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    Normal Sword Game Challenge FAQ by Hyprophant

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 10/02/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    -- Onimusha Normal Sword Game challenge FAQ--
    -- By Hyprophant, Acm2aa@yahoo.com
    -- Version 2.0, 10/02/02
    Legal Disclaimer: This guide is for personal use only, copyrighted 2002 to 
    me, Hyprophant. You CAN NOT put this FAQ on your websites, your magazines, 
    or any other form of public media without contacting me and receiving MY 
    permission. If the permission is granted, you are not allowed to change any 
    single word in this FAQ, or you can forget about using it. I am THE ONLY ONE 
    have the right to make any change or update new information of this FAQ. If 
    you dare to violate this disclaimer and I spot your action, I will make you 
    regret it.
     Version History
    Version 1.0, 8/17/02: This FAQ was posted on GameFaqs site.
    Version 2.0, 10/02/02: Changed section IV from "Boss strategies" to "Normal 
    sword game Walkthrough; completed section V: Dark Realm, and other minor 
    changes have been made.
    -- Table of Contents--
      I. Preface
     II. General Tips
    III. Critical Hit/Issen Tips
     IV. Normal Sword game Walkthrough
      V. Dark Realm
     VI. Credits/Thanks
                           WARNING!!! SPOILER AHEAD
    I. Preface
    This FAQ is not a general game walkthrough, it is a guide created to help 
    players who want to improve their game skill by playing a normal sword game, 
    which powerful magical attacks are not allowed to use. Yes, after you 
    complete the entire game with normal sword only, your skill will be improved 
    much and it will help you a lot in acquiring "S" rank in a regular game and 
    completing Dark Realm.
    This FAQ is based on a normal mode game with normal sword only. Of course 
    you have to use magic orbs to open the doors, but you can not use magic 
    sword to attack. You can use bow or gun in your normal sword game, they will 
    be your lifesaver, if you cannot control issen properly. Although it is 
    possible to beat a normal sword game without any gun or bow.
    If you wish to contact me, you may use the e-mail address listed above. 
    However, mail me only if you have any correction/suggestion you want to 
    add in this FAQ or you want to use my FAQ on your websites. If you just have 
    a game play question, do not e-mail me. Find help in other FAQs or GameFaqs' 
    Onimusha message board. I am busy on updating my FFX Faqs and other games, I 
    don't have much time to answer anyone's questions through e-mail. If you do 
    ,I will delete your e-mail and you will not receive any reply.
    II. General Tips
    Since you are going to throw your magic swords away, you cannot abuse 
    powerful magical attacks, your sword skill will be the only thing you can 
    rely on.
    You have to try not to lose your vitality too much and save it for boss 
    Fights, especially the last two bosses. When you are fighting weak monsters 
    like Zombie warriors, spiky demons and three-eyes ninjas, block their 
    attacks first, and find your chance to attack. Do not attack like crazy 
    because you think they are weak and cannot deal much damage on you. 
    Underestimating any enemy in a normal sword game could hurt you much and 
    lead you to death in boss fight. You can also use upward swing attack (up 
    bottom + square bottom) to flip them over and over. 
    Kick your enemies down and stab them when they are lying on the floor WILL 
    NOT be a useful combat method in a normal sword game, because it takes you 
    too long to stab an enemy and you will be vulnerable. However it is good if 
    you are only fighting ONE monster. 
    Sometimes you will lock your sword with the enemies', this happens quite 
    often when you are fighting Bullhead monsters or stealth warriors. In order 
    to win, smash square bottom and you will be able to knock them down/push 
    them back. Some people told me that you have to roulette your T-Pod as well, 
    I don't know if that is necessary, but you could figure it out by trying it 
    few times.
    When you fight Zombie Samurai, rush toward to him and slash them twice, then 
    dash back. He will try to grab you and you won't be hurt. You can repeat 
    slashing and dashing back over and over and he will be dead eventually. Hold 
    L1 bottom to block his sword if you see him swings it.
    When you fight bullhead monsters (they are a pain >_<...) you cannot keep 
    defending, because some of their attack hit you twice in a row and you will 
    not be able to block their second wave attack (like sometimes they hold 
    their axes above their head, they will try to knock you down first and then 
    swing their axes around their bodies, if you block the first attack, you can 
    not block the second attack again). Use R1 bottom to walk around them fast 
    and confuse them a bit, when they swing their axes and miss you, it is your 
    chance to attack. Block their axes only when is it necessary.
    When you fight Stealth warriors, you can keep blocking, all of their attacks 
    can be blocked. Attack when you find a chance.
    You shall try your best to avoid Rayllados, many of their attacks are hard 
    to block, or impossible to block, and they most likely show up in a large 
    number of group. Unless you are good enough to issen them most of time, 
    there is no need to fight them; you will just waste your vitality.
    Since you are not going to use magical sword, you can save your souls to 
    enhance your orbs, herbs, arrows and bullets. Leave the herbs be the last 
    one to be enhanced, try to upgrade your orbs first, then bullets, then 
    arrows. You have to learn how to fight without herbs/medicine and save them 
    for the last two bosses!!!
    III. Critical Hit/Issen Tips
    Issen is the spirit of the Normal sword game, and it is also the spirit of a 
    real Japanese Samurai!!! In ancient Japan, people believed that when a 
    person is in danger, his power and agility will be raised and by using that 
    power properly, he can defeat any enemy that is much stronger than himself. 
    Issen not only allows you to kill any enemy (besides bosses) with only one 
    hit, it ALWAYS allows you to absorb yellow souls after you defeat enemies!!! 
    That's why you won't need many herbs/medicines if you know how to do Issen. 
    The biggest question is: How do you do it? I think many people (including 
    me) have done Issen few times before and wonder how could I do it again??? 
    It was just too cool!!!
    Basically, there are two ways to do Issen. The first way is pressing square 
    bottom when your enemy is attacking and about to hit you, if you cought the 
    timing correctly, you will kill your enemies in one hit.
    Another way is by using R1 + direction bottom. You will be able to move left 
    and right quickly and you can dodge enemies' attacks, press the square right 
    after you press R1 + direction bottom, and if that was a successful dodging, 
    then you will be able to kill the enemies in one shot. Please note: Some 
    enemies' attacks won't allow you to do issen trick.
    Here are general tactics about how to issen each kind of monster, of course 
    you still need to practice a lot in order to control issen properly:
    --Zombie Warriors: Press square bottom when they hold their swords above 
    their heads; or when they are running toward to you, press square as soon as 
    they reach you.
    --Three eyes Ninjas: Press square bottom when they are dashing to you and 
    about to hit you, but don't let them get too close.
    --Flying skulls: Using upward attack when they are trying to escape.
    --Zombie Samurais: Kick them, then smash square bottom, you will do critical 
    hit within around 2~3 attempts. If you failed, dash back and kick them 
    --Spiky demons: Press square bottom when they are using rolling attack and 
    about to hit you.
    --Rayllado: You can press square bottom when they are attacking you with 
    their arms and if you are close to them. NOTE: Rayllado is a very tough 
    opponent! Especially when they come with a group. You many want to avoid 
    fighting them in order to save your vitality.
    --Bull Head monsters: Geez, a tough one again... using R1 bottom to avoid 
    the attack and press the square bottom as fast as you can. Another way is 
    smashing square bottom when they are holding their axe above their head and 
    ready to attack soon, you will slash them once, and your second slash will 
    be the critical hit, however it is a risky way to kill them. If you see them 
    holding their axes behind them, then you 'd better just move away from them 
    if you have not mastered the R1 + direction bottom move.
    --Stealth Warriors:  The best chance to issen them is when they are doing 
    jump attack. Use R1 + direction bottom to dodge this attack and press square 
    bottom as soon as you are dodging the attack, it will require a lot of 
    IV. Normal Sword Game Walkthrough
    NOTE: I am not going to input every detail of this game that is not directly 
    related to a normal sword game, the major purposes of this section is to 
    help players to pass a normal sword game with minimal effort, especially 
    boss fights.
    This section starts at Nanamagari, the place Samanosuke and Kaede enter the 
    castle at the beginning of the game.
    + Nanamagari +
    --Control Samanosuke and move forward, you will encounter two three-eyes 
    ninjas, focus your attack on only one of them, after you deal enough damage 
    on him, Ogre King will show up and kidnap Princess Yuki 
    --You will have fight four Zombie Warriors twice. Simply slash them and 
    block if it is necessary. Do not lose any life here. If you are damaged, 
    pull away from them, wait 'till they charge you and issen them by pressing 
    square bottom immediately when they reach you.
    --There will be two more three-eye ninja before you enter the Underground. 
    + Underground Temple +
    --There will be three three-eye ninjas ahead, if is a bit hard if you fight 
    all of them at the same time. The best way to save your vitality here is 
    moving forward slowly and killing ninjas one by one. Rushing toward to the 
    stair will make two or all three of them appear at the same time.
    --Four Zombie warriors are waiting for you inside the temple, slash them 
    like crazy again. If you lose too much vitality here, use Issen to kill them 
    and absorb yellow souls from them.
    --Pick up the Thunder Orb, you will only use it to unlock doors.
    --After you get out off the temple, there is a treasure box I the upper left 
    corner and there is a magic jewel inside. It is a useless item in a normal 
    sword game, so you don't have to pick it up.
    --Once you see the save point, DO NOT use any soul to strengthen Thunder Orb 
    and save your game.
    --There is a box beside the save point that contains power jewel in there. 
    Select the first, the third and the sixth answer and you will be able to 
    unlock the box. Use power Jewel to extend your maximum vitality.
    + South Area +
    --Ignore the fighting on the bridge.
    --When you reach the Square, there are plenty room for you to fight, and if 
    you have vitality lower than half of the maximum amount, you can issen some 
    Spiky demons here to recover Samanosuke. Pull away from them, and issen them 
    when they are using rolling attack and are very close to hit you.
    --There is a Bull Head Demon here, if you are not confident enough, you may 
    want to bypass him. If you choose to fight, pull away every time you attack 
    him twice. Block if it is necessary. If you can use R1 + Direction bottom + 
    square bottom to issen him when he is using axe attack, it would be greater.
    --After you go through the door, you will see four Zombie Warriors attack a 
    soldier, save him and get an herb from him.
    --Use the ladder and go down. There is another box besides save point. 
    Select the sixth, the first and the fourth answer to unlock the box and get 
    the power jewel inside. Use it now to extend your maximum vitality. Save 
    your game here.
     a. Boss: Ogre King 
    His weapon is a huge mace... actually it does not deal as much damage as you 
    originally thought. Most of his attack can be blocked by Samanosuke except 
    two attacks: one is his rush attack, which deals medium amount damage on 
    Samanosuke; another one is his knocking attack-he hold his mace high and let 
    it fall on Samanosuke's head. It deals medium amount damage on Samanosuke 
    and will knock him down on the ground.
    To defeat him, you should learn how to run. After battle starts, run away 
    from him every time after you slash him twice, block his attack if it is 
    necessary and the attack can be blocked. He will inhale every time before he 
    does his charge attack, when you see him inhales, side walk to left/right to 
    avoid his attack, he will keep charging the wall and you will have chance to 
    slash him about six times. Be careful after you slash him around five or six 
    times: He will swing his mace and it can hit Samanosuke even if he is behind 
    him. Dash back to avoid this attack and give him few more taste of your 
    sword. This boss drops a lot of red/yellow souls every time you attack him, 
    so you don't have to worry about your life if you fight carefully. He should 
    not be that tough.
    --After you defeat Ogre King, go inside the tunnel and pick up the treasures 
    on your way.  
    --You have to fight one Rayllado in the room you receive Fire Orb. To defeat 
    it easily, knock it down first and keep using upward slash and they will 
    never have a chance to stand up. Don't worry about Rayllado's arm being 
    regenerated, as long as you keep using upward slash, you can keep knocking 
    them down on the floor and they won't harm you. Don't forget to get the Red 
    Orb in that room.
    --Go back to the place you fought Ogre King. Ignore the spiky demons on your 
    way if you have lost some vitality by fighting Rayllado,  
    --Once you touch Ogre King's Dead body, a bunch of souls will come out from 
    it and they will all be absorb by the suckers around this room. Using Upward 
    slash to attack them if they are too high to strike with normal attack. Once 
    you defeat all four suckers, you will be able to absorb those souls. DO NOT 
    let them escape!!! 
    --After you use the Red Orb to unlock the door, break the wooden box outside 
    and acquire a medicine.
    --Save your game here and you should be able to level Fire Orb up to level 
    two. You will need level two Fire Orb first. If you did a lot of fighting 
    before you fought Ogre King, then you may be able to level Thunder Orb up to 
    level two as well.
    --Go to the castle square, ignore three three-eye ninjas before you climb 
    the ladder, fighting them here is a pain. There is a bullhead monster 
    blocking you way to the castle square, you can lure him out to the wider 
    area then ignore and bypass this enemy. 
    --Use Fire Orb to unlock the Castle Keep.
    + Castle Keep +
    --You will see two Zombie warriors and one red Zombie Samurai, DO NOT move 
    forward too quickly-move a little bit every time instead so the Zombie 
    Samurai won't move with the two zombie warriors. Simply slash them, and 
    block their attack if it is needed, if they inhale and rush to you, issen 
    them when they get close. After finish them, use kick + smashing square 
    bottom trick to issen Red Samurai quickly. Here is a very good chance to 
    recover your vitality. 
    --Turn left first and you will find a magic lamp, save your game.
    --Go inside the Keep, you will encounter three two three-eye ninjas, fight 
    and kill them, they are pushovers.
    --After a cut scenes with Yumemaru, you will enter a small room, there are 
    many Zombie warriors and on three-eye ninja here, kill all of them. There is 
    a small room besides the ladder and you can find bow in that room, don't 
    miss it!!!
    --Go upstairs and you will find many three-eye ninjas and one zombie samurai 
    are waiting for you, unless you are very confident about your game skill, I 
    don't recommend fighting them. Ignore them instead.
    --Turn left and you will see two soldiers are attacked my two zombie 
    warriors, they are very hard to save, so don't waste your arrows here. Use 
    Fire Orb to unlock the wooden door that is locked.
    --Turn left and fight six zombie warriors and one zombie samurai, you can 
    kill those zombie warriors when they are climbing up to the floor you are, 
    and use kick + smashing square bottom trick to issen the red zombie samurai.
    --Save your game and use souls to upgrade Thunder Orb to level two. Solve 
    puzzles and go forward. You have to use Fire sword to light the candle, this 
    is the only exception in your normal sword game. You will find a Holy Armor 
    here, and you have to equip it in order to make it useful.
    --Find two crest pieces and unlock the door, there is a POWER JEWEL here, 
    don't miss it!!! Use it immediately to extend your maximum vitality.
    --After the event, process to the next room. In the next room, there will be 
    a three-eye ninja hiding behind the door and dash attacking you!!! Before 
    you reach the door, be prepared to block your enemy's attack first, and then 
    finish him.
    --Now you are at the top floor of the castle keep, fight three-eye ninjas 
    there if you wish, do not lose too much vitality though.
    --Enter the room in the middle of the top floor, there is a red gantlet 
    inside the room contains 200 souls, use circle bottom to absorb them. 
    --Save your game.
     b. Boss: Marcellus 
    He is going to be a tough opponent. His shield can block your sword, and he 
    has good attack power will be able to deal much damage on Samanosuke, even 
    he has equipped holy armor in this battle.
    Most of Marcellus's attacks can be blocked, the only thing you have to pay 
    attention is his shield attack-it still can be blocked, however, Samanosuke 
    will not be able to block his sword stab right after the shield tackle.
    Using R1+ Direction bottom is the key to win this battle. You will be able 
    to avoid most of his attacks this way, including his shield tackle. You can 
    slash him two or three times after you dodge his attack, his shield won't 
    work in this case.
    You can not avoid his swing attack and wind magic, both of them cover a 
    small area around him, but you can use L1 bottom to block them. Every time 
    you see pull his sword back and ready to do a big swing, either dash back 
    away from him or block if it is too late to run.
    Marcellus's shield can be broken, and after you break his shield, you are 
    free to attack him whenever you want. He won't do shield attack anymore now 
    because his shield is vanished in the thin air. You just have to block his 
    attack and find chances to hit him hard. You will beat him within around 15 
    minutes. You will receive a Wind Orb after the victory.
    --After you defeat Marcellus, save your game and use souls to upgrade Wind 
    --Unlock the door that is locked by a green energy ball and save Yumemaru 
    --Go back to the first room in the Castle Keep, you will find a soldier is 
    attacked by three zombie warriors and there is an archers on the second 
    floor, you have to finish the three zombie warriors quickly then change your 
    weapon to bow and arrow so you can shoot the archer down. You will be 
    attacked at least twice by the archers, but you will receive an herb from 
    the soldier if you save him, so it still worth your attempt. Save after the 
    --Enter another small room besides the one with Magic Lamp in it.
    + Castle Keep: Under Ground +
    --After you enter the first room, you will find there are many spiky demons 
    there, avoid fighting them and quickly run to the next door and use your 
    Thunder Orb to unlock it.
    --There are three three-eye ninjas in the next room, fight and kill them.
    --Use all three kinds of orbs to process further.
    --There are two paths in the next section, however, one is blocked, so you 
    can only turn left and go to the path that is not locked.
    --Now be careful: you will encounter A LOT OF Rayllados after this point, 
    there is only one word I recommend here: RUN!!! You may defeat the first one 
    easily because he will fight you alone, other than that, they always come 
    with a group and it is a pain to fight them. 
    --Before the room with Purify Bell, there is a narrow path and there is a 
    door in the middle of the path, open the door and get the Herb hidden 
    --Get the Purify Bell, DO NOT get hit by any axe. Each hit from those axes 
    will reduce your vitality sharply!!!
    --Now go back to the locked path and use Purify Bell there, you will be able 
    to unlock the door. Still, you must ignore Rayllados all the way unless you 
    are very confident about your skill.
    --After you unlock the door there will be THREE RED ZOMBIE SAMURAIS waiting 
    for you there!!! You have to use the Kick + Smashing Square bottom trick to 
    issen them, if you are lucky, you could issen all three of them at once. If 
    this trick is not working well and all three zombies samurais got too close 
    to you, exit the room and renter again 'till you issen them.
    --Go straight and save. Use souls to upgrade your Wind Orb to level 2, you 
    may be able to upgrade your Thunder Orb to level 3 as well.
    --Do not go to the door that is locked by green locks immediately, there is 
    another path leads to a small room and there is herb in there. You will find 
    that two Raylllados are on your way to prevent you approaching the door, in 
    order to pass them, slash them quickly, after you knock them down, you will 
    be able to get the door.
    --Get the herb inside and head to the room locked by green locks and use 
    Wind Orb to unlock the door. There is a red zombie samurai warrior in there, 
    use Kick+ Smashing square bottom to issen him and recover your Hp. You will 
    find a Key there.
    --Go back to the place you fought three red zombie samurais, there are still 
    three of them around here. If you feel you have lost too much vitality by 
    fighting Rayllados, you can issen them to acquire some yellow souls and 
    recover your vitality.
    --Unlock the locked door and he will be trapped. Be ready for the incoming 
    Kaede's story.
    + Kaede's story: Part I +
    --You are controlling Kaede now. She cannot absorb souls, she cannot issen, 
    so the best way of using her is to escape from almost every battle. You MUST 
    NOT waste any herb on her, the herb you have right now will be the medicines 
    in your inventory in the future.
    --You will receive a red key automatically, ignore all the enemies and 
    unlock the entrance of the West Area.
    NOTE: EVERY TIME Kaede is attacked more than three times in a row or her 
    vitality is reduced to less than half in this part warrant a reset of your 
    + West Area +
    --Ignore three-eye ninjas all the way 'till you reach the next door, kick 
    them down if they are on your way.
    --You will have to pass two zombie warriors and one RED ZOMBIE SAMURAI, with 
    Kaede's current attack power, this is going to be a tough battle, the best 
    way to defeat them is throwing Katais to them. You will need two katais to 
    kill a Zombie warrior and six katais to kill the red zombie samurai. Don't 
    forget to press R1 bottom when you are throwing your weapons or they will 
    miss the targets all the time.
    --Next you will find a soldier is attacked by a zombie warrior and there are 
    two archers on the second floor of the building. If you want to fight the 
    zombie warrior directly, you will be attacked by archers' arrows and lose 
    massive amount of vitality. The best way to save this soldier is to slash 
    the zombie warrior once and draw his attention away form the soldier; climb 
    up stairs to kill the two archers, then go down stairs again to finish the 
    zombie warriors. You will receive a Soul Absorber from the saved soldier.
    --Turn LEFT and go inside, you will find two three-eye ninjas there, one of 
    them will jump in front of you and block your way, it this three-eye ninja 
    prevent Kaede form processing further, kick him down to the ground and run 
    to the next door as soon as possible.
    --The solutions of the box besides the magic lamp are the fifth, seventh and 
    second answer in order. There is a magic jewel inside, pretty useless of 
    course. Save your game here.
    --Get a gear from the dead soldier.
    --Rush back to the place you saved the soldier and climb upstairs, go inside 
    the building. Save your game.
    --After you enter the wooden door beside the magic lamp. You will face four 
    zombie samurais, kick them down all the way and do not fight them. You will 
    see a steel door on the path, enter the room and you will see a switch, 
    three flame throwers and another steel door, you have to pass the flame 
    throwers and enter the door in a set amount of time after you pull the 
    switch, or you have to pull it again it takes you too long and the door is 
    closed, DO NOT get hit even once here, keep trying and be patient, it is 
    --You will get a golden key after you pass flame throwers and the steel 
    door, there are two wooden boxes inside, if you brake them down, you will 
    find a HERB in the corner, don't miss it!!!
    --Go to the studying room and use your gear there to open the secret path 
    behind the wall, there is a herb in the studying room as well, do not miss 
    --In the deepest part of them room you will acquire a silver key.
    --Now find your way run all the way through the place you got the gear, 
    ignore as many fights as possible as usual. Save your game before you use 
    both key to unlock the door next to the dead soldier. 
    --After you enter the room, there is fire everywhere, be careful and don not 
    step on the fire.
    --Do not go downstairs directly; go through the door that is closest to 
    Kaede and climb upstairs, you will find a sacred knife there. REMEMBER: 
    Sacred Knife is VERY USELESS unless you EQUIP it.
    --There is another room at the end of the path that has some books there, 
    you can get it if you wish, beware of the three-eye ninja in that room.
    --Go Down stairs and you will see Princess Yuki being Kidnapped.
      Semi-Boss: Stealth Warrior
    All of this boss's attack can be blocked, so all you have to do is to keep 
    defending and attack only once o twice if you have a change. Be careful 
    about his jump attack, it deals almost 1/4 of Kaede's vitality. If you are hit 
    more than twice in this battle, I recommend resetting the game.
    --Now you are controlling Samanosuke again, save your game.
     c. Boss: Fake Samanosuke
    He could be a very tough enemy in a normal sword game. He is just like 
    Samanosuke with a regular body armor, he knows how to kick, he knows how to 
    stab, he has magical attack and you don't, and he can BLOCK!!!
    Your only chance to attack him is when he is using magical attack, he is 
    defenseless before he fires his magical wave, however, he is too smart to 
    use magic attack in close range...he likes to do magical attack when he is 
    away from you, and you are not likely to reach him before he fires his magic 
    wave. In my first normal sword game, I had a lot trouble in this battle, he 
    just knocked me out over and over without problems.
    Here is a cheap way to win this battle: After battle starts, dash back to 
    the entrance you came from and keep defending. Of course he cannot move 
    behind you with you are in this position, he will move close to you and try 
    to slash you, after he swings his sword twice, he will dash back away from 
    you and try to fire his magical wave, follow him and slash him twice when he 
    is charging his magical attack, then dash back to the entrance, defend, wait 
    for him slash you twice, then move forward again and slash him twice..repeat 
    these steps you will be able to kill him without even being hit once. Cheap 
    trick, huh??? But it is quite effective.
    --After this tough battle, save the game and use souls to upgrade your orbs. 
    You should have maximum level for both Fire Orb and Thunder Orb. 
    --Get all the treasure boxes around here and use the ladder to get yourself 
    out of the underground area.
    --Of course you got an evil plate after you defeat Fake Samanosuke, but do 
    not use it too quickly, there are many things you have to do before you use 
    + Castle Keep: Revisited +
    --Remember the room Yumemaru was kidnapped in? There is a box that contains 
    TEN BURST BULLETS inside, and you will need it!!! If you cannot remember the 
    location of the room, it is located on the top of the Castle Keep. You will 
    encounter two Bull Heads monsters, they are very strong and very tough to 
    defeat. The only safe way is to press R1 + direction bottom to dodge their 
    axes and issen them quickly. If you are not confident about your Issen 
    skill, you MUST ignore the fights. Simply keep running and they should not 
    be able to hit you. If they do attack, do the necessary block and don't let 
    them knock Samanosuke on the floor. 
    --You will encounter few Dark Ninjas on the top of the Castle Keep, they are 
    not as tough as those Bull Head Monsters and they do drop many souls, so 
    fight them if you wish. Remember their throwing needle attack can only be 
    blocked if they are in front of you; the best scenario is to issen them when 
    they are dashing to Samanosuke.
    --Get the burst bullets and save at the top of the Castle Keep. When you are 
    trying to go down to the first floor, you will still encounter two Bull Head 
    monsters whether you killed them before or not, ignore the fight if your 
    vitality is too low.
    +  West Area: Revisited  +
    --Once you come from the top of the Castle Keep to the first floor, save the 
    game and head toward the west area. There is a Bull Head Monster and some 
    spiky demons guarding the entrance, try to ignore them and go through the 
    entrance directly. If you are low on vitality, you can issen some spike 
    monsters here.
    --There is a soldier attacked by two zombie warriors and two zombie archers, 
    YOU MUST SAVE THIS SOLDIER. You will be rewarded ten BURST BULLETS if you do 
    so. Kill the zombie warriors first then finish two archers by using bow and 
    arrows. If you failed to rescue the soldier, reset your game.
    --Enemies here are most likely show up alone, and you can finish them one by 
    one easily. Beware of the archers though, they are the ones could deal 
    massive amount damage on Samanosuke, mastering your blocking skill is 
    necessary. The Dark Ninjas should not process any threat, when you encounter 
    one, do not go any further so other won't come out, finish him first then 
    move forward. 
    --There is a door locked by three blue energy balls, use Thunder Orb to 
    unlock the door and get the Vision Stuff inside.
    --In the next section, there will be two archers on the second floor of the 
    building and two black Zombie Samurais. Climb upstairs to finish the archers 
    first, then go down stairs and use kick + smashing square bottom trick to 
    issen two black samurais. Here is a good chance to recover your vitality.
    --Climb upstairs again and go inside the building, save your game.
    --At the place you just saved your game you can also see a door that is 
    locked by three red energy balls, use Fire Orb to unlock the door, pick up 
    the treasure on the way and finish the zombie warriors, you would see 
    another wooden door. Go inside the door and you will find out some surprises 
      Semi Boss: Bull Head King & Bull Head Monster x 3
    Issen them??? You must be kidding. The Bull Head King cannot be killed by 
    just one issen. And since there are three Bullhead monsters there, they can 
    attack three different location at once, no matter how you press R1 + 
    direction bottom, you cannot avoid three axes at once. If you cannot dodge 
    the axes, you cannot issen.
    Another issen method that applies to this battle is to attack while one of 
    the Bull Head monster is about to hit you, if you can catch the timing 
    correctly, you can issen all three Bull Head Monsters at once and there will 
    be only the Bull Head King left, however, if you really want to defeat them 
    by using this method, you may have to rely on luck and you have to reset 
    The best way to defeat them is to use Gun. It is cheap, but it is effective. 
    The treasure box that is closest to the door contains s statue head inside, 
    get it and go out quickly. Go all the way back to the room you got Vision 
    Stuff. You will encounter some zombie warriors, Dark Ninjas and Dark Zombie 
    Samurais; using normal attack against zombie warriors, upward slash to knock 
    Dark Ninjas down and finish them when they are on the floor and beware of 
    the archers, if they are about to attack, block the incoming arrows first; 
    and use kick + smashing square bottom trick to issen Dark Samurais.
    Use the status head on the Status you will unlock the gate in the left path 
    and you will get a gun there. Go back to the magic lamp and save your game 
    before you challenge Bull Head King again.
    Once you enter the room that Bull Head King is located, equip gun with burst 
    bullets, do not shoot them from afar, wait 'till they are a little close to 
    you then shoot them like crazy, if you are about to be surrounded, run to 
    another side, wait 'till they get close to you and shoot them again. You 
    should need 9 burst bullets to kill all of them, ten is the maximum number 
    of burst bullets you are allowed to use here, anywhere more than there 
    warrant a reset, keep trying, it is not that hard!!! 
    You will be hit two or three times, guaranteed if this is your first normal 
    sword game. Do not worry about it, after you defeat the Bull Head King, your 
    vitality will be fully recovered by absorbing the souls from him. You will 
    acquire a decorated sword and ten bullets.
    --Save your game and upgrade Wind orb to level 3. Use the rest of souls to 
    upgrade bullets to burst bullets.
    --Now you can go back to keep and use the Evil Plate to unlock the entrance 
    of Ganma No Segai. Use the same old trick to issen dark samurais on your 
    way, and fight other enemies if you have extra vitality.
    --After the CG movie, Hecuba will escape and leave a little device to seal 
    Ganma No Segai.
    + East Area +
    --Go to the Castle Square and you will see a soldier attacked by some hard 
    shell insects, fight them and beware of their attacks, they are somewhat 
    powerful, Block is necessary in this battle.
    --Use the Decorated Sword to unlock the entrance of the East Area.
    --You will encounter a three-eye Ninja and a Dark Ninja, they are not tough, 
    so fight them and you will finish them quickly.
    --Use Wind Orb to unlock the door is that locked by two energy balls.
    --Go straight instead of turning left, your path will be blocked by a little 
    pond. Use bow and arrow to hit the switch on the other side of the pond and 
    the bridge will appear, across the bridge and pick up the bullets inside the 
    box. There is a Talisman here and DO NOT PICK IT UP RIGHT NOW. Talisman 
    works automatically when you are dead and if you pick it up here, you may 
    waste it in the battle against Hecuba.
    --Turn left and you will encounter two dark zombie samurais, use the same 
    old trick "kick + smashing square bottom" to issen them quickly. If you 
    failed repeatedly, the second dark samurai will move behind the one in the 
    front line and swing his sword to prevent you using the issen trick, since 
    you can not get close to them anymore, in this case, exit the area and come 
    back here fight the again 'till you issen both of them.
    --Go to the right path first and pick up the bullets there instead going in 
    the room in the middle.
    --Now go in the room in the middle, pick up the treasure on the first floor 
    and go up stairs, ignore the Zombie Samurai on the first floor. Kill the 
    archers on your way and issen the Zombie Samurai in the middle of your way 
    to the top.
    --There are three treasures on the top of the building, the most important 
    one is a Power Jewel. Kick Dark Ninja off the roof for an instant death.
    --After collecting treasures, go back to the first floor and issen the black 
    samurai then use Wind Orb to unlock the door.
    --Ignore the fighting 'till you reach the waterfall, Issen two Dark Zombie 
    Samurais on your way and open the trick treasure box, you should find a 
    Great Armor inside.
    --Save your game and pick up the treasure box in the room where the magic 
    lamp is located, there is also a trick treasure box next to the magic lamp, 
    it contains a Magic Jewel, if you really want it, the answer is the third, 
    and the sixth.
    --Ride the boat and pick the Great Bow up in the temple.
    + Kaede's Story: Part II +
    --You are controlling Kaede the second time. She will encounter one hard 
    shell insect, smash square bottom and kill it quickly.
    --Turn into the left path and unlock the door.
    --Turn right and you can acquire herb inside the room with big status. When 
    you come out, two hard shell insects block the path; finish them quickly by 
    throwing Katais.
    --Ignore ALL the fights 'till you reach the magic lamp, save your game.
    --Unlock the locked door, run straight and try to ignore the combats. Enter 
    the door and turn right. There is another magic lamp in the next room.
    --In the next room, Kaede will encounter two zombie warriors and a DARK 
    ZOMBIE SAMURAI!!! It is too dangerous to run through all of them, throwing 
    Kaitai and kill the Dark Samurai in seven shots instead, remember: you have 
    to use R1 bottom to target when you are throwing Katais, or they may miss.
    --Beware of the archers in this area!!!! Block the arrows if it is needed. 
    Pick up the Decorated arrow o the second floor and then go down stairs to 
    another room, solve a simple puzzle and you will receive a green key and a 
    Great Arrow. There is a dark Ninja in the room you get decorated sword, but 
    with Kaede's Sacred Knife, she should be fine. 
    --Go back and save. After the magic lamp you save your game, go straight and 
    use the green key to unlock the locked door, you will encounter a Dark 
    Samurai on your way before you can reach the door, throw Katais seven times 
    and kill him.
    --In the second part of Kaede's story, anytime you feel like that you need a 
    herb warrant a reset of the game. 
     d. Boss: Hecuba
    She is a flying boss, and it is very hard to slash her. She also summon a 
    lot of hard shell creatures, they are not very strong, but when they come 
    with a group, they become quite annoying.
    Hecuba has two attacks, one is her arm swing attack, it does medium amount 
    of damage on Samanosuke, another one is her needle stabbing attack, she will 
    scream loudly: "DIE!!" and then dash toward to Samanosuke with her big 
    needle on her big butt. It deals massive amount of damage on Samanoske, even 
    he is equipped the Great Armor.
    It is possible to beat her with just sword, but I don't recommend doing this 
    unless you know how to critically hit those hard shell creatures well, or 
    Those creatures will trap you and Queen Wasp will kill you easily.
    Before You fight Queen Wasp, use souls to upgrade your bullets to burst 
    bullets. You will need around 25 of them, 30 for safe. After battle starts, 
    switch your weapon to gun and load your burst bullets. Walk around to get 
    rid of those annoying creatures, don't waste too many bullets on them. Only 
    aim Queen Wasp and shoot her like crazy, especially you hear her screams 
    "DIE!!!", shoot her!!! Or she will stab Samanosuke for good.
    You are allowed to use ONE medicine here, anywhere more than that warrants a 
    reset of the game.
    + The Final Show Down +
    --After several cut senses, go outside the room and save at the magic lamp 
    located in a small room besides the first room of Castle Keep. You should 
    have around 25 burst bullets and 16 medicines (15 if you used one in the 
    battle against Hecuba)
    --If you want to challenge Dark Realm, you can do it here. Please refer to 
    the dark realm section for more detailed information about this optional 
    --Head to Ganma No Segai. Ignore all the monsters on your way.
    --Bring your Great arrow and Great bow and use it on the gate that was 
    sealed by Hecuba. You will break the seal. 
    + Ganma No Segai +
     e. Boss: Aka Marcellus
    Aka Marcellus is the finest War creation of demons. He is almost just like 
    Marcellus you have fought before, but he is back!!! He gains more strength, 
    he has much more vitality, and he is faster.
    Before you fight Aka Marcellus, use souls to upgrade your herbs to medicines 
    (I hope you didn't waste too many herbs/medicines in the early enemies...if 
    you did, then you have to improve your skill), and get a Talisman besides 
    the pond. Aka Marcellus is a tough cookie, I did manage to beat him with 
    only one medicine before, but I was lucky I think.
    Aka Marcellus has two forms, in his first form, he uses sword swing, sword 
    stab, double slash, heavy slash, shield tackle and ultimate tornado attack 
    ( you know I made this name up ^_~).
    Most of his sword attacks covers the area around his body and are hard to 
    avoid with R1 bottom, you have to use L1 bottom to defend his attack. If Aka 
    Marcellus is about to use stab attack, this one can be avoid by using R1 + 
    direction bottom, dodge this attack and slash him, he won't be able to 
    defend with his shield. Also, this tactic works against his heavy slash 
    ( his sword turns red and he will hit your head and knock you down on the 
    floor), but be careful!!! If you get are hit by this attack, you will be 
    knocked down on the floor and you won't be able to move for a short amount 
    of time, he can do another heavy slash on you whenever he wants. If you 
    really are hit by this deadly attack, smash T-pod all four bottoms to 
    rolling away from Aka Marcellus's sword.
    His shield attack and Ultimate tornado attack can not be blocked, you can 
    avoid them by dashing back away from him. Those attacks won't give you any 
    chance to attack his body, but you can hit his shield. After you inflict 
    certain amount damage on his shield (or his body), his shield will be broken 
    and he will transform to his second form.
    His second form is much faster than his first form, but he loses his 
    protection as well. The only attack can't be blocked is his jump slash + 
    Sword stab, if you successfully block the first attack, you won't be able to 
    block the second one. Sounds like a bit easier than his first form, however, 
    without proper strategy, you will still lose this battle since his attack is 
    much more powerful after the transformation.  
    Every time you slash Aka Marcellus, he will be stunned and he will use his 
    illusion move-move quickly back forward a bit then move back to the same 
    place he was standing. It makes Samanosuke miss his target. In order to 
    prevent slashing air and giving him chance to attack, DO NOT smash square 
    bottom and press it slowly instead, each time you attack him, wait after his 
    illusion move finished, then slash him again, it may require some practice 
    to exactly control the timing, but once you learned it, you will be able to 
    stun him forever and he won't be able to touch you.  
    When Aka Marcellus' vitality is at critical stage, here comes the toughest 
    part of this battle! Your sword will NOT be able to stun him anymore, and he 
    will launch an all-out offense, the best thing you could do now is to keep 
    defending and stay away from him; you have to look for the chance to attack 
    carefully. Most likely, you will lose much vitality here. 
    Also, DO NOT waste your Talisman here-every time your vitality is low, use 
    medicine to recover your vitality and never let Talisman save you here, It 
    is better to have a Talisman in the inventory when you are fighting 
    --Absorb all his souls and pick up a medicine in this area. I hope you still 
    have at least seven medicines in your inventory right now. 
    --Save your game. If you have Bishaman Flute, you can use it here and 
    acquire the Bishaman sword, it is useless in a normal sword game of course; 
    it is just the proof that you are good enough to complete Dark Realm in a 
    normal sword game.
    --Ignore the fights in Gamma No Segai. If Rallados are blocking your way, 
    knock them down quickly and pass through them.
    --Don't forget pick up two medicines before you fight Fortinbras
      f. Boss: Fortinbras: The Demon King
    Finally!!! You have made your way here with your normal sword, and you are 
    ready to face the final boss.
    With normal sword, Fortinbras is not a pushover. Because of your weak attack 
    power, his vitality will be much more than you could ever imagine, and this 
    battle will take you a long time.
    Before you face Fortinbras, be sure use all your souls to upgrade herbs to 
    medicines, as well as arrows and bullets if you have them. Also, having a 
    Talisman in your inventory will help you in this battle.
    Fortinbras has many deadly attacks, he can blow flame that deal medium 
    amount of damage on Samanosuke; his lighting attack can hit Samanosuke three 
    times in a row, if he is trapped in the lightings; his claw attack deals 
    massive amount damage on Samanosuke and knock him on the ground; the worst 
    is his death grab, which inflicts instant death.
    Using R1 plus direction bottom will be the key of winning this tedious, evil 
    battle, it allows you move quickly and keep facing Fortinbras. Here are tips 
    of how to dodge Fortinbra's attacks:
    1. Lighting Strike: Use Ri+ directional bottom and get out of the pink 
    shadows, and be careful, sometimes Fortinba use lighting strike in 
    conjunction with eye beams or claw attack.
    2. Eye beam: Fortinbras normally shoot 5 or 7 eye beams in a row (rarely 8 
    times) use R1+direction bottom and keep moving left and right, don't stop 
    moving until you are sure that he stops shooting.
    3. Flame blow: You cannot just pull back and stand still, it will still 
    burn you. When Fortinbras is about to blow flame, pull away from him and 
    in the middle of the down side of the screen, then move to the left or right 
    4. Claw attack/Wind attack: L1 bottom will be able to block them.
    5. Death grab: This is Fortinbra's most deadly skill, and you will be 
    grabbed only if you are too close to him. Fortinbras only uses his right 
    hand to garb you, so every time you see his right hand is moving, pull away 
    from him. If you are not cautious enough and let him grab you, hit all four 
    bottom constantly as fast as you can, you will be able to flee before he 
    blows fire and tosses you.
    You can attack if you have a chance, but don't stay close to him too long, 
    pull back after you slash him three or four times. Every time you deal 
    certain amount damage on Fortinbras, he will inhale and struggle, that's 
    your best chance to attack (around 12 slashes would be safe). Use all the 
    fire arrows and burst bullets you have, and heal when your vitality is 
    An alternative way to defeat him Fortinbras is by using his fixed attack 
    pattern-sometimes when Samanosuke is too close to Fortinbeas, he will use 
    the wind attack to blow Samanosuke away, of course you have to block this 
    attack. And after this attack, he will use claw attack and attempt to knock 
    Samanosuke down, if samanosuke is in a certain range, pull back A LITTLE and 
    then run toward to Fortinbras and attack, a strange thing is that if you do 
    so, Fortinbra will use claw attack again and hit exactly the same spot as 
    his last claw attack, and since you have already moved close to Fortinbras, 
    he can not harm you. You are free to slash him three or four times and he 
    will do another wind attack, then just repeat the steps listed above and you 
    will be able to attack him easily without being hit once until he inhales 
    and struggles. Abuse your sword when he is struggling, and try to let him 
    use another wind attack. I used this tactic and somehow I did beat him 
    without using any medicine several times. It requires some practice, too.
    --After this epic battle, enjoy the ending movie and happy game playing, 
    best luck of your normal sword game!!!
    V. Dark Realm (Optional)
    This is part is solely for acquiring Bishaman Sword in a Normal Sword game 
    and prove your game skill is top to none. You DO NOT have to complete this 
    quest in order to beat this game.
    There are twenty levels in Dark Realm, each level contains certain numbers 
    /types of monsters, and you have to defeat all the monsters in one level 
    before you could process further. After you reach the twentieth floor, you 
    will acquire a Bishaman Flute there.
    Monsters in Dark Realm appears CLOSER than where they look to be, so if you 
    really want to rely on issen, you will have a lot of trouble of fighting 
    them because you can not predict their location correctly, you have to learn 
    how to block, and not to be surrendered. 
    The only time I recommend entering Dark Realm in a normal sword game is 
    after you fight Hecuba. Also remember that you have to spend some medicines 
    here, so if you don't think you can beat Aka/Marcellus and Fortrinbas with 
    only tem medicines or less and without any bullets, DO NO enter Dark Realm, 
    you will screw your game up by the time you come out.
    You have to upgrade all medicines to herbs, all bullets to burst bullets, 
    and all arrows to fire arrows (the arrow part is optional). If you did not 
    use a medicine when you were fighting Hecuba and any other bosses and 
    followed the entire FAQ so far, you should have:
    --16 Medicines
    --25~27 burst bullets.
    --At least 20 fire arrows
    These items will be good enough to carry you through Dark Realm, but 
    remember: you should not use all the medicines here because you still have 
    to fight Aka Marcellues and Fortinbras later on.
    You must enter Dark Realm with vitality full or at least above two-third. If 
    not, go to the Castle Square and issen some spiky demons there to gain some 
    easy yellow souls.
      Dark Realm Walkthrough
    NOTE: In each level, the monsters won't all appear at the same time, they 
    appear one after another instead.
    <LEVEL ONE: Zombie Warriors> 
    Try to stay away from them, when they inhale and run toward to you, press 
    square bottom and ieesn them. If you are surrendered, simply press L1 to 
    block their attacks and attack them if you find a chance.
    Target Item Expense: 
    Medicine Use: Zero
    Burst Bullet Use: Zero
    Fire Arrows Use: Zero
    Treasure box: None.
    <LEVEL TWO: Three Eyes Ninjas>
    Stay in the corner and defend, they cannot harm you. When there is only one 
    or two of them are around you, slash them twice and defend immediately. You 
    will kill all of them slowly this way, but it is also safe  
    Target Item Expense:
    Medicine Use: Zero
    Burst Bullets Use: Zero
    Fire Arrows Use: Zero
    Treasure Box: None.
    *** LEVEL THREE: Zombie Warriors/Two Red Zombie Samurais ***
    Kick + Smashing square bottom trick won't work well against the zombie 
    Samurais here because those Zombie Warriors will draw your attention and you 
    won't be able to kick the ones you want. You have to stay away from Zombie 
    Samurais and kill those Zombie Warrior first, then use the same old trick to 
    issen Zombie Samurais
    Target Item Expense:
    Medicine Use: Zero
    Burst Bullets Use: Zero
    Fire Arrows: Use: Zero
    Treasure Box: None.
    <LEVEL FOUR: Four Red Zombie Samurais>
    Using the Kick + smashing square bottom trick to issen them quickly. Stay 
    away from them if they are coming from two different directions. This level 
    is a good chance to recover your vitality. 
    Target Item Expense:
    Medicine Use: Zero
    Burst Bullets Use: Zero
    Fire Arrow Use: Zero
    Treasure Box: None.
    *** LEVEL FIVE: Three-Eye Ninjas and two red Zombie Samurais ***
    Use similar tactic you passed level three and you would be fine, but you 
    have to block more often, and do not let those red Zombie Samurais grab you. 
    After you killed all the Three-Eye Ninjas, issen zombie samurais.
    Target Item Expense:
    Medicine Use: Zero
    Burst Bullets Use: Zero
    Fire Arrow Use: Zero
    Treasure Box: None.
    *** LEVEL SIX: Spiky Demons ***
    Slash, slash, and slash them. Block when necessary. If you want to issen 
    them when they are using rolling attack, you will probably hurt yourself 
    because as I said before, they appear closer than where they look to be. The 
    only exception that you could issen them easily is when they are appearing, 
    if you attack them before the smoke is gone, you will issen them.
    Target Item Expense
    Medicine Use: Zero
    Burst bullets Use: Zero
    Fire Arrows Use: Zero.
    Treasure Box: Fluorite x 1.
    *** LEVEL SEVEN: Hard Shell Insects ***
    Stay in the corner and keep defending, and attack them once or twice when 
    you feel it is safe to attack, be calm and patient, or you will have a hard 
    time here.
    Target Item Expense
    Medicine Use: One
    Burst Bullets Use: Zero
    Fire Arrows Use: Zero
    Treasure Box: None.
    *** LEVEL EIGHT: Spiky Demons/Soul Sucker x 4
    The strategy here is exactly the same as the sixth level, the only 
    difference is that you have to destroy soul suckers first when they are too 
    close to you, they draw your attention and make you miss your target.
    Medicine Use: Zero
    Burst Bullet Use: Zero
    Fire Arrows Use: Zero.
    Treasure Box: None.
    *** LEVEL NINE: Bullhead Monster x 4 + Spiky Demons ***
    The Bullhead monsters in this level is the easy type, all of their attacks 
    can be blocked. Try to kill the Spiky Demons first and concentrate your 
    attack on Bullhead monsters, block when it is needed. If you lock sword with 
    them, smash square bottom and you will be able to win and knock them down on 
    the floor.
    Target Item Expense:
    Medicine Use: Zero
    Burst Bullet Use: Zero
    Fire Arrows Use: Zero
    Treasure Box: Medicine x 1
    *** LEVEL TEN: Bullhead Monsters x 4 + Soul Suckers ***
    Here is the first tough level. The Bullhead monsters are way much stronger 
    than the ones in the ninth level. You will have a hard time to fight them 
    with your sword, and due to the small combat area in Dark Realm, there is 
    not too much space you could avoid their attacks and iseen.
    Burst Bullets are your best friends here. You will encounter two Bullhead 
    monsters and one soul suckers, use five burst bullets to kill them all (you 
    will only need four burst bullets to kill two Bullhead monsters, however, 
    the soul sucker will change your target and you have to waste one burst 
    bullet on it). When another two Bullhead monsters appear, shoot them with 
    fire arrows from afar, and fight them when they are getting close, try your 
    best to lose as few vitality as you could.
    Target Item Expense
    Medicine Use: Two
    Burst bullets Use: Five
    Fire Arrow Use: Five
    Treasure Box: Soul Absorber x 1
    *** LEVEL ELEVEN: Rayllado x 6 ***
    Use one burst bullet to finish the first wave of monsters' attack. Kill the 
    rest if there is any; and use another burst bullets when there are more 
    monsters come out. You may lose some vitality in this level, but as long as 
    you have burst bullets, you should not be harmed too much here. If your 
    burst bullets do not work very well (means you couldn't kill more than one 
    monster per bullet), then fire arrows will help you a bit.
    Target Item Expense:
    Medicine Use: One
    Burst Bullets Use: Two
    Fire Arrow Use: Two
    Treasure Box: None
    *** LEVEL TWELVE: Rayllados/suckers ***
    Try to kill suckers as soon as possible and shoot Rayllados with burst 
    bullets. Each bullet should kill two rayllados, if they are gathered around 
    together in one place, you can kill three in one shot, but that is not going 
    to happen often. There are two waves of attacks, use one bullet for each, 
    and kill the rest, your sword skill will determine the amount of vitality 
    you will lose in this level, prepare for a tough fight!!!
    Target Item Expense: 
    Medicine Use: One
    Burst Bullet Use: Two
    Fire Arrow Use: Zero
    Treasure Box: Flourite x 1
    *** LEVEL THIRTEEN: Rayllados/Hard Shell Insects *** 
    Use one burst bullet first go get rid of the hard shell insects in front of 
    Samanosuke, then fight the Rayllados behind them. You may want to use 
    another bullet after other monsters come out. After two bullets, use your 
    word to take care of the rest, don't let Rayllado's arm trap you. Tough 
    fight here, too!!!
    Target Item Expense: 
    Medicine Use: One
    Burst Bullet Use: Two
    Fire Arrow Use: Zero
    Treasure Box: None
    *** LEVEL FOURTEEN: Stealth Warrior x 3 ***
    You will only fight two of them at once, and the third one will appear after 
    you kill at least one of them first. All of their attack can be blocked, so 
    defend often and attack carefully only when you can find a good chance. If 
    you are skillful enough, you can use R1 + direction bottom to avoid their 
    jumping attack and issen them.
    Target Item Expense 
    Medicine Use: One
    Burst Bullet Use: None
    Fire Arrow Use: None
    Treasure Box: Herb x 1
    *** LEVEL FIFTEEN: Rayllados + Stealth Warriors
    This level is insanely tough, don't tell me that anyone could issen them all 
    at once, it is not impossible, but the chance is too low.
    You will still need burst bullets to pass here, use one first and it should 
    be able to kill the first two rayllados and damage the stealth warriors 
    heavily. Fight him with your sword and be careful, when you think that there 
    are too many monsters in this level, use another burst bullet. After that, 
    you have to try to kill all of the rest of monsters as quick as possible 
    before they could deal massive amount damage on Samanosuke.
    Target Item Expense:
    Medicine Use: One
    Burst Bullet Use: Two
    Fire Arrow Use: None.
    *** LEVEL SIXTEEN: Dark Ninjas ***
    All their attacks can be blocked if they are in front of Samanosuke, the 
    best way to pass this level is to pick a corner and defend so they can not 
    back attack Samanosuke. Attack only if you have a good chance, try not to 
    use a medicine in this level because you have a great opportunity to recover 
    vitality in the next level, and it will be a long fight.
    Target Item Expense:
    Medicine Use: None
    Burst Bullet Use: None
    Fire Arrow Use: None
    Treasure Box: Herb x 1
    *** LEVEL SEVENTEEN: Dark Samurai x 2/Red Zombie Samurai x 4 ***
    Same old issen trick will kill them quickly, don't let them get too close or 
    surrender Samanosuke though. You should be able to recover Samanosuke's 
    vitality here. 
    Target Item Expense: 
    Medicine Use: None
    Burst Bullet Use: None
    Fire Arrow Use: None
    Treasure Box: Fluorite x 1
    *** LEVEL EIGHTEEN: Stealth Warriors/Dark Ninjas ***
    Use two burst bullets to get rid of as many Dark Ninjas as possible then 
    fight stealth warriors. You will have a very tough fight here.
    Target Item Expense:
    Medicine Use: One
    Burst Bullet Use: Two
    Fire Arrow Use: Two
    Treasure Box: Herb x 1
    *** LEVEL NINETEEN: Dark Samurai x 2/Dark Ninjas ***
    You have to get rid of Dark Ninjas quickly before you could issen Dark 
    Samurais safely. Walk around the area and wait 'till those Dark Ninjas are 
    gathering at a small area, then shoot them with burst bullets to kill two or 
    three in one shot, if you are surrendered, you may have to shoot them as 
    well. Another solution is to walk around and try to let Dark Ninjas be away 
    from Dark Samurais and use the Kick + smashing Square bottom on the Dark 
    Samurai ONCE and see if you are lucky enough to get it work in one try, if 
    not, pull back immediately.
    Target Item Expense: 
    Medicine Use: One
    Burst Bullet Use: Two
    Fire Arrow Use: None
    Treasure Box: None
    *** LEVEL TWENTY: Bull Head Monsters x 4/Stealth Warrior x 3 ***
    Use burst bullets ALL THE WAY on ALL Bullhead monsters and hopefully you 
    will be able to kill all of them in eight shots, if not, let them taste some 
    fire arrows. You can fight stealth warriors after clearing all Bullhead 
    monsters in this level and remember to block often.
    Target Item Expense:
    Medicine Use: One or two.
    Burst Bullet Use: Eight
    Fire Arrow Use: Two.
    Treasure Box: BISHAMAN FLUTE!
    --Now you can leave Dark Realm. Save your game and upgrade all herbs to 
    medicines, you should have seven or eight medicines in your inventory. If 
    you could have more than that, then that's even greater.
    --Refer to Section Four and follow the strategy listed above to defeat Aka 
    Marcellus. After defeat him, pick up a medicine inside the treasure box and 
    process to the next room then use the Bishaman Flute there, the sealed door 
    will be opened, go inside and check the skeleton, after a cut scene, you 
    will acquire the item that we are all looking for, the BISHAMAN SWORD, 
    Congratulations!!! Are you ready for another normal sword challenge in 
    Onimusha II?
    VI. Credit/Thanks
    Thanks to CjayC first, for creating this wonderful website and posting this 
    Thanks to Hyprophant, of course. This person is the writer of this FAQ.
    Thanks to Bludsprint on GameFaqs' Onimusha board, for helping me beating my 
    first normal sword game.

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