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"Snowboarding, to the eXtreme!"


This game is awesome. It is a masterpiece. It is easily the best launch game of the PlayStation 2. I guess you probably already know it's a snowboarding game, but if you're reading this, then you don't know too much more. SSX, stands for Snowboarding Supercross eXtreme or something. The game has a bunch of default riders that you can choose, as well as some that have to be unlocked. There are a bunch of boards and costumes that can be unlocked too, if you're willing to unlock them, that is. The game focuses more on the tricks portion of the game. I'll explain more later. Now, onto the review.

Graphics: 8

Nothing spectacular here. The textures are done well. The levels are wonderfully detailed. There is almost never a loss in frame rate. As your board crosses the snow, it will leave indents in the snow. This is a nifty little feature and adds to the realism. The characters are detailed as well. Once again, nothing spectacular, but you can make out what is what for each person. And that's good compared to other games. Most of the levels are bright and cheery. Others, take place at night where it gives you a creepy feeling. All in all, EA Big did a good job here.

Game Play: 10

This is where the game shines. The gameplay is awesome. Half of it are the tricks. To the right side of your screen, you have a large meter. It is an adrenaline meter. When you do tricks, it gets charged up. With the ''charges'' you can preform a power boost to push you past the opponents. The more dangerous tricks will earn you larger charges to use. The tricks, can be preformed by tapping the shoulder buttons. There are different combinations. You can also hold the square button while you're doing a grab to do a ''tweak'' Which means that you push the grab to the max. You can also do flips off of ramps, as well as anything up to a 1080. Trust me, it's not easy. You even have a trick book. Whenever you do a trick that is located in the book, a picture will be taken and put in there. There are 50 tricks in total for each rider. Some are easy, some are medium, and some are impossible. There are two race modes. Single Race and World Cup. Go to Single Race if you're looking for, well, a single race. If you want to max out your riders abilities to the max, then enter World Cup. By winning the races in this mode, you can earn experience points to max out your riders abilities. Along with all this, the last part of the game play is that, with the right analog stick, you can smack people. That's right. If sopmebody gets too close to you, give 'em a good smack and send them away from you.

Sound/Music: 7

The music in this game is okay. Some people might like it, some might not. There are some offensive lyrics in some of the songs, but if you're as into the game as I get while playing, you won't notice them. But don't let something that small ruin the whole game. It's a great game. At the beginning of every race, the camera will pan around your rider. The rider will shout some words to the crowd and the race will begin. There aren't really any sound effects in here. Just the whooshing sound of your board passing another riders. If you happen to preform a trick off of a ramp, but you don't stop it in time to land, you will smack into the ground. You will hear a loud thunk. Then, the rider will get up and continue on down the course.

Rent/Buy: Buy

This game is really worth the money. It will keep you playing for a long time to come. There are tow modes. Single Race and World cup. If you just want to run down the course and preform tricks at your own pace, then simply go to single race. The game supports a 2 player mode, so gather somebody and start boarding! The game is on a CD (Blue backed disc) So don't worry about the strange noises it will make. It has long loading times, but it's worth the wait to play this game. There is no way you will unlock all of the riders as well as max out all their abilities over night. To do THAT, you'll need to purchase the game. Or borrow it from somebody you know.

Last Comments: SSX is really Extreme Snowboarding

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 09/03/01, Updated 07/31/03

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