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    Julia by Dayful / iLuvMomo

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    A Player's Guide to JULIA CHANG
    version 1.0
    by Dayful (David Fulstow) and iLuvMomo (Lee Kian Chong)
    last updated: 15/01/2K1
    Contacting Dayful
    E-mail: DayFul@totalise.net
    ICQ: N/A
    Website: N/A
    Contacting iLuvMomo
    E-mail: helsmley@yahoo.com
    ICQ: 6477770
    Website: http://www.geocities.com/helsmley/
    This guide is written using Wordpad usings Courier New (Western) Size
    10 Fonts.
    If the dots and numbers are alligned then you are set.
    Legal Stuff
    Tekken and all the characters in Tekken are copyrighted by Namco. Feel
    free to print this guide for your personal use. If you wish to
    distribute this guide, make sure that it is distributed free of charge
    and in its unaltered state, even with typo and grammatical errors. If
    you want to put this on your site, make sure that you have our written
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    credit where credit is due. EGM, keep your hands off this guide.
    Using this FAQ
    Whats New?
    About the Authors - About Dayful
                      - About iLuvMomo
    Why a Julia FAQ? - Dayful's View
                     - iLuvMomo's View
    Why Julia Chang?
    Changes to Julia from T3
    Julia's Move List (courtesy of Catlord and Tekken Zaibatsu)
    Move Analysis - Throws
                  - Special Techniques
                  - Unblockable
                  - Pre-canned Ten Hit strings
    Julia's Juggles - Juggle List
                    - Favourite Juggles
    OB Trap
    Poking and Custom Strings
    Throwing and Throw escapes - Throwing
                               - Escaping Throws
    Parry or Not to Parry?
    Character Specific Strats (Vs. Strats)
    Suggestions for Partners - Partner Analysis
                             - Dayful's Favourite Partners
                             - iLuvMomo's Favourite Partners
    Using this FAQ
    This FAQ is targetted at readers of all level, beginner thru
    intermediate thus the title "A Players Guide to JULIA CHANG".
    Throughout writing this FAQ, we found that co-writing an FAQ for Julia
    would have its pro's and con's. Having two authours, the reader can
    easily see the difference in opinion players will have with certain
    moves and strategy. We hope that by co-authouring this FAQ, we would be
    able to bring to you a diverse and different methods to approach
    playing Julia. Remember, No two players are the same. We have written
    this FAQ in such a way that you can easily look up info on a certain
    topic which you need to refresh on. For instance, if you want to know
    more about Julia's 1~1,1 just go to her "Move Analysis" section to read
    about its uses. Likewise if you want to know more about setting up her
    1~1,1 then refer to her "Poking and Custom strings" section. This
    method provides for easier reference and is not as confusing in the
    long run unlike certain faq (Hint: RevC) We hope you will enjoy this
    FAQ as we have writing it.
    Dayful & iLuvMomo
    Whats New?
    v1.0 - This is it. The release of the FAQ. We hope that it will provide
           sufficient information. As always should there be any errors or
           new tricks discovered, we will undoubtedly make revisions to the
    About the Authours
    About Dayful
    I'm 18 I live on the outskirts of Liverpool in England, I'm curently
    studying A levels in Chemistry and computer science. First time I
    played tekken was just when Tekken 1 first came out on the PS1, it
    wasn't mine I just went to one of my friends houses and I sucked at it
    anyway. I started playing a lot more when T3 came out once I had a
    playstation of my own and had nothing better to do than go to the
    arcades. Using Julia as my first character was an easy choice for me
    realy she's easily the best looking character (IMO of course). The only
    problem there was Julia was very difficult to use but I wasn't going to
    give up even though I sucked. Now I'm playing TTT a lot as I'm one of
    the lucky people in the UK who actualy managed to get a PS2 (slow as
    shit sadly). Also I played in the arcades for over a year with the
    constant motivation to show everyone Julia didn't suck (Peope in the UK
    got duped in to thinking Ling was something special and Julia got
    ignored by most people). I spend most of my time playing in Casears in
    Southport, hopefully soon I'll be going to the Trafford centre a lot.
    So if you see a guy playing Julia, Yoshi, True Ogre, Kazuya, Bruce and
    Armor King it may be me. I'm not an expert player but I feel I'm able
    to give good advice to any one who wants to play Julia.
    About iLuvMomo
    I am an 18 year old boy who lives in Ipoh, a small town in Malaysia.
    I have moved to KL, studying my second year in A levels at Taylors
    College. I would consider myself a hardcore gamer and have been playing
    games in the arcades since I was 6 playing the then popular Street
    Fighter II series (the ironic thing about this all is that people under
    18 are banned from going to arcades!... so you would say I had to
    illegally sneak into arcades time and time again) Anyways, back to the
    topic. My first taste of Tekken was Tekken 2 on the Playstation and I
    have to say I never liked it in the first place. (to slow for me) I
    really got into Tekken when Tekken 3 was released for the Playstation,
    and I addictively play Tekken Tag Tournament right now, spending most
    of my allowance in the local arcades learning new combos or practising
    new strategies. If any of you readers live in Ipoh (or KL for the
    matter), do e-mail me as I would be glad to have a game or two with
    you. When I am in Ipoh, I always hang out at Capcom Station in Jaya
    Jusco during the weekends from 2-6pm. It doesn't matter if you are
    better than me and if you beat me because if you do , I will still be
    learning something new. Anyways, I am NOT a player with Mad skillz,
    just an average player who wishes to pass a tip or two to would-be
    Julia Players. Writing this FAQ has not been easy as one would think
    since it invovles a lot of time and patience. This FAQ has gone through
    numerous revisions to make it better for you the reader. I hope you
    will therefore enjoy reading it.
    Why a Julia Chang FAQ?
    Dayful's View
    Well she's my favorite character (Blatantly obvious to anyone on TZ)
    and I feel that a character of her quality defianately deserves a realy
    good FAQ. At the moment the only FAQ involving Julia is the
    Julia/Michelle one which doesn't go in to enough depth pretty strange
    seen as there are countless Jin FAQ's and a few other charcters have
    many FAQ's as well. Also of all the types of scrubs you can come across
    Julia scrubs are among the worst as she isn't easy to use giving some
    people the wrong impression of her. Hopefuly as well as helping the
    many Julia players out there get the best out of her it will put an end
    to the people who still live in the early T3 days when people thought
    she was weak. LOL it's blatantly obvious when you think about it realy
    she is overpowerd but few people can use her properly. A lot of people
    think abuse mad axes and elbows and you will be fine well that's why
    they still suck. Julia is a very deep character and hopefuly this guide
    will show people how to get the best out of her.
    iLuvMomo's View
    This is my second attempt at writing an FAQ. When I first wrote my
    Kazuya FAQ I was quite new to FAQ writing and never discussed much
    strategy be it at forums or on IRC. Needless to say, there were
    numerous mistakes in the FAQ. Fastforward almost ONE whole year since
    the release of my initial FAQ to this one. Over the period of time, I
    have learnt a lot on FAQ writing, and also loads of new tricks from the
    pros and fellow players alike. Besides the lack of an FAQ solely on
    Julia, I feel that a lot of players do not use Julia to the fullest of
    her capabilities. The reason I am writing this FAQ is much like when I
    wrote my Kazuya FAQ, to promote other lesser used moves of Julia and
    provide a different view from the "Boring Boring Changs" label which is
    fixed on Julia. I am so sick of seeing Chang scrubs all around who do
    nothing but mixups. Most parts of my FAQ have been written from scratch
    except for certain sections where I have been too lazy and just copied
    relevant details from my own Kazuya FAQ. I know that some of my ideas
    may prove to be radical to people, but before you start flaming me,
    just consider the countless nights I spent staying up till 4 a.m. to
    make sure that this Julia gets the best FAQ treatment.
    Why Julia Chang?
    She is a top tier character, 'nuff said. LOL. Julia is a great pitbull
    character. She can be played in a boring manner or very interestingly
    (using her lesser used moves) both which are effective. Although she
    tends to rely a lot on her CH moves, she has the right bunch of tools
    to drive turtlers to near insanity. Her quick pokes will keep even the
    Mishima's on their toes because they cannot get careless with their
    pokes. Speaking of her CH moves, they do a lot by themselves, but
    better still lead to easy extremely damaging juggles that rival 's
    cheese knees. Her Mad axes is prolly the best throw in the game, if not
    THE throw of any fighting game, period and she has the command low
    parry which creates one of the best confusion in the game. No character
    even comes close to her when it comes to usefulness of her command low
    parry. Julia's universal parry is also augmented by powerful GURANTEED
    follow ups which depletes almost half of your opponent's life. Movement
    is also a key to any players game, and fortunately for Julia, she has
    great movement with her double/ triple sidestep. More often that not,
    this double/triple sidestep will allow Julia to get behind her opponent
    for loads of free stuff. Also, being a small character, her opponents
    will find juggling Julia extremely hard. Some combos that will hit
    other small characters will even whiff Julia. She packs this all in one
    good package by also having better stamina than her mother, Michelle...
    not to mention Netsu friendliness with a lot of characters.
    Why not her then? Julia is not without her weaknesses. A good Julia
    player will know that she has no single launching move like WGF or
    power hits like Deathfist. Her elbows can hardly be considered a
    powerhit even though it is quick, safe and knockdowns since it does
    pitiful damage. Neither can her hopkick or df+2,1 be considered good
    launching moves because they either are to slow to initiate or have
    extremely bad recovery time. Also if your opponent is a very good
    turtler, Julia is very SCREWED in her gameplay. Of course you can say
    that not everyone can turtle well against Julia, not when Mad Axes is
    10 frames away. And of course if you want to nitpick, Julia does not
    have as much stamina as T.Ogre or Kings.
    Changes to Julia from T3
    RedKing did a similar section in his Jin FAQ and I feel it can be
    useful for anyone who played T3 Julia and hasn't yet played TTT Julia.
    Overall Julia is definitely a much easier to use character than she was
    in T3, she still isn't easy but getting the best out of T3 Julia is
    very difficult although if you have d,d/f+1 down you're a long way
    there as most of her very powerful combos in T3 depended on it. Well I
    think the biggest difference to Julia is the huge improvement to her
    elbow, it recovers much faster and is much safer to throw out now and
    increaces her ability ot presure her opponent as she couldn't do much
    safely after her elbow in T3. Her juggles are far easier to use now
    with the adition of her mountian chrusher it does a handy 28 damage on
    its own and can be used as juggle ender.
    Her elbows recover much faster and allows her to get in a lot more
    elbows. 6 elbows isn't that difficult to do (IMHO), in T3 she could get
    in two elbows then they could tech roll which was pathetic. Considering
    when the tech roll is taken off in practice you can hit 7 elbows on the
    big characters it's a bit sad realy. The juggle propeties of her d,d/f+
    1,2 have been changed as well it can now be used as a juggle ender
    which is great but you can't use it at the beginning of juggles now If
    it had stayed like that her juggle damage would have probobly broke 50
    damage, her main juggle weapon for T3 would be F+2,d,d/f+1,2 that did a
    nasty 26 damage on it's own add in the significant increase in elbows
    and her wonder juggle would have been obsolete, but it can't sadly so
    don't think it's an improvement it isn't.
    Also very significantly her command low parry has been butchered the
    best you get now is an u/f+4 off a parried low kick and that's not
    always garunteed. Anyone who played Julia in T3 knows the deal she had
    a garunteed u/f+4 and juggle of a parried low jab and d/f+2,1 off a
    parried low kick, hell even f+1 was gaunteed off a parried low kick and
    that's pretty slow. Julia's okizemie is now much better due to the
    mountian chrusher more specifically the d/f+4 it has very good range
    and will float your opponent if they roll for some very good damage.
    The d/f+4 is a vital move for Julia IMO due to the increase in range
    from T3. Also it doesn't push your opponent away making it a much
    better set up tool. One small difference to mention 2+3 is not sm not
    low so I'm sure you realise this is completely crap now.
    This is the general convention used in Zaibatsu and is the most widely
    excepted. It has been around since the days of Tekken 2 I think.
    Anyways veterans of Zaibatsu or any other Tekken FAQs should just skip
    this part. Was kinda lazy on doing this so I just copied PMartin's
    abrevation and modified it with the legend in Tekken Zaibatsu as
    1  = Left punch                     2  = Right Punch
    3  = Left kick                      4  = Right Kick
    5  = Tag out                        N  = Neutral
    f  = Tap forward (toward opponent)  F  = Hold forward
    b  = Tap back (away from opponent)  B  = Hold back
    u  = Tap up                         U  = Hold up
    d  = Tap down                       D  = Hold down
    uf = Tap up/forward diagonal        UF = Hold up/forward diagonal
    ub = Tap up/back diagonal           UB = Hold up/back diagonal
    df = Tap down/forward diagonal      DF = Hold down/forward diagonal
    db = Tap down/back diagonal         DB = Hold down/back diagonal
    QCF = Quarter circle forward (d,df,f)
    QCB = Quarter circle back (d,db,b)
    HCF = Half circle forward (b,db,d,df,f)
    HCB = Half circle back (f,df,d,db,b)
    FC  = Full Crouch animation
    SS  = Sidestepping/ while sidestepping.
    SSL = Sidestep left
    SSR = Sidestep right
    WS  = While standing (up from a crouch)
    WR  = While Running
    []  = Optional command Input
    =   = next in sequence
    + = Do the commands before and after '+' simultaneously.
    ~ = Do next command immediately after the previous command.
    , = Do next command quickly after the previous command.
    < = Next command is delayable.
    _ = Do either previous command or next command.
    Move Property
    BT = Backturned  to opponent
    OB = Force opponents back to face you
    JG = Juggles
    RC = Recover Crouching
    CH = Counter hit
    DS = Double Over Stun
    FS = Fall back Stun
    GS = Gut Stun
    TS = Trip Stun
    CS = Crumple Stun
    GB = Guard Breaker
    #  = See corresponding footnotes
    c  = CH modifier (ie FSc is Fallback stun on CH)
    Hit Ranges
    h  = Move hits high.
    m  = Move hits mid.
    M  = Move hits mid and grounded opponents.
    l  = Move hits low.
    L  = Move hits low and grounded opponents.
    sM = Move hits special mid (i.e., can be blocked high or low).
    *!*= Move is unblockable, hits big grounded.
    "  = Block/break point in string hits.
    Grounded Position
    KND = Knockdown position (face up, feet towards)
    PLD = Playdead position (face up, feet away)
    SLD = Slide position (face down, feet away)
    FCD = Facedown position (face down, feet towards)
    Extra Combo Conventions
    cc = Crouch cancel (ie tap u while crouching)
    WGF = Mishima's Wind Got Fist, f,n,d,df+2
    EWGF = Mishima's Electric Wind God Fist, f~n~d~DF+2
    big = big characters like Kuma, Jacks, also referred to as fatties
    () = missing hit in a combo
    Julia's Move List
    Command          Name                         Escape     Property
    1+3              Death Valley Bomb            1
    2+4              Fisherman's Suplex           2
    d,DB+1+3         Front Suplex                 1
    b+2(~5)          Arm Whip (tag)               d          #1
    df+1+2           Armlock suplex               1+2
    FC,db,d,db+1+2   Cross Arm Suplex             1+2
    QCB<F+2          Mad Axes                     1+2
    1+3_2+4_2+5      Running Bulldog              1          #2
    1+3_2+4_2+5      Spinning Frankensteiner      2          #3
    1+3_2+4_2+5      Spinning Air Neckbreaker     n/a        #4
    #1 Requires Michelle on the team.
    #2 Left Side Throw
    #3 Ride Side Throw
    #4 Back Throw
    Special Techniques:
    Command                 Name                          Range    Property
    1+2                     Twin Arrow                    m        GB
    f+1(~5)                 Flash Uppercut                m        JG
    (WR_d,df_d,DF)+1        Flash Punch                   m
    = <2                    = Flash Elbow                 m        FSc
    1~1                     G-Clef, Club Fist             h,m
    = 1(~5)                 = Flash Uppercut(tag)         m        JG
    = 4,3                   = Bow and Arrow               l,m
    df+1                    Club Fist                     m
    = 1(~5)                 = Flash Uppercut(tag)         m        JG
    = 4,3                   = Bow and Arrow               l,m
    1~2                     G-Clef, Gut Punch             h,m      #8
    = 1(~5)                 = Skyscraper Cannon(tag)      m        CH #7
    = 3                     = Low Kick                    l        RC
    = 4                     = High Kick                   h
    f,f+1                   Party Crasher                 m
    = <4                    = Skyscraper Kick             m        JG
    f+1~2                   Palm Explosion                m        FSc
    f+1+2(~5)               Shove it Up                   m        JGc #4
    1+4,3                   Club Fist-Bow & Arrow         m,l,m
    df+2                    Gut Punch                     m
    = 1(~5)                 = Skyscrapper Cannon(tag)     m        JG #6
    = 3                     = Low Kick                    l        RC
    = 4                     = High Kick                   h
    (d+2~N+3_2+3),1(~5)     Ultimate Cannon(tag)          sM,m,m   JG
    (WR_FC,df)+2            Flash Elbow                   m        FSc
    SS+2                    Parting Fist                  m        GS
    (b+2_2~b)               Arm Whip                      h        OB #1
    = (1+2_5)               = Back Push                   n/a      #2
    (WS+2_3~2)              Tequilla Sunrise              m
    = 2                     = Flash Elbow                 m        FSc
    = 1,1(~5)               = C.Fist-Flash Uppercut(tag)  m,m      SH #3
    = 1,4,3                 = Club Fist-Bow & Arrow       m,l,m
    = 4                     = Razor Sweep                 l        RC
     = 4                     = High Kick                  h
     = d+4                   = Low Kick                   l        RC
     = 1                     = Razor's Edge               m        JG
    b+3                     Liquid Sweep                  l        TS PLDc
    uf+3+4                  Earthquake Stomp              M
    3+4                     Counter Clockwise Spin        n/a      #5
    d+4                     Razor Sweep                   l        RC
     = N+4                  = High Kick                   h
     = d+4                  = Low Kick                    l
     = 1                    = Razor's Edge                m        JG
    4,4                     Spinning Razor's Kick         h,l      RC
     = 4                    = High Kick                   h
     = d+4                  = Low Kick                    l
     = 1                    = Razor's Edge                m
    b+4                     Heaven Shatter Kick           h        CSc
    df+4<2<b,f+1            Mountain Crusher              m,m,m    GS
    FC,df+4,3               Bow and Arrow                 l,m
    (FC_d)+(1+3_2+4)        Low Parry                     n/a
    2+3+4                   Wave Taunt                    n/a
    #1 Arm whip needs to hit for Julia to spin around the opponent
    #2 Causes Special Tag throw with Michelle, see the Grappling Arts
    #3 The uppercut does not juggle, but you can buffer in a Tag
    #4 The uppercut does not need to be a CH to buffer a Tag
    #5 Chains into Spinning Razor Kick variations. First Kick will do 20
    #6 In the df+2,1 string, the damage of df+2 is 15, and has to be hit
       from the front to work.
    #7 The third hit will only occur if the 1st hit was a CH or the 2nd hit
       connected on the opponent's side.
    #8 If the 1st hit is a CH, the damage of the 2nd hit will be 16. If the
       string is complete (1~2,1) the damage is 15.
    Command            Name                     Property
    f+1+4              Heaven Cannon            *!*
    Ten Strings:
    Command                Hit                   Property
    2,1,1,2,3,3,3,4,4,1    h"mm"hlm"hh"lm
    2,1,1,2,3,3,2,3,2,1    h"mm"hlm"ml"m!        #1
    2,1,1,2,3,3,2,1,4,3    h"mm"hlm"mm"lm
    #1 The 9th hit must hit for the 10th hit to be initiated (and connect)
    " signifies a break point in a 10 string where the string can be
      interrupted, reversed or parried.
    Move Analysis
    Before starting Julia's wonder juggle is d+1_d+2,d/f+4,3,d/f+4,2,b>f+1
    as I can't be bothered typing it as it's referred to constantly. I
    don't see why it's named the wonder juggle and I don't know who started
    it it does craploads of damage but Jin's scrubby lazer cannon juggles
    do just as much.
    Command          Name                         Escape
    1+3              Death Valley Bomb            1
    Well this is one of Julia's 1+3 throw. The special thing about this
    throw is that it does 35 points of damage which is 5 more than your
    normal throws (not including King). Besides after the Death Valley
    Bomb, you are guranteed d+3 to raise the damage up even more to 47.
    This throw is also a very good setup for OB traps. For those who don't
    know what is OB trap, it is a method of baiting your opponent so that
    they will get up with an attack which you promptly interrupt with a d+1
    to backturn them (and thus score subsequent free hits). Overall, the
    Death Valley Bomb is certainly one of the better throws that Julia has.
    Its downfall is its easy escape (1 which most scrubs default to) and
    the huge escape frame for breaking (you can break it as long as you
    input 1 before your Julia gets you on her shoulders) You might have to
    switch to other throws, since most opponents default to 1 as their
    instinctive throw break.
    Even though it's a 1 break which is the most commonly escaped throw
    it's still very good it's does 35 and a garunteed d+3 so the damage is
    pretty dam good. You must use this throw even if its easy to escape as
    all of Julia most useful/damaging throws are a 1+2 escape. This and
    Julia's other basic throw are excellentfor OB traps as explained above.
    I personly use this throw fairly often as overall the damage is better
    than mad axes so even though it's easy to eascape it's worth using just
    to make mad axes even more of a headache.
    2+4              Fisherman's Suplex           2
    The fisher mans's suplex is your "other" generic throw. It does 5
    points less damage though you can prolly follow up with d+3 (which is
    not guranteed by any extent) Use this only if your other throws are
    being broken because it certainly isn't one of the best throws that
    Julia has.
    Not as much damage but still you have a garunteed d+3 (Not sure but you
    have better options anyway). And as mentioned in the 1+3 description
    this is excellent for OB traps. Basic throws are easy to escape but
    most of the time your opponent will need to expect mad axes Or else
    they will struggle to break it, hell it's hard to break anyway so as I
    said it's very important to mixup your throws to make mad axes even
    more of a pain.
    d,DB+1+3         Front Suplex                 1
    Why on Earth would Julia want to use this move?  For one thing, it does
    5 points less than DVB and has the same break button (1) So unless you
    are a dumb ass, you'd rather stick to DVB for easier and more damaging
    throw. The command for this throw just doesn't make this throw worth
    doing especially in a tight battle.
    Well this is sad it's inferior to death valley bomb in every way. Add
    to what iLuvMomo said to make this even worse you have no garunteed
    followups whlie DVB has an ideal OB trap situation. it doesn't even
    look that good keep far away from this one.
    b+2(~5)          Arm Whip (tag)               d
    Worthless, since your opponent (assuming he knows anything bout tekken)
    can easily escape the tag out to Michelle. This is not one of the
    better (and safer) tag throws you'd wish for. Stay clear from it. Oh
    yeah, btw, this works like a charm on the computer, even on Ultra hard
    mode... thats if you can get b+2 to connect.
    Well in one way it sucks ass badly but once your opponent knows they
    have to duck to escape you could mix this up with d+1 which will result
    in a very damaging OB trap. Don't use it often but it can realy be a
    pain in the ass if you use it right.
    df+1+2           Armlock suplex               1+2
    This is a good throw to use in close (and to mix up with DVB) since it
    is a double break throw. Besides it does very good damage (37 pts) and
    is a very easy double break command throw. The downfall is this throw
    is prolly its poor range (its range is even less than her generic
    throws!) and the fact that the window for breaking this throw is larger
    than that of Mad Axes. Use this only if you are tired of seeing mad
    axes for the 58321681254th time.
    It's a bit more powerful than her basic throws sadly the reach is poor.
    It can catch people who get up off the floor and recover standing (In
    fear of d/f+2 which you realy don't want to get hit by) but 1+2 is a
    very common escape for Julia. One strange feature this has is that the
    grab is for a right throw so if your opponent looks at the throw
    animation for the escape You can trick them in to this well (Thanks to
    Notti for pointing that out to me). Then on the flip side of the coin
    your opponent may be wary of that it can completely confuse there throw
    escapes and this and 2+4 can create an extra throw headache along with
    mad axes. This also has garunteed followups I.e d+3. And this is also
    very good for OB traps. This is best incorporated in to Julia's running
    game as she has two fast mid hitting moves and you opponent realy has
    to block and try to escape the grab unless they want to eat the running
    1 or 2.
    FC,db,d,db+1+2   Cross Arm Suplex             1+2
    This throw is an excellent throw to pull out of FC position and is
    almost similar to King's DDT. It does 45 pts damage and has a double
    break. Use this throw like you would use Kazuya's WS+2 - after ducking
    scrubby high attacks like ermm.... Hwoarang's 3,3,3,3 (last hit can be
    ducked you stupid scrubs) d+4,4, 1,1,3,3, Mishima's 1,2,2 or anything
    which gives you an opportunity to get into FC position. Besides that
    you prolly can get into FC position via the recovery of your Party
    crasher, f,f+1 (more on that later) which is used to good effect by
    Shafi in the World tourney (FYI its shafi vs nappi 4) After the Cross
    Arm Suplex, you are guranteed at least a d+3 or b+3 or other okizeme
    attacks, since your opponent is very close to you (and to the side).
    It has limited oppourtunites for use but when you hit it the damage is
    very good it has a garunteed d+3 with you opponent off axis. But why do
    d+3 when your opponent must either roll to the side or stand up I
    normaly use d+4,1 to flip them over sadly the face down tech roll has
    ruined the d+4,N+4 followup to that she had in T3 which took the damage
    to 80+. Actualy this gives you such a big advantage you could try and
    SS so that your opponent is in PLD and d+1 for an OB trap the SS is
    pretty good bait to get your opponent up. You can play the fake low
    parry game very well with this and seen as Julia has a lot of mixups in
    it (high, mid, low she has everything covered here, too many options).
    You can tick this in to d+1 easily (Among others I'll get in to that
    later). Looks very painfull too.
    QCB<F+2          Mad Axes                     1+2
    Abuse this move, thats all I can say. It is the sole reason why Julia
    is anywhere near Michelle. Mad asses, as I like to call it, is just so
    damn good a move that I can't stop thinking of its Pros. Come on....
    its the best throw in the entire game and also in the entire history of
    tekken if you want any reason to use it. For one it is just so damn
    bufferable into any attack. Buffer it into 1, WS+1, f,f+1, d,df+1,
    d+1+3 heck even 1~1 anything! Second this throw has such an INSANE
    range that it surely puts King's long arms and G. Swing to shame.
    Third, you can delay it so much so you can do a sidestep, dash in or
    just pause (go to neutral) before initiating the throw, which of course
    gives the throw more mobility. The neutral pause also adds to the
    throw's deceptiveness. Dashing during the motion of this throw gives
    the throw even MORE range than it has naturally, and sidestepping adds
    to its evasiveness. Moreover, this throw is the fastest throw to
    initiate (in terms of frames) which is at 10 frames and has the
    smallest escape window possible (if I remember correctly its 5 frames).
    And damn... its even double break! Even good players find it hard to
    escape this throw unless they expect it coming. Heck I think you prolly
    have to be pressing 1+2 when the throw connects to have any chance to
    break this damn throw. You'd think a throw such as this which is so
    good has a catch in the damage? Well NO. It does very decent damage
    which amounts to 42 fat points (3 points short of the harder to do
    Cross Arm Suplex) However, there is no guranteed okizeme attack after
    the Mad axes but you can of course run towards your opponent and set up
    other things. More on that later. The only bad thing about this throw
    is, if you do sidestep during the throw, you could end up with a side
    throw. Why is that bad you ask? Side throws are easily escaped by good
    players. Oh and if your opponent starts breaking from Mad Axes you
    really KNOW your gameplan is going right down the drain and you need to
    get some FRESH setups.
    Best throw in the game by a mile IMHO I'll argue that with anyone
    unless they are a scrub (Actualy I will argue with them but they don't
    understand the huge advantages this has). Mad axes is very fast 10
    frames which is as fast as the Mishimas jabs. The range on mad axes is
    just plain unfair you would expect a character with Julia's short arms
    to have poor throw range but that isn't the case. This looks so cool
    and it takes a long time to execute very annoying for your opponent and
    a reat time waster. Mad axes can be used in Julias game very easily you
    can buffer it in to pretty much any move Julia has (There's a section
    dedicated to that later expect it to getbigger and bigger with every
    update ;p). As well as her different moves you can buffer this in to
    spins and backdashes (Very good one the reach of mad axes makes that
    possible). If someone tries to punish a backdash throw them out of
    whatever they tried to do. LOL you can even buffer mad axes in to
    blocked moves same with her FC,d/b,d,d/b+1+2 on low attacks. If you're
    brave buffer this in one of Baek's kick strings and find a window where
    you can throw him out of it. You can use this in the fake low parry
    guessing game but for that purpose I would rather use FC,d/b,d,d/b+1+2
    which overall will do much more damage. Mad axes does some decent
    damage (42) her other throws have a bigger payoff potentially but this
    hits much more often due to the speed and tiny escape window. This is
    an excellent way to get plenty of easy damage which is why she realy
    doesn't need a power shot, other from her CH's throws are an excellent
    source of damage for Julia. Mad axes has no garunteed followups but she
    has her very good running game to get in to. BTW can't agree for a
    second about the Michelle comment there's lots more advantagesother
    than mad axes.
    1+3_2+4_2+5      Running Bulldog              1
    Normal left side throw. Does 40 points of damage, easily broken by good
    players but looks kinda flashy. Unless your opponent doesn't know how
    to break throws, stick with SS, 1~1,1 or the likes.
    Nothing special to look at (IMHO of course), no garunteed followups and
    easily escaped, use 1~1,1 or f+1+2 please it hurts more.
    1+3_2+4_2+5      Spinning Frankensteiner      2
    45 pts of damage which is a lot for a right side throw. Looks real cool
    but sadly like all side throws, is easily broken. After sidestepping to
    your right I feel it is best for you to use 1~1,1 or maybe f+1+2 than
    go for an easily broken throw.
    The damage is good but sidethrows are very easy to escape as you have
    no guessing game normaly. However I do use this in some okizemie
    situations if you run up to your opponent and throw you may hit this
    instead of d/f+1+2 but the potential escape confusion is a bit
    redundant that d/f+1+2 has a right throw animaton. So realy I mainly
    get this by accident other than that you have better moves off the SS.
    1+3_2+4_2+5      Spinning Air Neckbreaker     n/a
    The Spinning Air Neck breaker is Julia's back throw and is inescapable.
    Does a cool 50 points of damage, which isn't much compared to the
    damage done by Ogre, Yoshi, Heihachi etc. Still, with Julia's superior
    SS ability, you will prolly be getting behind your opponent a lot.
    Anyways here is a tip to set up Julia's back throw. After any launch,
    lets say f+1, wiff a move (standing punch, 1 works great). If your
    opponent should tech roll and rise with an attack, then sidestep in the
    opposite direction and grab him. Lo and Behold... a back throw. Anyways
    to see this example in action download the a1 Japan Honor Videos at
    s8n's (look for the website under the webpage section) Although this is
    done by Michelle in stead of Julia (and I feel it was more of a
    coincidence than anything else), it still works the same. However it is
    better served that you do 4,4,1 than risk a back throw since the back
    throw can be ducked.
    Inescapabe and it looks so cool even mad axes can't touch this if a
    little unlikely to happen (People do say yea right when they see this).
    50 damage isn't bad and with Julias 3xSS you can get this once in a
    while. Whenever you use this do remember you could have used
    4,4,1,f,f,N+1,1,d+4,1 just remember that.
    Basic Arts:
    *Note* Only selected moves are chosen here to be commented on. It would
           proof redundant to comment on all her hopkick variations.
    Command                 Name                          Range    Property
    1                       Standing Left Jab             H
    Julia's best poke move. If you don't use this in ANY Julia game, quit
    her and play someone else. This is where all your CH's will come from,
    and at 8 frames (which is the fastest other than Yoshi flash) you WILL
    gain a lot of CH's from it when it interrupts your opponent.
    Interrupting is only one thing. A standing 1 is also setup for her
    throws as well as a quick tick move for Julia.
    Julia's basic jab at 8 frames is among the fastest in the game, this
    gives her a very big advantage against characters witout an 8 frame jab
    as you canget CH's considerably easier. The main strength of this is if
    it counterhits, your opponent can say goodbye to around 60% of there
    life and that's without netsu. It's also very easy to buffer mad axes
    off this (I'll be sorting out all the mixups with this later as a mad
    axes setup). You can be pretty safe throwing out a couple of jabs in
    succesion, sadly this gives no frame advantage when blocked like Law or
    Bruce but you can still setup some stuff. Hell buffer mad axes in to a
    blocked 1 as well there's no frame disadvantage and if your opponent
    ducks you have the mid hitting 1 followup (That's a simple minded idea
    I'll be going for a safer followup later which gives even more
    2                       Standing Right Jab            H
    Often overlooked by even some of the best Julia players, because of its
    inability to produce mass damage and being a tad slower than her left
    punch. In most cases, I would say the right punch is pretty useless and
    should not be used when you could use a left punch except if your
    opponent has 10 frames or more disadvantage and is very close to you.
    Should it hit, you can either link with b to go to his back (not
    advisable) or buffer a throw (mad axes again) since you have 9 frames
    of advantage. If he does ANYTHING but duck, he will be thrown.
    No where near as deadly as her 1 but it does give you a +9 frame
    advantage making mad axes easy to hit. I think you actualy have to
    buffer this in to the recovery of the 2, I sometimes find myself
    buffering mad axes in to the jab and getting her spin behind which
    sucks so make sure you avoid buffering it at the wrong time. Also using
    F+2 is my choice first hit when juggling you can easily get d,d/f+1
    after this to bring up the damage. I find that so easy to mess up this
    gives you a bit more air time to get it right. also it does one more
    point of damage than f,f,N+1 anyway.
    d+1                     Low Jab                       sM
    Most important move in the game and a move you can't live without. It
    sets up Julia's FC mix up game. It interrupts all those annoying 10
    strings with ease. It stops WGF dead in its tracks (assuming you time
    it right). It is goddamn 8 frames. It is excellent in OB traps. It is
    so useful in Okizeme. It is DA Move of the game. It is off course none
    other than d+1. If it hits, you gain +9 frames advantage, so you might
    want to buffer a FC,db,d,DB+1+2 throw to capitalize on the situation.
    Again if your opponent does ANYTHING but duck, he will be thrown.
    Well now Julia's low parry is wrecked d+1 is no longer dangerous to use
    as a poke. Anyway enough bitternes d+1 as iLuvMomo said the most
    important move in the game it interupts pretty much everything and it's
    safe even when parried your opponent has nothing more than a d+1 if
    there not of axis. It's also a very easy way to get in to FC and it
    gives you a +9 frame advantage so at worst you can hit another d+1 or
    go in to er FC mixup. Do be wary though use too many of these and a
    fellow Julia player for example could stick a CH 4 on you this will
    happen if your opponent tries to d+1 and you beat them to the 4 this is
    more commonly seen with Willimas players who use lots of strings with
    d+1,N+4 after a blocked move of course (Will they ever learn?).
    WS+1                    Standing Left Jab             m
    Many players ignore this move of Julia because of her other more
    damaging options, but at least in my gameplay, I don't. There will be a
    lot of situations where you need a faster poke to outpoke your
    opponent, and this is it. WS+1 acts like Kazuya's WS+1 of his twin
    pistons, with equally short range, but FASTER! If she wiffs it, it
    recovers pretty fast and she is safe. If it is blocked you are
    completely safe, and should it hit you get 8 frames of advantage which
    is ideal to buffer Mad Axes or any other throw. WS+1 is guranteed after
    blocking certain moves like King's f+2+3 shoulder ram for example.
    Well I never realy notice this move much but I do find myself using it
    as it's very safe sounds weird? well it just flows in to my gameplay
    realy it's not something I think about. I usually use this when I'm in
    FC and I don't see an oppourtunity to use her FC mixups or I need to
    interupt. It's a very good mad axes buffer if it hits but the range is
    poor but even if you whiffs you can't be punished.
    4                       Standing High Kick            h        JGc
    Even though this isn't listed under her move list, I feel that her
    standing 4 is still a very good good move to be mentioned here. Also it
    deserves more recognition than its crappier 4,4,X variations. The kick
    is one of the fastest move (other than her d+1 and standing 1) at 10
    frames. On CH, like all other high kicks, it juggles and Julia can get
    a free 4,(4),4 or f,f+1, f,f+1, f,f+1, d,df+1,2 combo.  Pop out this
    move once in a while since it has more range than her standard 1, has
    very good priority and is bound to catch a lot of pitbull players on
    CH. 4 is pretty much abusable. You could just stand outside jab range
    and try 2 or 3 of these consecutively without being punished usually.
    Also because of its speed, you will rarely see opponents duck it unless
    of course you do 10 of these in a row.
    A 10 frame kick 20 damage on normal hit and it's pretty easy to connect
    with and you have a free 35 damage juggle on CH making for a nice 65
    damage. It's safe when blocked and gives a nice frame advantage (+4) on
    normal hit you can buffer mad axes in to this resulting in some very
    good damage, you need to move forward VERY slightly for it to connect
    however. This can link it to the spining kick strings but you wan't to
    train yourself out of using them as good player will parry the second
    hit often. Also this kills d+1 for a free CH for a so called safe move
    as I explained in the d+1 description.
    WS+4                    Skyscraper Kick               m        KD
    I wonder why Zaibatsu never put this move in Julia's Special arts since
    it definitely does not act like other character's WS+4. If it connects,
    your opponent will be knocked down and you can get a free d+4. Plus you
    will be in FC position and should your opponent move you can get a free
    FC,df+4,3 combo. Although some may think it is so, WS+4 properties
    differ from f,f+(1),4 properties since you can't do her elbow juggles
    after the WS version of the skyscraper kick. The skyscraper kick also
    comes out relatively fast and although the frame suggests that it
    recovers poorly at -17 frames, done at the correct distance, it will
    push your opponent away to avoid any major damage done. Of course long
    pokes and certain powermoves (like Bryan's Mach Punch or Jin's f,f+2)
    are still guranteed. If you are in FC position and want a mid hitting
    attack and yet fear the long recovery of FC,df+2, use the Skyscraper
    kick instead. Otherwise, I'd stick with WS+1 any day.
    The only drawback to this is if this is blocked up close Julia will get
    raped, at maximum distance this will push your opponent away and leave
    you safe from retaliation apart from long pokes like Kuma's f+1 and
    some fast power shots. Also as iLuvMomo said you can get in an FC,d/f+
    4,3 if they move and an MC on the end for some very good damage. This
    is very fast 11 frames and has excellent priority and suprisingly good
    range range. It can be sidestepped just don't use it up close unless
    you are certain it will hit. I actualy find this most useful when you
    use it from instant WS there are a number of methods that people use, I
    personaly use d~d/f it seems a bit more natural that way you can use
    d~d/b or d~b there's more as well but there the most common ones. You
    can use this of the fake low parry it's one of the moves you should be
    using most frequently off it.
    uf+4                    Hopkick                       m        JG
    Another standard move of Julia's which should be given recognition.
    Julia's hopkick is prolly one of the best in the business (bar the
    Kings of course) It has good priority (like most of Julia's moves btw)
    comes out quite fast and the potential damage she can do after the
    hopkick is quite unfair. Just ask Dayful and he will go on all day
    about Julia's wonder combo. If there is one thing so wrong about her
    hopkick it is prolly cuz it recovers very badly (free juggle) and
    because Julia is so small in size, she can't do it u+4 like the Kings
    or even heihachi and still be relatively safe. However the uf+4 is
    still very powerful since she can do a hopkick (+juggle) off the d,df+
    (1)<2 stun and also off a parried low kick (not entirely guranteed
    Julia's basic hopkick is among the best it comes out in 14 frames and
    has very high priority. Also this does loads of damage and allows Julia
    to hit her infamous wonder juggle on the end taking the damage for
    hitting this well over 70 damage. BTW I did not brand it the wonder
    juggle some guy was whining about it in TZ and refered to it as the
    wonder juggle I just took it from there, pretty much everyone uses that
    term now. The only drawback is the poor recovery if it's blocked you
    will get hit very hard but you shouldn't intend it to be blocked(Like
    many of Julia's moves). Also this is an excellent first hit for class 1
    juggles on normal characters, on the big guys b+4 would be better as
    you can flip them over for some far more damaging combos this is very
    useful though and does more damage. I think the range problem is an
    execution flaw the Changs leg reach (Or more specificly Julia's leg
    reach) isn't that bad realy, it's just it's done so sloppy but it's
    very effective.
    Special Techniques
    Command                 Name                          Range   Property
    1+2                     Twin Arrow                    m        GB
    Chicken command : f+1+3 (for everyone except Anna who is f+2+4) You
                      can't chicken Wang's reversal since it is considered
                      a lp reversal.
    This move is both an excellent and yet not so excellent move. It has
    good range and does quite a significant amount of damage yet its
    downfall is its slow execution time (21 frames) However it does make up
    for it somewhat with a guard stun which gives you a +3 frame advantage.
    While nothing is guranteed with that small advantage, it is an
    excellent opportunity for Julia to set up her subsequent attacks, like
    buffering Mad Axes for example or a simple d+1 to set up her FC/WS
    attacks. If it hits, then the effect is quite comical as it sends your
    opponent flying away (your opponent can hold DB of course to recover
    from the power hit) The Twin Arrow is a good move to use when you are
    trying to catch an opponent who is rising from the ground with an
    attack due to its good range. You can also use this to of course punish
    whiffed/ slow recovering attacks or even people who try to carelessly
    tag out (not in).
    Good damage (25) and if it's blocked you have a +3 frame advantage has
    dam good reach, it's a bit slow though. this is the closest thing Julia
    has to a true power move but (f+1+2 doesn't knockdown so it's not realy
    a power move as such even though damage wise). Also it doesn't track
    too well either and because it's so slow you can be punished for this.
    I'd rather use f+1+2 more damage (Much more on CH), quicker, small
    evasion property. But if you connected with this you probobly could
    have connected with u/f+4 nuff said.
    f+1(~5)                 Flash Uppercut                m        JG
    Another so-so move that Julia has. While performing the flash uppercut,
    Julia will duck under her opponents high attacks and dash a little
    before performing an uppercut. However, the time that she uses to duck
    and dash is quite substantial which leads to this move being used less
    at a high level of play. Moreover, this move juggles only normal and
    semi big characters and does not juggle fatties (Ganny, Ogre, Jacks
    etc) Worse, this move recovers rather poorly when blocked and gives you
    a -15 frame disadvantage, enough time for you to be EWGF and df+2'ed.
    But this move still is useful because of its evasive properties and is
    good against people who get really predictable with their custom
    strings (e.g. Mishima scrubs who 1,1 all day) The pay off if this move
    hit is good since Julia's combo ability is excellent.
    I personaly like this move a lot it's not very powerful but you can do
    a nice long elbow juggle on the end. It's not that fast and if it's
    blocked you will be punished but you shouldn't use it expecting it to
    be blocked. This doesn't launch too high but Julia can still do plenty
    of damage after hitting this. It goes under high attacks so it's very
    handy for people who like to jab (1,1,2 Mishima scrubs come to mind,
    note I did not see what iLuvMomo wrote about this so it's kinda weird
    how we both came up with the same example LOL). And it's a sort of
    instant juggle starter (Slow) you can get around 50 damage off this and
    it doesn't require CH which is very important for Julia considering her
    high dependency on CH. This only launches the fat characters on CH and
    you can hit the MC after this on non CH to get in a very nasty 67
    damage, who tries to say big guys aren't disadvantaged.
    (WR_d,df_d,DF)+1<2    Flash Punch                 m
                          Flash Elbow                 m        FSc
    The flash punch,elbow is a very excellent move for a lot of situations.
    First the punch has quite a long reach (for Julia's short hands
    anyways) and comes out relatively fast at 11 frames which is how fast a
    WGF is. The flash punch has very good priority and is a useful poking
    tool in Julia's bulldog approach to the game. On CH the Flash Elbow is
    guranteed. Otherwise, the elbow can be blocked. Players like to delay
    the flash elbow quite a bit to catch players on CH which lands a big
    fat stun. You will have to perform the d,DF version and not d,df if you
    wish to delay the flash elbow. For those having trouble doing this
    move, all I can say is pick the mishimas and practise their WGF loads
    because the d,df motion is the same as the d,df motion in the WGF. If
    the stun is not escaped (by pushing f or tagging out) then Julia can
    juggle with both uf+4 or df+2,1 whichever she chooses (Note: In Tekken
    3 after the flash elbow stun, Julia could do only simple juggles but
    not connect with df+2,1 let alone uf+4 so this is a huge improvement
    for her) Also, the flash punch is excellent as an okizeme attack on
    rolling opponents (refer to Okizeme section) My advice on using d,DF+1<
    2 is to mix up the initial flash punch with a delayed Flash elbow or a
    throw (preferably Mad axes of course) Also if the flash elbow is
    blocked you get -7 frames disadvantage (assuming you do the d,df+1<2
    version) which is pretty safe. If your opponent tries something stupid
    (like oh say a slow move like Deathfist) then CH him with 1~1,1 or 1~
    2,1 and make him pay oh so dearly. Do NOT however try to CH him if he
    knows anything about Tekken as he would just poke you out of it
    (Mishima's Twin Pistons work great in this situation) Remember to
    buffer chicken for the initial punch, though you won't need to buffer
    chicken for the elbow.
    Well I have gone on so long about how great the flash punch to flash
    elbow is I forgot to mention one other thing - it is one of Julia's
    best combo enders. Yupz! Try to end any multi elbow combo with d,df+1,2
    since it really jacks the damage sky high. Something like the classic
    combo of df+2,1, f,f+1 X3, d,df+1,2. Also different in TTT from T3 is
    that d,df+1,2 WILL knock away. This was certainly not the case in T3 as
    you could do juggles like df+2,1, f,f,f+1,2, f,f+1,4 but this juggle
    does not work anymore in TTT.
    This is one of the best moves Julia has, this is a non knockdown, fast,
    high prioroty poke that sets up loads of stuff like mad axes maybe a CH
    1 attempt, or delay the 2 and stun them on CH. This in a way can be
    seen as an answer to Michelle's no knockdown elbow as it can set up a
    lot of stuff if only it was as easy to do. This is also a good juggle
    ender for Julia's elbow jugles and overall easier than the d,d/f+1,2
    variations. This is handy for okizemie if your opponent rolls towards
    you or away use this but then the MC does that as well and does more
    damage. This is great for closing up distances as you have the running
    1, this is what makes Julia such a great pitbull you can run at your
    opponents with much less risk than other characters, obviously don't
    run for the hell of it you want to be up close but this makes your job
    of closing distances much easier. Also this can allow you to throw more
    easily as your opponent will need to block a lot of the time you can
    use d/f+1+2 and start up her wake up game. This is also a very useful
    interupt and the 2 ender is garunteed on CH. If your opponent has a
    mid/upper parry you need to use this carefully. On the downside maybe
    it's just me or is this move very easy to mess up? And when this misses
    you are in a major world of hurt it tracks like shit as well. Also the
    2 stun on this allows you to get a full lift on a d/f+2,1 or an u/f+4,
    if your opponent doesn't escape stuns use them for absolutely HUGE
    damage d,d/f+[1]>2,d/f+2,1,f,f,d+1,d/f+4,3,d/f+4,2,b,>f+1 = 118 damage.
    I think you can tell by how much we both wrote that this move rocks and
    it should be a major part of your game.
    1~1,1(~5)               G-Clef, Club Fist           h,m
                            Flash Uppercut(tag)         m        JG
    This is one of Julia's better move. The first punch (the G-Clef as it
    is called) is only 8 frames which is the fastest poke you can get
    outside Yoshi's b+1+4 Yoshi Flash Unblockable. If the 1st or 2nd punch
    connects on CH, then tthe flash uppercut is guranteed and that can only
    mean one thing - Juggle time! However, this move it not without its
    risks since the recovery time for both the 2nd and 3rd hit is quite bad
    (-15 and -14 respectively) and is long enough for you to be juggled by
    a quick EWGF or Twin Pistons. If your know that your opponent is able
    to block the last hit, then stop at the second or just go with
    1~1,4,3 (Good players will likely see the low hit though and parry it)
    Also another thing to note is that, if your opponent ducks the last hit
    in anticipation for the bow and arrow, your opponent will not be
    juggled unless on CH or he was holding df. Instead he will just grab
    his broken nose and fall back (much like Jin's df+2 on normal hit).
    Like the standard flash uppercut, this move does NOT juggle fatties,
    but should the last hit connect, then you can do a df+4<2<b,f+1, the
    Mountain crusher combo which WILL connect as Dayful stated. The command
    being all 1's is like Pmartin said, a good panic button combo. However,
    if you KNOW you are going to CH your opponent it is better to use 1~2,1
    which does more damage though the juggles off 1~2,1 is slightly harder.
    Also 1~1,1 can be tag buffered but remember that if the last hit is tag
    buffered AND blocked you will have to pay dearly as the Block Adv is -
    26... thats long enough for Kazuya's f+1+2 Glorious Demon Fist to
    Hit....However, if you are teamed up with someone who can do very
    damaging combo's like Bruce or Jin, then the tag buffered 1~1,1 is
    worth the risk (assuming you are almost sure that you got your opponent
    on CH) and is a better choice than 1~2,1.
    Overall, 1~1,1 is a very good move that is devastating in the right
    moments but will prove to be Julia's downfall if she starts abusing it.
    Remember to buffer chicken for the last hit as it is easily reversed.
    This is your only real useful tag launcher unless you have Jin, Bruce
    or Yoshi on your team 1,2,1 is a better choice for damage and you can
    tag out off that anyway afer the juggle. Ok this starts with an 8 frame
    jab so you can get a CH fairly often but it has very bad recovery when
    blocked and as iLuvMomo said -26 when blocked that is absolutely
    hideous Nina can even get her DC in (One of the few times it can
    actualy conect now ;p). However this is an excellent move to use off
    the sidestep as you can cofortably take off 50% of a lifebar from your
    opponent and if you have netsu it's around 90 damage. Overall 4,4,1 is
    probobly better off the side damage wise but this is faster, also I'm
    not sure of the risk in Ling's backturned low parry if it can be used
    at the side so this is safer anyway. For all of this to connect you
    need to be around 26% of the way round your opponent (Julia's SS is 18%
    if Armour Xahn gave the correct info). Your opponent can otherwise
    block the second hit with f so be wary of that. You will probobly be
    able to hit this after sidestepping moves like Paul's deathfist and
    Jin's f,f+2.
    Yea I said in TZ a while back that the MC can connect after it the
    timing is funny from what I've seen you need to buffer d/f+4 after the
    third hit connects, the timing is similar to CH d,d/f+[1],2,d/f+2,1 so
    if you have that down this will be easy sick damage. Anyway if you have
    netsu and are up against a fat character this is deadly and you should
    use it in preference to 1~2~1. I'm not too sure if this applies to f+1
    but I do find it connecting after that as well same timing as above.
    Also this is EXTREMELY easy to chicken you can simply use 1~F+1+3,1+3,1
    +3, yes it reads the comand 1~1,1 but you can just use 1 then the
    buffer the chicken and the rest of the commands can be in puted as 1+3
    you need to hold F and you have a very easy chicken buffer that works
    with any move that has the same chicken command for the same limb
    (Bob's 3,3,3,3 LOL scrubby but one hell of a good bait for reversal
    scrubs). So if your up against reversal scrubs use that as you main
    chicken bait.
    1~1,4,3                 G-Clef, Club Fist             h,m
                            Bow and Arrow                 l,m
    Another variant after her G-clef, Club fist. Like 1~1,1 if the first or
    second hit on CH, the rest are guranteed. You won't prolly use this
    move much at a higher level of play since good players will easily be
    able to see the low sweep coming and parry/ block it. However, 1~1,4,3
    and 1~1,1 mix up is pretty good at intermediate level since your
    average player will not have those oh so quick reflexes to guess where
    to block. Generally if the 4 connects, then 3 is guranteed. There are
    some exceptions like against Ling or Ganny. For Ling, even if the 4
    connects the follow up 3 will wiff because she is too short. As for
    Ganny, no matter how I tried, I just couldn't get the 4 to connect so
    the 3 will whiffed or at most get blocked. Also if you are not sure
    whether the 4 will connect or get blocked, it is best to do just 1~1,4
    (although good players will I'm sure barry it). Besides you will end up
    in FC position and have full excess to Julia's mixups.
    If 1 is blocked or non CH you can occasionaly throw the 1~1,4 out, it's
    not fast enough to hit consistently though. It will rip scrubs to
    shreads but good players will kill you for this, a fellow Julia player
    could use the d/f low parry and get a garunteed d/f+2,1 hope I inspired
    some caution there. This should be used very sparingly if the 4
    connects the 3 is garunteed (Unless your up against Ling, or
    Roger/Alex, the 4 won't connect on Ganny) don't use it often or you
    will get killed for it.
    df+1,1(~5)              Club Fist                     m
                            Flash Uppercut(tag)           m        JG
    This move is exactly like 1~1,1 without the initial jab. If the Club
    fist lands on CH then the flash uppercut is again guranteed. The
    problem is that the Club Fist isn't entirely the fastest move in the
    game at 20 frames... thats plenty of time for your opponent to block/
    deathfist/ wgf you. It would seem that such a move be seemingly
    useles.. but it actually has one use. As pointed out by MIC in jjt and
    koftekkens Advanced Guide (an excellent FAQ which I suggest everyone
    should read) If you know that your opponent is going to techroll to
    their left you can try this... uf+4, 1, f,f+1, f,f+1, (df+1),1 to catch
    those techrolling fools and relaunch them. From there just finish the
    juggle unless of course your opponent is super dumb in which case you
    can just rinse and repeat. Also I find that df+1,1 is excellent to
    punish people who do d+1 too much. If you are expecting your opponent
    to d+1 you, then hit df+1,1 to CH him with the Club fist and launch
    Very slow but it's a good chicken baiter if you aren't good at
    buffering chickens very easy to buffer the chickens but they may prefer
    to CH you, Bruce's 3 will beat out this crap and I'm sure you know what
    that leads to. Apart from the tech roll punishing ability this has as
    iLuvMomo has already stated I don't use this much at all it's just so
    slow not to mention the horible lag when blocked.
    df+1,4,3                  Club Fist                     m
                              Bow and Arrow                 l,m
    Utterly useless if you ask me unless of course you are playing a scrub
    and want to mix up between the flash uppercut and the Bow and arrow, in
    which case 1~1,4,3 and 1~1,1 would serve the purpose better. All in
    all, this is a move Julia should avoid using.
    I never really bothered with this version the startup is very slow and
    the pay off isn't very good leave it alone there's no point using it
    the 1~1,4,3 is better if you feel the need to mix the moves up.
    1~2,1(~5)                 G-Clef, Gut Punch             h,m
                              Skyscraper Cannon(tag)        m        CH
    If in a situation you are given a choice to use 1~2,1 and 1~1,1, almost
    always choose to use this instead of her 1~1,1. Why? Because of the
    damage... well not by much (5 pts) but hey... I won't give up extra
    damage if I were you. There are a few problems though. First off, the
    juggle off 1~2,1 is a lil bit harder (well to scrubs anyways) since the
    skyscraper Cannon knocks them quite far away so you will have to dash
    quite a bit to continue juggling them. Secondly, 1~2,1 isn't really tag
    combo friendly since only a tag slide or dive (fatties) is guranteed.
    So again if you are teamed up with someone like Jin, then 1~1,1 will be
    a better choice. Also, the first punch HAS to hit on a CH for the
    skyscraper cannon to be performed. There is no use if the gut punch
    connects on CH. Therefore, again in some situations, 1~1,1 will be
    better. The best example is this.. a bryan scrubs comes at you from
    range 2 with his 1,2,1,2 punches, where the first punch wiffs but the
    rest are bound to connect (or get blocked at least) In this situation,
    it would be safer to back up a bit and hit 1~1,1. Even if the first
    punch doesn't connect, the club fist will hit on CH and thus gurantee
    you a juggle. It would be far better than risking to stand your ground
    with 1~2,1 as you might get hit in return on CH. To view this example
    in action, watch "shafi vs nappi 4" of the world tourneys. One thing to
    bear in mind when using 1~2 is that even though it may not seem so, the
    recovery of the gut punch (2) is as bad as that of 1~1 therefore, do
    not be a moron and go around telling people to use 1~2,1 instead of
    1~1,1 because of the better recovery kay?
    One small tip, which works well up to intermediate level at least is
    that if you have problems breaking throws, and your opponent has the
    habit of running up to you with either a throw or a power move, you
    could just fiddle between 1 and 2. If you are lucky (well according to
    statisctics it would be 33 1/3%) then you will break his throw, and if
    he tries a power move, then you will get a CH 1~2,1.
    This is so so deadly, loads of damage on its own and a 40+ damage
    juggle. This actualy does much more damage than 1~1,1 the strongest CH
    1~1,1 combo comes up to 82 damage (Yes I do have a better one than
    f,f,N+1(x3)d,d,d/f+1,2), 1~2,1 and the strongest juggle off that brings
    the dmage up to 93 damage so it's considerably more. Also this launches
    the big guys just as high as everyone else so this is a much better
    option in that situation. This is best used of the sidestep as you are
    facing your opponet and they are not facing you so even if they have an
    8 frame jab like you it won't matter as they will be jabbing thin air.
    The only problem is on non CH the 1~2 has bad recovery time but if your
    opponent tries to punish the lag the 4 ender could be used for CH
    unless Ling uses d/f+1 to get in to RD which would be a pain in the
    ass. Your opponent should realy try to duck to avoid the followups so
    it isn't as punishable as it may seem. And yes the recovery of 1~2 is
    very bad it's not as punishable as you may think as she can stick the 4
    ender in and if you opponent tries anything you can CH them (Not sure
    about an 8 frame jab or d+1). Obviously most people will crouch to
    avoid the sad excuse for a mixup but hey they have to crouch so they
    can't realy punish you.
    I've already said how the changes to d,d/f+1,2 has made the 1,2,1
    juggles more difficult as you can't hit f,f+1,4 after this. As I said
    before if it had stayed how it was this would probobly be a 100+ damage
    combo for Julia has she would have been able to hit many more elbows
    after d,d/f+1,2 shame that. One other bad thing now in TTT or at least
    on the PS2 the clean hit damage of the gut punch has been toned down.
    The long legged characters such as King and Eddy took around 55 damage
    off 1~2,1 making it a good bit stronger but it's now 51 for all
    characters, of course on the other hand it does more damage to
    characters like Ling so that's good seen as her stamina sucks. Unless
    you feel the need to tag juggle this is overall a better choice than 1~
    1,1 if you know it is a CH.
    1~2,3                   G-Clef, Gut Punch             h,m
                            Low Kick                      l        RC
    One of Julia's more pathetic moves. The low kick is soooooo slow it
    just BEGS to be parried/ blocked. Worse still the recovery of the low
    kick when blocked... it just begs to be WS'ed. Even when it connects,
    you are STILL at a disadvantage. Use only against scrubs since they
    never learn to block low and then harass them with Julia's FC mixups.
    If the low kick is blocked (not parried) try rising with a Skyscraper
    kick since it will override most things. Never EVER use this against
    good players unless you miss seeing Jin's WS+2, b,f+2,1,2 combo a lot.
    Do you want a low parry on your ass not thought not because I guarantee
    you if you use this that is what will happen (d/f+2,1 again). The kick
    is very very easy to block and well your opponent will always crouch.
    The only good thing about this is your opponent has to defend this,
    they can't punish the lag of 1~2 because of the existence of this move
    that's the only good thing about it.
    1~2,4                     G-Clef, Gut Punch             h,m
                              High Kick                     h
    Use this only once in a while. Although the last hit, a high kick may
    seemingly be useless, it can be used to catch players who are too eager
    to counter you. Most players will duck (or at least have their
    controller pointing towards df) and you will wiff the kick (wiffs
    aren't good you know....) However, if you always do 1~2 ONLY, your
    opponent may think that you have mucked up with your 1~2 and then try
    to attack you. The high kick will CH them and give you a nice
    opportunity for a yummy elbow juggle. Use this in moderation, maybe
    once in 10 matches and prolly it will bear fruit.
    Against good players this is just as bad as the above option but some
    over eager opponents may try to punish the huge lag of a blocked 1~2
    you could try the 4 on CH you will float them for your CH 4 juggles
    (This isn't quite as fast as the basic 4 though or it doesn't seem to
    be). Don't use it often but if your opponent does anything dumb on a
    non CH 1~2 don't hesitate to use the 4 ender as the payoff is very
    good. so like 1~2,3 it sucks realy but it's existence wipes out the
    potential punishment of a blocked 1~2.
    f,f+1<4                 Party Crasher                 m
                            Skyscraper Kick               m        JG
    I reckon that this has to be Julia's most improved move from T3. I
    remember the days in T3 when I groaned over how I couldn't even perform
    a 3 elbow juggle with ease. Now in TTT, her party crasher (aka Elbow)
    is now much better than that in T3 because of the better recovery time
    after each elbow (which also means more elbows in a juggle) even though
    it still does not recover as fast as that of Michelles. Before I go
    into much detail with the Elbow, Skyscraper Kick, let me enlighten
    those who do not know about the properties. First there are two ways to
    do it... f,f,N+1 and f,F+1. For the first method (f,f,N+1) the elbow
    recovers much faster, but you have to do the skyscraper kick
    immediately if you want it to come out. The second method has slower
    recovery but you can also delay skyscraper kick, which is vital in
    ending some multi elbow juggles.
    Well enough talk about the party crasher Sky scraper kick. What is it
    used for? Duh! Her strings. Her Party crasher is prolly useless if it
    hits your opponent since it will hit your opponent too far away unlike
    Michelle where on CH the skyscraper kick and a combo is guranteed. But
    in some sense the KND can be quite useful, like a Safe tag for example
    or Okizeme (more on this in the Okizeme section) Anyways with Julia,
    you will want the party crasher blocked (yes you read right) to start
    one of Julia's guessing games. Say your opponent blocks the party
    crasher he would then have to guess whether you would follow up with
    the sky scraper kick, buffer mad axes, hand him another party crasher
    or try to CH his power move with 1~1,1 or 1~2,1. Another plus is that
    if her sky scraper kick connects, then Julia can continue with her f,f+
    1 x3, d,df+1,2 juggle much like Michelle can juggle after f,f+1,4. Put
    it this way, the party crasher is one of Julia's various setup tools
    for her mix up game (along with d,df+1, fake low parry etc) In one very
    good example, the party crasher is used to set up her throws. Not only
    is it a useful move to set up Mad Asses. I mean Axes, but the party
    crasher also has special properties to duck immediately by holding down
    after inputting the party crasher (thus f,f,N+1~D). This is especially
    useful if you want to set up her FC,db,d,DB+1+2 throw. To see this
    trick in action do download "Shafi vs Nappi 4" from the world tourneys.
    Also the Party crasher has always been a famous Chang move in combos
    especially those multi elbow ones. It is bound to irritate your
    opponent since they keep bouncing in the air for a long looooong time
    and each time the elbow hits, it does only miniscule damage (amounting
    to roughly a jab) However, the usefulness of the elbows has been toned
    down somewhat now in TTT with the addition of her Mountain crusher
    since it is a better juggle ender after uf+4, d+1, FC+4,3. (f,f+1,4
    ending was very risky in T3 since if you missed and your opponent tech
    rolled he would rise behind you for a free back throw... not very good)
    Still the improvement in the recovery of her elbows makes her multi
    elbow juggles a whole lot more better than what they used to be.
    Lastly, the Party crasher is good to catch rolling opponents. If you
    manage to hit a party crasher on a rolling opponent, you will cause
    them to float in the air and thus you can do the f,f+1, f,f+1, f,f+1,
    d,df+1,2 combo.
    This is the ultimate in piss hit in TTT and the improvements to Julia's
    elbow are one of the things that have made her much better. In T3 this
    wasn't too good as it had fairly bad lag when blocked even the quick
    recovering elbow (I still used it loads which just emphasised how great
    this move is). Now it's a case of if in doubt an elbow is a pretty safe
    bet. Sadly this knocks your opponent away unlike Michelle who can do a
    hell of a lot of nasty/cheap stuff with this but still it's fast and
    interups very well. One nice advantage Julia's elbow has is that the 4
    ender will always connect on fat characters so consider this a 22
    damage move on fat characters much better. It's easy on True Ogre but I
    find you need a very small dealy on other fat characters unless it's
    the way you input the move. And one small point Julia's elbow has
    exactly the same frame data as Michelle's she just loses a frame in the
    N input it's a sad idea I don't know who started is it too difficult to
    look up frame data? One good thing is Julia has the delayable f,f+1>4
    so people may try to punish the huge lag on the delayable elbow it will
    avoid high attacks and throws and simply out priorotise a lot of moves.
    It's also very useful for tagging out safely which is always a good
    thing you can safely knock your opponent away and this is easy to
    connect with. It can keep away people who want to try and poke you to
    death (Anna, Bruce, Ling, ect). But anyway this is more useful when
    blocked as you can keep a constant offense try to get a CH you could
    grab them with mad axes don't go overboard as you can be interupted
    with d+1 but it's very useful for keeping up the pressure on your
    opponent. And then for jugling it can make for some long, iritating and
    tag partner health replenishing juggles so if your partner has taken a
    beating 6 elbows will be very useful if you want to kill some time. Use
    this a lot you can bank on hitting a few of these every round and the
    damage does add up.
    f+1~2                   Palm Explosion                m        FSc
    Chicken command : f+2+4 for everyone.
    *erm*....<tries to think of the good points of this move> Well... it
    stuns and it does quite a lot.... and well ARGHHH! This move sucks. Its
    almost worthless. It takes almost eons for this move to come out, even
    eddy mashers will CH you out of it before you can even hit with this
    move. Who the hell will ever fall for the flash uppercut fake in the
    first place? DOH! Well you could use it for catching back rolling
    opponents (whats f,f+1 for anyways) or you could use it to catch
    tagging in/ out opponents (then why do you have uf+4 and df+2,1) or you
    could just use this move in juggles after you have grown sick of her
    elbow and wonder juggle. Use this move only in extreme moderation.
    Decent far away okizeme tool and if they try to catch you with a rising
    mid kick or sweep you will stun them, the stun is very easy to escape
    though. One very good scenario is if you stun your opponent in the back
    (Tag out and okizemie) then they can't do much other than take the stun
    combo if they try to tag out you have WR,1,2. Other than that don't use
    this much. But seriously the only time I use this is to punish scrubs
    tagging out (Let them tag but the ridiculous range this has will allow
    you to hit them), altenately to that after the right side throw and you
    may get lucky and stun if they see this coming and seen as it's slow
    they may try a rising mid kick or sweep and you can stun them in the
    back and they can either take the juggle or escape and invite an OB
    trap. Other than that it's realy crap.
    f+1+2(~5)               Shove it Up                   m        JGc
    Chicken Command : f+1+3 for everyone. You can't chicken Wang's reversal
                      though since this is considered a lp reversal.
    I like this move a lot. Although it might be slow to initiate it has
    good range and more importantly leaves you relatively safe when
    blocked. Even with a -3 frame disadvantage, f+1+2 pushes your opponent
    so far away that you are completely safe. Your opponent has NO
    advantage whatsoever. (Btw, I'm referring to f+1+2 sans tag buffering -
    but why on earth you would want to tag buffer f+1+2 in the first place
    I don't know) On CH this move will launch so you can jump kick your
    opponent before continuing with her elbows. Anyways enough talk about
    this move. So when should you use this move? Do not, I repeat do NOT
    just throw this out in the open with your opponent a distance away from
    you and hope for the mistake. People who use this move that way often
    deem this move useless. You are just ASKING for the move to wiff and
    eat a EWGF in return. Instead, use this move when you sidestep your
    opponent and find that there is some distance between you and your
    opponent try using this move. If he tries any stupid move you will get
    him on CH and as everyone knows Julia's side juggles are something to
    be feared (especially on fatties) You have a very good chance at CH
    since f+1+2 ducks under a lot of high attacks and has extremely good
    reach. If he doesn't so what? You still have dealt him a decent amount
    of damage right?
    Very good damage Julia crouches slightly in the opening frames the
    evasion shouldn't be relied upon, but I do find this avoiding the
    standing 4 for example so it's fairly useful in that respect you can
    call it pretty certain that it avoids jabs but it's too slow to CH a
    jab. If it CH's you get a class one juggle with the damage rivaling
    that of 1,2,1 On CH this can lead to over 80 damage. This should be
    your power move of choice it's underrated, not abuseable though 19
    frames is not fast. This is also good to use of the sidestep it is much
    better than SS+2 and always launches at the side for an easy b+4,f,f,N+
    1,d/f+4,2,b<f+1 which make for excellent damage. Even better on fat
    characters you can use b+4,f,f,N+1(x9) or 7 knees with Bruce sick. The
    great thing is you only have a -3 frame advantage when blocked and you
    push your opponent back anyway, so for a move with such excellent
    damage potential being safe when blocked makes this a very useul move
    even if it doesn't qualify as a good power shot (According to Rev
    because of the lack of a knockdown).
    1+4,3                   Club Fist-Bow & Arrow         m,l,m
    The clubfist- bow and arrow is like 1~1,4,3 minus the initial punch.
    IMO it isn't really good because the club fist is slow to initiate and
    moreover the bow and arrow is easily seen coming by good players.
    Against scrubs or intermediate players though it may prove to be more
    useful though I still suggest that you stay with 1~1,4,3 if you want
    some mixups.
    Well this is basicly the same as d/f+1,4,3 which as we have already
    said it's crap so don't use this either.
    df+2,1(~5)              Gut Punch                     m
                            Skyscrapper Cannon(tag)       m        JG
    Although the Gut Punch is rather slow to initiate and has kinda poor
    reach compared to other Julia moves, the Gut Punch skyscrapper Cannon
    is one of Julia's most underestimated move and one which is extremely
    useful. Unlike 1~2,1 the skyscrapper Cannon will come out as long as
    the Gut Punch hits your opponent in the front on any hit - CH or Clean
    hit. The Gut Punch is an excellent move to use when you rush up to your
    opponent and know that he is going to duck (or if he gets up and
    crouches) since the risk is not as great as that of a hopkick (though
    the pay off is of course less) It is a very safe move to use as long as
    you don't wiff with it since it has excellent recovery (-6 frames for a
    blocked gut punch) compared to its 1,2 cousin. What is best though is
    that the Gut Punch is guranteed off certain situations like a parried
    low right kick. oooooOoooh! Can You just SMELL the damage? Also in
    certain situations, the gut punch is guranteed but not the hopkick like
    after blocking one of Laws flip kick where he recovers low (eg. 3,4) .
    In this situation you have just enough time to punish him with df+2,1
    but a Hopkick will be blocked. Also after a FC,df+2 elbow stun ONLY df+
    2,1 is guranteed (this is not the case for d,df+(1),2 stun where both a
    hopkick and df+2,1 are guranteed) Remember also that df+2,1 is such a
    good move to catch tagging in opponents. I kinda stray away from uf+4
    hopkick because it is far more risky. In conclusion, although df+2,1
    may seem like a dumb move in the first place due to the poor range and
    slow initiation, used at the right place at the right time WILL win you
    matches. Go Ahead. Try it.
    This is your safe tag in punisher and does loads of damage and it is
    actualy more damaging than an u/f+4 and it's safe when blocked at only
    -6 frame disadvantage. It's a bit slow (16 frames) but you can dash in
    and use this with pretty good success. You just need to see how often
    Shafi connects with this against Shauno in semi final of the tourney
    vids that are at electric cancel if you doubt it's usefulness. If your
    opponent whiffs anything hit them with this if it was slow enough. Also
    this is a pretty useful okizemie tool, if your opponent recovers
    crouching whack them with this and put them back on the floor with half
    of there life bar gone. Of course that is when you mixup with d/f+1+2
    which is the easiest throw to get in when running. This is garunteed of
    a parried low kick when you use the d/f low parry which is just unfair.
    Whatever you do never whiff with this the lag is frightening and you
    can be hit by pretty much anything. This can now be used off her d,d/f+
    (1),2 and FC,d/f+2 stun it's escapable and considering the lag this has
    the risk of missing is a bit much IMO. If your opponent doesn't escape
    the stun they will learn very quickly.
    df+2,3                   Gut Punch                     m
                             Low Kick                      l        RC
    Goodness me! This move really stinks. Already hampered by the slow
    execution and lack of distance of the Gut punch, at least the low kick
    executes faster than it would with 1,2,3. That doesn't save anything
    from it though. You may be able to catch scrubs with this OCCASIONALLY.
    But if you land the low kick on a good opponent, remember to jot down
    that day and buy yourself a lottery. Use this move only if you are
    trying to tell your opponent that YOU SUCK. Otherwise stay clear of
    this move like the plague.
    Look familiar? Do not use this, actually it's much worse because of the
    slow start up. Well iLuvMomo gave the d/f+2,4 the vote for Julia's
    worst move this sucks a bit more for me as another Chang player hitting
    d/f+2,1 on you is a bit more servere than u/f+4 wonder juggle, also the
    3 does a crappy 10 damage considering the huge risk this is worse. O
    wait no there is worse two of them actualy but yea this move is one of
    the worst.
    df+2,4                  Gut Punch                     m
                            High Kick                     h
    This is Julia's WORST move IMO. If you ever connect with both hits of
    df+2,4 remember to buy yourself a lottery ticket. To be honest, winning
    a lottery is easier than connecting with both hits on a button mashing
    scrub. First df+2, is so slow and unless on CH the High kick will wiff.
    Second, your opponent will already have ducked in anticipation of your
    low kick and thus the high kick will wiff... can you say WS+2? I feel
    it is MUCH safer should df+2 be blocked not to follow up with 4 since
    df+2 blocked is as I mentioned -6 frames and you won't run the risk of
    eating a WS move after wiffing the high kick. 3rd, since the high kick
    comes out slightly faster than it would for 1,2,4, the chances of
    scoring a CH is slimmer than me winning the World Championships (I'm
    exagerrating of course). Prolly one of the worst move in Julia's
    Not as good as the other variation you aren't as vulnerable when d/f+2
    is blocked but the slow startup leaves this not worth doing. Is your
    opponent going to try and punish a 6 frame lag and give you a free CH
    no this isn't as crap as d/f+2,3 but never use it. I find it amusing
    that this was seen as a part of a custom string game for Julia you
    wonder why so many people thought she sucked in T3 very few people know
    how to play T3 Julia properly.
    (d+2~N+3_2+3),1(~5)     Ultimate Cannon(tag)          sM,m,m   JG
    Okay So I lied when I said df+2,4 was Julia's worst move. But the
    Ultimate Cannon is really the ultimate crap move of all time. It is
    practically d+2 low jab to a rising Kick before Julia charges up for
    the flash uppercut. d+2~N+3 alone is OKAY and can be used in juggles or
    to create some space when they are in FC position. It also can be used
    for Mad Axes setup. Problem is the delay between the rising Kick and
    the flash uppercut is so great that it is a tragedy waiting to happen.
    Kazuya can get a df+2 in (thats 40 big points of damage on CH + clean
    hit) Wang can get db+4,2 in, heck even Julia herself can get f+1+2.
    And if Juggles aren't your cup of tea, then May I suggest sidestepping
    twice around the last hit so you can get nice back throw.. *oucH* Kings
    Octopus slam just gotta hurt. Even a simple throw WILL throw Julia out
    of the flash uppercut animation. Use d+2~N+3 but Never .... and I mean
    NEVER try the 1 follow up. It really is so sad that for a character
    with such an extensive movelist Julia is filled with piles of turd.
    Really makes Kazuya proud in comparison... short movelist, effective
    Never use the 1 ender as you will eat a backthrow, or maybe I'll stick
    3xSS, 4,4,1 and juggle you at the side and smack off over half of your
    life or maybe Devil's SS+2 or a clean hit CH deathfist or Kazuya's
    clean hit CH d/f+2 or, well you get the idea this is so so so so so
    incredibly crap. I remember in T2 the ender did a nasty 45 damage and
    there was no tech roll and the huge amount of time it took to stand up,
    Michelle had some evil juggle+okizemie but now it's totally shit. So
    what the 1 ender avoids high attacks, yes as I found out much to my
    amusement whiff 2+3 Bryan scrub thinks f,f+2 and bam CH 1 ender and
    wonder juggle on the end, if they want to be scrubby I can be scrubbier
    LOL. Sadly the 2+3 version now hits Sm, in T3 it was realy useful for
    tick damage but now this move sucks ass competely leave it alone. This
    is probobly her worst move overall as it's the most risky and has
    absolutely no good use at all, Ironic name for a move realy.
    (WR_FC,df)+2            Flash Elbow                   m        FSc
    The Flash elbow is a bit of a risky move which pays off handsomely
    enough. You will prolly use the FC, df+2 version more often rather than
    the WR version. Anyways with Julia's excellent FC mixup (WS+2 links,
    FC,df+4,3, WS+4 and of course FC,df+2) the flash elbow is a good move
    to use. Moreover, the Flash elbow, once initiated has great priority
    and will interrupt almost any move. However it really suffers with its
    recovery which at -20 frames is just a free WGF juggle for your
    opponent. If you really want to use this move (I prefer the less risk
    WS+4) then at least you must hope for this move to hit. To do this, you
    should try training your opponent to block low (FC,df+4) and then
    occasionally, just OCCASIONALLY try the flash elbow. As RevC pointed
    out in his Michelle FAQ, you could try this move at the edge of the
    Flash Elbow range (therefore knowing your range is critical) but that
    could be risky especially if your opponent plays a turtling game and
    backdashes a lot. You should also attempt the running version of the
    flash elbow when closing the distance on your opponent and you know he
    likes to get up with a rising attack or try a power move (deathfist for
    example). On CH, your opponent is stunned. The stun is of course
    escapable but getting the opportunity to stun your opponent is really
    rare indeed. Maybe try this move after you block a low move and your
    opponent trys a high move (eg. Hwoarang's 1,1,3,3) Unlike the stun off
    d,df+(1),2 you can only juggle using df+2,1 and not the hopkick. I
    still remember that in Tekken 3 the Flash Elbow was used as a combo
    ender in Combos such as uf+4, FC,df+4,3, d+1, FC,df+2 but that combo is
    rarely used due to its difficulty and risk involved, even more so today
    with the introduction of the great Mountain Crusher.
    First the FC version is very important to the fake low parry mixup this
    is why you will be able to use FC,d/b,d,d/b+1+2 fairly often as this
    does some pretty good damage to discourage crouching. Also this gives a
    stun on CH which you can launch with d/f+2,1 (Not u/f+4) it's escapable
    but the damage is good. I feel with Julia's FC mixups you opponent
    would be more inclined to block and keep ther distance though. The
    other version is another great addition to Julia's running game if your
    opponent thinks you running at them = a deathfist smack them with this,
    it has excelent priority and good reach, the recovery is bad (20 frames
    which is realy bad) but then you could use the running 1 that has -2
    recovery with recovery which is safe. This can be used in juggles but
    unless you are going for style it's not realy worth it.
    SS+2                    Parting Fist                  m        GS
    This is Julia's brand Spankin' New SS move and one which I feel isn't
    really that good when compared to Michelles arsenal of Sidestep moves.
    When doing this, Julia takes a small step forward and lunges out with
    her right fist. There is no guranteed stuff if this hit (Like
    Michelle's SS+2), no guranteed knockdown (like Michelle's SS+1), does
    not Juggle (like Michelle's SS+3,4) and poor recovery if it whiffs.
    This itself has deterred me from using the Parting Fist in serious
    combat. I usually pull the Parting fist off by mistake while trying to
    do the Mad Axes after sidestep. Speaking of Mad axes, you can buffer
    Mad axes after SS+2 much like you can with almost every move. Besides
    after a sidestep it would be best to try for 1~1,1 or 4,4,1 (if you are
    really sure you can are behind your ops) Sure some may argue that the
    parting fist has good range (Well for Julia yes but for someone like
    PJack No) but if you WANT range then go for SS f+1+2. And whats with
    the +1 hit advantage? Sure you can set up things but after SS 1~1,1 you
    get some nice fat damage. Which would you want? Use this move only
    What the hell Michelle gets so many excellent SS moves and Julia gets
    this, what where Namco thinking? It's ok if you haven't SS a good
    distance but Julia has much much stronger options than this you won't
    need this much. It's safe when blocked and gives a nice frame advantage
    on normal hit and CH so mad axes can be easily buffered yet again. I
    have came to the conclusion that this move sucks pretty badly as it
    sure as hell seems way too slow the damage is ok but it doesn't seem to
    track well either f+1+2 is MUCH better. Actualy of all the options
    Julia has of the sidestep there are many better non SS mover better
    than this.
    (b+2_2~b)               Arm Whip                      h        OB
    The Arm whip of Julia is an average move IMO because of the fact that
    the standing 2 is rather slow (compared to her 1 at least) After the
    arm whip you are at a frame disadvantage (-1 frame) You can try for a
    back throw but chances are your opponent will duck it. You can of
    course try to hit him with a mid hitting move (hopkick) but if your
    opponent attacks (standing 3_4) then he will hit you first. You can
    also allow your opponent to attack first and duck/block it but that
    would be extra risky since some characters like Ling have both low and
    mid hitting attacks from BK position. Otherwise you can try *evil* d+1
    which should hit him and since he is already backturned give you the
    opportunity to try all those fancy stuff like WS+2,1,1.
    You are at a frame disadvantage after this and no one is going to stand
    there and take a back throw you could try a d+1 to set up an OB trap
    but your opponent could beat you to the d+1 (iLuvMomo's note: BT d+1 is
    6 frames only which beats out anything you throw). Even worse a Ling
    player will actualy gain the initiative as being in RD is always a good
    thing for her and you give away the frame advantage, not a good move at
    all not even against scrubs. The only potential plus is if you have
    Michelle on your team and your opponent crouches to avoid the tag
    throw, well use d+1 just make them guess so if you don't have have
    Michelle on your team this sucks but if you do this may actualy be
    pretty dam good.
    = (1+2_5)               = Back Push                   n/a
    "?" I give up. If you can think of a good way to use this move do tell
    me. This move is easily ducked, by even morons although the CPU falls
    for this 99% of the time and even if it does connect does nothing other
    than erm.. push your opponent a bit away? Wholesome crapness all round.
    This is so crap it can be ducked and it doesn't give you any initiative
    you simply push your opponent away no reward at all I never use it even
    by accident.
    (WS+2_3~2)<2              Tequilla Sunrise              m
                              Flash Elbow                   m        FSc
    Of Julia's many WS+2 moves, I feel that this is prolly the weakest one
    of them all. Undoubtedly, the flash elbow can be delayed for very long
    periods to try to induce a stun. However unlike its fellow counterpart,
    d,df+1,2 the recovery of the flash elbow is HORRIBLE. With -20 should
    the flash elbow be blocked (I'm not even going to bother talking about
    if it should wiff) your opponent could murder you with half his arsenal
    of moves of WGF's, Deathfists, hopkicks and so on. The only situation
    where this move might be of some use would prolly be during OB trap
    when you are already in FC position. It would be much safer to try WS+
    2,2 instead of WS+2,1,4,3 (though you could try WS+2,1,1) Stay clear
    from yet another stinker.
    Definitely the worst of the tequila sunrise combos' not very good
    damage, horrible lag when blocked this should be left alone. BTW the 2
    ender does not stun on the PS2 so it's even worse there but you don't
    need this it sucks. As for OB traps this is probobly the best tequlia
    sunrise combo for the job why? well it knocks down and both hits will
    connect unlike the other variations which will either whiff or can be
    (WS+2_3~2)1,1(~5)         Tequilla Sunrise              m
                              C.Fist-Flash Uppercut(tag)    m,m      SH
    This is another mediocre move that Julia has. You will prolly never
    ever use her 3~2,1,1 version of the tequilla sunrise into cfist and
    flash uppercut since there is the better and faster 1~1,1. What kills
    this move though is the fact that the flash uppercut does NOT launch.
    What will happen is your opponent merely grabs his nose in pain,
    stumbles back abit and then falls down. If you tag out after the flash
    uppercut, then you can get a guranteed tag slide (or cross chops for
    fatties) This might seem good but when you compare that to a CH 1~1,1
    which launches your opponent for some meaty juggles, 3~2,1,1 really is
    crap. Oh yeah and the flash uppercut is not guranteed unless the 3~2 or
    WS+2 hits on CH which mean it is not as good as 1~1,1. Oh yeah. WS+
    2,1,1 has one very good use. OB trap. The reason this is excellent is
    because WS+2,1,1 does a good deal of damage (43 points if I'm not
    mistaken) on normal characters. Best though is that your opponent will
    sometimes grab his nose and stumble backwards towards you like Jin's
    df+2 in T3 (don't ask me why this happens after hitting your opponent's
    back) and if they are dumb you can repeat the whole process again.
    If this CH's it's all guaranteed and you get a free tag slide but if
    you CH ALWAYS use WS+2,4,1 as you can juggle off it. There's one little
    problem you won't CH this very often it comes out in 18 frames and has
    a very obvious startup. The recovery sucks if this is blocked on a non
    CH you are going to eat something like a WGF never a good thing. This
    is okayish in OB traps after a d+1 but yes it can be tagged out of
    after the second hit which is crap it will total about 30 damage. So
    this sucks in OB traps as well overall this has been toned down badly
    from T3 this rocked in OB traps as it was all garunteed once WS+2 hit
    and it juggled.
    (WS+2_3~2)1,4,3         Tequilla Sunrise              m
                            Club Fist-Bow & Arrow         m,l,m
    Unless you really want to play mix up games with Julia, then this move
    isn't of all that much use. On CH, all 4 hits are guranteed which means
    they will produce some meaty damage. However if you are going to try
    the bow and arrow mix up against good players, you are just asking to
    be parried and punished. The 3~2,1,4,3 is much much more obvious than 1
    ~1,4,3 because Julia moves forward quite a bit. Like 1~1,4,3 the last
    kick will wiff ling while the low kick will not hit Ganny. And WS+
    2,1,4,3 isn't all that useful in OB traps since the last kick will most
    likely wiff. Anyways like 1~1,4,3 if you stop at the low kick you will
    recover crouching to start her WS games.
    Oh yeah, and for those who have trouble beating the comp on ultra hard
    mode, well just use this move alone. The comp is too stupid to block
    the bow and arrow kick. So you can just cruise through all your
    oponents using just this one move alone. Of course it doesn't work on
    Ganny and Ling so if you have to fight them then you gotta use some
    Another scrub killer a handy mixup with WS+2,1,1 but good players will
    parry the 4. If you CH this does good damage but you have better
    options. And yes the 3 misses Ling and Roger and the 4 misses Ganny so
    that sucks also it sucks for OB traps it just sucks.
    (WS+2_3~2)4,4           Tequilla Sunrise              m
                            Razor Sweep                   l        RC
                            High Kick                     h
    Uh! If the razor sweep hits then the high sweep is guranteed. But in
    that case just use WS+2_3~2, 4,1 instead since the uppercut is
    guranteed and will juggle. The high kick is practically worthless since
    the recovery is abysmal if blocked. (-19 thats a free EWGF) Even if it
    DOES connect you are at a frame disadvantage. And its worthless in OB
    trap since the High kick will wiff. Dumb move. Use this not.
    Decent damage but There are stronger options and if the last 4 gets
    avoided you are in big trouble but you probably won't get that far
    another crappy tequila sunrise combo, wait they all suck. O and I'm
    pretty sure the ender is not garunteed after the sweep conects that
    applies to Michelle only (Still it sucks who is going to get hit by the
    (WS+2_3~2)4,d+4         Tequilla Sunrise              m
                            Razor Sweep                   l        RC
                            Low Kick                      l        RC
    Another useless move. Maybe not as bad as WS+2,4,4 since scrubs will
    never ever block the low kick. But even if they do eat the low kick,
    you are at a horrible frame disadvantage (- 8 frames!!) The recovery of
    the low kick is horrible when blocked though it does leave you in FC
    position. Problem is with such a horrible frame disadvantage, you can't
    really do much even in FC position. You can prolly get away with using
    this once or twice against Scrubs but never try this move against
    advanced players. They will definitely make you pay.
    Well you have the scrubby low mid mixup with the 1 so scrub
    intermediate players do eat this fairly often but it's not very good at
    all. throw it out once in a while (Against scrubby players no one else
    will eat two consecutive slow low kicks). but it will get parried often
    if you use this more than once every few rounds. The risk of this move
    is too high for the poor reward.
    (WS+2_3~2)4,1           Tequilla Sunrise              m
                            Razor Sweep                   l        RC
                            Razor's Edge                  m        JG
    This move is extremely effective against scrubs. In fact, by using this
    move alone you can kill most scrubs much like by doing Kazuya's uf+
    4,4,4,4. If the razor sweep hits, you are guranteed the Razor's edge
    uppercut which means free juggle. Problem though is that good players
    will ultimately always parry the low kick which leaves you in trouble.
    The Razor Sweep is extremely slow and extremely telegraphed. Also
    contrary to my initial believe, WS+2,4,1 is not useful during OB trap
    since the razor's edge WILL definitely wiff (not sure though about
    fatties but I will try that out some day)
    This is will do loads of damage on CH (Juggle) and it's the best scrub
    killing Julia move IMO and you can mixup high, low and mid. Good
    players will take this apart on non CH yet again as it's not that fast.
    This is the tequila sunrise combo of choice as it's easily the most
    damaging and this can total around 80 damage when you add the juggle
    damage but it doesn't change the fact that is not a good move realy.
    It's not even good for OB traps anymore this was awesome in T3 d+1,WS+
    2,4,1,d,d,d/f+1,2,f,f+1,4 did almost 100 damage and it never whiffed
    but again it sucks ass now. And it can hit the big characters I went
    off tequila sunrise combos for okizemie long ago.
    b+3                     Liquid Sweep                  l        TS PLDc
    I have to admit that I prolly have been TOO hard on this move
    initially. Anyone would be put away by this move anyways just by
    looking at the frame data. 27 frames to hit (thats slower than Kazuya's
    f+1+2), with -33 frames disadvantage when it is blocked. -33 frames you
    say? YES.... thats a lot of painful stuff guranteed. For Jin thats free
    WS+2 and Laser cannon juggle. Should it hit, Julia tripstuns her
    opponent and is at a frame ADVANTAGE (+2) and she has the advantage,
    and use one of her many FC mixups whether it be FC,df+4,3, WS+2,1,1 or
    even a plain ol' hopkick. Your opponent is in a disadvantage and
    anything he tries can be snuffed out easily with d+1. However b+3 is
    not without its good points. When performing b+3, Julia ducks so low
    that high attacks will miss her. Julia will take duck quite low to the
    ground, before reaching all out to sweep her opponent. At the apex of
    the sweep, Julia may even duck some mid attacks. On CH this trips and
    Julia can follow up with FC+4,3, f,f+1, d,df+1,2 juggle which needless
    to say does shitloads. In this sense, b+3 is extremely risky, but the
    risk pays off handsomely.  Besides that, b+3 can be used in Okizeme,
    where Julia needs just that extra reach. Be CAREFUL though. Because of
    the slow startup b+3 has, your opponent can roll out of the way or even
    hit you with an attack of his own. The good thing though is that if he
    tries to rise with a high attack, you will most likely duck under him
    and CH him. Juggle time! Also unlike some moves which have extremely
    long recovery when blocked, b+3 does not have a long WIFF animation.
    Therefore, b+3 is OKAY if you throw it out for spacing reasons. Overall
    though b+3 is not a bad move, but neither is it an extremely good move.
    It is okay if you pull it off once in a while, especially when your
    opponent is tagging in, much like Kazuya's f+1+2, but don't abuse this
    move like crazy. As Dim_sim said, "Just don't revolve your game around
    Ok I said this was realy shit in a thread recently, I think it's just
    so slow it's not realy shit it's a case of use it at the right time.
    Only use this unless you are 100% certain you will hit -33 block
    advantage is hideous. If you are up against a Mishimas player who likes
    1,1,2 this will become a very effective move as you will be able to CH
    them and get a free juggle. If you hit this on non CH you can buffer
    FC,d/b,d,d/b+1+2 it's interuptable but then you could mix it up with
    WS+4. I'm not sure if d+1 has the priority to beat it out though it
    will conect 1 frame before WS+4 but priority does come in to play. I
    wouldn't use this for okizemie personaly as FC,d/f+4 is better it has a
    bit more range and comes out considerably faster off the fake low
    parry. Overall this is a good move if you know when to use it it goes
    under high and even some mid attacks so you need to read you opponent
    well to use this effecitvely.
    uf+3+4                  Earthquake Stomp              M
    What is this? A world series of bad moves? Sometimes I really feel like
    changing my policy of not rating moves and just give all Julia's move a
    bad rating. This move is almost worthless in 99.999999999% of the
    situations. Julia doesn't even track well with this move. In fact she
    can't even judge her distance properly. Imagine your opponent lying
    next to you. you do earthquake stomp..... Julia jumps.. she lands.....
    and MISSES your opponent. LOL. When you do this move you are asking
    your opponent to back throw you. Although stated in Pmartin's Changs
    FAQ that you can use this to knock opponents in stance from mid range
    like Ling in AOP. Any one who plays a decent Ling will know that Ling
    can go in and out of AOP (as well as into other stances) with ease and
    easily sidestep the Earthquake stomp. The only use I have found so far
    for the earth quake stomp is after certain tag throws like Paul's f,f+1
    +2 throw for instance. It works much like PJack's stomp in this
    case.... only without the *crunch* to it. Not sure if its guranteed but
    I will check it out soon. As an okizeme attack, you must be able to
    judge your distance carefully and be very very sure that your opponent
    is going to lay still on the ground. A good note though, is that onec
    Julia is airborne, its almost impossible to avoid the uf+3+4. By
    training your opponent to fear you rushing in with your okizeme and
    thus laying still, the Earthquake stomp can be used to great effect.
    Also after her Heaven cannon unblockable, assuming you are an idiot who
    can't juggle to save your life (or you just wanna prove to a scrub that
    you can be scrubbier) then do the Earthquake stomp. It is GURANTEED
    after the f+1+4 if timed correctly.
    There is only one time you should use this, after Paul's f,f+1+2 tag
    throw where it's garunteed for some very good damage Outside that use
    never use this as it's even crappier than the ultimate cannon IMO. I
    was origionaly in favour of rating moves but iLuvMomo wanted to do it
    this way, but he is right it's blatantly obvious that a move is
    incredibly bad. Yea this is garunteed after a f+1+4 but how often will
    you hit that on a good player? And this is pathetic for okizemie it's
    so slow I mean there's hardly a deer in the headlights effect like
    kings moonsault is there? If you want to knock Ling out of AOP use d/f+
    4 much safer and has more than enougth range to be safe.
    3+4                     Counter Clockwise Spin        n/a
    Finally a decent move to talk about. This move is a classic Michelle
    move since the Tekken 2 days. Then it was a real big advantage to
    Michelle since it was the sole sidestep move in the game (other than
    Kazuya's Mist step) However, with the addition of Sidesteps for every
    character one may think that 3+4, the Spin, is useless now. Undoubtedly
    when used by itself, it definitely is, since moves generally track
    quite a bit better now in TTT. However the beauty of the Spin is when
    it is used in conjunction with her Sidestep move. As such you can
    perform her double and triple sidestep. Admittedly though, her double
    and triple sidestep does not cover as much range as that of say
    Hwoarang, but it is extremely useful to run circles round your opponent
    and get behind them. Also another bad point about the Spin is that she
    only spins to her right and as such to be used effectively Julia has to
    Sidestep right (SSR) Although this may not prove to much a problem
    since most powerful moves (WGF, deathfist, etc) are sidestepped usually
    to the right (you actually can sidestep to the left though your time
    has to be excellent) you could find yourself eating 1,1,2 shining fists
    if you are not careful. Still the drawbacks are not enough to stop any
    good Julia player from using this move. You can cancel 3+4 into her
    Razor kick (4,4) combinations which makes the SSR, 3+4 combinations
    even more lethal since you can get behind your opponents with ease and
    get a guranteed 4,4,1 plus juggle. Evil damage.  Besides you will have
    to rely a lot on your SS & 3+4 combo to cause confusion to your
    opponent. Also remember that SS can be cancelled automatically with 1~
    1,1 or 1~2,1 unlike Michelle which has to cancel the sidestep manually.
    This is very useful when you combine it with Julia's SS as you can get
    round your opponent quickly. it doesn't travel far but it is best
    combined with her SS, it can serve as a buffer tool similar to her
    command low parry but it's not as safe. It can link it to the spinning
    kick chains so you can do plenty of damage off the 3xSS after using
    this smack them with 4,4,1 and juggle them for a nice 90+ damage. It's
    a good okizemie tool as well as you can get round your opponent to set
    up an OB trap once you train your opponent to stay down since you have
    so many ways of punishing them. It only spins to the right sadly you
    can actualy use consecutive spins using one the following two methods
    first you can spin then hold F to carry on another spin and do that as
    long as you feel the need too (Not long I hope). Altenately use the
    spin and hold B, this causes you to travel less forward, strange
    movement learn to use it and it can be useful for confusion (Well I'll
    have to explain how to confuse I'll get to that with mad axe setups
    hint). So what does this mean? well as you can tell from that method I
    given you can cancel the recovery of the 3xSS. Instead of being
    restricted to the spinning kick strings you could use a d+1 if your
    opponent tries to punish the high 4 that starts the spinning kick
    strings or you could use 1,2,1 so it's not as restrictive as it may
    appear, so in fact this is a great buffer for standing moves as long as
    you use it at the right distance. This can be used as a tag cancel
    which can be handy if you opponent tries to punish your tag in. Another
    good use for this is if you are at mid distance the axis that this spin
    travels in will bring you a bit closer to your opponent so why not
    buffer mad axes out of it? Recently that's become one of my favourite
    buffers very hard to see coming.
    d+4                     Razor Sweep                   l        RC
     = N+4                  = High Kick                   h
     = d+4                  = Low Kick                    l
     = 1                    = Razor's Edge                m        JG
    You'd notice I have grouped all 3 moves together in one lump sum.
    Although d+4,1 and d+4,4 may have its use in combos, even d+4 should
    not be used at all in normal gameplay. Why? d+4 is so slow, 20 frames.
    Even if it hits you are at -10 disadvantage which in fact means your
    opponent will get a FREE d+1. Why would you want to get into Crouched
    position using d+4? d+1, d+2 heck even d+3 prove to be better options
    when you want to get into FC position due to their speed and/or their
    range. Being slow is one thing, the main problem though is that Julia
    telegraphs d+4 as if she is screaming to her opponent "PARRY ME" Of
    course good players will undoutedly snatch the opportunity to parry the
    low kick (or at lesat block it) There is no saving grace either in her
    follow ups. NOTHING is guranteed if d+4 counterhits. If your opponent
    blocks the low kick he will opt to remain crouched since he can block
    the low kick and duck the high kick. So you ask "What bout the mid
    hitting Razor's Edge?" Unfortunately the Razor's edge is slow and any
    good player will be able to block it on reaction (not that you need
    much reaction) Getting d+4 and 1 followups blocked is definitely not
    good news since the recovery is awesomely bad. At least with d+4 it
    pushes your opponent somewhat away. Therefore unless you really need to
    use this in juggles, stay clear of all the above moves.
    d+4,1 is Good for okizemie as it will catch rolling opponents but you
    have the mountain crusher to do that, as I mentioned earlier use this
    after FC,d/b,d,d/b+1+2 and you can flip your opponent over and get more
    free hits so for that purpose this is excellent. On its own if the d+4
    is slow and the 1 has horrible lag so you want to use this sparingly if
    at all Julia has better options. d+4,N+4 is an okay jugle ender if you
    want to add a bit of variety F+2,f,f,N+1,d+4,N+4 does 31 damage pretty
    solid, not as good as them long elbow juggles but elbows get VERY
    boring after a while. O and the mixup potential of d+4,d+4 and d+4,1 is
    pathetic don't even think about it. Outsde okizemie and juggles don't
    use any of these.
    4,4                     Spinning Razor's Kick         h,l      RC
    I feel that the initial 4,4 deserves special mention here. High kick
    into razor kick is extremely useful as a chip away move, at least from
    scrub to intermediate level. The Razor Kick comes out exceptionately
    fast so much so that it will almost always hit your opponent. Even if
    the low kick hits, and with the -3 frame disadvantage, your opponent
    will be fearing the low kick razor edge mix up, and thus the FC
    position that you are in is very suitable to create even more confusion
    with her FC/WS mix up game.
    At advanced or higher level of play the high kick to razor kick is
    almost useless. In the good ol Tekken 3 days when not every one had a
    low parry, this move could be abused a lot. However with the addition
    of universal low parry, good players will almost always parry (or
    block) the low kick which leaves Julia in a huge disadvantage? Why?
    Because most of the time when 4,4 is used, Julia will be outside poke
    range, and decent players will usually try two or three standing 4's in
    hope of catching an onrushing player on CH. As such, when one sees the
    standing 4, he will go immediately into crouched (or df) and thus
    neutralize the razor kick. You prolly could get away with 4,4 against a
    good opponent if you train your opponent to block high so much so that
    he forgets that 4,4 even exists, and thats where Julia's elbow strings
    come into play. Also I forgot to mention that 4,4 can be a decent
    Okizeme attack since the low hitting razor kick comes out faster than
    it would for d+4.
    The 4,4 is okay for tick damage as long as you use it sparingly as your
    opponent knows the next hit is low so it's not something you want
    to abuse. This is an okay way to get in to FC mixups your opponent will
    probobly block high mostly as the 1 ender is definitely the one you
    don't want to get hit by so FC,d/b,d,d/b+1+2 is your best followup. And
    yes that generic d/f low parry has made this much more risky to use you
    could pound Jin with this without fear in T3 as he couldn't parry it
    but but you can't throw this out at will anymore. This is handy in
    okizeme if you 3xSS your opponent you can set them up for an OB trap
    with the second hit and juggle with the 1 ender.
     = 4                    = High Kick                   h
     = d+4                  = Low Kick                    l
    The high kick and low kick follow ups are just UTTER CRAP. If your
    opponent is at intermediate level, you could prolly win a match with
    4,4,d+4 but since a good player would have already parried the razor
    kick, the follow ups here are practically USELESS. If 4 CH's though the
    last kick will hit so you get 4,(4),4 but if 4 CH's you'd be better off
    with elbow juggles.
    Well the 4,4,4 is very bad I mean it hits high it's the most powerful
    variation but it will never hit trust me. The pay off for both are not
    good enougth for the inferior reward. And well two consecutive low
    attacks give me a break it's easy to tell between this and the 1 ender
    so your opponent won't have much trouble parrying the low ender
    assuming they haven't paried the second hit which they normaly will.
    4,4,1                   Spinning Razor's Kick         h,l      RC
                            Razor's Edge                  m
    I believe 4,4,1 deserves special recognition. As a move on its own, it
    is equally as crap (or worse) than 4,4,4_d+4. However when used in
    conjunction with her double/triple sidestep to get behind your
    opponent, this move ROCKS. Since Julia does not have SS+3,4 which
    Michelle has, 4,4,1 is the replacement juggle starter for her. When
    done behind your Opponents bare back (which happens often with Julia)
    they will get their assed launched, and you can follow up with a simple
    f,f+1, 1, d+4,1 juggle. To see this technique in action, download Shafi
    vs Shauno Semi Finals 2 at www.electriccancel.com. Laugh at this
    Analquin. I bet Anna's SS+3 rulz Right?
    Now how many people are going to get hit by the second 4 when you know
    the second hit it low? It's going to get parried often. But if your
    opponent is slow to block this is your best option, mix it up with d+4
    and 1 and you can have modest success (It's still a bit slow). If you
    hit the 1 you will be able to smack an extra 40 damage on the end do
    not abuse this as it has very bad lag when blocked. This is very good
    off the 3x sidestep though, the spacing is tricky but the payoff is
    huge just restrict the use of this to 3xSS and it's a very good move.
    And yes this is another technique that Shafi uses to great effect in
    the EC vids. Actualy this combined with 3xSS is far better than
    Michelle's SS+3,4 so why the big fuss about it Julia doesn't need it,
    3xSS 4,4,1 more damaging and it's far more realible too. (iLuvMomo's
    note: Because SS+3,4 if blocked is extremely safe, but if 4,4,1 is
    blocked, and seldom happens unless you are not careful, will get you
    into big trouble)
    b+4                     Heaven Shatter Kick           h        CSc
    For one moment, imagine Yoshi's b+1+4 Yoshi flash. Now take away all
    the good points of the move (speed,unblockable) and add all the bad
    points of this move (absolute lack of range, hits high) and there you
    have it. Another brand NEW absolutely useless Julia move. When you do
    look at the frame data you will notice that it is a 14 frame move,
    which would genrally be very good, but Yoshi's flash is only 4 frames
    damn it! Well thats the general opinion people have on this move. I
    noticed that none of the good players actually use this move.... except
    in one particular movie, a1 of the Japan Honor Videos in which the
    Changs player used this move a few times. Undoubtedly this was
    intentional use of the move. Therefore with this in mind, I discussed
    this move (along with several others) with a few people. On one hand
    some said the move was terrible, a travesty to Julia, but a few other
    people also praised this move saying it is a very very underated move.
    So whats good about this move? Absolutely no range, hits high and
    rather slow for a move thats supposed to counter? I also did not
    mention that the Heaven shatter kick is COMPLETELY safe even when it is
    blocked with a paltry -7 frame disadvantage. If you hit with it on a
    normal hit you get a +4 frame advantage, which does not gurantee
    anything be allows Julia to keep on the offensive. Besides,the Heaven
    shatter kick has a weird property of it that it ducks high attacks
    during certain frames of its animation. In fact it does go under
    certain mids. This ducking property will prove EXTREMELY useful against
    pitbulling opponents who rely a lot on their standing 1's and 4's (e.g
    Changs, Laws etc.) Why not 1~1,1 you say? Take a instance where Law and
    Julia match. Well if both were to hit 1 at the very same instant (Julia
    aiming for 1~2,1 Law aiming for 1,2 punches), both will get hit and you
    gain nothing. Instead if you try b+4 instead, it will duck under your
    opponent's high poke and CH him. Another instant where b+4 is rather
    useful is against opponents who have habit of rising with a standing
    kick. In this case, I suggest that you run up to your opponent, SS a
    lil and b+4 him. 9 out of 10 times, it will either hit him before he is
    able to hit you, or duck under the kick, both of which will land a CH.
    Thanks to Catlord for confirming this.
    On CH, Heaven shatter kick will crumple stun your opponent, a stun
    which is NOT escapable. As Shafi (Redfoot) put it to me, and I quote
    "Basically its a risk vs reward question, and I think its worth the
    risk. A stun on CH is way worth it, especially for Julia."  Indeed,
    after the CH stun you can get combos that are so damaging they are
    insane! Anything as stupidly easy as d+1, WS+2,2 to Julia's Wondercombo
    is possible which makes you and I wonder WHY we did not notice this
    move in the first place.
    This is slow 14 frames (Used to think 17 so it doesn't sound as bad
    now). It has EXTREMELY poor range, however if this CH's you can do a
    very large amount of damage b+4,f+1+2,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,d,d/f+1,2 does
    huge damage, more than her wonder juggle need I say more? But how are
    you going to CH with a move like this? Well it avoids high attacks yes
    the range sucks but if your opponent sticks a lot of jabs and standing
    4's this is very handy. In fact of all the moves Julia has that avoids
    high attacks this is the fastest and second in damage only to f+1+2 but
    that has a far less relible evasive ability. It's also very handy in
    side f+1+2 juggles which can happen once in a while and it flips your
    opponent over for a large amount of elbows. Note how the stun won't
    happen on the side which is a pain you have a very nice frame advantage
    after it though. On paper this is a crappy move but the simple fact is
    I do get CH b+4's. It's safe when blocked and it has a short whiff
    animation as well. O and seen as it gives a +4 frame advantage mad axes
    yet again, you may as well it's 60+ damage and well it will make this a
    high damaging move on non CH as well.
    df+4<2<b,f+1            Mountain Crusher              m,m,m    GS
    Julia's Mountain crusher is EASILY one of her best new moves in TTT.
    The addition of Mountain crusher easily takes away the burden of having
    to do extremely hard juggles after her bow and arrow juggles. In fact
    now with the Mountain crusher, you can do simple damaging juggles
    without having to master multiple elbows. On further inspection, the
    purpose of Mountain crusher is easily MORE than just a combo ender. I
    have broken the move into three parts and examined them in more detail.
    df+4 of Mountain crusher is extremely useful. Because of Julia's range,
    or lack of, df+4 will be like a shield to her every time she throws it
    out. A lot of people say that Julia's Mountain crusher should only be
    used in combos and not in open play. This is certainly not the case.
    df+4 is an excellent keep away move for Julia and will be used in open
    play a lot. It is essential for Julia to use df+4 for keep away games
    especially against equally good pokers like Michelle, Law and Lee. On
    CH, 2 is guranteed (though b,f+1 is not) df+4 is very very very safe to
    throw out just for the heck of it because you can delay the 2 (and hope
    for CH and guranteed b,f+2) buffer Mad axes into it or just stop and
    start another of Julia's string. Also because of its speed (14 frames)
    it is extremely useful in Okizeme or OB trap (though d+1 IMO is still
    better) Although df+4 isn't exactly Jin's b+4 it will "pick up" any
    opponent who tries rolling on the ground for a free df+4,2,b,f+1. Thats
    almost 50 points!! df+4 can also be used in certain combos to float her
    opponent much like df+4 of the Mishima's. Combo starters like Bryan's
    b+1 for example will cause Julia's opponent to bounce on the ground and
    as such won't be able to techroll. When Julia tags in she is able to
    lift her opponent up with df+4 and either finish up her Mountain
    crusher or do multiple elbow juggles instead.
    2 in Mountain crusher is also quite useful. Although when blocked, it
    offers, -9 frame disadvantage, b,f+1 will beat out ANY attack your
    opponent tries to throw in to interrupt it as long as you do not delay
    b,f+1. Besides that, your opponent also suffers a small stun after
    blocking 2. Also like df+4, you can buffer the Mad Axes throw after it
    since most players will be in defensive mode anticipating b,f+1. Mixing
    up Mad Axes after df+4 and df+4,2 or not at all will drive your
    opponent up the walls especially since Mad Axes has such a small escape
    Lastly b,f+1. Although you actually are in -15 frames disadvantage,
    Julia knocks her opponent away far enough that she is relatively safe.
    Long pokes like Kuma/Panda's f+1 will still hit her, but she won't be
    in range for EWGF, Devil's TP or Deathfist if b,f+1 is blocked at
    maximum range. However I seldom finish of MC with b,f+1 unless I'm sure
    that 2 hits on CH. b,f+1 will knock your opponent far away if it hits
    giving Julia a safe opportunity to tag out of required. Oh yeah and I
    think it should be notated as b<f+1 since thats the proper way to delay
    the last hit of the MC, but I still stick to b,f+1 as stated in
    Zaibatsu. Oh and remember to buffer chicken for all the hits,
    especially the last one since scrubs will more than often reverse it.
    Definitely Julia's best new move, a contender for the best new move in
    TTT (Hei's EWGF doesn't count EWGF isn't new). First this is Julia's
    best juggle ender it's not hard to learn to delay the 1 on the end. And
    it all hit's mid so it's hard to punish. Very very good okizemie tool
    as well the d/f+4 will catch rolling opponents Although it's best if
    you use FC,d/f+4,3 and put this on the end for an easy 40+ damage. It
    is probably the safest okizemie move in the game Lei's play dead is
    very well tamed by this d/f+4 beats out anything he can do from it. Ok
    you could argue d+1 but what happens if Lei uses 3+4 will d+1 beat it
    out I'm pretty sure it doesn't. But the range of the d/f+4 gives it a
    big advantage anyay. The d/f+4 is much better than the generic d/f+4
    and as I mentioned in the throw section this is one of the most
    effective OB trap moves it's got better range than d+1 but when it
    whiff it's not too good. If the d/f+4 CH's the 2 is guaranteed and if
    the 2 CH's (Won't happen often) the 1 is guaranteed. The 1 has bad
    recovery time it does push your opponent far back though. But anyway
    that d/f+4 the range is sick the distance you opponent stands from you
    at the beginning of the round is enougth for this to connect, the range
    can realy hamper some characters for example your against Michelle ok
    Julia is at her best up close but Michelle has so many weapons her non
    knockdown elbow her SS+2. It's boring as hell but just keep her out of
    range and she is realy disadvantaged she can't even use her elbows as
    the distance will simply allow you a free CH and 2 followup for a handy
    30 damage+mixup with b,f+1 and mad axes. The d/f+4 is near abusable it
    doesn't track well but you should be using it at range 2 as a keep away
    move. Don't overestimating the reach yes it is realy good but don't get
    carried away. Do be wary that this tracks like shit so don't use all
    the hits unless your opponent screams CH me.
    FC,df+4,3               Bow and Arrow                 l,m
    The classic Changs move. If the Bow kick hits, arrow is guranteed
    except if your opponent is Ling, you are off axis or the bow kick hit
    at maximum range (seldom though) Should her Arrow get blocked or wiff
    Julia is left quite open to quick counter attacks (twin pistons,
    shining fist, throws) The Bow and Arrow is a wonderful WONDERFUl move
    though for Julia since it can be used in so many occasions. As an
    Okizeme move, Bow and Arrow will give your opponent a one way ticket to
    Major Hurt. If your opponent lies still, you can just FC,df+4 and do
    some decent damage and knock him away. Should he roll, FC,df+4,3 WILL
    float and you can follow that up with Mountain crusher for oodles of
    damage. Also since Bow and Arrow is an attack from FC position it is
    extremely useful in her mix up game. FC,df+4 has good range and is a
    useful tick attack at intermediate level though good opponents will
    undoubtedly parry/ block it. Also with her low thrust (fake low parry)
    the Bow and arrow kick has a higher chance to connect since it comes
    out more deceptively and your opponent has to worry about other mix
    ups. FC,df+4,3 will float in certain situations like after a blocked
    tag slide (or slide in general) and when you get up from the ground
    with a rising sweep. And this is of course part of Julia's "Wonder
    Combo". If used against reversal scrubs, remember to buffer chicken for
    the last hit since it is always reversed.
    Very useful off the fake low parry and one of the moves you should use
    a lot off it. The FC,d/f+4 has excellent range and it very good for
    okizemie because of how safe it is. This also plays a part in Julia's
    wonder juggle so you have to like this move. It's an excelent okizemie
    move it can float your opponents if they try to roll stick an MC on the
    end for some very good damage. Another big plus this has is the range,
    you can use this in okizemie from a good distance away and stay safe
    from your opponents attacks (Very good against Lei's play dead game I
    would prefer this to d/f+4 is I'm not in close). The 3 will sometimes
    miss Xiaoyu and Roger if you hit it up close the 3 will connect you
    need to learn the spacing (Practice on the PS2). If the first hits the
    2nd is guaranteed on the characters not mentioned earlier so this is
    important to get in some easy damage especialy if you train your
    opponent to block high (Remember you have an FC mixup with WS+4 and
    u/f+4 so they have to realy on reaction to block this. The recovery on
    the 3 is realy bad however but it's pretty easy to determine wether the
    4 has connected soit's easy to know when you should use the 3 ender.
    (FC_d)+(1+3_2+4)        Low Parry                     n/a
    This move is too useful to be here. As such I have dedicated a nice
    meaty section of this FAQ to this move alone. Refer on this in
    "Setups" Also Julia can cancel her tag in with a low parry, and make
    her less vulnerable to low hitting attacks.
    The command low parry got raped in TTT, Julia had so many awesome
    followups in T3 you could parry a d+1 jab and get a free 70 damage
    combo. But anyway the strength of this is that you have so many options
    in this you can use the fake low parry (There's a section on that
    later). This is a great way of putting someone on the defensive that
    allows you to use mad axes with even less risk than before (If that was
    2+3+4                   Wave Taunt                    n/a
    It's a taunt. And well... unlike some taunts, it doesn't hit which
    makes it useless even in show off combos. It does have a certain use
    though. Like Dayful says, you can tag cancel using 2+3+4 taunt and
    immediately cancel the taunt without the danger of getting CH. However,
    throwing this out once in a while could be useful to mock your
    opponent. If I ever throw out this move, I'm telling my opponent "You
    Dam I love this move ;P. This is the coolest taunt in the game by a
    mile it's so cheeky ok you can't taunt juggle but it looks funny.
    Anyway a very good use of this is it can tag in cancel you can cancel
    the taunt straight away using 2+3+4~b. I personaly find it easier than
    the u~u/b version so if you aren't too hot with the u~u/b tag cancel
    use this instead. Also you can cancel this with a 1 so if your opponent
    is realy dumb taunt them and if they try something like a deathfist
    bust out a 1~2~1 and maybe they'll let you do the whole thing. But this
    is a brilliant taunt it's a game after all Julia is one of the most fun
    charctaers to play IMO so that's what this is for fun. Very handy in
    mind games also if your opponent is turtling just keep a safe distance
    and taunt them you never know they may try something stupid if not it
    still looks good.
    Command            Name                             Property
    f+1+4              Heaven Cannon                    *!*
    As an Unblockable goes, Heaven cannon ranks high up there with other
    unblockables. As a move goes though, it is well after all an
    unblockable, not that its useless or anything. Heaven Cannon alone does
    50 points alone. Pretty little for an unblockable. The beauty of it
    though is the possible juggles Julia is able to perform should the
    Heaven Cannon hit. f+1+4 acts as a Class 1 launcher for Julia, even
    though she cannot tag out of it. Julia can do some MEGA damaging
    juggles like UF,N+4, f,f+1, f,f+1, d,df+1,2 or even something
    mindlessly easy like uf+3+4. However the main problem with Julia's
    f+1+4 is that of all unblockables. It takes forever to wind up. Julia's
    make rank as one of the faster unblockables there is, but it still is
    extremely slow. It's reach is exceptionately good and it does have semi
    tracking ie she will track before she starts charging at you. The
    charge acts much like her f+1 uppercut only that it has WAY much more
    range which will definitely catch people unfamiliar with the range.
    Besides a lot of unblockables has that "FREEZING" property in which
    even good players just stop and eat the unblockable. Do not be hesitant
    to use this move, especially when you know that you have the round
    lost. After all you have nothing to lose. Also, Julia's unblockable
    will hit grounded big opponents. Therefore it is deadly especially in
    combos like Devil SS+2~5, tag cancel, f+1+4 (not guranteed though).
    Pretty good tag in punisher due to the range and speed it has. Julia
    can hit this and a 50+ damage juggle after it and it's considerably
    faster than other unblockables and has a lot more range. This hit's the
    big guys when they are on the floor but don't use it often Julia has
    safer okizemie options than this. I noticed this won't hit Ganny on the
    floor so be wary of that. If your opponent tag cancels and this whiffs
    you are completely screwed so you would be better off using something
    safer, a scrub punshier if nothing else Eddy mashers have a magnet to
    this one. Basicly how slow is this? 67 frames now think we have been
    talking about something like b+3 being slow at 27 frames well this
    takes more than twice as long to do so you could do far beter than to
    keep away from this a simple d/f+2,1 and juggle has damage that can
    rival this fairly well. If your opponent is dumb enougth to use the
    Devil/Kazuya team you can hit them with this in the morph animation
    with the right spacing but I think everyone knows that team sucks now.
    For a while I was VERY disapointed with Julia's class 1 juggles, I was
    hoping I could stick the wonder juggle in after an u/f+4 you can use
    u/f+4,FC,d/f+4,3,d/f+4,2,b<f+1 thanks to Muzzy for that one, sick
    Pre-Canned Ten Hit Strings
    One word to describe all three of them "USELESS". Learn how to block
    and punish them. 10-strings are Scrub killers so use them unforgivingly
    against eddy scrubs. The best one would prolly be 2,1,1,2,3,3,2,1,4,3
    since they never learn how to block low. Forget about even trying this
    against good players. Stick to custom strings since they are much more
    Well how many different languages do I need to say 10 hit are gay in?
    never never use them. Ok scrubs can't block them but it's a sick joke
    people take the time to learn this crap. Well I learned the hard way 10
    hits suck and guess what the A.I punished me LOLOLOL well I guess the
    A.I does serve a purpose. O and remember the 1,2,2,1,3,3,3,4,4,1 the
    9th hit will usualy whiff on the big guys, the last hit of the one
    iLuvMomo mentioned above will miss Ling and Roger. Have I convinced you
    these suck ass yet I don't know why Namco put these in. (iLuvMomo:
    Because they want to feed to scare away the pros with 10 hit scrubs)
    Julia's Juggles
    Well there are loads and out of all of these you won't use 80% of them
    but using the same juggles over and over is dull. The wonder juggle is
    so boring now I can play TTT at my leisure I see far too much of it.
    The majority of these from Castels combo list There are a few missing
    ones I have added in From Catlord's combo compendium. Note that these
    combos include big character juggles which explains the 7 elbow juggles
    so until Castel updates his Julia juggle list you'll have to do without
    big character juggle notations unfortunately.
    The damage is calculated on the principle that the first hit does 80%
    of its normal damage and all hits after do 50% these may be off by a
    point or two due to rounding. I'll have the true damage read outs in
    later revisions.
    Thee's a section at the end for some unlisted juggles me and iLuvMomo
    have found and a couple of side 1~1,1 juggles courtesy of Devil
    hopefully I'll have a few more to add in later revisions.
    Class 2  (standard) Juggles                        	Damage
    1~1,4                                              	21
    1,f+1                                                 12
    1,f+1+2                                               18
    1,3~2,2                                              	23
    1,d+4,1                                               20
    1,f,f,N+1,1~(2),3                                     19
    1,f,f,N+1,1,f,f+1,4                                   24
    1,f,f,N+1,4                                           12
    1,f,f,N+1,d+4,1                                       25
    1,f,f,N+1,d+4,N+4                                     26
    1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,d,df+1,2                            32
    1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,d,df+1,f,f+1,4                      34
    1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,d+4                         24
    1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f+1                         27
    1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,d,df+1                      26
    1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f+1,4                     32
    1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1     29
    1,d,df+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f+1,4                      34
    1,d,df+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,d,df+1                       28
    1,d+1,FC+2                                            11
    1,d+1,f,f,N+1,d,df+1,2                                29
    1,d+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,4               34
    1,d+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,                27
    1,d+1,FC,df+4,3,f,f+1,4                               33
    1~2,d,df+1,2                                          33
    1~2,d,df,N+1,f,f,N+1,4                                35
    1~2,d,df+1,df+3                                       31
    1~2,f,f,N+1,d+4                                       26
    1~2,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,d+4                               32
    1~2,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,d,df+1                            33
    1~2,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f+1,4                           38
    1~2,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1                   36
    1~2,4                                                 26
    1,1,d+4,1                                             22
    1,1,d+4,N+4                                           23
    1,1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,d+4                               22
    1,1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f+1,4                           29
    1,1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1                   27
    1,1,d,df+1,f,f+1,4                                    26
    1,1,1,f,f+1,4                                         34
    1,1,1,d,df+1,2                                        39
    1,1,1,f,f+1,f,f+1                                     31
    d+1,FC,df+4,3,f,f,+1,f,f+1,4                       	39
    d+1,FC,df+4,3,f,f+1,f,f+1,f,f+1                       37
    d+1,FC,df+4,3,df+4,f,f+1,4                            42
    d+1,FC,df+4,3,df+4,2,b,f+1                            46
    f,f,N+1,2+3                                           17
    f,f,N+1,df+4,2,b,f+1                                  34
    f,f,N+1,d+2,FC,df+4                                   19
    f,f,N+1,d,df+1,f,f,N+1,f,f+1,4                        33
    f,f,N+1,d,df+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1                30
    f,f,N+1,1,f,f,N+1,f+1                                 23
    f,f,N+1,1,f,f,N+1,df+3                                19
    f,f,N+1,1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,d+4                         26
    f,f,N+1,1,f,f,N+1,f,f+1,4                             28
    f,f,N+1,1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1             31
    f,f,N+1,1,d+4,1                                       26
    f,f,N+1,1,d+4,N+4                                     27
    f,f,N+1,d,df+1,f,f,N+1,d+4                            25
    f,f,N+1,d,df+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1        35
    f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,1,2,3                                 31
    f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,1,f,f,N+1,d,df+1                      28
    f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,1,f,f,N+1,f,f+1,4                     33
    f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1             31
    f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,d,df+1,f,f+1,4                        33
    f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,2+3                                   23
    f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,df+4                                  19
    f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,d+4,N+4                               30
    f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,df+3                          27
    f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,d+4                   29
    f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f+1                   31
    f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,4             36
    f,f,N+1, x6                                           38
    2+3,f,f,N+1,d,df+1,2                                  34
    2+3,f,f,N+1,d,df+1,f,f+1,4                            36
    2+3,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,d+4                               27
    2+3,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f+1,4                           34
    2+3,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1           36
    d,df+(1),2 (CH)                          	 	            Damage
    Any normal combo
    UF+4 and any normal combo
    df+2,1 and any normal combo
    d,df+1,f,f,N+1,2+3                                          28
    d,df+1,f,f,N+1,df+4                                    	27
    d,df+1,f,f,N+1,d+4,N+4                                  	36
    d,df+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,df+3                             	33
    d,df+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,d,df+1,2                        	42
    d,df+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,d+4                        	35
    d,df+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f+1                          37
    d,df+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f+1,4                      42
    d,df+1,f,f+1 x6                                             44
    1+2                                               		25
    (4),4,1                                           		21
    (4),4,4                                         		22
    UF+3+4                                      			35
    FC,df+2(CH)                                               	Damage
    1+2                                                         25
    f+1+2                                           		28
    d,df+1,f,f,N+1,1,(2),3                                 	27
    d,df+1,f,f,N+1,f,f+1,4                                   	32
    d,df+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1                              29
    d,df+1,f,f,N+1,d,df+1,f,f+1,4                         	39
    d,df+1,f,f,N+1,2+3                                    	28
    d,df+1,f,f,N+1,d+4,N+4                            		36
    d,df+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,d,df+1,2                       	39
    d,df+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,df+3                           	33
    d,df+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,d+4                     	34
    d,df+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f+1                       	37
    d,df+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f+1,4                    	42
    d,df+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1      44
    (4),4                                              		10
    (4),4,4                                          		21
    U/F+3+4                                            		35
    f+1~2 (CH)
    Any lightning bolt combo
    CH f+1+2                                               	Damage
    Any class 2 combo
    d,df+1,f,f,N+1,d,df+1,f,f+1,4                          	36
    d,df+1,f,f,N+1,2+3                                       	25
    d,df+1,f,f,N+1,df+4                                      	22
    d,df+1,f,f,N+1,d+4,N+4                                   	33
    d,df+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,df+3                                 30
    d,df+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,d,df+1,2                          	39
    d,df+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,d+4                        	31
    d,df+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f+1                        	34
    d,df+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f+1,4                      39
    d,df+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1      41
    d,df+1,d,df+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1                    	33
    d,df+1,f,f,N+1,f+1                                    	24
    d,df+1,f,f,N+1,df+3                                   	25
    d,df+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,d+4                              	26
    d,df+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f+1,4                         	34
    d,df+1,1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1                	34
    UF+4,f,f,N+1,d,df+1,2                               	      43
    UF+4,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,d,df+1                           	37
    UF+4,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,d+4                        	40
    UF+4,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f+1,4                         	      43
    UF+4,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1                    	40
    4,(4),d+4                                      			25
    4,(4),4                                         		31
    B+4 CH                                                  	Damage
    Any standard combo
    F+1+2                                                      	28
    1+2                                                    	25
    b+3                                                     	10
    d,df+1,f,f,N+1,2+3                                   	      28
    d,df+1,f,f,N+1,df+4                                     	25
    d,df+1,f,f,N+1,d+4,N+4                                  	36
    d,df+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,df+3                            	33
    d,df+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,d,df+1,2                   		42
    d,df+1,f,f,N+1,f,f+1,f,f,N+1,d+4                     	      34
    d,df+1,f,f,N+1,f,f+1,f,f,N+1,f+1                      	37
    d,df+1,f,f,N+1,f,f+1,f,f,N+1,f,f+1,4                  	42
    d,df+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1      44
    d+1,cc,1,f,f,N+1,d,df+1,2                             	29
    d+1,cc,f,f,N+1,f,f+1,4                                    	22
    d+1,cc,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1                              19
    d+1,WS+2,2                                               	23
    d+1,FC,df+4,3,f,f,N+1,d,df+1                                30
    d+1,FC,df+4,3, df+4,2,b,f+1                                 67
    B+3 CH                                       			Damage
    f,f,N+1,2+3                                               	17
    f,f,N+1,d,df+1,f,f,N+1,f,f+1,4                           	33
    f,f,N+1,d,df+1,f,f+1,f,f+1,f,f+1                      	30
    f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f+1                                         21
    f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,df+3                                        22
    f,f,N+1,1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,d+4                               26
    f,f,N+1,1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f+1,4                           33
    f,f,N+1,1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1                   31
    f,f,N+1,1,d+4,1                                             26
    f,f,N+1,1,d+4,N+4                                         	27
    f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,1,(2),3                                     21
    f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,1,f,f,N+1,f,f+1,4                          	33
    f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f+1                    	31
    f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,d,df+1,f,f+1,4                        	33
    f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,2+3                                         22
    f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,df+4                                        19
    f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,d+4,N+4                                  	30
    f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,d,df+1,2                        	36
    f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,df+3                              	27
    f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f+1                        	31
    f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f+1,4                   	36
    f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1   	38
    d+1,WS+2,2                                            	23
    d+1,FC,df+4,3,f,f,N+1,f,f+1,4                   		35
    d+1,FC,d,df+4,3,f,f,N+1,d,df+1               			30
    d+1,f,f,N+1,d+4,N+4                                 		26
    d+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f+1,4                            	27
    d+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,d,df+1,2                        		32
    d+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1                      	24
    d+1,cc,1,f,f,N+1,d,df+1,2                         		29
    FC,df+4,3,f,f,N+1,f,f+1,4                         		35
    FC,df+4,3,f,f,N+1,d,df+1,2                     		      40
    FC,df+4,3,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1                  		33
    1,2,1 CH
    any standard combo
    Skyscraper kick  (f,f+1,4 version not WS+4)               Damage
    f,f,N+1,2+3                                           	17
    f,f,N+1,d,df+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,4                            33
    f,f,N+1,d,df+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1                      30
    f,f,N+1,1,f,f,N+1,f+1                                       23
    f,f,N+1,1,f,f,N+1,df+3                                      24
    f,f,N+1,1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,d+4                              	26
    f,f,N+1,1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f+1,4                           33
    f,f,N+1,1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1                   31
    f,f,N+1,1,d+4,1                                           	26
    f,f,N+1,1,d+4,N+4                                           27
    f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,1(2),3                                      21
    f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f+1,4                             34
    f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1                  	31
    f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,2+3                                       	22
    f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,df+4                                    	19
    f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,d+4,N+4                               	30
    f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,d,df+1,2                        	36
    f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,df+3                          	27
    f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f+1                         31
    f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f+1,4                   	36
    f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1     38
    df+4,2,b,f+1                                         	      30
    df+4,f,f,N+1,d+4,N+4                                 	      31
    df+4,f,f,N+1,2+3                                        	24
    df+4,f,f,N+1,d,df+1,2                                   	33
    df+4,f,f,N+1,f,f+1,4                              		28
    df+4,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1                35
    d+4,1                                                		19
    d+4,N+4                                                	20
    D+4,4                                                 	13
    Any standard combo
    Heaven cannon (Class one tag)            			 Damage
    Any standard combo
    Any f+1+2
    f+1+2                                                		22
    f+1+2,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,df+3                                  41
    f+1+2,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,d,df+1,2                              50
    f+1+2,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,d+4                           42
    f+1+2,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f+1                           45
    f+1+2,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f+1,4                       50
    f+1+2,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1       52
    df+(1),4,3,f,f,N+1,d,df+1,f,f+1,4                           45
    df+(1),4,3,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,d+4                              35
    df+(1),4,3,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,4                        42
    df+(1),4,3,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1                  22
    FC,df+4,3,f,f,N+1,d,df+1,f,f+1,4                            44
    FC,df+4,3,f,f,N+1,2+3                                       33
    FC,df+4,3,f,f,N+1,df+4                                      31
    FC,df+4,3,f,f,N+1,d+4,N+4                                   41
    FC,df+4,3,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,df+3                              38
    FC,df+4,3,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,d+4                       40
    FC,df+4,3,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f+1                       42
    FC,df+4,3,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f+1,4                   47
    FC,df+4,3,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1           45
    FC,df+4,3,d+1,FC,df+4                                       28
    FC,df+4,3,d+1,FC,df+2                                       32
    UF,N+4,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,d,df+1,f,f+1,4                       50
    UF,N+4,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,2+3                                  39
    UF,N+4,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,df+4                                 36
    UF,N+4,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,d+4,N+4                              47
    UF,N+4,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,df+3                         44
    UF,N+4,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,d+4                  45
    UF,N+4,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f+1                  48
    UF,N+4,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f+1,4              53
    UF,N+4,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1      50
    UF,N+4,d,df+,1f,f,N+1,2+3                                   41
    UF,N+4,d,df+1,f,f,N+1,df+4                                  38
    UF,N+4,d,df+1,f,f,N+1,d+4,N+4                            	49
    UF,N+4,d,df+1,f,f,N+1,df+3                                  41
    UF,N+4,d,df+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,d+4                           42
    UF,N+4,d,df+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f+1                           43
    UF,N+4,d,df+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f+1,4                       50
    UF,N+4,d,df+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f+1                   50
    B+4,f+1+2                                                  	28
    B+4,1+2                                                    	27
    B+4,UF+4                                              	27
    B+4,b+4                                                 	23
    B+4,df+4,2,b,f+1                                     	      39
    B+4,f,f,N+1,f,f+1,df+3                                    	32
    B+4,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,d,d/f+1,2                               41
    B+4,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,d+4                             34
    B+4,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f+1                             36
    B+4,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f+1,4                         41
    B+4,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1         44
    Class 1 tag combos
    Any heaven cannon combo
    Class 4 combos       				Damage
    d+4,1                                  	19
    d,4,N+4                              	20
    (4),4,4                               	20
    (4),4,FC,df+4,3                		22
    New juggles
    Standard combos					Damage
    F+2,d,df+1,f,f,N+1,d,d,df+1,2 		38     #
    F+2,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,d,df+1,2			36	 #
    F+2,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f+1,4		38	 #
    F+2,f,f,N+1,d+4,N+4				31	 #
    F+2,f,f,N+1,d+4,1					30	 #
    F+2,f,f+1,4						23	 #
    f,f,N+1,d,df+1,f,f,N+1,d,df+1,2           36
    f,f,N+1,df+4,2,b<f+1				33
    f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,d,df+1 	30
    # do not work with d+4,1 and any variation containing that move
    Side 1~1,1 juggles				Damage
    f,f,N+1,df+4,2,b<f+1				33
    d,df+1,d+4,1					27
    d,df+1,4,N+4					28
    2+3,f,f+1,4						15
    f,f,N+1,f,f+1,4					20
    d,df+1,2						21
    Side f+1+2 juggles				Damage
    b+4,f,f,N+1,d/f+4,2,b<f+1			43
    b+4,d,d/f+1,d/f+4,2,b<f+1			45
    b+4,d,d/f+1,2,f,f+1,4				42
    b+4,d/f+3						21
    b+4,f,f,N+1,1,d,d/f+1,2				37
    u/f+4,f,f,N+1,d+4					35
    4,d,d/f+1,2,f,f+1,4				45
    4,f,f,N+1,d/f+4,2,b<f+1				46
    Class 1 juggles					Damage
    u/f,N+4,FC,d/f+4,3,d/f+4,2,b<f+1		58
    Favourite Juggles
    DayFul's favorite juggles
    1) u/f+4,d+2,d/f+4,3,d/f+4,2,b>f+1
    Julia's wonder juggle everyone knows this one even scrubs take the time
    to learn it such is the ease of use and awesome damage this does. It's
    very easy and this is a killer with Netsu I just wish you could add
    this on the end of Bruces 3,2,1 (Yes it's taggable as some peole aren't
    aware of) that would be so cheap though.
    2) 1,2,1,f,f,f+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,d,d/f+1,2
    Slightly more damage than the f,f,N+1 x3,d,d/f+1,2 that most people use
    but I'm so used to the running 1 after 1,2,1 from T3. My only prob with
    this is that dam d,d/f+1 maybe it's just my prob but if you have it
    down use this to keep Julia interesting.
    3) 1,2,1,f,f,d+1,d/f+4,3,f/f+4,2,b>f+1
    Get this down and your Julia will becombe much more scary it's not easy
    to get the d+1 every time but this is overall easier to do than the
    above juggle once you get to it and the damage is better.
    4) f+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,f,f+1,4
    Easy this is your safer option than the juggles involving d,d/f+1 the
    damage is the same and this is much easier to pull off. Also this has
    huge air time so if your tag partner has taken a beating this is very
    5) CH f+1+2,u/f+4,f,f,N+1,f,f,N+1,d,d/f+1,2
    Style points and this will take off a hell of a lot of health you won't
    hit many CH f+1+2 but when you do the damage is awesome for a move that
    is safe unless whiffed.
    6) d,d/f+(1)<2(CH) d/f+2,1,f,f,d+1,d/f+4,3,d/f+4,2,b<f+1
    Same as the 1,2,1 juggle, note this can be escaped but if your opponent
    doesn't escape the stun they'll have to learn very quickly as this does
    sick damage.
    7) Any class 1 juggle starter u/f+4,FC,d/f+4,3,d/f+4,2,b<f+1
    One word owwwwww, master this juggle. (iLuvMomo's Note: You need to tag
    cancel if you wanna hit the uf+4)
    8) 1~1,1 F+2,d,d/f+1,f,f,N+1,d,d/f+1,2
    On a good day I'll slam this on you this is Julia's strongest 1~1,1
    juggle and it looks very stylish. Not an easy one to get but there
    simply isn't a stronger more stylish 1~1,1 juggle for Julia.
    iLuvMomo's Favourite Juggles
    I don't really do a huge variety of juggles myself unlike with Kazuya,
    which is ironic really since Kazuya has a smaller movelist. Well here
    are the ones which I like to do and Dayful hasn't mentioned.
    1) b+4 (CH), df+4, f,f+1, f,f+1, d,df+1,2
    Very easy. Doesn't do as much as Wondercombo off b+4 though, but sure
    looks cool. Another plus to this combo is that it can be done on both
    small and big characters.
    2) b+4 (CH) Wonder juggle
    This is very typical. However a thing to note though is that if you are
    attempting the wonder juggle on small sized characters (ie Julia, Ling)
    you have to dash in a bit after CH b+4 and d+1 your opponnent. If you
    don't either d+1 or MC will wiff (the latter being extremely bad)
    3) CH Shoulder ram (WR), d,df+1, f,f+1, f,f+1, d,df+1,2
    This is way cool. Too bad I don't get much opportunities to try this
    combo. But give it a try. It works ;)
    4) SSR CH f+1+2, b+4, f,f+1 x3, df+4,2,b<f+1 (big)
    Do note that you can attempt up to 9 elbows on a fatty, but I guess I
    will just finish it off with a Mountain crusher for a safe chunk of
    damage. b+4 should flip your opponent over after the SSR CH f+1+2.
    5) uf+4, f,f+1 x6
    On normal characters 6 elbows is the maximum number of elbows (I think
    you can get) There is a video of this in TZ, Julia act.1 where Castel
    performs this. Actually at first I thought it was quite difficult till
    I tried it. Gotta love elbows.
    6) CH 1~1,1, 1,2,4
    If your sticks are really screwed up, just do this. Safe, does good
    damage and you won't need to move at all.
    7) Bryan, b+1(~5), df+4, f,f+1, f,f+1, d,df+1,2
    Almost the same as CH b+4 only that you need to time the df+4 properly
    so as not to do it too early before you are near your opponent. Other
    than that, it should be no probs.
    8) Devil SS+2(~5), 2+3+4~f, f+1+4 (big)
    Cool. Your opponent can't tag. He will be eating a nice fat 50 points
    of damage. Tag cancel after tagging in. In fact throw in Julia's taunt
    to tag cancel and hit them with f+1+4 unblockable. Cool!
    9) Floor, 3, FC,df+4,3, MC
    Be careful of your height after floored 3 sweep since if you may or may
    not connect with the MC.
    As everyone already knows (or at least SHOULD know) Julia is basically
    a CH based character. For her to win she has to poke her way and hope
    that she scores a few CH's in the process. This is due to the fact that
    her lack of non CH launching moves like EWGF or df+2 uppercut or
    powerhits like Deathfist, Demon's Paw f,f+2 etc. Instead her non CH
    launching moves, f+1, df+2,1 and uf+4 are either slow or recover badly.
    Her power move 1+2 is slow and lacks POWER. Anyways back to the main
    story. To score CH's you either got to be very lucky or properly set up
    moves so that you will have a better chance for CH.
    To prevent some smart ass, anal, comments I have decided to list down
    ALL the setup tools available, even ones which are extremely crappy. A
    '*' denotes a setup move which is recommended. Also I have listed some
    good (and not so good) follow ups.
    List of setup tools:
    d,df+1 *
    f,f+1 *****
    df+4 ***
    df+4,2 *
    d+1+3_d+2+4 ************
    d+1 *
    Setups for:
    Mad Axes, QCB,f+2
    Cross Arm Suplex, FC,db,d,DB+1+2
    Generic Throw (usually 1+3)
    I found that it would be extremely hard (and taxing) to review each
    move and its setups one by one, so what I have done was group them up
    seperately (thanks to RevC for this nice format of writing though I
    still like your Old format better).
    Group #1: Command Low parry, d+1+3_d+2+4
    Group #2: Setup into FC position
    Group #3: Throw/ CH bait
    Group #4  Mad axes buffers
    Group #1: Command Low parry, d+1+3_d+2+4
    Although the Command Low parry has been toned down to near uselessness
    as far parrying low attacks go with the addition of the universal Low
    parry and the fact that it does not give the 20 frames which guranteed
    a hopkick and juggle, it nevertheless is still a useful move in Julia's
    arsenal. The Command Low Parry, sometimes nicknamed as Low thrust or
    Fake low parry is THE best set up tool in my opinion since Julia has
    almost an unlimited resource of moves which she can do after the low
    parry. After a command low parry, you can do her FC/ WS moves, throw
    another low parry, Buffer throws like Mad Axes, Cross Arm Suplex,
    generic throws, hopkick or cancel every thing and CH with everyone's
    favourite (or not so favourite) 1~1,1 or other pokes. Use the fake low
    parry a lot because it will create total confusion for your opponent
    not to mention whenever you use it, you are TOTALLY safe from ALL LOW
    ATTACKS. For more fun, throw 2 to 3 consecutive low parries to confuse
    your opponent even more.
    First off the method for executing standing moves out of the fake low
    parry from jjt and KOFTEKKEN's advanced tekken guide. For standing
    moves you have to input it as d+1+3_d+2+4 and you will be considerd
    standing during the motion. For FC moves you have to input it as D+1+3
    You are only vunerable for 2 frames (I'll have to check WTF the freeze
    window is LOL) you can play on the lag of this as it can execute for
    longer but you can cancel out of the whiff animation very quickly. This
    is also excellent for putting your opponent on the defensive as you can
    use your 1 out of this so they won't do anything silly. I'm going to
    group what moves can u done through each method and a '*' indicates a
    recommended move.
    FC,d/f+4,3 '*'
    FC,d/b,d,d/b+1+2 '**'
    WS+4   '*'
    WS+1 '*'
    FC,1 '*'
    1,2,1 '*****'
    u/f+4 '***'
    4 '*'
    mad axes '********'
    Generic throw '*'
    The fake low parry can be used in some okizemie situation mainly when
    you don't have the oppourtunity for an OB trap. It's an easy way to get
    in to your FC mixups and overall the mixup of being able to use
    standing and FC moves and having no way of distinguishing which group
    of moves are going to be used. You can use the fake low parry in any
    situation realy contarary to what some people believe, you can use this
    in your opponent's face, Ling's b+1 will not interupt it during its
    animation (I'd love to see who this guy plays can't be that good
    realy). It's a very valuable move that should be a big part of any
    Julia players game.
    Group #2: Setup into FC position
    <at this point, iLuvMomo got lazy and left the Setups section for
    -First she has 4,4 which won't be effective above intermediate level as
    most people will parry the second 4. But it will be effective if you
    opponent is not able to parry it (Scrubs).
    -1~1,4 it's not as bad as you think as long as you use it sparingly
    remember you have the mid hitting 1 to follow which will result in a
    big fat elbow juggle. This gives you a nice frame advantage and it's
    easy to buffer FC,d/b,d,d/b+1+2 out of it, you need to make sure you
    are in ange as you aren't going to be if you use it too far out.
    -FC,d/f+4 same deal as above but you can't buffer FC,d/b,d,d/b+1+2
    because your opponent will be pushed back. this will connect more often
    than 1~1,4 this is best used against small characters when you hit them
    at maximum distance.
    -You can Recover crouching from her elbow (When blocked) by inputing
    f,f,N+1~D. Her elbow leaves you at a small frame disadvantage but your
    opponent has to be wary of the 4 ender. I'm sure you already realised
    you will be using Julia's elbow a lot to pressure your opponent so it
    will add a lot to Julia's mixups from her elbow.
    -Non CH b+3 is very good also, unlike her elbow that leaves you at a -2
    frame advantage this gives you a +2 frame advantage. WS+1 is very
    useful here as you can buffer FC,d/b,d,d/b+1+2 which can be interupted
    by d+1 but WS+1 will at worst give you a trade of hits but you'll get
    more damage than your opponents d+1 anyway. You could use WS+4 or u/f+4
    as well although they aren't as safe the payoff is good and they have
    excellent priority (WS+4 blocked close up is very bad).
    -d+1 is very safe for getting it to FC also it gives you a +9 frame
    advantage, FC,1 is garunteed here. You have an uninteruptable
    FC,d/b,d,d/b+1+2 and WS+4 and they are a good mixup you could play safe
    with WS+1 which they must block high if they do anything else it will
    -Fake low parry as you will know from the fake low parry section this
    is much more than just an FC setup. It's a bit difficult to get in to
    an FC mixup usualy because of the positioning that is required most of
    the Fcmmoves are a bit slow and the success of them depends on the
    mixup potential you have.
    Group #3 Throw/CH bait
    * CH bait
    There are a lot of scenarios when you can go for a CH 1 and it's one of
    the most important CH moves you have.
    -After a  blocked f,f,N+1 if your opponent tries to attack with
    anything slower than an 8 frame jab or d+1 you can CH them. This works
    well due to the possibility of the delay on Julia's elbow as there is a
    whooping -17 frame disadvantage (Well sort of you can hit them with the
    4 ender at any time).If your oponent wises up and tries to d+1 use the
    4 ender as it's uninteruptable when done imidiately. If your up against
    P-Jack just laugth your ass off as he has no d+1 it's a tile splitter,
    d/b+1 is the machine gun blast which is a lot slower than d+1 and d/f+1
    is that very slow uppercut type move (I suck at descriptions).
    -Fake low parry is good here too but it's a bit of a turtle inducer IMO
    but it's good to throw in there.
    -You could CH through interupting an opponents strings but you need to
    get to know where you can interupt (Baek's kick trings are not
    adviseable). Most custom strings are good for this as a blocked move in
    the custom string will leave you in a good position to CH them.
    -Taunt tag cancel, very strange one this but if your opponent tries to
    punish your tag in taunt and cancel it with 1~1,1 or 1~2~1 your
    opponent will usualy use a slow power move to punish the tag in moves
    like Kazuya's f+1+2 (May be better and safer blocked though, stick an
    u/f+4 on him) and Paul's deathfist ect.
    -You can throw out a couple of jabs in succession even when blocked,
    you have no frame disadvantage so it's a safe one make sure yo don't
    hit 1~1 though.
    -Julia can go for CH 1's in her movement as well, the techniuqe for
    this is best explained in Renick's Bryan FAQ known as stairs. The basic
    idea of this is combining dashes, back dashes and SS keeping your
    opponent off axis and getting CH's, this works well for 1 and 4. One
    thing you should try to avoid, blindly running in and trying 1~2~1 it's
    dumb and frankly scrubby. I went through that stage it works well on
    scrubs but people who know Julia well know her well enough that she has
    a d/f+1+2 and d/f+2,1 mixup to contend with and won't try anything
    CH 4
    -Her spin is an easy one to start with you are vunerable during the
    spin but you can use it at range 3 or so and remember you aren't
    commited to just the 4 you have a very good range of mixups.
    -Fake low parry, this is served well due to the range her 4 has some
    people just have to attack when you use it so if your opponent isn't in
    range for a CH 1 this is your best option.
    -Blocked 1, you have no frame disadvantage so it's a good setup don't
    use it too much though you would be better off sticking an elbow in
    there. Remember they're both mad axes setups so your opponent will
    crouch fairly often.
    -You can throw out a couple of 4's in sucession it has a very short
    whiff animation so it's safe most effective when your opponent runs in
    after the first 4 whiffs.
    -As with the CH 1 setups this is easily incorporated in to your
    sidestep, dashing and backdashing the added range makes this easier as
    CH f+1+2_b+4_b+3
    Well this is more anticipation than a setup all of these moves are
    fairly slow so it's difficult to setup. They all go under high attacks
    which makes the job of CH in easier it's down to judgement here mainly.
    f+1+2 is good off the SS as is b+4, it's not quite side more off axis
    similar to the CH 1 and 4 setups covered earlier. If you hit f+1+2 at
    the side it always launches so CH doesn't matter there. A CH b+4 at the
    side will not give a CS sadly but you still have a nice frame advantage
    I'm Not sure if the frame advantage is increased due to the CH but you
    could hit them with 1~1,1 depending on how far you have go round your
    -Connecting with an u/f+4 is based mainly on your mixup game revolving
    around mad axes setups. The difficulty some people have in escaping mad
    axes eventualy causes them to crouch hoping to avoid mad axes instead.
    -u/f+4 is a very good option off the fake low parry as you have d/f+4,3
    and mad axes to mixup with and you can outpriorotise a lot of moves
    -You can incorporate u/f+4 in to your FC mixups so refer back to that
    section for the various setups.
    * Throw setups
    I covered mad axes in a separate section due to the huge range of
    mixups you have and a lot of them still apply here.
    Generic throws
    These are mainly to mixup with mad axes but not all mad axes buffers
    will apply but here are the ones that are able to be mixed up with mad
    f,f,N+1 (Blocked)
    The other buffer for mad axes are not possible due to the shorter range
    than the generic throws have.
    This has very poor range you mainly want to use this in your running
    game. With this you can mixup with d/f+2,1 WR,1_2 all hit mid to deter
    your opponent from crouching. This is a prime example of the cheap run
    up throw okizemie situation that many people despise very effecive.
    The FC setups section has all the nessecary references to the various
    moves you can buffer this in to so here's a quick list just to keep it
    all together. Not all the FC setups apply 4,4 1~1,4 and FC,d/f+4 will
    push your opponent too far away.
    Non CH b+3
    Fake low parry
    Group #4 Mad Axes
    Ok small contradiction on what iLuvMomo said in grouping moves but mad
    axes does need it's own section due to the size of it. Expect many
    updates to this section. For the time being I'm going to list the most
    common setups and some more unfamilliar ones that I use frequently.
    There are too many mad axes buffers, I'm not going through all of them
    that would be inpractical and completely unnessecary these are just
    buffers you will have the chance to use (For the thime being anyway
    I'll certianly add more here). Also I feel that the most effective
    buffers are fast mid hitting moves that have followups so it's
    certianly worth looking at what other mixups are possible with bufers,
    like Julia's SS game you need to improvise.
    Simple and very easy to buffer mad axes in to a non CH 1, with this
    your opponent can't realy crouch as you have the second 1 that hits
    mid, the 1 is a bit easy to interupt though but this buffer is very
    hard to see coming. After the 1 you could use f,f,N+1 after it to
    discourage any attempts to avoid the throw, that would be better than
    the 1 followup so 1,f,f,N+1 would be a handy short string to use and
    after the elbow you could throw out another jab maybe mad axes your
    opponent can't crouch as the 4 ender of the f,f,N+1 would result in
    around 50 damage so this is realy useful.
    Why not? A non CH 4 is very easy to buffer mad axes off and the damage
    adds up very nicely there's no real mixup potential on this sadly but
    this does very nice damage. I noticed that you will probobly have to
    move forward very slightly it's barely noticeable but you are just out
    of range to hit mad axes just get used to the forward movement and it
    will be fine.
    a +9 frame advantage mad axes is only 10 frames so this is a very good
    mad axe buffer, you also have the 1 followup for the second hit of her
    tenstring and it hits mid to discourage any crouching (Wow Julia's 10
    string does have a use well 2 hits of it the damage is sad however).
    The second hit of the tensting is weak but you could buffer mad axes in
    to that as well so the first 3 hit's can be messed around but the 4th
    is always high so it's not worth playing around with.
    This is one of the best mad axes buffers you have it's very fast and
    has a quick delayable mid hitting followup that stuns on CH. You could
    even use the running version of this but if you have distance between
    you and your opponent you have either knoked them down or your playing
    Julia wrong
    Like d,d/f+1 this is very good, it has a delayable mid hitting followup
    that gives the b,f+1 ender garunteed if the 2 CH's so your opponent is
    not going to try anything funny. The d/f+4 has very good range so you
    can get plenty of these probobly your best option as d,d/f+1 isn't the
    easiest move to get every time.
    This is ideal as you have a mid hitting 4 followup and the oppourtunity
    to go for a CH 1. And of course with this you can throw out a couple of
    elbows in succession so your opponent is going to have to be ready to
    break the throw at any time. There's very little risk remember you have
    the uninteruptable 4 followup so they can't crouch can they?
    You have a nice frame advantage after this and it very easy to buffer,
    the ender for this takes a year to come out so it won't help any kind
    of mixup game. 2+3 is more of a surprise move to throw out once every
    so often so buffer mad axes and this can be useful but there is no
    mixup here. Sadly though the 2 is Sm now so it's nowhere near as good
    as it was it T3 just use the 2+3 every so often it's fairly safe when
    If you connect with this you have a +8 frame advantage after it and its
    much easier to buffer off this than 2. Only problem is the range is
    pathetic but it's a 10 frame WS move so it will interupt a lot of
    moves. (iLuvMomo: This Rulz! Watch this in the World Tourney vids!)
    You could have hit with u/f+4 if you could have hit this normally. but
    anyway this isn't bad for hitting techrollers so you will hit this once
    in a while it's another easy one, it's not very fast and there isn't
    much mixup potential but throw it in every so often as it makes things
    much more dificult when getting up.
    On non CH this is very effective why? you have two different mid hiting
    options to chose from you wont hit many 3~2. It's a bit slow but this
    is very effetive because of the mixup potential but you won't get many
    oppourtunities to use it.
    On normal hit you have a pretty good fame advantage and nice distance
    to buffer mad axes out of. The damage on this is very good and in some
    cases you could try this when blocked as you get a small guard stun and
    push your opponent back but still in range to hit mad axes so that can
    be useful as well.
    Not very useful as this is so hard to hit and with the high risk you
    would have been better off doing something else, but anyway this is a
    case of its ability as a mad axes buffer. Well this has a mid hitting
    followup and its easy to buffer just a shame it's such a bad move.
    The distance for this is good but when you use this you noramly want to
    intend it to CH so you won't get many chances to use this one. But if
    you don't CH you have a +4frame advantage to use mad axes so it's worth
    Using mad axes in your movement
    First the most useful way of using mad axes movement wise is off the SS
    you can SS then buffer QCB in to a back dash then hit them with mad
    axes while they're out of range. You could also buffer QCB then SS in
    to mad axes as the delay on the QCB motion is very big.
    Mad axes is a good option when using the tried and tested okizemie
    tactic of running up to your opponent and throwing them if they rise in
    to a mid kick or rising sweep you can backdash and use mad axes there,
    in that situation you can mixup with f+1+2 to discourage any crouching
    u/f+4 is an even better option but not always safe.
    iLuvMomo's Secret Tip:
    Big props goes to Shafi (Redfoot) for letting me know about this GREAT
    property of Mad Axes. Not only can you SS during the motion of mad
    axes. You can dash/ backdash during the motion or simply add a Neutral
    (your character just pauses for a while). Hence QCB~f,f,N,F+2 or
    QCB~b,b,N,F+2. Didn't know that? Well there is more, you can incoporate
    dash/ backdash into Mad Axes buffer ALONG with SS. Try QCB~f,f,SS,N,F+2
    or QCB~b,b,SS,N,F+2. In fact the buffer time is so huge that you can
    attempt 2 backdashes and 2 SS's (thanks Catlord)!! Hence, it is notated
    as QCB~b,b,SS,b,b,SS,F+2. Note that you cannot at a neutral to the
    motion when you attempt to do 2 SS and 2 backdash (neither can you if
    you do 2 backdash and 1 SS) This really adds a huge dimension into
    Julia's Mad Axes game since you can pull the MA out of almost no where.
    Imagine, your opponent sees you dashing in with f,f and expects an
    elbow but instead you give him Mad Axes in return. All the combinations
    is limitless and when you add backdash/ dash before the MA's it really
    makes you wonder why there are still retarded posts in TZ questioning
    this as THE #1 throw in TTT.
    Also another tip from Catlord is that you can add a TAUNT (2+3+4) in
    between the motions of MA. Hence, QCB, 2+3+4, f,f+2.
    You certainly didn't know all this, did you? Well neither did I :)
    Ah yes very good litle trick here you can buffer mad axes into the spin
    very easiy and you can use the buffer to keep a continuous spin going.
    As before this requires you to use the F method. so the method would
    be, 3+4,QCB,F then at this point you can continue the spin or
    altenately use mad axes so from this you can use mad axes at any time
    from the spin. Also you could use the B method using QCB and holding B.
    And you have a huge range of mixups from the spin once you get the
    cancel down so throw out some elbows and d,d/f+1 out of it as well to
    keep them honest.
    Fake low parry
    This one one of a huge range of mixups you have from the fake low parry
    FC,d/b,d,d/b+1+2 is better from the fake low parry as already covered
    in the fake low parry section but mad axes from the fake low parry is a
    nightmare considering the mixup potential.
    I mentioned this in the 1~1,1 part of the move analasis it's very
    cheeky and damaging. Sadly there aren't any chicken glitch back throws
    in TTT where you just had to buffer mad axes and get a free
    chicken+backthrow but this is still very good. I haven't actualy seen
    any frame data for chickens but it doesn't change the fact that this is
    an excellent buffer and very unexpected usualy unless you use it every
    Escaped throws
    You think mad axes bufered in to a chicken is cheeky what do you do
    here? This is well served by the excellent range mad axes has I'm not
    sure about the frame data once again but unless your up against King
    (Because of his GS and GunJack and Jack-2's d/b,f+1+2 the reach works
    well for them as well) you will be able to throw them out of whatever
    they do. Don't abuse this tough as it can get a bit predictable.
    Okizeme is a japanese term which roughly translated means hitting your
    opponent while he is down and keeping him down. Julia has a very very
    Mean okizeme game which rivals that of the Williams.  In fact Julia's
    Okizeme game beats that of her mothers thanks in no part to several of
    her exclusive moves. Here are all the possible Okizeme attacks listed
    FC,df+4,3 (and any move with bow arrow like df+1,4,3)
    ....well there could be more.
    Anyways here is a quick review of how to use the okizeme moves. Again
    they can be divided into a few categories.
    Group #1 Rolling Backwards/Forward Opponents
    Group #2 Laying still opponents
    Group #3 Rolling to the side opponents
    Group #4 Getting up with an attack
    Group #5 Tech rolling opponents
    Group #1 Rolling Backwards/Forward Opponents
    If this happens, Julia has landed herself OKIZEME jackpot. Of course
    you won't see good players rolling backwards/ forwards without reason
    especially without reason. In fact backrolling in the heat of the
    battle is a tell tale sign that your opponent is a scrub or at least
    has a bad habit which you are going to cure. A lot of Julia's moves
    work well here.
    Moves like d+1 and d+2 will catch an opponent in their early frames of
    backrolling and float them up. If your opponent floats, he gets a free
    FC,df+4,3, df+4,2,b,f+1 juggle. d+1 and d+2 recover well which means
    you are at a minimal risk when going for loads of damage. You can also
    omit d+1 and just do FC,df+4,3 Mountain crusher too.
    Like wise with f,f+1 (her party crasher). If this catches your opponent
    tech rolling, he is floated and you can continue with two more elbows
    before rounding off with d,df+1,2. f,f+1 is exellent because its
    recovery is very good.
    df+4 can also be used much like f,f+1. df+4 has good range and if it
    catches a back rolling opponent you can finish off with df+4,2,b,f+1
    for good solid damage.
    The WR version of d,df+1,2 works in the same way too. It gives Julia
    Okizeme power even from far away. Julia can run in from 2 characters
    distance away and catch your opponent on the later frames of rolling
    backwards. d,df+1 will float which gives you a free 2. Solid damage
    d+4,4_d+4_1. Use this only sparringly. You have to hit your opponent
    quite early in the roll (assuming you are near them) since d+4 has
    pitiful range. You must really be expecting your opponent to roll
    backwards. You can't d+4 on reaction, because it is rather slow and
    will wiff most of the time. If your opponent chooses to lay still, d+4
    will push your opponent too far away for the follow ups to connect.
    4,4,x can be used much in the same way though I find it faster and thus
    slightly better.
    Other moves would be df+1,1, f+1, f+1~2, f+1+4... the possibilities are
    ENDLESS (well not quite but there are loads of them).
    Group #2 Laying still opponents
    After some serious pounding time and time again from attempting to roll
    away, your opponent finally decides that it is time he stays on the
    ground. Safe? Not really. Julia still has a lot of moves to throw to
    punish a opponent lying on the ground
    d+3, db+3 and d+4 work much in the same way to hit grounded opponents.
    They don't do to much damage, but they are very safe. db+3 has more
    range than d+3 though the drawback is that it sometimes WIFFS your
    opponent. So unless you are craving for that extra lenght, stick to d+
    3. d+4 is slower and I wouldn't recommend players using it especially
    with its equally short range like d+3. Stick to d+3.
    b+3 is used almost in the same way as d+3. I'd like to stress ALMOST
    because although b+3 is a low move, it sacrifices speed for the
    additional length. The extra speed would be enough for alert opponents
    to counterattack you though if you KNOW your spacing you could EASILY
    get a CH and punish them in return. Also because of the extra length,
    you could use b+3 at a safer distant away in case you require to tag
    out after that. FC,df+4 can also be used similarly though you don't get
    anything from a CH. FC,df+4 will push the opponent away so do not
    follow up with the arrow kick (3).
    The earthquake stomp, uf+3+4 should ONLY be used very sparringly. The
    damage dealt by it is great, but due to the poor tracking, Julia's poor
    judgement and relatively slow iniatition  as mentioned when discussing
    f+1+4 can be used against BIG characters ONLY. 50 points of damage
    isn't so bad after all especially if they refuse to wake up. Other mid
    hitting attacks are also possible against fatties. Among them are f,f+
    1, f+1~2, f+1, WS+4, WS+2,x etc.
    This is also a good opportunity to 3SS or jump over your opponent to
    set up OB trap. Even if your opponent rises before you get to his back,
    you have positional advantage over them.
    Group #3 Rolling to the side opponents
    Rolling to the sides is prolly the best thing an opponent can do.
    However Julia STILL is able to punish her opponent severely if he
    choose to roll to the side.
    d+1 and d+2 can be used again. You have to be very close to your
    opponent and if they try rolling to the sides, d+1 and d+2 will float
    them for a juggle.
    4,4 is also pretty useful to catch opponents rolling to the side in the
    early frames. This is because 4,4 is quick and has pretty good
    tracking. I'm not so sure with d+4 but I stay far away from it since it
    is slower in which case its hard to catch opponents in the earlier
    db+3 can be useful since the sweep is a wide one and so it will be able
    to hit opponents in their early to mid frames of rolling to the side.
    Group #4 Getting up with an attack
    Some players JUST have the bad habit of "Must get up with an attack".
    The attack gives them the illusion that they are safer. How wrong they
    are. What they do not know is that they can easily be CH'ed for a huge
    as juggle. Usually when punshing a player getting up with an attack, he
    has to guess or at least predict whether what he is going to do. With
    Julia however, she has some execellent moves with LONG reach that
    prevent her from getting into danger zone.
    d+1 is commonly used (more in OB trap though) to snuff out an opponents
    attack. d+1 will beat out almost anything of your opponent except the
    low shin kick, and possibly the hand spring (if timed right)
    b+3 This is where the range of b+3 comes into play. Since it has very
    good range, Julia is safe from anything your opponent tries. Plus you
    are in the running to nail them in the act on CH and punish them big
    b+4 works much in the same way but is way more riskier. Since it will
    only CH certain attacks like the rising kick for example. Try to SS
    before attempting b+4. Risky.
    f+1+2 is used when your opponent tries to spring up to his knees
    immediately (don't know how to explain it) much like you would with
    Jin's b+4. Hopefully it will CH to send your opponent flying for a
    juggle. It can be used from afar so its safe.
    d,df+1,2 can be used to counter hit your opponent if you suspect he is
    getting up with an attack. Best to use the WR version to attack an
    opponent from a distance. There are other better options if you wish to
    use d,df+1,2 in close.
    Group #5 Tech rolling opponents
    Tech rolling opponents  are the most difficult IMO to punish, mainly
    because most of the time when they tech it is because of an error in a
    combo or a powermove. There is no surefire way of punishing tech
    rolling opponents and most of the time you will have to rely on mixups
    when he recovers.
    df+1,1 as mentioned earlier can be used to trick opponents into
    techrolling during a elbow juggle. Should your opponent tech roll, df+1
    will wiff but 1 (the flash uppercut) will connect.
    d+4,4 is okay too in catching tech rolling opponents though you have to
    start doing d+4,4 early. Thanks to Priz for telling me this.
    A trick I like to do when In close is to SS in the opposite direction
    that your opponent techs and immediately grab him. If you time it
    right, you will get a Back throw. You can also SS to his back and 4,4,1
    juggle him.
    Other suggestions (from Night) would be to mix up Mad Axes and df+2,1
    to punish opponents when they finish tech rolling.
    OB trap? Whats that?
    OB trap is a term when you force your opponent's back to face you.
    Usually in a game of tekken, your opponent's back will seldom face your
    back unless he has a move to get into BK position (Lei's, Ling's,
    King's etc) However since your opponent is extremely vulnerable when he
    is backturned (note: Can't block anything)  it is the best position you
    could have hoped for. So how can I backturn them if that is so? This
    invovles a bit of trickery. Basically, you want to interrupt your
    opponent in a frame where they turn their back towards you to attack
    and backturn them ready to capitalize on their mistake, hence the term
    "OB trap".
    Setting Up OB trap
    You must first make sure that your opponent is in PLD position. PLD or
    "Play Dead" position when your opponent lies on the ground, facing up,
    head towards you, feet away. You can get your opponent to PLD position
    via a few methods. They are Mentioned and discussed as below.
    * Direct Method
    This involves moves which will put your opponent in PLD position
    immediately. Moves that fall under this category would be her 1+3 and
    2+4 throw. Also on CH, b+3 will place your opponent in PLD position.
    * Indirect Method
    This involves moves which will put your opponent in PLD position from
    KND (ie Opponent is Face up, face away, feet towards). The first method
    would be jumping over your opponent. Another method is triple sidestep
    to the back of your opponent. Yet another way is using an uf+3+4 which
    will jump over your opponent though this is NOT a very good or useful
    * Automatic Method
    Like Yoshi, Julia can Backturn her opponent automatically too. However
    unlike Yoshi, because she is at a frame disadvantage, NOTHING is
    guranteed. The move I'm referring to is of course Julia's b+2 (or 2~b).
    And the Bait?
    Now that you have gotten your opponent to PLD position its time to bait
    your opponent so that he thinks you have messed up and tries to rise
    with an attack. Moves that fall into this category are quick moves with
    good recovery. Among some of them are:-
    f,f+1 (prolly the MOST popular and common choice)
    df+4 (another popular choice)
    Quick standing pokes like 1, 2 and 4
    WS+1 (best One I suppose from WS position)
    b+4 etc.
    What now?
    Should your opponent try to wake up and attack, d+1 or df+4 immediately
    I like d+1 more than df+4 but df+4 has good range which your opponent
    may undersestimate. Also df+4 puts Julia in STANDING position which is
    more useful. Hopefully if you do it correctly your opponent's back will
    be facing you ready to eat some painful follow ups. Julia's Follow ups
    after OB trap are AMONG the best in the game, next to Jin. Among some
    of the follow ups that I bother to use are WS+2,1,1 and WS+2,2 in FC
    position and df+4,2,b,f+1 and 4,4,1 to juggle in Standing position.
    Confused?!? Okay I will give you a few example of how it works.
    OB Trap Situation #1
    Julia grabs her opponent with 1+3 throw. Her opponent's head is facing
    towards Julia, faced up. Julia rushes in with an elbow hoping to catch
    her opponent rolling and juggle him. Her opponent was wise to stay on
    the ground (since the worst that could happen is he eats a free d+3
    which is guranteed anyways) but on seeing that Julia's f,f+1 had wiffed
    him, he tries to rise up with an attack. Julia IMMEDIATELY does d+1
    after f,f+1 had whiffed, to interrupt her opponents rising kick and her
    opponent is backturned. She finishes him off with WS+2,1,1 for some
    solid damage.
    OB Trap Situation #2
    After knocking down her opponent with a move, her opponent choose to
    lie on the ground. Julia jumps over her opponent. Seeing that Julia
    jumped over him, his opponent thinks that Julia has messed up and
    immediately rises with an attack. Upon landing, Julia immediately d+1
    which will also turn her around and interrupt her opponent's attack. In
    FC position, Julia chooses to punish her opponent with WS+2,2.
    OB Trap Situation #3
    Julia managed to grab her opponent with her FC,db,d,db+1+2 throw which
    leaves her opponents side towards her. Instead of sweeping her opponent
    she instead Sidesteps towards her opponents head (so that her opponent
    will now be in PLD position) Now she tries a standing 1 which of course
    whiffs her opponent. Seeing the standing 1 whiffs, her opponent tries
    to rise with an attack, in which Julia immediately interrupts with
    df+4. Now Julia has a choice, she can either finish off with a mountain
    crusher or attempt a 4,4,1 and juggle. The mountain crusher is
    guranteed but 4,4,1 has a chance of whiffing due to spacing.
    These are but just some examples of OB traps. Try to be creative and
    set up other OB traps of your own.
    Movement is a key in any good players game. Most players just do a
    move, stand there and block and attack again. Sure against beginners
    and average players this will work out fine. However , if you are to
    play it as a 2D game in a 3D world, I'm sure you are going to get a
    serious trashing against good opponents. DO NOT ADOPT THE MENTALITY OF
    "HIT, BLOCK, HIT". Think of this as a boxing match. You don't punch
    your opponent and wait for him to react and punch you back right? Come
    on, you have so many options available to you. Namco didn't just put
    the Sidestep feature into the game for no reason, did they? Just look
    at any of the top player's and you will see that they are constantly on
    the move, whether it is sidestepping, dashing, backdashing, poking etc.
    They are alwasy doing something. By moving around a lot, your opponents
    chances of hitting you and landing that major butt-kicking juggle
    starter is lower. Moreover, he may wiff and therefore allow you the
    chance to counter attack him. There are occasions when blocking will be
    more of a disadvantage to you than sidestepping. The best example is
    Bryan's b+1~5 which causes such a long guardstun that he is guranteed
    at least a 1,2 or 1~4. In such a case, blocking would be very much
    hazardous than sidestepping. If you managed to sucessfully sidestep his
    b+1 and end up at his back you get a free 4,4,1 and juggle. By
    stressing the importance of sidestepping I do not mean just
    sidestepping for the sake of sidestepping, because if you do your
    opponent can punish you easily. A DEWGF is a reason enough.
    Julia does not have a wide sidestep as compared to the Mishimas or Team
    Korea. However, that does not mean her sidestep is not as important.
    She makes up for it with her extremely useful 3+4 spin which, when used
    in conjunction with SSR enables her to do a double and triple sidestep.
    Her double sidestep can be notated as
    SSR, 3+4
    3+4, SSR
    SSR, 3+4 is the one most commonly used since SSR has a wider SS
    movement than 3+4. Using 3+4 enables her to chain immediately into her
    4,4,1  should she be able to get behind her opponent. You can also use
    this on a downed opponent to circle strafe them.
    Her triple sidestep is notated as
    SSR, 3+4, SSR
    Her triple SS is not as useful as that of Team korea. It is usually
    limited to circle strafing a downed opponent. Best used when you down
    an opponent after a KND move like f,f+1 elbow for example since you
    will be off axis and hold the advantage.
    Those are her basic sidesteps. You should now incoporate other
    movements into her sidestep such as dash or backdash, even cancel her
    sidestep into another sidestep.
    This is a basic one,
    f,f,N, SSR,3+4, b,b,N, SSL,
    And here is a more complicated one
    SSR~f, SSR, 3+4, f,f,N, SSR, 3+4, SSR
    If you get unpredictable with your sidesteps you create enough
    confusion with your opponent that he is afraid to commit himself to an
    attack. Just look at Shafi's Changs. They have awesome SS movement
    Once you have your sidestep movement down, then its time you add
    attacks into your sidestep. Although Julia does not have any Sidestep
    moves to come out from Unlike Michelle except for her pathetic SS+2,
    she can cancel her SS anytime with moves like 1~1,1, 4,4,1, f+1+2 etc.
    This will be discussed further when I go to positioning.
    To succesfully sidestep opponent's moves, sidestep in the direction the
    move of which he is pulling off. For instance if he is pulling off a
    right punch, you would sidestep to your right (your opponents left) Of
    course this is just a general formula. Somemoves track well and some
    don't. Take Jin for example. EWGF doesn't track well while f,f+2
    Demon's Paw has good tracking. EWGF can be sidestepped in both
    directions rather easily, but sidestepping to the left (your opponents
    right) of f,f+2 is a tad risky because of its tracking. Not to say that
    it is not impossible though, with perfect timing, you can sidestep
    Jin's f,f+2 to both sides, a technique which RedKing mentions in his
    Jin Compendium as interrupted sidestepping. Even if you aren't
    interested in playing Jin, do read his FAQ because his sidestep section
    is useful for all characters, not only Jin alone.
    Succesfully sidestepping an opponent's attack is more of an art which
    you will slowly master. Do not give up when, at first you often get hit
    even when trying to side step your opponent's move. Another thing to
    remember is that some moves have really good tracking and it will hit
    you unless you sidestep at the very last second. Other moves have
    good radius (example Yoshi's standing 4) and will hit you if you
    sidestep too early.
    Movement of course will lead to positioning. I find it sad that a lot
    of players nowadays do not understand positioning. Julia  has great
    movement in her game with her double/ triple sidestep game. With that,
    she can strafe around her opponent much like what is possible in a game
    of Quake. As such you will get to a few common positions. They can be
    divided into a few groups: In Close, Dash range, Far, Side, Back
    In Close
    Well this is the area Julia will be most of the time because she will
    be all over her opponent pounding them with poke after poke. Basically
    you want quick attacks like standing 1 and stay far far away from slow
    attacks like f+1+2 and b+3. b+4 is also an ideal attack to use assuming
    your opponent is trying to fight out of this position with pokes of his
    Dash Range
    Inevitably after pounding your opponent for some time, there is going
    to be some space left between you and your opponent. I feel that the
    Dash range game for Julia is the most important part of all since it
    decides whether you can keep your opponent at bay or get pounded to a
    pulp yourself. This may not be Julia's strongest part of the game since
    she does not have a CD move or Yoshi's WGF like df+2. In such an
    instance, moves like df+4, standing 4 should be very common to play a
    keep away game. Her elbows and d,df+1 is going to be used a lot to
    close the distance on your opponent. If you are aiming to punish an
    opponent, badly then f+1+2 and even b+3 should be used in hope for a
    Nothing much really..... run up to your opponent... maybe use WR, 1,2.
    You could go for the cross chop or tag slide or best yet cut the run
    half way, sidestep and then use moves like her f,f+1 and d,df+1 to get
    in close to your opponent.
    If you are at your opponents side, which is very likely with her double
    triple sidestep game, you can attempt f+1+2 or 1~1,1 in hope of a CH. I
    noticed that a lot of good players use f+1+2 after a sidestep and I
    found that it is excellent. I prefer f+1+2 over 1~1,1 since it has a
    longer reach and as such has less chance of wiffing over the shorter
    ranged 1~1,1. You could also attempt a side throw on your opponent
    though if he is alert he would easily break out of it.
    You will get into this position after sidestepping an opponents move
    like the last hit of Jin's b,f+2,1,2 for example. You could also get
    into this position as a result of an OB trap setup. If your opponent is
    still recovering from an attack, Backthrow him. It looks cool and you
    won't have to worry about missing a juggle. If not just try one of the
    follow ups discussed in the OB trap section.
    Poking and Custom Strings
    Poking is an essential part in any characters game, be it a big
    character who depends on power hits or a weak character who relies on
    many hits. Even at intermediate level of play, you can't depend solely
    on doing 10 power hits in a row to win your game, because unless your
    opponent is retarded he not going to fall for it. As such poking your
    opponent with weak but quick moves will open the opportunity for you to
    counter your opponent with that power move or CH move that you have
    been waiting for. Which leads us to strings.
    I think Ben Cureton (Tragic) best defined what custom strings are in
    his Yoshi FAQ and I quote,
    " Custom string is a series of quick moves in which, when used
    together, make it very difficult for your opponent to do much of
    anything besides blocking. This isn't as easy as it sounds though,
    because putting a few moves together one after another doesn't make an
    effective custom string. You must create your custom strings to be
    quick and very unreadable. Most custom strings are more useful than
    real strings because of their speed and lack of major delay between
    moves. Some people refer to custom strings as "patterns" but this is a
    general misconception. Patterns can easily be spotted which in turn can
    be easily defended against. A true custom string has many alternatives,
    making it very hard to defend against and at the same time they often
    force your opponent into making unwise decisions. "
    This is NOT a section where I just give pre-canned cookie cutter custom
    strings which you use over and over again. Generally, people would
    agree that custom string sections in FAQs are useless and Indeed they
    are. Some of the pre made custom strings may work against slower
    characters but not against the other more pacey ones. Using the same
    custom strings over and over again will get you into a lot of trouble
    because in any setup there are undoubtedly loophooles which your
    opponent can capitalize on.
    However in this section, I strive to give you readers a better
    understanding of stringing with Julia and how to understand frame
    advantage. For beginners, do not be put off or afraid if you do not
    understand frames. I will put a lot of the frames in layman's (or
    gameplay) terms so that you can see what and what not to do.
    Forward Momentum Moves:             Stationary moves:
    f,f+1                               1_2
    1,2                                 df+4
    1~1                                 4
    WS+2,1                              WS+1
    d,df+1                              FC,df+4
    4,4                                 d+1_d+2
    Well the above is just some of the examples I can think of. Note there
    are others but these are the basic and favourites which everyone uses.
    Since the moves have already been discussed in detail in the move
    analysis section, I will just get to her strings.
    We start off with this, a basic string for Julia.
    1, d+1, FC,df+4,3_FC,df+2_WS+1_WS+4_WS+2,x
    Well nothing much too it. A standing Jab will give you 0 advantage when
    blocked and 6 frames of advantage when hit so d+1 is extremely safe
    after that (the worst that could happen is against another opponent
    with 8 frame jab is you both get hit). Should your opponent try to hit
    you after 1 d+1 will interrupt him and give you a few frames of
    advantage. With the advantage, you can try Julia's WS mixups. Try to go
    for quick ones initially, WS+1 for example since your opponent may try
    to interrupt you with a d+1 of his own, before moving to slower ones
    like FC,df+4,3 or WS+2,1,1 when he knows that attacking you after d+1
    will get him hit instead. Should d+1 be blocked you are at a frame
    advantage, so it is best to remain on the defensive blocking/
    interrupting the moves he throws at you.
    Got that? Now I will move on to her more popular elbow strings.
    f,f+1, f,f+1, 4_1~1,1_1~2,1_Mad Axes or any throw
    f,f+1, f,f+1<4
    f,f+1, f+1
    f,f+1, <block opponents d+1>, FC,db,d,DB+1+2
    f,f+1, d+1, FC,db,d,DB+1+2
    f,f+1, d+1, WS+1, f,f+1, d+1, WS+1... (infinitely)
    When I say f,f+1 I am of course referring to the f,f,N+1 version of it
    since that gives her less disadvantage should it be blocked. Her elbow
    is used a lot in strings because it helps closes distance very well, is
    extremely quick and also is mid hitting (meaning your you are able to
    train your opponent to block high) Since Julia ducks slightly during
    the elbow animation, she is quick save from high attacks. Okay quit
    yapping and on to the meat of the string.
    * You are basically using f,f+1 to close a small distance between you
      and your opponent say after blocking Kazuya's WGF for example. After
      blocking the f,f+1, your opponent will prolly try to retaliate with
      quick standing 8 frame pokes in hope of CH'ing you (knowing that you
      are in -2 disadvantage). In this case f+1 or even f,f+1 serve the
      purpose well. If you wish to hit your opponent with f+1 you need to
      be very sure that your opponent is going to poke high, other wise you
      will be doing a slow f+1 which your opponent will easily interrupt.
      If unsure, do not do ANYTHING.
    * If he tries to d+1 you (an attack which will fluff out anything you
      try even another elbow) you can either get him with a delayed 4 (why
      why why would you sacrifice recovery of an elbow for delayed 4 I
      don't know) or just duck right after the elbow. Remember when I said
      after blocking the elbow you have the advantage? Now is your chance
      to capitalize on it with a FC,db,d,db+1+2 throw or any of Julia's
      FC/WS mixups.
    * Should your opponent decide to turtle after blocking the elbow, you
      can either throw him with a generic throw, buffered Mad Axes or d+1
      setup into a throw. f,f+1 or df+2,1 works well if your opponent ducks
      in anticipation of your throw.
    * Should your opponent try to CH you with anything slow (e.g. WGF,
      Deathfist) after an elbow hit 1~1,1 or 1~2,1 immediately to CH him
      for big damage. Congrats, you have just hit jackpot with Julia.
    * Er and forget about the infinite string... that only works against
      scrubs and intermediate players. You can prolly use the string during
      the last 2 seconds of a match to waste some time.
    Now that we have gotten strings which are in close and personal, I will
    discuss briefly strings where there is a bit of distance between you
    and your opponent. Its rather hard to give a full account of things
    possible because the spacing can vary and there are millions of things
    your opponent can do.
    df+4, f,f+1, elbow strings
    df+4, d,df+1<2_ d,df+1, Mad Axes
    df+4, Mad Axes
    df+4, b+3_b+4_f+1
    df+4, df+1,1
    4, f,f+1, elbow strings
    4, 4, f+1+2 (note this is two high kicks not 4,4)
    These are just some examples to show how spacing can make a difference
    from in close. df+4 and 4 are works almost in the same as long ranged
    pokes. However, their purpose is the same, as zoning attacks, but their
    properties are of course different as discussed earlier.
    * If you use df+4, the distance between your opponent is about 1
      characters away. df+4 will keep most bulldogs at bay, and will help
      snuff out a lot of Michelle's elbows. If df+4 is blocked, your
      opponent will be a safe distance away. Should he rush in with high
      pokes, you can attempt b+3 or b+4 in hopes of a CH or f+1 to duck his
      attacks and juggle him. Personally, I would go for b+4 since a lot of
      people underestimate this attack by Julia and it is going to catch a
      lot of people on CH by surprise.
    * If your opponent decides to turtle you have an option here, do you
      apply more pressure on him or do you go for a throw? Mix them up
      especially a mad axes with a dash in between. Most of the time your
      opponent will not suspect that you are going to throw him with Mad
      Axes when you dash towards him but stand instead in anticipation of
      an elbow. As an alternative to her elbow you can always try d,df+1
      instead and the mixups ensuing it.
    * 4 works in the same way as df+4 only that you have to realize it
      doesn't have as much range and as such your opponent will be nearer
      to you. I like to do a few 4's in a row especially if the first 4
      whiffs my opponent as they will usually carelessly charge into the
      subsequent 4 for CH. You know what to do after that right? Also f+1+2
      works well after 4 (and also df+4) since it will duck under high
      attacks and CH your opponent.
    Now that you have at least a basic idea of effective strings, here is
    what you should stay far far away from.
    d,df+1,2, 1~1,1_d+1
    1, d+1, d+3, FC,df+2
    4,4, FC,df+4,3
    * In the first example above, after d,df+1,2 you are already in a frame
      disadvantage. You should not do ANYTHING at all because anything you
      do will lead to your opponent getting you on CH. If your Opponent is
      fast enough, that would mean an EWGF juggle or at very least a free
      Shining Fists.
    * In the second one, d+3 should not be used. You could try using 1 in a
      few matches, but the risk that you are taking is not worth the
      reward. d+3 is slow to initiate and has horrendous recovery when
      blocked. Moreover, even if it does hit (counter or clean), you are
      STILL at a frame disadvantage. Although this strings to a fair level
      against scrubs (since they will just eat the d+3 and then rush into
      the FC,df+2) even semi decent players will punish you badly if you
      try d+3.
    * Finally the last example. 4,4 is pretty good at intermediate level to
      get to FC position, and then start her FC/WS mixups. However, 4,4 is
      too risky at higher level of play since the low kick will almost
      always get parried. Besides even if the low kick hits, you will be at
      a frame disadvantage and your opponent can snuff out any attack of
      yours with a d+1.
    In conclusion, I would once again want to reiterrate that the poking
    and custom strings section should not be used wholesale but only to
    give yourself an idea of what should and should not be used in a given
    situation. Be creative, try new setups of your own because being
    predictable will be your worst enemy.
    If you played DOA2 (or Tekken 2 for that matter) you will know how much
    it is a blessing to Tekken players that you are able to reverse a
    reversal (aka Chicken). This discourages turtling and also prevent you
    from taking what would otherwise be unfair, unnecessary damage.
    The general formula to chickening is to input f+1+3 for reversal which
    invovles a left punch (1) or left kick (3). You can also guess that
    f+2+4 are chickens for move that involve right punch (2) and right
    kicks (4). However there may be some ambiguity over some moves which
    require double button presses, like f+1+2 for example. In those cases,
    their chickens are stated in the move analysis, if you haven't noticed
    by now.
    Unless you have good reflexes, or your opponent reverses every single
    move, you will have to buffer chicken selectively. What I mean here is
    you buffer moves which have the possibility of being reversed, and not
    every single hit in a move. Take for example 1~1,1. Your opponent can
    only reverse the first and last hi if 1~1,1 is blocked. Therefore, with
    that knowledge, you should only buffer chicken for the first and last
    hit. Buffering chicken for the 2nd hit is redundant. With all this in
    mind, let us look at moves which are usually reversed.
    1~1,1  (first and last hit)
    4,4,4  (first and last hit)
    4,4,1  (first and last hit)
    df+1,1 (both hits)
    1,2,4  (first and last hit)
    df+4,2,b,f+1 (all hits)
    d,df+1,2 (only first hit)
    f,f+1,4 (last hit only)
    uf+4 (er... well there is only one hit here)
    df+2,1 (only the first)
    df+2,4 (both hits)
    If you already know how to buffer chicken then skip this section. It is
    a waste of time. For those who still have no idea of how to buffer a
    chicken then read on.
    Lets take a basic example of f+1 shall we. First of course press f+1 to
    initiate her flash uppercut. Usually you would just release f+1, but if
    you want to buffer a chicken into it, don't. Instead keep holding f+1
    and then press 3, hence f+1+3. Should your opponent reverse your f+1
    Julia will immediately punch him back in the face before he can hurt
    her and the announcer will shout "Chicken" If he doesn't the match will
    just continue as normal.
    Lets move on to a trickier move to chicken, say df+1. After performing
    df+1, keep on holding 1. Now roll your joystick (or joypad) from df to
    f and when you reach f, press 3.
    Chicken baiting
    Some opponents (especially scrubs) just can't help but reverse all day.
    You might want to teach them a lesson. This usually involves using
    slow, easily chickened moves to make them see how wrong they are that
    reversals are king. This is known as chicken baiting. Among the moves
    are 1~1,1 (last hit), f+1+2, f+1+4 and SS+2. Do note that if your
    opponent wisens up and blocks instead of reversing you could be in
    trouble at times like a blocked 1~1,1 for example. Also be aware that
    in some cases, some reversals cannot be chickened. They are King's Kick
    reversal and Wang's left punch reversal. Any parries (normal or punch
    parries) cannot be chickened as well.
    Chickening is a vital technique for any player who aspires to be good
    in Tekken. If you want to improve your gameplay you have to be able to
    buffer chicken into your attacks fluently, while not affecting your
    normal gameplay.
    Throwing and Throw Escaping
    Duh! Like you need advice on throwing. Just abuse her mad axes. Do not
    however use familiar set ups time and time again. f,f+1, Mad axes will
    only work 2 or 3 times before your opponent catches on and breaks the
    throw on anticipation. Breaking Julia's Mad Axes on reaction is
    extremely hard to say the least and even the best players rely on
    anticipation rather than reaction to break the throw. Also you should
    mix up your throws (double Duh!) Maybe try f,f+1, Mad Axes and the next
    time f,f+1, 1+3 instead. Mixing up throws is a battle of psychology of
    you and your opponent. I think this section should explain itself
    enough and I need not go further into telling you how to throw.
    Throw Escaping
    Throw escaping is a completely different matter though. I find that
    average players do NOT escape throws enough. Therefore, they deem
    throws cheap, when in fact you have a large window of escape for most
    throws (bar throws like Mad Axes) Basically,escaping throws is easy if
    you know which throw he is going to do and when. In theory it is easier
    said than done, but here are some pointers.
    1) Watch your opponents hands. If the Left hand extends longer than
       his right, then he is going for a throw with a 1 break. If his
       right hand is longer than his left, then the break for the throw
       is throw. If both hands extend equally, the break is 1+2. Of course
       there are some exceptions but this is the general rule.
    2) With most throws, the escape frame is almost one full second. Watch
       for the purple flash whenever a person grabs you. Most opponents
       have a tendency to go for certain throws so it would be wise to
       know before hand which throw he likes to go for.
    3) When being thrown, and unsure, just press something (1,2 or 1+2)
       Pressing any of the combinations is better than not doing anything
       because you will have a 33.3% chance of breaking the throw.
    4) Look at your opponents hands if possible. This does not apply only
       to Multithrows only. Looking at your opponent hands while playing
       not only tells you what throw he is going to do, but generally
       gives away what he is going to do next.
    5) Becareful when looking at your opponent's hands when he does Multis.
       Some Multi windows are pretty large and your opponent has loads of
       time to fake the throw.
    6) Although some people suggest the theory of 1~2(hold 2)~1 or 2~1(hold
       1)~2 this theory has not been proven. I think that the escape of the
       throw depends on the frame of input of the escape. In other words,
       the technique suggested by some people worked because it was
       coincidence that they hit the correct escape button at the frame of
    Remember, everytime you escape a throw, you are avoiding 30+ damage and
    the follow up damage from Okizeme. When you think about it, thats
    almost the same damage from a CH 4, f,f+1 x3, d,df+1,2 juggle. Learning
    to escape throws on reaction, not anticipation, will tremendously
    improve your game. If you need practise on throw escaping, I suggest
    that you turn your PS2 to Ultra Hard (Ultra cheese) mode and practise
    escaping throwing there since the computer does nothing but block and
    Tekken Tag wouldn't be half the game if it weren't for this element -
    TAGGING! A lot of players do NOT understand the tagging system of
    Tekken Tag Tournament. From what I observe when playing, many players
    blindly tag out when they are low on health. Yes, I know that you have
    to bring in a fresh new partner because your character can be easily
    KO'ed but by foolishly tagging out, they leave the poor tagging in
    character open to all kinds of dangers. Worst is if you carelessly tag
    out, your tagging out character may be KO'ed in the process. Do this to
    me and I will undoubtedly punish you with something nasty.
    Think about this, your character is low on health but if you bring a
    fresh new character in and say Julia hits you with a Heaven Cannon
    Unblockable + Juggle, your partner could be even badly hurt than the
    initial fighter that just tagged out. Morever, your opponent is given
    the initiative to pound you into oblivion with all kinds of Okizeme
    As a rule of thumb you should only tag out when
    1) Your opponent is on the ground or your opponent is far away and not
       is not able to hit you.
    2) You use a tag throw or do a tag combo. 2+5 is a very safe tag throw
       but the damage depends on Julia's partner (ie Bruce = very lil,
       Michelle = qutie a lot) Stay clear of Julia's special tag to
       Michelle. Its USELESS.
    3) The worst time to tag out is when your opponent is charging up an
       unblockable or heavy hitting move. More likely than not, your
       partner will come rushing in only to be hit by the said move.
    4) If your opponent is all over you and you need to tag out, try to
       knock him down or at least push him away so before making a tag. For
       this reason, Julia's elbow is ideal.
    5) When you do tag, try to come in with a cross chop or tag slide (or
       its equivalent), at least once in a while, so that your opponent
       will not get into a habit of always trying to counter you when you
       tag out. Tag slides are useful not only because they can catch your
       opponent unaware but can be used to tag in an extra bit of damage
       at the end of a juggle. Also tag slides may be an excellent counter
       to certain moves (say Yoshi's b,b+1~1) At certain distance, tag in
       cross chop is almost unavoidable.
    6) Tag frequently when given the chance to tag out. The small health
       regained may be the difference at the end of the bout. Also, do not
       get predictable with your tagging. A wrong tag will probably result
       in a nice WGF up your shiny noses.
    7) If tag slides or cross chops are not your thing, you can always
       cancel the run in by inputting u~ub. This will stop your character
       from running and you can block or input your attack. This technique
       is also useful for doing some of the class 1 launcher juggles where
       you need to position yourself. It is usually much wiser (and safer)
       to use use the tag cancel since you do not need to commit to and
       attack and thus do not lose any initiative.
    8) Julia can also tag cancel with her various moves like her taunt and
       command low parry. Like everyone she can cancel her tag in with d+1.
       Don't be stupid however and d+1 all the time, especially when your
       opponent is up your nose because he will almost always CH you. I
       think you should know by now that Julia's CH 1~2,1 is not very nice.
    With all said, I also find that a lot of Tekken Tag players do NOT use
    tag juggles enough. Come on, the damage lost during tag juggles cannot
    be recovered. I can't remember how many close battles I won because of
    the 'extra' health I could regain from tagging out. Julia may be a very
    good juggler, but I'd sacrifice that extra health for the unrecoverable
    Parry or Not to Parry
    Okay, so you are probably pyschic enough to know that your opponents
    next move would be a db+4 by Lei. Question what do you do, what do you
    do? With the introduction of Universal Parries as well as the Sweep
    Stagger system, there is more than one way to 'counter' Low attacks, so
    to speak. With this in mind, players sometimes do not know when may be
    the ideal time to parry or block. Both has its pros and cons. Btw when
    I speak of parries, I am referring to the universal parry and not
    command parries or punch parries.
    Usually, you want to be blocking SLOW RECOVERING LOW PUNCHES. Of course
    there are exceptions. Julia does not have good launchers off her FC/WS
    position other than of course her hop kick. Since her hopkick is 14
    frames and recovers like ass, you will most of the time rely on
    guaranteed damage like FC,df+4,3. A Parried low punch gives you only 9
    frames of advantage where you only get a free jab in. It would be
    better to block the  9th Hit in Pauls' 1,2,3,1,4,2,1,4,2,1 10 string
    since there is a long delay in between and you can get him with CH WS+
    2,1,1 or WS+2,1,4,3. However there are some exceptions like a blocked
    Julia's b+3 which gives you -33 frames of advantage! You could easily
    capitalize on this with a hopkick to wonder juggle.
    The reason you'd wanna use the universal low parry (df) is because it
    ALWAYS gives you the initiative no matter what. A parried low punch
    would give you get 9 frames advantage and with a parried low kick you
    will get 16 frames of advantage. Obviously, the 9 frames after a
    parried low punch do not mean much especially since parrying will often
    shift your opponent off the axis a bit, so technically after
    readjusting yourself, your advantage is less than 9 frames. The parried
    low kick will give you a bigger advantage, so much so that you can get
    a free df+2,1 into juggle. Generally parry any of your opponents
    attacks especially if its a kick. An Example would be Julia's 4,4. By
    parrying her Low kick you get a free juggle. If you had blocked the low
    kick not only would you gain nothing, but you now have to face her
    At the end of the day, a correct parry or block could mean defeat or
    victory especially in a tight battle.
    Character Specific Strategies (Vs Section)
    Alex/ Roger
    Difficulty : Easy
    Against Alex and roger watch out for d+1,N+2 which is an essential
    King's poke. Both of them have really short arms so unless you let them
    get very near you, even Giant Swing will wiff more than often. Remember
    Giant Swing can be tech rolled for half. The trick is to hit the button
    WHEN you land so timing is of the essence here. You will have to look
    out for moves like the Wind up punch, f,N+1 or its variant  which
    causes such a long guard stun that Animal Godfist (well its actually
    TGF) is guranteed. When you see them wind up for their punch don't just
    stand there and look... Hit him with anything... uf+4, CH 1~2,1, CH, 1~
    1,1 heck even b+3. Also do look out for SS+4, the low sweep, which you
    should have more than enough time to block on reaction. Blocking this
    low sweep causes Alex/ Roger to be guard stunned so erm...just follow
    up with her Bow and Arrow to MC. The last thing to look out for is the
    tail sweep which has small range but comes out so deceptively even good
    players may have trouble looking out for it. I don't have any tips
    against the tail trip but no opponent would be crazy enough to abuse
    this move too much since he is just asking to be CH'ed by Julia.
    Angel/ Devil
    Difficulty : Easy ~ Hard
    It really depends what kinda Angel/ Devil player you are up against, a
    WD master or a Laser master. Anyways there are some subtle differences
    between both of them which I will mention for those who have no
    knowledge whatsoever of Tekken. Angel is a bit shorter, has shorter
    arms and netsus with other characters. Devil is taller (so his laser
    will wiff against smaller opponents like Ling), has longer arms (so WGF
    X3 is easier with him) and does not netsu with other characters.
    Anyways the main tool of Angel/Devil is of course df+1,2 Twin pistons.
    A lot of Angel/ Devil players abuse this move a lot. If your opponent
    is a scrub and abuses df+1,2 the whole day, a well times CH 1~1,1 will
    see to it that his bad habits are not repeated. Watch for good players
    to WD and mix up with Hell sweeps and Twin Pistons (though this is not
    as dangerous as against Kazuya) Be careful of his OB traps (I will
    explain more in detail in the vs Jin section since Jin's Ob trap is the
    one to be feared) Angel/ Devil also has a Class 1 launcher in his/ her
    SS+2 the devil twister. This launches you so high and you come
    spiralling down, head first, meaning you can't tech roll. This really
    opens the door to some very very sick juggles like Heihachi's d+1+4
    unblockable... OUCH! Fortunately this move is easily telegraphed and
    has poor recovery time (time for df+2,1 juggle I see) Of course I won't
    even bother mentioning WGF which is THE best juggle starter in the
    entire history of Tekken.
    Anna Williams
    Difficulty : Annaquin-like ~ Medium
    Against Anna it is a battle of Pokes... her uf+1<3 and d+1,N+4 being
    the more feared ones along with df+1,2 and d+4,1. Well uf+1<3 is her
    new addition to TTT and a great addition it is. For one if the bad
    habit kick connects then Anna gets a free f+1+2. Anna players will look
    to delay the bad habit Kick in hope that it gets you on CH (and thus
    free juggle)Needless to say, do not try anything stupid ... not even 1~
    1,1 when an Anna player does uf+1. Be prepared however with 1+2 in case
    they try throwing you with uf+1+2 after uf+1. Most of the time though
    the throw comes out of no where so tech roll it and immediately tag out
    (if you don't tag out immediately then your opponent gets a GURANTEED
    cross chop) d+1,N+4 much like King's d+1,N+2 will be used a lot to
    interrupt your poke. Another new move is her QCF+1, the high elbow
    which will juggle on CH only. However if it does juggle look out for
    chunks of lifebar gone. I would be tempted to say " Duck the QCF+1 and
    punish the wiff" but unfortunately good Anna players will delay the
    QCF+1 until the very last minute and if they find that you have ducked
    in anticipation of the elbow, then they will instead go for her flip
    kick which also equals juggle potential.
    Then, there is also her sidestep mix up in her SS+2 (low) and SS+1+2
    (mid) Off SS+2 she also has a juggle waiting for you. Anyways do know
    her multi breaks (which aren't that good in the first place) and also
    remember to buffer CHICKEN!
    Armor King
    Difficulty : Medium ~ Hard
    A.King is a tricky customer to deal with, that is because he has so
    many tools he can use against you - pokes, throws and a good launcher.
    A.King is a very well balanced character, even though he has been
    weakened somewhat since Tekken 2. Among the pokes you have to look out
    for is of course the classic King d+1,N+2, 1,2, 2,1 and df+1. A lot of
    A. King players like to set up throws (Giant Swing and DDT especially)
    using a string of those pokes with the concept of "hit them mid until
    they can't afford to block) Be wary of Giant Swing since it has great
    range. DDT is prolly his best double break throw but doesn't do that
    much damage. The last throw you should fear is his Tombstone
    piledriver. While you can't perform it ala Mad Axes like you can with
    King this throw does a lot of damage and after that it gurantee's him
    some free okizeme. You really have to be prepared to break this throw
    because it can really mean a great come back for your opponenet. Do not
    bother too much with his Multi throw though since it is easily ducked/
    telegraphed. My suggestion would be to duck the initial multi throw and
    give him a throw of your own (FC, db,d,DB+1+2).
    Well so much for pokes, I haven't even talked about his juggle
    launchers. In CD+2 A.King has one of the best juggle launchers (bar
    EWGF of course) in the game. The Dark Upper as it is called (more like
    WGF to me though) has funny properties that it flips your opponent over
    (if he is normal sized or to the side of a fattie) so he can do juggles
    which end up with a guranteed Okizeme attack.... something like CD+2,
    1, CD+1, d+1+2 does shit loads. Fortunately the Dark Upper is a bit on
    the slow side (well slower than the WGF that is) but has better range
    due to A. King's giant arms and hits sM (can be blocked low or high)
    The unfortunate thing though is A.King has a pretty good CD mix up game
    with his Knee move... CD+4 which hits mid, so there shall be no
    turtling for those of you who think you can just be safe staying
    crouched. However I myself prefer CD cancel into hopkick. Hopkicks for
    A.King is very VERY safe since with his big size, he can do u+4 and not
    commit himself (most characters have to do uf+4 and if its blocked get
    punished real bad) u+4 leaves A.King relatively safe though you can
    punish it with an elbow (the damage is puny though) Last but not least
    he has the lariat kinda move in CD+1 which will leave you back turned
    on the ground. Your opponent gets free mounted punches after that or if
    he is extremely cheesy do the infamous A.King cuffs trick. For the
    uneducated, this is when A.King repeated performs the backmount and
    cancels it (without doing the mounted punches) As such he can go on
    till time runs out or you beat him up (most preferably) maintaining his
    lead for a cheap ass victory. Namco though has kindly removed such
    cheese from the PS2 TTT so you don't have to worry about this. Other
    not so common mix ups is of course CD into f,f,N+2. On CH you are
    stunned. A lot people say this is a useless move without any auto throw
    but trust me, the auto throw of King sucks and instead A.King has to do
    a harder throw (well timing sense) in the Tombstone. Big damage though
    (actually I didn't find it that hard, got it the first time I tried)
    Since his multi throws (again) are not in the same league, I won't
    bother mentioning them here as his CD mix up.
    And in his miscellaneous tools section, A.King has the db+4 low drop
    kick which is very deceptive even good players fall for it as LONG as
    you don't over abuse it. His unblockable (the jumping smash) is also
    worth a mention. Do not (I repeat) DO NOT just run at the back of him
    when he is air borne and wait near where he is about to land hoping for
    a back throw. A.King will turn in mid air and nail you for being so
    dumb. Besides there is a weird recovery animation in that he bends a
    bit after he lands so, a back throw is really tricky. Your best bet
    would be to side step around him and nail him with 4,4,1 and juggle.
    Baek Do San
    Difficulty : Easy
    Baek Do San is another unpredictable character. He can either be really
    hard to fight against or very easy. Baek players will usually go into
    their flamingo stance and from there force you to guess whether it they
    are going for the Cannonball throw (F+2~3 in flamingo), df+2 uppercut,
    more punches or kicks, the kicks notably can stun on CH. So how does he
    go into flamingo stance? Well there are a few popular ways like WS+
    4,4,3~(F_B), SS, b+3, and of course 1,2,3~(F_B). I'd like to bring your
    attention to WS+4,4,3_3~(f_b), Albatross, which has a lot of range in
    it and Baek will use it a lot to play a keep away game against you. Do
    not try to interrupt even with d+1 after WS+4,4 lest you get stunned by
    the 3 kick. I find a lot of good players using WS+4,4 a LOT and most of
    them usually do it from CD. If you managed to download those huge
    Freebaek movies, you'd be able to see how he just practically ABUSES
    WS+4,4. As such, you unfortunately will end up having to play a turtle
    game at times so be prepared to break the cannonball throw with 1+2.
    The throw does good damage puts some space in between you and him to
    set up his keep away game. He can opt to tag out to Hwoarang after this
    throw, for one of the coolest tag throws in the game. In this case,
    Hwoarang will be next to you and gets to set up some okizeme attacks.
    Moreover it can be very hard for Julia players to interrupt the
    constant barrage of punches since Baek players can also go into
    flamingo and into d+1. It would be easy for me to advice you to play a
    bulldog game but lets not forget the good sidestep game Baek players
    has with their double/ triple sidestep which allows them to get behind
    their opponent with ease. I have warn Julia players here about
    excessive elbows and punches because Baek is one of the characters with
    a punch parry. His Punch parry, b+1+2 is IMO the BEST in the game (yes
    better than Bryan's if you are wondering) because it executes rather
    quick (11 frames), gives him 15 frames of advantage if he manages to
    parry something (good enough for a df+2 elbow and juggle) and if he
    wiffs leaves him vulnerable only for 11 frames. The best thing about
    the parry though is that it can be cancelled into flamingo. Oh and one
    last thing... don't ever think that Baek is vulnerable when he is in
    flamingo because he CAN punch parry out of flamingo. Just a reminder,
    Baek does have a class one launcher in the Wing blade (f,n,d,df+3)
    which juggles higher than most class 1 launchers. Of course the move is
    so slow that you have enough time to go take a break before
    interrupting with d+1.
    Bruce Irvine
    Difficulty : Hard
    Two words. Cheese Knees. This is what makes Bruce such a hard opponent
    to fight against, scrubs or masters. 3,2,1 has so much length and
    decent speed to it that you really have to watch your spacing. Any CH
    on 3,2,1 will result in you flying in the air watching those oh so
    lovely...... I mean boring Cheese knees tear away at half your life
    bar. Also even if its not on CH, if the 2 (or 1) connects you will also
    be popped up. Remember that Bruce can only end the string 3,2,1,4
    unlike Bryan (who can vary it with 3,2,1,2) so always tap df+4 for a
    split second as it won't hurt you. The spacing between you and your
    opponent leaves it relatively safe for you to tap df in anticipation
    for a low kick. If you manage to parry the low kick follow it with df+
    2,1 plus Juggle of course. Unfortunately, staying close to Bruce would
    only mean df+2 and df+1,2. df+1,2 in particular is used a lot since it
    has good priority and will juggle on CH. Again on CH look for another
    cheese.. well you get the idea. A Chang player CANNOT play a total
    punch game against Bruce lest you will get Punch reversed (f,f+2 which
    is also the mach breaker) For those people who always say that bruce
    Punch reversal is too slow to be used in a higher level of play, well
    either you aren't using it correctly or you are just too dumb. Watch
    Hameko's bruce and its no surprise to see him land countless Mach Punch
    reversals. Unless you like hearing the CRUNCH of your bones, you need
    to vary your game a lot. Julia has a good Kick game you know (take that
    annaquin!) Besides its not only the auto punch reversal that Bruce
    could really hurt you with. He has the b+1 back hand which on CH will
    stun you and he will juggle you with your favourite juggle finisher.
    b,f+4 the Knee launcher is used quite a lot to catch tagging in
    opponents. Though slow, this move really does quite a lot on its own
    and coupled with you know what does shit loads. And what about his
    hopkick? It comes out real fast, and best of all the damage after the
    hopkick rivals well Julia (you know what combo right?) Bruce poking
    game can really screw you up if you up too. The mix up of (1),2,4_d+4
    will keep you guessing. From what I notice, Bruces' (and Bryans to some
    extent) game is all about spacing getting your opponent outside range 0
    and range 1 so that their long legs will beat the hell out of you. Do
    NOT be hasty with your moves, SS+4 and more importantly CH 3,2,1 are
    just a tap away. His Okizeme game is rather weak, fortunately for you.
    Bryan Fury
    Difficulty : Hard
    Julia Bryan... ahhh such an evil team. Anyways Bryan is one of the best
    all round fighters in terms of power. If you think that Julia's combo
    are too easy for the damage they do well think again. Imagine a simple
    combo like uf+4, d+2, F+4,3,4 well just EATS away at your life bar. And
    lets not forget all those stun combos like WS+3 (CH), b+1, d+2, 1~4,
    (3),3 and you will soon get the idea of what is up with Bryan. You just
    can't afford to make a mistake against bryan just like against Julia,
    Jin or Bruce since he will make you pay very very dearly.
    Anyways Bryan has a very good CD or in his case rolldash mixup game.
    Off his Roll dash he can perform his Knee (WS+3_QCF+3) Uppercut which
    seems more like a class 1 launcher even if it is a class 2 launcher
    (WS+1_QCF+1), gut punch into fisherman slam (WS+2,F_B+2 or QCF+2,F_B+2)
    or every one's favourite throw C.O.M (chains of Misery) Be prepared to
    break COM with 1+2. Also his new move b+1 can be tag buffered. If
    blocked Bryan gets a huge frame advantage, long enough for him to get a
    free 1~4 or 1,2 punch. If it hits, you will be sent bouncing on the
    floor and cannot tech roll. Just think of the possible damage he could
    do b+1~5 to P.Jack tag in Stomp. Not necessarily guranteed but... OUCH!
    You can of course sidestep this move and punish him because this move
    comes out a bit on the slow side. d+2, the gut uppercut, is another new
    move of his and is used to set up a lot of things, namely C.O.M., his
    WS moves, uf+4 or continue with his other pokes. Speaking of Pokes,
    bryan has a very heavy arsenal of it in 1,2,1,2_3 , 3,2,1,4_2 mixups.
    Occasionally he may use b+3 since it does have good reach but if he
    continues the other part of the b+3 string (b+3,2,1) remember to duck
    and punish him. As mentioned against Bruce it is vital that Julia does
    not just rush into him like pitbulls always do and pepper him with
    punches because he too has a punch reversal, and unlike Bruces, I feel
    that His is more effective. Left punch reverses into Mach punch and
    right punch reverses into the Vulcan Punch which gurantees f,f+4 snap
    kick into df+3. He also has moves like the QCB+2 (backsway into
    uppercut) which is good to punish people and 1+2 which has evasive
    properties. Though Bryan lacks low attacks, he does have df+3, a low
    sweep which JUGGLES. This move is highly telegraphed and can be blocked
    easily as long as you keep half your mind on the game. Block or parry
    it (doesn't matter really but I always like to parry it) and punish him
    accordingly. Problem is good players like to move around and suddenly
    come out with the sweep. Do remember that even when Bryan ducks so low,
    he still CAN be hit by mid moves so df+2,1 or uf+4 is a good counter
    tactic. And what bout his overhead kick, uf+4? This move really rocked
    in Tekken 3 and though toned down a bit now in TTT (doesn't seem that
    toned down to me since the damage is just way too high) it is still the
    perfect move to catch people who like to do d+1 the whole day. Well all
    these moves actually fail in comparison to Bryans power game. He just
    oozes in power with moves like the snap kick f,f+4, elbows b+2,1,2_4,
    f,f+3 and of course every scrubs favourite... the mach punch.  My
    advice against Bryan is play a good Kick game with Julia if you want to
    Eddy Gordo/ Tiger Jackson
    Difficulty : Easy ~ Medium
    To be very honest with you readers, I have not played against an Eddy
    master so I can't really talk about how to play against good Eddy
    players. However I do have some general ideas on how an Eddy player
    would go about playing a good Eddy. If you are facing a masher, just
    ignore this section and abuse 4,4,1 and f+1+4 like crazy. Low parry to
    df+2,1 will work like a charm. If however he knows anything decent
    about TTT, then he will use launchers such as df+3+4 which leaves him
    relatively safe. Also do be careful because good Eddy players are able
    to to half the recovery time of some of their moves and if you are too
    hasty you will be caught on CH. One example is after Eddy's Headbutt,
    he can do another one almost immediately. Be aware of Eddy's command
    throw (argh... can't even remember the command off hand) but it is the
    one where he climbs on top of you and spins around before throwing you
    much like the arm drag in Wrestling. This throw does quite a lot and is
    double break so be ready with 1+2. Also another launcher for Eddy is
    one where he falls to the ground and kicks you. Well just be careful
    with Eddy because the last thing you want him to do is Sidestep around
    you and get a whole lot free slippery kicks.
    Forest Law
    Difficulty : Hard
    Law when played right can be a total headache. However half the Law
    players out there are stupid flip kick scrubs. Anyways for players who
    do nothing but flip kicks the whole round, punish the recovery
    (assuming they recover low) with df+2,1 plus juggle. It is a bit
    trickier with a Law player who knows his stuff. Law is IMO the best
    turtler in the game since he can just sit there and parry everything
    you throw at him. Above the normal parries, low and high, he also has a
    punch parry. Although the follow ups after the punch parry has been
    changed quite a bit in TTT, the fact that he has a punch parry can
    really mess up a Changs game based solely on elbows. Law can and will
    match you poke for poke since he has equal speed and priority as you
    do. I also have to bring to your attention one of Forest Law's BEST
    move in d+2,3. Darn.. d+2 has so much priority speed and on CH, the
    flip kick is guranteed. Law players will look to interrupt you a lot
    with d+2 so watch your frame advantage and if you are at a disadvantage
    its best to back off for the mean time. His hopkick is pretty decent
    too (comes out fast and has a good combo after it connects) and so too
    is his df+2 uppercut. Prolly the intermediates favourite move with Law
    would be his b+2,3,4 and b+1,2,1 mix up. Of course they are both so
    easily seen and countered that it should not be a problem. for b+2,3,4
    its best to parry the low kick (duh!) rather than block it. For b+1<2<
    1, watch out for Law players to delay the hits to try and catch you on
    CH. They may even stop half way and throw, sweep you or try another
    poke so I feel that b+1<2<1 is a decent set up move for Law. The sweep
    move that I mentioned is db+4 which is highly telegraphed so block it
    (he gets guard stuned) and punish him. Law players like to use db+4 in
    Okizeme too, but it only hits rolling opponent and can't reach low
    enough to hit a grounded non moving player. His SS moves are a mixture.
    The double kick move, is pretty decent because it has speed but the SS
    gut punches into the power punch isn't that effective IMHO. Law has
    very good movement. While intermediate players will prolly use
    FC,df,d,DF to initiate the slide, more experienced players will use it
    for mobility as well as to mix up the slide with a WS+2 (or WS flip
    kick) My advice? d+1 and hope that it floats him (Bow arrow kick into
    MC) If he ever uses the Poison arrow f+1~2 and manages to hit it on CH,
    you can (and should) tag out. However if Law is teamed with Paul, I
    think that Paul can delay the run in 2,2 (actually his FC,df+2,2) and
    still snag you but always try to escape the stun. Throw wise Law comes
    up a bit short, his command throw f,f+3+4 (the knee to the gut) is a
    double break throw and he also has a move where he uses your body as
    stairs before splashing on you. This throw is escaped uniquely with df.
    A battle between Law and Julia will be a close one since it is going to
    be poke vs poke, hopkick vs hopkick, and juggle vs juggle....
    fortunately he doesn't have Mad Asses. :P
    Difficulty : Medium
    In most cases, a big character would be a very easy kill for Julia
    because of her sheer speed which just pounds slower characters to the
    ground. Not Ganny though because he has the right tools (and advantage)
    to beat Julia. However, Ganny is sort of the special Big characters
    since he does not float with some juggle starters (like 1~1,1) much
    like the other fatties YET you cannot do those long insane juggles that
    you could do on like the other fatties. First off, as everyone may or
    may not know, if Julia tries 3~2,1,4,3 or 1~1,4,3 the low kick in the
    bow and arrow with wiff and thus leave Julia begging to be punished.
    Sure not many will be using this face to face with any decent player
    but imagine if you got your opponent back turned, and tried WS+2,1,4,3
    only to see it wiff. Argh! Ganny also has a punch parry which again
    will screw up a Changs game if she depends alot on elbows and 1~1,1's.
    His punch parry is a weird one in that he will hop to your back (for
    someone that fat its AMAZING) and give you either a back push or a not
    guranteed back throw. However after chatting with ChinkyEye, he has
    convinced me that Ganny depends too much on his WS+1+2, 1+2 and df+2+3.
    Be very afraid of the guard stun if the second hit of WS+1+2,1+2 hits
    since it gives him a whopping +23 frames advantage ... can you say free
    throw/ juggle? I find that my opponents like to delay the second hit.
    The guard stun opens up a huge mix up game for him. If you watched the
    Jurio Cup matches where Mr. Wizard played, you will see why since wiz
    practically went crazy on this one move. Also his df+2+3 the low
    juggling punch is rather dangerous. It comes out rather deceptively and
    is hard to see. If it connects your opponent can get a free juggle in.
    Something from a simple uf+3+4 to df+2 juggles. And when it comes to
    decent low pokes, he has one in the stature kick like df+3. Great for
    okizeme as well as chipping away the life bar. Among his pokes, he has
    the classic Sumo punches in 2,1,2,1 etc which is dangerous. On CH, the
    2nd punch will give him a +12 frame advantage so that he can get in a
    free throw or set up his other attacks. Also one of his new moves, df+
    2, is a great poke and juggle starter since it has evasive properties.
    Fortunately the juggles off the df+2 are rather tricky and don't do
    much damage. His other moves are basically Jack moves like the jump in
    sitdown (great for opponents who refuse to get up), sumo stomp (used
    solely in combos Im afraid) f+1+2 the clap in as well as numerous
    others. To top things up Ganny has a class 1 launcher which players
    will use prolly to catch you tagging in more than anything. I evn
    forgot to give mention to his wicked unblockable. Ganny ducks down real
    low that high attacks and some mid attacks will wiff. More importantly
    the unblockable comes out very fast, CAN be cancelled into an uppercut
    and more frighteningly does a LOT of damage. Either poke him out of it
    d+1, d+2, whatever, or sidestep the unblockable. Played right, Ganny is
    a force to be feared.
    Gun Jack
    Difficulty : Easy
    Although I have not played Gun Jack extensively (I personally like
    P.Jack and Jack 2 more) Gun Jack can be dangerous in the right hands
    even if he is at a severe speed disadvantage. If you are constantly
    poking away with 1 and 4 you have to be very very ready to interrupt
    his d+1+2 Bravo Knuckle. Although this move is very slow to say the
    least, it ducks under high attacks and launches you very very high. If
    Bryan is teamed with Gun Jack, then he gets a fisherman slam into
    juggle.... can you say *ouCH* ? Also to watch out for is his uppercuts
    which will cut through most of your standing pokes. On CH he can juggle
    you and anything that Gun Jack deals is needless to say very very
    damaging. But for pure CH damage, his 1,1,1 does shitloads and gives
    him the spacing he needs to set up his other attacks. Remember though
    that unlike most characters, his 1 is not his normal poke. Instead
    Gunjack will poke with 2,(1) and occasionally when you get into the
    habit of rushing in throw in the another 2 (making it 2,1,2). Also used
    for poking is his df+3 which though slow is good for spacing reasons.
    Again remember he is a Jack so anything that hits is bound to be high
    damage. His Machine gun Knuckle (FC,db+2,2,2....) is an above average
    poke (although I feel Jack2's version is much better) which is very
    good to punish people who always duck low. Oh and before I forget, Gun
    Jack has tons of throws which has very very good range (rivals King I
    should add) which does tones of damage. You will prolly see the
    Punishment drop the most (uf+1+2, d,df+2) If you fail the break the
    initial throw you have the opportunity to block the follow up punch
    (assuming he follows up with the punch) But with 1 frame to tap f to
    block the punch, and if you fail it would count as CH, I suggest that
    you very much take the damage. Other throws worth noting is his
    Tombstone Piledriver (db,f+1+2) which is his most damaging throw of all
    and gurantees him some okizeme and of course his modified catapult
    which is a good juggle setup. His unblockables are nothing to sneeze
    about too... well his wind up punch at least. Good players will use
    this move occasionally only they will prolly make only one wind up
    before punching you. The Wind up punch will be used often as to catch
    tagging in opponents or attack immediately when you wake up. His low
    sweep punch to deathfist (well looks like a deathfist to me) is used
    occasionally. His trip punch (df+2+3) much like Ganny is another move
    you should look out for a lot since it comes out deceptively (but slow
    enough for you to block on reaction) and worst gives him good
    opportunity for a juggle. Personally against the Gunjack, Julia should
    play a very aggresive elbow/punch game and not let up any space for him
    to set up his slower moves.
    Heihachi Mishima
    Difficulty : Hard ~ Very Hard
    Erm... he is hard cuz he is a Mishima, `nuff said. Actually need I go
    on about how his EWGF cuts through a lot of Julias move like a hot
    knife through butter. Need I tell you that his df+1,2 twin piswon will
    punish any blocked 1~1,1 , 1~2 even though there is a lag. Need I tell
    you about his Wavedash into WS+2. Need I even explain why his Hell
    sweeps are to be feared? *sIGhz* Heihachi is really REALLY tough
    opponent to say the least. For the uneducated first off we have his
    1,1,2 shining fist. Although the jab is 10 frames, and slower than
    yours, it is very useful because should the 2 jabs hit the last punch
    is guranteed. Not to mention that the last punch is delayable very
    much. Of course if your opponent is a 1,1 scrub CH him with 1~2,1 and
    teach him a good lesson. Good thing Heihachi's stamina is poor so 1~2,1
    will prolly cut off around 65% of his life. Heihachi's EWGF is IMO the
    best because it hits sM (so it cannot be crouched like Jins) and when
    blocked gives him such a huge frame advantage he can prolly set up the
    next attack. Besides you are knocked far away that you cannot punish
    him (unlike Kazuya's WGF for example) More unfortunately yet, his EWGF
    sets up some really evil juggles like EWGF, EWGF, f+1,b+2,1 which is
    plain evil not to mention DAMAGING. Also Heihachi is has tools of his
    own like 1+2 which is damn useful though lacking in range. It is vital
    you becareful with your pokes especially 4 and 1~1 since Heihachi will
    be able to duck under those high attacks (from his CD) and pop you up.
    Since EWGF does not track well though (well not DEWGF that is) you
    should emphasize your sidestep game and punish him with 4,4,1 plus
    juggle should your opponent get really predictable with his EWGF
    setups. Btw do not be too hasty about ducking once you see your
    opponent goes into CD because he can do the tsunami Kicks or even f,f+2
    demon uppercut to juggle for more damage. His hell sweeps though toned
    down a bit from T3 is still evil. After the initial sweep you still
    have to guess whether he will continue with more sweeps or the rising
    kicks failing to do so will result in at least 50 pts gone. Since
    Heihachi is after all a Mishima, all the Mishima techniques like WD,
    LD, snake dash, whatever dash is available to him. It is best to stay
    on top of Heihachi with loads of pokes, elbows etc and not let him get
    into CD. However should he inevitably get into his CD (and thus CD mix
    up) it is vital to stay cool. Simple things like d+1 to a hopkick can
    interrupt the WD as long as you keep your cool. I will cover more of
    this when I go to Jin's vs strats. The new addition to Heihachi's
    arsenal is his wonderful WS+2 which though slightly slow, has good
    range and built in sidestep. It stuns on CH and gives him good
    opportunity for juggle. Beware of this move especially the iWS and CD
    cancel ones. Should heihachi try d+1,2 you can interrupt after blocking
    the initial falling leaf with 1~1,1 for kick ass damage.
    p/s I don't hate Heihachi as much now... I HATE JIN.
    Hwoarang (aka Bob)
    Difficulty: Hard
    Since I do not play Bob and have trouble describing his moves (RFF,
    LFF, whatever) I have requested people on TZ to write in with their
    comments on him.
    Night Sez:
    Vs A stringing Bob:
    This can be annoying. At first it may seem impossible to get out of his
    strings, i.e 3,3,3,4,2, f+3,1, f+4,2, RFF 2, d+3,4,3, f+3,3,3,4,4, f+
    3,1, f+4,2 etc etc..
    However, you can counter this tactic effectively if you know how. It's
    easy to recognise the string happy bob. He/she will be happily chaining
    kick after kick, using jabs to go out of Flamingo, and abusing RFF 2.
    Most of these hits will give him frame advantage, so don't even think
    about CH 1~1,1 to stop him... that's just what he wants you to try. The
    trick is to know what is high and what is mid. I.E - d+3,4 - a good
    player can duck automatically after they see the Sm d+3, thus avoiding
    the 4 and being able to hit Bob with WS moves. A good bob stringer will
    mix mid moves finishers into his strings, the most common being LFS 2,
    RFS 1, df+2, RFS 4, df+3,4, LFS b+4 and RFS b+3. Even with these moves
    mixed in, it's still quite easy to duck a Bob string and WS+4/FC,df+4,3
    him with Julia. Generally the safest time to duck a Bob string is when
    he has finished in RFF, because he will most likely use RFF 2 or RFF 3~
    4 at that point, both of which are high. RFF 2,4~f,f+4 is also
    excellent, but the first 2 hits are high, and can easily be ducked and
    WS'd before he gets the RFF f+4 in. He can of course, use RFF f+4~4 to
    pop you up, but a d+1 can stop this kind of business, and RFF f+4~4 is
    also quite risky (if blocked standing). Of course, the safest mid
    option for a RFF Bob is probably df+3,4 (mid) but getting hit with this
    while ducking isn't as bad as being caught in a string. Ducking while
    Bob is still in the flamingo part of a string is dangerous, as he could
    use a heel lance (RFS b+3 or LFS b+4) to launch you.
    This kind of bob will also love using the Flamingo sweeps followed by
    okizeme - i.e RFS d+3, ws+4,4, db+4... if you're fast, df parry the
    sweep and df+2,1 him.
    Another option to kill a string happy Bob is to back dash out of his
    string range, and then CH 1~1,1 or CH 4 him while he doesn't have the
    block advantage from his strings. This doesn't work vs a good bob
    often, but against infinite stringers, they won't seem to understand
    that you just popped out of their string range and your next hit will
    be faster than their 3,3,3,4,3 etc...
    Vs a freestyling, 3xssing Bob:
    This is difficult, I can't really help much with this. I'm not sure if
    Julia has any moves which track SS well, especially a bob 3xss (which
    certainly beats Julia's 3xss). (ILuvMomo: 4,4 is pretty good against SS
    as long as they are within range. 4,4, can track pretty well)
    Jack 2
    Difficulty : Easy
    The rating here can be very misleading. The reason I rated Jack 2 as
    easy is because Julia has more advantage over him due to her speed and
    his size. However do not assume that Jack 2 is a walk in a park. In
    fact he is anything but that. Jack2 has of course 10 frame pokes in his
    2,1,(2). Usually these pokes are used for him to play keep away games
    since they have good range. f+1+2, df+2 is also another move which
    knocks you far away even when blocked. His foot stomp, f,f+3 is used a
    lot! When blocked it causes a huge guard stun so that he is able to set
    up his next move. As an okizeme attack, it is great too not to mention
    a great tag juggle finisher for class 4 launchers. His Windup punch
    hcf+2, equally is great to set up his throws because of the INSANE
    guard stun. Throws? He has a multitude of them. However I will just
    mentioned the most common ones = db,F+1+2 tombstone piledriver and
    df,df+1 modified catapult. Tombstone does insane damage on its own but
    he also has okizeme opportunity. Modified catapult does very lil damage
    on its own (30 points) but the ability to juggle of it speaks volumes.
    He can do a simple d+1+2 Bravo Knuckle and tag out for a tag dive, f+3+
    4 ram  or the deathfist like move, Megaton Punch for oodles of damage.
    Oh yeah, his f+3+4 shoulder ram, although not as good as King's (due to
    poorer range) does insane damage plus leaves him safe. Since I have
    already covered his Bravo knuckle when discussing GunJack, I won't
    repeat it here again. Due to his size and difficulty to juggle, use 1~
    2,1 most if not all of the time. SS f+1+2 works wonders against Jack 2
    (and other big characters) since you get get huge juggles off it. Use
    b+4 a LOT to interrupt his slower power moves. Overall though, fighting
    Jack 2 is a matter of spacing. If you manage to keep the pressure on
    your opponent in close without allowing space, you would be able to
    take the match easily.
    Jin Kazama
    Difficulty : Godlike
    I think I will be wasting time telling you about all his moves, when he
    actually needs like 5 moves to win. 1. EWGF 2. Hell sweep 3. WS+2 4.
    b,f+2,1,2 5. b+4. Thats ALL Jin really needs to win. All the other
    moves are just nice additions to his arsenal. Jin is deadly because he
    has the ultra cheap, ultra effective and ultra boring wave dash into
    WS+2/hell sweeps mixup. Problem isn't just in the guessing game - the
    damage he can deal out in juggles is extremely high and ridiculously
    simple. Moreover, you can't really do anything when he wave/lightdash
    towards you since EWGF will interrupt almost everything. Forget it, I
    won't waste time giving strats on how to defeat Mishima wave dash
    because if I could I would easily be the best player around. Just hope
    you get lucky during his guessing game and of course punish him
    severely when he pokes carelessly when at a frame disadvantage. Chances
    to punish Mishimas are few and far between so capitalize on that.
    Although at the surface Jin may seem to have the same okizeme options
    as his dad, it is completely different because of his WS+2... yes the
    rising uppercut. It is with this move that Jin is able to use OB trap
    to such effectiveness. For those who do not know what it is, OB trap is
    basically stands for Okizeme Back trap. Basically your opponent tempts
    you to rise and then interrupts your rising animation with a d+1 which
    backturns you. To get a better idea do download Tommy vs Shauno 2
    semifinal match at Electriccancel.com and see how he uses it to great
    effect. Jin players will usually trip you using a single hell sweep. He
    will then wiff a df+4 and knowing sensing that you are going to rise
    with an attack, immediately do d+1. Since d+1 is but 8 frames, it will
    interrupt the animation of your attack hence backturning you and giving
    him a free WS+2 and juggle. Of course Kazuya has the this trick too,
    but what makes Jin more formidable is again his juggling capabilities
    as well as the good range of WS+2 (Kaz's twin pistons has the tendency
    to wiff at maximum distance so that will be a Ling BK 4 + juggle to
    you) Other ways a good player might set up the OB trap is jumping over
    you while you are down and do d+1. All I can say is be very careful and
    do not stupidly rise and attack if your opponent wiffs a move because
    most of the time (assuming he is a good player) wiffs it on purpose to
    bait you into his trap.
    *note* If Jin is teamed up with Heihachi, he will have the opportunity
    to turn into Devil Jin after a force block (b+1+2) In this form, Jin's
    body is surrounded with electric. Along with a new string, Jin's WGF
    will now hit Medium and juggles you higher.
    Julia Chang
    Difficulty : not rated
    If you don't know by now what to expect from Julia Chang, you are
    wasting your time reading this FAQ. Forget it. Go do something else
    instead like play DOA2.
    Jun Kazama
    Difficulty : Easy
    Scrubs think they are invincible when using Jun's infinite strings
    which are definitely gay. Not only are they slow (like her leg cutters)
    but also they have soooooooo many loopholes and most of the time hit
    high. Duh! Crouch, CH WS+2,4,1 do the rest yourself. In the hands of
    skillful players watch for Julia's b+2, 1+2 a LOT. Look for them to
    delay the 1+2 to catch you on CH. b+2 is by far her BEST poke in the
    game and has great range too. It is also great in Okizeme games to
    juggle rolling opponents and can be initiated from SS. 1+2 looks a lot
    like Heihachi's sanchin palm, only it stuns on any hit. On its own, it
    is a slow crappy move with almost no range.However, Jun players use
    this a lot especially since the stun cannot be escaped. There are many
    ways of setting up it such as  1,2, 1+2, blocked f,f+2, 1+2 (thanks
    MIC)and 1,1,3, 1+2 (thanks Shinjin) just to name a few. f,f+2 is prolly
    her best move with its built in sidestep. It works much like Jin's f,f+
    2 only better IMO. SS+4 of Jun is an equally ideal poke. On CH her
    opponent is placed on their stomach. Jun can get a free 3+4 cartwheel
    flip or look to set up OB trap with WS+3+4, 3+4. Her standing 4 will be
    used a lot much like Julia's standing 4. On CH jun gets free 1+4, 2,4
    juggle. Her df+4 will be used a lot for keep away games, a must in
    Jun's case. A  things to note too is that Jun has b+1 sparrow trap. It
    looks like a slow gay low hit, but it ducks real low and should it CH
    it auto reverses. If players abuse it too much, just double/ triple SS
    behind her and 4,4,1 her juggle. Her standing 2 juggles everyone
    (including fatties) and will be her main launcher. Good Jun players
    stray from F+2 since that move has poor recovery and overall poor range
    (it sometimes wiffs an opponent who stands next to her for inexplicable
    reasons) F+2 does duck under high pokes though so becareful about
    throwing out too many standing 4s. Jun's main downfall is her lack of
    damaging juggles coupled with poor stamina which sums up to her quick
    Kazuya Mishima
    Difficulty : Almost as Godlike like Jin
    I'm not going to waste time with him either. Kazuya has the same stupid
    CD mixup game as Jin which ultimately makes him one of THE best players
    of the game. Instead of WS+2, Kazuya has WS+1,2 twin pistons which is
    IMO is better since its faster. One thing about Kazuya though is that
    he just doesn't have the power in the juggles unlike Jin. Kazuya's
    damaging juggles are extremely hard to do compared to Jin's cheap
    combos. However, WGF/WS+1,2, 4 is extremely damaging and cheap, not to
    mention it positions Kazuya so well that he can continue putting
    pressure on you with his Wave dash.
    Well if you are actually looking for other things, then Kazuya has df+2
    gut punch which does solid damage on its own and insane on CH + clean.
    After the stun Kazuya can do some cheap juggles like u+4,4,4,4 or
    extremely hard ones like WGF, WGF, df+4,4. By now you should know that
    Kazuya's WS+2 has already been severely weakened so much so that it can
    be escaped either by tagging out or tapping f. His f+1+2 is slow but
    has good range and delivers the same stun too. Guess you are going to
    be bored with the same ol combos real soon. Also since Tekken 2, Kazuya
    has his mist step (f,n) which adds more dimension to his game. Besides
    he can perform WGF faster than other mishima's by using Mist step
    cancel. His WGF comes out at the speed of EWGF, though without the EWGF
    guard stun, his is susceptible to quick pokes should WGF be blocked in
    close. If WGF is blocked in close, you can get a free standing 4.
    Overall though, Kazuya is going to be a tough nut to crack so just hope
    you get lucky and manage to guess right when he mixes up.
    Difficulty : Medium
    Moves to watch out for with King is his d+1,N+2 poke. Most if not ALL
    of the time, should you attempt an elbow he will reply with d+1,N+2. If
    you do ANYTHING other than block you will get out poked. Also you have
    to be very familiar with his throw set ups. Fortunately, his G.Swing is
    not as good as your Mad Axes, though it is still very bufferable into
    anything. Some of the setups are 2,1, G. Swing, WS+4, G. Swing, Jump
    in, G. Swing, fake low parry, G. Swing etc. Fortunately the throw is a
    1 break throw and the damage isn't too great...... if you know how to
    tech roll out of it. Teching Giant swing will reduce the damage from
    half (35 from original 70) plus it is very easy once you get the timing
    down (tech it like you would tech normally) Even if you don't have the
    timing down, just mash and more than likely you will get lucky and tech
    the throw. His most damaging throw will be the dreaded Tomb Stone
    piledriver (db,F+2). King has the luxury of being able to do it ala Mad
    Axes and throw in a sidestep in between (QCB,SS,f+2) If it hits, King
    gets a free ground throw attempt (1+2 break) but most of the time if
    not all you would consider yourself lucky to be able to break the
    ground throw since it has only 4 frames to input the break! Even so,
    King is at least guranteed an elbow drop (d+1+2) Big damage. And lets
    not forget the 3rd throw King has, his Muscle buster (QCB+1+2). One
    good thing though is that King's BK 3 is not guranteed after QCB+1+2
    since Julia is relatively small sized. Do not lie there too long though
    since King can punish you with the Moon sault. His Moon sault is prolly
    one of the most effective unblockables in the game, since a lot of
    people will just FREEZE and look at it land. Don't. Poke him out of it,
    whether standing 1, 4, hopkick whatever... even SS it. Also be very
    familiar with his multithrows. At intermediate level a lot of players
    like his RDC, but IMO its pretty useless at higher level of play since
    people will break the Chicken wing. At a higher level, they usually go
    for his Leg Hold (f,n,d,df+2+3) Unless you really are good at guessing
    throw breaks, you have to break the Leg Hold at the start. If you
    should get into the Leg Hold and are not sure, just mash 1+2 to
    exercise damage limitations (your opponent won't be able to get the
    indian deathlock which is by far the most damaging link) Lastly for
    Power moves, King has many, f,f+2+3 body splash, f+2+3 shoulder ram, 1+
    2,2 the backhand combo. If body splash is blocked, you get free d+3. I
    strongly advice against sidestepping the shoulder ram unless you are
    very sure. This is because King being large, is hard to sidestep. Its
    not worth risking to sidestep unless you are sure about it. Besides
    after blocking the shoulder ram you get a free WS+1 (the shoulder ram
    forces you into FC). There is also a very famous set up, for the
    shoulder ram. Irish whip. You can escape the shoulder ram by tagging
    out (which you should do..DUH!) As for 1+2,2 King players usually use
    it off a SS, so if you are expecting that, SS it for most of the time,
    a backthrow. If it is blocked you are pushed far away. As for juggling,
    King doesn't have much juggling options. He has u+4 which is very very
    safe. His other launchers like FC,df+2, FC,df+1, are unsafe so you will
    rarely see them used unless you wiffed a move.
    Difficulty : Easy
    Kuma is IMO, much better than the Jacks (though most players say that
    Jack 2 is the best of the bunch). He is a big target and slow to boot
    which makes poking and juggling so much more fun. However, as I said,
    he makes up for that somewhat with excellent pokes because he has the
    G-clef Cannon move of the Changs (performed f+1~1,1) which could juggle
    you for some huge damage. The first punch of his G-Clef is 8 frames so
    you should be very careful with your jabs. Kuma will try to play keep
    away game with you with the long jabs, so attempt to close the distance
    with elbows, d,df+1 or SS f+1+2s. Also another noteworthy move is his
    f,f+2 which is the demon uppercut of Heihachi. It ducks under high
    attacks and with his long paws has extra added lenght. Best yet it is a
    class 1 launcher. However other than that, Kuma won't be a huge threat
    to you.
    Difficulty : Easy
    Again, there aren't any good Kuni players in my arcades and I am still
    in the process of learning how to play Kuni so I can't write much about
    this. Basically Kuni is a Yoshimitsu clone with some moves to call her
    own. Her d/f+2 uppercut isn't as good as Yoshimitsu due to its leser
    range, but you should not underestimate it because she can do some mean
    juggles off a single uppercut. You should have realized by now that if
    you try 1~1,1 her uppercut will beat you anytime. Kuni has a move where
    she disappears into the ground and comes flying out of the air with an
    unblockable Sai attack (u+1+2) which she can mix up with the fake.
    Though this unblockable can be easily seen a mile away, if you actually
    get caught in it you will be juggled. Her fake is more important to her
    game though and is great as evasive tactics.  Again becareful with your
    moves since she can just disappear into the ground. Most Kuni players
    use only her 2+4 throw (sword... i mean sickle bash) and db+1+3, Judo
    toss which is prolly the most useful throws and sets up her Okizeme
    game. Kuni's most dangerous weapon however, is her okizeme tactics. She
    can keep you on the floor all day with moves such as her D,df+3,3,3,f+
    4, poison wind (uf+3+4) and if you move she can nail you with an
    unblockable (b+2 or f,f,(N)+2. Her unblockables are used a lot to
    especially when you begin to turtle. Although she may not have as much
    range as T.Ogre when it comes to the unblockables, it is still lethal.
    I find Kuni very weak defensively even with her Earth Divide (d+1+2)
    and her lack of versatile moves like Yoshi puts her a grade further
    below. Do not underestimate Kuni even though she is said to be inferior
    than you are.
    Lee Chaolan
    Difficulty : Easy ~ Medium
    Finally, after playing Lee for sometime (and funny I took so long to
    choose him since my surname too is Lee) I have got some ideas of how to
    face at least an intermediate Lee opponent. Mind you, my Lee isn't
    really that good, and I would welcome anyone out there to send in vs
    Lee strats to me. One thing is for sure though, Lee is not Law even
    though he has a lot of his moves.
    Most Lee mashers like to do the stupid Inifinite Kick string. Block the
    first few kicks and then punish them when you have the space. Parry,
    df+2,1 and juggle. Simple as that. If you aren't confident, you can
    always d+1 instead to interrupt Lee has a Class 1 tag launcher (d,db+4)
    which, like all Class 1 launchers, you should be extra careful of. A
    thing to note is that it does NOT juggle big characters. However it
    comes out quick and ducks very low to avoid high and even some mid
    attacks. Goodplayers though will not rely too much on d,db+4 since it
    comes out on the slow side and will only use it to punish a slow
    recovering move, high pokes or a stupid tag in. They will rely more on
    Lee's Hop Kick and df+2. The thing with Lee though is the fact that a
    lot of people underestimate his juggling prowess. This may be true as
    most of his intermediate combos do very minimal damage, but if your
    opponent is the master of f,f,N+3,4,4, then you could be in a bit of
    trouble. Lee does have a very good, no-damage move in his Mist step.
    Done by inputting f,N, his version of a Mist step moves him forward,
    all the while, while keeping his guard up. Of course a low attack will
    break up his intentions. At intermediate level, players try to mix up
    f,f,N+3,4,4with f,f,N+3+4 for a 'guess high or low' game, since both
    start off exactly the same. Once you get familiar with it though,
    f,f,N+3+4 the Chaolan Slide can easily be seen and blocked. Follow up a
    blocked slide with FC,df+4,3 and MC (which I must say is height
    dependent) Poking with Lee usually involves his 4,4... kicks which has
    good range and speed. I feel that 4,4 gives Lee as much frontal
    advantage as your standing 4 will and will juggle on CH. Treat it as
    you would with your own standing 4. d+3,3... is rather
    cheesy since if the d+3 hits on CH, the rest of it is guranteed, and
    you'd be surprised how often that will get you if you aren't careful.
    If scrubs abuse it though.. LOL... the second low hit can be parried
    even if the first hit... df+2,1 juggle time again. When Lee does his
    FC,df+4 and wiffs, remember not to blindly rush in if he is partnered
    with Kazuya since he can follow up with 2~2~1 unblockable and a
    subsequent free hit.
    Although Lee may seem a weak opponent at first, he has the right moves
    for the right situation to counter anything that you can dish to him.
    So do not always underestimate your opponent if he chooses Lee.
    Lei Wulong
    Difficulty : Medium / V.Hard
    I don't think Lei is that difficult if you have enough experience
    playing against Lei players. Lei is the master of stances and you must
    know each and everyone of them as well as the moves from which they can
    perform from the stance. Lei has some rather powerful moves but most of
    his moves come out slow and easily interrupted. Also, from his stances,
    most of his moves either hit High or Medium bar a few moves. Even then,
    those moves are slow enough for you to block on reaction (acception is
    PAN 1). Lei also has some moves and stances which will evade/parry
    attacks. Take for instance his drunken headbutt (b+1+2) where he will
    take a step back before delivering a headbutt. You have to becareful
    when charging in because he could easily evade the attack you were
    trying to dish to him and land you a blow on a CH. db+4 the low hitting
    razor sweep has been toned down some what but it still is very very
    dangerous when used since it is hard to see coming.
    A lot of intermediate players abuse his PLD (d+3+4) like a football
    player on drugs. This is prolly because a lot of people do not know how
    to counter PLD position effectively. They think that PLD, roll forward
    to Sweep/ Mule Kick mix up is good. Yeah right.... if they start this
    nonsense from afar, charge up f+1+4 immediately and it will hit them
    when they roll forward. However if they do it from dash distance, 4,4
    is great at stopping their roll forward. Good players use PLD in
    moderation only to duck attacks and not simply abuse it.
    If you have even played an average Lei player you know what his game is
    mostly about.... punch rush to Animal stance and mixups. Well here they
    are in the order of Punch rush (ie after first punch in punch rush he
    goes to snake, 2nd punch to dragon and so forth)
    1) Snake :
    He has 2 noteworthy moves here, 1,1,1,1,1 (the quick jabs) and 2,2,2
    which is 2 mid swipes into a low swipe. Lei players will prolly use
    2,2,2 a lot after db+4 sweep but watch for them to use 2,2 to induce
    you to retaliate, after which they will follow up with f,n,4,1,2,3
    or b+1+2,drunken headbutt for massive damage. Lei can go into DRG after
    2,2 and PAN after 2,2,2.
    2) Dragon :
    If any Lei player goes ino Dragon and tries the grab, Duck and punish
    him with FC,df+4,3 or any WS move. The grab can be escaped so easily so
    if you get caught in it you DESERVE the guranteed elbow drop If he
    tries 1+2 and you block it, your best bet is to continue blocking
    because he will most likely follow up with a drunken headbutt. Also he
    can go into TGR after a blocked 1+2 to mix things up. In DRG, Lei has
    4,1,2,3. If 4 connects in CH, then the rest is guranteed. Look for Lei
    players to bait you and then go for the CH. One particular example
    would be blocked SNK 2,2 which then goes to DRG. From there, if you
    even attempt anything stupid, he will CH you and that does shit loads
    of damage.
    3) Panther
    This is where Lei starts to get really frightening. In panther he has
    a mix up of low (in 1) or mid (in 2) I really have no advice as to tell
    you where to block but lets just say I hope you get lucky. If 1 hits
    then Lei is guranteed a WS+3_4 and if 2 hits he is guranteed any normal
    juggle like he would off a hopkick. The fortunate thing is that 1 will
    only trip in close. If it connects far away on a standing opponent, it
    will be blocked. It sorta has a semi sM property. Don't get into a
    habit of trying to d+1 or CH him with 1~1,1 everytime he goes into an
    animal stance, since he can SS again and you will be wide open. Besides
    he can low parry you in Panther (hold F). Take your time and watch him
    4) Tiger
    Another dangerous position for you. In Tiger, Lei has another guessing
    game. Duck and he will give you an overhead swipe and stun you which
    then screams HOPKICK. On CH you will be bounced on the ground for a
    juggle. Stand and block and Lei will give you a sweep in the forms of 4
    and follow that up with a 4~4,3,3. The sweep is slow enough for you to
    block on reaction and he will be guard stunned should it be blocked.
    Also trying to out poke him in this situation is very dangerous since
    he has tiger parry (hold F)
    5) Phoenix
    Neither is this a good stance for you. Watch for the low kick (4) to
    catch you tagging in. This move has really good range. The phoenix
    power punch is prolly another good move since it disorientates both
    characters and is a good set up for a BK d+1 low backhand swipe and
    juggle. The Phoenix dance (3,4,2,3) will prolly be used occasionally as
    an Okizeme attack.
    More advanced players employ a technique which is known as the 'Haha'
    step. Basically, Lei dashes back by cancelling the backturn. (b~3~4, b,
    b~3~4, b and so on) I must highlight how important it is to not dash
    blindly into a backturned Lei because he can easily come out from it
    with some razor punches. Go download the Tekken Tag Championship Finals
    movie and watch how Seok makes full use of the Haha Steps. If you have
    a partner like Jin and can light dash, then this is not a problem.
    However if you can't then you might have some problems since he can
    fustrate you. You could use tag slides or cross chops though it is NOT
    a guranteed by any means. At a certain distance though, the tag slide/
    cross chop is unavoidable so if you learn your spacing, use it often.
    Other than that, your best bet is to play it save and back away. The
    HaHa step technique pratically tranforms Lei from an averagefighter to
    one that should be feared.
    Ling Xiaoyu
    Difficulty : Medium
    If Ling and Julia had equal amount of Stamina, this match would have
    been much harder. Instead, Julia holds the small upperhands in the
    stamina department. Anyways what should you be looking out for with
    Ling? BT 4 of course. Duh! Everyone knows about BT 4 but its the setups
    which your opponent will use to make you eat it. One of the more
    popular string is df+2, 1,2, df+1,2,4_throw. There are of course other
    ways to get into BT position like f,f+3 Racoon swing which is an
    excellent okizeme Move on its own, D+3,2,(1,4) and more. Be familiar
    with them all. For Pokes, Ling players use 1,2 and f,f+1+2, 1+2 a lot.
    Blocking f,f+1+2, 1+2 causes guard stun. On CH the last hit will bounce
    you. A good advice is to sidestep it since it doesn't track well. Be
    careful of your pokes because she can easily get into AOP. From AOP
    Ling players usually go for 1+2 (hits mid) or 3 which trips. The
    recovery for the low kick isn't all that cool though should it wiff.
    Also she can hopkick off her AOP, and mix up when she wants to kick to
    boot.  Against Ling, you will be eating as many pokes as you will deal
    out to her. However just keep cool. Bear in mind that she is a lil
    girl and as such takes damage like one so be patient and wait for the
    opening. Nothing is worst than getting fustrated and just hitting 1~
    1,1. A few spanks to her will probably end the round in a jiffy. Funny
    thing though is Ling has been tonned down quite a bit from Tekken 3
    (she was among the top 5 fighters IMO in Tekken 3) but yet, she still
    holds her own.
    Difficulty : Hard
    She plays the same as Julia, but she has a few moves to call her own.
    Namely the df+3+4 and SS+3~4, both juggle starters. Her SS+3~4 puts her
    sidestepping game leagues better than Julia's even though the SS+3~4
    may miss at times (it has to be near to be sure of connecting). Her df+
    3+4 ducks under high attacks and she will use it if you are not careful
    with your pokes. A correctly timed df+3+4 can interrupt your high
    pokes. The drawback about Mich's df+3+4 is its unpredictability though.
    Sometimes the first kick will hit while the second will wiff
    inexplicably... hopkick time! She too has 1~1,1, 1~2,1 which you should
    be familiar by now. Therefore, be verycareful when using your strings.
    Keep the pressure on her and do NOT let her get into her WS game. But
    if the battle gets too intense and you find that she is getting the
    upperhand, it is sometimes best to retreat and play on the defense. She
    can be extremely dangerous if you allow her to get into a Crouched
    position. One of her new moves, SS+2 is an excellent move for her to
    get into FC position without any disadvantage to her. Like Jules, she
    has loads of option from FC position. Worse though is if SS+2 hits you
    (which happens often if you aren't too careful with pitbulling) then
    WS+4 is guranteed. Speaking of WS+4 it will gurantee d+4 and sether up
    in prime okizeme position. Besides her elbows are very different unlike
    Julia since they do not knock away on CH and thus gurantee the Sky
    Scrapper kick ---> Juggle. Look for a good Michelle player to
    incorporate LOADS of elbows into his poking strategy. While I need not
    discuss more on her FC,df+2 elbow on CH. Punish a blocked bow and arrow
    kick (FC, df+4,3 or any of its variants) with a Shining fist or WGF
    (though remember that good players will never ever use follow up with
    the 3 unless the 4 connects). Julia can't rely fully on pitbulling
    because Michelle herself can punish you in many ways. Michelle in fact
    is equally good if not better at pitbulling than Julia. Michelle's is
    rated Hard instead of V.Hard because Mich has very poor stamina so if
    you just keep on top of her and do not allow her breathing space, she
    will be out in no time.... though hitting her may pose to be the
    biggest problem. I'd say play her like you would play Julia but keep in
    mind their differences.
    Mokujin / Tetsujin
    Difficulty : -variable-
    Can you tell which character your opponent is playing from the start by
    just looking at the entrance animation or the way they move? If you can
    that is a good start. Mokujin / Tetsujin is as good as the character
    being used but in some cases the size factor makes it a bit different
    (Mokujin is bigger than Ling but smaller than the Jacks for example).
    You'd better be prepared to learn stances if you are to defeat an
    expert Mokujin player.
    Nina Williams
    Difficulty : Easy
    Nina has toned down to such a Gay level in TTT that she cannot be
    considered one of the best characters anymore. In fact, many would
    consider one of the worser characters. Her d+4,1 no longer hits low but
    sM now which makes it practically useless except in juggles. This
    really hurt her overall poking game though d+1,N+4 is still a useful
    poke. Her Divine Cannon is 20 frames *eep!* and recovers very badly if
    blocked. Near useless ness now if you ask me. Her CD game is gay since
    she can't come out of it which much, unless you consider Bad Habit
    Kick/ Multithrow mixups good. And btw whats with the Bad Habit kick on
    girl fighters anyways? On CH it will stun so she gets to juggle. But
    the Bad Habit kick is so easy to SS and you can punish her severely.
    Note she doesn't take damage very well also. DC weakened, bad habit
    Kick being easily SS'ed, Nina has to rely on small juggles from d+3,2.
    She also can mix it up with d+3,d+4 so parry, df+2,1 and juggle. Same
    goes with her 4,3,d+4_2 mixups. With so many new stuff, what has Nina
    gained instead? Nothing much... SS+1 is okay if you ask me though the
    lacck of range hurts her badly. SS+1+2 is bad. Also FC,df+4 or D,df+4
    works somewhat like Law's db+4 only the range is much worst. It won't
    trip unless it clean hits, and will leave Nina open for more
    punishment. All in all, Nina has been weakened so severely that she has
    to get lukcy if she has any hope of beating Julia.
    Difficulty : Medium
    Ogre has moves stolen from a lot of Tekken 2 characters. Among some of
    his moves is Kaz's DGP. Watch out for it because he will most likely
    follow that up with a Waning Moon throw (break : 1+2 and can be tag
    escaped) or a Hopkick juggle or a simple 4. He also has Lee Chaolan's
    d~db+4 which is a great Tag launcher (not Class 1 though). Ogre has
    probably one of the meanest Okizeme games with the inclusion of Kuni's
    Unblockables (b+2 and f,f,N+2). Watch out for Lee's Infinite Kicks
    which is a favourite among scrubs. Block the first four hits at most
    and then retaliate. If Ogre uses his f,f+2, sidestep after the initial
    punch to avoid the unblockable and then counter appropriately. Ogre can
    poke too since he has your 1,1<2 and Bruce's df+1,2 (which sadly
    doesn't juggle). Most of Ogre's moves are slow, powerful and if they
    should connect, will almost always give him a frame advantage. Watch
    out for his other unblockables (he has loads of them) and poke him out
    of the act. As long as your keep the pressure on Ogre with tonnes of
    pokes you should do fine.
    Difficulty : Easy / Medium
    At a Higher Level of Play, Paul is quite limited. His Mix up game is
    severely weakened to the point of near uselessness since d+4 in the
    falling leaf will only trip on Clean hit and the range for a Clean hit
    is extremely small. Therefore, Paul has to rely on quick pokes like df+
    1, 1,2, and standing 4. His Standing 4 has more range than Julia, comes
    out just as quick and he gets a free Deathfist (or 1,1,1, Deathfist) on
    CH. For Juggles, Paul usually relies on WS+2, df+2 and uf+4. QCF+1 for
    the most part is not used at a higher level of play, since it hits high
    and has poor recovery (no where near Anna's QCF+1 elbow). His weak
    juggle starters is made up for with his power moves. Duh! Don't tell me
    you haven't heard oOoooooooowaghhh at least once. His Deathfist does
    LOADS of damage especially on CH+ clean hit. On netsu, it destroys 70%
    of your life bar on ONE single hit. Other power moves are f+1+2 his new
    over head punch which bounces you on CH and QCB,2. Another thing I like
    to speak about is Paul's movement. At a higher level of play, Paul
    playes like to use the Hayashida step. This queer looking step
    (qcb~ub~u) has Paul backswaying and cancelling it into a SS. Again,
    against SS moves, punish them during the SS animation with 4,4. I find
    fighting Paul rather easy as long as you keep the pressure on him and
    do not make silly mistakes which will allow him the opportunity to
    deathfist you.
    Prototype Jack
    Difficulty : Easy
    I have been playing P Jack a lot lately and after extensive play with
    him I must say he has to be one of the weaker character in the game.
    However thats not to say he is useless, far from it since he can
    actually hold his own. 2+4 throw is prolly the only throw a PJack
    player will use along with db+2+3 since 1+3 throw is pathetically
    slow (Pjack Press) Anyways back to 2+4 throw. It has one of the
    biggest range and can (and will be) linked into b,d,db,d,df,F+2
    gigaton punch. You can actually block the punch, but since you only
    have 1 frame to do so and failing to do so would mean the punch counts
    on CH, my recommendation is that you just take the damage unless you
    really must take the risk (say the blow would kill you otherwise) or
    are very sure of your timing. Most of Pjacks moves are rather slow, but
    have good range. SS moves like SS+1+2 is a perfect example. The range
    is extremely good but the startup time is poor. You should be
    pressuring him continuously with elbows and pokes in close while
    closing distance well with moves such as f+1+2. I find f+1+2 is very
    useful against Jacks since his long range moves is slower than yours.
    Again just to remind you, off SS CH f+1+2 you can do meaty juggles.
    However Pjack does have a rememdy for that in his Glock Up. Thanks to
    Brahma for this nice tip (dood when is you and Trekk's PJack FAQ coming
    out?), Pjack can continously do his Glock Up (b+1+2) and cancel that
    with b infinitely to do a weird dance. If you should get caught by the
    force block, f+1+2 is guranteed. When we talk about PJack, anything
    guranteed is big damage. Other abused stuff are 1+2<1+2 where Pjack
    players will delay the second hit to hope to catch you on CH. Should a
    PJack player do Torpedo Jack f+3+4 to end a round and fail to do so,
    punish him properly for that since the recovery for the move is
    horrible. (Blocking/wiffing that moves gurantee's you an unblockable if
    timed right) However this move is great to catch people tagging out for
    that last sliver of life. Lastly, when Pjack comes tagging in, be
    cautious since he can cancel his tag run in into the Stomp unblockable.
    If you are too eager to attack, you will be caught out and *Crunch*
    there goes a chunk of your life.
    True Ogre
    Difficulty : Medium
    Refer to Ogre to get a basic idea of what True Ogre has in store for
    you. The difference between True Ogre is he is way bigger (so most of
    his attacks have added range), has that irritating flame attack (which
    scrubs abuse), can't be juggled (or at least you have to get used to
    the change in timing should he try to fly away) and has an unblockable
    horn attack (3+4 when KND). With his added range, T.Ogre's DGP will
    have more range, therefore, scoring a hit will be a little bit easier.
    Not only that. Because of the added range, should T.Ogre's DGP get
    blocked at the maximum distance, he is relatively safe from anything
    but a quick poke. Moreover True ogre has a good WS game as he has the
    FC, df+2 which hits low (the low backhand swipe which was stolen from
    Anna) True ogre has moves like df+1+2 the horn uppercut which ogre does
    not have. Good players will use df+1+2 a lot both as an okizeme attack
    to catch players back rolling, tagging in/out and as a juggle starter.
    Even though it is rather slow, the horn uppercut ducks under high
    attacks, so be very careful with your poking strings. A df+1+2 juggle
    takes off ass loads of damage. Also the horn unblockable has VERY good
    range, and unless you time it perfectly, the horn unblockable will hit
    you when tagging in even if you tag cancel. If T. Ogre is partnered
    with Lei, then after Lei's 1+3~5 throw, T. Ogre is guranteed a df+1+2 I
    think. Anyways, other not so common moves to watch out for is f,f,N+3+4
    which is the same as Lee's slide, SS+4 (pure crap) Watch out for his
    flame attack and remember to punish those scrubs for abusing it. Good
    players do use the flame too... suprisingly... but they do so to waste
    time especially when you are a full screen's distance from them. Also,
    the flame attack is a very good to bait opponent. Don't go carelessly
    running in because you could be at the end of df+1+2. Personally, I
    like double flame at full range before bashing the rushing in opponent
    with f+2. Again remember the unblockables. More unfair is you can't
    juggle him properly since he can easily fly backwards to avoid
    subsequent hits.DARN! For example if you try an elbow combo on him, he
    could escape the combo by flying after eating the first elbow. Of
    course if he times it wrong, he is subject to even MORE elbows. I
    strongly suggest going for strong moves (like d,df+1,2) after launching
    him. If he is flipped over, then of course he cannot escape. However,
    T. Ogre's size is his main downfall since he is slow and should be
    played much like you would play Ogre - all out offense. If you manage
    to hit T.Ogre down, okizeme him to death. T.Ogres fat size is sooooooo
    okizeme encouraging. Oh one last thing, remember that you can always SS
    after blocking f,f+2 (the semi unblockable twister attack) That move is
    the ultimate scrub killer. Do what you do best.... get in close and
    deny him the space that he needs. Elbows, 1's 4's df+4s whatever... do
    NOT give him any space.
    Wang Jinrei
    Difficulty : Easy
    Hmmm... if you thought that Heihachi being alive was impossible , this
    fella is a greater exagerration. Anyways though, I think that Wang
    should just be put to rest because his stamina is attrocious. Moreover,
    he has poor frame data. His moves are slow to recover and even slower
    to come out. Be careful though of his db+4,2 combo on CH because if the
    db+4 connects on CH, the 2 is guranteed and leads to a very damaging
    (and easily done combo) Nothing much to worry about though since the
    punch recovers like er....does it actually recover? The recovery time
    is so slow you prolly can go make yourself a cup of coffee before
    coming back to df+2,1 the scrub for abusing the move. Wang has a
    deathfisttoo but it is no where as cheap as Paul's. Becareful when
    poking with 1,1,>2 (Shining fist) as Wang has an Unchickenable Left
    Punch reversal (he can reverse other moves too but only left punches
    are unchickenable) Wang may be disadvantaged with his poor frame data
    BUT he has enough tricks to pull out of the hat to defeat you if you
    take him on lightly. Look for him to abuse SS+1+2 the heatbutt move
    sincethat is one of the rare moves where he isn't at a frame
    disadvantage. If you get caught by it, you are in DEEP shit I tell you.
    The Frame advantage he gets allow him to get in with his mixups/
    throws. You know by now that his most dangerous throw is his Waning
    Moon (df, df+2+4) which offers LOADs of damaging follow ups. Most
    follow ups however can be escaped be it tagging out or d+1. Oh another
    thing, don't worry about Wang's FC,df+4,3.... the 3 isn't even
    guranteed if the 4 hits. Keep the heat on him and he will be done.
    Difficulty : Hard
    Yoshi is very dangerous for many reasons. First off, he has the
    infamous df+2 uppercut which is the best basic uppercut in the game
    (what uppercut?!? Like DJ sez, its more like a WGF damnit!). It
    comes out fast, has good range, ducks under high attacks and has insane
    priority. Off a single df+2 uppercut, Yoshi can do a juggle which will
    take more than 40+ life off of ya. Worse yet, Yoshi can tag buffer his
    df+2 in TTT which means that there is 0 badv for you since there is a
    small guard stun and worse still, df+2 will juggle you even when
    crouched whether on CH or not. (normally df+2 on crouching opponents
    require it to be on CH for it to launch) A lot of Yoshi players use
    this in conjunction with his sidestep b+3+4. In TTT, Yoshi has also
    gained the benefit a SS moves in SS+1 and SS+2. SS+1 will be used the
    most by good players since it has good range, does decent amounts of
    damage and juggles on CH. Not to forget his unorthodox starter in the
    forms of a head/shoulder charge off his pogo stick stance. Yoshi
    players will go into pogo stance when you are on the ground hoping for
    two things i) you tag out and they nail you with the pogo headbutt
    hoping for CH or 2) you move (or lie around) in which he runs you over
    with the pogo stick. Although the Roo Kick (4~3) isn't used much by
    good players, be warned that IF it does connect, you are in a major
    world of hurting. Yoshi has loads of unblockables some of which are
    very useful. Yoshi's QCF+1 (flip in air with sword) is used a lot even
    by good players. Be prepared to sidestep it. If the match is running
    out of time, you can be sure Yoshi players will use the spinning sword
    attack to waste time should he be winning or do a jump-in suicide move
    as a last attempt to get a Double KO if he is low on life anyways. I
    don't know how many times this has happened but players will freeze
    when Yoshi jumps in.... a simple d+1 or 1 would the the trick. Yoshi's
    jump in Knee or Fubuki (f,f+4) which has exceptional speed and priority
    and is mostly used to punished wiffed or slow recovering attacks. If
    you do block the Fubuki though, make sure to punish Yoshi to the
    fullest because it has a long recovery time. Good Yoshi players also
    make use of the Bad Breath attack so when you do see Yoshi turning back
    ready to blow, CROUCH, and FC,df+4,3 him. Beware of Yoshi when he goes
    into FC position because he can come out of it with a FC, df+3 which
    hits low and sets up a juggle. Speaking of going into FC position, a
    lot of Yoshi players like to make use of his low thrust (d+1+3) to
    deceptively get into Crouched position. Be aware of the options that
    Yoshi has off his FC (like FC,df+3 and sword sweep) One last thing,
    Yoshi has the infamous b+1+4 yoshi's flash which I reckon is the
    FASTEST move in the game.... so think twice about barraging in with a
    whole arsenal of attacks. This move is has the fastest startup at a
    minimal 4 frames...THATS faster than any jab you know! Yoshi players
    will use the flash to punish aggresive pitbull players. Also he may set
    it up in many ways. An example would be a wiffed roo kick when you are
    on the ground. Play smartly against Yoshi because he has a lot of
    "useless" moves which he can utilize at the right situation to turn the
    tide in his favour.
    Partner Ratings
    I find it quite redundant to run through the abilities of the partners
    since I have already gone through them during the character vs.
    strategy section. These are just ratings in our opinion. Do not be
    fooled by these ratings, because you might be able to use some of the
    characters more effectively than we can.
    Anna              7/10
    Armour King       9/10
    Baek              8/10
    Bryan             8/10
    Eddy              7/10
    Ganryu            8/10
    Gun Jack          7/10
    Heihachi          8/10
    Hwoarang          9/10
    Jin              11/10
    Jun               5/10
    King              9/10
    Law               7/10
    Lei               9/10
    Xiaoyu            8/10
    Michelle          9/10
    Nina              6/10
    Paul              7/10
    Yoshimitsu        9/10
    Kunimitsu         7/10
    Bruce             9/10
    Jack-2            8/10
    Lee               7/10
    Wang              3/10
    Ogre              6/10
    Roger/Alex        5/10
    Kuma/Panda        7/10
    Kazuya            9/10
    True Ogre         7/10
    P-Jack            4/10
    Devil/Angel       8/10
    DayFul's favorite partners
    1) Yoshi
    Where do I start there are so many reasons why you should use Yoshi
    with Julia. If I was going to rank ideal Julia partners Yoshi would be
    a very close second to Jin but I hate Jin (As does 90% of the tekken
    community). His d/f+2 is very good it even launches fat characters and
    it's garunteed off a parried low kick when a tag is buffered sick. Also
    his SS+2 will lauch for the wonder juggle also, his SS+1 is excellent
    and safe when blocked but with Julia as his partner i'd be more
    inclined to use SS+2. Yoshi compliments Julia well in that he doesn't
    need to rely on CH to get damage. He has plenty of poking cheese like
    his 1,2,1 which is a true combo, yea the damage is sad compared to
    Julia's CH 1~2~1 but it's easy to connect with an 8 frame jab. His f,f+
    4 is very fast and can interupt pretty much everything as it's only 7
    frames it does plenty of damage as well. Prob with Yoshi his d/f+4 has
    been raped, his d/f+4 rocked in T3 and I used it a hell of a lot it's
    now almost wiped out of my Yoshi gameplay as it's has been slowed down
    and it doesn't even seem to have as much range even though the
    animation is the same. That problem aside Yoshi is a top notch Julia
    partner who I would recommend to anyone.
    2) Armor King
    Ok his black upper isn't anywhere near as good as a WGF but it's still
    awesome. He is LOADED with power shots that as you know Julia lacks
    also he has good reach as iLuvMomo said his hopkick is one of the best
    due to the excellent recovery and reach it has. He is an excellent
    poker with his d+1,N+2 2,1 1,2 ect, he's got plenty of painful throws
    and a ground throw, his handcuff clitch has been removed from the PS2
    but it was gay anyway. He is a fairly good juggler himself but nothing
    special. I could just as easily put King here instead they're both
    excellent as stand alone characters and compliment Julia well.
    3) True Ogre
    He was rated as a 6 well that was a major comprimise I would have rated
    him as a 9. As far as teaming up with Julia is concerned all *it* lacks
    is a reliable launcher but realy you don't need one as True Ogre does
    such huge damage anyway. It has excellent reach and fast power shots
    and it has EASILY the best okizemie in TTT once your on the floor it's
    very difficult to get up safely and often the round is over. Just check
    out Shafi Vs Shauno round 5 at electriccancel to see what can happen.
    The only problem here is that it's so huge a fellow Chang or Mishima
    can kill True Ogre very quickly once it's down. Learn to control your
    spacing and true Ogre can be a very good partner and there is always
    huge comeback potential with it.
    4) Bruce
    Duhh did you think Bruce would not be on this list he's just so cheap.
    You can stick cheese knees on the end of 1~1,1 and elbows on the end of
    his d/f+2 (Which connects frighteningly often for a quick safe move
    that tracks well). He's got plenty of good pokes like F+2,4 which is a
    true combo an 8 frame jab with very good reach and on CH he can go
    damage comparable to 1~2~1. He has very few low attacks and throws
    Julia covers that problem up perfectly though, while Bruce has a
    reliable instant juggle starter and poking cheese. Sadly his b,f+4
    isn't taggable as it launches very high but he can just use an u/f,N+4
    in to cheese knees anyway. O and he has 3,2,1 nuff said there.
    5) Hwoarang
    I think all that is lacking here is an instant class 2 juggle starter,
    however he does have a 16 frame class 1 juggle starter so have fun tag
    jugling. He has an easy 3,3,4,3 off Julia's 1~1,1 for plenty of red bar
    damage. Bob's overall style compliments Julia's well as he plays a more
    standing non CH orientated game and his 3xSS is excellent so both of
    them can play an equally confusing SS game. Last but not least Bob is
    probobly the only character who has anything in common with Julia there
    4 outfits.
    iLuvmomo's favourite partners
    1) Jin
    Don't think I will say much. Jin alone can win the game for you. WD,
    EWGF, b+4, Hell Sweeps, WS+2. End of story.
    2) Bryan
    Bad ass team. Bryan can do whoopass damage with his stuns, plus having
    2 of the coolest throws in the game doesn't hurt. Also Bryan's WS+1 is
    very very useful since it launches to near Class 1 height. Sadly it
    lacks range though. His new b+1~5 is sooooooooo abusable plus Julia has
    very good ability to juggle off it. Plus Bryan covers what Julia lacks
    - power hits, good launches and adds to that even more bad ass juggles.
    3) Lei
    Duno... mixups are good. Lei's mixups is the best. Stance are cool. Lei
    has the coolest stance. Too bad he doesn't have any good generic
    launchers or he would rate even higher. But Lei is really fun to use
    especially if you want to impress your opponents with your stance
    changing ability.
    Dayful would like to Thank
    I'd like to thank the following people.
    My sister you're hardly ever home these days but your cool as hell and
    have a talent for going out with people I actualy like. Dave hopefully
    this can help you get a clue of how to beat my Julia ;p. All the guys
    who play me at Casears thanks for giving me the encouragement to keep
    getting better. The people who always pick the Bob Eddy team funny as
    hell and good class 1 juggle practice LOL. All the guys on TZ Rev,
    Night bluu, Devil_Jin and of course iLuvMomo who without I'd prolly
    have made a mess of this FAQ. You guys are funny as hell and make TZ
    far more entertaining and useful. All the people who are actually
    interesting in CCC DK, Tapion and Ultros for your ridiculous post rate,
    and KenshiChan thanks for the Julia pic and keep up the good work you
    do. And Castel for making such an awesome site that I spend too much
    time on shame there's only 1 Julia combo vid still. And I apologise to
    anyone who was expecting to see me at Euro3 sadly I can't make it this
    year but hopefully I'll have the time and money to get there next year
    for T4.
    And lastly the following bands need credit for saving me from having to
    listen to the atrocious music on the PS2 TTT. Alice in chains, Pearl
    Jam, Nirvana, Metallica (Please don't hit me), Cold, Limp Bizkit, Korn,
    Deftones Nine inch nails and many more.
    iLuvMomo Likes to Thank
    Well thats all for now, and these are the people I would like to show my
    gratitude to.
    1) Momo
    Well, she is no more a part of my life any more since we broke up this
    past new year, but she still lives within me and still is the
    inspiration of which this work would never have been completed.
    2) Dayful
    Duh! Isn't this obvious? For helping co-write this damn long FAQ which
    is wayyyyy wayyyyy past its sell by date. LOL
    3) Castel
    For his great work at TZ. It is always updated (though the movelist for
    Julia still has errors) Of course I pulled off the movelist and
    referred to the frame data from TZ throughout the course of the work.
    4) Redfoot, Catlord, Priz, MIC, Tragic
    These doods are cool. Unlike the pros here, these guys are very
    friendly and would gladly share info with me (except for Priz who on
    countless occasions flames my ass for making retarded statements) Extra
    thanks go to Cat for his movelist and Redfoot for giving me the idea of
    the Mad Axes buffering madness. And of course Priz, for flaming me
    countless times so that I know where I am going wrong.
    5) RevC, bluu, Night, Jonman_Mishima, Lomber, Carnage etc.
    All those TZ and/or #tekken people who were able and willing to look
    through my initial FAQ and comment on it. It was because of Night's
    comments about the FAQ saying that most of the info contained were
    already knowned info that I strived my best to add more info which even
    the advanced players may not know. Night, I hope you like the Secret
    info I learnt from Shafi. Rev for his excellent Layout of FAQ which I
    have used. Rev... I'm still awaiting your response.
    6) Blacksmith, Chinky-Eye
    For being really interesting to chat with on ICQ and also sharing with
    me the latest in Tekken.
    7) Han Tzen, Han Shin, Ken, Ah Foong,Ah Seng, Chandra
    For beating my ass up constantly so that I always am reminded how much
    practise I need. Han Shin (my sinsei) is the reason why I actually
    started playing Julia in the first place, and I still get owned by his
    Julia. Most of them just OWN me and give me a real bad trashing.
    8) Anyone else
    I'm sorry if I missed you out, but if you think you deserve
    recognition, well just add your name here :)
    " There is something new to learn in Tekken everyday, and if you
    haven't learnt that by now, you ain't learnt nothing yet."
    ********************************** END ********************************

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