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"Fast Paced Futuristic Snow Boarding at its Best"

One day after work I decided that my Playstation 2 needed some new titles badly. So I took a trip to my local mall and bought this great title. SSX can appeal to many people. The actual snow boarders will enjoy this title because of the wide range of tricks you can execute, and any racing fan will enjoy the pure surge of adrenaline you get from passing someone on a sharp turn, or the clay face feeling of going extremely fast.

Graphics: 9/10

The graphics on this game are incredible. Not only will the way the snow looks and the setting around you, but how the players look at the begining of the race. You can see excited experessions on their faces before the race as they look around at the crowd. The textures of the snow was very well done. You can tell which snow is softer and which is smoother and faster to ride on. It gives you more of a chance to put some real life rules into play. If the snow is deep and soft, chances are your going to sink if your not going fast enough, and if you are going fast enough you wont hit as high as a speed on the thinner more packed snow. The enviroment your are thrown into each time is beautiful. Every stage was worked on big time with the littlest detail. A stage that i like to use as an example is Merqury City Meltdown. Whether its the individual buildings, or the highway with cars traveling at different speeds weaving in and out of each other, its still something that the programmer can boast about.

Sound/Music: 10/10

I'm a big fan of fast paced games boasting a technoish soundtrack. The music in SSX is great. Ranging from many different styles of techno and electronic music, it really gets you in the mood to go extremely fast down the inside of a slope, or pull of some amazing tricks. A clever thing that i noticed with the music is when your in a certain place ranking. When your in 1st the music is much different from when your waaay behind in 6th. At 1st place the music is charged and pumping, but the farther back you go, it will either stop playing, or will be missing instruments. The drums will be missing, or the melody will be gone and the drums will just be there. The sounds are also very cool. Hearing the trash talking on the course while the racers plow through each other, and when they are high into the air pulling off awesome tricks. Its like getting the chance to hear the players trash each other during a basket ball game, or football game. One of the best snowboarders in the game, Mac, is by far the best trash talker of them all. Also, It keeps you motivated after pulling of a sick trick and landing it perfectly hearing all of their catch phrases and one liners. Very Cool

Gamplay: 8/10

I've noticed from alot of the games coming from Japan that alot of RPG elements are being combined into titles that you wouldnt of thought possible. From the start of SSX you have a choice, Single Race, or World Circuit. Single Race just gives you whatever courses you have unlocked from the World Circuit and hidden players you might of earned. The World Circuit is heavily linked to the Single Race, by giving you your selection of boards you've earned. So pretty much single play is either when you want to brush up on your racing alone or with other racers, or if you feel like destroying a freind in the Trick Mode. The Trick Mode can put you head to head in a scoring contest of who can pull off the best tricks, and land them. The stages in trick mode are just like the ones in world circuit but there are bonus snow flakes illuminated in the area that give you bonus's X2, X3, your score. Now come the World Circuit. I said above that i've noticed japan is adding rpg elements to everything because the races you win in World Circuit give you expereince points that help you strengthen your rider in becoming a better racer. You can increase his or hers stats in Turning, Tricks, Stability, Speed, and Edging. All of which you'll need to be strong in to become the best snowboarder in the world.Also, you get entry t the next level and possibly a new board, another element that i love, variety is awesome. Now getting the gold medal for the course is no easy task. There are 2 probelms i had with this game, one of which is the control.BEWARE, if you press select to get out of a hard place, DONT HOLD FOWARD, you'll just fall foward and get extremely frustrated.the reason why the select button is good is because at some points, you wont have enough speed to clear a ramp, and the rider will just hopeless hop alot on his board, OR, they'll give up and ride in the opposite direction like an idiot. Why they do it will foreever remain a mystery to me. The second is the way you have to complete a course. You need to get 1st in all three races, the preliminairies, semi-finals, and finals. I would of been alot happier if it was an average type win, the way Mario Kart was. If you kicked butt for the first 4 races, got 1st in all of them. You were able to sit back and breath easy. As long as you didnt mess up and get i 6th or 8th, you were fine. Its not like this here. You MUST be top of the line in each every race. Now for those of you that throw their controllers at the drop of a hat, DONT, i nearly broke mine but 5 mins later i'd come crawling back and try again. But for anyone looking for a challenge, here it is. The Trick Mode in world Circuit is also alot of fun. Getting insane scores from grabbing the trick boost and watching youself score a 15,000 trick is something that i love to see, and i'm sure you will, it gives you a sense of godness. When completing each trick mode course, you'll earn expereince points, access to new levels, or a slick new board. Now the last and by far not the least, if the trick book. Each rider literally has a library of tricks he or she will pull off. On certain courses there is only certain area where a trick can be pulled off, but when you do complete all the tricks, you'll earn him or hers new outfit. I didnt waste time on this, but it gives you plenty to do.

Reply Value: 8/10

I did keep on coming back, that was...after i got done picking my controller up off the ground and checking for dents. The whole think with the trick book and the outfits didnt interest me much. I mean, yeah if i really wanted to, i probably would of been able to master the game, but why would you? I like to play the game, have fun pull off sick tricks and keep me entertained. Bragging rights arent cool and i'd rather say how awesome I did on my bass, or if i impressed a REALLY hot girl. Either way, if you feel like completing a game with plenty to do, that give this 8 a 10, but for me. I like to pick a game up and play it till it gets boring.

Overall: 8/10

Although this game was REALLY good, and was REALLY fun. It wasnt REALLY the best game, and their really isnt a perfect game. Rarely you'll see me give a game a 10/10. I liked the game alot and it kept me busy when I needed something to do. The graphics impressed me, the music kept me into it, and the the gameplay was top notch. Now if only EA made there games as good as this, the NHL and NFL titles made me want to puke, blaah...Oh well. Give it a shot, actually, no Buy it before you rent it, I'm that sure you'll like it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/21/01, Updated 07/10/01

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