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Reviewed: 11/29/00 | Updated: 11/29/00

An ok snow baording game. A feat worth the nobel prize.

Electronic Art's Snow Boarding Supercross is a game wirth buying. Heck it's worth buying two copies if you are big on cash. Most of the time, with the exception of the Cool Boarders Series for Play Station and Ten-eighty Snowboarding for Nintendo 64, most snow boarding games just plain bomb. So when I tried SSX, I immediately started finding all the reasons to pick at it. But I kept playing, and I soon found myself up at 2 o' clock in the morning, with cans of Surge around me, not being able to stop playing it. All I can say is WOW.
The graphics of the game are good, but come on- it's on Play Station 2! No blocky graphics, a little bit of scenery building as you go. (or board) Everything from the boards to the boarders is good.
The game is very large, and chock full of tricks. There are at least fifty for each boarder. Tricks range from the basic Method to your big named tricks, like Ripe Swiss Cheese 720 backlip to tail wag tail grab. (or something like that)
Each boarder also has around ten boards (most having to be unlocked), 5 unlockable outfits, and the ability to add stats. (just like everybody's favorite skate boarding game)
The sound has a fairly decent trakc, with rappers like Mix Master Mike, etc. No mainstream music really, but the track aint that bad. And there also is the announcer saying sstuff like, ' Funky dope maneuver'
every single time you pull off a good trick. Kind of makes John Madden not that annoying. Oh, well.
As far as ingenuity goes, it's not some new gaming pioneer, but at least it isn't like the copy cat skating clones. No ingenuity problems in this game.
The replay value in this game is like a water fall, it just never ends. Once you manage to finish the game with one boarder, you still have 7 more. And if you didn't even try to go for the tricks, you just were in it to race, then you can go for the trick mode, where your objective in the game is to try to pull off every one of your boarders tricks. And if you want new outfits, better boards, then you need to finish this mode. Plus in time you will unlock more tricks to pull off. Yippee!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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