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Reviewed: 05/12/01 | Updated: 05/12/01

A fun racing game. Nice to try, but think first before you buy.

Since I got my PS2, I was wondering what racing game could fill in the racing experience that I need/want from my system. There are a few games that come to my mind (as of this point in time) but one stands out. Ridge Racer V. With the success of the previous Ridge Racers from the original Playstation, this one promises to be a lot better.

Gameplay/Controls (7 pts): Just like in real racing, you'll feel the adrenaline rush throughout your whole body telling you to go faster. The game features the grand prix where you can duke it out with the best cars in your league and win prizes (cars, trophies, and engines). You can also take a ride on a street without worrying about being first in the Free Mode. You can also customize your cars. But then, the downside of the gameplay is the computer AI. The computer doesn't quite prove that it can think. You can easily run past them. But all-in-all, the game is fun. As for the controls, the game has a rather easy touch to it. You can turn into corners at high speeds very easily. The controls also react to your button-presses quickly so you don't have to worry about your game's responses to your commands.

Storyline (N/A): Well, this racing game doesn't involve any storyline of some sort, so I'll exclude it in the scoring.

Graphics/Sounds (10 pts): With the game being in the Playstation, the graphics are no joke. Well-rendered cars and very detailed environments. You're eyes will be fooled into thinking that it is real. The race will run very smoothly. As for the sound, you'll never hear anything like it in a racing game. With digital surround sound, the sound of the engines and the screeches of the cars are very realistic.

Replay Value (6 pts): I've played a couple of racing games already such as GT and GT2 for the PS. But I'm quite displeased about the Re-playability of this game. Although the fact that it is a racing game where you can improve your skills and discover new secrets, I found the game quite short and very repetitive. You'll most likely get bored when you finish the game.

As a conclusion, if you want something to fill in your crave for racing games, you can rent this one first and try it out. It's a good game but it doesn't have a unique theme such as Gran Turismo. But then, don't be afraid to try it out until Gran Turismo 3:A-Spec and Crazy Taxi hit the US shelves.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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