Review by Jim0032

Reviewed: 12/20/01 | Updated: 12/20/01

A solid racer, with a few minor perks.

Intro: This game is the absolute best racing game on the PS2. . .or at least, it was, until any other racer came out on the PS2. Being the first real racing game on the platform, it delivered what was needed. Now that the PS2 has been out for over a year, Ridge Racer V makes a decent door-stop. Let me first explain that I am not a big racing fan. This game was a Christmas gift and it took me almost a year to really start playing it. Needless to say, nothing about the game sparked my interest enough to become entranced.

Graphics: 9/10. Terrific graphics make this mediocre game stand a little taller. All of the cars look great. There are some really nice background effects (such as an ocean liner cruising in the sea) and the replay view is wonderful. It's very nice to be able to flip from 5 different views. Unfortunately, in the 2 player mode, you cannot change your view. You are stuck with a ''behind the wheel and who cares if you can't see your car'' view. For someone who practices with a 3rd person view, they will have a big disadvantage in the VS mode.

Sound: 3/10 PISS-POOR. Enough said. Announcer sounds like junk and the music is all the same. The cars, even the 700+ horsepower cars, sound like lawnmowers.

Gameplay: 8/10 I have to admit that the gameplay came easier than I expected. It is VERY easy to power slide (drift) with even the grip cars. The unfortunate part about this category is that there is little challenge. The game becomes a simple turn the wheel and hit the accelerator with a few gear shifts. The only challenge becomes faster and faster opponents.

Fun Factor: 6/10 Sure, it's fun for a few hours... but a few hours isn't what I would call a success. The most rewarding thing about this game is unlocking new cars and different game modes. My suggestion would be to pass this title up for Gran Turismo 3.

Conclusion: If you feel like spending money on this title. . . well, just don't. GT 3 A-spec is MUCH better than this title and there is nothing that makes Ridge Racer V worth trying. . . unless you feel like unlocking the secret Pac-Man mode and racing against ghosts. But even then, I think it might be better to fork out a quarter at the local arcade and play the ancient Ms. Pac Man. All in all, avoid this unless it's a gift.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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