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SSX was the first game I've played on the PS2, and since the graphics looked so good, I thought the PS2 would have the best damn graphics ever. It probably will.

GRAPHICS: 98/100-
Whoa! Everything here is so detailed and most of all, there's basically no fog. Most games use fog in the background to make it look like it's real, but that's just because they can't put so much on the screen. Instead of fog, SSX fills the distant backgrounds with panorama such as sunset, sky, and night. I also liked how the snowboards leave the snowboard trail as they ride, and the people in the audience actually looked real (when you got close to them, they looked like cardboard...). The graphics are tight for a non-prerendered graphics game.

MUSIC/SOUND: 82/100-
They didn't use too much speech in this game, but that's okay. I thought there should've been a different announcer for each stage (the same one got annoying by saying the same quotes all the time). They also put different languages here when you're in stages such as Snowdream or Tokyo Megaplex. The music was sweet. Some of it was dumb, but you can change it in the pause menu. I liked how there was such a big variety of songs (and words in them too!).

GAMEPLAY: 90/100-
One thing I wanted to see is more stages. There are only 6 stages for racing, and two more to unlock for non-racing. The showoff mode lets you do lots of tricks and Free Ride lets you practice them. The ebst thing is that there was so much variety. If you got Gold in Showoff, you can unlock new characters. Each time you completed a race through the finals, you get build-up points and new boards, plus new race venues and maybe even new characters. There are 50 different tricks for you to complete for EACH character, so you can spend days trying to complete about 400 tricks! Plus, the Warm Up mode lets you practice on the basics of the game. Also, there were lots of shortcuts in the game, some lead to secret paths, both hard or easy, while others were just simple shortcuts.

OTHER 79/100-
The worst part of the game were the load times. Each time you entered a course, it would take about 20 seconds to load, and then 10 more seconds. So, if you entered a wrong course by mistake, you would have to go back all the way to the menu, which also takes time to load!

OVERALL: 349/400:
Even you aren't a snowboarding fan, this game will still deliver the fun of possibly any type of game you play. It might hook you up with other snowboarding games, too. Give it a try and buy!

BUY OR RENT: Look above.

This game receives the Gold award from Haunter120.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/18/01, Updated 03/18/01

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