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    Gun Jack by Rob

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                    Tekken Tag Tournament - Gun Jack (or jack-2) Faq v 1.1
    by Rob (noonegotmyname@hotmail.com)
    updates to faq v1.1
    actually added a layout.  have played ttt alot more.  know game better now.
    hate hwoarang/baek more now. promise to find cheap-asses who use same strategies 
    and chars from round to round and kill violently.
    Sections to faq
    1.  Gun Jack moves
    2.(a)  Gun Jack opponents
      (b)  Gun Jack friends
    3.  Gun Jack strategies
    4.  Gun Jack/Jack-2 differences
    5.  Why it is so important to land on peoples heads
    1.  Gun Gack moves:
    (Front)  1+3             Body Slam {1}
             2+4             Gorilla Press {2}
             u/f+1+2         Punishment Drop {1}
               d,d/f+2         Gigaton Punishment {B}
             QCB+2           Backbreaker {2}
             QCF+1           Pyramid Driver {1}
             d/b,f+1+2       Piledriver {1+2}
             d/b+2+3         Face In The Dirt {2}
             f,f+2+3         Jaw Breaker {2}
             d/f+2+4         Catapult {2}
             d/f,d/f+2+4     Modified Catapult  *Juggles* {2}
    (Left)   1+3_2+4         Hanging Next Throw {1}
    (Right)  1+3_2+4         Flipping Choke Slam {2}
    (Back)   1+3             Spinal Crush
             (2+4)_(2+5)     Death Shot
    1,1,1                   Hammer Combo
    2,1,2                   Punch, Elbow, Uppercut  *Juggles*
    1+2,1+2                 Hammer Knuckle, Double Uppercut
    WS+1                    Violent Uppercut  *Juggles*
    WS+1+2,1+2              Double Uppercut, Hammer Knuckle
    f+1+2,(1+2)_(d/f+2)     Scissors, (Low Scissors_Megaton Punch)
    FC+1+2                  Low Palm Lift
    FC,d/f+1+2              Low Scissors
    FC,d/f+2,(d_d/f_f)+1    Short Hammer Rush, (L_M_H ending)
    FC,D/F#+2,1,2           Hammer Rush  *Juggles on CH*
    FC,d/f+1,2,1,1          Wild Swing, Backfist
    FC,D/F#,1,2,(d_d/f_f)+1 Hammer Rush #2  *Juggles on CH*
    FC,d/b+1,1,1,2          Low Piston Punches, Megaton Punch
    FC+1,1,1,2,(d_d/f_f)+1  Low Hammer Rush, (L_M_H ending)
    FC+1~2                  Low Punch, Megaton Punch
    D/F#+2,1,2,1            Uppercut Rush  *Juggles*
    D/F#+1,2,1,2            Uppercut Rush #2  *Juggles on CH*
    d+1+2                   Bravo Knuckle  *Juggles*
    b,d/b,d,d/f+1_2         Megaton Sweep_Megaton Punch
    d/f+2+3                 Low Ankle Swipe
    d+4                     Ganryu Stomp
    CH 4                    Knockdown Highkick  *Juggles*
    d/b+1,1,1,[1,1],2       Machine Gun Punches, Megaton Punch
    D/B#+3,4,3,4,3,4        Low Cossack Kicks
    u/f+3+4                 Hip Press  *If Misses, Turns into Sit Down*
    d/f+1+3                 Heel Press
      1+2                     Face Bash  *Unblockable*
    QCF~d/f+1               Megaton Uppercut  *Juggles*
    f+3+4                   Digital Hans Head Slide
    d+3+4                   Sit Down
      ~3+4                    Hop Forward, Hip Press
      B_F                     Roll Back_Forward
      (1,2,1,2)_(2,1,2,1)     Sitting Punches
    f+4~1                   Dark Greeting   *Unblockable*
    3+4,[3+4],[3+4]         Dive Bomber, [2nd & 3rd Thrusts]  *Unblockable*
    b,d/b,d,d/f,f,u/f,u,u/b [x5],1     Gigaton Punch  *Unblockable After x3*
    New Moves (I named them myself, not namco.)
    B+2    Rocket punch  
    	- he does this punch, mid height, good damage, esp on counter,
    	that works well on a rushing opponent.  (lei wulong?) 
    B+1+2  Arm Pistons  		
    	- Gun jacks arms hammer backward and forward, at kinda close range, 
    	but move is nice priority, and nicer damage, esp if it all hits.
    	good close in (do if they try and throw?)
    SS+2   Sidestep mach punch 
    	- Sir jack sidesteps, letting go with a rushing right arm, high hitting
    	good damage fast move, similair to bryans ff+2 mach punch.
    D+2:1:1:1::2:1::21::1+2:1+2        Tenstring
    D+2:1:1:1::2:1::21::d+1+2:1+2      Tenstring
    u/f+11:4::3::4::1::2::1:1+2:1+2    Tenstring
    u/f+11:4::3::4::1::2::1:d+1+2:1+2  Tenstring
    Gun Jack opponents
    King - I hate using gun jack on king.  He just doesn't work as well as 
    he usually does.  I haven't figured out why, but it's just some of his 
    moves don't work as well.
    Hwoarang - For being a cheap bastard sometimes.  Once you get in close, 
    he's okay, but if you just woke up, hwoarang can really piss you off.
    baek - baek has the speed to fuck you up, the kicks he has give him the 
    defensive edge he needs.  the megaton uppercut helps (as it should with
    hwoarang), but you have to know the combos, and both of these characters 
    have alot of them.  still, you are stronger.
    eddy- Can get annoying, if you are not careful. Hammer knuckle not always
    as effective.  use some well timed uppercut rushes, and megaton sweeps.
    yoshimitsu- can be annoying with certain moves (kicks, sword rush, others,)
    , but is beatable.
    julia/m -  they have faster fists, and can juggle you easily.  low rushes help,
    maybe a 10-hit, cossack kicks, megaton punches/sweep.
    Gun Jack friends
    xiayou- Not just cos the comp uses these two together, they make a good
    team.  He hits low, she hits high.  He has priority, range and power,
    she has combo ability, speed, and utter bastard.  he can be cheap when 
    needed.  she can run around everywhere.  Opponents keep having to change 
    styles and moves, and if you use these characters right, these guys are good.
    ganryu- if you want another big friend, pick the other jack.  Ganryu is a fat poof,
    who has big hands, and a funny head.  His attack aura thing looks like blue spoof.
    He is a poof who has blue spoof. hehe.									
    law- law isn't that hard with jack.  All his rushes are stopped with high
    priority punches.  His moves just get wrecked up by jack (except one or two of 
    the close punches, these ofttimes hit, and is new sidestepping punches move can
    be annoying.)
    1. Learn reversals to all of kings fricking huge throws.
    2. Learn Jin and Juns patterns.
    3. Learn how to overcome opponents with strenght and priority.
    4. Beat the game with Jack and Xiayou ( as many times possible )
    5. Beat all the smart ass Jin and kings at your arcade with him.
    6. Learn the new moves (of all characters)
    7. Land on their head
    Gun Jack has a pretty good ducking/not ducking game.  
    When standing, he has his sidestep move, rushing scissors, 10- hitters, and 
    other moves (dive bomber!), ducking opponent throw,
    when ducking, he has his low scissors, very low hitting rushes, megaton uppercut,
    and other moves.
    This isn't a bad game to play with jack.  When standing, he is slightly more evasive,
    has a few more power moves, and can throw.  When ducking, if the opponent is standing,
    use some low scissors, (then another one when they are on ground), if they are ducking, 
    you have the priority, and longer range.
    This game is best played only with certain characters.  It may work well with lei, hwoarang, 
    law, and others, but it does not work with paul.  
    Learn the megaton uppercut.  It does alot of damage, and goes under all high moves.
    33% of the hits in the game are high.  So, use it.  You will thank yourself.
    I have a new friend called the low scissors.  I like using these close, because it shows 
    how strong jack is.  (he rips peoples legs out from under them! cool!)
    His standing f+3 kick does good dmg, and stuns on a counter hit.  he really sticks his 
    foot out, so priority is good, but it isn't too fast.  use it when you learn the timing.
    Best moves to use-
    Double Hammer Knuckle (1+2,1+2)
    this move is good for nailing running opponents, opponents 
    getting up, opponents in the air, and for crushing them when the opportunity arises.
    It does great damage, is slow, but only should be used when it will hit.
    If they've done something stupid, do this.
    Dark Greeting (f+1~4) 
    Well, I nailed a few people with this in some challenges, 
    and now I love it.  Most people don't even know what this move is.  Use when
    you knocked em down, they are a little far away, and you just think they might get hit.
    See the look on their faces!
    Machine gun punches (d/b+1,1,1,[1,1],2) 
    these are good to use if they can get put in.  
    If the opponent doesn't know what they are, try them.  Gun jack punches rapidly with the left arm at 
    crotch height, and then smacks them with a megaton punch.  (good for a finishing move)
    nice damage, bad range at start, good at end. - use on rising opponent?
    Dive Bomber (3+4,[3+4],[3+4]) 
    I used to use this after the Hammer Knuckle, but it doesn't work
    as well as in tekken 3.  another fun move.  Gun jack takes off, flys, and crashes down 
    after, much to the worry of anyone underneath.  If you land behind them, you suck, cos 
    you will be punished big time.  Use if you know it.
    Uppercut rushes (D/F#+2,1,2,1) 
     can juggle, good dmg overall, a little slow, mid hitting 
    uppercut combo punches.
    nice if they hit. 
    Low Hammer rush 
    nice to pop out with in a fight.  Not as big dmg 
    as other moves, but effective nonetheless.  Also good for chipping on ground opponents, 
    and eddies.
    Windmill punches- 
    These are a good move to pull out.  They do good damage, and look scary.
    Low scissors from sitting position-
    Okay moves-
    Scissors- Great rushing move.  good for damage if the bit after it connects.
    If they block, you will most likely recieve punishment, but these are relatively
    safe to use.  It is good to get the megaton punch in, instead of the low scissors, if you can.
    Big uppercuts- If the opponent likes a high move, and you are close, use these.  They aren't too 
    slow, do big much damage, but don't let these block.  These are a punishing move, 
    for high hitting ppl.
    Sitting punches (d+3+4, (1,2,1,2)_(2,1,2,1)) - Heck, the computer usually nails me with these. 
    I hate them.  Some players know them, and will block everytime.  Use to savage kneecaps.
    Cossack kicks (D/B#+3,4,3,4,3,4) - Low hammer rushes are better, but if you dance and 
    sing along with jack, these are fun to use.
    Windmill punches- These are a good move to pull out.  They do good damage, and look scary.
    Bad moves-
    Hammer Combo (1,1,1)- Slow, good dmg, crap, easy.  Try them yourself. Then never use them again.
    (unless you are at opponents back, these do hurt and have enough priority to stomp.)
    Gun Hack/ Hack-2 differences
    Jack-2 cannot land on peoples heads.  he has more sidestep moves.  he has red eyes.
    Gun Jack has much power, has range, can be annoying, and is fun.  He is 
    a good character to learn in my opinion, because he can require good timing,
    and although he can cheese a bit, he also is a challenge to learn.  Try him.
    Sorry if this faq looks shit, but it's my first on tekken.  Will work on it.
    to do- 
    faqs on- xiayou, yoshi, kuni, law, anna, michelle, bryan, lei.
    section on why gun jack is so good.
    songs on gun jack.
    draw pictures to accompany faq.
    land on someones head.
      - For getting hooked on tekken.
    My Friends - herbert, fabio, and the others.
     - For getting beaten up.
     - For making tekken. ditto best game fighting muchos muchos.
    Simon barbz
     - For introducing me to jack, the most fun robot to play ever.
       What other guy kills people by landing on their head?

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