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Reviewed: 01/15/01 | Updated: 01/15/01

An Exhilarating, Fast Paced, All-Round Great Game, A Must Have for Any PS2 Owner

The Playstation 2 had a very mixed launch, many people thought there were no good games to pick from, but in my opinion, there were plenty of good games. You just have to know what to pick and do your homework. SSX is one of the titles that proves the launch line-up was worth while, with amazing gameplay and great graphics, there aren't very many other PS2 games I would recommend over this right now. I take that back, there aren't any period.

Graphics: Just about any game that you can pick up on PS2 is going to have at least decent graphics, that's a given, but SSX's graphics are just plain better than just about anything else currently available. The game runs at a stunning 60 frames per second (although it does have a tiny bit of slowdown occasionally while going through sharp turns) even with everything happening on-screen, just showing how powerful the PS2 really is. Also, unlike quite a few of the launch games, SSX is almost completely anti-aliased and flicker-free. Another cool graphic effect are the great looking fireworks that go off when you pull off a good trick, they can make the lamest trick look great and add a bit to the feel of the game (I'd rather watch these fireworks than buy Fantavision anyday). One downfall is that the 2-D objects (the crowds and a few poles) look pretty strange. The crowds do on the other hand have more animations than most other 2-D crowds. 9/10

Sound: The sound is great also. It has a nice, up-beat theme to it and for once, the announcer actually sounds pretty cool. And I just can't get that song ''Shake What Your Mamma Gave Ya'' out of my head! Really catchy stuff. The sound effects are great too, when you move your board left and right or make a sharp turn, the snow sounds like you would imagine it to. The sound after you pull of a trick is cool too. Really, nothing bad I can think of about the sound. 9/10

Gameplay: Everything in the game is really great but the gameplay stands out as possibly the best part of this game. If you've played your fair share of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater then you'll be right at home here. Not saying it's exactly the same, it's similar but SSX's gameplay is also quite unique (I actually prefer SSX's gameplay, that's a huge accomplishment for any game). A small over-view of the gameplay goes something like this: you hold X to jump and after you hit a ramp or hill and are in the air you can press either way of the eight directions to spin or flip in that direction. You can also press either one or a combination of the shoulder buttons to add grab to the trick. You can also combine tricks to get new stuff. Each boarder also has a trickbook that tells you specific tricks to perform and once you perform a certain amount of them you can unlock other outfits and such for that boarder. Also, if your thinking this is like a racing game and try to stay close to the corners you're going to get irritated pretty quick because in this game what you try to do is get as far on the outside as possible so when you come down you're going a lot faster. The only thing I can think of that's bad about the gameplay is if you hold up while your riding and you jump you'll do a flip, so if you're used to holding up in racing games that can get annoying in the begining, but eventually you'll get over it.

Replay Value: Well the replay value isn't THAT amazing but it's good none the less. The game is somewhat short but you can beat it with many characters and unlock all of the tricks in the trick book and secret boarders and outfits. Then there is also the 2 player mode which is quite fun. That's about it though. Not that it really needs anything else. 8/10

Overall, SSX is a very refreshing game that no PS2 owner should over look. It provides great graphics and sound with amazing gameplay for an all around great game.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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