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"As fun as Jet Grind Radio with as much character design as Cool Boarders, this is one PS2 title no gamer should miss"

As fun as Jet Grind Radio with as much character design as Cool Boarders, this is one PS2 title no gamer should miss

If anyone told me about six months ago the best PS2 launch game and best PS2 game to date would be a snowboarding game I might have slapped them. Although now that I have played SSX I would have apoligized and gave them a hug. This game takes the power of the PS2 and creates a formula of fun like no other.

EA Sports shows once again it has some of the best programmers in the world. SSX will stun you with realistic lighting, snow , and speed effects. Trails look real, faces show emotion and the snow on the trails moves and sprays like that on the snow boarding slopes. Even after playing games like Onimusha Warlords, Zone of the Enders, and more this game still has some of the most impressive visuals overall. SSX creates a world that is fantastically real and has a graphical style and flair that is unprecendented inany other snowboarding title.

Just like graphics EA has placed some awesome music and background sound SSX shines like a star.

Step aside Tony Hawks Pro Skater. That’s right is game is as fun if not more fun than that other extreme sports title. SSX controls like a dream and is more fun to play than any other sports title. SSX also includes an RPG style leveling up that when you complete a race you get expierence points that can up your speed, balance, etc. Also SSX includes several modes of play that are so fun you will be running back cause you find yourself hooked. All this with multiple ranks and hidden courses, costumes, and characters along with secret boards SSX will have you ripping it up for a long time. With all the medicore Snow boarding titles out there SSX breaks the mold and gives gamers with a love for arcade style extreme sports gameplay something to cheer about. This is a great sports title.

SSX is the best PS2 title avaliable period. It combines all the aspects of a great games and takes the extreme sports genre to a new level. It throws in the arcade style of titles like Jet Grind Radio and uses unique creative character design to implement the style. This is one game that will have you pumped for a long long time.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/16/01, Updated 04/16/01

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