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    Walkthrough by Nick_Kazama

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    Onimusha Warlords 
    FAQ and guide
    Contents – 
    I) Legal stuff
    II) Introduction
    III) Contact Details
    IV) Characters of Onimusha
    V) Controls
    VI) Types of souls
    VII) Weapons
    VIII) Walkthrough
    IX) Unlockables
    X) Trivia
    XI) Frequently Asked Questions
    XII) Special thanks
    Final Version.
    Monday 16th April 2007 – Started the FAQ. Completed the character 
    descriptions, Controls, Types of souls, Weapons and started the main 
    walkthrough. Got up to the end of the three puzzle part.
    Tuesday 17th April 2007 – Completed some more of the main 
    walkthrough, up to the Dark Realm section.
    Wednesday 18th April 2007 – Added the Dark Realm section and chose to 
    include it in the main walkthrough instead of before or after it. 
    Completed the main walkthrough, YAY! Started on the trivia section.
    Thursday 19th April 2007 – Finished everything. Read through it 
    thoroughly, fixing any spelling mistakes and what have you
    I) Legal Stuff
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or 
    otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. 
    Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public 
    display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. 
    Copyright: 2007 Nick Kazama.
    II) Introduction
    Konichi-Wa boys and girls and welcome to my Onimusha Warlords FAQ. 
    This is my first time at attempting an actual walkthrough for a game, 
    my previous FAQ’s are actually character FAQ’s. I wanted to do a 
    walkthrough for Onimusha because it is my favorite game on the 
    Playstation 2 console. I received it as a (late) Christmas present on 
    December 31st 2002 from my uncle. He has a friend who works at Capcom 
    and as a result he is always getting free Capcom titles from her. 
    Lucky! He started playing this, but didn’t really like it, so he gave 
    it to me. I’m glad he did. By the way, yes this walkthrough WILL 
    contain spoilers. You have been warned.
    III) Contact Details
    If you have any questions about this FAQ, then e-mail moi! My e-mail 
    address is - nick_kazama@hotmail.co.uk
    Please remember to read the guide thoroughly before asking me 
    anything though. Chances are you'll find your answer! 
    IV) Character of Onimusha
    Here we shall look at the characters of the game. Starting with the 
    main hero – Samanosuke Akechi. 
    Samanosuke Akechi – 
    A master swordsman who travels across Japan seeking his rival. Often 
    perceived as a passionless soldier because of his quiet ways, Sam is 
    actually a hot-blooded warrior with a noble sense of justice. 
    Note – Yes, I called him Sam just then. I’ve been calling him Sam for 
    short ever since I first got the game and as such I’ll be calling him 
    Sam throughout this walkthrough. It saves time. By the way, if any of 
    the other guides have called him Sam, then cool, I’m not the only 
    Kaede – 
    An expert Kunoichi (female ninja), Kaede was originally sent by the 
    Iga ninjas to assassinate Sam. Instead, she develops absolute trust 
    in him and joins him as his confidant.
    Yuki – 
    Yuki is the sister of Yoshitatsu, the master of Inabayama castle and 
    Samanosuke’s cousin. She becomes aware of strange events in the 
    castle and sends an SOS to Sam. But before he arrives, she is 
    mysteriously kidnapped.
    Yumemaru – 
    An enigmatic orphan discovered by Sam while looking for Yuki in the 
    Toukichiro Kinoshita – 
    One of Nobunaga’s high ranking generals, Kinoshita has the warlords 
    complete trust. Though he has sworn absolute loyalty to Nobunaga, the 
    only thing Kinoshita truly cares about is his own advancement in the 
    ranks of power.
    Nobunaga Oda – 
    An exceptional warlord who aspires to unify Japan. With the victory 
    against Imagawa in Okehazama, he rides a tidal wave of success. 
    Though he was once thought dead, Nobunaga’s acts have now become 
    extremely heartless and cruel. 
    V) Controls
    Now then, we can’t have you starting a game without you knowing the 
    controls now can we? Here they are;
    Square – Attack
    This is the button you’ll probably be pushing the most in this game. 
    Tap it once to have Sam do a basic attack, tap it four times to make 
    him do a four hit combo.
    Square + Back – Kick
    To stun an enemy, press the back and the Square buttons at the same 
    time to make Sam deliver a disabling kick. The kick will actually 
    have more effect on your opponent if you are close to them while 
    executing it.
    L1 – Block
    If an enemy is attacking you, then press the L1 button to block it!
    R1 – Ready sword
    Keep the R1 button held to have Sam ready his sword. If you have R1 
    held down, then press Up + Square to have him perform a stabbing 
    attack. When an enemy’s attack is about to hit you, then quickly 
    press R1 + Left or Right + Square to perform the “Issen” hit. The 
    Issen is a one hit kill attack on most enemies, while on the stronger 
    ones, it will instead do a great deal of damage!
    Triangle - Special Attack
    When you have one of the special weapons equipped, hit this button to 
    make Sam do a devastating special move. Be warned however that you 
    can not do infinite special moves with the swords (except with the 
    special secret weapon), as they will consume your MP gauge located 
    just under your health bar. 
    Circle – Absorb
    You will be doing this an awful lot throughout the game! Absorbing 
    enemy souls. After you have killed an enemy, keep the Circle button 
    held down, to make Sam suck up their souls like a human vacuum 
    cleaner. You will not be able to do this until you have obtained the 
    Ogre’s Gauntlet which you will receive very early into the game. 
    VI) Types of souls 
    Throughout the game, you will be absorbing the demon’s souls with 
    your magic gauntlet given to you by the ogres. There are 3 types of 
    souls and they all do very different things;
    Red souls – 
    These ones are used to enhance your weapons, armour and items.
    Yellow souls –
    These ones will replenish some of your health bar.
    Blue Souls –
    These ones will replenish some of your magic bar.
    VII) Weapons
    As you progress through Onimusha, Sam will gain access to a variety 
    of different weapons. Let’s take a look at what they are;
    Normal sword – 
    This is a common sword that a warrior uses.
    Not a very powerful sword at all here, but don’t worry because you 
    won’t be using it for very long. It’s the weakest, blandest looking 
    sword you’ll use and it cannot use magic. If you really wanna show 
    off, then use this weapon to beat the last boss like I do sometimes!
    Raizan – 
    This will enable you to use the sword with the power of thunder.
    Great sword here and my personal favorite! Its fast and its strong. 
    The Enryuu is the most powerful of the 3, the Shipuu is the quickest 
    and the Raizan is a nice mixture of both quick and powerful. The 
    Raizan is also the only sword to have a combo magical attack. The 
    combo will get longer and longer as you upgrade more. 
    Enryuu – 
    This will enable you to use the sword with the power of fire.
    This sword is a heavy hitter. It can stun some enemies with its raw 
    power and its magic attack can spread to other opponents! Just be 
    sure to not face many quick genma with this sword equipped however as 
    it is quite slow.
    Shipuu – 
    This will enable you to use the sword with the power of wind.
    My least favorite to use of all the blades is this wind Naginata. I 
    dunno why. It’s the fastest of all the blades you’ll receive, 
    enabling Sam to perform a 5 hit combo. Its magic attack is very 
    powerful and is great for a certain boss late into the game. 
    Bow –
    This small bow is about 6 feet long.
    Eh, what can I say... it’s a bow. You’ll need arrows to be able to 
    use this weapon. Remember to save up some souls and enhance those 
    normal arrows to flaming arrows! The bow is ideal for taking out 
    archers and flying enemies and even helps against a later boss. 
    Matchlock – 
    This 18.4mm caliber gun is constructed in Sakai.
    This gun is a very effective firearm, especially if you upgrade your 
    normal bullets to burst bullets! 
    Bishamon Sword –
    This powerful sword has been sealed by the demons...
    This is the most powerful sword in the game. It is capable of 1 hit 
    kills on the common enemies and will severely damage the final boss. 
    It has an insanely powerful magic attack and it never runs out of 
    magic power! Best. Sword. Ever.  
    VIII) Walkthrough
    Okay then, here we are! The real meat of this walkthrough... the 
    walkthrough. Hmm, I wish that could have sounded more dramatic, but 
    Firstly, watch the opening FMV first. Its one of the most amazing 
    ones I’ve ever seen! See that kick ass looking samurai kicking ass? 
    That’s Sam! Cool eh? This FMV intro also shows you that if you’re 
    ever in a big battle, then don’t stand up in the middle of it and 
    laugh, or else you’ll get an arrow through your neck as Nobunaga 
    found out the hard way... 
    After its finished, you’ll see Sam, Kaede and a guard exiting 
    Princess Yuki’s residence. Sam tells Kaede to go one way, while he 
    takes the other. Go up the path and a cutscene will start. Hey is 
    that...? It is! We’ve found the Princess... already. Don’t worry 
    though; the game isn’t over, not by a long shot! Yuki’s being guarded 
    by two purple clad ninja genma (demons) with glowing green eyes. 
    These two like to jump around a lot, but they’re not extremely hard 
    to hit. My advise would be to just focus on one of them, but if you 
    really think you’re the dog’s b*******, then hit both of them. After 
    a few seconds, the fight will end, as the genma will escape from you. 
    Now, go and grab some popcorn or something, because a very long 
    cutscene will follow. The heart warming reunion between Sam and Yuki 
    will be interrupted by a huge monster named Osrick. Sam valiantly 
    tries to attack him, but Osrick bats him away, killing him and takes 
    Yuki away. Bummer huh? Sam wakes up surrounded by a clan of ogres who 
    give him their power, forming it into a gauntlet. After being 
    revived, Sam delivers a nice little speech and your adventure is 
    truly about to begin!
    You’ll receive the “Instructions” and the “Gauntlet” after the 
    cutscene. Move forward a little bit until you get to a gate. See that 
    little thing to the left of the gate? That’s what’s known as a magic 
    mirror, with these you can save your game and enhance weapons and 
    items. Save now if you want to. You won’t be able to enhance anything 
    yet as you lack souls, but not for long! Enter the big gate. Move 
    along a little bit and you’ll see a bridge with crows devouring the 
    remains of some deceased soldiers. Yummy. They’ll fly off as soon as 
    you approach them. After crossing the bridge fully, another cutscene 
    will start up. A bunch of soldiers are attempting to hold off some 
    genma, but aren’t having much luck, so guess who’s gonna take them 
    out. YOU! After the cutscene, you will be thrown into a battle with 4 
    green genma wearing hats, similar to Raiden’s hat from Mortal Kombat. 
    These genma are known simply as Zombies. This shouldn’t be too 
    difficult, just block when necessary and then strike and you’ll be 
    fine. Oh and remember to suck up them souls! 
    Afterwards, head into the little building that the soldiers were 
    trying to defend and make your way forward. Head through the black 
    door. This will initiate a cutscene. Oh boy, Sam is now trapped 
    inside a very small room with 4 more genma (the same type of the 
    one’s you just killed). After defeating them, head for the door. Sam 
    hits the guy who locked him inside the room and gets information from 
    them. One of the men points out a shortcut to the keep. Talk to these 
    guys if you want. Move into the forest and keep going until you see a 
    cave. Haha! Scared you didn’t they? Challenging you this time are two 
    purple clad ninja genma, like the one’s you faced at the beginning. 
    Use the same strategy as last time and you will come out victorious. 
    Don’t forget to block often here as these genma are quite fast. 
    Before entering the cave, check to the right of it to find a herb. 
    Use these to heal yourself. 
    Upon entering the cave a swarm of bats flies out, no this isn’t the 
    bat cave. Bruce Wayne wasn’t even alive in the age of warring states 
    remember? Proceed a little further into the cave and you’ll see that 
    there is huge hole, blocking you’re way. Guess the only way to 
    proceed is by entering this hole. Choose to enter it. Move forward a 
    little bit and more bats will fly away. Keep going and you’ll be 
    attacked by more ninja genma, there should only be 3 of them here. 
    Before ascending the stairs, check the little red and gold box to the 
    left of them. These chests will be quite common to you as you’ll be 
    seeing a lot of them throughout the game. Upon opening it, you’ll 
    receive the “Underground Temple map”. Head up the stairs. Once at the 
    top, inspect the mummified monk and Sam will notice a green scroll. 
    Choose to take it and you will receive the “Sougen’s Note”. After 
    taking it, the altar will move to the left, revealing a doorway, head 
    You’ll find yourself in a narrow room here. Enemies are also present. 
    Kill ‘em and then head to Sam’s right. Before turning left, check the 
    little open door that Sam is facing for a “Fluorite”. There are 20 of 
    these and I’ll tell you what they do at the end of the Walkthrough! 
    Head to the end and open the little closed doors for the “Seiryu”. 
    With these items collected, go to the other end of the corridor and 
    head through the door. In this room, there will be 6 vases (3 on 
    either side of Sam). Smash em all and check the chest for the 
    “Journal #1”. Now it’s time to pick up the best thing in this room – 
    your first special weapon! See that glowing blue orb? Examine it to 
    get the “Thunder Orb”. A nice little cutscene will show Sam receiving 
    his new toy and posing with it against a black background. Move left 
    past the altar and keep going until you see a rather large light 
    brown chest. This is in fact a trick treasure box. You wont be able 
    to just open these, you need a combination. Here’s the solution, but 
    feel free to try it for yourself; 
    Trick Treasure Box Solution =========================================
    Left, Right, Left
    There we go! You’ll get the rope ladder for opening it successfully. 
    Nothing more to do here, so head up the stairs. Okay, after getting 
    out of that cave, don’t immediately go to Sam’s left. Instead, do you 
    see that well hidden chest there, just in front of Sam? Go and open 
    it to receive a “Magic Jewel”. Use this to increase Sam’s Magic Bar! 
    Moving on, you should come to a chest, a save mirror and a gate with 
    a big blue light on it. Check the chest first, it is not your 
    ordinary chest, it is another puzzle type chest! Examine it and 
    here’s the solution;
    Chant Treasure Chest Solution #######################################
    First one, Third one, Sixth one
    After doing that, you will get a “Power Jewel”, these things increase 
    your maximum health bar! Okay, save your game if you desire and then 
    make your way over to the gate with the blue... thing on it. In order 
    to open this gate, the Raizen needs to be equipped. It should have 
    been automatically equipped after you got the Thunder Orb, so examine 
    the gate to open it. Okay, you’ll now be on a bridge. The enemies in 
    this area spawn quite a lot, but that’s good because you can get more 
    souls! Keep in mind that you don’t have to kill them all if you don’t 
    want to. You don’t even have to kill any! Near the end of the bridge 
    is a little gate and to the right is a chest hidden behind a 
    destroyable object. Open the chest to get the “South Area Map”. Done? 
    Okay, head through gate to find yourself in a massive courtyard. To 
    Sam’s right is a door that is barred shut, however you’ll be able to 
    enter it later in the game. 
    Head up, killing the genma on the way and eventually you will come to 
    the keep! However, latched onto the door is a pink... thing, similar 
    in looks to the blue one you found earlier, near the first Chant 
    Treasure Box. Examine it and you will get a message saying 
    “A crystal is fitted in the center. You can see raging flames in 
    You can’t enter it now, so head left instead. Woah!! Now that’s a big 
    genma! But you know the saying, ‘the bigger they are the harder they 
    fall”. Use your magic to knock him over and then get close to him and 
    press the Square button. If done correctly, Sam should stab the genma 
    on the floor! Head through the green gate he was guarding. In this 
    next area, there is a soldier who is valiantly trying to fend off 
    some genma by himself, kill the demons and the man will fall to his 
    knees. Examine the little light by him to receive a “Herb”. You can’t 
    get through that gate behind him yet, so go toward the part of the 
    wall that’s broken. This leads to a dry moat – our next destination! 
    However, we can’t just have Sam leaping to the bottom; we don’t want 
    him dying twice within an hour now do we? Remember that Rope Ladder 
    you obtained from the Trick Treasure Chest? Go to your inventory and 
    select that while Sam is facing the dry moat and he will set it up. 
    You can now descend to the bottom. 
    Hmmm... its quiet, too quiet. Head to the little cave on the left of 
    the screen. On Sam’s left will be another save mirror and another 
    Chant Treasure Chest.
    Chant Treasure Chest Solution #######################################
    Sixth one, First one, Fourth one
    Congratulations! You’ve just scored another “Power Jewel”! Near this 
    Chest is another one, but this one you can just open it. Open it for 
    a “Medicine”. Medicine’s are much more powerful than herbs and 
    restore more health to you. Okay, directly behind this chest is 
    another small door that has one of those pink thingies on it. Ignore 
    it. Okay, if this is your first time through Onimusha, then I 
    recommend that you save your game right now, as there is a boss fight 
    just seconds away. Saved? Good, okay head through the big door next 
    to the save mirror to face...
    Boss – Osrick +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    This guy packs a huge punch. His attacks mainly consist of swinging 
    his gigantic mace at you. He even has an unblockable attack in which 
    he brings the mace down on Sam’s head, knocking him onto the floor. 
    Don’t recover fast enough and Sam gets a mace in the head and is 
    kissing even more ground than before. His final attack is a charging 
    move, where he will knock you on your ass if you’re not careful. 
    Remember that this charging attack is also unblockable. My personal 
    strategy when fighting old Osy is to slash him twice and then back 
    away by tapping the Back button, while occasionally using a magic 
    attack. Another way is to keep circling him and slashing, because of 
    his big build, Osy is very slow, so take advantage of that! After a 
    while he should go down.  
    After he dies, he will release a mass of souls, absorb these 
    immediately and you shall be fully healed. You’ll also get all of 
    your Magic Power back too! Notice that Osy leaves a big hole where he 
    fell over, that’s where you should head next. Upon entering this new 
    area, check the chest to receive the “Journal #2” and move on through 
    the steel door. Moving along, you will see a few pots here. Smash 
    them all and then check the ground to find “Fluorite” number 2! Keep 
    going and you will reach a blue lit hallway with some skeletons 
    chained to the wall. Enter through the door to start a cutscene. 
    Here you will be introduced to Guildenstern, the crazy genma 
    scientist and the one responsible for resurrecting Nobunaga! Sam 
    unknowingly interrupted him whilst he was dissecting a human (don’t 
    worry you don’t see anything!). Guilden leaves you to battle his 
    creation called Reynaldo. No, this isn’t a boss fight, you are just 
    fighting a stronger enemy, but early on into the game. The unique 
    thing about Reynaldo is that he can actually create clones of himself 
    if you do not kill him quickly, so here’s what you do. Knock him onto 
    the floor and then stab him before he can get up and you’re done! 
    After you’ve killed Rey, go and examine the orange orb in the top 
    left hand corner of Guildenstern’s lab for a new weapon – The Enryuu! 
    This baby is very powerful but it does make Sam attack slower than 
    usual. I also discovered on one of my playthrough’s that you can 
    actually pick this sword up whilst the fight with Reynaldo is still 
    on! Remember that the next time you play Onimusha! With the “Fire 
    Orb” in your possession, leave the creepy lab and go back the way you 
    came, until you get to the place where you defeated that brute 
    Osrick. By the way, on your way back to Osrick’s lair, you will be 
    attacked by some more spiky rolling genma. this is a great 
    opportunity to test out the Enryuu! Once you’re back at the area 
    where you destroyed Osy, you’ll see his body turn into tons of souls, 
    however, don’t think you can absorb them just yet. Also loitering the 
    area are some new enemies that resemble blue floating skulls. These 
    things are very annoying as they love to absorb YOUR souls. Sometimes 
    they even swoop down and latch onto Sam’s arm, taking away red souls 
    from your stock and even your magic power! A great way to deal with 
    them is to press the Up button and the Square button at the same 
    time. Doing this will make Sam perform an upwards slash that will 
    severely damage them! 
    Okay, have the Enryuu equipped and head through the door with the 
    pink thing on it. Save your game if you want to and then head up to 
    the rope ladder. Climb up it. There will probably be another behemoth 
    of a genma guarding the gate that leads to the entrance to the keep 
    here, but don’t worry, as he will soon fall to the Enryuu’s power! 
    Enter the keep. Woah... creepy huh? The music in the castle always 
    makes me a little scared. Greeting you is a new enemy that you’ve not 
    faced before, he’s this tall red samurai genma and has already killed 
    a soldier. He gets stunned by the Enryuu so show his no mercy! Okay, 
    directly ahead of you are some big double doors, don’t enter them 
    just yet, instead head to the door to the right of these double 
    doors. Hello save point! Save your game if you want. Also, notice 
    next to the save mirror is a magic fountain, hold the circle button 
    and Sam will suck up some blue souls from here, replenishing his 
    magic power! Open the chest in this room to receive the “Keep map”. 
    Move to the end of this room and a little green cocoon man will drop 
    down. Don’t worry, he’s friendly! However, for now he will just be 
    silently staring at you, but we’ll be visiting him a little later...
    Enter those big double doors to start a cutscene. Hello, what’s all 
    this? Tokichiro Kinoshita is harassing Yumemaru! After allowing the 
    boy to escape, Sam questions Kinoshita. However, Kinoshita seems more 
    interested in getting Samanosuke to join the Oda clan. Sam refuses 
    saying “I serve no one! My life is mine and mine alone to command!” 
    Quite possibly my favorite line in the whole game! Enjoy Kinoshita’s 
    weird laugh and then the cutscene will end. Check the chest in this 
    room to acquire the “Normal Arrows” and move on through the door 
    nearest to this chest. Proceed forward a little bit and enter the 
    other room to find a chest containing the “Journal #3”. This journal 
    is particularly creepy. Head back to the room where you met Kinoshita 
    and you’ll find that lots of demons have come to say hello. Well no 
    they haven’t, they’ve rally come to kill you! Kill THEM and head 
    through the door with the pink thing on it. They’re should be 2 ninja 
    genma in this room, if not then lucky you! Head through the next 
    door. In this hallway, you will find another door with a strange 
    object on it, examine it to get the message;
    “What is this? There is a weird pit... You have to find a way to 
    Ignore it for now and head down, to get a cutscene with Kaede and 
    Yumemaru. He has a lovely attitude huh? He runs off and Sam tells his 
    Kunoichi friend to go and search for him. Head down and go through 
    the door. Run to the end of this small hallway to reach some stairs, 
    there is a door underneath these stairs. Near these stairs (stairs, 
    stairs, stairs) is a chest, open it to gain a “Herb”. Now then, check 
    the little cupboard directly above this chest for another “Fluorite”. 
    Head through the door underneath the stairs. Word of warning here, do 
    NOT cut that rope. Just don’t okay. Go to the chest, its time to open 
    another Trick Treasure chest;
    Trick Treasure Chest Solution ======================================= 
    Left, Right, Left, Right, Right
    Helloooooooo Mr. Bow! You will of course obtain the “Bow” for 
    completion of this Chest. Make sure to use it against flying enemies! 
    Check the shelves at the back of this room to get the “Suzaku”, just 
    look for the red book on the shelve. Looks like we’re done in this 
    room, exit it. Okay head on up those stairs. Once at the top you’ll 
    see a door on Sam’s right, enter it. Notice the pail on your left, 
    next to the rope? Examine it to find yet another “Power Jewel”! Exit 
    the room without cutting the rope and go around. There will be 2 
    ninja genma and a big red genma waiting to greet you. Kill ‘em and 
    head through the grey door. If you can save these two complete morons 
    from the demons (by using your bow and arrows then you can head 
    downstairs to get a “Power Jewel” and a “Herb”. Notice how I called 
    them morons? Well at the time of me writing this Walkthrough, one of 
    them was keeping the genma in an area where I couldn’t shoot him with 
    my arrows, so they all got wasted. Guh, I hope that genma kill’s 
    them! Anyway, go back through the grey door and you will see another 
    door with not 1, but 2 pink things on it! Your Kouen (Fire Orb) needs 
    to be at level 2 in order to open the door. Once in this room, check 
    the table for the “Red Book” and open the chest in the corner for the 
    “R. Crest Piece”. 
    Exit this room and head back to where you sniped (hopefully 
    successfully) the genma to save the morons and go around the balcony 
    to find a door with another pink thing on it. After you enter, you’ll 
    see genma coming out of the floor to come and get ya. Kill ‘em, kill 
    the big red one and then move on! In this next room, you’ll find a 
    staircase and some wooden boxes next to it, smash ‘em up to reveal a 
    chest, open it to reveal some “Normal Arrows”. Great now I finally 
    have some more arrows to make up for the ones wasted earlier! Also, 
    check the stairs near where you got the Normal Arrows and you’ll find 
    another “Fluorite”. Head on up those stairs. Okay, in this small 
    room, grab the “Byakko” next to the chest and then open the chest to 
    receive some more “Normal Arrows”. I’m now telling you to SAVE YOUR 
    DAMN GAME!!! I’m not saying it might be nice to save, or you might be 
    considering saving, I’m telling you to save. The next parts of the 
    game, though short, are monsters, that’s the best way I know how to 
    describe them. They’re monsters! Saved? SAVED?? Good! Okay, go 
    through the door next to the save point with the 2 pink thingies on 
    it and brace yourself. 
    These next few bits are actually puzzles, there are 3 of them. The 
    first one ain’t so bad, the second one is very annoying and the last 
    one is EXTREMELY annoying!!! Plus, there’s this long bring cutscene 
    that you have to endure that gets very annoying if you have to start 
    again. Okay, LETS DO THIS!!
    -	As Sam, pull the lever down
    -	As Kaede, run over to the next 2 levers and pull the right one
    -	As Sam, pull the lever next to the one Kaede is holding
    -	As Kaede, pull the left lever in the new set
    -	As Sam get the “Holy Armor” from the chest and then pull the 
    right lever in the set you just unlocked. Pull the center one 
    and you get hurt.
    -	As Kaede, go through the door
    Okay, in this area, before doing anything, press the Triangle button 
    to make Sam light up the place in true style! Then press the Circle 
    button to absorb some blue souls to get your magic power back. Head 
    through the next door to arrive at puzzle number 2.
    The most annoying thing about this puzzle, is that its random. That’s 
    right, RANDOM! Your goal is to get to the square right at the end 
    that has the O on it. If you step on a square with an X on it then 
    all the other squares with X on it will break squares with + on it 
    and vice versa. It is incredibly annoying, especially when the square 
    you’re standing on breaks ordinary squares. Capcom really took the 
    Mickey by making this puzzle random, that’s just not right. Sorry, I 
    couldn’t be of more help here, but you know, what with the stupid 
    puzzle being random and all... I can’t. Don’t worry if you die, it 
    took me many tries to do this one, cause Capcom had to make it 
    random. It was because of this puzzle and the next one that I 
    memorised the cutscene before the levers.
    If you’ve finally managed to overcome that then congratulations, but 
    don’t celebrate just yet as the next puzzle is still to come! 
    Basically, Sam and Kaede find themselves in a small room and the door 
    begins to close. Sam shoves Kaede through it just in time, but gets 
    himself trapped inside the room. To make matters worse, the room is 
    filling up with water which makes this puzzle A FREAKIN’ TIMED 
    PUZZLE!! Oh man, okay pause the game, get your self ready and then 
    head over toward the little water chamber controls to the right of 
    the chamber and good luck my friend. You’re gonna need it! 
    Notes –
    -	See that line on the left of the screen? That’s the timer. If 
    that little orange circle with the 2 red points on either side 
    reaches the top, Sam will die, you’ll get a lovely big “GAME 
    OVER” screen and you’ll have to suffer through the nightmares 
    of the previous puzzles again.
    -	You need to get those 2 pieces of the puzzle into the middles 
    to free Sam. 
    -	In order to move a tile, use the directional button to 
    highlight it and then keep the X button held down. You will now 
    be able to move the tiles.
    Okay, when you’re ready, go for it man!
    -	Okay, there is a drawing of the Saito Clan crest on the board
    -	You need to get those 2 pieces of the puzzle (with the yellow 
    markings on them) on top of that emblem. Do you see?
    -	Move the bottom left tile all the way to the right
    -	Move those two tiles on the left, all the way down
    -	Move those two little tiles in the middle, to the left
    -	Move the bottom middle tile all the way to the top
    -	Move the bottom right tile all the way to the left
    -	Move the 2 tile on the right hand side to the bottom
    -	Move the middle tile (that’s above the bottom middle one) all 
    the way to the right
    -	Move the bottom center tile all the way up
    -	Move the 2 tiles on the bottom left, to the middle
    -	Move the two tiny tiles at the right, all the way to the bottom
    -	Move the top right tile, all the way to the bottom
    -	Move the 2 top center tiles, all the way to the right
    -	In the center you should have 2 tiles facing down, at the 
    bottom, move the right one to the very top, then move it across 
    to the left
    -	Move the Tile facing down on the right, to the middle and then 
    move it up to the very top
    -	FINALLY move the tile facing down on the far right, all the way 
    to the middle and you’re done baby!
    Congratulations!! You’ve done it! Okay, Sam is now freed and gets out 
    of the Water Chamber and no, you won’t be seeing it again ever! 
    Relax, there aren’t any more parts like this in the game. 
    As Sam, head out the door (past Kaede). In this next room, go to the 
    far end and you’ll locate a tab, pull it! This will knock out all the 
    puzzles and you can backtrack to go and save without fear of the 
    puzzles! Pulling this lever also brings a staircase down. Now I 
    cannot stress this enough, go back and save. Then come back to these 
    stairs. Ascend ‘em. You’ll now be in a yucky green colored hallway. 
    (I call it yucky green cause I don’t like this particular shade of 
    green). Turn the corner and you’ll see a door, examine it to get the 
    “A locked door. Looks like you need to fit something here.”
    Walk past it and you’ll see a ladder, go down it. After climbing down 
    you’ll get a message saying that you can reach a lower level with 
    this ladder, but ignore that for now. Move forward a little bit and 
    you’ll see an opening to Sam’s left, go down here until you reach 
    another ladder, chose to descend it. Ratty! Can you see the little 
    rat? Isn’t he cute? Ahem, sorry, go down until you find a chest, open 
    it to receive a “Power Jewel”. Nice! Now then, go the opposite 
    direction past the ladder and you’ll eventually come to a door with a 
    latch, unlatch it and you’ll come to a familiar room. That’s it. Go 
    back and climb up the ladder. Once at the top again, go to the first 
    ladder and chose to go to the lower level (Go Down) with it. Sam will 
    find himself in a dark little room. Go to the chest and open it to 
    receive the “L. Crest Piece”. Now, you see that suspicious thing on 
    the wall? Cut it! Now, examine it to get the “Journal #4” and find 
    out what our old friend Saimyou has been up to! Well, nothing more to 
    do in this room now, so head up the ladder and then climb up it 
    Go up to the door that said you needed to fit something into and 
    place the R. Crest Piece and the L. Crest Piece into it. The L. and 
    the R. actually meant Left and Right! Bingo, the crest of the Saito 
    Clan is set. The key is now unlocked and you can enter this door, go 
    inside! Cutscene, its Yumemaru getting abducted by a ninja genma! 
    What’s this? Kinoshita is back again, he relays some disturbing news 
    to you – Princess Yuki’s skull will be filled with her own blood and 
    drunk by Nobunaga further completing the Dark Ceremony! But we aren’t 
    gonna let that happen now. Are we? If you want, check the little 
    destroyed part of the keep where Kinoshita jumped and Sam will 
    comment on the height. Okay, behind the wreckage are 2 screens that 
    you can cut down. Do you see that little blue book? Grab it, it’s the 
    “Seiryu”. And directly behind it is another “Fluorite” located on 
    that little table. Got those 2 items? Good, then head through the 
    door. In this room, pick up the “Suzaku” on the floor to Sam’s right. 
    Move forward and – OH HOLY ****!!!! Kill this ninja bastard for 
    scaring you and look to the left of these stairs, there’s a chest 
    containing the “Normal Arrows”.  Okay, up the stairs we go!
    Move forward a little to hear Yumemaru screaming his ass off. Yeah 
    shut up brat we’re comin’ already!! Sheesh! Go around the platform 
    here, killing ninja genma, until you come to a... GREEN THINGIE!! 
    This is the room where Yumemaru is, but you don’t have the right 
    weapon to get to him yet. Turn around and backtrack until you see 
    another door that isn’t guarded with green magic and enter it. In 
    this room, go and open the chest for a “Medicine” and then go and 
    pick up that little blue book on the table, the “Seiryu”. Move 
    forward a little, to pick up another “Seiryu”. To the left of this 
    latest Seiryu is a screen, cut it down to reveal a Soul Shrine. Hold 
    the Circle button and watch those souls fly into your gauntlet baby! 
    Okay, got ‘em all? Great, now go to the other screen and chop it 
    down. You’ll find a save mirror here. Enhance and save, because there 
    is another boss fight coming up! Press R2 while facing the save 
    mirror to have Sam do an instant 180 turn and head up that ladder to 
    Boss – Marcellus ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    Okay, Marcy can and will block many of your attacks, he can even 
    block the Raizan’s magic attack! The Enryuu’s magic attack will knock 
    him back ever so slightly. I found that using a magic attack on him 
    causes him to release a red soul and a blue soul, so absorb! Another 
    thing some people will find quite annoying in this fight is the 
    camera angle, it’s in quite an awkward place, but it should hinder 
    you too much. I recommend that you have your swords at level 2 for 
    this battle. To hit him with the Raizan’s special attack, wait until 
    he’s about to attack you and THEN hit the Triangle button. This 
    should stun him long enough for you to absorb the souls he releases. 
    After a few more hits, he will fall to his (supposed) death.
    Congrats! Okay, you see that big bright light at the bottom of the 
    screen? It’s actually tons of souls! Suck em up Samavacuum and then 
    pick up that glowing green orb. This is the “Shipuu” – The wind 
    Naginata! Now then, remember that door that was protected by the 
    green thing? Go back there! Unlock the door (by having the Naginata 
    equipped) and you’ll find a non screaming Yumemaru! This begins 
    another long cutscene. Sam tells Yumemaru about the ways of the 
    world, complete with an FMV! Mitsuhide, Sam’s uncle, pressured him to 
    go and see the world, he met people who looked and talked different 
    than him and more. This nice scene is interrupted by the arrival of 
    Princess Yuki’s servant Nui. She promptly tells you that Yuki is 
    underground and then faints. Sam tells Kaede to watch over Nui and 
    Okay, time to get some Burst Bullets for a weapon you get later! Head 
    out the door and you will find some rolling spiky genma, kill ‘em and 
    go through the door on Sam’s right (not the door that leads to the 
    main part of the keep. Go through the next door. Go past the door 
    with the weird pit and through the next door that leads to the 
    staircase. Head upstairs. Once upstairs, head through the door that 
    lead you to where the moron soldiers needed help and go through the 
    next door. In this room, kill the genma that are crawling up out of 
    the little spaces in the floor and move on. In the next area, head up 
    the stairs and go through the dreaded puzzle parts. (No you don’t 
    have to do the puzzles again, just walk through the areas!) Up the 
    stairs and you’ll find yourself back in the yucky green colored 
    hallway. Head through the door with the Saito Clan emblem on it. A 
    little bit past the area where Kinoshita jumped down, is a minotaur 
    genma, kill him and move on. Head into the room where Sam found 
    Yumemaru and you find a chest containing the “Burst Bullets”. Hoorah. 
    Now head ALL THE WAY BACK! Go to the main part of the keep. In this 
    area, there is another soldier that needs rescuing from 2 regular 
    genma and an archer on the balcony above you. Take out the first 2 
    and then use your Bow and Arrow to kill the archer, it should only 
    take 1 Arrow to kill it. For helping him out, the soldier will give 
    you a “Herb”. Cheers fella! Okay, save and enhance in the little room 
    with the green cocoon man in it and then head to the main part of the 
    keep again. Go to the entrance, see that little door next to the 
    entrance? Enter it! 
    In this next area, there will be many spiky roller genma attacking 
    you, kill ‘em and head toward the door protected by 2 blue thingies. 
    Unlock it and then enter the door. Smash that pot if you want 
    (there’s nothing inside it) and make your way to the next door, 
    killing the ninja genma along the way. In this next room you will 
    notice a light fog in the area. To Sam’s right there is the “Blue 
    Book”. Pick it up and then move over to the green area with the 3 
    colored orbs on it. This is the entrance to the underground part of 
    the keep! Equip the Raizan and examine the pedestal to open part 1 of 
    the entrance. Now equip the Enryuu and examine the pedestal to open 
    part 2 of the entrance. Finally, equip your Shipuu to open the last 
    part of the entrance to the underground section and proceed. 
    Oh man, there’s some creepy music playing here, especially the piano 
    parts! Okay move forward until you see a door, that’s being protected 
    by tormented souls, examine it and you will get this message;
    “These ghosts are blocking this door and will not allow it to be 
    opened. It looks like the dead are screaming... But why do these 
    tormented souls want to interfere with your mission?”
    We need a special type of item to open this door. Let’s go and find 
    it shall we? Take the other path and keep going until you see a steel 
    door. Enter it. Lookey lookey! A chest and a save mirror! Save and 
    enhance your Arashi (wind orb). Trust me. Inside the chest is a 
    “Herb”. Move on and cut those tentacles down and eventually you’ll 
    meet another Reynaldo! Kill him and then search the book shelves for 
    the “Green Book”, the “Orange Book” and the “Byakko”. Head through 
    the next door. There are many Reynaldo’s in this area and they can 
    use make their tentacles travel underneath the ground to attack you 
    sneakily. Kill them all. See that steel double door? Enter it! In 
    this room mo... what the hell are those things hanging from the 
    ceiling? Wait forget it! I don’t even wanna know! Head to the right 
    (Sam’s left) and you’ll find a chest containing the “Keep Und. Map”. 
    Keep going and chop that rope at the end to trigger the weight at the 
    other side of the room. Head on over and you will be able to pick up 
    the “Rosary of Com.”. This unique item will let you talk to dead 
    people. Spooky! Exit this room and have Sam go to the top of the 
    screen, see that door? Enter it! Go to the end of this room and 
    examine the chest to receive the “Purifier Bell”. This is the item we 
    need to get through that spirit infested door near the entrance to 
    the underground! Unfortunately, opening this chest also activates a 
    trap. Swinging blade’s (3 of them in fact) will be swinging from left 
    to right, attempting to turn Sam into Samurai Puree! My way of 
    getting past them is to go the right of the screen, keep you hand on 
    the R1 button and then JUST as the blade has swung past Sam, hit the 
    Forward button to make Sam quickly move forward. Do this for each of 
    the 3 swinging blades and then exit the room. Go back through the 
    hallway, past the double steel doors and then you will wind up back 
    at the room with the tentacles attached to the ground and ceiling. 
    Hack ‘em down again and proceed. Save and enhance your Arashi and 
    then return to the tormented spirit infested door. Use the Purifier 
    Bell and you can now proceed! Enter the door to find yourself in a 
    narrow hallway with several blue pods on the walls. Hmmm, I wonder if 
    those monsters will break out of the pods. Walk forward. Oh look, 
    they did! Kill them all. When you reach the end of this hallway, go 
    to Sam’s right and move all the way to the end for a “Fluorite”. You 
    should now have 6 Fluorites. Go back and enter the little door (the 
    first one you saw when you entered this area. Move forward a little 
    and you will come across a door protected by 2 green thingies. Ignore 
    it for the moment and head right at the corner. Enter the door here. 
    In this area, hack away at the tentacles and move along until you 
    locate a little white book and a chest. Pick up the “White Book” and 
    then examine the chest for yet another “Herb” and then exit the room. 
    Equip your Shipuu to unlock the door with the 2 green thingies on it 
    and enter. 
    Right, first things first, examine the iron maiden for another 
    “Fluorite” and then check it again for an amusing comment from Sam. 
    Now check that Trick Treasure Box;
    Trick Treasure Box Solution =========================================
    Middle, Right, Left
    There you go, a shiny new “Blue Key” for you! Well, okay so it isn’t 
    shiny at all. To the left of the dead guy in the corner is a “Byakko” 
    and to the right of him is the “Apocalypse #1”. If you want, talk to 
    the deceased man and then leave this room. Head back to the blue pod 
    room and then head to the door next to where you found the Fluorite. 
    Examine the door to automatically use the Blue Key item and then 
    enter it. In this area, move forward a little for a cutscene. 
    Kinoshita once again rears his ugly head and The Dark Ceremony 
    begins. He wastes no time in trapping Sam behind a green force field! 
    Meanwhile, Sam returns to Kaede, Yumemaru and Nui, but Yuki’s servant 
    grabs the boy! Kaede tries to help out, but Sam punches her!? Kaede 
    is knocked unconscious and Yumemaru is abducted AGAIN! Man, can he 
    spend at least 5 minutes without getting kidnapped? Back with the 
    trapped Sam and Kinoshita, the mighty samurai is furious with 
    Kinoshita who leaves Sam to be sucked even further underground! Kaede 
    wakes up and you’ll now be controlling her.
    Kaede controls – 
    Square – Attack (Press 4 times for a combo)
    Back + Square – Spinning Kick
    Triangle – Throw a Kunai (You start out with 30 of them)
    L1 – Block
    R1 – Ready knife
    R2 – Instant 180 degree turn
    Kaede has a special Issen-type hit of her own! To do it, face a genma 
    and then press the R1, Forward and Square buttons all at the same 
    time. If you did it correctly then Kaede will flip over the opponents 
    head and slice their neck from behind. It looks very cool!
    Notes of Kaede – 
    -	She can’t absorb souls, so don’t fight unless you really have 
    -	She can’t use magic attacks
    -	She is a lot weaker than Sam
    -	She is a lot faster than Sam
    Okay, here we go! Leave this room and you’ll see a dying soldier. 
    Kaede will speak with him and will obtain the “Red Key”. The soldier 
    (with his last breathes) told Kaede that monsters were coming from 
    the West Prison, so that’s where we’re going! Exit the keep. Head to 
    the top of the screen and go through the green gate. In this area, 
    head past the dry moat and the Rope Ladder and instead go to the door 
    that Sam couldn’t get through earlier. Examine it and Kaede will use 
    her Shinobi Kit to unlock the door! Enter it. In this area, kill the 
    ninja genma and then open the chest for a “Herb” and move on. Enter 
    this gate. Go around the corner and you will see a door with not 2, 
    but 3 blue thingies on it! Since Kaede doesn’t have a Gauntlet, she 
    cannot open this door. Search just to the right of this door for 
    another “Fluorite” and move on. See that well, you can climb down it 
    now if you want but there’s really no point, seeing as the only thing 
    that’s down here is the cocoon man and whenever Kaede tries talking 
    to him, he just ignores her. Head through the gate. You will find 
    yourself at an archery range where a lone soldier is trying to hold 
    off 3 genma all by himself. Kill the one of the ground and then climb 
    up the ladder (to the left of the building) to finish off the 2 
    archer genma. After you’ve killed them you’ll hear a “Uuugh”. This is 
    that soldier sighing in relief! Head back down the ladder to gain a 
    “Soul Absorber” from him. 
    Now, head through that door, that’s next to the ladder you went up, 
    to kill the archers (Not the door on the upper level of the building, 
    the door on ground level). On this screen you can chop the trees down 
    for a laugh. Move forward. See that shiny object lying in the grass? 
    Examine it for some additional “Kunai”. Move on and go through that 
    door. Kaede will use her Shinobi Kit to unlock it. Inside this room 
    is a save mirror! Hooray! There is also a Chant Treasure Box; 
    Chant Treasure Chest Solution #######################################
    Fifth one, Seventh one, Second one
    For opening this one you get a “Magic Jewel”. Head through the door. 
    Notice that shiny thing next to the dead guard? Examine it to get the 
    “Gear”. Head even further to locate a massive gate. You can’t enter 
    it just now however, as you lack the proper items to do so. Examine 
    the gate to get this message;
    “It will not open because it is blocked by an iron grille. However, 
    there must be a way to open it...”
    Check the gates sides and you’ll see 2 holders. Looks like you’ll 
    need to inlay something’s here before you can gain access to this 
    gate. Head back past the save point and past the garden with the 
    trees you cut down, until you’re back at the archery range. Don’t 
    even think about fighting the big red demon here! Just don’t okay!? 
    Instead, head back up that ladder! Once at the top, go through the 
    door. In this area, run forward and climb down the ladder. You will 
    come across a door protected by 3 pink thingies here. Ignore it and 
    go the opposite direction for another save mirror, a magic fountain 
    (that Kaede can’t use) and a chest. Open it to get the “West Area 
    Map”. Examine the door to have Kaede use her Shinobi Kit, unlocking 
    it, and enter. In this corridor, kill these common genma, or run past 
    them. Keep going until you reach a fork in the hallway. Go to Kaede’s 
    left and enter that door. In this area, to Kaede’s left is a well 
    hidden chest with a “Herb” in it. We can never have too many of 
    these! See that second chest that’s not hidden at all? Open it to 
    gain the “Journal #5”. To the left of the screen, up on the bookshelf 
    is the “Suzaku”. Now then, walk over to that little brown box in the 
    corner and examine it to make it open up. Try to pull the string and 
    nothing will happen as its missing one of its gears. Bingo! We have 
    it with us! Use it! After setting the Gear, you will be asked if you 
    want to pull the string again. Go for it. Ooooooooo, secret entrance! 
    Enter this secret room and examine the chest for the “Silver Plate” 
    and then pick up the “Byakko” that’s lying right next to the chest. 
    But wait, we’re not done in this room yet! See that Buddha Statue 
    directly behind the chest that contained the Silver Plate? Examine it 
    and you’ll receive another Fluorite. You should now have 9 Fluorites. 
    Okay, we’re now done in here! Let’s leave. Head back to the fork in 
    the hallway, take door to the right this time. Wow, a furnace! Move 
    forward until you see a grey tab hanging from the ceiling. When you 
    pull it the door at the end of this room will open. However, you must 
    cross the room without turning Kaede into a Kunoichi barbecue. After 
    you’ve pulled the tab and the door opens, it will immediately (but 
    slowly) begin closing again. You need to get Kaede through that door, 
    before it shuts and also must make sure that she isn’t scorched by 
    the flames. Once inside, pull that tab to Kaede’s left and this will 
    make sure the door stays open, it will also turn the flames off! 
    Okay, see that glowing thing on the wall? Examine it for the “Gold 
    Plate”. Smash those wooden boxes to find another “Herb”. Exit the 
    furnace. Now, go all the way to the bottom of this hallway and go 
    through the door. In this room, save you game again and then climb up 
    the ladder that’s next to the door, being protected by 3 pink 
    thingies. Once at the top, head through the door. Now climb down the 
    ladder, once at the bottom, head through that door. You’ll be in the 
    garden filled with crickets again. Keep moving onward and go through 
    the door. Save if you want to and then go up to the gate that you 
    couldn’t get to before. Inlay the Silver Plate on the right side of 
    the gate and then inlay the Gold Plate on the left side of the gate. 
    Voila! Unlocked! Enter the gate. Woah, this place is on fire! 
    Literally! Don’t touch the dancing flames, or you’ll get hurt. See 
    that door? Enter it. Look around near the staircase for another 
    “Fluorite” and head on up those stairs. In this room, its time to 
    give Kaede a little present. Examine the Trick Treasure Box;
    Trick Treasure Box Solution =========================================
    Middle, Right, Right, Left, Left
    Haha! Congrats, you’ve just scored Kaede’s ultimate weapon – The 
    “Sacred Knife”! Equip it immediately. Wow, lovely glowing effect 
    there. Head back downstairs and then head through the door, we’re 
    nearly done with Kaede’s adventure! Notice how demons have now 
    infested the building? Well, don’t worry too much about them, you see 
    some genma just aren’t that smart. These ones will prove me right by 
    99% of the time walking into the flames! Go to the end of the hallway 
    and smash the pots in here. There’s also a ninja genma, but Kaede’s 
    new toy will make short work of it. Nab the “Kunai” from that chest 
    and then pick up the “Genbu” that next to the chest. After you’ve 
    collected these go back to the entrance to this burning building and 
    head down into the basement. Keep going and... EWW!! More tentacles! 
    Chop ‘em down and head through the door here. In this room, make your 
    way up to the purple jail cell and examine it for cutscene.
    You’ve located Princess Yuki! Whilst Kaede picks the lock, Yuki talks 
    to her. The princess wants to leave castle and see the world with 
    Sam. Yuki tells Kaede to leave her and see the world with Sam, but 
    Kaede refuses. Whilst picking the lock, a bit flies off and cuts 
    Kaede’s cheek, but Yuki kindly wipes it for her. Suddenly, the mad 
    genma scientist, Guildenstern, appears and drags Yuki away! He tells 
    the Kunoichi that she can die in the jail cell alone and sets one of 
    his genma on her!
    This is exactly like the first time you met with Guilden’ only that 
    he leaves you to fight a stronger monster than Reynaldo. This genma 
    can cloak himself and its attacks are quite damaging. The thing here 
    is to keep your eyes on the ground as soon as he turns invisible and 
    burrows inside the ground. He leaves a small trail of dust wherever 
    he goes, whilst cloaking himself. Also, when he comes out of cloaking 
    mode (when underground), he will attack you straight after with a 
    leaping attack, so keep your finger on that L1 button! Keep attacking 
    when given the chance and you’ll be fine! 
    After the fight he will die and an exhausted Kaede leaves the prison. 
    Your journey with the Kunoichi is over for now.
    Meanwhile, Sam wakes up whilst underground. Controlling him, move 
    forward until you reach a chest and a save mirror. Check the chest 
    for a “Medicine” and then save your game, as there is a boss fight 
    coming up. Head onto the next screen. Cutscene! The evil Sam that 
    punched Kaede earlier is back and now he wants to kill the real Sam! 
    Does anyone else loves Sam’s expression here? I mean, wouldn’t you be 
    making that face if you just saw a complete copy of yourself? Anyway, 
    onto the battle at hand;
    Boss – Stylado / Evil Samanosuke ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    Okay, the first thing you should know, is that this guy loves to 
    block your attacks and he will block most of yours. He has only 2 
    attacks – Good Sam’s combo and a dark energy attack which takes him a 
    few seconds to perform. Oh dear, a few seconds! This is when you 
    should attack him! You’ll know he’s about to use his special move on 
    you, when he does a circular motion with his sword and the weapon is 
    engulfed in dark purple flames. Feel free to use normal attacks on 
    him, or a magic attack. 
    After the battle, Styaldo falls over and passes away (Watch his face 
    when he’s fallen over!). The red barrier that confined Sam to this 
    area disappears and you’re free to leave, but I would recommend that 
    you save you game first! Oh, and don’t forget to absorb Stylado’s 
    souls to replenish your health and magic power! Head past the battle 
    site where you killed you’re evil clone and keep going until you see 
    2 chests. The small one contains the “Evil Plate” and the bigger one 
    contains the “Wooden Ladder”. Its not a Trick Treasure Box by the 
    way. Now walk to the end of this area. Notice that rope hanging down? 
    That was the one I told you not to cut earlier on! However, if you 
    did cut the rope like a naughty little boy / girl, then you’ll find a 
    “Power Jewel” here. If you were a good seed and didn’t cut it, then 
    you’ve already got the Power Jewel! 
    Use that new Wooden Ladder you just obtained (make Sam face the top 
    of the screen first) and then chose to climb up it. Hey! We’re back 
    in the room where we acquired the Bow! Leave here and go up to that 
    weird door from earlier. Along the way, you will notice that dead 
    bodies now have little clouds above their heads. Feel free to talk to 
    any of them. Okay now BEFORE you use the Evil Plate item on the door, 
    explore the rest of the keep first and pick up anything you may have 
    missed, cause after you enter this weird door, much of the keep will 
    be totalled, blocking off several paths. Hey, go to the little room 
    from before (with the save mirror, the magic refill fountain and the 
    weird cocoon man). Enter and the cocoon man will drop down, offering 
    you an invite to the Dark Realm. You may want to save your game first 
    though. If you don’t feel up to it that’s fine, just skip ahead the 
    next part of the walkthrough (press Ctrl and F on your keyboard and 
    type in - Alrighty then! Head to the weird door.)
    The Dark Realm ******************************************************
    The Dark Realm is a place where you go to fight enemies and lots of 
    them too! It is spread across exactly 20 small floors, each one 
    filled with a handful of enemies. The enemies get more and more 
    powerful as you clear each floor. Sam will have his work cut out for 
    him, if you decide to try and clear all 20 floors! There are also a 
    few items scattered throughout the Dark Realm, they aren’t hidden. 
    They are in chests right next to you as you enter some of the floors. 
    None of these chests are Chant Treasure Boxes, or Trick Treasure 
    Boxes, just ordinary chests which is nice! Also, make sure you get to 
    the final floor (floor 20) and obtain the Bishamon Ocarina. This item 
    will enable you unlock something REALLY great during the final parts 
    of the game... 
    $$$$$$ To gain access to the Dark Realm, you must have acquired the 
    Evil Plate item (gained right after you beat the Evil Sam $$$$$$
    There are also 2 ways to get into the Dark Realm. 
    1) Remember the first room, you saved in, in the Keep? The room with 
    the save mirror and the magic fountain right next to it? You’ll find 
    the cocoon man at the end of this room.
    2) Remember the screen, just before you arrive at the archery range? 
    There was that well there? Enter the well and at the far end of it 
    lies the cocoon man.
    (No, these do not lead to 2 different Dark Realms, there is only 1 
    Dark Realm!) 
    Tips before entering the Dark Realm – 
    -	I suggest going in with a maxed out Raizan. This will make 
    short work of some enemies.
    -	Make sure you’ve been using your Magic Jewels to increase Sam’s 
    magic bar. 
    -	Have the Holy Armor equipped, or if you waited till a bit later 
    to do the Dark Realm, equip your Great Armour.
    -	Keep your finger close to the L1 button, just in case!
    Okay, let’s do this!
    Floor I; 
    Enemies – 10 Zombies
    Item(s) – Nothing
    Floor II;
    Enemies – 7 Ninjas
    Item(s) – Nothing
    Floor III;
    Enemies – 5 Zombies and 2 Red Knights
    Item(s) - Nothing
    Floor IV;
    Enemies – 4 Red Knights
    Item(s) - Nothing
    Floor V;
    Enemies – 5 Ninjas and 2 Red Knights
    Item(s) – Nothing
    Floor VI;
    Enemies – 12 Hobgoblins
    Item(s) – Nothing
    Floor VII;
    Enemies – 8 Hecubites
    Item(s) - Fluorite
    Floor VIII;
    Enemies – 9 Hobgoblins and 4 Soul Stealers
    Item(s) - Nothing
    Floor IX;
    Enemies – 6 Hobgoblins and 3 Orcs
    Item(s) - Medicine
    Floor X;
    Enemies – 3 Orcs and 3 Soul Stealers
    Item(s) - Fluorite
    Floor XI;
    Enemies – 5 Reynaldos 
    Item(s) - Nothing
    Floor XII;
    Enemies – 4 Reynaldos and 4 Soul Stealers
    Item(s) – Soul Absorber
    Floor XIII;
    Enemies – 5 Hecubites and 3 Reynaldos
    Item(s) - Nothing
    Floor XIV;
    Enemies – 3 Moles
    Item(s) - Herb
    Floor XV;
    Enemies – 5 Reynaldos and 2 Moles
    Item(s) - Talisman
    Floor XVI;
    Enemies – 7 Shadow Ninjas
    Item(s) - Herb
    Floor XVII;
    Enemies – 3 Blue Knights and 2 Red Knights
    Item(s) - Fluorite
    Floor XVIII;
    Enemies – 4 Shadow Ninjas and 2 Moles
    Item(s) - Herb
    Floor XIX;
    Enemies – 6 Shadow Ninjas and 3 Blue Knights
    Item(s) - Nothing
    Floor XX;
    Enemies – 3 Orcs and 3 Moles
    Item(s) – Bishamon Ocarina
    Done it? Congrats! Okay, let’s recap on all the items you should have 
    if you cleared the Dark Realm;
    -	3 Herbs
    -	1 Medicine
    -	1 Soul Absorber
    -	1 Talisman
    -	3 Fluorites
    -	1 Bishamon Ocarina
    And oh yeah, you’ve just killed 147 enemies in a row! Also, check out 
    the number of souls you have now! Enhance those weapons and items! 
    Feel free to jump right back into the Dark Realm for some more souls 
    if you want, you can also get as many Medicine’s and Herb’s as you 
    like. Have fun!
    Alrighty then! Head to the weird door. Remember that Evil Plate you 
    picked up on the door and then enter it. Cutscene! It’s that traitor 
    Nui holding Yumemaru! She undoes her hair and then transforms into a 
    huge bee-type genma! She raises a gate that leads to the Demon World 
    and this destroys most of the Keep too. She enters the gate with the 
    boy, leaving Sam on the other side. Sam is joined by Kaede, who tries 
    throwing a Kunai at the gates force field, but that does nothing to 
    budge it. Looks like we’re gonna have to find a way!  
    When you regain control of Sam, exit this room. Head down the screen 
    and you’ll see that this section of the Keep has been destroyed by 
    the arrival of the Demon World’s gate. Head the opposite way and make 
    your way to the main part of the castle. Remember that door in the 
    main area of the Keep that led you to the Underground part? That’s 
    gone, so you can’t head underground anymore either. Oh yeah and 
    before I forget, make sure your Shiden Orb and your Kouen Orb are 
    both enhanced to the max. They’ll both need to be at level 3 right 
    now! Head outside the Keep and move Sam to the top of the screen, 
    head through the green gate here. In the next area, go toward the 
    next gate (past the dry mote) and enter it. Keep going and head 
    through the next one. In this area, go around the corner and you’ll 
    see the door that was protected by 3 blue thingies from earlier. 
    Unlock it then enter it! In this room, before doing anything, hold 
    the Circle button down and you will absorb many souls from that Soul 
    Shrine to Sam’s left. To Sam’s right is the “Genbu”. After picking 
    the Genbu up, move forward a little to see a statue, looks like some 
    thoughtless individual has taken its head away. Directly next to the 
    statue is a chest containing the Vision Staff”. This handy little 
    item makes Fluorites visible! So you’ll now know exactly where they 
    are! To the left of the statue of the West (in the middle of the 
    room) you’ll see a hidden passage, however, when you try to advance a 
    massive door drops down and blocks your path. Looks like we’ll have 
    to find a way to open it. 
    Leave this room and make your way back to that there archery range. 
    You’ll pass that well I told you about earlier, that houses the 
    cocoon man. If you wanna go to the Dark Realm, feel free to! At the 
    archery range, you will almost immediately be hit by arrows from the 
    annoying archers, so hold block! Destroy the big black samurai genma 
    and then go to that ladder near the door. Climb up it. At the top, 
    kill the archers for shooting at you and then enter the door here. 
    Climb down that ladder and then save your game, recover your magic 
    power and enhance as needed. See that door protected by 3 pink 
    thingies? Unlock it and enter it. Head up and look in that chest for 
    a “Medicine”. Now comes the fun bit! Whilst standing behind that 
    fence, cut the rope holding the catapult and watch what happens! 
    HAHA, I never get tired of that! You’ll see a “Fluorite” that was 
    hiding under the catapult, pick it up and head through the door. Oh 
    man! 4 HUGE genma have come to say hello, and by “say hello” I really 
    mean slice him and dice him six ways to Sunday! Immediately use your 
    Enryuu magic attack to knock the first 3 down and then use it again. 
    After this (should the smaller ones not be dead already) 1 or 2 
    normal slashes should take them out. Now move onto the big red Genma. 
    He’s massive huh? Well don’t let his size scare you. Use your Raizan 
    magic attack on this guy and if he gets knocked down, then run up to 
    him and stab him, before he can get up. Easy right? Well then do it! 
    Okay, near the entrance to this area, is a chest containing that 
    “Statue Head” we’ve been looking for! A little ways up is another 
    chest with some “Bullets” inside it. Move up a little bit and examine 
    that glowing green light for the “Decorated Sword”. Got those 3 
    items? Great, let’s leave this area. You’ll be greeted by 3 normal 
    zombie genma and another archer. Kill ‘em and then proceed. Go back 
    through that door and into the food parlour (room with the save 
    mirror and the magic fountain). In this room, save, enhance and head 
    up the ladder, then go through the door. We’re back in the archery 
    range. Go down the ladder here. Kill the big black samurai demons and 
    head down the screen. Through that door. Circle around the path until 
    you get to that door that was protected by the 3 blur things and 
    enter it, while watching out for those black ninja genma. In this 
    room, go up to that statue with no head and use the Statue Head item. 
    Sam will fit it securely in place and that will open the door at the 
    end of the hidden passageway! Go and claim your “Matchlock”! Now you 
    have a machine gun! Hohoho. Well, okay I lied it’s NOT a machine gun! 
    Sorry. Anyway, head out of this room and if there are archer genma 
    trying to hurt you, then test out your new toy on them! Head back to 
    the area, just outside the Keep. Along the way, you’ll spot a white 
    glowing object, it’s another “Fluorite”! Remember that grey door, 
    that you couldn’t gain entrance to near the beginning of the game? In 
    the bottom right hand side of the area? Go there. A cutscene will 
    show a soldier yelling “Help me!!” and then a few Hecubite genma will 
    burst through that barred door. Thank them, then kill them. Talk to 
    the soldier if you want and then head through the newly opened door. 
    You’ll see a grey slab with an imprint of a sword in it. Use your 
    Decorated Sword on it. Head through the newly revealed gate. 
    Head down and kill the ninja genma that pop up in a vain effort to 
    make you jump. Soon enough the path splits into 2. Head upwards and 
    then turn right to see a door that’s protected by 2 green things. 
    Unlock it, then enter it. In this room, go straight forward and equip 
    you Matchlock. Shoot at the rope and it will release a bridge. Cross 
    that bridge. Open the chest on Sam’s left for some more “Bullets”. 
    Face the dead end, switch to one of your blades and slice it! A 
    section will fall off. Examine it for a “Talisman”. Head back across 
    the bridge and this time, go the other way (A.K.A. the path just 
    before the bridge you just crossed). Examine the door for the 
    “Journal #6”. This Journal is Saimyou’s final one. He tells you, or 
    rather shows you how to unlock the seal that’s preventing you from 
    entering the demon world. Good bye Saimyou. Enter the door. In this 
    area, go right to the end, ignoring the door on Sam’s left. Enter the 
    door at the end and you’ll find yourself in a small room. Directly in 
    front of you is a chest containing some “Bullets”. On that small 
    shelve unit, is the “Genbu”. To the left of the Genbu is another 
    thing for you to slice. Slice it and then examine it to receive the 
    “East Area Map”. Exit this small room. Go down the path and on Sam’s 
    right, you’ll see a door. Enter it. In this room, directly to Sam’s 
    left is a chest containing, yep you guessed it, even more “Bullets”! 
    Now, up them stairs! On the way, watch out for and kill the annoying 
    archers and the black samurai genma. At the end of this path, you’ll 
    see a chest with a “Magic Jewel” inside it. Take the Jewel and then 
    climb up the ladder. Go around this square section of the roof and 
    you’ll eventually see and opening, next to this opening (on the left 
    of the screen) is another “Fluorite”. As you go through this wrecked 
    part of the roof, the crows will fly away from their meal and you’ll 
    be facing some shadow ninja genma. Kill ‘em. Next to the dead body is 
    a flashing object – a “Power Jewel”. This will be your last Power 
    Jewel. Circle around this roof to find another “Soul Absorber”. Okay, 
    time to leave this roof. Head back down the ladder and then travel 
    down that path inside of the building. Now then, once at the bottom, 
    you should see a door behind Sam, that protected by 3 green thingies. 
    Equip your Shipuu, unlock the door, then enter it. I love the harp 
    music playing here! Turn around and unlock the door from this side as 
    well, but don’t re-enter it. If Sam is facing this door, then make 
    him go left. Enter that small gate. In this area, a cloaking demon 
    (like the one Kaede killed in the small prison) has arrived to get 
    his arse kicked. So kick it! After he’s killed go up to that Soul 
    Shrine and absorb baby! Enter the door to the left of the Soul 
    Shrine. In this area, just move forward until you see another gate, 
    enter it. Okay, now you should be in an area with a waterfall, 
    beautiful isn’t it? To kill that demon right at the end of the 
    rickety bridge, lure him onto it, then run back and cut the ropes to 
    make him fall to his watery grave! Just make sure you aren’t ON the 
    bridge when cutting the ropes! Haha! Take that genma bastard! 
    Remember to keep the Circle button held down after he’s fallen, 
    because he will still release some souls after you cut the ropes. 
    It’ll just take a few seconds is all. There is another one of these 
    genma lurking around behind the bridge. Kill him and then search 
    around here for a secret passageway, in which you’ll find another 
    Trick Treasure Box;
    Trick Treasure Box Solution =========================================
    Lower left, Upper right, Lower right, Lower left, Lower right
    Say goodbye to your Holy Armor, as successfully opening this chest 
    will net you the “Great Armor”! Equip it right now! Wehey! Lookin’ 
    sharp Sam! Okay, after you’ve finished checking out how lovely Sam 
    looks in his new armor, head to the other side of the waterfall and 
    enter that door. In this room is a save mirror, a magic fountain, a 
    normal chest and a Chant Treasure Box. Save, enhance, then open the 
    chest at the bottom of this screen for a “Medicine”. Now move on over 
    to that Chant Treasure Box and lets see if we can’t open it hm? 
    Chant Treasure Box ##################################################
    Third one, Sixth one
    Hmmm... that was a short one! Oh well, enjoy your last “Magic Jewel”! 
    The door to the left of this room is inaccessible to Sam, only Kaede 
    can open it. Instead, move Sam down those stairs. You should see a 
    “Fluorite” here, pick it up! From here, examine that boat to the 
    right of the screen and chose to board it. This will take you to that 
    building off in the distance. Once you’ve reached the shore, enter 
    that door. Hehe, rhyme! Inside this building, walk forward and you 
    see that thing on the altar? That’s one of the things we’ll be 
    needing to break the seal that’s keeping you from entering the gate 
    to the demon world. Examine it to receive the “Great Bow”! Cutscene! 
    The door behind Sam closes, leaving him trapped inside! To make 
    matters worse, Hecubites have started gathering in the room! The 
    scene will switch back to Kaede, who gets a fright as a Hecubite 
    bursts out of the water to kill her. You’ll now be playing as the 
    female Kunoichi once again. Also, if you completed the first Kaede 
    scenario with any of your health missing, then that health will still 
    be missing now. Damn! Heal her up if you want and then take out the 
    Hecubite genma here, there should be 2 of them. Start moving up the 
    path and you see where it branches off to the left? Go that way! 
    Examine the door to have Kaede use her Shinobi Kit to unlock it. 
    Enter this door. In this area, BE CAREFUL! As you move forward, 2 
    hecubites will inevitably pop up out of the water an either side of 
    Kaede. A good way to kill them, is to slash the one in front of you 
    once or twice and then try her Issen type move on it. Kaede can’t use 
    Issen’s on these creatures, as they don’t have enough height to them. 
    Anyway, after Kaede has performed her flip over the Hecubite, just 
    slash away until they’re both dead. 
    When the path splits right, head all the way to the right and open 
    the semi-hidden chest for some more “Kunai”. Now, head through that 
    double door, next to this chest. In this room, directly to Kaede’s 
    right is a “Fluorite” on the floor, pick it up. Also, to the right of 
    that huge statue (located in the middle of the room) is a “Herb”. Now 
    then, head around that statue and you’ll see a secret passage. Head 
    around and go right to the end to find the “Apocalypse #2”. Exit this 
    room. Now then, head up and examine that door at the top of the 
    screen to have the Kunoichi use her Shinobi Kit on it. Enter the 
    door. Heh heh, does this area look familiar? Head all the way to the 
    left of the screen and go through that gate. On the next screen, just 
    keep running forward and enter that gate. Now then, in this area, 
    continue to move forward. Enter the gate at the end and you’ll now 
    find yourself back in the area with the massive waterfall. Go around 
    the waterfall. In case you’re wondering, no there is not a Great 
    Ninja Outfit for Kaede hidden in a chest behind the waterfall. Though 
    it would be cool if there was... Head through that door on the other 
    side of the waterfall. Inside this room, save your game. Now, head on 
    over to the left hand side of the screen that Sam couldn’t open 
    earlier. Examine it to have Kaede once again use her Shinobi Kit on 
    it, unlocking it. Enter this door. In this bit, run forward and watch 
    the humorous sight of the genma falling down, if you chose to attack 
    them while they’re climbing up! 
    Go all the way to the end of the path and enter that door. In this 
    room, hack down the boards revealing a chest containing some “Normal 
    Arrows”. At the end of this room is a big black samurai genma 
    accompanied by 2 zombie genma, kill the small ones first and then 
    move onto the big guy. Execute Kaede’s neck slice move (the Issen 
    type kill) on him, to end this battle quickly. Head through the door 
    at the end. In this area, there are many zombie genma. Just kill ‘em 
    all and then smash the pots to find some more “Kunai”. Now, go to the 
    top of the screen and then head right. Go through that door. In this 
    room there is a save mirror, so save your game! Climb up that ladder 
    next to the save mirror and smash those crates. See that shining 
    object it’s another “Fluorite”! Also hidden in this room is the 
    “Genbu”. This Genbu is just across from the Fluorite you just picked 
    up. Climb back down that ladder and go through those double doors. 
    HOLD THE BLOCK BUTTON!! There is an archer right at the end of this 
    path who will be shooting at you. Run up and kill him. After slaying 
    him, turn left and enter that small door. In this room, directly on 
    Kaede’s left is the final “Suzaku”! Check your files after picking it 
    up, you should now have all 4 Seiryus, all 4 Suzakus, all 4 Byakkos 
    and all 4 Genbus. If you have, then congratulations! If you haven’t, 
    then don’t fret it. You never really needed them anyway cause your 
    using this guide! Inside that chest is another “Herb”. Now check that 
    little shining thing near the ladder for the FINAL “Fluorite”! 
    Yaaaaay! If you went through the Dark Realm, like I suggested earlier 
    and picked up all the items while you were in there, then you should 
    now have 20 Fluorites. Climb up that ladder. 
    In this room, keep going around all the corners and you’ll eventually 
    come across another Trick Treasure Box. It seems as if we’re 
    completing a lot of things now doesn’t it? This is the last Trick 
    Treasure Box;
    Trick Treasure Box Solution =========================================
    Left, Left, Middle, Right, Right, Middle, Middle
    Open this last one to receive the “Decorated Bow”. Head back to the 
    ladder, on your way a shadow ninja genma should appear to say hello. 
    Kill him and climb down the ladder. Go through that door again. Now 
    enter those double doors, you saw earlier, remember, where you killed 
    the archer? In this room, you’ll come across a statue. Examine the 
    black and gold treasure chest in front of it to get this message; 
    “There is an off treasure box... But it won’t open. There is no 
    keyhole, so you will need to figure out the locking mechanism.” 
    See that small path to the left of the statue? Go through there and 
    turn the corner, till you see a dragon pedestal, holding an arrow. 
    Examine it to gain the “Great Arrow”. Woohoo! Now Sam can finally 
    enter the demon world and... Sam? SAM?? Crap, he’s still in trouble! 
    Lets finish up with Kaede’s final scenario and go rescue him! After 
    picking up the Great Arrow, the door to this room will lock, trapping 
    Kaede inside. Worry not though! Remember that Decorated Arrow you 
    picked up earlier? Well, place that on the dragon pedestal to unlatch 
    the door and that odd looking treasure chest in front of the statue. 
    Open the chest for the “Green Key” and leave this room. Okay, now you 
    must return to that room with all the pots in it that you broke. So 
    go there. Remember to block because there is another archer just 
    outside this room, looking for revenge for his little brother. Kill 
    him. Back in the room with the urns? Great. This time take the left 
    path. I also think its worth noting the big black samurai genma 
    that’s lurking around in here. Don’t worry though, as a few Kunai 
    will take him down! Examine the door at the end of the left path to 
    have Kaede automatically use the Green Key. Enter the door.
    Head to the ladder and climb down it. Go to the right hand side of 
    the screen and you’ll find a boat. Choose to board it. It will take 
    Kaede to the building where Samanosuke is! Examine the door and 
    you’re adventure with Kaede will end. Cutscene! Kaede peers inside 
    the door and sees that Sam is in trouble, but she can’t open the 
    door, to make matters worse, a monster is coming! Kaede quickly 
    locates a boat filled with gunpowder... Inside the building, Sam is 
    confronted by Hecuba, who announces that the Dark Ceremony is 
    starting! The genma also plan to kill Yumemaru as well. It seems that 
    by killing him, Yuki’s sorrow will peek and it will make her blood 
    taste better. Hecuba summons her “babies” and the fight with her 
    Boss – Hecuba +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    This boss battle is not really that hard, rather annoying. Hecuba, 
    being a bee-type genma is constantly in the air rendering your normal 
    combo useless. To make matters worse, you have to keep on killing her 
    babies the Hecubites. To take care of the Hecubites, use your Enryuu 
    fire magic or the Shipuu wind magic on them. Don’t worry they are 
    much weaker than the ones you’ve faced before. Even a normal combo 
    with a maxed out Raizan will kill one of them. To hit Hecuba, wait 
    for her to swoop down to try and hit you and then use a combo or some 
    magic on her. The Shipuu’s wind magic can hit her when she’s out of 
    your range. Burst bullets work wonders here! Also, about her swooping 
    attack, if you block it (you are blocking aren’t you?) then Sam will 
    be momentarily knocked back slightly leaving her time to ascend into 
    the air again. Oh yeah, after you’ve used the wind magic on her, she 
    will be momentarily weakened, so used the Raizan’s magic attack or a 
    combo on her! One of her other attacks is a normal sweep with her 
    arm. If you’re lucky enough then this attack will actually kill one 
    of the Hecubites! Keep attacking her ass and she’ll fall eventually. 
    After the battle, Hecy falls into the water. Kaede arrives and helps 
    Sam out of the building with a ladder, but Hecy returns! Fortunately, 
    Hecuba gets trapped under a flaming support beam that falls down from 
    the ceiling. As she screams, Sam and Kaede escape from the huge 
    explosion, however, Kaede is unfortunately injured. Sam brings her 
    back to the Keep and places her in one of the rooms, smiles at her, 
    delivers a great speech and then leaves to go to the Demon World. 
    Wehey! No more scary music plays in the Keep now! Now plays an 
    inspiring tune to get you in the mood for saving Yuki and Yumemaru! 
    Lets go young Samurai! 
    Okay, first things first, you have now reached the final part of 
    Onimusha. Go and save your game. Now is the time to do any enhancing. 
    Make sure everything is at level 3 and make sure that all your herbs 
    are enhanced into medicines, any arrows upgraded to flame arrows and 
    any bullets are transformed into burst bullets. Once you enter the 
    demon world, you won’t be coming out. If you haven’t done so already, 
    go through the Dark Realm. The final boss will be a piece of cake if 
    you obtain the Bishamon Ocarina. Trust me! If you’ve done all you can 
    do, then head back to the room where Nui transformed herself into 
    Hecuba. Once there, go to the item screen (press Start and then 
    right) and select to use either the Great Bow, or the Great Arrow to 
    start an awesome cutscene of Sam destroying the barrier. With the 
    barrier gone, Sam makes his way inside. Welcome to the demon world, 
    here Sam will be met by Guildenstern. After getting insulted by the 
    samurai, Guilden sets his ultimate creation upon Sam – A supped up 
    Boss – Super Marcellus ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    Yep, remember that guy you killed on the roof earlier? He’s back and 
    he wants revenge! This Marcellus is a real handful if you’re not 
    careful. He starts out with a huge shield and a sword. Oh yes that 
    shield of his can and will block most of your attacks. Even the 
    Raizan’s magical attack is useless against it. Wait for him to attack 
    and then use a magic attack on him. After you’ve damaged him enough, 
    his sword and shield will both be lost to him, however, he just forms 
    2 new swords the bastard! Do you have a talisman? If Marcy kills you, 
    then you will be instantly revived on the spot with a full life bar. 
    You should have 2 of them on you if you followed this walkthrough. 
    You can still block all of his attacks though, just watch out for his 
    spinning attack. Its brutal. Absorb the souls he releases (he lets 
    off quite a few yellow and blue souls ya know!) and keep slashing 
    away and you’ll be fine!
    After being defeated by Sam a second time, Marcy turns into a red 
    light and then releases his souls. Absorb these immediately to 
    replenish your lost health completely. Before you leave this area, go 
    to the part where you just came from to find a chest containing a 
    “Medicine”. Now head through the door at the end. In this area, press 
    the Circle button to absorb some magic souls to replenish your magic. 
    See the weird looking door to the right of the magic fountain? Use 
    your Bishamon Ocarina and watch it open up! Inside you’ll see a 
    skeleton attached to the wall, plunged into its chest is a sword. The 
    Bishamon Sword. Sam’s ULTIMATE WEAPON!! Equip it immediately. Wow, 
    check it out, its nice eh? This sword can kill most enemies in just 1 
    hit and it NEVER runs out of magic power! Head on out. You’ll find a 
    save mirror – the final one – in the corner of the magic fountain 
    room. Next to the save mirror is the “Dark Realm Map”. Save, enhance 
    your herbs to medicines and head through that door on the right. 
    You don’t need any directions for this room, its just a spiral going 
    down, down, down... Along the way, you’ll find out what’s creating 
    Reynaldos. And it won’t stop spawning them either, so you have an 
    infinite supply of the buggers to kill. Use them to gain more souls 
    and enhance any last things you need to. At the very bottom of this 
    spiralling path is a cloaking genma. Kill him and then pick up the 2 
    “Medicines” right behind him. Head left and you’ll see a huge door. 
    This is it. The final boss of the game. Boy we’ve sure had some fun 
    haven’t we? Take a deep breath and then enter the door. Cutscene! Sam 
    spots Yuki and Yumemaru! They’re tied to a wall and are very high up, 
    but they’re unharmed. Just as Sam goes to free the, he here’s a 
    monstrous laugh. The King of Demons has arrived! Fortinbras bursts 
    into the area! “Come here Nobunaga!” He bellows, “Drinks her blood 
    from the Grail of Despair!” Uh-oh! Its Nobunaga Oda himself! He 
    descends the steps all sinister-like, ready to drink Yuki’s blood! 
    Fortinbras then begins shocking the princess, as she screams, 
    Yumemaru yells out her name. Fortinbras only laughs. With that, Sam 
    delivers one final speech;
    “Even if I die... I will DESTROY YOU!!”
    Fortinbras roars and the battle begins!
    Boss – Fortinbras +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    Here we go! The final boss of the game! He has a multitude of attacks 
    and is extremely powerful. He doesn’t move at all from his spot, but 
    the area you’re in is incredibly limited and small. Forty uses his 
    incredible reach to try and stab you with his hand, you can block 
    this, but it will knock you back a lot. He has a fire breathe attack 
    that will cover the entire arena, but you can just stay in one of the 
    corners, until he’s finished using it. See those glowing pink orbs in 
    the air? Avoid those at all costs! You’ll be able to see where 
    they’re going to hit by looking out for the pink shadows on the 
    floor. When Forty uses his eye lasers, keep the R1 button held down 
    and dodge left and right until he stops using them H uses a few of 
    these eye lasers so be careful! His most powerful attack is something 
    you do NOT want to receive; Forty picks Sam up, stares at him for a 
    few seconds and then does a 1 hit kill to him! If you’re unfortunate 
    enough to be scooped up by him, then MASH THOSE DAMN BUTTONS like a 
    madman! Mad I tell you!! Okay, that’s all his attacks and how you can 
    avoid or block them, lets move onto how you can damage him! You could 
    use all your magic attacks at once and then switch to normal combos 
    to deal damage to him. The swords effectiveness against Forty in 
    order is this – Enryuu > Raizan > Shipuu
    Of course, you could just stay in one of the corners and shoot him to 
    death with Flaming Arrows and Burst Bullets, while occasionally 
    dodging his attacks. 
    If you got the Bishamon sword, then just slash at him a couple dozen 
    times. That’s it. Now do you see the power it holds? -_^
    Keep at it and he will fall at your feet!
    CONGRATULATIONS!! You have just completed the first in Capcom’s epic 
    samurai trilogy! Give yourself a pat on the back, or get somebody 
    else to do it for you, then sit back and watch the amazing FMV 
    ending. I recommend you watch the ending first, rather than reading 
    it from this walkthrough and then watching it. Oh yeah, don’t forget 
    to check out what grade you got!
    I’ll see you in Onimusha 2!
    Fortinbras falls and the place begins to fall apart.
    Samanosuke sheathes his sword and is joined by a recently recovered 
    Kaede – Samanosuke!
    Samanosuke – Kaede! Lets get out of here!
    The two of them cut the things that are holding Princess Yuki and 
    Yuki – Samanosuke!
    Yumemaru – I’m fine.
    Samanosuke – We cannot stay here any longer! Run! 
    The 4 of them all descend the stairs and run for the door. Yumemaru 
    stops to look at Fortinbras’ dead body, but Kaede grabs his arm to 
    pull him away.
    Kaede – Yumemaru!
    Samanosuke makes sure they get out, but suddenly Fortinbras comes 
    back to life! He grabs Samanosuke in his hand and begins to crush 
    him. Yuki sees this.
    Fortinbras – There is no escape from me!!
    Yuki – Noooo!
    Samanosuke – Forget about me! Go!
    Kaede helps Yuki to escape as Fortinbras’ grip tightens by the 
    second. As Samanosuke looses consciousness, he mutters the names of 
    his friends.
    Samanosuke – Yuki... Kaede... Yumemaru...
    Samanosuke coughs up a mouthful of blood. The blood goes on the 
    gauntlet and a powerful explosion blows Fortinbras’ right hand 
    straight off! The demon king looks at Samanosuke who has transformed 
    into an Onimusha! Fortinbras reaches for Samanosuke again, but the 
    samurai simply places his sword on the ground in front of himself and 
    the demon king’s arm is cut in half almost all the way to the end. 
    Samanosuke raises his blade high and Fortinbras can only stare as the 
    sword is plunged straight into his eye! Fortinbras is finally dead. 
    Samanosuke wakes up, without a top on. His hair is loose. The samurai 
    spots Nobunaga standing behind him and gets up, ready to face the 
    What happened to the characters next??
    Yuki went to stay with a family friend. She left a month later to see 
    the world. 
    Following Sam’s advice, Yumemaru accompanied her, also wanting to see 
    the world. 
    Kaede searched for Sam, but never found him. Sam’s uncle Mitsuhide 
    employed her as his agent. She sadly died 14 years later in a war. 
    Rest in peace Kaede. 
    As for Sam, nobody knows what happened to him...
    IX) Unlockables
    Oni Spirits mini game – Collect all 20 Fluorites
    Special sneak peak trailer of Onimusha 2 – Simply complete the game 
    once on any difficulty.
    Ultimate mode – Complete the Oni Spirits mini game. 
    (In Ultimate Mode you start the game with the Bishamon Sword, 99 Soul 
    Absorbers, 99 arrows, 99 bullets, all other swords and unlimited 
    Kaede’s extra costume – Complete the game with an S ranking.
    Samanosuke’s Panda outfit – Complete the game, obtaining at least 10 
    Fluorites to unlock Sam’s panda costume! ^.^
    (The panda outfit is so funny. The gauntlet gets replaced with a 
    sunflower. You can press the L2 button to remove the panda mask from 
    Sam’s head and there’s a little baby panda in the pouch of the 
    outfit! The baby panda is constantly looking around and clapping his 
    hands. So cute!! ...ahem, let’s move on shall we?) 
    X) Trivia
    * Onimusha was originally to be released for the Nintendo 64 system. 
    It was then moved to the Playstation. Development then finally 
    settled on the Playstation 2 system. 
    * Look at the gauntlet when you have an orb equipped. It blinks.
    * Sam’s full name is Hidemitsu Samanosuke Akechi, as revealed in 
    Onimusha 3
    * The word genma is actually not spoken, or written at all in this 
    game, or in Onimusha 2. Capcom started using the word genma in 
    Onimusha 3.
    * When Sam has his bow equipped, press R1, but don’t actually fire 
    the arrow. Take your hand off R1 and Sam will now be holding the 
    arrow in his other hand. He will continue to hold it until you enter 
    another screen. 
    * There was actually one part of the game that was edited and that 
    part was the Nui transformation into Hecuba. Some small parts were 
    cut out and I’m not gonna tell you what they were, you’ll have to 
    watch the clip yourself!
    Release dates – 
    Japan – January 25 2001
    America – March 13 2001
    Europe - July 6 2001
    XI) Frequently Asked Questions
    Q) How long is this game?
    A) A skilled player can complete it in 3 hours or less. I once 
    completed it in 2 hours and 33 minutes. 
    Q) Who voices Sam?
    A) Takeshi Kaneshiro in Japanese and Tig Fong in English.
    Q) Did Samanosuke die at the end?
    A) Play Onimusha 3. It tells you what happened to Sam. 
    Q) How good are you at this game?
    A) I dunno, good I guess. I’ve completed it over 10 times, I toy 
    around with the bosses, etc. 
    XII) Special Thanks
    - Capcom for making what has become my favorite Playstation 2 game.
    - Takeshi Kaneshiro for playing the part of Sam.
    - Sam for quickly becoming my favorite video game  character ever.
    - My friend Danny for offering his support. Thanks man!
    - Me for writing this walkthrough
    - You for reading this walkthrough, unless of course you’re someone I 
    Looks like you’re done now. Go outside and play...

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