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    Yoshimitsu by KoshiProV

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/23/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    By Kendall Hobbs (surfred99@aol.com) (KoshiProV)
    VERSION 1.0 (First one so give me a break)
    This guide is meant for all of the Tekken community. This guide
    can be distributed freely as long as nothing is changed. All
    text, moves, strategies, and all other information regarding
    Tekken 3, Tekken Tag, and Tekken 4 is (c) 2000,2001 Kendall
    Hobbs and (c) 1999 Namco. Please do attempt to re-write this
    document. I have spent a long time making sure that all of
    this works. I assure you that all of the moves/juggles/
    strategies are mine or others, who I will give credit to in
    the end. All official Namco information is copywritten to
    (c) Namco Unltd.
    1. General Commands and Abbreviations
    2. My Personal Opinion of Yoshimitsu
    3. Strengths & Weaknesses
    4. Complete Movelist
    5. Move Descriptions
    6. Combos & Juggles
    7. Strategy
    8. Credits   (I skipped a tagging section cuz I thinks its
                  not nesscery Yoshimistu...only my opinion.)
       In this section I will describe the basic commands and
    abbreviations for Tekken. Most of them are easy to figure
    out, but if you are used to Playstation I suggest you get
    to the arcade and familiarize yourself with them so you
    don't embarase yourself at the arcade.
    1---- Left Punch        2---- Right Punch
    3---- Left Kick         4---- Right Kick
    5---- Tag
    f  ---  tap forward
    b  ---  tap back
    u  ---  tap up
    d/f --- tap down/forward
    d/b --- tap down/back
    u/f --- tap up/forward
    u/b --- tap up/back
    qcb --- quater circle back
    qcf --- quarter circle forward
    F  ---- hold forward
    B  ---- hold back
    U  ---- hold up
    D/F --- hold down/forward
    D/B --- hold down/back
    U/F --- hold up/forward
    U/B --- hold up/back
    WS ---- While Rising
    WR ---- While Running
    FC ---- Crouching
    N  ---- Joystick Nuetral
    SS ---- Side Step
    ~  ---- Immediatly After
    +  ---- Do these moves together with the directional bt.
    =  ---- Choose to do these next in sequence
    () ---- Optional
    BK ---- Back turned
    ALL --- All buttons together
    BF ---- Back Facing
    OBF --- Opponents back towards you
    SJG --- Starts a juggle
    CH ---- Counter Hit
    DYOSH - Damages Yoshimitsu
    D  ---- On the last spin, yoshi will be dizzy
    YGL --- Yoshi gains life
    l ---- low          L ---- Low and downed opponents
    m ---- medium       M ---- Medium and downed oppo.
    h ---- high         H ---- High and downed opponts.
    ! ---- Unblockable  (!) -- Unblkbl. (can be ducked)
    In my opinion, Yoshimitsu is one of the best players in
    Tekken. He has the best juggle capability and he has the
    ability to heal himself! I mean c'mon, if you have the
    skill to know when to heal yourself during a match, than
    you can have a great advantage over your opponent. Yoshi
    is also fast and agile, and he also has some good long
    range attacks as well as excellent close range attacks.
    His poking and juggle capability are also what I like about
    Yoshimitsu has many strengths.                                       His
    strengths come from his speed, creativity, and the ability
    to mess with your opponents head. Also Yoshimitsu has great
    pokes and juggles to really screw with your opponent. He
    has excellent moves, say the f,f+2 Yoshimitsu blade, which
    on a counterhit, slices through your opponent, and as they
    fall slowly, you have the chance to sit and meditate and
    regain life! Yoshimitsu also can be very unpredictable at
    times. He has a lot of different combinations you can do out
    of different moves. His d/f+2 uppercut is also an excellent
    move. It juggles your opponent and allows you to keep up with
    then by moving forward. ( I would not of known this unless it were
    for the Yoshimitsu guide by Ben Cureton.) Yoshimitsu also has
    many great unblockables. He has slashes, pokes, swipes, flipping
    cuts, etc. A great arsenal.
    Yoshimitsu has a few weaknesses. First he does not have many
    ground attacks. Those are not that necessary, but they would help.   Also,
    Yoshimitsu only has 3 throws. Two regulars
    and one special. (Besides his left and right ones). His special        throw
    (Rainbow Drop), does a lot of damage, but you have to have
    a decent opening to do it. Also, he has a lot of moves that are
    irrelevant to winning. Some of these moves are pointless and should
    be avoided.
    1. Grappling Arts:
    1+3        front ---- Jumping Slam
    2+4        front ---- Sword Hilt Smash
    qcb+1+2    front ---- Rainbow Drop
    (1+3,2+4)  left  ---- Wheels of Hell
    (1+3,2+40  right ---- Clonimitsu
    (1+3,2+4)  back  ---- Tornado Drop
    2. Regular Arts
    Command:           Move Name:                Properties:
    1,2                jab, uppercut
    1,2,1              jab,upper,jab
    d+1                low jab
    D+1                left upper
    d/f+2[5]           uppercut(tag)                 SJG
    d/f+1,2            hilt strike, backfist         BF,OBF
    d/f+3              left side kick
    u,N,3              rising roundhouse
    f,f+4              lunging knee
    u/f+3              jumping roundhouse
    U/F+3              hop sweep
    U/F+4              jumping toe kick
    u/f+4              rising heel
    d/f+1+2            hilt strike, backfist         BF,OBF
    = D/b+2,2,2..      =manji spin strikes           D
    b+1,1,1,1,1        spinning hilts                D
    =3+4               =side spin                    DYOSH
    d/f+1,1,1,1        door knocker
    =2                 =backhand                     BF,OBF
    D/B+2,2,2,2,2      =manji spin strikes           D
    =2 (f+4)           =backhand, front kick
    f,f+1+2            dive bomb                     BF
    =(1+4,2+3)         =soul siphon                  YGL
    =D/B+2,2,2         =manji spin strikes           D
    =u,N,3+4           =kangaroo kick                SJG
    =d+1+4             =suicide                      DYOSH
    =u+2+3             =sword stab
    =u+2+3~1           =sword spin
    D/B+2,2,2,2,2      manji spin strikes            D
    SS+2[5]            shrine lift(tag)              SJG
    2+3                punch roundhouse flash
    2+d,+3             punch, low kick flash
    f,f+2              yoshimitsu blade rush
    f,f+2 (CH)         yoshimitsu blade slice (ch)
    =D+3+4             =meditate(gains life)
    FC, d/f+3          lunging sweep                 SJG
    f+2                backfist                      BF,OBF
    =D/B+2,2,2,2,2     =manji spins                  D
    D/B+3,3,3,3,3      manji spin kicks              D
    3,4                spinkick, savior boot
    f,f+3+4+1+2+3+4    shark attack blows
    d/f+4              right roundhouse
    SS+4               whirlwind
    4,4,4              triple roundhouse
    4~3[5]             kangaro kick(tag)
    d/b+1+2            yoshimitsu shield
    f,f+1+4            turning suicide faint
    =1+4               suicide(unblkbl.)             DYOSH
    d+1+3              low parry
    d+3+4              meditation sit
    =D                 =hold
    =f,b               =teleport
    =N                 =meditate                     YGL
    =4 [5]             =kangaroo kick(tag)
    =2, D/B+2,2...     =backfist,manji spins         D
    SS+3+4             debate stance
    =(1+4,2+3)         =soul siphon                  YGL
    =F                 =Power up!                    YGL
    u/f+3+4            flipping stomp
    =b+1               =spinning hilt
     = D/B+4            =back hand spring
      =d/b+1~1           =delayed slash,slash
    =b+1, 3+4          =spinning hilt, double flip
    =3+4[5]            =kangaroo kick (tag)          SJG
    b+1+4              yoshimitsu flash
    d+1+3              low parry
    d+2+4              low parry
    f+1+3              left chicken
    f+2+4              right chicken
    b,b+1              sword stab
    = N+1+1            =sword spin
    = b,b              =cancel
    u+1+2              flea
    =u/f,u/b,u         =jumping flea
    =f,f_b,b           =running flea
    =1+2               =flea head butt
    =d+3+4             =sit                          YGL
    =4_3+4[5]          =kangaroo kick(tag)
    B+1+2              =death stance
    =any               =bad breath
    d/b+1              =sword slash
    =D/B               =delayed slash
    qcf+1              moonsault slayer
    f,f+3,1            front kick, slash
    FC, b+1            low cut slash
    f,F+1+4            turning suicide               DYOSH
    =f,f               =double suicide               DYOSH
    u/f+1+2            deathcopter
    =d                 =early slash
    =B                 =deathcopter trick
    1,2---- jab, upper---- h,m
    This move is pretty effective, but I rarely use it.
    Its pretty effective in poking and stuff.
    1,2,1---- jab, upper, jab---- h,m,m
    This move is almost identical the jab, upper, except
    for obviously the extra jab. I only use this move when
    doing a ten string or when my opponents guard is down.
    Mostly for starting a combo.
    d+1---- low jab---- l
    Great move. Great for poking and annoying your opponent.
    You can do this move right when the round starts (thats
    really annoying). If yout opponent is skilled, he'll most
    likely do it first, or move. You can also use this to
    disrupt an annoying Chang combo or any other, but remember,
    make sure you have an opening!
    D+1---- left upper---- h
    Pretty basic move. What can I say its an uppercut. Somewhat
    useful, but again, only good when theres an opening.
    d/f+2---- upper---- h
    ONE OF THE BEST MOVES WITH YOSHI! This move is awesome.
    A million combos come from this move. You also move
    forward when you do it, and if your good enough, you
    can basically win the round if you know how to use this
    move. The best time to use this is when your opponent
    is doing a stupid combo. Block the combo, making sure to cover
    high and low and parry if you can. Once they are done or stunned
    by the parry or blocking use it! I will have combos later.
    d/f+1,2---- hilt strike, backfist---- m,h
    Ok move. Slow. A skilled oponent will not fall for it, the
    backfist is to slow. If you do get in the opening and do it, you
    should always follow up with the manji spin fist. Remember, the
    backfist will turn them around so take advantage of there
    ungaurded position.
    d/f+3---- left side kick---- m
    AHHH not to good. Slow, but sometimes effective. Rarely ever use
    u,N,3---- rising roundhouse---- m
    Not much to say here, pretty basic. Another move you only use
    when they are stunned or there guard is down.
    f,f+4---- lunging knee---- m
    I love this move! It's one of my favorites. Amazingaly fast,
    effective, and very quick recovery. I usually use it at the
    beginning of the round or when my opponent doesn't suspect it.
    It also is excellent as a combo finisher. If you are cheap and
    your opponent doesn't know how to play you can time it right
    so every time they get up you can do it and down they go again!
    Use it when your opponent is on the attack and the second they
    are done and resetting, use it bam! Down they go. Make sure
    it connects though, learn how to judge space and distance. Also
    good to disrupt stances like Ling's pheonix stance.
    u/f+3---- jumping roundhouse---- h(m)
    The same as rising roundhouse in my opinion.
    U/F+3---- hop sweep---- h(m)
    Decsent move. These moves are basic moves,  don't do these type        of moves
    when you are on the attack, if it is blocked, your      opponent will
    easilypunish you. Especially the Kings, don't do     these moves out of no
    where on multi throwing characters like the Kings, Bruce,Nina, etc.
    U/F+4---- jumping toe kick---- h
    Same as above.
    u/f+4---- rising heel---- m
    Same AGAIN as above, again I barely use these.
    b+1,1,1,1,1,1---- spinning hilts strikes---- h
    =3+4---- evasive side spin
    Ok move. Mostly used in a d/f+2 combo. Very effective there.
    I always use it there. I barely use it by itself easy to detect
    and duct. I never use the side spin. C'Mon, it takes life away.
    d/f+1,1,1,1---- door knocker---- h
    =2---- backhand
    This move (door knocker), is mostly effective when there
    is a major opening. I never attack head on with this move
    bcause it is highly predictable. So, to mix it up, go in with
    1 or 2 d/f+1 and then mix it up with a 2 or D/B+2,2,2,2,2. That
    way your opponent won't know whats going on and you are less
    f,f+1+2---- dive bomb---- h
    =(1+4_2+3)---- soul siphon---- (!)
    =D/B+2,2,2---- manji spins ---- m
    =u,N,3+4 ---- kangaroo kick---- h
    =d+1+4 ------ suicide ---- m
    =u+2+3(~1) --- sword stab, spin---- (!),!
    Ok, #1, The normal dive bomb. I NEVER use this by itself, I
    always follow it up with another move. The first follow up
    is the soul siphon. This move takes your opponents head in hand
    and sucks the life out of them and gives it to you! I admit, your
    opponent has to be pretty dumb and slow not to see this one
    coming. But hey if they don't, it's great! #2 followup, manji         
    spins.Ahh, pretty useful, especially if the dive bomb connects,
    you will be set to spin away. This is the ideal followup because
    it is relatively fast and not predictable. #3, kangaroo kick.
    Don't use. #4, suicide.......hmmmmmmmmmmmmm do you really want to
    damage the crap out of you as well as your opponent....SURE!
    Especially if they are about to win, GO OUT WITH HONOR AND A
    BANG! And who knows you might get a double K.O. Ahhh the last
    two, sword stab and spin, go the opposite way than your opponent.
    The only use for thses is if they jump over you.
    D/B+2,2,2,2,2,2---- manji spin strikes---- m
    Pretty useful. you should pretty much use them as a follow up
    to a move that makes your opponents back turn.
    SS+2---- shrine lift---- h
    Another juggle starter. Basic uppercut type move. Finnanly
    a Yoshimitsu side step move!
    2+3---- flash attack---- h,m
    Ummm, not very useful, slow and detectable, but I do use it
    when their guard is down, you know the routine.
    2+d+3---- low flash attack---- h,l
    Ok, way better. gets a punch in and goes low. Less detectable
    so go for it when you feel you can.
    f,f+2---- Yoshimitsu blade rush---- m
    AHHH.... The blade rush, one of my favorite moves. Looks really
    cool too. My suggestion is only use this on a counter hit.
    (when your opponent is attempting to attack you.) Yoshimitsu goes
    straight through them and it does decent damage. If you power
    up (1+2+3+4) he will go through them if it's a counter hit or
    not. If you dont power up and it's not a CH.. then just use it
    in a juggle. Also when you go through them, hit d+3+4 to sit
    down and meditate. You will gain major life back this way.
    FC, d/f+3---- sweep---- l
    Good move, also a very good juggle starter. Use it when your
    opponent is attacking high. This will trip him and you can bust
    out a cool combo.
    3,4---- spinkick, savior boot---- h,m
    Um Ok i guess. Its only useful if your opponent blocks the spin
    kick and isn't expecting the quick boot.
    f,f+3+4,1+2,3+4---- shark attack---- m,m,h
    Useful againts unskilled opponets, so mix it up. You dont have
    to do the whole move. You can do two or one of the whole move.
    d/f+4---- right round kick---- m
    YES! Another great move. This move is super fast, great recovery
    time and does decent damage. Can stop someone in a run, poke,
    or just annoy them. It's a great move.
    SS+4---- whirlwind----
    Ummm whatever
    4,4,4---- triple roundhouse---- m,m,m
    NOOOOOOOO! Never do three. SOOOO easy to block. Always do one
    or two.
    4~3---- kangaroo kick---- h
    Good move. Again only do when there is a large opening. Your
    opponent gets huge air and is open for deadly unblockable combos
    d/b+1+2---- Yoshimitsu Shield---- blk.
    What can I say, the name speaks for itself!
    f,f+1+4---- turning suicide faint
    =1+4---- suicide---- m
    I explained this earlier in the dive bomb section.
    d+3+4---- mediatation sit
    GREAT!!! Out of this you can teleport (if you are close enough
    you will teleport behind your opponent and make an attack.) You
    can meditate and regain life, or do a kangaroo kick or manji
    back fists! I use it a lot. Have good timing though.
    SS+3+4---- debate meditation
    Not as cool as Indian sit meditation (above) mostly because
    your back is turned. You can do a soul siphon and regain life
    from this. Soul siphons are the same buttons from here. (1+4_
    2+3). Hit Forward to turn around, regain life and damage your
    u/f+3+4---- flipping stomp---- h
    =b+1---- spinning hilt ---- h
     =D/B+4---- back hand spring
      =d/b+1~1---- delayed slash---- h
    =b+1, 3+4---- spinning hilt, flipping stomp---- h
    =3+4---- kangaroo kick
    OK! last one. The flipping stomp. My last favorite. Use this move
    when an opponent is running at you, has just finished an attack,
    or when you see an opening. You can do any of the combonations
    above, but my favorite is the delayed slash one. On the 6th hop
    it will do over 100 damage easily annihilating your opponent.
    Never try for six hops for obvious reasons.
    b,b+1----sword stab---- (!)
    Its slow and not worth your while.
    b,b+1~1--- sword spin---- !
    Great move compared to the stab. It's great after a Kangaroo
    kick or when your opponent is charging you, sees you draw back
    and thinks you are doing a stab. Also gives your opponent
    pressure to get up when they are under you and you are doing it.
    u+1+2----flea---- !
    Great move, gives complete ground coverage. Jumping flea
    (f,f_b,b) is great too, quick and effective. Good after
    a knock down because it is quicker than jumping flea. The only
    downside is that Yoshi gets off his sword when he's done.
    Flea headbutt (1+2) is also effective. It is quick and powerful
    and I like like it because in fast play it is unpredictable.
    Sit (d+3+4) is useful in many ways. First once your in it you can
    do all of his sitting moves. I use it after a jumping flea or
    headbutt to gain some quick life. I rarely do his Flea Kangaroo
    Kick. It is slower and less effective, but if theres an opening by
    all means go for it.
    B+1+2,ANY ---- Bad Breath---- !
    Great move. Unblockable from close range, can't be ducked or
    avoided when they are near you. Also good after a Kangaroo kick.
    you can also use it at the beginning of a round or at a charging
    opponent. Just a great all around move.
    d/b+1----sword slash---- !
    Good move. Not terribly slow, but hey, it can't be avoided!
    It is best to use on grounded opponents or after a f,f+3.
    You can also use it to finish juggles. I never use the delay.
    qcf+1----moonsault slayer----!,!
    I like this move. Great for long distance attack and overall
    its a good move. I always use it going from far to close.
    Basically this is the only move that doesnt describe itself
    in it's name. Yoshimitsu does two front flips and his sword
    slashes down the whole time. Sometimes at medium range you can
    get two slashes in.
    f,f+1+4----turning suicide----!
    Only use as a last result if you are a sore loser.
    u/f+1+2----deathcopter----(!)-can be avoided
    UH not much here. Rarely use. I usually use it to change
    position, but the deathcopter trick (B) is cool because it
    tricks your opponent into thinking that you are coming down but
    you fly up again and come behind them and slash them.
    Here I will give you some sample combos/juggles.
    I HIGHLY suggest going to tekkenzaibatsu.com and get an awsome list
    of their combos. I have only written the ones I knew about before
    I saw the list.
    b+1,1,1 b+1,1,1, 3
    b+1,1,1 b+1,1,1, d+3
    d/f+2, b+1,1, d/b+3,3,3,3
    3.FC, d/f+3
    d+1, D/B+3, f+4
    d+1, WS+1, f,f+4 or 2
    d+1, D/B+3,3,3,3
    Yoshimitsu is a good offensive player. He has great offensive
    moves like the knee lunge, jabs, uppers, etc. I suggest using
    all of his quick, effective moves early to do some major damage.
    Remeber, expeirenced players ca usually read you, so be careful.
    Remeber to keep distance in mind. Your opponent can seriously
    damage you if you come up short. My advice is that you only
    use moves that are effective(common sence). Mix moves up, become
    unpredictable. Don't start off every round with a lunging knee
    or an attempted upper. Your opponent will adapt, so adapt when
    they adapt.
    Yoshi lacks reversals or high and mid parries. I always let my
    opponent finish a sequence of moves that I know are going to be
    high. Once he/she is done I usually grab them with 2+4 and follow
    up with a sword slash. That is not always wise, but I take risks.
    If you are being attacked likes it's nobodys business stay calm
    and think. Look for where you can low parry, where can you duck,
    etc. I am not that good at explaining strategy, so if you want a
    better description I suggest you look at Ben Curetons Tekken 3
    Yoshi Guide. Available at tekkenzaibatsu.com and look at the faq's
    Remember, Yoshimitsu is hard to master. Don't give up and say
    "He sucks" just because you can't do a move. And let me assure
    you I still have a lot to learn about Yoshi and for that fact
    Tekken. C'mon i'm only a sophmore. Any ways, Tekken is bad ass
    never stop playing, go to the arcade when you can, and have fun.
    Skill comes with time, so be patient and chill.
    1. Ben Cureton (tragic@tekken.net)
       His Yoshimitsu guide was the basis for mine. That is how
       I learned most of the things I know now. His guide is awsome.
       Thank You. (I did ask for permission.)
       The Best Tekken Site EVER. TONs of info, media, pics, etc.
       I highly suggest you go there. I recieved a small bit of info
       from here. Thanks.
    3. Check out Catlord's site. I think theres a adress on Zaibatsu.
       I haven't been there yet, but oh well it has to be cool.
    4. Jimi O'Grady. The only kid who played Tekken with me. Long
       nights figuring out all the crap on this guide. I won't
       pay you for your playstion either.

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