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"Snowboarding like never before!"

An excellent game doesn't only impress gamers interested in the theme of the game, it appeals to everyone even if they don't like the theme. That's what EA's Snowboard Supercross did. Personally, I don't like snowboarding but this game is just so good that I kept on playing it. You'll enjoy high jumps, impossible tricks, and you'll enjoy competing against another player or the computer AI.

Gameplay/Controls (10 pts): Snowboarding has gone to a new level like it never was before. This game is what every snowboarder wants. You'll careen over high drops and sharp turns. You also race against 6 other snowboarders and you can actually shove them off their feet. There are also some neat elements included in the game such as power-ups and shortcuts. But the best part of the game is the tricks. You can virtually do any trick possible while you're in the air. Each trick will net you some points and if you combo different moves, you'll gain more points. If you keep on doing the same trick, the points given to you will be lessened. About the tracks, you'll notice that EA did their best to give us the ride we want. You'll encounter high cliffs, excellent jumping platforms and even pipes. As for the controls, controlling your character never gets easier than this. The on-screen character will follow everything you command them to and they will react quickly.

Storyline (N/A): Well, the game actually doesn't involve a story nor stories for each of the characters. The game is only for competition and trick-playing. So, I won't rate and include the storyline in the scoring.

Graphics/Sounds (9 pts): The graphics are excellent. Great backgrounds with extreme realism. Now, why did I rate it only as a niner? Well, in some turns you'll notice that the games slows down a bit and it is quite annoying as you'll encounter slow downs most of the time. As for the sounds, the nice sound effects and the voices of the snowboarders are very appealing.

Replay Value (10 pts): This game has an excellent re-playability. You can do virtually limitless types of tricks on different jump, and on different tracks. Trust me, when you play it for the first time and you just learned how to do tricks, you'll play and play the game again and do more tricks.

As a conclusion, if you want some fun and a game that gives you the adrenaline rush, this game is for your. With stunning visuals and excellent gameplay, you'll want more even if you're not a snowboarder yourself or don't even like snowboarding. Very appealing to everyone.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/10/01, Updated 05/10/01

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