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Reviewed: 08/17/01 | Updated: 08/17/01

A must have...and I hate snowboard games!

Note: I hate snowboard games, don't know why! I had Snow Racer 98 for PSX and it was terrible. Couldn't find anything good in a snowboard game. Believe it or not SSX is one of my favorite game of all the time!

Graphics 9/10
Uhm...not bad. Some jaggies around, why jaggies do exist? They don't make you hate a game but once you know they exist you couldn't live without thinking about them! The animations are good and the characters are well designed. The framerate during the game isn't the best but for sure is better than a lot of other games! Some slowdows sometimes.
The effects are good, the snow is real snow and I love the ice effect when you go on the ice sections.

Musics/sound 9.5/10
Good musics that make a perfect background for this kind of game. The sound effects work well, jingles, voices, screams and that's enough. Nothing other to add.

Gameplay 10/10
LOT of moves for each character with just some buttons! You can jump, boost and do tricks in the air with some buttons. One of the most playable game I've ever played...true...
Hey, you can also punch your opponents :)

Game/Options/Modes of play 10/10
You can choose between a single race and a World Circuit. In the single race you can choose your character (4 + other 4 to unlock), your board (lot of other to unlock) and your wear (2 + other 2 to unlock). After that choose a difficulty level (there are three), choose if you want to race against the other, do a trick race or a free race. In the trick race you are alone and you have to do the highest number of tricks to beat the score, taking the crystals to multiply your score.
The world Circuit is the same thing, but in the race you have to qualify and try to win to raise your character stats and to win a gold medal and unlock some extras. Do it for each character and each course to have an idea of the lastability of this game.
Obviously you can play a 2 player game that adds some fun with a friend.

Replayability 9/10
It's long to beat, and you will replay it to do some races sometimes. Once you have unlocked all you will have some peace and try to mess a little during the races :)

Buy or Rent
Buy it, a must have! Rent it just if you don't like the snowboard games.

SSX is one of the best for PS2 and one of the best ever made. It's funny, and I hate snowboard games...just to let you know...

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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