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"The best snowboarding game ever"

SSX was an awesome early Playstation 2 release and a huge success for many gamers. SSX blew games like 1080 and Cool boarders out of the water. SSX was a high octane, big air, thrill a minute game that kept you doing tricks on the edge of your seat. With so many different characters to choose from, boards to race on, and tricks to do, SSX kept the player happy and entertained. The game play was great, the audio visuals were very sweet, and there was some difficulty in playing the game, which I like. Other snow boarding games should just retire. They should just give up and take all their games off the shelf. In fact, just retire the whole snow boarding scheme of video games so that SSX will be reigning champ forever. Besides, who will beat a SSX??

Game Play - 9
One of the major things that made this game easy was the simplicity of the controls. Hard controlling games, like 1080, make it no fun to play, and too hard to do tricks. SSX brought easy controls so you could have fun racing, and do awesome, gravity defying tricks with no trouble. The characters, the racing, the tricks, and the boards were all awesome. SSX only got a 9 in Game Play and not a 10 because they needed more boards to race on. By boards I mean the places you race, not as in snow boards.

Audio Visuals - 10
The music is awesome in this game and so are sounds. The graphics are near mesmerizing also. There are great effects in this game that jump out at you. My personal favorite is in Untracked, once you get it. The awesome graphics in it make the board so much fun to get massive air on, and do massive tricks on it. This game is very realistic, and the controls and the graphics make it feel like you are actually snow boarding.

Difficulty - 7 (10 being hardest, 1 being easiest)
With so many different races to complete, showoff boards to complete, snow boards to unlock, levels to unlock, characters to unlock, and all the different tricks you have to do for a character to complete the Trick Book, this game can be quite challenging. SSX has just about the right difficulty to make it a great and challenging game.

Overall - 9 leaning on 10
SSX is a awesome game that you'll get hooked on. I definitely recommend you go buy this game if you don't have it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/17/01, Updated 06/17/01

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