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    Car and Track List (EU) by animalica

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/29/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    - Driving Emotion Type-S by Squaresoft for Sony Playstation 2 -
    - Car and track list for the PAL multilanguage version (SLES 50073), V1.0, 29th January 2000 -
    Written by animalica
    E-Mail: animalica@gmx.de
    In this list you see how you can unlock tracks and cars so you may got it easier to finish 
    the game.
    -In the beginning
    #Game mode "Arcade Type-S":
    Honda CIVIC typeR
    Mazda MX-5 [NB8C]
    Toyota CELICA
    Tracks: Ranked A-E, A=hardest - E=easiest
    WEST COAST, Rank D
    SUZUKA CIRCUIT East Course, Rank D
    PROVENCE Beginner, Rank C
    URBAN HIGHWAY Beginner, Rank C
    *Starting races
    You must reach first place on every track to unlock more cars and tracks.
    Each track must be raced in four difficulty levels, Division 1 (Div1), Division 2 (Div2), 
    Division 3 (Div3) and GT (GT).
    - WEST COAST, Rank D
    Div3 - Honda INTEGRA typeR, TSUKUBA CIRCUIT, Rank D
    Div2 - Nissan SILVIA spec-R, no track
    Div1 - Nissan SKYLINE GT-R V-spec, no track
    GT   - RAYBRIG NSX, no track
    - SUZUKA CIRCUIT East Course, Rank D
    Div3 - BMW 328 Ci, SUZUKA CIRCUIT International Racing Course, Rank A
    Div2 - Subaru LEGACY TOURING WAGON GT-B, no track
    Div1 - TVR Griffith Blackpool B340, no track
    GT   - CALSONIC SKYLINE, no track
    - PROVENCE Beginner, Rank C
    Div3 - Nissan PRIMERA 2.0Te-V, PROVENCE Expert, Rank B
    Div2 - Toyota CHASER TOURER V, no track
    Div1 - Toyota SUPRA, no track
    GT   - CASTROL SUPRA, no track
    - URBAN HIGHWAY Beginner, Rank C
    Div3 - Mitsubishi FTO GP versionR, URBAN HIGHWAY Expert, Rank B
    Div2 - Porsche Boxster S, no track
    Div1 - Castrol Mugen NSX + Ferrari 360 Modena, no track
    GT   - ARTA ZEXEL SKYLINE, no track
    - URBAN HIGHWAY Expert, Rank B
    Div3 - Alfa Romeo ALFA GTV 3.0 V6 24V, no track
    Div2 - Mitsubishi LANCER GSR EVOLUTION VI, no tracks
    Div1 - Mazda RX-7 [FD3S], no track
    GT   - FK/Massimo CERUMO SUPRA + Toyota TS020 GT-one + Nissan CUBE x, no track
    Div3 - Toyota LEXUS IS 200, no track
    Div2 - Mitsubishi GTO TWINTURBO, no track
    Div1 - Honda NSX S Zero, no track
    GT   - DENSO SUPRA GT, no track
    - SUZUKA CIRCUIT International Racing Course, Rank A
    Div3 - Honda S2000, no track
    Div2 - Nissan FAIRLADY Z Version S 2by2, no track
    Div1 - Ferrari F50, no track
    GT   - PENNZOIL NISMO GTR, no track
    - PROVENCE Expert, Rank B
    Div3 - Mitsubishi PAJERO SUPER EXCEED, no track
    Div2 - Subaru IMPREZA WRX STi Version VI, no track
    Div1 - Porsche 911 GT3, no track
    GT   - Mobil 1 NSX, no track
    #Game mode "LINE TRAINING":
    In this section there are four tracks which can unlock cars if you beat the track record:
    Mazda MX-5 [NA8C] + Toyota COROLLA LEVIN GTV
    ??? Unknown
    ??? Unknown
    - AUTOCROSS 4 
    ??? Unknown
    If someone solves the missing tracks mail me!
    #Missing cars:
    Seen in intro movie of PROVENCE Expert track:
    Mitsubishi Lancer Evo ??, WRC trim (TOMMI) + Mitsubishi Pajero, Rally Paris-Dakar trim?
    It takes 10 hours gameplay to unlock this items and many time to write this little FAQ.
    It`s my first FAQ and english is NOT my first language.
    I will try to update this FAQ with more car specs. 
    If anyone has suggestions or additions, email me at animalica@gmx.de .
    COPYRIGHT BY animalica, 
    NOT for commercial use! 
    You can give it away for free, but you are not allowed to change a word of this FAQ.
    Thanks to GameFAQ's for this superb site and all who made this website possible, 
    all the folks of the Gran Turismo Forum (http://www.granturismo.com) and GB-Paradise 
    (http://www.gbparadise.de) and all Racing Otakus!

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