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Reviewed: 09/14/00 | Updated: 09/14/00

Tony's Ridge Racer V Review

Well... this game was not as interesting as i thought that it would be. Personally, I would even prefer playing the old ridge racers. this game isn't ALL that bad. but its still pretty bad. Sure... the graphics are all nice and the Intro is nice too. But when you start playing the game... it gets boring pretty quickly, Especially if you're used to playing better racing games... (cough...GT2...cough). The controls in this game are ok, but they could have used some work. the feeling of high speed racing still remains like the old ones, but some how the magic is gone. its great to be able to have some secrets, but the game seemed to be rushed out too early for the PS2 released. Cars looks quite releastic, so thats a good thing..... and the sound is not bad too. the engine roaring and the background music are very well done too. I think this game could have been WAY better then it is now. it is still, however, a ok game. Now. let talk about the WORST part about the game. THE GAMEPLAY JUST PLAIN SUCKS. PERIOD. COmpare to other games on the old playstation. I would even choose the old ps titles. the controls are bad with its pressure sensitive buttons. IN other words. If you got some extra money in your pocket for a ps2 game. Buy something else... this one ain't for you unless you're a die hard fan of RR

Rating time!

controls: 3/5... Could have use some of work on it

graphics: 4.5/5 best Intro and in game graphics with no slowdowns. yay!

sounds: 4/5 good sounds and music.

overall: 3/5 If you are a hardcore fan of RR. then you can get it see it for yourself. If you're not, I suggest you wait for something else better to come out. rent it if you like

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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