of a hallway. 
    A locked door is here, and you can unlatch it. Unlatch the door and you'll 
    enter a secret passage into the second floor's map room. Take the map room out 
    through the real entrance/exit and run past the monsters there. Go all the way 
    back to the second floor balcony and then follow the mostly monsterless paths 
    and rooms to the save point before the series of puzzles we were just at. Save 
    your game there and enhance your weaponry and orbs if you'd like. Now go 
    through the old puzzle rooms which are vacant of both their old puzzles and of 
    any monsters. Go all the way back to the secret stairway and take it back up to 
    the 4th floor. Go back to where the ladders were, and now, ignore the ladders. 
    Analyze the door there instead and you'll notice that you'll have to put the 
    two crests we have found in the Keep there. So stand in front of the door and 
    go to your inventory and use both Crests on the door to make the key unlock. 
    You can now go through the door and into the next room.
    Watch the cut-scene, in which the odd old samurai is back and tells you how his 
    clan is ruled by the Demons and they are to take over the world. The boy is 
    taken away by the monsters and Samanosuke is yet to get his hands on the old 
    man. However, after the cutscene is over, search the room for Seiryu Vol. 2 
    book and another Fluorite piece on the small shelf near the door. Go through 
    the door, and you  will find Suzaku Vol. 1 book next to the door. Procede up 
    and a Demon will fly out of the wall at you. It scared the crap out of me, 
    personally. Anyway, kill the demon and take his souls. From here, go up to the 
    room with the stairs, and search behind the nearby stairs for a chest full of 
    Normal Arrows. Now, go up the stairs to the 5th floor.
    Once outside, fight the demons on the balcony, and you'll here the screams of 
    the little boy for someone to help him and let him out of his bondage. However, 
    you can't yet open the door that he's behind, as only once you bare the Wind 
    Orb can that green door be open. Instead, enter the only unlocked
    door up here and enter the room. Take the Seiryu Vol. 4 off the floor next
    to the door, along with the Medicine from inside of the chest. Take the
    Seiryu Vol. 3 from here as well. On either side of the shrine in the middle of 
    the room are thin, paper-like portable walls. Slice the one down on the left to 
    get some free souls, make sure to suck all of 'em up with your Gauntlet. On the 
    right side, slide the wall down there and enter the secret passage. It will 
    have a Magic Mirror there for you to save with. Save and Enhance as needed, and 
    head down the corridor. Clib up the ladder onto the roof and a cutscene will 
    ensue. A large demon knight is on the roof, and has possession of the Wind Orb. 
    Prepare to battle.
       BOSS 2
    This boss uses the Wind Orb and it's weapon against you. He's not that tough,
    since he's pretty slow, which allows you to strafe around him and attack
    from behind. Attack him when his guard is down, because you will waste your
    attacks on him if you try to attack when he is guarding your sword. Suck
    out all of the souls he drops as you attack him, and use your Magic attack
    (I was using Enryuu for this battle) when his back is turned towards you
    for the full effect. Just keep holding down R1 as you fight him so you always
    are facing him. This fight isn't that tough, just as long as you dodge his
    attacks at the right time. Use an Herb if you need to, put try to conserve all 
    of your healing items for later in the game. As of now, I have three Medicines 
    and three Herbs, and you should have something around that as well. Make sure 
    not to use any Medicines!
    When the fight has ended, take all of the souls he drops, and then take the
    Wind Orb off the ground. Now go back down the ladder, and save at the Magic 
    Mirror. Now go through the next room, and go back outside. Head to the 
    Samanosuke's right, back to the door where the little boy was screaming for 
    help before, and use your Wind Orb to open the door with the green seal. Enter 
    this door. You'll find the boy, seemingly unharmed, and a cutscene ensues. 
    You're back on the first floor of the Keep, in a room where Kaede is. 
    Samanosuke tells the boy of his fantastic voyages around the world, and that 
    fighting isn't worth it. The graphics of his voyages are actually quite 
    breathtakingly done. A servant of another Princess then stumbles into the room 
    and faints. Samanosuke tells Kaede to take care of the boy and the servant, as 
    he has to go underground (where the servant said Princess Yuki is) to find 
    Princess Yuki.
    After viewing the long-ass cutscene, I want you to think back to just before, 
    when you rescued the little boy. Do you remember, in his small chamber, seeing 
    a treasure chest? You do? Excellent. Climb all the way back up to the roof of 
    the Keep (it'll take a few minutes, yes), fight the enemies as you go for their 
    valuable souls, and go back to the room once guarded by the Wind Orb power. 
    Open the treasure chest in there to reveal some Burst Bullets. Good stuff. Now, 
    go back to the main floor of the Keep and save your game with the Magic Mirror 
    on the main floor in that room with the free Magic Spirits. Look at your 
    weaponry. If your Fire and Lightning Swords and Orbs are both not on Level 3, 
    run around the Keep and fight the numerous Demon enemies and get souls, and 
    level up both of the orbs and swords to the maximum level. Also take the time 
    to get souls and level up your wind orb and sword to Level 2. Once that is 
    done, we're ready to procede. In the main room of the Keep on the first floor 
    is an archer demon. If you want to get an Herb, kill the demons on the main 
    floor first with your sword, then equip your Bow and Arrow. Snipe at the demon 
    on the balcony above and kill him, get his souls, and then go and talk to the 
    man in the room. He'll thank you and give you an Herb! When you're ready to 
    procede, go back to the main room in the Keep on the first floor. Take the door 
    on the bottom left hand corner of the screen. Take the corridors and kill the 
    demons as you go. When you get to a door sealed by two lightning orbs, enter 
    it. Kill the demons coming at you from the inside, then take the door at the 
    top of the screen to the room that leads to the Keep Underground. If you 
    unlocked the first two orbs before like I said to, good, you're on your way. 
    Simply equip your Wind gear and unlock the third to have access to the 
    Keep Underground
    Head straight, then take the first turn on your right, and follow it to a gray
    door. Enter it to find a save room. Open the chest for a HERB, then save your
    game and Enhance whatever needs enhancing. Go down the hallway, kill the 
    tenticles blocking your path, then kill the tenticle men at the end quickly, or 
    else they'll regenerate. Search the book shelves at the end of the Tenticle 
    corridor to find the Orange Book, the Green Book, and a Byakko to add to your 
    files. Enter the door at the end. Kill the tenticle men, and there are a lot of 
    them, so take it slow and take it easy or they can easily overwhelm you (use 
    magic if they get to be too much), and take the corridor all the way to the set 
    of doors at the end of the corridor, on your left. Enter the corridor and take 
    the path to the treasure chest at the end. Get the Purifier Bell from the 
    chest, and this will trigger some swinging blades to activate from the ceiling 
    down to the ground. Take it slow as you weave in and out of them and back to 
    the corridor. Head back towards the save point room, and on your left as you go 
    back down are a large set of silver double doors. Enter that room. Open the 
    chest on the right side of the room to get the Keep Underground Map. Now go to 
    the top of the screen on that same side and analyze the pulley in front of you. 
    Hack at the rope with your sword and it will break. From the other side, a tray 
    holding the Rosary of Communication will come down. Circle around to the other 
    side of the room and retrieve the Rosary. Head back out to the corridor and 
    take the halls back to the save room.
    Kill the tenticles again, save your game, then go back into the first room that
    came before the save room. There are some tortured souls blocking the door, so
    use the Purifier Bell on it to allow access through the door. To use the bell, 
    first analyze the door to find out that they don't necessarily want to intefere 
    with your mission. Then go to your inventory and choose the bell. A small 
    cutscene will happen, showing Samanosuke using the bell. The spirits disappear 
    and you can now go through the door. Go through the door. Kill the large
    armored guys in this room, use magic if necessary, and don't get too close to 
    them or they'll grab your neck and do massive damage. Take one at a time if 
    possible. Then, take a right at the end of the hall, kill the last armored 
    monster, and grab the Flourite off the ground in the corner of the corridor.. 
    Turn around and enter the next door.
    Kill the tenticle guys once more, and ignore the green orb door for now, and
    go through the door to it's right. Inside, kill the tenticles for some easy
    souls, and open the chest at the end for a Herb, and take the White Book off
    the ground. Exit the room, and activate the double green orb door we just 
    passed up before and enter it.
    Here, kill the single armored monster, then open the Treasure Box by performing 
    the following combination (order in which to activate the locks):
    - Center, Right, Left
    After opening the box, you will get the Blue Key. Take the Byakko off the
    ground and the Apocalypse #1, which can be found in the large, glowing green 
    light in the center back of the room. On your way out of the room, examine the 
    structure your right as you go back, next to the door. You'll find your seventh 
    piece of Fluorite there. Go back a few rooms, and into the room where you found 
    a Flourite, and use the Blue Key on the blue door. Inside, watch the cut-scene 
    unfold. The old man offers Samanosuke one more chance to switch to his clan. 
    When he doesn't, the old man starts the Dark Ceremony and lightning shoots from 
    a large statue at the center of the room at Samanosuke, paralyzing him. He is 
    then trapped behind a magical barrier, unable to do anything. The old man warns 
    that Kaede is already in trouble, which is when the cutscene goes back to the 
    room of the Keep she is hiding out in. A fake Samanosuke comes in and knocks on 
    Kaede while the Princess' servant, really a demon, takes the little boy back. 
    Samanosuke realizes he is helpless. Meanwhile, Kaede wakes up... 
    !!!! ENTER KAEDE !!!!
    As Kaede, exit the room you are in, and talk to the dying soldier to get the
    Red Key. Exit The Keep, ignoring the monster demons as you go (even the weakest 
    demons that you come across in the Keep are tough for Kaede, it takes her some 
    ten hits to kill the weakest form of Demon, so avoid monsters at all costs, 
    really.) Enter into the South Area, past the chasm that led underground from 
    earlier in the game, then head west and to the green door that is locked. Avoid 
    the ninja demons, and use the Red Key to open the door, and enter the West 
    West Area
    Once in the West Area, follow the path to a treasure chest (while avoiding all 
    monsters, since you aren't rewarded with anything for killing them), and open 
    it for a Herb. After getting the Herb, keep going until you get to a corridor 
    that leads to a door. Avoid the Ninja Demons best you can and enter the door 
    into the next area. Go into a door where you will find a soldier getting 
    attacked by some demons. Two of the three demons here are on a platform above 
    shooting arrows at you. Use the wooden planks set up in the area to avoid them 
    as best you can. Kill the first monster, then climb the ladder and kill the 2 
    other monsters. Go back down the ladder after killing the demons, and talk to 
    the man to get the SOUL ABSORBER. Now climb back up the ladder and go across 
    the plank to the door. Enter the door into the room and take the corridor to a 
    ladder. Climb down the ladder, and go to the Magic Mirror to save your game. 
    Open the treasure chest near the Magic Mirror to get the West Area Map. 
    Now, analyze the door in that room on the bottom level and you'll automatically 
    use your Shinobi Kit. Exit the Food Storage building and take the corridor all 
    the way to the end and enter the door, ignoring the demons as you go, as 
    fighting them is pretty futile. Once you enter this room, open up the treasure 
    chest there to get Journal #5 to add to your files. Also, make sure to nab the 
    Suzaku volume 4 off of the top shelf in the upper left of the room. There is a 
    secret compartment in the room too that if opened has some gears in it. You can 
    pull the string in there and the gears will turn a bit, then stop.
    Head back through the demon-filled corridors, back to the Food Storage 
    building. Go back up the ladder and back outside. Take the ladder outside to 
    the ground level, and then take the door right there to the next area. Follow 
    that path all the way, avoiding the enemies, and use the Shinobi Kit on the 
    door there. Enter and you'll find yet another save area. In this room is a 
    treasure chest. To open the chest, you must answer this question:
    Which is a mysterious place where the clan of Ogres meet?
    To uncode the box, choose the choices in this order.
    - 5th, 7th, 2nd choice (in that order)
    Once the chest is opened, you'll get a Magic Jewel. Use it on any of your 
    weapons you want when you get back to using Samanosuke later on. Save your game 
    now, and then go outside through the other door in the guard station. Right 
    there at the door should be a shimmering white light on the ground. Search it 
    to get the Gear. 
    Now, head all the way back through the corridors and find the door along one of 
    the corridors that isa building with fire and furnaces and such going off. Once 
    you find this room, go all the way to the top left of the room and search there 
    for a lever. Pull the lever down and you'll notice that the door across the 
    room opens. However, it only stays open for a short amount of time. What you 
    want to do is pull the lever and then quickly time the fire bursts coming out 
    of the three furnaces so that you don't get burned as you run. Get across there 
    and enter the door in to that room. Once in that room, search the wall near the 
    door to find the Gold Plate. Once you get the Gold Plate, destroy the two 
    crates further up in the room. The second crate is hiding an Herb. Get the 
    Herb, then pull the lever right by the door and exit that room, and the furnace 
    room entirely.
    Now, once you exit the furnace room shoot straight across the corridor to the 
    room with the missing gear. Go up to the gear set and choose the Gear out of 
    your inventory, and it will automatically set itself in there. Now, pull the 
    string and the gears will work properly, and the bookshelf will slide back, 
    showing a secret room. Once in the room, open the treasure chest there to get 
    the Silver Plate. Then, right by the chest on a table is a Byakko, which you 
    should add to your files. Finally, right across from the chest there is some 
    Fluorite, which will be #8 for you.
    Now, finally, head all the way back through the corridors to the food storage 
    room and save your game, as always with Kaede, avoiding the enemies as you go 
    because of her great weakness. Once back in the food storage room and saved, 
    take the ladder to the second floor and go to the outside balcony, and take the 
    ladder there to the ground level, where you will, again, take the door right 
    there to another path. Follow that path and avoid the Ninja Demons all the way 
    back to the Guard Station where you should again save your game. Once saved, 
    exit the guard station through the opposite door and approach the barred door. 
    On the right side of the door is a silver switch missing half of itself, and on 
    the left side of the door is a gold switch missing half of itself. Approach 
    both switches and analyze them, then go to your inventory and choose the 
    corresponding plate (gold or silver) for both switches. Once both switches are 
    activated, the barred doors go away and you are allowed access to the door 
    Now, go back to the Guard Station quick and save, and now go through the door 
    and into the burning building there. Your first objective here should be to get 
    the Fluorite piece. Right when you enter the building, there should be another 
    door there on the adjacent wall. Enter that door, and inside is a staircase. 
    Search next to the staircase to find Fluorite piece numero nine.
    You have several options in the burning house of which where to go. But first, 
    go up the stairs right there and into this area of the house. In this dark area 
    of the house upstairs here is another of the trick treasure chests in which you 
    have to enter a certain combonation to open the chest. Pick the choices like 
    Middle - Right - Right - Left - Left
    If entered correctly, the chest will open and you'll receive an upgraded for of 
    Kaede's weapon called the Sacred Knife, which makes her slightly stronger 
    against the demon enemies about. Once you get this item, head back downstairs. 
    Remember as you navigate the burning house, don't run into the fire around the 
    house or you will get injured. However, try hitting the demon enemies that 
    attack you into the fire to damage them nicely. =) Take the corridor along the 
    hall down to a room with a Demon Ninja in it and some jars. The Demon Ninja is 
    easy now that you have the Sacred Knife. Take him out and then take the jars in 
    the room out to reveal a treasure chest. Inside is some Kunai for Kaede's use. 
    Additionally, right by the chest is another book for your files, the Genbu 
    From here, go back through the corridors and carefully traverse the hall so 
    that you don't run into the fire. This time, take the stairs going down right 
    by the entrance to the house, into the basement. Once in the basement, take the 
    corridor as it winds around and slash at the tenticles blocking your path when 
    you get to them. Right behind them is a door which you should enter. In this 
    room, run up to the grating and a cutscene will ensue. It seems that you've 
    found Princess Yuki, where she is being held captive. Kaede attempts to get her 
    out by unlocking the door, and the two get-a talkin'. All of a sudden, the 
    sorcerer from the beginning of the game comes out of the shadows and takes away 
    Princess Yuki into the shadows. After the cutscene ends, you'll have to battle 
    an enemy. This enemy can disappear like Stealth Ninja from Metal Gear Solid, 
    and then come back and slash at you. With your new weapon, you shouldn't have 
    any trouble with him at all, however. Stay on his trail and block when needed, 
    and use an Herb or Medicine if you have to. If he sinks into the ground, follow 
    the little blob on the ground as it goes to track him. He's that simple. Once 
    he's defeated, Kaede escapes the West Area and it's back to Samanosuke, 
    unconscious in the Underground Passage.
    Underground Passage 
    A cutscene ensues where Samanosuke wakes up and he's in the Underground 
    Passage. As he awakens, walk straight and up to the Magic Mirror. Right next to 
    the Magic Mirror is a chest, open it to get a Medicine. Save and enhance as 
    needed at the Magic Mirror and then continue up the corridor into the next 
    Another cutscene ensues. Samanosuke looks curiously up the darkened path, and 
    out of the path comes a clone of Samanosuke, that you'll have to fight.
       BOSS 3
    This battle is a pretty difficult one. You're going to have to block a whole 
    lot, first of all. The clone attacks a lot and barely ever takes a break. He 
    uses the Lightning Sword and an orb attack that you don't have, but you can 
    block it. Your best bet in hitting him is to use your special attacks. You're 
    hardly ever going to connect using regular attacks, so equip any weapon and use 
    the special attacks. If you run out of magic on that weapon, switch to another. 
    I personally beat him with two lightning orb attacks and a wind attack. After 
    he is defeated, you have access to the rest of the corridor.
    Go up more and there will be two chests in front of you. One holds the Evil 
    Plate, and the larger one holds the Wooden Ladder. Get both items and walk out 
    onto the wooden plank. You're inside a well. Analyze the outside of the well 
    and then use the ladder, choosing it from your inventory. As you climb up the 
    ladder, you'll be back in the regular old Keep. There is something we need to 
    do in the West Area first, however.
    West Area (Part II)
    We need to go back to West Area for one reason and one reason only - to 
    retrieve the three pieces of Fluorite still there. If you don't want or need 
    the Fluorite, skip this part and go on to the next part.
    Exit the Keep and head right back into the West Area, and we'll begin our 
    search for the three Fluorite pieces here, to make our job easier later on. Go 
    through the South Area, and then through to the West Area, killing enemies and 
    collecting their souls as you go. Once in the west area, you'll be confronted 
    by two demons, as well as two more on the roofs with bows and arrows. Take out 
    the two on the ground first, and then equip your bow and arrow and take out the 
    two on the roof as well, taking their souls. The man that was fighting them off 
    on the ground will reward you with a thanks and some Burst Bullets. Take the 
    corridor as it winds around and search the wall on your right for the first 
    piece of Fluorite we need. Good stuff, two more to go.
    From here, go all the way down the corridor to the Food Storage Building. 
    You'll have to battle a few enemies and archers in the courtyard and take the 
    ladder entrance in. Once there, save your game, enhance if needed, and make 
    sure all of your weapons are stocked up on magic. (there is a free magic meter 
    there, afterall). Once that's done, enter to the door at your right, guarded by 
    three fire orbs. Take the corridor up to a treasure chest. Get the medicine 
    inside the chest, and then cross the bridge. Kill the Demons on the otherside 
    and collect their souls. Then, go down to the carriage being held by a rope. 
    Cut the rope with your sword, and then search on the ground where the carriage 
    once was to find Fluorite piece number 12. That's all of them that we can get 
    so far. Head back to the Keep and save your game. We'll continue from there.
    The Keep (Part II)
    Once back at the keep, make sure you're all stocked with magic and saved. All 
    of your orbs and swords should be at level 3 and maxed out by now. If not, do 
    that before proceeding.
    Remember that large door with red veins on it that we didn't have access to but 
    we could see it all game? Go back there now. The missing part of the door, the 
    Evil Plate, is now in our possession, and we can open this door. Work your way 
    back to that door, and as you go, you'll notice that there are floating white 
    balls over all of the dead human corpses around the Keep. Talk to these 
    corpses, or the spirits of them, anyway, to hear some of their parting words, 
    if you'd like. When you finally get to the door, use the Evil Plate to unlock 
    it, by choosing it in your inventory. The door will unlock. Enter the door to 
    watch a cutscene.
    The cutscene is that woman posing as a servant. She asks you how you got this 
    far, but then grossly transforms from her human form to a large insect form. A 
    gate behind her opens, to the Dark World, the world of the demons, and she 
    escapes with the boy before Samanosuke can do anything about it, as the insect 
    caused massive damage to the room so that Samanosuke could not move. Kaede 
    walks in afterwards, and asks what happened, when a plate-like device rises up 
    and casts a barrier over the gate to the Dark World so they can't be followed. 
    As suck, Kaede suggest that her and Samanosuke split up to find a way into the 
    We need to go back to the West Area now to find a way to open this blasted 
    door. Leave the Keep and go south to the locked door on the east side. A man 
    will yell "help" and jump back, when two insect demons shoot through the door 
    after him. Kill the two demon creatures and take their souls, and then procede 
    to talk to the man. Now go through the South Area past the chasm and into the 
    West Area. Kill the demons on the ground and block the arrows from the archers 
    on the roofs. Equip your bow and take them out if you'd like, then take the 
    corridor up and around until you get to a door, which you should go through, 
    then follow the corridor to the door with the blue orbs on them. Equip your 
    thunder orb and sword and open the door. Enter the room now. 
    Inside this room are a few goodies. In a chest on the upper right side of the 
    room is the Vision Staff, which will allow you to visably see any remaining 
    Flourite pieces on the ground or wherever. Near this chest is a statue with a 
    missing head. Analyze it if you'd like, but we'll come back to it later on. If 
    you approach the door on the upper lefthand corner of the room, there will be a 
    door there, but as you come near it, a set of bars will come down and block it 
    off. Worry not, we'll be back to fix that in no time.
    Do you remember where the Food Storage Room is? The one we frequented with 
    Kaede before? Go back there, through the archery area (kill the large black 
    demon with magic, then block the arrows of the two archer demons on the terrace 
    up above. When they both shoot, equip the bow and quickly take them both out). 
    Then go climb up the ladder and walk across the terrace to the door. Once 
    inside, go down the ladder and save your game. TO your right should be a door 
    with three fire orbs on it. Equip the fire sword and orb and open the door, 
    then enter it. Run all the way down and around to the military carts at the 
    bottom of the screen. From here, simply kill the weak demons and take their 
    souls, then approach the door at the bottom left of the area, or the top left 
    of your screen. Enter the door into the next area.
    Here is a big challenge. In this door are three of the axe-weilding monsters 
    that are pains enough, but additionally, there is a huge red axe weilding demon 
    that can take a crapload amount of damage from you. To make it easier for 
    yourself here, equip the wind gear and use the spell twice when the four 
    enemies group around you. This should take care of the three smaller axe-
    weidling dudes so you can concentrate on the real menace. Take care of the big 
    guy now, after taking the souls of the smaller dudes, by using the fire spell 
    against him. If he doesn't die after that, a hit or two from the lightning 
    spell should take him out. Get the massive amounts of souls he drops, then lets 
    concentrate on the two treasure chests in the area, as well as that glowing 
    green light. The two chests contain bullets and, more importantly, the Statue 
    Head, which you'll need for an obvious reason. The green light is the Decorated 
    Sword. Hold on to that for later. Now that we've got what we need here, head 
    back to the room with the statue missing his head, in the West Area. You 
    remember how to get there, don't ya? 
    Once back in the room, approach the statue and analyze it. Procede to go to 
    your inventory from there and pick the Statue Head from it. The door's bars 
    will open on the otherside revealing a small room with a chest in it. Open the 
    chest to receive the Matchlock, a powerful gun-like weapon. Now we're basically 
    done in the West Area for good, so head all the way back through the West Area 
    into the South Area, and back to the Keep, killing enemies and such as you go, 
    and also, taking their souls. Once in the Keep, kill the archers and the large 
    black demon there, then enter the save point on the first floor and save your 
    game, enhance your items (your weapons and orbs should be all maxed out by now, 
    and if they aren't, do so), and then we can move onto the next phase in the 
    East Area
    From the Keep's savepoint, enter into the courtyard and go to the door on the 
    lower right hand corner of the courtyard. Enter into the doorway and examine 
    the concrete pillar in front of you to see a carving fit for a sword, as well 
    as instructions, or clues, rather, on how to get the "key" to unlock this door. 
    You already have it in the Decorated Sword you got from the West Area, so go to 
    the inventory and choose the Decorated Sword to unlock the door. The pillar 
    will go down revealing a true door. Go through the door.
    As you enter the area, take the path down and you'll be ambushed by two ninja 
    demons. Kill both of them and take their souls, then continue taking the linear 
    path to the bridge over the moat. Take the bridge, ignoring the first left you 
    can make (we'll go back there later, you can't open that door yet anyway), and 
    instead, take the bridge all the way to a door with two wind crystals on it. 
    Equip your wind gear, and open up the door, and enter it into the next area.
    In this area, go up and take a left all the way to the wall. Search the door to 
    find Journal #6. Go into the door and use magic to kill the large black demon 
    knight in front of you to make quick work of him. Take his soul and then take 
    the bridge path all the way to the last door you can go into. Enter this small 
    room, and search the bookshelf there for a Genbu for your files. Additionally, 
    the treasure chest in this room contains some Bullets for you. For right now 
    you're done here, so head back to the door with the Journal on it, and go back.
    Go back and go up. Analyze the bridge there at the top of the screen and then 
    equip your Matchlock and some bullets (your Burst ones), and fire across at the 
    other half of the bridge, to make it fall and complete the bridge so that you 
    can cross over. Cross the bridge and take the Bullets out of the treasure chest 
    on the other side. Continue until you can't go up any more. Slash here to get 
    rid of a wooden plank. Then search there and you'll find yourself a Talisman. 
    Good stuff. Now, head back to the other side we were just on. Remember the door 
    we skipped over to go all the way to the end door? Go there now.
    Once in this room, go right and straight up to the second floor balcony. Take 
    out the two archer demons there, and then go back to the ground floor. Open up 
    the treasure chest to get some bullets, and then take care of the large black 
    demon knight there if you'd like as well. From here, we have two choices. Go 
    back upstairs, or go through the door with wind crystals on it straight ahead. 
    First, we shall take care of our business upstairs. So head straight upstairs, 
    now archer free for now. Take the winding plank staircases all the way up to 
    the top. When you get to the black demon knight here, you can't avoid him, so 
    quickly kill him with some magic. Then, keep moving as to avoid the archer's 
    arrows, and kill the archer. Open up the chest right by him to get the Magic 
    Jewel, and use it on any of the magic you want. Climb up the ladder there to go 
    to the roof. Now that we're on the roof, equip your Matchlock. Use it to get 
    rid of those pesky Three Eyes monsters that are on the roof, but, in this case, 
    out of reach of your sword. Make sure they are all taken care of before 
    proceeding. Once you know the coast is clear, go around the roof to the 
    otherside. Here, get the piece of Flourite, numero 13 if you've gotten them all 
    so far, from the corner of the walk. Then, go out onto the roof through the gap 
    in the fence, and search the glowing spot near the dead carcass where the birds 
    were to get a Power Jewel, which you should use right away. Finally, circle 
    around the roof to the other side, and pick up another glowing piece of 
    whatever, in this case, a Soul Absorber. Now, we are ready to go back 
    downstairs and through that wind crystal door.
    Once back on the first floor, kill the large demon knight there, and make sure 
    no archers are anywhere (they are pesky as hell, are they not.) Then, equip 
    your wind gear and open the door. Enter through it. As you get outside, a ninja 
    will ambush you. Kill it and take his souls, then turn back around with the 
    wind gear and unlock the same door from this side, just so you don't have to do 
    it later. Then, procede to go into the river and take it to your left, where 
    another ninja will ambush you. Kill him as well, and then enter through the 
    door into the next area. In this area is one of those powerful sword-weilding 
    demons that can cloak themselves and shoot around the room, like the one you 
    fought with Kaede before. This time, block his attack, then counterattack. 
    Rinse. Lather. Repeat. It's that simple. Once he's dead, suck his souls up and 
    get ready to face another. Kill this one in the same fashion, take his souls, 
    then take a breather. Now ignore the alter for now there, and take the door 
    straight ahead. Take this linear and vacant path as it winds through the woods 
    all the way to the next door, where you will go through it and be at some 
    docks. Go straight up and kill the demon knight here with magic. The one across 
    the bridge we can have some fun with. Go across the bridge so he comes towards 
    you and is physically on the bridge. Then run back and hack at the rope that 
    holds the bridge up on your side. A small cutscene ensues and he falls into the 
    river below, dead. Now, circle back through to the waterfall, and push over 
    where you will enter a secret cave with another trick treasure chest. To solve 
    this one, which is a toughy, do this:
    Bottom Left - Top Right - Bottom Right - Bottom Left - Bottom Right
    The chest should open if done correctly, and inside is the almight powerful 
    Great Armor, a good find indeed! Now that you've acquired that, it's time to 
    keep circling this path to where the bridge was connected on the other side. 
    From here, go through the door up ahead and you'll be in a room with a Magic 
    Meter and a Magic Mirror. Good stuff. Make sure your magic is all filled up, 
    and save and enhance as needed. Making your bullets into Burst Bullets couldn't 
    hurt. Your spirits will go to waste otherwise, your weapons don't need to be 
    upgraded anymore, and your Herbs should all be Medicine by now. Once you're 
    done there, grab the Medicine out of one chest in that room, and then go to the 
    other chest next to the Mirror there and you'll have to answer a question. It 
    Which is a container that can be used to fill the Gauntlet with souls?
    Answer the question by putting in the third choice, then the sixth choice. Out 
    of the chest you will receive a Magic Jewel. Use it, save again, and then head 
    down the stairway. The door right by the stairway can't be opened yet, so just 
    go down the stairs. Down here, pick up the shimmering piece of Flourite here, 
    and then analyze where the boat is beside the dock to get into it and cross 
    over to the otherside, the waterside turret. A small cutscene takes place 
    showing you crossing the moat. Once it ends and you have control of Samanosuke 
    again, simply go through the doors. Inside the room, take the path to the top 
    of the room, to the alter. Analyze the altar and take the Great Bow. Once you 
    do that, a cutscene takes place. Bars shut over the door to the building, so 
    Samanosuke is trapped. As he runs toward the doors, insect creatures come from 
    the holes in the floor and attack Samanosuke. The scene then cuts to Kaede 
    entering the East Area. As she glances over across the moat to where Samanosuke 
    is trapped, an Insect creature pops out of nowhere and attacks her.
    Now that you have control of Kaede, attack and kill the insect creature. As you 
    cross over the bridge another will attack you. Kill him as well. Remember the 
    left passage of the bridge I told you to ignore before? Go there now, now that 
    we can unlock it. Kaede will automatically use the Shinobi Kit on the door. 
    Now, enter through the door and kill the two insects that pop out of the water, 
    making quick work of them before they gang up on you. You have two choices 
    here, so first, take the path that branches off to your right. Get the chest 
    with some Kunai in them, and then enter this door here. Inside, that glowing 
    light by the door is a piece of Fluorite. Get it, and then grab the Herb in the 
    corner of the room, in the right. It's hidden, but make sure to grab it and 
    enhance it to Medicine right away! If you care to destroy the pots in the upper 
    lefthand corner of the room, you'll reveal a secret area of the room, that 
    holds the Apocalypse #2 to add to your files. Once you have all of that, go 
    back outside and head up to the door there. Enter there.
    You're now at the river, using the door we couldn't use before. Kill the demon 
    insects here if you'd like, but mainly, run up the river, and you know where 
    you're going, we're trying to get back to that Magic Mirror at the dockside 
    house. Once you get there (avoid the demons as you go, trust me), save your 
    game and then open the door we couldn't open before right there to access a new 
    area. These areas are littered with far weaker demons, so you can kill them. As 
    you go around, kill the demons and follow the corridors until you get to a room 
    with a black knight demon and a wooden plank covering over a treasure chest. 
    Quickly hack the plank to get the arrows out of the chest, then avoid the black 
    knight demon and head into the next area. Kill the slews of demons here, then 
    smash all of the pots around the room. Under one of them are some Kunai. Take 
    the door that isn't locked (there are doors on either side of the corridor), 
    and into this area, which has a Magic Mirror. Save your game, then climb up the 
    ladder right there. In this area, destroy the crates that hinder you from 
    moving in this area, and then collect the Genbu Volume 4, as well as the 
    sixteenth piece of Fluorite. Now, go back down the ladder, save again if you 
    care to, and then run through the next door. 
    Immidiatly run straight down the wooden path for the archers, and take them out 
    quickly before they get any of those damaging arrows out on you. Once they are 
    defeated, you can go through one of two doors. First, go through the wooden 
    door, not the double door. Once inside the small room, open the chest up for an 
    Herb, and take the piece of Flourite off of the crate in the upper corner of 
    the room as well. Number 17, that is. Only three more to find, and they are all 
    in the Dark Realm, which means no more worrying, we'll get those in good time. 
    Meanwhile, climb up the ladder here, and you'll now be in a room with a trick 
    treasure chest, the final one in the game! To open it, do this:
    Left - Left - Middle - Right - Right - Middle - Middle
    Pretty straight forward, no? Inside the chest is the Decorated Arrow. Now that 
    we're done here, go back down the ladder and exit the room completely. (kill 
    the demon that goes after you after you open the chest up there, being that 
    he's alone, so he's easy to kill). This time, go for the double-doors ahead and 
    enter them. In here is a shrine, and in front of the shrine is a black treasure 
    chest. Don't open it yet. First, head to your upper left through that tiny 
    corridor and to the dragon statue. Analyze it to take the Great Arrow from the 
    Dragon. This locks the door you just came through so you now can't exit it. 
    Circle back around now, and open the treasure chest in front of the shrine to 
    reveal that it can't be opened without unlocking a certain mechanism. To combat 
    this, run back to the dragon statue and put on it the Decorated Arrow, which 
    will reverse the lock mechanism, opening the door up again and also unlocking 
    the chest. Now go to the chest and get the Green Key. Exit the room, and go all 
    the way back to that hall with the doors on either end. The one that was locked 
    before can now be opened by use of the Green Key. Use the Green Key on the door 
    and into the next area we go. Here, take the short corridor to the ladder and 
    go down it. Now we're on some docks. Go straight for the boat at the end of the 
    docks and get on it. 
    Once you're at the building where Samanosuke is trapped, analyze the door and a 
    cutscene will ensue. Kaede will yell to Samanosuke as she realizes that he is 
    being attacked by monsters. Then Kaede looks to the air and sees an enemy 
    coming hither. She warns Samanosuke that the enemy is coming, then looks 
    briefly towards a boatload of charges next to the building. After that, 
    Samanosuke is shown inside battling off some enemies when a large wasp-like bug 
    creature, named Hecuba, storms in, and the battle begins after a short 
       BOSS 4
    Hecuba is a flying creature, and she may seem a pain for two reasons. One, 
    she's airborne, so conventionally, she's hard to hit. Secondly, the fact that 
    she has these companion demons are also a real nuisance.
    What's unique about this fight, however, is the fact that you never have to use 
    any swords or magic at all, never. As a matter of fact, if you've managed to 
    not use your Matchlock at all except for making that bridge come down, you 
    should be all set. Also, if you've enhanced all of your bullets to Blast 
    Bullets, you're really all set. Simply lock on and fire away. Whichever enemy 
    is closest will get hit, and most of the time, two or three of the insect 
    demons will die with one shot, and then you can get a few off on Hecuba herself 
    before they come back. Make sure to collect their souls as you go, alright? 
    So when she perishes, a cutscene ensues. Kaede appears at the hole above she 
    just blew open with the gunpowder charges from before. As Samanosuke starts to 
    run towards her, Hecuba persues. However, a piece of falling firewood falls on 
    top of her and she gets caught in the fire and dies.
    The building explodes and Kaede is seriously wounded in the process. Samanosuke 
    brings her back to that room in the Keep where she was before, and lies her 
    down to rest. Swearing vengence on the Demons, Samanosuke vows to bring back 
    the Princess and the boy.
    Now... if you want to do the Dark Realm, this is your LAST CHANCE if you 
    haven't done so already. Once you've entered the last part of the game and 
    broken the barrier, you can no longer enter the Dark Realm. So...
    DO THE DARK REALM NOW! See the Dark Realm section of this guide for more 
    Once you do the Dark Realm, it's time to go back to that room that is sealed. 
    To the Demon Realm we go, friends. Use your Great Bow and the Great Arrow once 
    you approach the barrier (you have to choose them from your inventory, they 
    aren't real weapons), and a cutscene will ensue. Samanosuke will carefully load 
    the bow with the arrow and shoot the plate that causes the barrier to stay. The 
    barrier falls and Samanosuke approaches the door. He opens it and finds the 
    Demon Scientist on the otherside. The scientist is impressed with Samanosuke's 
    advance so far, but after a short cutscene once more, sends out Marcellus on 
    you once more.
       BOSS 5
    The second Marcellus is a pain in the ass. He has two unblockable attacks, an 
    overhead swipe, and a fire attack, that are real nuisances. You'll want to rely 
    heavily on blocking during this battle, and when he finishes a combo, unleash a 
    magic attack on him. Use the magic from all three swords, it's your only chance 
    to not get beaten like crap.
    Once he takes a beating enough, his shield will drop, which will be a prime 
    opportunity to hit him up a few more times. Finally, he will grow a sword from 
    his other arm and have two swords. This is his easiest form, because of his 
    cloaking ability in this form, many of his attacks flow right through you. Lay 
    the beat down on him with the Fire Sword, and he will perish.
    Once he perishes, make sure to nab the Medicine from the treasure chest in the 
    room if you haven't already, then procede farther into the Demon Realm. In this 
    next corridor, first thing's first. Go to the left side of the room to the 
    brown door-looking thing on the wall there. Play your Bishamon Ocarina to open 
    the doorway. Enter into the room and analyze the odd shrine there. A short 
    cutscene will ensue where the shrine ejects the sword into the air and gives it 
    to Samanosuke. Congratulations, the strongest sword in the game is yours! From 
    here, go back out to the main corridor and take it up to the Magic Mirror. Take 
    the Demon Realm Map from next to the Magic Mirror, and then save your game. 
    Enhance any Herbs you have to Medicines, then procede through the doors in 
    front of you.
    From here, take the huge winding path around the Realm, killing enemies as you 
    go. Killing these enemies makes you realize that you do indeed have one 
    powerful sword in your possession now. Use the triangle attack with regularity 
    if you have the Bishamon Sword, as it doesn't use magic power at all! Wind the 
    huge path through and through until you get to a corridor leading to a door. 
    Enter the door. An awesome cutscene takes place as you see the boy and the 
    Princess strapped to the walls, the ceremony ready to take place. Fortinbras 
    finally shows himself, a serpent-like creature, huge in size, King of the 
    Demons. Watch and enjoy the cutscene, it's cool... then get ready to fight.
    Fortinbras is hard, even with the Bishamon Sword, but hence, we must battle the 
    Demon King anyhow.
    He doesn't move, which is good, but he has a wide array of attacks that can be 
    a pain in the butt. He sends out these pink electric dots overhead that shoot 
    down lightning upon being airborne a few seconds. Those are hard to avoid, so 
    just back off. Block his swipe attacks and avoid the laserbeams that he sends 
    out. If you get hit, mash buttons to get up quickly, otherwise, he'll keep 
    hitting you and such. Make sure to use Medicine if you need it. And if you get 
    too close, he will grab you and it's instant death if you don't mash some crazy 
    buttons. Keep your distance, and use the triangle attack on his regularly. When 
    his head falls, hit the head, and damage him. You'll have to do this about 15 
    times to defeat Fortinbras, but once he perishes, the game is beaten!
    He's dead? Congratulations! You beat Onimusha: Warlords. Enjoy the ending!
     02. Ending (SPOILERS!)
    The ending of the game is quite spectacular, with great graphics and riveting 
    endplots that'll make you yearn for Onimusha: Warlors 2, which has been 
    confirmed, by the way. =)
    As you defeat Fortinbras, Samanosuke releases the Princess and the boy from 
    their bondage at the alter, and Kaede shows up. The four start to escape, when 
    Fortinbras wakes up and grabs Samanosuke in his hands. Samanosuke tells the 
    other three to escape, and Fortinbras squeezes on Samanosuke so hard that he 
    gurgles bloods, which gets on his Ogre's Gauntlet. The Gauntlet reacts with the 
    blood and changes him into some sort of super-form, which breaks off 
    Fortinbras' hand. Fortinbras' goes after this super-Samanosuke, when his other 
    hand gets sliced in two, and then he gets stabbed in the eye. Fortinbras dies 
    for good, and Samanosuke is on the floor next to him, naked, and above him, 
    over-looking, is the Warlord himself.
    From here, the game's narrirator comes in and gives the backstories of what 
    happens to everyone. The Princess and the boy both go to see the world after 
    Inambaya Castle gets sacked a year after Fortinbras' death. Kaede serves 
    another lord until her death 14 years after, when she dies. She spends a lot of 
    her time initially looking for Samanosuke, however. They then say that no one 
    knows what happened to Samanosuke.
    The credits roll (they are long), but be patient and wait until after they are 
    done. You'll see a shot of Samanosuke looking at the castle from afar and then 
    walking away...
    ...he's alive...
     03. Ratings
    What gives the game great replay value is the fact that at the end of the game, 
    you get a rating, based on several aspects of your gameplay, including speed, 
    kills, et cetera. Below is a chart of the scores you get (your goal is to get a 
    perfect 30, and an S ranking), and how to get the better scores for your next 
    run through Onimusha: Warlords.
    First, you get 3-10 points based on how many kills you made during the game.
    0-399 Demons Killed     -> 3 Points
    400-499 Demons Killed   -> 5 Points
    500-599 Demons Killed   -> 7 Points
    600+ Demons Killed      -> 10 Points
    Next, you get 3-10 points based on how many souls you got in your Gauntlet.
    0-34,999 Souls          -> 3 Points
    35,000-44,999 Souls     -> 5 Points
    45,000-54,999 Souls     -> 7 Points
    55,000+ Souls           -> 10 Points
    Finally, you get 3-10 points based on how quickly you defeated the game.
    5 Hours+                -> 3 Points
    4-5 Hours               -> 5 Points
    3-4 Hours               -> 7 Points
    Under 3 Hours           -> 10 Points
    The game then takes the points from the three categories and adds them up. Your 
    grade is based on this scores. The rubiric for the scores is below.
    0-9 Points              -> D Rating
    10-17 Points            -> C Rating
    18-24 Points            -> B Rating
    25-29 Points            -> A Rating
    30 Points               -> S Rating
     04. Weapons and Items
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    Bishamon Sword
    ******** *****
    -> This powerful sword has been sealed by the demons...
    Location: In the Demon Realm, right before the final boss, in a room you can 
    only access by using the Bishamon Ocarina you got from the Dark Realm.
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    -> This small bow is about 6 feet long.
    Location: The Keep, in the back room near the stairs leading to the second
              floor. Inside of a combination box.
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    -> This sword is the sword of fire.
    Location: You get this once you find the Fire Orb.
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    -> This is Kaede's favorite weapon. Its blade is very short.
    Location: Kaede's default weapon.
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    -> A good weapon for Kaede to throw at a target!
    Location: Default, and you find them in various places afterwards.
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    -> This 18.4mm caliber gun is constructed in Sakai.
    Location: In the west area in a chest, you have to use the Statue Head on the 
    statue to be able to access it.
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    Normal Sword
    ****** *****
    -> This is a common sword that a warrior uses.
    Location:     Default weapon.
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    -> This sword is the sword of thunder.
    Location: You get this once you find the Thunder Orb.
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    Sacred Knife
    ****** *****
    -> Knife for Kaede. This knife has the power to dispel demons.
    Location: In the West Area, found by Kaede.
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    -> This sword is the sword of the wind.
    Location: You get this after defeating the second major boss in the game, the
              Wind Orb boss on top of the Keep roof.
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    Bishamon O. (Ocarina)
    ******** *
    -> This ocarina will help to awaken a sword...
    Location: Go to the Dark Realm and open the chest on the top floor (the 
    twentieth floor) to recive the Bishamon Ocarina.
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    Blue Key
    **** ***
    -> A key that has a blue circle drawn on the handle.
    Location: Keep Underground, in the first double green orb room.
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    Decorated Arrow
    ********* *****
    -> You can't seem to use it because of the thick decorations.
    Location: In the East Area, in a trick treasure box, the last in the game.
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    Decorated Sword
    ********* *****
    -> You can't seem to use it because of its thick decorations.
    Location: In the West Area, in the secluded area where you get the Statue Head 
    and fight the large red demon with horns.
    . . . . . . . . . . . 
    Evil Plate
    **** *****
    -> A part of the Emblem of Dark Realm Gate, it may be a key...
    Location: In the west area in a treasure chest.
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    -> This stone glows with a certain item...
    Location: N/A (There are 20 of 'em...check out the section below this for full
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    Fire Orb
    **** ***
    -> Allows you to use the sword with the power of fire.
    Location: South Area, after the boss fight.
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    -> A gear made of wood. Why hasn't it been used very often?
    Location: West Area, beyond first save point.
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    Gold Plate
    **** *****
    -> This appears to be used as a starter key or something...
    Location: West Area, in the sideroom of the furnace building.
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    Great Armor
    ***** *****
    -> This armor was used by the Ogres and is very powerful.
    Location: In a trick treasure chest behind a waterfall in the East Area.
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    Great Arrow
    ***** *****
    -> You will need an bow that can match this arrow to use it. [author's note: a 
    spelling mistake her, it should be "a bow" not "an bow"]
    Location: In the East Area, accessed by Kaede from the Dragon Statue.
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    Great Bow
    ***** ***
    -> You will need an arrow that can match this bow to use it.
    Location: In the East Area being held on a shrine.
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    Green Key
    ***** ***
    -> A key that hs a green circle drawn at the handle.
    Location: In the black treasure chest in the East Area at the shrine.
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    -> This recovers a small amount of vitality.
    Location: Various.
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    Holy Armor
    **** *****
    -> The Ogres created this armor. It can help keep away thieves.
    Location: Third floor of The Keep, hidden in a chest when you are in the
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    L. Crest Piece
    ** ***** ***** 
    -> The drawings on the back make it look like a starter key.
    Location: Second Floor of The Keep.
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    Magic Jewel
    ***** *****
    -> This blue jewel will enhance your magic power.
    Location: Variable.
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    -> This recovers a large amount of vitality.
    Location: Variable.
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    Normal Armor
    ****** *****
    -> This generic armor is coated with Japanese lacquer.
    Location: Default armor.
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    Power Jewel
    ***** *****
    -> This yellow jewel will enhance your vitality.
    Location: Variable. Mostly located in code boxes.
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    Purifier Bell
    ******** ****
    -> Ring this bell in order to purify the cursed.
    Location: Keep Underground, 1F.
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    R. Crest Piece
    ** ***** *****
    -> The drawings on the back make it look like part of a device.
    Location: Second Floor of The Keep.
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    Red Key
    *** ***
    -> A key that has a red circle drawn on the handle.
    Location: The Keep, 1F (as Kaede).
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    Rope Ladder
    **** ******
    -> A very durable ladder made of cotton rope.
    Location: Underground Temple, inside of a Treasure Chest.
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    Rosary of Communication
    ****** ** *************
    -> This will allow you to hear the deceased.
    Location: Keep Underground, 1F.
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    Shinobi Kit
    ******* ***
    -> This kit can help ninjas to unlock doors or disarm traps.
    Location: ???
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    Silver Plate
    ****** *****
    -> This appears to be used to start something.
    Location: West Area, in the secret room you open up with the Gear.
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    Soul Absorber
    **** ********
    -> This will automatically absorb a monsters energy.
    Location: West Area, from soldier in courtyard.
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    Statue Head
    ****** ****
    -> The neck is shaped like a key. Maybe it could start...
    Location: In a treasure chest in the west area guarded by the big axe-weilding 
    red demon.
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    -> This will fully recover your vitality if fatally wounded.
    Location: Variable.
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    Thunder Orb
    ******* ***
    -> Allows you to use the sword with the power of thunder.
    Location: Underground Temple.
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    Vision Staff
    ****** *****
    -> The one who has this staff can see the glowing Fluorite.
    Location: In the west area in a chest in the same room as the statue with the 
    missing head.
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    Wind Orb
    **** ***
    -> Allows you to use the sword with the power of wind.
    Location:Acquired after defeating the Wind Orb boss on top of the Keep 
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    Wood Ladder
    **** ******
    -> A typical ladder that is used to climb up walls.
    Location: In the Underground, in a chest after you defeat the clone Samanosuke.
    . . . . . . . . . . .
     05. Magic Mirror Locations
    . Near the beginning of the game, where Princess Yuki was kidnapped by the
      large demon. It's right next to the large wooden double doors.
    Underground Temple
    . None in this area.
    South Area
    . Near the beginning of this area, outside of the large doors that allow
      entrance to the area, and near the Power Jewel location in the code box.
    . Outside of the first boss room, near the Power Jewel location in the code 
    The Keep
    . Located in the room near the entrance to The Keep, near the magic meter
    . On the 3rd floor of The Keep.
    . On the 5th floor of The Keep, before the boss fight.
    Keep Underground
    . First floor, in the first door you come across.
    West Area
    . In the room beyond the archery range and a courtyard. Accessed by Kaede.
    . The second Mirror you come across with Kaede. In the room with the West Area
    Underground Passage
    . Right in front of you on the passage after Samanosuke wakes from his 
    East Area
    . In the room with the stairs going down, right after the waterfall/bridge 
    scene outside.
    . In the Bridgeroom, which the ladder going up and another door leading 
    somewhere else. It's first accessed by Kaede.
    Demon Realm
    . Right next to where you get the Bishamon Sword, and adjacent to where you 
    find the Demon Realm Map.
     06. Fluorite Locations
    . Inside of the Underground Temple, in a corner near the entrance of the 
    . In South Area, after the first boss fight, hidden in some pots.
    . In The Keep area, right by the stairs leading up to the second floor, there 
    is a chest that contained some Herbs. Search next to the chest to find the 
    . In The Keep area, on the second floor, underneath a breakable crate near
      a chest with some Normal Arrows.
    . Another in The Keep area, on the 4th floor on a small shelf near the Seiryu
      Vol. 2.
    . In the Keep Underground, on the floor in a corner near the Blue Key Door.
    . In the Keep Underground, on the floor in a corner near the Blue Key Door.
    . In the West Area, in the secret room you open up using the missing gear 
    behind a bookshelf, it's directly across from the treasure chest in that room 
    in the mess of crap there.
    . In the West Area, in the house that's on fire, go into the door directly 
    adjacent to the entrance to the house which will lead to a room with stairs in 
    it. Next to the stairs is the piece.
    . In the West Area, on the entrance path right when you enter, take the 
    corridor around the first bend and then search the walls on your right for the 
    . In the West Area, near a door that has three Thunder orbs on it, to the right 
    of the door is a piece of Fluorite, search thoroughly for it there.
    . In the East Area, on the roof of the building with the planks for stairways, 
    litered with archers and the like. Search the walk around the roof for it, it's 
    tucked in a corner.
    . In the East Area, in the basement floor of the dockside house, right after 
    you get down the stairs. Search the plank.
    . In the East Area, in the first area Kaede unlocks with the Shinobi Kit, take 
    the right path and enter the door. Right next to the door is the piece.
    . In the East Area, by a Magic Mirror, go up the ladder and destroy some crates 
    to reveal the location.
    . In the East Area, below the room with the Decorated Arrow, it's on a crate in 
    the corner of the room.
    Finally, the remaining three pieces of Fluorite are found in the Dark Realm, in 
    treasure chests on floors 6, 11, and 17.
     07. File Items
    When you press start to get to your menu in Onimusha, you have several choices 
    of what to choose on the top of the screen. EQUIP, ITEM, FILE, MAP, and EXIT. 
    This section talks about what you find in the section entitled FILE. This 
    section holds important documentation and information you find on your journey. 
    Below discusses their importance, and just what they say for quick reference.
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    Apocalypse #1
    ************* Located: In the green light in the Keep Underground.
    The Dark Ceremony is a traditional holy ritual in the Dark Realm.
    Through this ceremony, demons make a contract with a human.
    Obtaining sacrifices by making a contract is indispensible for the Dark Realm.
    To carry out the Dark Ceremony, a woman who is born of that land and noble in 
    heart must be proffered as a sacrifice.
    Our King sanctifies her blood with an evil blessing, then, using her skull as a 
    grail, a person drinks the blood, and the contract is complete.
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    Apocalypse #2
    ************* Located: In the East Area, in a secret hidden room behind vases.
    Our demon king was born in the confusion when the Earth was created, and has 
    lived in the deepest and darkest places underground. All demons are created by 
    the demon king.
    The demon king shows his holy snake-like body only when and where the ceremony 
    takes place.
    No one knows what he usually does.
    Demons, remember:
    No one can disobey the demon king. The holiest spirit of the demon king is the 
    one you have to learn from.
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    Blue Book
    ********* Located: On a box in the three-orb room in the Keep first floor.
    ...What an incredible animal this Nobunaga is!
    Normal animals would have already been dead for sure from such a large 
    transfusion of demon blood...
    I do not understand how the holy blood of the demons could be compatible with 
    the body of a pathetic animal... 
    It's very annoying...
    Moreover, this Nobunaga is highly intelligent and ambitious.
    He wasn't the slightest bit surprised when we resurrected his body, he pledged 
    loyalty to Master Fortinbras without showing any fear, and he just made a 
    contract to sacrifice his own species... He is an animal that should not be 
    Anyway, if Nobunaga keeps offering sacrifices, we will not run out of guinea 
    pigs for our experiments.
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    Byakko Vol.1
    ************ Located: In the West Area in the secret room accessed by gears.
    That they will inaugurate discussions
    it is here
    the Chasm of
    the clan will gather in
    When the demon's power revive.
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    Byakko Vol.2
    ************ Located: Right next to the stairs in the Keep on the third floor.
    they will inaugurate discussions
    powers revive.
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    Byakko Vol.3
    ************ Located: In the Keep Underground on some shelves in the beginning.
    they will inaugurate discussions
    the Chasm of
    the clan
    powers revive.
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    Genbu Vol.2
    *********** Located: In the burning house in the West Area.
    a demon's soul. may
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    Genbu Vol.3
    *********** Located: In a small house on a bookshelf in the East Area.
    who owns it
    a demon's sould. May
    enhanced with
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    Genbu Vol.4
    *********** Located: In a crawl-space like place under a crate in East Area.
    who owns it.
    A demon's soul. May
    Enhanced with
    A Dragon Orb.
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    Green Book
    ********** Located: In the Keep Underground on some shelves in the beginning.
    Is it impossible to obtain the blood of a sacrifice...?
    A Dark Ceremony is the holiest and darkest ritual that can be carried out 
    between the demons and the pitiful animals.
    In the Dark Ceremony, the blood is taken from a chosen sacrifice. Then the 
    Demon King bestows his evil blessing upon it. Once the animal that wants to 
    make a contract as a boss animal drinks the blood from a grail made from a 
    human skull, the evil powers will be given to him.
    But nobody has solved the mystery of why the evil power is given to the animal 
    through the ceremony.
    Ahhhh... I want to know the answer. Why does no one know my frustration?
    Once the mystery of the Ceremony has been solved, the knowledge will make the 
    demon species evolve so much...
    I believe I am the only one who can solve this mystery. And yet, I am forced to 
    waste my time doing things which won't bring me the truth...
    I just need one drop of blood. I wish Nobunaga would leave some blood after he 
    has drunk it in the Ceremony...
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    ************ Located: Automatically gotten after you get the Ogre Gauntlet.
    Hold the O button to absorb souls that emerge after defeating the demons.
    RED : Enhance the power of your Orbs and items.
    BLUE: Recover your magic power.
    YELLOW: Recover your vitality.
    Press the /_\ button to attack with a Magic Spell while you have an orb 
    equipped to your gauntlet.
    Every time you use the Magic Spell, some of your magic power will be consumed.
    Enhance your Orbs and items by the red souls you have absorbed.
    Look into a Magic Mirror and choose "ENHANCE" to enter the Enhancement Screen.
    Hold the X button and your Sword and Magic Spell will get injected with souls 
    and be enhanced. One item will be enhanced every time you press the X button.
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    Journal #1
    ********** Located: Inside one of the pots in the room with the Thunder Orb.
    Master Sougen and I followed the monster that has been kidnapping people around 
    town, and have been lead to this cave. [Author's Note: Spelling Mistake, should 
    be "led" and not "lead"]
    The cave seems to be a nest for demons: Every kind of monster imaginable, and 
    even ones I never would have believes to exist are here...
    They call themselves "Demons." They hate sunlight and seem to have lived 
    underground since before the human race began.
    My master has already made up his mind to go into this cave.
    I am confident that my master has the power to dispel the demons.
    I have a little talent for drawing, and I also have faith and courage so that I 
    will not be afraid of any monsters,
    Therefore I am going to record everything I see.
    This is going to be the most bizarre book in history.
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    Journal #2
    ********** Located: In the room behind where the first boss enemy dies.
    I am a sad, pathetic coward... Weak, and unworthy of the priesthood...
    My master was seriously injured during the battle against the demons.
    I could not do anything... I could not save my master...
    He aksed me to bring his wounded body to the entrance of the cave. Then he 
    began to perform his final ceremonial rites. He made up his mind to offer his 
    life and die there as a human sacrifice.
    With his remaining powers, he is trying to sacrifice himself and set up 
    barriers at the entrance of the cave so that the demons cannot get out.
    My master gave me a document and a jewel and then ordered me to leave the cave. 
    That was the most embarassing moment in my life.
    I felt relieves to know that I could come out of the cave. I was too happy to 
    be leaving to be worried about my master... I could only think of myself...
    Afterwards, I hid the document and the jewel and came back to my master's place 
    of sacrifice.
    I will never have the willpower like that of my master. All I can do is learn 
    as much as testament of my findings.
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    Journal #3
    ********** Located: In the Keep, the room at the end of a long corridor.
    I am starving... I wonder how many days have passed since I entered this 
    My only source of sustenance has been some water leaking out of the wall.
    I followed the smell of blood and came here... Normally I would not have been 
    able to smell it, but hunger seems to have sharpened my senses...
    That is why I am now watching something I could not have imagined even in my 
    worst nightmares.
    Ah, what a sight... Demons are eating human prisoners alive.
    They pay no attention to their victims' screams, they just crunch the bones and 
    chew up the flesh.
    I am standing still, just watching the scene so as not to be spotted by the 
    demons... No... That is not exactly what I have in mind...
    I am watching a person's finger lying on the ground...
    When a person dies, its body becomes only meat.
    Ah, I'm afraid of what I am thinking about. I am like a wild scavenger that 
    waits expectantly for the scraps of food that a tiget leaves behind.
    What an evil desire I am having...
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    Journal #5
    ********** Located: In a chest at the end of a corridor in the West Area.
    At last I saw the world of gods. I caught a glimpse of the demon world in the 
    evil gate...
    The colors are truly astounding... No multitude of pigments could enable me to 
    accuratly paint what I saw...
    But I do not understand one thing. The gate is firmly shut now. Is the world of 
    gods refusing me...?
    With this fatally wounded body, I cannot open the gate or come out of this cave 
    But I want to look at it.
    I want to look into the gate just one more time...
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    Journal #6
    ********** Located: In the East Area on a wall by the "broken bridge"
    This will be my final journal, I guess.
    As the bleeding from the wound does not seem to stop, I am barely managing to 
    write this.
    For the one who makes it here someday, I offer you this: 
    I have drawn a picture of how to open the gate to the demon world.
    If you can acquire these tools, then you must go beyond the gate. Remember 
    everything you see in the supernatural world, and let people know that such a 
    world does exist.
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    Orange Book
    *********** Located: In the Keep Underground, after the tenticle corridor.
    To carry out the contract with Nobunaga, we have unleashed a large amount of 
    evil energy from Inabayama Castle for several days now. But it seems the amount 
    was insufficent.
    I found out we need to tighten the seal around the surrounding district of 
    Inabayama Castle, and fill the district with the evil energy.
    We have to sacrifice a girl who is born of that land and who has a pure heart.
    A girl has already been chosen.
    ...Princess Yuki.
    She is a fair complexioned person with long hair.
    She has beautiful internal organs...
    Especially her heart...
    I can't help thinking about her organs.
    They are the best of the best.
    However, if I take advantage of her, she will be worthless as a sacrifice for 
    the Dark Ceremony. And if that happens, I will be eaten alive by the King. I 
    have to give her up.
    Once the Dark Ceremony is over, every life including those in the surrounding 
    area will be lost.
    In short, we will not have to worry about the materials for my experiment for a 
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    Red Book
    ******** Located: In the map-room on the Keep's second floor.
    I remembered that there were other animals that chose a similar fate to 
    When I remember something, I should write it down... because my brain has too 
    many things to think about, it shouldn't be wasted on such trivial matters. My 
    number one priority must be producing things for our demon species, not 
    remembering things.
    I will write it down here, and forget about the information.
    The animal is called, Genghis... Alexand... Ah, never mind. The names of 
    animals do not have any meaning for us.
    These animals fought extensive battles and managed to continue fighting to 
    expand their territories. They are considered extremly heroic and exceptional 
    But in truth, they offered up large numbers of sacrifices to us to obtain our 
    technology and weapons. 
    Wise animals can be destined to conquer the world by making a contract with the 
    demons, while the stupid ones simply get sacrificed.
    I should say
    "Demons flourish in the zoo."
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    Seiryu Vol.1
    ************ Located: In the beginning of the Underground Temple to your right.
    against the demons 
    their power.
    a man
    subverted by
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    Seiryu Vol.2
    ************ Located: The Keep's fourth floor in the room you open with Crests.
    grudge against the demons
    their power.
    has granted a man
    subverted by
    The clan of
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    Seiryu Vol.3
    ************ Located: Fifth floor of the keep on a shrine.
    The clan of Ogres that
    has been subverted by 
    the demons has granted a man
    their power. The brave and
    strong man also holds a
    grudge against the demons.
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    Seiryu Vol.4
    ************ Located: Next to the door as you enter a room on the Keep's L-5.
    grudge against the demons
    strong man a
    their power. This brave and
    has granted a man
    subverted by 
    The clan of Ogres that
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    Sougen's Note
    ************* Located: Search the mummified monk outside of the Und. Temple.
    To the brave one who finds and is reading this document:
    I ask you to put all other thoughts aside and heed my warnings that are written 
    here within.
    There is an ogre's gauntlet that draws its power from the souls of those who 
    are killed by demons.
    Master its secrets, and great powers will be yours.
    Remember, without the power of the ogres, you are no match for the demons.
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    Suzaku Vol.1
    ************ Located: In the same room you find the Bow in the Keep.
    supplying it
    the demons.
    The gauntlet of
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    Suzaku Vol.2
    ************ Located: In the same room as the stairs up to the floor 5 in Keep.
    supplying it
    created to defeat the demons.
    The Gauntlet of Ogres
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    Suzaku Vol.3
    ************ Located: In the same room as Journal #5 in the West Area.
    with power and energy
    supplying it
    The gauntlet
    created to defeat the demons.
    The gauntlet of Ogres
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    White Book
    ********** Located: Keep Underground, near the treasure chest with some Herb.
    I have catogorized the demons as follows:
    Low Class Demon:
    Their intelligence is very basic and immature. They do not use language. They 
    wander about for a victim under the cover of night, and sometimes eat pitiful 
    They abide by the rules of the Dark Realm, and obey orders from the higher 
    demons. They serve the higher class for life.
    They are very loyal, but their behavior is very similar to insects.
    Middle Class Demon:
    Larger than the low class demons, they have enough intelligence to speak a sort 
    of babbling language.
    Based on my research, their behavior is wild and ferocious. Very similar to the 
    basic instincts of the animals...
    High Class Demon:
    Like Fortinbras and I, this type of demon is extremly intelligent and is 
    responsible for building the high level civilization.
    Based on my calculations, the birth rate of the high class demon is only 1 in 
    100,000. That means we are the true chosen ones.
    We are supposed to conduct the research on the high class demons through 
    surgical disection, but it is almost impossible to obtain a sample, as they are 
    very rare.
    Someday I will find out with my own hand.
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    Yuki's Letter
    ************* Located: Start the game with this as default.
    Dear Samanosuke,
    I am writing this letter in the hopes you will read this in time to help.
    Something is wrong within the Inabayama Castle.
    Some of the maids and servants have gone missing and I fear that it might be 
    the work of monsters...
    I am so scared, Samanosuke.
    People tell me that the monsters eat the maids and servants and then take the 
    remains to someplace deep underground. When I told my brother Yoshitatsu about 
    this, he did not seem interested. He is too busy preparing for his upcoming 
    battle with Nobunaga.
    Samanosuke, although it has been a few years since we were forced to take 
    separate paths due to the battle between my father Dosan and my brother 
    Yoshitatsu, you are still the only one that I can rely upon.
    I can only hope that you receive this letter and that you will find it in your 
    heart to come and save me before it's too late.
    Yours faithfully,
     08. Maps
    While this section won't contain ASCII art of any map in the game, it's simply 
    a short section to show you what maps to exist in the game so that you have all 
    of them to help you navigate through your quest.
    -=Keep Map=-
    Located: In the northwest room in the Keep area adjacent to the destroyed room.
    -=Keep Underground Map=-
    Located: In the room with large silver double doors, in a chest.
    -=Nanamagari Map=-
    Located: Start the game with it, as default.
    -=South Area Man=-
    Located: On the bridge in a chest behind a piece of wood, in the south area 
    after the Underground Temple.
    -=Underground Temple Map=- (aka Und. Temple Map)
    Located: In a chest outside of the entrance to the Underground Temple.
    -=West Area Map=-
    Located: In a treasure chest next to a Magic Mirror in the Food Storage 
     09. Enemies and Baddies
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    They have huge axes, and they are huge themselves. Strong yet slow, these 
    enemies can take many hits, and you'll almost always want to use some sort of 
    magic to kill them, instead of going through their torture, which consists of 
    getting axed in several different ways.
    Although you have to be fairly close to them to get hit, they swing around the 
    axe well, and use it with great skill. Be careful not to get too close unless 
    you know you can kill them in one or two hits, or unless you're going to use 
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    These creatures hold odd looking swords and appear out of nowhere, always in 
    groups. Although they are slow and they attack in a stupid manner, the real 
    threat of these guys is letting them get off a combo on you, which can hit you 
    three or four times before you even know it. They can't take many hits which 
    makes them easy to kill, but the fact that they corner you in numbers doesn't 
    help the situation much at all.
    Another attack they use with regularity is the spin attack, which they 
    sometimes use right off the bat. It can be blocked but knocks you backwards 
    several steps, and can knock you in the path of other enemies. Just a friendly 
    warning. =)
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    *Black Ninja*
     ----- -----
    Cloaked in black, these powerful ninja demons have the power of pure 
    teleportation. They have all of the moves and such as their cousin the Three 
    Eyes; however, they can teleport themselves out of corners. They spring out of 
    nowhere like Three Eyes, and they often come in groups, ambushing you out of 
    nowhere, but they are even quicker.
    Be aware of their teleportation. It confused the hell out of me the first time 
    it happened, but then I realized that the ninja teleports poorly. Don't let it 
    faze you. The dark version of the two are always the real one.
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    *Dark Armor Demon*
     ---- ----- -----
    These armored demons are in all black armor, and have a black shield, a 
    nuisance, if you will, to boot. The shield can be destroyed, but destroying the 
    creatures shield only brings about more problems, as he has more attacks 
    available to him afterwards. Attack him exactly like you would the Demon 
    Knight. Hit and run.
    If you're not patient with the attacks, he can corner you and do you in in a 
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    The Demon wields a samurai sword and is the weakest enemy in the game. They are 
    all over the place, and in the beginning of the game, great for souls. They are 
    never really a threat, BUT you should definetly not let them corner you or gang 
    up on you, or they could be a pain.
    Almost always, they are either in large groups, or accompanying much stronger 
    enemies, although they've been known to also weild a bow and arrow once in a 
    while as well.
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    *Demon Knight*
     ----- ------
    The Demon Knights are pains in the ass, pure and simple. They weild huge 
    swords, and more annoyingly than that, they can grab your neck and CHOKE YOU. 
    And that crap takes a whole load of energy away from you. You have to attack 
    these guys in waves. Attack, move away, attack, move away. The reason for this 
    is that your attacks don't faze him. He'll stop for nothing. He'll still hack 
    at you no matter if you're hacking at him, so be patient with these guys.
    And stay away from these guys... they are killers with their hands. Literally.
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    Extremly annoying until you get the Holy Armor, Gyarans are the large groups of 
    black skulls that float around in outside regions of the game. If one is in the 
    area, and you kill an enemy, don't bother sucking up their souls. The Gyarans 
    take them for you. Sometimes they gang up in groups and make things a living 
    hell if you need the souls.
    Keep in mind that after a certain amount of time, the Gyaran disappears into 
    thin air, and it takes the souls it captured from you with it. Kill them 
    quickly. Also, don't let them latch on to your Gauntlet, or they will suck 
    souls straight out of it. In otherwords, keep your distance.
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    Huge axe-weilding enemies, the Oowassha have huge horns on their heads and are 
    red in color. Twice the size of their axe-weilding cousins, your best bet in 
    beating these guys always remains in your use of magic. You stand about zero 
    chance of beating an Oowassha with regular sword attacks without getting 
    brutally beaten, or killed.
    They also use their axe with great skill, much like their smaller cousins, so 
    be weary to keep your distance unless you're about to unleash a can of magic 
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    Annoying as hell, these aquatic-like creatures that really do belong in the sea 
    attack you with tenticles flailing around like large tree trunks coming at you. 
    They attack in groups and can take a beating before dying. Additionally, they 
    can spilt into two if you slash them directly down the middle of their body, 
    making them even more annoying.
    Be careful that if one sticks his tenticle in the ground, it's coming right at 
    you, to grapple onto your leg and make you paralyzed from moving or swinging 
    your sword, which is usually when other enemies take advantage of a good 
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    Called Sharks for an unknown reason, to me, anyway, these bug/insect-like 
    creatures are toughies indeed. They can take a beating like some of the other 
    enemies, and like to corner you in groups if they can. Keep your sword swinging 
    in their general direction, it's your best bet to beat these guys and keep them 
    at bay.
    And remember, if you're in a tight spot, you can always use magic on these 
    guys. Since they like to swarm in numbers like I said above, the magical spell 
    of choice to use against the Sharks is the Wind Orb, as it hits multiple 
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    *Three Eyes*
     ----- ----
    These quick moving, ninja demons wield quick moving sword arms and can flurry 
    you in groups. They jump out of nowhere and ambush you, always having the 
    element of surprise on Samanosuke/Kaede. Hack at them quickly, as they can't 
    take much damage, but much like the Soldier Demon above, it can be a bad thing 
    if they happen to corner you, and are dangerous in groups.
    You can identify these guys by there multiple neon green eyes, although most of 
    the time, they are moving far too fast to see too many of their features. =)
    . . . . . . . . . . .
     10. Bosses
    Boss 1 -=Osric=-
    Slow moving but powerful, Osric can do massive damage with his mace weapon. 
    Although he is slow to move, his attacks are brutal, and newbie players can be 
    killed pretty damn quickly by him.
    Don't be afraid to block, and use the Thunder Orb magic spells with frequent 
    regularity. If you run out of magic, and you probably will, suck in those souls 
    he drops when you hit him to refill your meter. Don't be afraid to block, and 
    certainly don't be afraid to use the backwards dash. If you're patient enough, 
    get behind him and hack away, then run around the circle to his back on the 
    other side and repeat this process. Doing this can get you out of the battle 
    hit-free, although it can be time consuming.
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    Boss 2 -=Marcellus=-
    Atop a roof is where you'll first face off with Marcellus. His huge stature and 
    powerful sword can be a pest indeed. He uses the power of the Wind Orb in his 
    attacks, implanted firmly in his right hand. To destroy him requires patience, 
    some magic, and even and Herb or Medicine.
    Although blocking is a good thing to do with this guy, as he attacks a lot, 
    don't get yourself cornered by blocking too much. Block in moderation, then 
    attack. Be aware that he can block with his shield too. You might want to stun 
    him with a lightning or fire magic attack, and then go in for the kill. At 
    least when you beat him you get the Wind Orb, so he can't threaten you with 
    that anymore.
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    Boss 3 -=Samanosuke Clone=-
    The clone is a pain in the ass simply because you have to play the defensive 
    game the entire battle. He doesn't really have a lot of energy at all, and, in 
    fact, connecting with three or four solid magic attacks can do him in 
    completely, but he can do you in even quicker if your hand isn't over that L1 
    button the entire battle. 
    When he briefly takes his rare breaks from his huge offensives, use a spell 
    (preferably Wind or Lightning) which will stun him, perhaps knock him down, and 
    even get a few regular hacks in there as well. Then go back on the defensive. 
    Do this the entire battle and you won't have to use an Herb or Medicine. Be 
    patient, that's the only advice I can really give you.
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    Boss 4 -=Hecuba=-
    Hecuba is an annoyance and a nuisance, because, not only does she seem out of 
    reach because of her airborne capability, but also because she has friends at 
    her beckon call - lots of 'em. Hecuba has one main attack, which is a slash 
    attack with her arm, but she can only use that if you get too close! So keep 
    your distance, using a Matchlock loaded with Blast Bullets.
    Stand from a distance and shoot at her and her friends with Blast Bullets from 
    a safe place. The Blast Bullets can take multiple numbers of her friends out at 
    once. Just make sure to collect the energy they drop in forms of yellow souls. 
    When they are cleared, the Matchlock will lock on to Hecuba herself. Pump her a 
    few, and then repeat this process. She'll be injured before you know it, but 
    don't you know, she'll die another way entirely...
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    Boss 5 -=Marcellus 2=-
    Marcellus in his second form is one tough bastard. He can take a severe beating 
    from you, and has several unblockable attacks. When you fight him, first of 
    all, keep your finger on the block button at all times, and when he finishes a 
    combo, unleash a magic attack on him. You'll use all of your magic from each 
    weapon for the battle is done, trust me. 
    After he takes a severe enough beating, he will drop his shield, which makes 
    him far vulnerable to attack. Hit him up a few more times and he'll grow a 
    sword out of his other arm. This actually makes him far easier. He has a 
    cloaking attack which actually makes some of his attacks go RIGHT THROUGH YOU, 
    which is great. Block him as he runs towards you and then hit him up a few 
    times with the Fire Sword. Repeat. It's hard in the beginning, but it gets 
    easier. Don't be afraid to heal yourself either, you'll have to before the 
    battle is done, there are attacks, like his overhead swipe and fire attack that 
    you just cannot block.
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    FINAL BATTLE - Fortinbras
    Fortinbras has a variety of attacks for you, and will certainly use them 
    nonstop until one of you dies. He is actually extremly easy if you have the 
    coveted Bishamon Sword. He doesn't move at all, he stays at the top of the 
    screen, but he has a variety of attacks to keep you at bay. First and foremost 
    are his swipe attacks, the only physical variety of attack he has in his 
    arsenal. You can block these attacks, and are the only attacks Fortinbras 
    throws at you that are blockable.
    Other than that, Fortinbras can shoot fire at you which you can do nothing but 
    avoid, it can't be blocked. His main attacks are in the pink electric clouds he 
    sends out around the room. When he sends them out, look at the shadows they 
    cast and get out of the way before they shoot to the ground to avoid damage. 
    Almost always after that attack, he shoots a laser beam or two at you which 
    can't be blocked either, so run away from his line of vision before he gets the 
    shot off. Don't get too close to him either, or he will grab you and do massive 
    damage with a fire attack. You have to damage his head, by the way, which means 
    you hack at his body many times to make his head fall down in exhaustion, then 
    hack at his head. With the Bishamon Sword, this battle is easy.
    . . . . . . . . . . .
     11. ***DARK REALM GUIDE***
    The Dark Realm is the infamous part of the game where you can get three pieces 
    of Fluorite, as well as the highly sought Bishamon Ocarina, which you need to 
    get the strongest weapon in the game, the Bishamon Sword. Below is a list of 
    the 20 floors in the Dark Realm, the enemies on them, what item(s), if any, can 
    be found on that floor, as well as short tips on that floor.
    Remember that at the end of each floor, it gives you an option to continue or 
    to leave the Dark Realm. Since you saved before entering (hopefully), try to 
    get through it, don't leave. If you die, you'll end up at a save point where 
    you were before any of this happened. Make sure that you enter the Dark Realm 
    only after you have two or three Medicines in your stock, and some Herbs if 
    possible too. Any Herbs can also be enhanced into Medicines to make things even 
    better! You'll find three Herbs and a Medicine in the Dark Realm as well.
    do have the treasure have them in chests on that floor. You have to open the 
    chest to get the item, you don't get it automatically! Make sure to not leave 
    the Fluorite floors without the Fluorite, especially, and don't leave level 20 
    without opening up that chest and getting the Bishamon Ocarina! 
    (thank you to IGN.com for information on the enemy names and what enemies are 
    found on what floor)
    -Floor 1-
    Enemies Found: Demons
    Item: None
    Tips: This is the easiest floor in the Dark Realm, naturally. Destroy the 
    Demons as they appear with the Fire Sword (don't use magic, naturally), and 
    suck up their souls. It's that simple.
    -Floor 2-
    Enemies Found: Three Eyes
    Item: None
    Tips: The Three Eyes enemies are simple, but fast. Make sure to take them out 
    quickly, as their strength lies in numbers. If you get cornered, use the Wind 
    Magic to clear the stage quickly, although I highly suggest you save your magic 
    until later. You'll need it, trust me on that.
    -Floor 3-
    Ememies Found: Demons and Demon Knights
    Item: None
    Tips: This stage is the first semi-challenge in the Dark Realm. You should 
    still not have to use any magic. Take out the Demons initially, then do the 
    block, swipe, block technique on the Demon Knights to take them out quickly 
    without getting damaged. 
    -Floor 4-
    Enemies Found: Demon Knights
    Item: None
    Tips: This stage is similar to the last level, except that the Demon Knights 
    are far more concentrated in this area. Use magic if you'd like, but saving it 
    is still not a bad idea. Swipe at one, then block his attacks, and repeat. Try 
    locking on to one and concentrating on killing one before taking on another to 
    make things easier for you. It's better to fight one full-strength Demon Knight 
    then two or three weakened ones. Those weakened ones still have potential to do 
    great damage.
    -Floor 5-
    Enemies Found: Three Eyes and Demon Knights
    Item: None
    Tips: This stage is a little nutty too, because you have the fast moving Three 
    Eyes and the slow moving but powerful Demon Knights. Use a Wind magic spell if 
    things get too hairy for you to keep up, and if you end up getting damaged to a 
    great extent. Lock on to the Demon Knights to kill them first, then concentrate 
    on the Three Eyes. Always kill what can do more damage to you first.
    -Floor 6-
    Enemies: Bazuus
    Item: Fluorite
    Tips: The Bazuus, large axe-weilding customers, can be a huge pain. Use Fire 
    magic to take them out quickly. If they don't die upon getting hit with the 
    magic, stab them in the chest when they fall to the ground after getting hit 
    with the spell to make quick work out of them. Kill them quickly too, and if 
    you don't want to use magic, use the hit and block technique so you don't get 
    damaged. These guys can pack a punch indeed.
    -Floor 7-
    Enemies: Sharks
    Item: None
    Tips: The Sharks, those insect-like creatures, are easy to defeat, even in 
    great numbers, because they are slow to attack. Don't waste magic on these 
    guys. Instead, stay in a stationary spot and let them come to you. Hack away 
    with the Fire Sword and they will fall like it's nothing, and in a quick 
    fashion too. If they do corner you and you are getting damage, using a Wind 
    spell couldn't hurt.
    -Floor 8-
    Enemies: Bazuus and Gyarans
    Item: None
    Tips: The Gyarans are those stupid floating skull enemies that steal souls when 
    you kill an enemy. Equip your Holy Armor so you don't have to worry about them. 
    Now, concentrate your attacks on the Bazuus, using the hit and block method, 
    or, if you'd like, a little magic to spruce things up. Then take care of the 
    Gyarans when the coast is clear.
    -Floor 9-
    Enemies: Barabazuus and Bazuus
    Item: Medicine
    Tips: Using magic (fire spell, preferably) on the Barabazuus from the get-go 
    couldn't hurt. Once they are on the ground, stab them through their chests, 
    then use the hit and block method on the Bazuus. Repeat this process until the 
    level is clear. Try not to overdo the magic though, save it if you can.
    -Floor 10-
    Enemies: Gyarans and Bazuus
    Item: None
    Tips: Same as Level 8, basically.
    -Floor 11-
    Enemies: Reynaldos
    Item: Fluorite
    Tips: The octopus-like enemies Demons, Reynaldos are all over this stage. 
    However, the use of magic won't be necessary here. Make sure not to slice the 
    Reynaldos down the middle to avoid making another Reynaldos, as they have the 
    power to split into two different demons if you hit them the right way. 
    Instead, use combos and poke at them. Keep on them to keep the numbers on the 
    floor down, and they will fall in no time.
    -Floor 12-
    Enemies: Reynaldos and Gyarans
    Item: None
    Tips: Same as Floor 11, but have the Holy Armor equipped so the Gyarans don't 
    take the souls after you kill the Reynaldos and attempt to take their souls 
    after their death.
    -Floor 13-
    Enemies: Reynaldos and Sharks
    Item: Talisman
    Tips: This floor can get a bit hectic, so use the Wind spell from the getgo to 
    clear the masses of enemies, then kill them with the Fire Sword one by one as 
    they appear here-there-after. If they get to be too much again, use of the Wind 
    spell for a second time would be in order.
    -Floor 14-
    Enemies: Stealth Demons
    Item: Herb
    Tips: Do defeat the Stealth Demons, stay on them as they go into stealth and 
    then reappear. Almost always as they reappear, they will try and hack you, so 
    immidiatly block as they reappear. Lock onto one at a time and kill them, then 
    onto another, and so on and so forth.
    -Floor 15-
    Enemies: Stealth Demons and Reynaldos
    Item: Soul Absorber
    Tips: This floor can get crazy too. Concentrate on the Stealth Demons first, as 
    they dish the most damage. Kill Reynaldos as you get the chance and make sure 
    that they don't grab hold of you and paralyze you from moving, making you 
    sitting prey for fellow Reynaldos, as well as Stealth Demons. Use of the Fire 
    and or Lightning spell once or twice here couldn't hurt on the Stealth Demons 
    if things get to be too much.
    -Floor 16-
    Enemies: Black Ninjas
    Item: Herb
    Tips: The Black Ninjas are faster and stronger versions of the Three Eyes 
    enemy, plus, they have weak stealth skills and can teleport from one side of 
    the screen to another, as well as project an image of itself to confuse you, 
    its enemy. However, use of magic isn't necessary against these guys on this 
    floor. Simply hack away at them with the Fire Sword to make pretty quick work 
    of them.
    -Floor 17-
    Enemies: Demon Knights and Dark Armor Knights
    Item: Fluorite
    Tips: On the Dark Armor Knights, take them out first with use of the Fire or 
    Lightning spell. If they don't die, stab them through the chest when they fall 
    to make sure they are gone. Then use the hit and block tactic on the Demon 
    Knights. Repeat this process until the coast is clear.
    -Floor 18-
    Enemies: Stealth Demons and Black Ninjas
    Item: Herb
    Tips: Use of magic might be necessary in the beginning. As the floor begins, 
    simply use the Wind magic once to weaken the Stealth Demons and kill the Black 
    Ninjas. Stab the Stealth Demons as they fall through the chest to kill them, 
    and then kill the remaining enemies as they come to get through the floor.
    -Floor 19-
    Enemies: Dark Armor Demons and Black Ninjas
    Item: None
    Tips: Here, use whatever magic still has magic left on it to quickly take care 
    of the Dark Armor Demons (stab them on the ground to finish them off), then use 
    the Fire Sword on the fast-moving Black Ninjas to end the battle quickly.
    -Floor 20-
    Enemies: Stealth Demons and Barabazuus
    Tips: The final floor of the Dark Realm isn't as hard as you'd think it'd be, 
    but it can still be difficult. With whatever remaining magic, go after the 
    Barabazuus with it to knock them over, then stab them through the chest as they 
    fall to the ground. If you run out of magic, use the hit and block technique. 
    Also, use the hit and block technique on the Stealth Demons. Take the Bishamon 
    Ocarina and leave the Dark Realm.
    Congratulations, you've defeated the Dark Realm and retrieved the Bishamon 
    Ocarina! Go get that Bishamon Sword! 
     12. Oni-Spirits Mini Game Guide
    The Oni Spirits Mini Game is a difficult minigame that comes along with the 
    regular old Onimusha game, and is unlocked for you to play after you collect 
    all twenty pieces of Fluorite in the game, and then procede to beat the game. 
    Make sure your memory card with the beat game is in your Playstation2 and go to 
    the main menu of the game to access it.
    The idea in the game is to break the vases in the room you're in before your 
    enemy breaks them all. There are usually more vases in a room then you need to 
    break, which gives you some leeway, but not a whole lot! I won't supply stage-
    by-stage strategies, but it'd be in lue of you to play the stages a few times 
    before defining how to beat that stage. The enemy should be killed as soon as 
    possible, but that doesn't mean right away!
    ---STAGE ONE---
    Number of Vases in Room: 28
    Number of Vases to Break: 20
    Item(s) in Room: Herb
    Enemy(s): Demon (1)
    ---STAGE TWO---
    Number of Vases in Room: 34
    Number of Vases to Break: 20
    Item(s) in Room: Bullet Box, THUNDER ORB
    Enemy(s): Demon (2)
    ---STAGE THREE---
    Number of Vases in Room: 39
    Number of Vases to Break: 26
    Item(s) in Room: Matchlock
    Enemy(s): Demon Knight (1), Gyaran (1)
    ---STAGE FOUR---
    Number of Vases in Room: 38
    Number of Vases to Break: 26
    Item(s) in Room: Bullet Box, FIRE ORB
    Enemy(s): Three Eyes (2)
    ---STAGE FIVE---
    Number of Vases in Room: 36
    Number of Vases to Break: 28
    Item(s) in Room: Bullet Box
    Enemy(s): Gyaran (1), Demon Knight (2)
    ---STAGE SIX---
    Number of Vases in Room: 6
    Number of Vases to Break: 6
    Item(s) in Room: Herb
    Enemy(s): Demon (2) 
    ---STAGE SEVEN---
    Number of Vases in Room: 39
    Number of Vases to Break: 32
    Item(s) in Room: WIND ORB
    Enemy(s): Gyaran (1), Demon Knight (2)
    ---STAGE EIGHT---
    Number of Vases in Room: 42
    Number of Vases to Break: 36
    Item(s) in Room: Burst Bullet Box, Holy Armor
    Enemy(s): Bazuu (1)
    ---STAGE NINE---
    Number of Vases in Room: 42
    Number of Vases to Break: 36
    Item(s) in Room: Burst Bullet Box
    Enemy(s): Barabazuu (1), Gyaran (2)
    ---STAGE TEN---
    Number of Vases in Room: 6
    Number of Vases to Break: 6
    Item(s) in Room: Herb
    Enemy(s): Three Eyes (2), Demon Knight (1)
    ---STAGE ELEVEN---
    Number of Vases in Room: 40
    Number of Vases to Break: 30
    Item(s) in Room: None
    Enemy(s): Three Eyes (2), Demon Knight (1)
    ---STAGE TWELVE---
    Number of Vases in Room: 44
    Number of Vases to Break: 36
    Item(s) in Room: None
    Enemy(s): Bazuu (1), Oowassha (2)
     13. Secrets, and how to unlock them!
    Welcome to the secrets section of the guide! This guide holds all of the 
    important secrets in the game and how to unlock or accomplish the different 
    secrets! I'm sure you'll find this part most useful in your quest.
    This non playable trailer for the sequel to Onimusha Warlords is the easiest 
    secret in the game to unlock. Simply beat the game, on any difficulty level you 
    choose, and it'll be available the next time you turn on your game, as long as 
    your memory card with the game save is in your Playstation2! It's pretty 
    exciting to watch; I know I'm looking forward to the sequel!
    To make avaialble this special suit (complete with Panda head!), collect ten or 
    more Fluorite pieces in your quest and beat the game. The next time you play 
    through the game, you can select this outfit to wear... it's quite funny to 
    watch Samanosuke slay enemies and demons with a Panda suit on... and the Panda 
    suit looks almost evil. =)
    You wanna play Oni Spirits, eh? Don't worry, it's a perfectly natural feeling! 
    Don't be ashamed! =) It's simple, really. Collect all twenty pieces of Fluorite 
    in your quest through the game, and then beat the game. With the memory card 
    with the beat game in your system, go to the main menu of the game and you can 
    select the game... but be weary... it's hard! And it takes practice! Be 
    patient! It's worth it!
    So you beat Oni Spirits, eh? Well congratulations! That's quite the 
    accomplishment. So what now? It's cool, actually... you can play through the 
    game with unlimited quantities of arrows for your bow, bullets for your gun, 
    and even the useless Soul Absorbers! (actually, 99 of each, but close enough!) 
    In addition, your magic is limitless, and you start the game with the uber-
    powerful Bishamon Sword! BOOYAH!
    The Bishamon Sword is talked about in the game as the most powerful sword... 
    and yes, you can get it to use! And trust me, it IS powerful. You know the Dark 
    Realm? Excellent. Get through all twenty levels of it, and you'll get the 
    Bishamon Ocarina from the treasure chest on the 20th floor before you leave the 
    Realm. With this, take it JUST beyond where you finally kill Marcellus, the 
    pain-in-the-ass boss, and play it to open a secret door. Enter the door and get 
    the sword! Then go whomp on some Demons! =)
    To unlock a costume for Kaede, which is an interesting one as well, you have to 
    get an "S", or "Special" rating in the game, which basically means you have to 
    meet some criteria as you beat the game. You have to kill 600 or more demons, 
    you have to collect 55,000 or more souls, and do all of it in three game hours 
    or less! It IS difficult but do-able. Go get that costume!
     14. FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
    Welcome to the FAQ part of the guide, where some of your most frequently asked 
    questions can be answered. Make sure to read here before sending any game-
    related questions to the authors.
    1.) Q. What's the difference between all of the swords?
        A. Well there are pretty big differences, actually. If you haven't felt the 
    obvious differences in the game (speed and power) while playing, then I don't 
    know if you're playing the correct game. The Raizan, which is the Lightning 
    Sword, has an attack power that is stronger than the Wind Sword, but weaker 
    than the Fire Sword. The Enryuu, or Fire Sword, has the strongest attack power 
    in the game, and the Wind Sword, or Shippuu, has the weakest attack power. 
    Speedwise, however, the Shippuu is by far the fastest, while the Enryuu, while 
    having power, is the slowest. It's all based on size and weight ratio, 
    2.) Q. What's the strongest magic?
        A. In the same light, the Sword-Orb combonation gives you three spell 
    choices in the game. The Raizan's spell, which is a spell of Lightning, is the 
    strongest in the game. The Enryuu and Shippuu have basically the same attack 
    power, but the Enryuu's is concentrated - that is, it's a one-enemy attack, 
    while the Shippuu's power rests in the fact that it can injure many at one 
    3.) Q. What's the most useful sword in the game?
        A. Well, if we're talking late in the game, the Bishamon Sword. But for the 
    elemental swords, I use the Fire sword almost exclusivly once I get it, simply 
    because of it's power. If you want speed, use the Lightning sword. I only used 
    the Wind sword to see what it was like, but it's far too weak, even though it's 
    fast, for my personal taste.
    4.) Q. How do you acquire the almighty Bishamon Sword?
        A. You must first traverse the Dark Realm (you can access it by going to 
    the cocoon man at the Keep's first floor save room), and get all the way to the 
    top level, level 20. Open the treasure chest there after defeating the enemies 
    atop the level to get the Bishamon Ocarina. Use the Ocarina in the proper place 
    in the Demon Realm before the last boss and the Bishamon Sword is yours.
    5.) Q. Why can't I open a door?
        A. There can be several reasons for this. You don't have the right key is 
    common. Also, if you're not Kaede, then you can't open the door as well. Only 
    Kaede can use the Shinobi Kit, which allows her to pick locks. 
    6.) Q. What do the orbs on the doors represent?
        A. To get through these doors, obviously, you have to equip the 
    corresponding sword-orb combo and then try going through the door. If the door 
    has two or three orbs on it, this simply means that your corresponding orb has 
    to be at level two or three, respectivly. That's why it pays to level up your 
    stuff as early as possible, and max it out. This way, later in the game, you 
    don't have to worry.
    7.) Q. Do the "Files" have any real importance in the game?
        A. The answer to that can be Yes and No. While the Files do advance the 
    plot and allow you to understand much more of what happened and what is going 
    on in the game, you don't need any of the numerous files to actually beat the 
    game. They do help though to understand what is going on, and I, personally, 
    wouldn't understand how a person could comprehend the storyline without them. 
    But hey, that's just me.
     15. Special Thanks, About the Authors, and Closing Notes
    ---Colin and Brett would like to thank:---
    *Our Families 
    *Our Peeps
    *Capcom (for making such a great game)
    *Sony, for making the Playstation2, a fabulous system indeed.
    ---About the Authors--- [as of October 17, 2001]
    C O L I N    M O R I A R T Y
    I live on Long Island, in New York, about half an hour from New York City.  
    play ice hockey, I work at a deli, and I love videogames, especially RPGs. My 
    favorite series for videogames include the Final Fantasy series (excluding 
    VIII), the Dragon Warrior/Quest series, the Mega Man series, and the Tales 
    series. I aspire to go to Northeastern University in the fall of 2002 to study 
    History and Archaeology.
    B R E T T   " N E M E S I S "   F R A N K L I N
    I live in Colorado, about 30 minutes from Denver. I play baseball, work for a 
    car dealership, and also love videogames, mainly RPGs and racing titles. My 
    current favorite games are Final Fantasy IX, Gran Turismo 3, Metal Gear Solid 
    (1 & 2), and the Zelda series. I especially dig my GBA and Castlevania. I 
    aspire to enter the University of Denver in the fall of 2002 to study only God-
    knows what.
    ---Closing Notes---
    Thanks for reading the guide, and again, any questions, comments, suggestions, 
    or ideas can and should be sent to either Colin Moriarty, at 
    cmoriarty311@cs.com, or Brett Franklin, at nemesis@flipmode.com. Please, 
    constructive criticism only, whether it be positive or negative. I don't care 
    which it is, but please, be polite and above all, constructive.
    Thanks for reading.
    This walkthrough is copyright (c) Colin Moriarty and Brett Franklin and should 
    only be found on the websites listed in the beginning of this document as 
    having permission to post this document on their respective websites. Please 
    don't e-mail me, asking to have this on your webpage, I'm just going to say 
    "no" and I hope you understand that the reasons for this are too many to be 
    named here. 
    (c) 2001 by Colin Moriarty (cmoriarty311@cs.com) and Brett Franklin 
    (nemesis@flipmode.com) All Rights Reserved
    http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/4280.html (CMoriarty)
    http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/3806.html (Nemesis)

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