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"Turn, Turn TURN."

General/Summary: Ridge Racer V is a blast, IF YOU RENT IT!!! When you first play the game, it's cool to see what the game has to offer and check out the courses, but the game itself is way to easy once you get the idea of what you are doing. Also the courses at first are interesting but they are all really just one course with different roadblocks to change your path. After you beat them you get the same courses only you start at the finish and end at the start. For a game that is on the PS2, there should be more courses in different locations.
Gameplay: It's a typical racing game. One thing that really bothered me was how easy it is to control. Usually with a racing game I start off with automatic transmission to get a feel for the game and so I can check out the graphics more closely. Usually doing this will almost insure that you will not win. Not the case with RRV. The benefits you receive by selecting manual transmission are really that different or more challenging than automatic. It gets real boring real fast when all you're doing is holding down the X button and slightly tapping the directional buttons.

Graphics: I liked the graphics. Especially on the the replay of your race. Very cool. Once you win a few races and can unlock the design shop to its extent, you can make some really cool looking cars. The night courses are also very cool although a bit hard to see in 2 player mode if you have a smaller TV.

Sound: LAME LAME LAME!!! This game on theatre surrond sound sucks for what it should be. The music is very thin sounding and because it's a techno feel, it should thump. The cars should rumble the floor and they don't. When you're driving with a 700 hp engine, you should feel it. All of the music tracks are way too similar. I know this is the norm for this style of music which is fine but being able to select your music track is useless in this game. Oh and the announcer? Who in the world hired that guy and are they still employed by NAMCO? He is the absoulte worst voice over in the history of all voice overs. I was reading some of the previous reviews of this game and some were saying he's not too repeatitive. The guy only has like 4 phrases he says in the entire game and he says them like 50 times a race. Not to mention he sounds like a complete fairy.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 05/11/01, Updated 05/11/01

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