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Reviewed: 05/28/01 | Updated: 05/28/01

Insane characters, jumps, and tricks. What more can you ask?


The graphics in this game are simply amazing. Everything is very detailed. From the huge and long courses, to the insane characters. Also the fireworks look awesome.

Characters - The 3D characters are very will designed, non of them just being a carbon copy of another. They are smoothly modeled and the character animation is really smooth. Tricks look really good, especially if you do really good ones. As usually every character has his or her own stats that differ from everyone else. There are three sets of riders: Freestyle riders are best at tricks, Alpine riders are the fastest, and BX riders are good at both. Each character has a trick book with the instructions on how to do the tricks. If you do the first 20 tricks in the trick book, you can open up a new outfit for your rider. Also some characters speak different languages. As you progress through the game, you can earn new outfits, courses, and characters. You only start off with 4 characters, with two outfits and boards for each, everything else must be unlocked in World Circuit.

Levels - Breathtaking are the courses. They are simply HUGE, a level can take you at least five minutes to complete. Each course seems as though you can just go anywhere, which you mostly can, and there are so many shortcuts, being easy or challenging. There are many things to do at each course, also many things to stop you such as this annoying yellow poles that move back and forth just waiting for you to hit it. Also, the jumps are crazy. It seems like forever until you touch ground. Like the characters, courses don't feel or look like the others. Everything as it's own theme, even though I did want some more ''normal'' courses. Snow, rock ground, bridge, or what ever your on top of looks great. There aren't that many courses. There are like only six racing courses and three trick courses, that's including the warm-up course. Here are the courses from order you see them besides warm-up: Snow Dream, Elysium Alps, Merqury City Meltdown, Mesablanca, Tokyo Megaplex, Aloha Ice Jam, Pipe Dream, Untracked. Both Pipe Dream and Untracked aren't really racing courses, there just for tricks. There are different announcers for each course, he or she speaking the language native to the course. The ''main'' announcer speaks in English of course. He does have a lot to say depending on how well you do.


Music - I still don't get why the the people who reviewed this game too thought the music was well done. The soundtrack only had a few good songs, the others just being boring techno for me. They weren't bad and did fit the game, but it wasn't as good as I expected. As you play the music, it actually changes depends on how your doing. I didn't notice this because I was paying attention to the race. If you don't like the music, you can change it to the other songs the game offers.

Dubbing - Yes, finally a game with really good character voices. If you pick a character he or she will say something such as ''''Don't pick me. Bad choice, bad choice. Pick someone else.'' as said by Zoe. Each character I think has two different things to say when you pick them. Hiro, JP, Jurgen and Kaori don't speak English so it's time to brush up on your Japanese, French, or whatever language they' re speaking in. When racing, characters have loads of stuff to say which brings more life to them. Do bad tricks and they'll say bad stuff and vice versa if you do good.


Controlling is made so you can learn as quickly as possible. The directional buttons pretty much lets you go in the direction, expect back, I think that's brake. The X button is to jump. Square button is to use ''boost,'' and the Triangle button is used to switch camera angles. The R 1 2 and L 1 2 buttons are the different grabs. The right analog stick is used to push people next to you. The left analog stick is also used to move your character.

Tricks - Performing tricks are really simple and fun once you get the hang of it. To do tricks, you need to start off by pressing or holding the X button. Once in the air you can do turns by holding the directional buttons. Holding X and then let going of it near the top of a hill will let you get more air. The shoulder buttons are your grabs and you can combine them to make even more grabs. There are many combinations you can do to find out the tricks. Also, you should do the tricks in the trick book. If you want to practice doing tricks, go into showoff mode or warm-up. Doing tricks also lets you make your character say some stuff. Tricks earn boost which can be used by holding or pressing the square button. The better the trick the more boost earned. Boost just makes your character go faster. Performing different grabs together in one jump is called a ''combo'' and will earn you more points.


World Circuit - This is where you will be spending most of your time in. In World Circuit mode, you will be racing. In each course, you must win three sets of races coming in either third, second, or first. If you win the first race, you advance to the semifinals. Win the next and advance to the finals. Winning first in the finals will earn you a gold medal, second place earns a silver medal, and third place earns a bronze medal. Depending on what you win, you will earn new stuff. Also, you will be giving a chance to increase your characters stats and his/her boards. They don't give you much to use. World Circuit mode is extremely annoying. The game difficulty ranges from simple to extremely hard. Winning the finals is extremely hard for all the courses. Winning a gold medal in the first course is even harder. Also winning courses and earning medals will increase your characters ranking. As his/her ranking increases, new things will become unlocked such as more boards. Another annoying thing about W.C. is that if you lose the finals you will have to start all over again. This wouldn't really matter, but since the course can take you five minutes and more you'll be playing for a long time.

Showoff - Choose a course and start to pull off some crazy tricks. Earn bronze, silver, or gold medal depending on your score. Getting medals unlock more things. While playing in this mode, you'll notice different colored snowflakes. Each flake will multiply your trick score if you touch it by two, three, or four times.

Freeride - No points and no time limits. Use this mode to find shortcuts and get used to the course.

Warm-up - Choose this option first the first time you play. Mac will teach the basic controls, how to do tricks, jump, and grind onto rails.


If you don't cheat and try to unlock everything and increase all your character's stats and boards, you'll take FOREVER. You'll get bored sooner or later. If you become impatient, just enter in two codes that will unlock everything and max out all character stats.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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