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    Glitch FAQ by MHamlin

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    Tekken Tag Tournament: Tricks and Glitches
                    By: Mike Hamlin e-mail: cmhamlin@mchsi.com 8/14/02
    Table of Contents
    1.	Copyright Info
    2.	Version History
    3.	Intro
    4.	Practice Mode Tricks
    5.	Tag Glitches
    6.	More Uncommon Stuff
    7.	Outro
    8.	Credits
    1.Copyright Info
    This document is protected by copyright 2002 to me, Mike Hamlin. I really 
    wouldn't appreciate it if you were to commit plagiarism on work, so please 
    don't. You know all the consequences of performing such dastardly actions and 
    I don't think I need to tell them to you. Please e-mail me FIRST if you want 
    this FAQ, or part of this FAQ, to be on your web site or whatever. This guide 
    should ONLY appear at gameFAQS.com as of now.
    2.Version History
    v.01     8/15/02- First version of FAQ finished.
    v.02     8/21/02- Added a couple of things I left out.
    v.03     10/18/02- Added a new trick to the practice mode section among 
    other things. Also, added a "thanks" entry.
    v.04     6/30/03- Created a section of strange occurrences and added a 
    new one.
    v.05     10/20/04- Found a new practice mode glitch.
    I'll say that I'm a big Tekken fan. After some experiments, I've 
    stumbled upon some rather strange things you can do in Tekken Tag Tournament 
    matches. Some of these are just cool to look at when you exploit the game 
    engine and some are some glitches you can see involving the tag feature. And 
    don't worry: As far as I've seen, none of these tricks will hurt or destroy 
    the game.
    4. Practice Mode Tricks
    The following tricks are easiest to do in Practice Mode.
    --Bryan's Super Punch--
    This isn't some hidden move or anything, but with this, Bryan can jab 
    an enemy and send them across the screen! How? You pick Bryan and whoever 
    else versus a large character (preferably Gun Jack) and his partner. You 
    will only need Bryan and Gun Jack in this. Have Bryan side step so that he is 
    behind Gun Jack. Do Bryan's Gut Punch (down+back+right punch). Notice how long 
    it takes Gun Jack to recover. Remember that if you keep hitting an 
    opponent from behind before they recover, they keep getting pushed farther and 
    farther away. Now do the punch multiple times in succession. After 3 or 4 
    hits, you'll need to quickly run up and hit Gun Jack again. Repeat roughly 7 
    or 8 times, then run up again and send one little jab; Gun Jack will slide 
    to the other side of the screen.
    --Kuma's Magic--
    For this, you need to team up Kuma or Panda with anyone against Armor 
    King and anyone. Have Armor King do the shoulder ram. When Kuma (or Panda) 
    blocks it, he will turn sideways. Now do the Big Bear Attack immediately (up+ 
    forward+ Right punch+ Left punch). Kuma hits Armor King but somehow 
    moves through him!
    --Mystery Location--
    The location I'm referring to is where your character goes when they 
    tag out. This trick will help you find the answer. You take control of Kuma 
    (or Panda, but I'll just use Kuma as the example) and your partner (doesn't 
    matter who it is). The enemy side should consist of a small character 
    (preferably Anna) and someone else. Now, here's how it works: Have Kuma use 
    the Demon Uppercut (forward, forward, Right Punch). It knocks Anna WAY up 
    there. Now do it again but this time, do the uppercut again while she's in mid 
    air. The trick is to have Kuma do the uppercut so that he actually goes UNDER 
    Anna and brings his paw up to hit her again. You'll have to do the first 
    uppercut, wait a split second, and then do it again. When you hit Anna with 
    the second uppercut, IMMEDIATELY hit Tag so that Kuma runs out. However, he 
    tags out on the wrong side (because the second uppercut knocks Anna over his 
    head and she is blocking his path). What happens? Well, Kuma runs a few steps, 
    disappears, the partner materializes in his place, and runs forward a few 
    steps and you can see it all happening on screen. So I guess the characters 
    sort of turn into each other?
    --The Super Gymnastic Tag--
    I was laughing like crazy when did this one! All you need is to have 
    Kazuya versus anyone (easier with a large character). To do this, you may want 
    to set the opposing player to be controlled by a human, as this trick 
    requires your enemy to do something. To make this work, hit the opponent from 
    behind with Kazuya's Demon God Fist (while rising, Right Punch). Normally, it 
    knocks the enemy in the air, but if Kazuya is in the right position, it will 
    stun them instead. To get the position EXACTLY, have Kazuya block Armor 
    King's or Ogre's Shoulder Ram. Now Kazuya is in perfect position. Get up close 
    and hit the enemy with the Demon God Fist. Now, when a player is in a major 
    stun like this one, they can hit tag right after they are hit to tag out. So 
    try having a friend control the other character and hitting tag right after 
    Kazuya stuns them. The character tags out in a strange way: S/he flips around, 
    rolls towards you, gets up, skids, and then runs out. During all this, the 
    character is vulnerable, so if this ever happens in a real match, free 
    hits for you.
    --King's Camera Craziness--
    This is fairly simple to do, but the effect is weird. Just have King 
    use his left side throw (Argentina Back Breaker), and then tag out 
    immediately. As King runs off, the camera jerks sideways and returns.
    --Paul's Mid Air Antics--
    This trick is difficult, so hopefully you have good timing. Team up 
    Unknown and Paul against any two other characters (easier to do on big guys). 
    You know that team-up where Law does Poison Arrow, tags out, and Paul comes 
    in with Stone Breaker, right? The two hits knock the enemy way up there 
    and Paul tags out automatically and Law comes back to finish. Well, as 
    Unknown, keep pressing R3 (push the right stick in) until she is mimicking 
    Law. Then reenact the team up: Poison Arrow Tag (forward+ Right Punch quick 
    press Left Punch quick press Tag). When Unknown tags out, she assumes the 
    style of someone else. So when Paul comes in, hit Right Punch twice to do 
    Stone Breaker to send the enemy in the air. However... Paul doesn't tag out. 
    Now, hit the enemy before they hit the ground. What happens? The enemy is 
    not juggled, but rather, they take the blow as if they were standing. So 
    try a juggle move like Thunder Palm or Thruster. The enemy falls and then 
    bounces back up. Juggle them like you normally would for big damage. Even 
    cooler is tackling them. With proper timing, Paul can do a mid-air tackle. 
    Follow up with Ultimate Punishment for an impressive combo!
    --Mokujin's Split Personality--
    Is it possible for Mokujin to fight as more than one person? This trick 
    certainly has some evidence. You know the Baek and Hwoarang tag team-
    up, right? Well, team up Mokujin with Baek. Keep tagging in and out until 
    Mokujin is mimicking Baek. Now do the team-up (forward+ Right Punch+ Left 
    Kick, Tag). What's this? It still works! Mokujin was fighting as Baek but 
    tagged as if he were Hwoarang. The same holds true if Mokujin is mimicking 
    Hwoarang and Hwoarang is his partner; Mokujin will tag as if he is Baek. Can't 
    this guy make up his mind???
    --Paul's Rainbow Kick--
    Finally, Paul will get that flip kick right! You know about Paul's 
    Incomplete Somersault, right? If not, then here's how it's done: Make Paul go 
    into a crouch for a few seconds. You will see him show impatience by raising 
    his arms and lowering them. Right when his arms are back at his side, 
    quickly press Up+ Right Punch+ Right Kick+ Left Kick. Now team up Paul with 
    Law and this time, do the same thing as you would for the Incomplete 
    Somersault except, at the proper time, hit Up+ Forward+ Right Punch+ Right 
    Kick+ Left Kick. It's tricky, but it can be done. Paul's Rainbow Kick has the 
    same properties and effects as Law's Rainbow Kick.
    --Chain Training Trick-
    Select any characters you want and go to chain training. Using any 
    character, go through your moves and finish the session. After 
    completing all the moves, the blue results screen will appear with your 
    character's portrait and time. Wait a few seconds and then hit tag. 
    Right after hitting tag, press and hold triangle on the controller. If 
    done correctly, you will switch characters and the training session 
    will begin, but the menu will also pop up. As long as you hold down 
    triangle, you can freely move around with the menu still on screen.
    5.Tag Glitches
    The following can be done in VS. mode the easiest. You may want to set 
    the number of rounds to 5 and you MUST set a time limit (preferably 30 
    secs.) because these tricks require precise timing when time up is called.
    The timing for these glitches is pretty hard. You must team up two 
    characters that have a team up tag. You have to execute the throw and tag at 
    precisely the right moment so that time up is called after the first character 
    is off screen, but before the partner comes on. When this happens, the screen 
    pulls back from whatever angle it's in, and the initial character is standing 
    there, while the INVISIBLE partner attacks the enemy! Here's an 
    example: King and Armor King are teamed up. King executes his team up throw 
    with Armor King right before the counter hits zero. King is off screen after 
    time up is called. King suddenly reappears and then, an INVISIBLE Armor King 
    flips the enemy over in front of King. There are two exceptions to the 
    --Hwoarang and Baek's Tag Glitches--
    These glitches with Hwoarang on Baek are executed differently. For 
    these, set the opponent's life meter to 1 percent. Now, just do the tag throw 
    (Human Cannonball Forward+ Right Punch+ Left Kick, Tag). In Baek's case, after 
    the he does the throw, Baek can turn around and try attacking the enemy who 
    is being attacked by the INVISIBLE Hwoarang. Baek's attacks will pass 
    through the enemy! It works both ways, starting with either Baek or Hwoarang. 
    Try them both!
    --Tag Glitch Characters-
    The following is a list of what characters can perform these glitches 
    and how to do them.
    Jun > Kazuya, Jin, or Heihachi- Cherry Blossom (back+ Right Punch+ Left 
    Punch, Tag)
    Kazuya, Jin, or Heihachi > Jun- Stone Head (forward, forward+ Right 
    Punch+ Left Punch, Tag)
    King > Armor King- Throw Away (back+ Right Punch+ Left Punch, Tag)
    Armor King > King- Armor King Driver (while crouching, down+ back+ 
    Right Kick+ Right Punch, Tag)
    Michelle > Julia- Spin Behind (back+ Right Punch, Tag) Note: punch must 
    connect with enemy.
    Julia > Michelle- Spin Behind (back+ Right Punch, Tag) Note: punch must 
    connect with enemy.
    Xiaoyu > Jin- So Shoe Me (forward+ Right Punch quick press Left Punch, 
    Xiaoyu > Kuma or Panda- So Shoe Me (forward+ Right Punch quick press 
    Left Punch, Tag)
    Jack > Gun Jack OR Gun Jack > Jack- Body Slam (Right Punch+ Right Kick, 
    Nina > Anna OR Anna > Nina- Back Hand Slap (QCF+ Right Punch+ Left 
    Punch Tag)
    This glitch does not work with regular tag throws (Right Punch+ Tag).
    Strange occurrences
    The following are some strange things that some players have 
    experienced. So far, there seems to be no way to get them to work whenever you 
    want soplease send me information if you know how to get them to work!
    1. This happened when I was doing the Michelle > Julia glitch. I did it 
    correctly, but when Michelle went off screen, she came back on and did 
    Julia's part of the team up. Then, the camera sort of looked around the 
    stage and suddenly returned for the winning poses.
    2. I was playing against the computer and I saw Kazuya (my opponent) 
    tag out to Devil by running off screen!
    3. This one was sent by deeceeelexveeay@yahoo.com: Devil and Jin
    were teamed up. Devil used his sidestep+right punch move combined with 
    a tag to finish the opponent. Devil ran off the screen but instead of Jin 
    running on Devil simply returned.
    6.More Uncommon Stuff
    This section is devoted to a few quirks in the game that I didn't find 
    out until recently.
    --Fun with Prototype Jack's Foot Stomp--
    If you are playing as anyone and you have P. Jack as your partner, tag 
    out to him and hold UP on the controller. P. Jack will fly in with his Foot 
    Stomp instead. Also, Use the Foot Stomp and as soon as P. Jack lands on the 
    enemy's head, hit Right Kick+ Left Kick again. P. Jack will bounce off their 
    head and land on them A SECOND TIME.
    --Short Circuit Jack--
    The following tricks work on any of the three Jacks. If Devil or Angel 
    hits jack with a laser, the Jack will go haywire, scream, and rush at you 
    with a series of overhead swinging punches. Try these other tactics: Stand at 
    a distance, just inside laser beam range, and fire. When Jack is coming 
    at you, fire again. Jack will duck the beam by using a Sliding Attack, 
    knocking Devil/Angel across the stage. Also, position yourself same as before. 
    Fire a laser beam. While Jack is coming at you, fly up and fire a laser beam 
    (DON'T fly to the other side of the stage, just go straight up). A cool 2-hit, 
    100 damage combo! Finally, shoot him from a good distance then get up 
    close. Hit Jack while he's swinging and watch what happens!
    --Character Sounds--
    This next one will reveal some special sounds that characters make. To 
    do these, team up Xiaoyu with the person who's sound you want to hear. Hit 
    the opponent with Storming Flower (down+ back +Left Punch) on a counter 
    hit, and immediately tag out. The partner runs on and makes a special sound. 
    Try it with all characters! I was especially surprised with King, Eddy, and 
    Jun. To hear Xiaoyu, you must team her up with Unknown or Mokujin and then 
    have Unknown/Mokujin mimic Xiaoyu.
    --Alternate Winning Pose--
    When Michelle and Ganryu are teamed, they make an alternate winning 
    --Alternate Winning Pose 2--
    Anna and Nina also do an alternate winning pose. To see it, they both 
    must be wearing the costume that is selected with Left Punch.
    --Gold Tetsujin--
    Have Tetsujin win 10 versus matches in a row, and he will turn gold.
    --Special Team Up Moves--
    The following are moves that characters can execute only when they are 
    teamed with certain other characters.
    Kuma- Team up with Heihachi, then press back+ Right Punch.
    Jin- Team up with Heihachi, then press back+ right Punch+ Left Punch, 
    Right Punch, Right Punch, Left Kick. This will bring Jin into his Omen 
    Stance. When in Omen, he can execute some different moves, but most of them 
    take some of his life. Here are the moves: Crouch Dash, Right Punch; Crouch 
    Dash, Left Punch, Crouch Dash, Right Kick, Right Kick, Right Kick; Right 
    Punch+ Left Punch; Left Punch, Right Punch, Right Punch, Left Kick, Right 
    Punch, Right Kick, Left Kick.
    Bryan- Team up with Roger or Alex, then hit the opponent with Left 
    Upper (while rising, Left Punch) and tag out at the same time.
    Lee- Team up with Kazuya, then do: while crouching, down+ forward+ 
    Right Kick, Right Punch, Right Punch, Left Punch.
    I hope this FAQ has brought you a little extra something to do. I'm 
    sure you'll agree this is pretty strange stuff, so thanks for reading the 
    FAQ and enjoy!
    If you e-mail anything to me that I didn't know or any other weird 
    things that should be in this FAQ, then your name will show up here. Here's a 
    list of people who helped me out:
    GameFAQS.com: for being such a great site.
    Mazen Khozindar: for telling me about the Kuma's Magic and Character 
    Sound tricks.
    Until we meet again...
    Mike Hamlin

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