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"A great, fun snowboarding game."

Tricks, crazy riders, awesome tracks, ahhh what fun. Indeed much fun it is, pulling crazy tricks, and trying to bring your rank and stats up. Or maybe just messing around in free ride, it's all good. This game is a lot of fun to play, and a great game to play with a friend.

This game plays well, in fact one of the best playing EA games I've played, then again, they all play pretty darn good. The bulk of the game is in the World Circuit mode, basically, you pick your rider, and race or do trick competitions. The better and more you do, the more you unlock, like boards, tracks, riders, stat points and outfits.

The racing is very fun, mainly because of AI, that's actually somewhat good at the game. This AI, unlike many other games I've played, has actually challenged me. The AI is very aggressive as well, computer controlled riders will try insane tricks, take shortcuts, and even try to push you down. Very good job on the AI. The racing is also great due to great track design.

Doing tricks also makes up a somewhat sizeable portion of the game; it even has a game mode of its own, showoff. There are three scores, you beat the lowest for the bronze, the second highest for the silver, and you guessed it, the highest for the gold medal and unlock some really cool stuff. To the tricks themselves, they number many. There must be about fifteen grabs alone, quite a few flips, and of course spins, as many degrees as the size of the jump will allow. The tricks are easy to perform, and there is even a warm-up mode, which is just a tutorial that shows you how to do the basic tricks. The tricks are many, fun to try and do the most insane trick, and best of all easy to figure out!

The graphics are good. Good, with nothing that makes me say “Wow! AMAZING!!!.” The riders are certainly detailed, along with their boards, and the track. There isn't much to say other than good. One problem though is, if you rider is in deep snow, it looks, awkward. He or she, just falls in, and doesn't really look in the snow. It weird and hard to explain, maybe it’s just me. It’s great to see some time was spent on the graphics though. Nothing about the graphics should displease anyone, maybe the red and yellow lines on the track could, they hurt my eyes.

One of the best parts of the game is in fact, the sound. The music really sets the mood for the game, unlike other games, where the music, just seems, way out of place. I might not personally like all of the music but, it pleases me nonetheless and, I guess it grew on me and I like it now. Great choices, and great job on the music in this game.

The sound effects are another great component of the games sound. The sound varies with the surface, a sort of sharp sound on ice, and a weird un explainable sound on powder. They sound pretty real too. There is also nice sounds for landing, grinding, and flying in the air. A great job by the developer on the sound effects,

The commentary, might be the one thing that keeps me awake. With the music, and sort of knowing the long tracks(some take a whole six minutes to finish!), I get in sort of a trance, one in which I'm not really paying attention. It is the comments made at short intervals that keep me paying attention during a race. The announcer announces your tricks, your positions
At checkpoints, and when you pass or are passed. The comments vary, and are pretty cool. The thing it is missing is a sarcastic sidekick, I love those.

So all in all, this game is good. A few gameplay problems, and a tendency for the career mode to become boring fairly quick, are the only problems. The goods, though, outweigh the problems by quite a fair amount. With a friend the game should keep you playing for quite some time. I would definitely say to buy this one, instead of just passing it up or renting it every now and again. Have fun, and happy gaming.


Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/24/03, Updated 02/24/03

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