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    FAQ/Hints and Tips by Andrie M

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    Faq guide
    Cross Fire
    By Andrie M
    -Short Review
    -Game Control
    -level guide
    -Boss guide
    -contact info
    Hi this is my first faq then sorry if i made a mistake and i'm not
    sure about the japanese.Because i can't speak japanese and i don't
    know anything about japanese okay i don't want to speak much so
    let's start
    Short Review\\\\\\
    Cross Fire known as x Squad in us not must have game i think but it is good because it
    has a good gameplay and fully controler with two analoque here is the score
    Graphics 7/10
    i think it similar to dc or the other word dc can make a game like that.
    Sound 8/10
    wow the sound it has a good background music in some level and the sound
    effects are very good because every weapons has a different sound,the explosives
    very good i startied with the explosives sound
    control 7/10
    The control if u often use the two analoque its easy but if this is your first time
    use the two analoque its a little hard but you can easily leart it
    Game Control[][][][]
    L2-------->No use
    R2-------->No use
    Square---->Open the japanese box with order (told what your friends should do)
    Triangle-->Open the Simple Menu
    L1+Left/Right---->Aim then move your body depend where you move
    left  2x--------->roll to the left
    right 2x--------->roll to the right
    up    2x--------->roll to where you faces
    down  2x--------->instanly turn around
    Level Guide>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    At last we are in the level guide section
    first in this game it has 9 Level you must defeat and in this Level Guide i just told
    you the first path you must choose if you meet two way okay
    1.If you have a stairs in front of you and the other way on the left or right
      Solution---->you 1st choose the stairs then the other way
    2.okay i will tell you the simple because it's to many possibilities if you meet two way
    or don't where is the first you must choose you should take the nearest way from where 
    you standing
    And in cross fire in every level you just do the same thing press the buttons then the 
    door will open
    and go up with lift and go down with lift but i think i'm not bored with that
         \* */  ARGHHHH!!!!
         | ' |
    Boss Guide
    Level 1
    A guy with Flame Thrower
    Stay away from him then the best weapon to defeat him i think is ing lock 12 and just 
    stay away from him
    or you'll be toast
    Level 2
    A guy with the Grenade Launcher
    just keep an eye with the grenade the guy shoot because it do very much damage and the 
    easiest way to beat
    the guy is equip your ing lock 12 because it's easy to lock on and if you use the shot 
    gun it's very hard
    to lock on
    Level 3
    many enemy and some machine gun
    first beat all the machine gun with ing lock 12 and then after you have destroy all the 
    machine gun it's
    easy just kill all enemy until the door open be careful if you use shot gun because it's 
    very slow when you
    reload and you will be dead
    Level 4
    5 or 6 person with different weapon for each person
    find a place to hide then equip yourself with shot gun because it's very powerful to 
    kill them the best trick
    i think you must shoot then hide and if you shoot with shot gun in short range it will 
    do more damage watch out
    with the guy with flame thrower and grenade launcher better you kill the flame thrower 
    and the grenade launcher
    Level 5
    5 or 6 person with defferent weapon most likely on level 4 but this time it looks like 
    judd and much powerfull
    then level 4
    the best solution for this is the same with level 4
    Level 6
    This time you will face with a tank or something like a car equip with grenade launcher 
    and something like ing lock 12
    equip yourself with shot gun because it's the most powerful weapon in the game then walk 
    around while shooting and if you
    see the car open a grenade launcher just run until the car throw it then do the same 
    thing walk around then shoot
    Level 7
    Now you will face a giant robot like spider
    To defeat the spider it's a little bit easy just equip yourself again with shot gun then 
    try to prevent from the robot attacks then shoot the robot until broken down
    Level 8
    Here you will face a human being and i think this is ash friend or something that he 
    known because when you kill this guy
    ash will talking with him
    it's easy equip again with shot gun and do the shot then hide trick
    Level 9
    on this level they will have sub boss and the main boss because it's the last level.For 
    the sub boss it's a copter with grenade launcher and some kind of uzi
    then for the main or the last boss is a guy with zen... gun the electrode gun
    for the copter just get closer or go upstairs then equip yourself with Gn R56 and it has 
    150 bullet or you
    can use the the powerful shotgun but it's a little harder to aim
    and for the last boss just run toward to the computer then hide there and shot the guy 
    with your gun
    Items  ?? ??\
    for this i will explain about the first item you get and whats for
    1.bullet it will shine if you have the weapon
    2.energy armor------>it has three kinds of enerdy armor
                         1.the first you get with this you can refill it with energy pack 
    and it will be full again
                         2.this energy armor is have yellow colour and when you refill it 
    you must refill with energy pack G because if you refill with the blue
                           energy pack it just refill half
                         3.this is the last energy armor and when you refill with energy 
    pack G it just refill half and when you refill with blue energy pack
                           it just refill very little
    3.eye vision-------->it's same have three kinds
                         1.this eye vision will just tell you where the enemy are with white 
    arrow above the enemy
                         2.this is the upgrade from the first this you you will se arrow in 
    green colour
                         3.and this is the last it will tell you where the enemy are then 
    give you a sign if you can shoot him in long range
    4.green cool-------->this is some kind of herb that restore your red energy
    5.energy pack------->it has two kinds energy packs
                         1.blue energy pack
                         2.yellow colour energy oack or energy pack G
    ______|/ \|_____    Tar Tar Tar
    Weapons!!!!!!!!!)  -> -> -> -> ->
         //_|   ||
        //      ||
    In this game you will have lot of weapons i think and here they are:
               1.C&W 100G-------------->a hand gun not much powerful
               2.BHK M82--------------->some kind of uzi not much powerful
               3.ing lock12------------>some kind of uzi prety much powerful
               4.BHK MP-5A-1----------->a minigun powerful but need to charge
               5.GN R56---------------->somekind of uzi but carry 150 bullet powerful
               6.GN NT1---------------->sniper rifle
               7.Kaiser-99K------------>sniper rifle
               8.Zin LLr-1------------->laser sniper rifle
               9.GSG Riot-------------->one hole shotgun carry 6 ammo
              10.C&W SG11 Gardner------>two hole shotgun carry 8 ammo
              11.GN ST1---------------->one hole shotgun carry 8 explosive ammo
              12.C&W TH111------------->grenade launcher
              13.MM22------------------>grenade launcher
              14.C&W HG5--------------->grenade launcher
              15.FT FG-3--------------->Flame thrower powerful but it short range weapon
              16.Zin Egin2------------->a electro gun that rebound around 2-3 times when hit 
    the wall
    In this section i will tell you about everything you want to ask if you want to sent an 
    email please see the contact addresses
    1.What is points for
    2.Can i keep my points if i don't use it
    3.How many stages in the game
    1.points is to buy anything you need to power up your men
    2.yes you can keep your points if you not use it
    3.9 level
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     |Contact|_| <----------------->   |Addresses_|
    please feel free to ask about my faq and about the game if you want to ask sent it to 

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