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Reviewed: 02/03/02 | Updated: 02/03/02

A Gran Turismo 3 primer...

Ridge Racer started out a long time ago on the original Play Station and hasn’t really differed throughout the years and the different systems that the series has appeared on. With Ridge Racer V, you have to remember what the other games featured, and what this installment in the series has to offer you in the process. Although you may find that the game play is limited in what you can do and the types of cars that you can roll with, you’ll still find that as a Play Station 2 game, it falls in line with other racing games on this next generation system!

As with most racing games, you have to take the good with the bad. In this case, it isn’t so much a case of bad visuals or game play. The sound is also in place throughout the entire game and the detailing that you find in the process and progress of the game is on par with a good Play Station 2 game. However, what the problem happens to be is with the control and the way that the pressure sensitive game happens to be. If you’re into racing games, and you can learn to compensate for the touchy analog sticks, then you’ll find this to be well worth a spin around the block.

The game play, as with most racing games is pretty much an all out run to the finish without stopping for anything more than a tight corner. As with the previous games, you have a set amount of cars on a set amount of tracks, and throughout the game, you’ll run against some pretty intelligent computer cars on some pretty challenging tracks. However, if you’ve played through other Ridge Racer games before, then you may find that the cars, tracks and even the challenge is nothing more than what you’ve played before, only on a different system in a different time!

Control is the one thing that this title just doesn’t seem to have going for it. Considering that the Dual Shock 2 controller is meant to be used with this game having both of the analog sticks as your main control, it could be a heavy challenge for beginners. The pressure sensitive sticks control not only your movement on the tracks, but also in your ability to run through at different speeds and otherwise! With this type of control and precise control at that, you may find that getting through the exceptionally tight curves {on some stages} can be extremely difficult if you’re not prepared.

Visually, Ridge Racer V is an intense game that has plenty to offer you on just about all levels of the game. From the cars, which are detailed beautifully, to the locations that you race in complete with details throughout the different themes, you’ll find there is plenty for the eye to see. Where the problem may come in with some gamers is when you’ve raced through the game and there really isn’t all that much more to offer in the different ways that you can go. As with most racing games, the tracks are extremely linear and you may not find anything spectacular after the first hour of play that will catch your attention!

The audio that you find here is pretty much your standard fare of racing music to accompany the different racing sounds throughout the title. Although you may not hear anything new in the progress of the game, the music that is featured here is good enough to keep the pace and overall theme of the game. With that added into your sound effects, you’ll find that this game pretty much meets the standard of what you would expect. Racing engines and squealing tires along with the sound of passing cars and otherwise as you roll through the stages sounds great on a stereo hookup or even through the normal television speakers.

Ridge Racer V is a great game for those who are looking to expand their racing game collection for the Play Station 2. Although the game is no where near as in-depth as Gran Turismo 3, you have to give this game some credit for putting the old style arcade feel back into the racing game circuit. With good looking visuals, a pretty decent soundtrack and game play that is both nostalgic and fun at the same time, there is enough here to almost make you forget about the control problems. Worth a rent at the least, this is a worthy addition to any Play Station 2 collector, and if you’re a fan of racing games, then you’ll have plenty of fun with this game!

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