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"Fireworks can be suprisingly fun, but only for a time..."

Fantavision is one of those games you are hesitant to begin playing. I mean, a puzzle game based on fireworks? Well, let me assure you, this game is fun. On the other hand, however, this game can become very dull. Now I bought this game, but it was for five dollars at my local EB, which is actually cheaper than renting it from Blockbuster-so I justified my purchase as saying it is an extended rental.

This is a puzzle game, simple as that. You scroll along through a city and fireworks are blasted into the air. Your duty is to link groups of the same color fireworks together and then make them explode-causing a grand show. At first it can be a bit weird trying to understand the concept, but once you grasp it, you'll find it is easy...very easy.

This was a PS2 launch title, and it shows it. The scenery behind the fireworks is nice, and even when you have a massive amount of fireworks going off it looks pretty, but these are not jaw dropping graphics-by any stretch. Plus there are only like 4 different colors of fireworks, I think they could have made more.
My favorite levels though are when you're making a fireworks show in space.

Mediocre at best, nothing special. The in-level music is ok, but the sounds of the fireworks just doesn't hit you like I think it could have. You have all been to a fireworks display before, and when some of those shells explode you can feel the shock-now I do not believe this game should have been made that extreme, but still-a little bass would have been nice.

Replay Value
It will take you three times at the most to get through the arcade mode, and versus mode will grow stale after the first few matches. As a person who really likes a game with a lot of replay value, this game falls drastically short.

This game is a rental at best, nothing too awe inspiring about it. But considering what they working with, this game works on a certain level. In some ways, playing this is a nice change from the stressful environment other games have. If you want to feel at peace while playing a game, this is certainly one that will help you out. The idea is creative, and I think if a sequel was made it could be really awesome. If nothing else, you could possibly have some big time versus matches at a party and have a little competition, but it probably won't last long.

Gameplay-A simple puzzle game, nothing special-6/10
Graphics-Colorful, but not very sharp-6.5/10
Sound-Very uninspired. Bass please?-4/10
Replay Value-Not too much to be had-4/10

Overall (not an average)-5.5

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 04/18/04

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