"I don't care what anyone says RRV is off the hook!!"

I got hooked with Ridge Racer Type 4 and it took a hold of my brain. And when I got my PS2, I got Ridge Racer V and to tell you the truth it's better than any other Ridge racer Game put together. If you also haven't noticed that they used some of the original segments from the original Ridge racer game. Well from my opinion it's the best basic car racing game ever, if your starting out into racing play this game first it's very easy and can beat it with ease before jumping to Gran Tourismo 3 with it's wider selection of tracks, cars and races.

Gameplay (9/10) - Eventhough the tracks are simular in each race but different direction when racing, it will make you kinda confused to first timers. But once you get the hang of it you'll be ruthless. The 8 tracks are good but I wish they would have more like 12 or so I don't know.

Graphics (10/10) - The graphics are great! But beside the very few gliches on the building the graphics seem realistic with real moving traffic, trains and lights.

Music (10/10) - Just as it's counterpart on Type 4 it has a great soundtrack worth listening to when thinking of ways to beat Metal Gear Solid. And also I bought there soundtracks too so call me what you will I like the game's music especially the Boom Boom Satellites.

Replay Value (8/10) - It's not all fun once you beat everything on the game but I tend to find myself doing the 99 Endurance race just to beat my own time which is an hour an 36 minute mind worp. And if you notice that if you play the entire album of Boom Boom Satellites' Out Loud it fits excatly with the game itself. Pretty impressive.

But overall the game is great and all with a superb soundtrack, great racing and a fine looking girl (That you only see in the begining FMV). But I always have this game just to remind me of the classic series I once played and hated. And I hope that they make another Ridge Racer game with a better soundtrack from the last.

And if your looking for the soundtracks to both Ridge Racer Type 4 and 5 then go to Toykopop.com or Cdnow. I doubt CDNOW has a copy but they did have the RR 5 CD so I guess you can check out both of them. And also be aware the CDNOW gives a hefty price on Import CD's that might cost you to cough up over 20 bucks to get this.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/18/01, Updated 12/18/01

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