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Reviewed: 07/28/01 | Updated: 07/28/01

Snowboarding at it's finest!

Madgamer is back with the review I promised. You're gonna hear about the greatest snowboarding game ever!! It's has to be SSX, no doubt about it. On to my review.

Gameplay: Awesome and Wicked. Even though there is a lack of modes, the fun makes it up. All the tracks are large( and have millions of shortcuts) except the first one, but that is there so you get the hang of it. There are two main modes, Single Event and World Circuit. You'll dive into World Circuit( which is career mode), which has the modes Training, Showoff, and Race. Training teaches you how to play. The showoff was extra fun because now you're playing for medals. The idea is to nail the sickest tricks and earn enough points for gold. If you get gold you unlock new secrets and get more stats. The catch is you're timed and you must get to the finished. Race mode is made up of 3 rounds of 6 players( you're one of the 6). To qualify you must come in the top 3 each race. In Single Event the only new mode is free ride where there's no time or score.10/10

Control: Not as simple as you think. There's a secret my friend and I know that get's you fast spins and flips. But that is the only hard part, and that is easy. The controls are very comfortable and easy to learn. Especially the use of punching.10/10

Sound: This is great! This is a game where the announcer isn't annoying! The music has one track that's catchy, but everything else is boring, but you won't mind unless you're picky. The effects are pretty good, like a whish sound for crashing so it doesn't sound like you're hitting concrete, but snow.9/10

Graphics: The games strongest point. Everything looks real. There are grooves in Mesablanca's canyon's!! It's also brightly colored! Each character is very detailed as well. The giant tiki in Aloha Ice Jam looks perfectly carved. It definitely took the PS2 to it's full power, well so far.10/10

Challenge: Until you know my friends secret, this will be impossible. If you find out, this game will be perfect!!9/10

Replay Value: Interesting. Once you're done, nothing except the trick book is left, and that gets hard at the end. And that's not worth it. But to beat the game it'll take some time.6/10

Buy, Rent, or Burn: Buy. No matter who you are you'll love this. Even though it lacks replay, it'll take time to finish, and 50.00 is worth it. If you don't want to pay $50.00, then rent it!!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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