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    EWGF Beginner's FAQ by scabble

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/25/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Playstation 2 / Arcade 
    Author: Doug "scabble" Burnside
    Compiled on March 25th, 2001
    "This document is Copyright 2001 Doug Burnside."
    Brilliant insights into the mind that is scabble's:
    "Should I give a ******* care what some nobody named scabble says?" -bluu
    The purpose of this FAQ:
    The Electric Wind God Fist is a move that does not appear in Namco's in-game 
    command lists, yet it is an extremely important and high profile move in 
    tournament play. Since every forum, BBS, and chat room discusses this move to 
    death, inevitably one of the first newbie questions winds up being "What is 
    EWGF?" In an effort to both reduce the amount of effort expended by regular 
    posters and to minimize the embarrassment for newbie Tekken fanatics, I have 
    made this FAQ available. ***Note: testing for this FAQ was performed on a PS2, 
    and there may be slight deviations between the PS2 and Arcade versions.
    *This FAQ was written by Doug "scabble" Burnside and is intended for those who 
    are trying to learn how to raise their Tekken abilities from newbie or 
    intermediate status to the big leagues. This FAQ is in no way intended to be a 
    complete and total FAQ- it is merely an in-depth explanation for one esoteric 
    technique in the game.
    No reproductions of this FAQ or links to this FAQ are allowed without the 
    expressed written consent of Doug "scabble" Burnside. This FAQ may also not be 
    reproduced as part of a Strategy Guide, Move List, or anything for monetary gain 
    without my consent. I can be e-mailed at (spluvium@yahoo.com) if you would like 
    to request the addition of this FAQ to your site.
    **Tekken Tag Tournament is the sole property of NAMCO and this listing is in no 
    way affiliated with them except as a fan service to others that love this game 
    as much as I do.
    ***Updates, corrections, comments and additions may be directed to 
    (spluvium@yahoo.com) and you will be given full credit for your additions in the 
    future versions of this FAQ. I would like to thank all that have assisted with 
    my understanding of this technique, as well as those that contributed 
    information for this FAQ.
    Omission Statement:
    I will omit adding a move legend to this FAQ, because I have included that 
    information in the body of the FAQ and if you are seeking information on the 
    EWGF then you should already be versed in the basics of Tekken FAQ 
    Revision History:
    Version 1.0 - Original
    Section 1: How to perform the EWGF
    Section 2: Properties of the EWGF
    Section 3: Wave dashing and the EWGF
    Section 4: Acknowledgements 
    Section 5: About the author
    SECTION I: How to perform the EWGF
    First of all, this move can only be done by Jin Kazama and Heihachi Mishima in 
    the game Tekken Tag Tournament by Namco. Kazuya Mishima does not have an EWGF. 
    To repeat: KAZUYA MISHIMA DOES NOT HAVE AN EWGF. Please understand that this FAQ 
    was largely intended to cover the EWGF in Tekken Tag Tournament only. (But the 
    EWGF can also be performed by Jin Kazama in Tekken 3.)
    This move, and the juggles that result from it are the keystones to a strong 
    "Mishima Style" Tekken game, as well as the #1 reason these two characters 
    dominate the high-level tournaments worldwide. It is a right uppercut that 
    launches your opponent for some of the most damaging juggle opportunities to be 
    found in the game. 
    The EWGF(electric wind god fist) is similar to the WGF (wind god fist.) 
    Both are performed by doing f,n,d,df+2 
    (if you don't know what that means, it is also explained by CD+2 or f,n,d,df+rp 
    or f,n,d,df+triangle) 
    The f,n,d,df is a motion done with the joystick or d-pad that is called a 
    "crouch dash." (fans of Street Fighter will also recognize this motion as Ryu's 
    "dragon punch.") To perform a crouch dash, tap forward (toward your opponent) 
    then allow the controller to return briefly to a neutral state, then move the 
    controller from down to down/forward. If performed correctly and fluidly, the 
    character will appear to duck and lunge forward. It is the diagonal down/forward 
    input that initiates the crouch dash. Many characters in Tekken have this 
    maneuver- Jin, Heihachi, Devil/Angel, Kazuya, Alex/Roger, and Armor King are 
    probably the most notable examples.) This maneuver is useful for getting close 
    to your opponent while avoiding high attacks. But its main function is to set up 
    Many moves can be done from the crouch dash, but since this is about the EWGF, 
    let's start there. Keep in mind the information here is for Jin and Heihachi 
    If the 2 (triangle, right punch) is hit during the crouch dash, the "wind god 
    fist" (WGF) will be performed. This move is a useful launcher, but not as useful 
    as the Electric Wind God Fist (EWGF.) Careful observation will prove that the 
    right punch may be input at any time during the crouch dash to perform the WGF. 
    As soon as the punch is performed, the dash stops. Practice will confirm that 
    the earlier in the dash the right punch is hit, the faster and shorter the dash. 
    The crucial aspect of understanding the EWGF is in two parts: 
    1) the diagonal down/forward motion of the controller BEGINS the crouch dash 
    2) the right punch (2,triangle) ENDS the crouch dash. 
    THE SAME TIME. This effectively begins and ends the crouch dash at the same 
    time, resulting in a wind god fist with special properties- hence the "electric" 
    This may sound simple, but it is pretty tricky, particularly for beginners. When 
    I say that the df and the right punch need to be performed at the same time, 
    that means you have 3 frames (a 1/20 of a second window) to nail it, otherwise 
    you will get a "normal" WGF. For Heihachi, the EWGF window is smaller- he has a 
    2 frame window (1/30 of a second) to hit the EWGF. The key to a successful EWGF 
    is hitting df+2 simultaneously. A misleading statement about the EWGF that 
    appears in some guidebooks is that the EWGF is a WGF "done quickly." Remember 
    that the crouch dash consists of f,N,d,df and the EWGF is initiated by the df+2. 
    The beginning portion of the move DOES NOT have to be performed with blazing 
    speed- so long as the df and the right punch are performed at the same instant. 
    With practice, timing, and superb control, it is possible to hit FOUR of these 
    in a row in a juggle (five on True Ogre.) The "greats" love to use this move to 
    punish whiffed moves and to bulldog the opposition. For many Mishima players, 
    the EWGF is the beginning and the end of their offense. Many players structure 
    their entire game around this one set-up. It is a great juggle starter, it is 
    great in the middle of juggles, and it is great to end juggles. If you want to 
    master the Mishima style of Tekken, it is in your best interests to learn to 
    perform the EWGF at will with Heihachi and Jin. 
    SECTION II: EWGF Properties
    There are notable differences between the EWGF and the WGF. The most obvious 
    difference is that since it is an "Electric" Wind God Fist, the character will 
    crackle with bolts of electricity EVEN ON A BLOCK OR WHIFF. A blocked EWGF will 
    also result in a block stun that knocks the opponent back a couple steps. Since 
    the EWGF is a launcher, you can buffer tags to allow your tag partner to finish 
    the juggle.
    Jin's EWGF: 
    Jin's EWGF has a 3 frame window to hit the df+2 (This means that the df and the 
    right punch need to be input within 1/20 of a second of each other.) It Hits 
    high and may be reversed or ducked (if a tag is buffered it hits special mid and 
    cannot be reversed or ducked.) It does 25 damage, and approximately 37 damage on 
    a counter hit (same damage as WGF.) It recovers faster than the WGF (allowing 
    for better juggle opportunities.) Jin's EWGF will allow juggle opportunities 
    EVEN ON A COUNTER-HIT (a CH WGF sends your opponent flying so far away that you 
    cannot juggle, but a CH EWGF launches them straight up.) Jin's EWGF also hits 
    with a larger range than WGF- not a 'long' range as such, but when he performs 
    the actual move, the hit sphere around his fist is larger than the WGF, allowing 
    you to hit juggles where the opponent is closer to the ground or slightly 
    further away in the air.
    Note: Jin can also perform a "Dash Electric Wind God Fist" or DEWGF to cover 
    more ground. The DEWGF is f,f,N,d,df+2. 
    Heihachi's EWGF:
    Heihachi's EWGF has a 2 frame window to hit the df+2 (This means that the df and 
    the right punch need to be input within 1/30 of a second of each other.) It Hits 
    special mid and may not be reversed or ducked. It does 25 damage, and 
    approximately 37 on a counter hit (same damage as WGF.) It recovers faster than 
    the WGF (allowing for better juggle opportunities.) 
    SECTION III: Wavedashing and the EWGF
    (courtesy of Worldmaker)
    WaveDashing into a WGF - (Wavedashing is chaining crouchdashes together) This, 
    simply put, is done by merely pressing 2 at any point in your wavedash, 
    excepting when you are pressing forward to cancel into the next CD. 
    Wavedashing into an EWGF - To EWGF, A wavedash must be canceled by performing 
    the entire EWGF motion. (That is, it can flow easily into the end of a WD, but 
    the final motion must end at 'df', instead of a full QCF, and 2 must be pressed 
    (Heihachi has it even harder. Since he cannot truly WEWGF, he must cancel the WD 
    then perform the EWGF. f~qcf~f~qcf~f~qcf~f~f,n,d,df+2)
    Section 4:Acknowledgements (props for peeps)
    1. Worldmaker for helpful tips and corrections, as well as the wavedash info. 
    2.  Night for additional EWGF property info
    3. Replicant, for providing the formatting for this FAQ that I lifted from his 
    Tag Throw FAQ.
    4. Chuckster, Captain Calvert, Bri, Mer, and all the others that are scrubbier 
    than me. I love you all because you fool me into thinking I can play this game.
    5. Namco, for the gift of the game to all of us.
    Section 5: About the author
    Scabble is a grown-up with a college degree who is probably too old to play 
    video games. This does not stop him. His favorite characters are Lei, Kazuya, 
    Heihachi, Jack-2, Ling and Jin. He has never won any major tournaments and 
    despite the contents of this FAQ he is a scrubby Mishima player that can't hit 
    EWGF consistently at all. Any damage resulting from the use of this product 
    should be treated with Band-Aids and chicken soup. This document is for 
    amusement purposes only. The large print giveth and the small print taketh away. 
    Please direct any and all comments, suggestions and corrections to 

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