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"A racing classic, But it feels a bit rushed"

Ridge Racer V has been expertly built around Sony's new Analogue D-pad. In previous Games you would push the Accelerate button to squeeze the extra 5kph out of your car, Now it actually works because your PS2 know's how hard you want to turn and how much you are breaking.
Soon you will learn how to brake round that corner perfectly, Which takes the game to Next-gen standards, As well as stunning 3-D enviroment. Bridges, Towers And even the sun show up in Faultless tru perspective.
Light sources, Texture mapped objects are highly rendered, They will not Tear flicker. Basically this game is so detailed it's freaky. It is vastly improved over Playstation titls and is graphically-Par with DC titles like Sega-GT, if not better looking. You can brake discs turn red hot behind alloy whells. No car has been seen like on RR5 The paintwork is beautiful and waxed like real cars.
Ridge Racer has always been Known as a fast 3-D driving gameand Ridge racer 5 is n exeption. Conceptually no new ground has been broken in this game. EWhen you win a campionship you'll get a car. You couldn't hope for a better Launch title really. It is better than any PS1 racer and more addictive.
No game is without it's flaws though, Especially a launch game.

Pop-up is always Sour eye-candy and in 2 player mode it foggs worse than an N64 game,There is only 2 cars on the circuit in two-player mode opposed to the original 14. You cannot choose the external camera view either. This is probably a rushed solution to kep the FPS rate at 60. But it is depressing to see from New Next-gen console.
But let's face it it's only going to get better.

Graphics - 7 - Bad fogging in 2 player marks it down.
Gameplay - 10 - Two discs seems like 5 discs. Loads to play for.
Controls - 9 - Makes brilliant use of the Dual shock 2.
Fun Factor - 9 - Fast racer that is Miles ahead of it's Ps1 counterparts
Buy/rent/Try B4 U Buy - Try B4 U buy - although i'd buy it cause i'd loveFast racers.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/13/00, Updated 04/13/00

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