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Ridge Racer V isn't the most visually impressive game you'll see. The game is plagued with tons of jaggies and constant pop-ups, but if you look pass the imperfections, Ridge Racer is quite a good looking game. It's too bad Namco wasn't able to apply anti-aliasing like it did for Tekken Tag Tournament. If they had, this game would have been much better graphically. During actual races, the racing environments are well detailed. The cars too themselves look very nice. What the cars reflect on them are predetermined. The cars do not reflect things beneath or over them besides lighting of course, which look very good. For example, they do not reflect the side rails, bridges, and etc.

Little details such as monorails passing by, trucks in the background moving by, and airplanes flying in the background are noticeable and add to the realism. Tracks in day, evening, or night look good too. Also, sparks come out the back of the cars if the back end of the cars hit the ground. I did experience some slow down during some of the races, which proved annoying. When I first played the versus mode with my sister, I was disappointed the game had to use fog. Fog was not needed when you played a one player race, but they had to use it in versus mode. Another thing that really ticks me off is that the cars cannot be viewed in third person during versus mode. Tracks are viewed in first person only, which totally sucks.


This is the first Ridge Racer game I have ever played and I noticed something, the physics aren't real. This actually helped the game. Controlling the cars do take sometime to get used to unless you've played the previous games. I'd like how turning corners is pretty easy once you get the hang of it. One thing I found annoying is once you let go of the acceleration button, your car automatically starts to turn really sharply and lose control. You'll know what I'm talking about when you try it out.

When I first played, racing against the other cars was really hard. They seemed to never make any mistakes that could give you a chance to catch up. What's worse was that their cars are much faster than yours. Still to this day, I still find it hard to race against them. The way to solve this problem is of course put the game on easy, which I suggest to the new people to the series.

This is where I mention the bad things about the game itself. Graphics as you already know are pretty bad. Now for the number of cars. There is simply a little number of cars available in the game. Most cars being useless in my opinion. Cars you obtain from winning a duel are the better cars. The Pac-man and cars of similarity are cars I don't care for. Also, there is no realistic car damage, fuel usage, or tire damage.

The game is also lacking in modes of play. There isn't too much options to choose from. The things you can do is: Grand Prix, Free Ride, and Time Attack. Grand Prix, just being a race against other 14 cars in 4 tracks, each being 3 laps around. Time Attack is where you can beat a ''rivals'' time. If you manage to beat the rivals time, you can race against him or her and if you win, you are able to get that car. Other options is a garage where you can see your car, engine, change team name, and see trophies and medals. Also you customize the look of your car

The number of tracks are lacking too. There is a pretty good amount of tracks, but in reality, your racing on the ''main'' track but there is an alternate route you race on. The tracks you race on are basically the same thing besides there is another part of the track you must race on. Also the track might be in day, evening, or night. Also, you can have the tracks reversed to add more variety and fun.

Another thing I found annoying was that if you are blazing at 200 mph and you smash the back of another car, that car gets the biggest boost. I found it annoying that I'm helping the other cars out so much by accidentally smashing into them. Also, they seem to be blocking your way because they are always at the best lanes and spots to turn.


For the most part, the music is pretty good. There are some tracks I wonder how it ever got into the game. The bad music is mostly bland techno or of the sort. There is a music player option in the game that lets you listen to the music of the game.

The announcer is just another boring, crazy guy. He says some of the dumbest things in a videogame. ''That's tight!,'' WTF is this guy talking about. Countless other phrases he forces you to listen to. Actually, the announcer needs more dumb things to say. I've notice he says the same thing every time a race begins and simply lacks other phrases.

As for the sounds of each car, they seem very well. You can hear the other car engines very well and yours too. The sound effects are also good such as the sliding and braking.


The girl for this game doesn't look to appealing. She seems pretty boring to me.
As for the menus, they look awesome. Menus are easy to navigate and look very good, yet are simple.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 06/16/01, Updated 06/16/01

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