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"One of the Best Games On PS2... Possibly the Best Snowboarding Game Ever!"

Gameplay - SSX is a very unrealistic snowboarding game. No, wait this is good, you get to do things that are insane like board through a city or over a glacier. The game is very challenging when you have to race against the computer. Luckily there are dozens of shortcuts for you to explore and exploit.
The controls are very intuitive and responsive. The left analog stick is used to steer your rider down the slopes, while you can hit your opponents to your left and right by pressing left and right on the right analog stick. The X button, when held makes you crouch and when you let go yo can jump to pull off some tricks. If you hold any of the directional buttons while you hold the X button, when you let go of X and continue to hold the directional button you can do a spin or flip move. When in the air press L1, L2, R1, or R2 in any combination and to pull off some cool tricks.

Story - Right.......Well it’s a racing game so basically all the different characters have entered the SSX (or Snowboard Super Cross) to prove they are the best rider. But who needs a story anyway? We’re not saving the the princess or collecting pocket monsters here, we’re snowboarding.

Audio/Video - Cool music plays while you fly down the beautiful tracks. The riders also have great voices to match their attitude. The graphics are pretty much flawless. No complaints in this department. The riders have clothes that flow with the wind and they react verbally when you go off a jump or hit a wall. The courses are varied and all have their own look with realistic rocks or water.

Replayability - You can unlock more boards, riders, outfits, and courses as you progress through the game. Each rider also has a trick book that you can try and complete. After beating this game and getting everything you will probably find yourself still feeling the need to go shred as one of the cool characters, on one of the flawlessly designed, awesome courses. Their are loads of shortcuts and different paths through each of the courses.
There is also a two player head to head racing mode. You can race with a friend if you want but I play this game a lot just by myself perfecting my runs.

To buy or rent? - This is a must buy game! You need to own it, you will take a week or two to beat all the tracks and then you’ll still want to find all secrets possible, and once you’ve found everything why not play it some more!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/18/01, Updated 07/18/01

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