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    Hwoarang by Chong Hung

    Version: 6.00 | Updated: 09/02/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Version 6.00
    Author: Hung CHONG
    Released date : 25 august 2001.
    E-mail: hcmaxter@free.fr
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    ********========-----  How to  Win  With  Hwoarang  FAQ  -----=========*******
                                          For Tekken Tag Tournament, NAMCO (C)
     =^D   =^D   =^D   =^D   =^D   =^D   =^D   =^D   =^D   =^D   =^P   =^D   =^D
     You can use this document freely as long as you give me credit. My name is
    Hung CHONG and I'm a french hardcore gamer. I love above all fighting games
    like King of Fighters by SNK or Tekken from Namco.
     The beginner player will find in this faq all the best moves and strategies
    for Hwoarang ( A.K.A. Bob ) without having to spend hours and hours playing
    the game. The average/expert player will find here the ultimate techniques
    and secret weapons to perfect their play.
     I hope you'll enjoy reading this faq.
     You can find this faq at www.gamefaqs.com
    *******=========-------Versions & Faq Story--------------============********
    Vesrion 6 : The 2 september 2001's update:
    * Patched up some flaws and polished up small details, as usual.
    * Updated "Versus Strategies" section: Added the "Jacks" and "Unknown".
    * Added a new secret weapon :
    * I think it will be the last update: See you in "Tekken 4 Hwoarang FAQ" =^)
    Vesrion 5 : The 30 august 2001's update:
    * Added bad jokes throughout the faq to enhance the reading enjoyment. For
      instance: "Hi! Hwoa'ya?" or " Geez! The RFF 3,3 is really a Bobby trap!".
    * Patched up some flaws and polished up small details.
    * Overall Developpent: This faq has more and more meat.
    * Added "Show Off" section.
    Vesrion 4 : The 26 august's update:
    * Patched up some flaws and polished up small details.
    * Added Parriying concept.
    * Added "Versus Strategies" section. First versus foe: KING !
    And now, chronologically:
    Mars    2001:  I got the game in January, wanted to make a faq, but it seemed
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~   too useless, too hard and too time consumming to me.
    18 August 2001:  Since I mastered super techniques never described in any
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  Hwoarang's faqs - which are quite few, hard to understand to
                    me ( I find it, due to bad presentation ), or always lacking
                    of something - I finally decided to do it. I was very
    18 to 22 August:  I spend loads of time working on this faq. I wanted to do
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  at first a very exhaustive faq: at least 200 ko! But I
                     got in a right muddle: I wanted a simple/clear faq and ended
                     with a HUGE and confused magma of useless talking and
                     too much meticulous precisions; I couldn't deal with that.
    23 August: I made a 2cd lightened version and cut out 10 Ko of 28 ko ! It
    ~~~~~~~~~  litterally broke my heart because I spend lots of time to build
               each phrases correctly and now I'm sending them down the flush.
               I decided to give it up.
    24 August: I re-read incredible IndianTekken's Glitches and techniques faq,
    ~~~~~~~~~  as a faq writer this time : It was the edification, the
               enlightenment: I was blind but then I saw. This faq has everything
               : simple structure and very complete informations at the same time
               ; not to mention the ascci arts which give intense pleasure to
               the eyes. The very same night, from 22 PM to 4 AM; I fixed 96 %
               of this faq ( the third version ).
    * Abreviations
    * Special Stances
    * Strengths/Weaknesses
    * Best Blows
    * Throws
    * Unblockables
    * Greeting
    * The Best Defense Is The Offense   ;=^Q.
    * Mix-ups
    * Juggle
    * Guard crushers
    * Ground Recovery
    * Throw Breakers
    * Tag  Partners
    * Versus Strategies
    * Show Off
    * Credits
    ******=========--------Abreviations and conventions---------==========*******
    1 = Left Punch       f or ->  = Press forward (toward opponent)
    2 = Right Punch      b or <- = Press back (away from opponent)
    3 = Left Kick        u   = Press up
    4 = Right Kick       d   = Press down
    5 = Tag              N   = Release stick to neutral
    2K  = Press the two kick buttons simultaneously ( 3+4 )
    2P  = Press the two punch buttons simultaneously ( 1+2 )
    DP  = the "Dragon punch" stick motion ( ->,N, d,d/f )
    SS  = Side Step.  SSR: to the right.  SSL: to the left
    FC  = Fully Crouched position
    WS  = While standing up from a crouch.
    CH  = Counter Hit: Strike landed while the foe is performing an attack.
    ~   = Do next command IMMEDIATLY after the previous command.
    _   = Do previous command OR next command.
    <   = DELAY the next command: find the good timing by training hard.
    ( ) = The blow in brackets won't connect in the described combo.
    [ ] = The input in sqare brackets means that it's optional.
    ****=========----------Hwoarang's Special Stances---------=============*******
     Pressing 2K allow you to change your feet stance.
    At the beginning, Hwoarang has his Left foot forward      ( LFF ).
    Do 2K and he will go into the Right foot forward position ( RFF ).
     Besides he's got two special stances dedicated to the offense:
    When you're in LFF : Do ->+3 to switch into Left flamingo stance   ( LFS )
                         Do ->~N~4 to shift into right flamingo stance ( RFS )
    While in RFF : Do ->+4 to get into Left flamingo stance.
                   Do ->+3 to make a switching high kick and go to RFS.
    @ If not precised, the inputs are for LFF.
    @ Yes, you can block in RFF: Just stay neutral.
    @ When you go into LFS: you SSL a bit  >> -Use these abilities to double SS
                       RFS: you SSR a bit  >>     very easily and quickly.
    @ While in Flamingo stance : you cannot block but your SS are wider.
    ****==========--------Hwoarang's Strengths and Weaknesses-------==========****
     -Hwoarang is a kick-range fighter, fast and powerful. He has good Okizeme
      Juggle and eluding capacities.
     -On the other hand, he's frail, seldomly hits low and often get blocked.
      Moreover, he's not very performant in close combat: You must keep your
      foe at Hwoa's range. :^P.
    Maxter's tip: Defend well and tag often to recover life.
    ****=========-----------Hwoarang's Best Blows----------------============****
    Range *   : Throw's range or fewer.
    ~~~~~ **  : Stretched kick distance.
          *** : Any distance further than range 2.
    If blocked :   :^)  : You're safe!
                     :^ / : Fairly safe.
                        :,^( : Rest In Peace.
    Hit Level : H: High.
    ~~~~~~~~~   M: Mid.
                L: Low.
    M.F : "Must be followed by:" : Maxter's recommended follow-up.
    INPUT     | If blocked |  Range  | Hit Level | Damage | Maxter's comment
    ->->+4    | :,^(       |   ***   |    H      |  ***   | M.F: d+4,4, 3,3,4,3
    3~4       |        :^) |   ***   |   M,H     |  ***   | Greeting Capacity.
    DP+4      | :^)        |   ***   |    M      |   **   | M.F: 3~4, d+4,4
    U/F+3,4,3 |    :^)     |   ***   |    M      |  ***   | M.F:(if blocked) d+2,
              |            |         |           |        | WS+4,4, 3.
    ->->->+3  |        :^D |   ***   |    M      |   **   | Unreversible.
    3,3,[d+]3<4,4 | :^)    |    **   |  HM[L]MHM |  ***   | Interruptor, Mix-up
    [1],2,3   |  :^)       |    **   | [H],H,M   |   **   | Interruptor, Rejecter
    d/f+3,4   |        :^/ |    **   |    M,M    |   **   | Interruptor, Fast
    d/f+1+2   | :^/        |    **   |     M     |    *   | Interruptor, Rejecter
    d/f+4     |        :^p |     *   |     M     |    *   | Interruptor, Rejecter
    ->+3~3    | :^D        |    **   |     M     |   **   | Interruptor, BestBlow
    1,1,4,[4] |       :,^( |     *   | H,H,L,[H] |    *   | Interruptor, Fast
    RFF ->4~4 |  :^/       |     *   |     M     |    *   | M.F: ->+3,<-+3,d/b+4
    RFF <-+4  |       :,^( |    **   |     H     |  ***   | SSR a bit, Unreversible
    RFF 3~4   |  :^)       |    **   |     H     | ****   | Greeting, Mix-up
    d+4,4     |       :,^( |    **   |    L,H    |   **   | M.F:<-+4,<-+3 *
    * = If the first hit is a CH: the last hit of this juggle has poor chance
        to connect, you'd better do: 3,(3),3,4,3.   71 % Dmg!!
     * Secret weapon: Piercing kick string *
    It's on the first line of this table ->->+4, d+4,4, 3,3,4,3. It wreaks insane
    havoc: about 90 % Dmg. To land this string is your top priority anytime you
    sneak an opening. But don't act carelessly or else the retaliation could be
    a back throw for you ( 50 % Dmg Minimum ). The CPU scarcely try to dodge this
    string ( only about 5 % ).
     If you're evil enough, wait for your opponent to have only 2/5 of his life
    left, then do the PKS: the poor wretched will perish before having the time
    to tag!!
    ****=======------------The Throws and the Grapplings----------=========******
     When the foe block too much, throw him! They cannot block that! But they
    can break the throw  >:^[  !
    Command    Escape buttons  Maxter's Judgement:
    QCB+3            2          More damaging than a standard grab & easy to make
    d,D/B+1+3        1+2        His hardest escapable throw.
    ->->+2           2          Can be perform from Range 3! ( DP,->+2 )
    f+2+3            2          Unescapable when tagged with Baek (f+2+3~5)
    Any throw from back : Unescapable &  55 % dmg.
     * Secret weapon: The Fish Up *
     The fish up is an Okizeme ( see Section ).
     When the opponent ( opp. ) is grounded and that you're at his head or at his
    sides, you can "fish him up" while he is standing up by performing d+3,4<3.
     The fish up technique is also a very good Juggle-Ender angainst BIG
    characters I.E: The Jacks, Kuma/Panda, Ogre, True Ogre and Ganryu.
     It is possible to fish up "easily" after any throw ( except grab from right
    and "Front1+3" ), or after a d/b 4,4  or after sidesteping 90 sideways.
     Last thing: land a d/b+4 before fishing up.
    ****=======--------------The Unblockable Moves---------------============****
     D/B+2K: Dynamite heel: A correct "fury", not too bad but not too powerful
    either, except if you know when to land it efficiently, E.G:
    - after a U/F+3,4,3 or a DP+4.
    - after Paul's ->->+2P~5 tagged throw.
    - after a CH RFS 4 ( You can first power charge (1+2+3+4):then your 1st
                         connecting hit within a 5 seconds lap will be a CH!).
    - In a special custom string which sets you at the perfect distance and gives
      you frame advantage while the foe is falling down:e.g.:d+4,4, b+4, D/B+2K.
     LFS 1+4: Power Blast: a mid-hittig jump kick that deals 80 % DmG!. Land it!
    - when it happens that you're in LFS while an opp.teammate tags in (Greeting)
      or while he's lying on the ground e.g.:after a jugglestarter, end with U+3.
      or after this special custom string: d+4,4 (or DP+4) f+4,3, 1+4.
    *******==========-------------The Greeting--------------===============******
      When the opp. tags, the new character who comes in is defenseless : he is
    forced to walk in, being unable to block for a while: it's the moment for
    a free shot! The opp. will often tag when he has low energy left, or when he
    has just lost huge chunk of life after a doom combo, so prepare yourself!
     Here's a panel of strikes to use in order to welcome warmly your new guest:
    - All range 3  blows ( u/f+3,4,3  ; 3~4  ;  DP+4  ;   ->->+4  ; ->->->+3 )
    -  ->->+3 ; RFF ->+4~4, b+3,b+4
    -  ->+3~3
    If in RFF: -   ->,->+4,3
               -   3~4
      Hwoarang is vulnerable too when he tags in: so buffer strikes upon
    coming into play, you can input commands even if you're not at the screen
    ****=======-------------The Best Defense Is The Offense-------===========****
      Poke and tip your opp. to pressure him, preventing attacks and throws. Bob
    must be played offensively because he's so frail: the more foe's attacks
    you'll foil, the more are your chances to win because you'll land more
    powerful attacks and handle less life-draining threats.
     * Against High Assaults :
    -  ->+3~3 , DP+4 : Elude high punches and throws because Hwoarang tilts his
       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~   torso slightly backwards while performing these moves.
    - RFF <-+4 : A very,very,very good swiveling jump kick: It's unreversible.
      ~~~~~~~~  Since you swivel a little during the movement: you evade straight
                attacks, at any level like 1,2 jabs. And since it's a jump kick:
                it eludes Low attacks: Straight or Circular  e.g:Yoshi's Sweeps.
    - Just Crouch! : M.F: WS 4,4, 3.
    * Against Mid Strikes :
    - RFF <-+4 : The Doom kick; Only against straight blows e.g: Paul's Deathfist
    - b,B+4 ( or if in RFF b,B+3 ): It's the combinaison of two inputs:
      ~~~~~ b,b : the quick step back ( hop back in RFF ),
            and B+4: the nose bleeder kick : So you'll dodge, let's say a too
            short Death Fist, then immediatly retaliate with a fast powerful kick
            : That's the quintessence of Hwoarang's  "defense": smart, quick and
            violent. M.F:RFF 3,[3].
    - SSL B+4 : You sidestep then perform the B+4 which is a move who gives a
      ~~~~~~~   mini left sidestep move upon execution. At range 1, you'll be
                shifting at 90 sideways round your foe, dodging his assault and
                high kicking him at the same time! Fantastic! M.F:RFF 3,[3].
    - SSR ->+3~3 : Like above, you'll virtually perform two SSR, dodging and
      ~~~~~~~~~~   retaliating. This one is even better because it strikes back
                   at Mid-level. Have you noticed ? SSR ->+3~3 allows you to
                   elude High and Mid straight attacks at the same time: This is
                   your Lethal Weapon for grinding down opp.'s strikes, causing
                   major Counter Hits. I think it deserves the "Best blow award".
     * Against Low Onslaughts : ( Or if you feel so: e.g.: grounded d+4 ):
    - U+3 or u/f+4: The last blow can even dodge mid-level attacks.
    - u/f+3,4,3 or 3~4 or f,f+4 :+ their custom follow up strings.
    - RFF <-+4 : The Swiss Knife kick. Two thumbs up!
    - You can also low parry. By pressing d+1+3 or d+2+4 at the moment where your
      opp. attempt to strike you low: you grab his arm/leg and throw it away,
      unbalancing Oppie for a moment and leaving him open for guaranteed d/f+4.
    *******===========-------The Mind Games and Mix-ups---------===========*******
     After compelling the foe to discard his attacks, you must conceal your hand:
    the opponent mustn't be able to anticipate your footwork and attacks: Here's
    some mix-ups and confusing techniques: I recommend you that you build some
    good one of your own:
    - ->+3~3 : When used several times in a match, you build a Pavlovian's reflex
     : when the foe sees your left knee rising, he will always stand up in order
     to block. It's time to feint and do a sweep! -> 3,d+4 followed up with
     [FC+3], WS+4,4 ,->, N+3.
    -RFF 3,[3] : At the first time, don't do the second kick to entice the opp.
     to come in to revenge or to make him feel safe, like there's no danger;
     then throw out the two scything kicks.
    -The 3,3,d+3<4~4 Machine Gun Kick:
     There's a lot of mixups with this machine gun kicks and the best technique
     is to persuade your opp. that you'll always throw the final 4 at the end
     of the combo. Then, when he's becoming sure of that, he will block
     standing, so do a d+4 or d+3. You can also delay about 1 sec the <4 to
     confuse your foe: It's a very good Bluff Tech.!
     Other mix-ups: 3,3,3<3 or 4,4,4~SS or 3,3,3<4~-> then throw Oppy immediatly.
    -The RFF 3~4's animation looks like a feet stance shifting: play with that
     confusion and don't hesitate to mix up with RFF 3,[3].
    -The crouch dash mix-ups: do DP to crouch dash: you'll dodge all the high
     attacks while rushing towards the foe then you can mix up with:
    1    : Swift mid-hitting uppercut to the shin.
    4    : The famous mid-hitting sky rocket jugglestater.
    3    : Feint by shifting into LFS.
    ->+2 : Throw the blocking opp.!
    ->+3 : Mid hitting heel dropping strike: slow but stuns the blocking opp. and
           if it connects it deal a very fair 30 % DMG.
    ~d+3 or ~d+4,[4] : Low hitting kick.
    - Do d+3,4~4 several times, then do [SS],d+3,4~f, Throw. The opp. is
     convinced that a stand blocking is the best option: so, you got a free
     throw!. It'll work! ( Only against Human players, of course ).
      "Okizeme" is a japanese term, it's the fine art of hitting your ennemy
     while he's lying on the ground ( Not very fair, ne? ). Anyway, it's
     important to Okizeme to add always a bit more damage to your attacks and
     to pressure Oppy to the max. Some good okizemes:
    - The Fish Up technique ( see Throw section ).
    - In either stance: d/b 4 : A good idea. Specially used after RFF ff+4,3.
      M.F: By a Fish Up.~~~~~
    - The Tsunami Finisher: WS (4),4,RFF 3, (4),3
     In fact, this Okizeme is the final part of a custom string that is hightly
     recommanded to use: U/F+3,4,3: -If blocked by Oppy :M.F: d+2, WS 4,4,RFF 3.
                                    -If connected: attempt a d/b+2K
    - When in RFF:- FAR (4), 3 : a bit slow, but very show off.
      ~~~~~~~~~~~ - NEAR 3 : simply!
    - Against a Ground Rolling Oppy:
     * ->->+3 is very effective: it tracks well and allows you to catch a rolling
              back foe.
     * ->->->+3 is even better! It allows you moreover too elude grounded d+3/d+4
     * RFF: ->->+4 is a nice option.
    **********========-------The Juggle Combos-----------=============***********
     It's similar to Okizeme in a way, but it is less considered like "cheap".
    It consists to hit the foe while he is defenslessly flying in the air. You
    must first connect a Jugglestarter move: a move that send Happy Oppie in the
    clouds, then strike him while he's falling down but before he hits the
    ground, and finally: Okizeme him on the ground!
    -RFF ->3,3,3<3; 3,3,4<3     8 hits 105 %
    -RFF ->3,3,3,4,<-+3,3,3,3,3 8 hits 110 % !!
    -LFS <-+4,  d/f+2P, d+4,4   4 hits 43 %
    -RFS <-+3,  3,3,(3),3       4 hits 50 %
    *********==========-------Guard crushers-------------===============*********
     Some foes are like soap:they elude everything, reverse all your moves, block
    all your strikes, so:
    Against blocking:-Mix up.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -Throw.
                     -Do stunning blows like d/b 4~4 or u/f 3,4,3: Even if the
                      lasts hits don't connect, do press 4,3 anyway: to stun more
                     -Hit low: RFF 3 or d+4,[4]: If d+4 is a CH, the last 4 is
                      bound to connect, if not, it is always crouchable.
                      If you want the first hit to be a CH: Powercharge first !
                     -Do slow attacks like d/b 4~4: it entices the opp. to attack.
                     -Do unblockable attacks: d/b+2K or LFS 1+4 ( luckily, they
                      are slow attacks too! cool, he? I'm ironic, of course ).
                     -Make the opp. step in.
                     -Nag by shifting feet stance several times in a row.
                     -Do the Chongo Nag.
       * Secret weapon: The Chongo Nag *
        With Bobby, when you press 2P, you turn your back towards the opponent.
       What is the point of this "idiot" move? To entice the foe attacking you!
       Do this trick only once per match cause it's risky and in order to keep
       the Surprise Effect. See the options:
            > 3 : Mid hitting Jugglestarter: Mf: 3~4, d+4,4 (60 %)
     LFF 2P > 4 : Quick High Kick Trick. Recommended.
     ~~~~~~ > u/f+4 : Jugglestarter!: Mf: 3,(3),3,4<3. (60 %). Recommended too.
            > Throw : It's incredible but this stance gives U more range 2 throw!
            > 3 : Quick High Kick Trick: Recommended.
     RFF 2P > 4 : Mid-hitting 36% Dmg Kick!
     ~~~~~~ > u/f+4 : Jugglestarter!: Mf: 3,(3),3,4<3. Also recommended.
            > Throw : As above but not too recommended.
    Against reversals:* Some characters like Jin,Jun,Paul,Anna,Nina,Wang can
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   reverse mostly of you high and mid level attacks, so:
                      -Chicken: it's a "reversal reversal"!: When being reversed:
                       ~~~~~~~ ** For strikes involving 1 or 3,  do f+1+3.
                               ** For strikes involving 2 or 4,  do f+2+4.
                        (N.B.:King's kick reversal cannot be chickened.
                      -Mix up.
                      -Don't attack with blows but grab and throw.
                      -Hit low, for instance with :d/b+4 or FC+3.
                      -Do unreversable strikes:-f,f,f+3
                       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -RFF b+4 ( LFS b+3 is reversable!)
                                               -ShoulderDash ( Min.:4 steps.)
                      -Do attacks with lags like d/b+4~4.
                      -Feint, example: LFF ->+3 or RFF ->+4  ( Flamingo Feint )
    Against Parrying: -Mix up.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  -Throw.
                      -Flamingo feint
    Against Eluding: -Do circular kicks: RFF 3,3 or RFF 3~4.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  -Do swift attacks: 1,2, or d/f+4 or d/f+1+2.
    **********==========-----------Ground Recovery-------------=============*****
    When you are knocked down on the floor press:
    - b to roll back.
    - f to roll forward.
    - u to get up.
    - 1 to roll and get up (~D: To stay grounded).
    - d+1 to roll down and get up (~D: To stay grounded).
    - 3 to get up with a kick on low.
    - 4 to get up with a kick on Mid.
    You can combine the actions e.g.:
    - f,3 = roll forward and kick low.
    - b,4 = roll back and kick high.
    When you are about to hit the ground press:
    - 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 to quick recover.
    - 5 to quick tag.
    - f to quickly get up by jumping forwards with the two kicks. It mid-attacks.
       It's an Anti-Poker and Anti-Thrower.
    ***********========---------Throw breakers------==============***************
    There's a lot of luck in here:
    -If thrown by a 1+3 throw: do 1 at the beggining of the grab to escape.
    -If thrown by a 2+4 throw: do 2 at the beggining of the grab to escape.
    -Others throws need 1+2 to escape.
    -Against the Jacks: it's almost always 2.
     For all the defense in general, I redirect you to the excellent
     Skreezyg's "Throw escape & 10-hit Counter Faq" at www.tekkenzaibatsu.com
    ***********========-----------Tag  Partners-------------===========***********
     To my mind, the best partners are characters who have:
    - a different fighting style.
    - better stamina: try not to pick female or old or frail characters, e.g.:Lee
    Examples of good partners and tag combos ( tag combos are more powerful than
    standard combos: it destroy the red recovery bar too! ) :
    Eddy Gordo: My favorite team: 2 super show off styles in action: teak won do
    ~~~~~~~~~~  and capoeira.
     Eddy starts performing >d/f+2K~5   > Hwoarang comes in and do: 1,2,4. (47 %)
                            >SS_2P,2P,3,5  > Hwoarang ends with: 3,(3),3,4<3 (71 %)
     Hwoarang starts performing DP+4~5   >  Eddy ends with: 1,2,4~4.  (51 %)
    Paul Phoenix: Paul is sturdy, can reverse and his Deathfist QCF+2 does
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~  everything. A good partner.
    Paul Phoenix execute > QCF+1~5      >  Hwoarang: 3,(3),3,3    (46 %)
                         >  ->->+2P(throw)~5   >  Hwoarang: D/B+2K  (67 %) (not a real combo)
    Hwoarang starts performing DP+4~5    Paul finish with: ->->3,4<4  (58 %)
    **********========-----------Versus Strategies---------=============*********
    KING: King is Hwoarang's nemesis: he has a super powerful reversal that
    ~~~~  reverse only kicks, so against Bob, he can reverse almost all his
          strikes! This power kick reversal deals lots of damage and the most
          disgusting: It cannot be chickened!
    Maxter's tips: - First, rank the versus player:
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~     * If it's a begginer: don't worry too much about the
                        kick reversal.
                      * If it's an average/expert player:
                    - Apply all you've learned in the anti-reversal's section
                      ( except the Chicken stuff ), specially focus on:
                     - Using f,f,f+3 very frequently: the basic unreversable!.
                     - Acting unpredictably.
                     - Punches: do string involving punches: 1,2,3 or d/f+2P or
                       RFF 2,3   or   RFF 2,4~->, 2,4~->, 2,4~->...
                     - Throws: -Feint a strike then throw: DP+[4],->+2
                       ~~~~~~  -Grab at the end of a poke string: 1,2,[3],grab.
                     - Very quick kicks: specially: * LFF <-+4 ( or RFF <-+3 )
                       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  * LFS 4    ( or RFS 3 )
                     - Land a slow d/b+4,4 drowned in a bunch of quick poke,
                       just to confuse Oppie a lot: requires a lot of confidence
                       ( Use only one time per match ).
                     - Flamingo Feint like a maniac.
                     - Finally, learn to break his deadly Multi-Throws.
    a JACK: It can be P-Jack, Jack 2 or Gun Jack: These are ultra resistant heavy
    ~~~~~~  fighters: it's normal: they are robots! They are slow but powerful.
            Since they are big heavy dudes: your Jugglestster don't lauch them
            high, but you can hit them with mid-hitting moves when they are lying
            on the ground!
    Maxter's tips: - Press 2 to break easily a front throw ( they can't throw
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~    with 1+3 ). ( BTW: Use 2 too against Nina= (Damager Grab)).
                   - Fishing up allows you to end a Juggling.
    Unknown Boss: She's like mokujin: her fighting style changes all the time at
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~  random.
    Maxter's tips: - Do Tag Combos to ease your job ( She recovers life all the
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~    time ! Even if she's into play!).
    ***********========--------------Show Off---------------=============*********
     Watching Bob in action is a sight for sore eyes, an endless delight. Here's
    the most dazzling strings: your foe will believe he's stranded in a
    Teak won do exhibition!:
    ->->+3, ->+3~3, ->+3, <-+3, d/b+4, fish up.
    LFF: ->+3,3,3,4,<-+3,1,2,4.
    RFF: ->+3~3, ->->+4,3.     ->     >=^d              >,=^Q
                                   O----^------O      O-----^-------O
                                   | It's Hard |      | Geez,I made |
                                   |  to do !  |      |     IT !    |
                                   O-----------O      O-------------O
      Joke: Two french friends chat:
      ~~~~   " Ya know what? I heard by friends that all the tourists who visited
               France once, no matter where they come from, they find that french
               poeple are pretentious and conceited poeple!!."
             " Hoow! Don't worry about that, man! It's normal... It's because we
               are the best."
    ***********========---------Credits & Thanks Stuff------=============*********
    -Namco for the great Tekken serie ( I can't wait for TEKKEN4!)
    -ALL Faq writers for inspiring me, and giving the envy to do a faq.
     Specially: Throw escape & 10-hit Counter Faq's author : Skreezyg.
                TEKKEN GLITCHES & TECHNIQUES Faq's  author : IndianTekken
                Bryan, Fists of carrion's Faq's     author : Renick
    -Gamefaqs: The site that all hardcore gamers of the world should
               have bookmarked.
    -Tekkenzaibatsu: For beeing a cool tekken site.
    -And... YOU ! For picking up, reading this faq and playing fighting games.
    ---------------------------------See you soon!----------------------------------

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