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"Finally a Puzzle Game that does not contain similarities to Tetris or Alleyway."

Gameplay 7/10

Well it’s a puzzle game, however unlike other puzzle games this game can be a button masher requiring not much thought. The game automatically voids any wrong flare combinations, at the same time verifying combinations for you and providing the light show with one touch of a button, therefore for first timers you don't really have to know what your doing to see great fireworks right off the bat. However to obtain high scores and clear levels more skill and knowledge is involved.

Graphics 8/10

The graphics in this game is right on par with a typical launch title game. The fireworks look great, which will cover the seemingly lifeless city and space backgrounds. More locations especially cities would have been nice but the backgrounds that are included in this game are adequate at best for this game.

Audio 6/10

The retro audio can be very repetitive and annoying especially the opening sequence of the game where you are greeted by a little girl and her family, and subsequent sequences upon clearing levels that will creep you out for days, it creeped me out anyway.

Difficulty 8/10

The game isn't all that difficult. Like many puzzle games out there the more experienced the better your going to be. Sony included in the game very helpful tutorials to allow you to learn the basic techniques and later on several tricks that will help you throughout. However if your impatient like me, you probably would skip these tutorials as they can be quite long and dive straight for the game. In any case the mechanics of the game isn't hard to pick up. The difficulty in the game lies in how fast your able to line up the correct flares and detonate a firework before it goes off screen.

Replay Value 10/10

Puzzle games always obviously excel and score high in this category and FantaVision is no different. As with any puzzle game you'll keep coming back trying to improve your score to move up the top ten ladder.

Overall 8/10

Overall FantaVision is a typical puzzle game, one which requires timely decision making and therefore quick reflexes. What separates FantaVision from other puzzle games is obviously the fact that the game involves fireworks instead of blocks. The fireworks are so well done that you'll keep coming back just to witness the eye candy.

Rent or Buy

If your lacking a puzzle game for your system and yes every system owner should at least own a puzzle game then FantaVision is the game right now for the PS2. I say right now because the PS2 is lacking puzzle games, therefore FantaVision is automatic for anyone looking for a game in this genre, unless of coarse your a die hard Bust A Move fan.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/20/02, Updated 07/20/02

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