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    Michelle by Ainvar

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    Ainvar's Tekken Faq to Michelle Chang
    Version 1.000000.0.0.0 and erm, some more 0's fer the fun of it    :)
    Author's Beginning Notes
    	#1.  This fact is in its preliminary stage.  Many updates will be 
    added to make it the most complete Michelle guide I can write.
    	#2.  This faq is written for people that are well experienced in 
    the Tekken 3 area.  Many vocabulary words, such as buffering will not 
    be defined as people better then me have already done it better then I 
    could do it.
    Faq Outline
    1.  Why Michelle?
    	1.a.  Strengths	
    	1.b Weaknesses
    2.0  Move List. Courtesy of Mr. Catlord
    3.0  Detailed analysis of Each Pretty move of hers
    4.0  Combos and Strings	
    	4.a Juggle Combos  *needs some work here*
    	4.b Custom Strings
    	4.c  Tag Juggles  *not those crappy moronic KI type juggles, the 
    real tag juggles*
    5.0 Final thoughts
    6.0 Thanks and other happy thoughts
    The Beginning.
    Mr. 1.0.   Why Michelle?
    Simple to answer.  Lets start with her pretty Strengths.
    1.A 	Strengths
    	1.  Fast.  And I mean fast.  Oh, did I mention she is fast?
    	2.  Confusing.  Block low?  Block high? erm, where do I block?
    	3. Hello, Strong, Strong Strong  *Her moves hurt like monkeys on 
    	These will all be shown much better in section 3.0
    	4. Has some incredibly great tag team juggle starters.  *d/f+3+4*
    1.B	Weaknesses
    	1. After her FC, d/f 2 and FC d/f 4,3 She has nasty lag time.
    	  As in, its easy to hit her with just about any juggle you can 
    think of.
    	2. Sometimes can get caught in *no man's land* 
    	 Not really sure what I mean by this, just seems in some 
    	she seems to have limited choices.  No true examples of this yet, 
    but erm, ill come 
    	up with some.
    2.0  Pretty Move List courtesy of Mr. Catlord
     (Front) 1+3 Front Suplex 
     	2+4 Fisherman Suplex 
     	2+5 ??? {2} 
    	D/F+1+2 Arm Lock Suplex 
    (Left) (1+3)_(2+4)_(2+5) 
    (Right) (1+3)_(2+4)_(2+5) 
    (Back) (1+3)_(2+4)_(2+5) German Suplex 
    f+1 Rushing Uppercut *Juggles*
    1+2 Double Strike 
    CH 1,2,1 Punch, Death Push, Sky Uppercut *Juggles* 
    f,f+1,4 Dashing Elbow, Highkick
    d,d/f+1 Dashing Punch
    FC,d/f+2 Dashing Elbow *Stuns on CH* 
    d/f+2,1 Death Push, Sky Uppercut *Uppercut if D-Push hits* 
    d/f+2,(3_4) Death Push, (LK_HK) 
    2+3,1 Death Push, Punt Kick, Uppercut *Juggles* 
    d+2~(N+3) P-K combo 
    (1~1,1)_(d/f+1,1) Catapult Combo *Juggles* 
    1~1,4,3 Catapult, Sweep, Bow Leg
    1~2,(1_3_4) P, Death Push, (Heaven Cannon_HK_LK) 
    1+4,3 Club Fist, Sweep, Bow Leg 
    d/f+1,4,3 Overhead Chop, Back Sweep, Fan Leg 
    WS+4 Skyscraper Kick 
    u/f+3+4 Earthquake Stomp
    FC,d/f+4,[3] Leg Sweep, Bow Leg 
    SS+3+4 Double Jumpkick *Juggles* 
    3+4,4,4[4_d+4_1] Side Spin, HK, Leg Sweep, [HK_LK_Uppercut] 
    d+4,(N+4_d+4_1) Front Leg Sweep, (HK_Fan Kick_Uppercut
    4,4,(4_d+4_1) Kick, Sweep Kick, (HK_Fan Kick_Uppercut)
    WS+2_3~2 Slice Uppercut
    	2 Elbow
    	1,1 Catapult Combo *Juggles*
    	1,4,3 Club Fist, Sweep, Bow Leg
    	4,(N+4_d+4_1) Sweep, (HK_Fan Kick_Uppercut)
    f+1+4 Heaven Cannon *Unblockable Juggles* 
    211:2:33:3:4:4:1 Tenstring 
    211:2:33:2:3:2:1 Tenstring 
    211:2:33:2:1:4:3 Tenstring 
    3.0  That detailed pretty part where Mr. Ain talks about which moves
    he feels are good and such.
    Move Name                                   Rating(out of 5 stars)
    Grappling Techniques	
    (Front)	1+3	Front Suplex		***
    What can I say.  Its a simple throw.  And erm, you throw people if yer 
    in the mood to throw.  A little chance for some okizame, but yer not 
    gonna break the house with this.
    (Front) 2+4	Fisherman Suplex	***
    (Front) 2+5	Tag Throw		****
    Reason this guy gets 4 stars is this.  Tagging your partner in and out 
    can be very difficult at times.  Due to pressure/annoyance/whatever 
    sometimes its hard to find a good time to tag.  This little sucker 
    makes it all easy.  You throw them, change partners, and even do a 
    little damage.  Comes out fast, difficult to break, and fits the bill.
    (Left) Any throw			***
    Its a side throw, need to know more?
    (Right) Any throw			***
    (Back) Any throw			***
    Hurts more then yer normal throw.  But still, its a throw. 
    f+1	Rushing Uppercut		***
    If you actually connect, its very useful to juggle with. Juggles them 
    to the perfect height that makes doing most of her juggles fairly easy.  
    Its Very much like Jun's Tooth Fairy, but I don't think you can team 
    juggle with it.  (ill find out for next revision)
    Problems == Fairly slow.  Can see it coming.  But if you anticipate, it 
    can be well rewarding
    1+2	Double Strike			***  (damn, lots of 3* moves, lol)
    The Stagger that this move causes can lead to some fun custom juggles.  
    But due to its long execution time, it can cause more trouble then its 
    Nice to add in to the mix, but definitely not necessary.
    CH 1,2,1   Punch, Death Push, Sky Uppercut		*****
    Ever find someone doing lots of d+1 low punches on you?   Ever wish you 
    could smack them and hurt them good?  Here is your best friend.
    This very pretty move does wonders in stopping all those annoying low 
    punches. Plus the fact that you can juggle them with a f,f,f+1,2 right 
    after the sky uppercut makes this little sucker a must have for any 
    good monkey.
    F,f+1,4		Dashing Elbow, High Kick		****
    Lets start off with the Dashing Elbow  (f,f+1)
    Unlike Julia, this sucker has a very low lag time at the end of it.  
    Plus the fact that it has very high priority.   Downside is that its 
    not exactly gonna kill people in 1 hit.
    This little ditty can set you up for many of her FC type moves.  For 
    f,f+1    d+1     FC, d/f 4,3.   
    The f,f of the Dashing elbow can be buffered to go an incredible long 
    distance.  It can close just about any gap you may have.  Its low lag 
    time allows you to follow up with a d+1 low punch, allowing you to 
    follow up with her FC d/f2 and her FC d/f4,3 mix-ups.
    d,d/f+1		Dashing Punch.		****
    Oh where to begin.  ?
    #1.  Juggle Ender.  This move has a very nice reach and can close  that 
    little gap to finish off just about any juggle
    #2.  High Priority Pain.  Comes out fast.  Hurts enough to make it 
    useful.  Plus it knocks the opponent to the ground when it hits.  (more 
    on that in the Custom Strings section)
    FC d/f+2	Dashing Elbow   (Stuns on CH)	***********
    Sheesh, only 10 stars.   *do ya think I like this move?*
    Lets start like this.
    #1. Amazing priority.  Comes out almost instantly.
    #2.  Due to its high speed, getting a major counter is not uncommon
    #3.  It sets up 50/50 choosing games between it and the FC d/f 4,3 thus 
    making your opponent have an incredibly difficult time to choose 
    between blocking high and low.
    #4.  After a CH, very pretty juggles await the persistent Juggler.
    Only bad side is this.  If your opponent blocks this sucker, yer gonna 
    see a new world of pain.  a WHOLE new world.  Be careful, don't abuse 
    it, but don't forget how powerful it is.
    d/f+2,1	 (3_4)		Death Push Series	***
    I've got mixed feelings on this one.  On one hand, if the Death push 
    connects, you can put your opponent in a whole world of pain.  It 
    doesn't need a MC to juggle, it just needs to hit to cause them to get 
    hit by the sky uppercut. Only problem is that this sucker is slow.  
    Very very very slow.  Maybe in later updates of this faq Ill find a 
    pretty use to this move, but for now its one of those rarely used 
    (1~1,1)_(d/f+1,1)	Catapult Combo	***  (juggles)
    Another one of those mixed feeling type moves.  If you MC your opponent 
    with this, the juggle seems to be guaranteed.  (someone tell me if its 
    not)  On the other hand, it comes out slow.  You can trick your 
    opponent in to eating this combo, say by shooting it after a d,d/f+1, 
    but its so slow its fairly risky.
    1~1,4,3	Catapult, sweep, Bow Leg	***
    Well, here is the deal.  If you switch between the catapult combo, and 
    this little ditty, you could train your opponent to eat the last to 
    kicks of this combo.  Or you could train them to eat the last punch of 
    the Catapult combo, thus Causing a juggle combo.  But in my humble 
    experience, most people can see both of these guys coming a mile a way.
    If you train yer opponent, they are very pretty.  But in most cases, 
    Julia has more pretty things to do.
    WS+4 		Skyscraper Kick	****	
    It gets a high reason not because of high damage causing, but due to 
    the fact that it has nice priority.  Plus it can be used to switch 
    between the FC d/f+2, to hit your opponent with less risk.  But less 
    damage is associated with the lower risk.
    Personal preference type of move.
    FC d/f+4,3	Leg Sweep, Bow Leg		*******
    doh, Its a 5 star rating system, and now I've gone over it twice. This 
    baby only gets 7 stars though.  It hits low, the Bow Leg is guaranteed 
    if the leg sweep connects.  (sometimes it misses, but this seems to 
    occur much less then it did in Tekken 3.)
    The main reason why this sweetheart gets 7 stars will be explained in 
    the custom strings section.
    D/f+3+4	Double Jumpkick		*****
    Ever wanted an easy way to do a tag juggle?
    Ever wish you could find a move that did a tag juggle where you didn't 
    need to CH?
    Here is a cute gift package.  Has all ya ever wanted in a juggle 
    U/f+3+4	Earthquake Stomp		*
    Don't use this. Please.
    (if anyone has a real useful use for this move, let me know, enlighten 
    me, make me more intelligent, cuz ever since this move has been in 
    Tekken, its been totally 100% useless)
    f+1+4	Heaven Cannon			**	
    Its an unblockable.  Normally they are useless, but tossing one in 
    every so often does hurt.  They surprise people once in a while.
    1	Left Punch				****
    Call me a monkey, but I love pecking attacks.  I REALLY LOVE pecking 
    Stick a punch out every so often, they annoy people.  Even though hers 
    is fairly slow as far as left punches go, its still annoying.  People 
    love to eat a good left punch.
    d+1	Low Left Punch			*****
    This pretty move starts all her FC games.  Its fast.  Its easy.  And 
    even the kids on Sesame Street think its pretty cool.
    SS+1	No Name			****
    Wow.  And wow again.  She sidesteps, then she shoots out this pretty 
    little move.
    On a CH it just happens to make the opponent shoot all the way across 
    the screen.
    #1.  Its fast
    #2.  Its fast
    #3  It hurts enough to make it useful
    SS+2	No Name			(to be determined)
    Someone clue me in here.  It appears to me that she sidesteps and does 
    a move that appears to hit low, even though it hits mid.  (Sorta like 
    Jin's new d/b+1)
    Its solid damage when it hits, but it seems rather boring.  Someone 
    clue me in.
    SS+3,4		Little leg kicking thingies	****
    #1.  Its a juggle starter
    #2 Travels a good distance
    #3 Its a juggle starter that travels a good distance and also is during 
    an evade
    #4.  You get the idea   ?
    f,f+2		running punch move thingy	****
    The rating for this move may change in the near future.  As of right 
    now, I think that is has a good enough recover time so that you cant be 
    juggled after the opponent blocks this move.  So as it stands right 
    now, I think its a move that comes out surprisingly fast, that reaches 
    a very far distance with few risks attacked.  Rating may change if I 
    find more risks to it though, but a good all around move.
    Ten Strings----Personally, I find them boring.  Hers are especially 
    easy to block.  Don't ever go the full 10 hits.  If you find you must 
    use them, stop after 4 or 5 hits.  But honestly, they are icky.  ?
    Juggle Combos and Custom Strings
    4.A.  Juggle Combos.
    Juggle Starter Move
    	1.  f+1	
    	2.  (1~1,1)_(d/f+1,1)
    	3.  d/f+3+4(normally used to do a tag throw btw)
    	4.  SS+3,4
    	5.  u/f+4
    Juggles That Work With These Starters  (very very very preliminary)
    	1.  1,1, f,f+1
    	2.  1,1,f,f+1, 4
    3.  1,1, d,d/f+1
    	4.  1,f+1
    	5.  1,d/f+3+4
    Stun Juggles
    	Juggle Starter Move
    	FC d/f+2 on CH
    Juggles That Work With This Starter (Also very preliminary)
    	1.  Walk forward a step, d+1, FC, d/f+4,3   d+1  (cant seem to 
    get any more hits after the low punch though.  ?)
    2. 	u/f+4 Then Any juggle from the above section.
    4.B.Custom Strings Section
    Blitzkrieg Hyper Offensive Strings.
    I'm Sure everyone reading this FAQ is wondering what in tarnation this 
    To explain it as simply as possible, its doing a ton of low offensive 
    fast moves, that switch between medium and low attack levels, causing 
    massive confusion with your opponent.
    To demonstrate, ill start with a very quick String.  
    Ex.  Run up to opponent, hit d+1.  At this point, we can choose between 
    FC d/f+4,3.  Or we can use FC d/f+2.  
    D+1, FC, d/f+4,3		OR		d+1, FC, d/f+2
    At this point, we would usually use the d/f 4,3, as it hits low, and 
    most people wouldn't expect a low hit to come out so fast.  After 
    repeated (and intentional)  over use of this FC d/f+4,3 maneuver, the 
    opponent will easily start to block the Move. 
    Once the opponent is trained to block low after every d+1, we start 
    switching in Michelle's FC d/f+2.  
    Since both the FC d/f+2, and the FC d/f+4,3 always cause the opponent 
    to be knocked to the ground, it is easy to run up, hit a d+1, and start 
    the guessing game all over again.
    Repeat and rinse until opponent gets pissy and walks away.
    Extending the BlitzKrieg Strings
    	The above string is very simple, to basically show what the 
    blitzkrieg is all about.  From Michelle's FC position, she has 2 
    amazing moves that hit low or mid.  But Opponents can catch on to the 
    pattern, since its not very complicated.  Now is where we make long 
    strings, where we just hide opportunities for the Blitzkrieg idea.
    Example Custom Strings for Julia(more will be added in frequent 
    	1.  f,f+1, d+1,  FC d/f+4,3 OR FC d/f+2
    2. 	f+1, d+1, FC d/f+4,3 OR FC d/f+2
    3. 	d+1, FC, 4, WR 4, d+1 FC d/f 4,3 OR FC d/f+2
    4. 	d+1, WR+1, 1, d+1 FC d/f+4,3 OR FC d/f+2
    5. 	d+1, WR+1, f,f+1, d+1. FC+4, WR+1, f,f+1,d+1, FC d/f+4,3 OR FC 
    *Note --  The Mix-up between the FC d/f+4,3 and the FC d/f+2 can be 
    inserted at any point where Michelle ends up in a FC position*
    4.C.  Tag Team Juggles
    For Tag Juggles, Michelle has the very very Pretty d/f+3+4.  All it 
    needs to do is connect.  It does not need a CH to be able to tag 
    The following Juggle Combos Have Michelle Paired with either Jin Kazama 
    Or Yoshimitsu.
    Michelle and Yoshimitsu
    	Juggle starter(Michelle will always start the juggle)
    	Juggles That Yoshi Can follow Up With(very brief as there are 
    FAQ's way better then mine with tons of Yoshi Juggles that will work 
    perfectly with Michelle's Juggle starter.)
    	1.  1,1,f,f+4
    	2.  1, b+1~1, 1, f,f+2
    Michelle and Jin
    	Juggle Starter(Michelle starts the Juggle)
    	Juggles that Jin can follow up with(also very brief for the exact 
    same reason)
    1. 	1, b,f+2,1,2
    2. 	1,b,f+2,1,d+2
    3. 	f,N,d,d/f+1,3
    4. 	f,n,d,d/f+2
    Final Thoughts
    Michelle was made to be incredibly offensive.  She has all the tools to 
    just continually attack attack attack and attack again.  She can switch 
    between a low attack and a medium attack at a moments notice.  By using 
    her speed and continuity, you can apply unrelenting pressure to your 
    opponent that will cause them to screw up even more.  Never 
    underestimate her power, and her Sidestep.
    Her sidestep needs to be talked about in more detail, as she had very 
    very nice moves added to it to make her that much more dangerous.
    Due to the addition of her SS+3,4 Michelle was given the ability to 
    easily juggle your opponent after a successful SS of an attack.  Like 
    Jin Kazama, people should now be VERY afraid of her SS due to her easy 
    juggle ability from that position
    Also, her SS+1 comes out very quick, and can be devastating if you are 
    able to follow up with a charging shoulder block. (f,f,f)
    Appreciation and Thanks and Copyright and other fun Stuff
    My total and undying love goes out to all my friends at the Greece 
    Ridge Mall in Rochester New York.  Without them as my practice tools, I 
    would never have become as good as I am today.
    Very special Thanks goes out to my Friend Brendon.   Even though I 
    havn't seen him for many months, He devised the entire Blitzkrieg 
    offensive idea, and he also pushed me to continually get better at 
    Other Thanks go to Pat, Chris, Tony, Keith, and all the other Time Out 
    Regulars and management.
    Very Special Thanks Also go out to Catlord as he allowed me to use his 
    Michelle Move list.  This FAQ will grow as Catlord's faq continues to 
    add more and more moves.
    Other Thanks also goes to all yall at #tkn, for your insight and just 
    for bouncing ideas off of.
    Major Props go to Namco, as well, they made this damn game that has 
    sucked 3 years outta my damn life.
    This Document Copyright 1999 Joshua Pryor.  Please don't copy or sell 
    this Faq as it stands for countless hours of working with Michelle 
    Chang.  Please do distribute this faq, as long as you keep my name on 
    the paper, and recognize me as the author.

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