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    Kunimitsu by PHahn

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/12/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                        Tekken Tag Tournament: Kunimitsu FAQ
                                version 1.0  11/12/99
                                    Pete Hahn
    Disclaimer: This document may be reproduced electronically, as long as
                it remains unaltered in any way.  Please give proper credit
                where it is due.  This document Copyright 1999 Pete Hahn.
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       Table Of Contents:
       1) Introduction
       2) Kunimitsu: the Character
       3) Conventions
       4) The Moves
       5) Moves Analysis
       6) Custom Strings/Strategy
       7) Combos
       8) Revision History/What I want to add next revision
       9) Thanks/Credits
     { 1 } I n t r o d u c t i o n
            This is my first FAQ writing attempt in a very long while,
            so please bear with the lack of updates, misspelling/grammar
            errors and such.  To give any readers that don't know me personally
            a somewhat of a background for myself:  I play Tekken Tag
            Tournament regularly in several places in the Chicagoland area
            against some of the better (maybe best?!?) competition that Chicago
            has to offer...the group I play with are advanced/expert level
            players.  I believe I have a firm grasp on what expert level play
            looks like -- I was one of two people (SauerKraut being the other)
            that ran the Chicago nationals for TK3 last year.  I've seen Zack J.,
            Tragic and other top players in action, and I've played some of these
            top players as well.  This FAQ is designed to share some of my
            Kunimitsu  technique to better your Kunimistu play and also
            make you better at TTT overall.  Hopefully everyone will will pick
            something up from my efforts.  To get the most from this FAQ, you
            should at least be at an intermediate level of play; this FAQ assumes
            that you know the basic TTT system.  There are plenty of guides on
            GameFaqs (www.gamefaqs.com) that can help you with system questions
            that you may have.  In any case, enough with the intro, lets get
     { 2 } K u n i m i t s u :   T h e   C h a r a c t e r
            Story taken from Namco's official Tekken Tag tournament Web site
            {Not available as of 11-12-99}
            Somewhat of an underdog is what many people consider Kunimitsu in
            the past Tekken games.  (To dispel that myth, check out Slikatel's
            Mitsu tribute for Tekken 2!).  In TTT, it seems that people shy
            away from trying her because of her past.  Lets take a quick look at
            Kuni's strengths and weaknesses:
            Strengths:   1) Great poker/custom strings
                         2) Decent side-step ability
                         3) GREAT unblockable techniques
                         4) Easy to set up juggles
                         5) Taki-wannabe super-sexy purple outfit! :)
            Weaknesses:  1) Much more practice is needed to obtain advanced
                            technique (i.e. she's not gonna be as easy as
                            Paul or Law to learn and abuse, er...use.)
                         2) Lack of single high-powered moves.  Kuni maxes
                            out at around 30 points, where as our friend Paul
                            can do 49 points on a clean hit deathfist (i.e.
                            no counter needed!)
            Her basic playing style depends on her being mostly on the offensive;
            her jabs, basic uppercut, side kick, and unblockable arsenal allow
            her to do this.  Much more on all of these later...
     { 3 } C o n v e n t i o n s
            Note: You'll find my conventions very close to those of
            Tekken.Net...I'm already used to them, and they are pretty
            much accepted to be a standard in the Tekken community.
            Moves Conventions
                                     -   -   -
            1   = left Punch       | 1 | 2 | 5 |
            2   = right Punch        -   -   -     button layout
            3   = left Kick        | 3 | 4 |
            4   = right Kick         -   -
            5   = tag
            u   = tap u  (d=down, b=back, f=forward, ect...)
            U   = hold up (D=hold down, B=hold back, F=hold forward, ect..)
            d/f = tap down and forward diagonal
            D/F = hold the down and forward diagonal
            qcf = quarter circle forward (qcb=quarter circle back, ect...)
            hcf = half circle forward (hcb=half circle back, ect..)
             n  = nuetral (no joystick input)
             ~  = immediately follwed by...
             ,  = followed by... (i.e. "3,4" = left kick followed by right kick
             _  = or (i.e. "3_4" = left kick or right kick
            ss  = side step
             +  = and (i.e. "3+4" = left kick and right kick simultaneously)
            ws  = while standing from crouch
            bk  = move leaves back turned towards opponent
            bt  = back turned towards opponent
            jg  = juggle starter
            fc  = from crouch (i.e. character in full crouch animation)
            rc  = move recovers in a crouching position
            ch  = counter hit
            ob  = opponent shows back when hit with a move with this property
            gb  = opponent's guard is slighty broken, giving you the advantage
                Hit Levels
                 l  = hits low (must block low)
                 L  = hits low and grounded opponents
                 sm = special mid, can be blocked high or low
                 SM = special mid, hits grounded oppponents
                 m  = hits mid, must block standing up
                 M  = hits mid and grounded opponents
                 h  = hits high (can be crouched under)
                 H  = his high and grouded opponents
                 !  = unblockable attack
                 !l = low unblockable 
                 !L = low unblockable that hits grounded opponents 
                 !m = mid unblockable (cannot be crouched under)
                 !M = mid unblockable that hits grounded opponents
                 !h = high unblockable (can be crouched under)
                 !H = high unblockable that hits grounded oppponents
     { 4 } M o v e   L i s t 
           Note: Official move names taken from Namco's official website:
           www.tekkentagtournament.com...namea for unlisted (unconventional)
           moves I made up!
           Command      Orientation      Name              Damage     Escape
            1+3           front         Jumping Body Slam    30         1
            2+4           front         Sickle Bash          30         2
            2+5           front         Tag Throw            n/a        2
            1+3_2+4       right side    Tornado  (*)         40         2
            1+3_2+4       left side     Avalanche            40         1
            1+3_2+4       back          Back Drop            50       none
            d/b+1+3       front         Judo Throw           35        1+2
            f+1+4         front         Manji Rana           35        d/f
            (*) = Kunimitsu can tag out right after throw is excecuted,
                  allowing her partner to do a follow-up (follow-ups will be
                  discussed later...)
           Command        Name                Hit Level   Damage    Properties
            1_f+1         basic jab             h          10
            d+1_D+1       crouching jab         sm         10
            d/f+4         side kick             m          15
            1,2           jab, uppercut         h,m        10,8
            1,2,1         jab, double uppercuts h,m,m      10,8,6
            2,3           jab, roundhouse       h,h        12,21
            2,d+3         jab, sweep            h,l        12,8
            b+1,1,1,1,1   stone fists           h,h,h,h,h  10 (each)   #1
            f+2           backhand              h          10          ob
            f,f+2,(5)     rising kazura         m          24          jg
            d/f+2,(5)     step in upper         m          13          jg
            1+2           supreme thrust        m          22
            f,f+1+2       solar kick - reverse  m          22          bk
            ss+1+2        windtry wind          h          21
            u/f,n+3       hopping kick          m          32
            u/f,d+3       hopping sweep         L          25
            u/f,n+4       jumping spinkick      m          32
            u/f,d+4       jumping superspinkick m          25
            3,4           zig zag               h,m        30,30
            bt+3          jewel                 m          22          bk,jg
            fc,d/f+3      raining banish        L          12          rc,jg
            4,4,4         triple kick combo     h,h,h      20,20,21    ob,#2
            f,f+4         fubuki                m          10
            D/B+3,3,3,3,3 crouching spin kicks  L,l,l,l,l  12,7,7,5,5  rc,#1
            f+4           tree fall kick        m          12          #3
            u/f+4         avoiding the puddle   m          25
            f+3+4         growling jewel        m          30          gb
            f,f+3+4       solar kick            m          30
            f,f+3+4,1+2   shark attack          m,h        30,30
            f,f+3+4.3     ninja jewel           m,m        30,30       bk
            f,f+3+4,3+4   ninja flying shadow   m,n/a      30,n/a      #4
            u/f+3+4       poison wind           M          21
            fc+3+4_d+3+4  fairy wax             M,M        5,23
            ss+3+4        will-o-the-wisp       L          15          rc
            d+1+2         earth divide          n/a        n/a         #5
            f,f+3         inverted stalker      n/a        n/a         #6   
            f,f+3,4       thrust stalker        m          30
            u,u/b         evasion backflip      n/a        n/a            
            1+2+3+4       kiai tame powerup     n/a        n/a         #7
            d/f           universal low parry   n/a        n/a         #8
           Unblockable Arts:
           Command        Name                Hit Level   Damage    Properties
            d/b+2         deadly slice          !m         15
            b+2           deadly stab           !m         22
            f,f,n+2       advancing deadly stab !m         25
            u+1+2         heaven divide         !m         25
            b+1+2         cycle of rebirth      h,!h       8,11
           Ten String:
           1,2,1,4,4,4,1,2,3,2    Hit levels:  h,m,m,h,h,L,m,h,m,!m
           Property Notes:
           #1: After last spin, Kunimitsu will become dizzy and fall
           #2: opponent shows side if final hit is blocked
           #3: must be executed during crouching spin kicks (before last spin)
           #4: Kuni ends up behind the opponent
           #5: special motion; evades all attacks momentarily
           #6: special motion; Kuni jumps at opponent, lands and
               quickly recovers if 4 was not pressed to execute
               thrust stalker
           #7: 1st hit after power up is given a counterhit bonus for damage.
               However, Kuni cannot block while powered up.  If any moves
               are blocked when Kuni is powered up, she will inflict
               slight guard damage to the opponent.
           #8: with a tap of the d/f diagonal right before a low strike
               comes in contact with Kuni, she will parry it and have a
               slight advantage
     { 5 } M o v e  A n a l y s i s
           The information that this section provides is useful...I will first
           give the move command, the name of the move, hit level, damage and
           a ranking in stars (out of 5) on the first line.  The text following
           that will detail the moves best uses, set-ups, follow-ups, and any
           other tidbits that I thought might be useful regarding this move.  
           * = pretty useless move, really should not be used that much if at all
           ** = below average move, has specialized uses
           *** = average move, has multiple uses
           **** = above average move, will use often in multiple situations
           ***** = a near perfect move in terms of set-ups, follow-ups,
                    speed, recovery; use this move often 
           command        name                   damage   escape     rank
            1+3           Jumping Body Slam       30         1        **
            standard throw...I normally don't use this on unless my
            opponent is escaping my sickle bash and I need to change up,
            since this throw basically doesn't leave you with any
            follow-ups or ground games to enjoy.
            2+4           Sickle Bash             30         2        ***
            standard throw...people, use this!  Easy to execute, allows some
            fun follow-ups: If the opponent stays on the ground, fc,d/f+3 or
            ss+3+4 will hit...if they stay down slightly longer, back up and
            do an u/f+3+4 poison wind.  Another nice follow up is Kuni's
            d+3+4; the first hit will hits them if they don't move, but if
            they flinch, the other hit will tag them as well.  If you
            take a step back and execute the d+3+4, only the second hit will
            connect, for some pretty sweet damage.  You can also try for an
            u/f,d+3. Just don't get too predictable with it's use or you'll
            never get it to land. Best to try this throw after a basic jab
            counterhits.  See "okizeme" under Custom Strings/Strategy for
            another sweet trap thanks to tragic's tk3 Yoshi.
            2+5           Tag Throw         damage varies    2        ***
            The actual throw and damage vary with your partner...however,
            this move really shines when you are teamed up with
            Mokujin/Tetsujin, as the throw will easily reveal Moku's identity
            to you (and unfortunately, the opponent).  Obviously, use this move
            when you need to tag and inflict some damage at the same time.
            1+3_2+4       Tornado (right side)    40         2        ****
            Ahh...a nice little side throw we have here.  It allows for some
            follow-ups afterwards, but it seems that the initial damage is
            decreased when you tag.  The throws only real downfall is that it
            is easy to escape, so try to catch your opponent off gaurd by not
            always throwing when you sidestep one of his moves.  Here are some
            follow-ups, by character.  Please tell me if you have verified 
            that someone escaped one of these follow-ups so it can be removed.
            By the same token (heh, a little arcade pun for you), please inform
            me of any more follow-ups that you have that aren't on this list.
          Baek: d/b+4 or f,f+4 or d/b+3+4
          Michelle: u/f+3+4
          Armor King: ground throw or d/f+3+4 or d+3+4 or d/b+4 or u,n+1+4
          Gun Jack: b,d/b,d,d/f+1 or u/f+3+4 or d/f+2+3 or F+3+4
          Anna: f,f+4 or d+3+4
          Bryan: d/f+3
          Heihachi: 4~3 or f,n,d,d/f+4 or f,n,d,D/F+3
          Ganryu: u/f+3+4,2 or d/f+2+3
          Julia: u/f+3+4 or b+3
          Jun: 3+4 or b+1 or fc,d/f+2
          Ling: f,f+3+4 or d+1+2,4~3 or f,f+3
          Yoshi: d/b+1 or u/f+3+4,b+1,u/f+3+4 or u/f,d+3 or 1+2, f,f
          Nina: f,f+4 or d+3+4
          Law: d/b+2,4 (the d/b+2 doesn't hit) 
          Hwoarang: d/b+4 or (3+4),4,3 or d/b+3+4
          Eddy: d/b+3 or f,f+3+4 or ss+4
          Paul: d+2 or D,d/f+2,2 (first 2 misses)
          King: ground throw or f,f+2+3 or f+1+4 
          Lei: u/f+2 or d/b+4
          Jin: 4~3 or f,n,d,d/f+4 or b+4 or u/f+2+4
          Kazuya: 4~3 or f,n,d,d/f+4
          Bruce: d/f+3  
          Kuma: u/f+3+4 or 1+2 or f,f+2
          Jack-2: b,d/b,d,d/f+1 or u/f+3+4 or f,f+3
          Lee: fc,d,d/f,d,d/f+3 or fc,d/f+4 or d/b+3
          Wang: d/f+1+2 or u/f+3+4 or ss+4
          P-Jack: b,d/b,d,d/f+1 or u/f+3+4 or d/f+1+2 or F+3+4
          Devil: 4~3 or 3+4
          True Ogre: f,f+1+2 or 4~3 or ss+4 or d+3+4
          Ogre: f,f+1+2 or ss+4
          Roger/Alex: ss+4 or d/f+3+4 or d+3+4 or d/b+3  or u/f+3+4
            1+3_2+4       Avalanche (left side)   40         1        ***
            A standard side throw that doesn't offer nearly as much in the
            ways of follow-ups as the above move, but you can still try to
            hit the opponent as he's rising with the fc,d/f+3 or ss+3+4
            1+3_2+4       Back Drop (back)        50       none       ***
            Standard back throw that gets the job done, being unescapable.
            Go for an u/f+3+4 poison wind if the opponent stays on the ground
            in fear of your wake-up games.
            d/b+1+3       Judo Throw              35        1+2       ****
            A very useful throw...this frontal throw requires a dual button
            escape, making it more difficult to break.  Also, it leaves the
            opponent near you (in a bad position) so get the wake-up games
            going after this throw.  If the opponent doesn't move right away,
            the second (and more powerful) hit of d+3+4 will connect with no
            need to step back...this throw sets you up perfectly.  Another
            thing to try if they stay down is Kuni's u/f,d+3.  Also,
            this throw should be used after a blocked, slow-recovering move,
            (because of the more difficult escape) on better opponents rather
            than the 2+4 sickle bash.  In Austin Powers fashion, you MUST yell
            "JUDO THROW" everytime you land this move.  
            f+1+4         Manji Rana              35        d/f       ***
            A somewhat useful throw.  This will seem unescapable to mashers
            and scrubs and anyone else that doesn't know that you can't escape
            it pressing 1 or 2 or 1+2...simply hold d/f as the throw starts,
            and Kuni will go flying over their head.  Sometimes the damage is
            worth the risk on better players, but stick with the Judo Throw
            for retaliation purposes.
           Command        Name                Hit Level   Damage     Rank
            1_f+1         basic jab             h          10         *****
            You might be thinking "5 stars for a basic move?"  Folks, let
            me tell you, this move rocks.  Here's why:  Easy to execute,
            extrememly quick in execution AND recovery.  After a counterhit,
            you opponent has no choice but to block another jab, since it
            executes before they can even duck, it seems.  It sets up a 2+4
            throw or JUDO THROW nicely after a counterhit, and chains into a
            sidekick, uppercut or another basic jab so fluidly that you'll 
            want to be using this move a LOT.  Don't be afraid to throw 2 or
            3 jabs out in a row, you'll most likely be safe from most forms
            or retaliation and push your opponent back at the same time.
            After pushing them back to the right distance, Kuni's
            unblockable arsenal is much more effective.
            d+1_D+1       crouching jab         sm         10         ****
            A great move...usually I use this to interrupt faster attacks,
            then go for a throw.  Also, this move plays a central part in
            Kuni's custom strings, setting up her ws+4 or fc,d/f+3, and
            other moves.  You'll be using this move a lot if you want your
            Kuni to win.
            d/f+4         side kick             m          15         ****
            A very quick kick that recovers almost as fast as it executes.
            This move should be used fairly often in you custom strings to
            keep pressure on your opponent without you moving towards them.
            Also useful as a quick counter to moves that recover near you,
            but go for the d/f+2 with you are within reach to set up more
            damage with a juggle.
            1,2           jab, uppercut         h,m        10,8       ***
            A somewhat useful string, basically used to slightly push
            opponents away.  Recovers with decent speed as well.
            1,2,1         jab,double uppercuts  h,m,m      10,8,6     ***
            Same as above, although I find this slightly more useful.  People
            seem to think that they can just rush in after this move, so I
            halt them with a side kick or uppercut.  Just make sure that you
            don't hit your side kick too soon after the last 1, or you'll go
            on to Kuni's 4th hit in her ten string, which any average player
            will know to crouch under and counter.
            2,3           jab, roundhouse       h,h        12,21      **
            A below average string that I (rarely) use in juggles, since
            there are much more damaging options.  
            2,d+3         jab, sweep            h,l        12,8       ***
            Slightly better than the above move, because this sets up a
            guessing game from here...is Kuni going to stay in the crouch
            and low kick or fc,d/f+3, or will she ws+4?  Basically an
            easy start into Kuni's custom strings.
            b+1,1,1,1,1   stone fists           h,h,h,h,h  10 (each)  *** 
            Never more than 1 or 2 of these outside a juggle.  They are too
            easy to crouch under.  I will normally use 1 to move myself
            closer to an opponent when I'm 2-3 steps away, then either go
            for a buffered JUDO THROW (especially if the b+1 counterhit) or
            d/f+2 if they are foolish enough to crouch in the face of Kuni.
            This move is used in many of Kuni's juggles as middle hits to
            keep an opponent in the air.  
            f+2           backhand              h          10         ***
            I have mixed thoughts on this move.  The obvious strengths are
            that it turns the opponent around so that you get a free hit or
            combo to his back, but it's downfalls are also pretty significant;
            the move hits high, which means any decent opponent will duck under
            it if it is anticipated, and it executes relatively slowly as well.
            That means you should be buffering a chicken with this move
            against reversal characters (see Custom Strings/Strategy Section
            on how to buffer a chicken).  Obviously it us best used after slow
            recovering moves are whiffed by the opponent.  My usual follow up
            to a successful back hand is either f,f+3+4,3 to poison wind flip
            stomp or d/f+2 step in upper, b+1, 1, 3 for some cheap back jugglin'
            f,f+2,(5)     rising kazura         m          24         ***
            Think Heihachi's f,f+2.  Pretty similar...her most damaging
            juggle starter, slow to start up, and slightly longer recovery
            than her other juggle starters.  Good to throw out every now and
            then, just be sure to nail a chicken for me, as people like to
            try to reverse this move.  Can also be tagged, leading to some
            cool tag juggles.
            d/f+2,(5)     step in upper         m          13         **** 
            A must learn...this move has always been a core part of any
            good Yoshi/Kuni game.  Use this move when an opponent leaves
            themselves open after a slow recovering move to set up a juggle.
            You can also often trick your opponent into walking into this
            move in your custom strings.  Her primary juggle starter.
            Can also be tagged.
            1+2           supreme thrust        m          22         ****
            For those of you that have played Soul Calibur, think Mitsurugi's
            b+B move; slight evasion (less so than Mitsu's) and then a quick,
            ranged poke that quickly follows.  You can evade a throw and attack
            at the same time using this move.  Also can be used to end some
            of Kuni's more stylin' juggles.  This move flows smoothly after
            a series of jabs, or after a blocked d+3+4, or after a blocked
            side kick.  On a counter, be prepared to run after your opponent;
            this move send them flying, similar to a counterhit deathfist.
            f,f+1+2       solar kick - reverse  m          22         *** 
            Actually a much better move than people give it credit for.  Can
            but used to (carefully) start some custom strings by following
            it with a d+1,d+4, u/f+4, or just a bt+3.  A mean trick is
            to follow a f+2 backhand with the f,f+1+2; now, you have just hit
            the opponent in the back with 22 points of damage, and they are
            still stuck with their back turned.  Most decent competitors will
            crouch in fear of being hit with a f,f+3+4,1+2 shark attack after
            being hit with a f+2 backhand, so capitalize on this fear and
            hit them again after they sit there in a crouch waiting for a
            shark attack to go sailing over thier head!
            ss+1+2        windtry wind          h          21         **
            Not that great a move in my opinion.  If it hid mid, it would
            at least create some sort of a guessing game with her ss+3+4.
            I normally won't use this move much at all, unless it's just
            for a change of pace after sidestepping an opponents move.
            P.S. did Namco spell that move name wrong???
            u/f,n+3       hopping kick          m          32         **
            A weird move tht isn't on the official movelist, but I use it,
            none the less.  Really, it's main use is to switch up from the
            u/f,d+3.  Other than that, I haven't found much use for it.
            u/f,d+3     hopping sweep         L            25         ***
            I had thoughts about giving this move a 4 star rating.  This
            move can make staying on the ground after being floored a
            bad idea for an opponent.  It's damage makes Kuni's wake-up
            games that much more effective.  Try it after a 2+4 sickle
            bash throw, or JUDO THROW.  
            u/f,n+4     jumping spinkick        m          32         **
            Not too useful on its own, since Kuni spins there in the air
            after kicking.  It can be useful as a mix-up from the u/f+,d+3
            hopping sweep move.
            u/f,d+4     jumping superspinkick   m          25         **
            Kuni gets spin happy after kicking and does an even fast series
            of spins after kicking.  Because the move looks like the u/f,d+3
            hopping sweep, use this as a mix-up if the opponent got up and
            you were about to attempt the u/f,d+3 on his downed character
            but didn't commit to it yet.
            3,4           zig zag               h,m        30,30      **
            The entire move itself gets 2 stars.  If you use just the 3
            portion of it, you actually have a somewhat decent move.
            With really good timing (and knowing your opponent), go for a
            3 to counterhit a slow executing move.  The damage this thing
            deals out is great.  Close to 50 points on a counterhit...
            that's almost as strong as a clean hit deathfist! Also, for
            this reason, it can be used at the end of many of Kuni's juggles.
            I give the 3 alone (without the 4 follow-up): ***
            bt+3          jewel                 m          22         *** 
            An average move that can be used to start some bt custom strings.
            Recovery is pretty decent as well, just don't get predictable,
            as an opponent can backdash and counter if they anticipate it.
            fc,d/f+3      raining banish        L          12         **** 
            A staple Yoshi/Kuni move ever since the original Tekken.  Use
            this after a d+1 in a custom string, or from it's furthest
            reach when you catch your opponent napping. Can be followed
            by small juggles or a quick u/+3+4 poison wind if you hit them
            close enough to you.  Also very useful in wake-up games...this
            move will put an opponent back on the mat if you hit them with
            this as they attempt to roll away.  Don't be afraid to use this
            move 4 or 5 times in a row in this manner; if the opponent can't
            learn how to get up, this is his lesson.  Slightly slow to
            recover if blocked, so don't get too predictable.  An alternate
            way to execute this move is D/F+3 (hold the d/f diagnal for a
            half of a second, then hit 3).
            4,4,4         triple kick combo     h,h,h      20,20,21   * 
            All 3 kicks together make up one of the most useless moves in
            the entire game, since they can all be ducked under and you can
            be punished REALLY easily.  An occaisional 4 by itself is ok
            to throw out every now and then, but the d/f+4 sidekick is so
            much better, so why bother?
            f,f+4         fubuki                m          10         ***
            One of Kuni's quickest executing moves (actually, one of the
            fastest in the entire game!)  Use this to  counter an overly
            offensive opponent as he rushes you.  Be careful not to miss,
            as the recovery time isn't as quick as the execution time.
            Also used to end juggles, because of it's speed and reach.
            Too weak in terms of damage to be given a 4 star rank.
            D/B+3,3,3,3,3 crouching spin kicks  L,l,l,l,l  12,7,7,5,5 ** 
            An ok move in the right situations...the first hit will peg
            opponents on the ground.  Somewhat useful in wake-up games; if
            they attempt to roll, the first kick will lift them higher and
            you can chain into 3 more kicks, followed by a tree fall kick.
            Also useful in some of Kuni's flashier juggles.  An alternate
            execution for this move is fc,d/b+3,3,3,3,3.
            f+4           tree fall kick        m          12         **
            Basically used to push an opponent away after executing some
            crouching spin kicks.  Looks similar to a ws+4, and has many
            of the same properties.  Used to finish crouching spin kick
            juggles, too.
            u/f+4         avoiding the puddle   m          25         ***
            Somewhat useful if you anticipate a low poke from the opponent,
            as this move can hop over it and strike at the same time.  This
            move can be executed with either u/f+4, u+4, or u/b+4, the latter
            moving you away from the opponent while attacking.  This techinique
            is also used in some of Kuni's juggles.
            f+3+4         growling jewel        m          30         ***
            Wow, a great move!  This move tracks well, and causes some
            serious damage as well.  Use it when an opponent tags out to nail
            the incoming character, and also use it as the opponent rises from
            a knockdown.  If they block it, you are relatively safe, as this
            move causes a slight guard stun.  Just be careful that Kuni is
            lined up with the enemy properly afterwards; since the move does
            track well, it could bring you to an opponents side after forcing
            them to block it after a knockdown...just don't start poking away
            until you've re-aligned Kuni with her opponent! Also, this move is
            used in some of Kuni's better juggles.
            f,f+3+4       solar kick            m          30         **
            Not very useful by itself, but it does good damage, so it's
            worthwile to poke with one if you haven't in a while.  Just be
            sure to follow it with one of the 2 different follow-ups
            listed below...
            f,f+3+4,1+2   shark attack          m,h        30,30      ***
            Good damage, but hard to land.  Try turning them around with
            a f+2 and see what they do; if they don't crouch after the
            initial hit, use this move, if they do crouch after the first hit,
            use the ninja jewel (below).
            f,f+3+4,3     ninja jewel           m,m        30,30      *** 
            Use mixup from above move.  Works extremely well on many players,
            since they are all conditioned to avoid Yoshi's death-trap from
            the f+2 back hand.  Follow with a u/f+3+4 poison wind if they
            hesitate in the slightest after being hit. 
            f,f+3+4,3+4   ninja flying shadow   m,n/a      30,n/a     *** 
            Same beginning as the shark attack, just evades the opponent at
            the end, in true ninja fashion.  Useful if you need to tag, since
            you do get some distance between you and the opponent with this
            u/f+3+4       poison wind           M          21         ***
            A very useful move on opponents. Since Kuni's wake-up games are
            so intimidating, many opponents wait on the floor and leave
            themselves open to this move..  Try using after: 2+4 sickle bash,
            JUDO THROW, ninja flying shadow, ss+3+4, fc,d/f+3, and many others.
            fc+3+4_d+3+4  fairy wax             M,M        5,23       ****
            People, if you don't use this move fairly often, you'll never
            realize Kuni's effectiveness.  This move recovers so incredibly
            fast it's sickening.  I use it in several different instances:
            After a 2+4 throw (described above), to start custom strings,
            and in general, annoy the opponent with the quick recovery
            on such a potent move (28 points of damage with such little
            risk is just so sweet!) Also useful in wake-up games from most
            knockdowns.  The only slight downfall to this move is that Kuni
            takes a second to jump up and can be hit at that time, so don't
            get scrubby predictable with this move... mastery of the multiple
            uses and properties of this move is one of the keys to dominating
            with Kuni.
            ss+3+4        will-o-the-wisp       L          15         ***
            Useful, IF you keep it fresh.  The recovery delay is horrible
            if the opponent manages to block it.  Use maximum 2 or 3 times a
            round.  Follow-up with an u/f+3+4 poison wind or fc,d/f+3.
            d+1+2         earth divide          n/a        n/a        ***
            I call this move "deathfist evader" because that's what I use it
            mainly for; evading predictable deathfists from Paul scrubs. Some-
            what useful if you can anticiapte an opponents high or mid move,
            and a great way to show you've got class  (Style poonts galore for
            evading throws with this move, then countering).  It seems that low
            moves can pick it out of it's recovery and execution frames, so
            even it you meant to evade Paul's falling leaf sweep, it still
            could peg you.  I need to research this move more to see what moves
            can be fully evaded if timed properly.
            f,f+3         inverted stalker      n/a        n/a        ** 
            Just a quick recovering jump towards the opponent.  Really only
            useful in confusing your opponent after many d+3+4's, or using
            the quick recovery to land a sneak attack while your opponent
            waits for the thrust stalker to come out...
            f,f+3,4       thrust stalker        m          30         **
            Like Eddy's f,f+4~4.  Causes a guard stun if blocked.  Not too
            useful; I still need to research this move more to find out
            some more uses besides the above move psych-out.
           Unblockable Arts:
           Command        Name                Hit Level   Damage     Rank
            d/b+2         deadly slice          !m         15         ***
            One of Kuni's two most useful unblockables.  Moderately quick in
            terms of execution, and has decent range, as well.  Does not
            knock down, however.  The damage that this does is not that
            great, so I usually opt for the deadly stab in most situations.
            This move can be used to end some juggles, though, while the
            deadly stab won't work.  Hits big opponents on the ground (Kuma,
            all of the Jacks, and True Ogre).
            b+2           deadly stab           !m         22         ****
            Kuni's best unblockable technique, in my opinion.  Very useful
            in that it cause more damage than the deadly slice, and also
            causes a knockdown, unlike the dealy slice.  Can be followed
            by a quick d+4 to combo, but I would reccommend getting some
            wake-up games started after landing this -- this move puts
            them right where you want them!  If they quick rise close enough
            after most juggles, you'll be in range to land one of these
            right away...just like in the above example...b+2, d+4 combo,
            opponent quick rises, b+2 will put them right back where they
            belong; on the floor!
            f,f,n+2       advancing deadly stab !m         25         ****
            Only slightly more damaging than it's normal variation, but
            it has a akward motion that seems to leave you open to
            attack, since you have to basically dash at your opponent, then
            leave the stick nuetral for a split second.  The 2 extra points of
            damage probably isn't worth it, but the double tap forward might
            be needed anyway to get nearer the opponent if they are farther
            u+1+2         heaven divide         !m         25         **
            This move seems to be a lot better than it actually is.  Don't
            expect to land this move my dashing right in front of their
            face and executing this move; they will mostl likely WALK back out
            of range before it hits.  This move can be used to to evade some
            slow-executing moves that also have a long recovery, because then
            the opponent can't back off.  As of right now, I haven't found
            too much use for it, but I will definitely have to reasearch it
            more; this move has potential.  Also hits big opponents on the
            ground like the deadly slice.
            b+1+2         cycle of rebirth      h,!h       8,11       **
            Not an overly useful move, but it looks cool.  The first hit
            can be blocked standing, and the second it unblockable.  The
            only problem is that the first portion pushes the opponent too
            far out of range to be hit by the unblockable portion of it!
            If you wan to land the second part, space yourself from your
            opponent using basic jabs (2 or 3)and try to miss the first hit;
            just be warned, the damage really isn't worth it.  This move can
            be used in some of Kuni's juggles, though.
           Ten String:
           1,2,1,4,4,4,1,2,3,2    Hit levels:  h,m,m,h,h,L,m,h,m,!m   **
            Please, PLEASE do not use the entire string on any worthwhile
            competition.  There is only 1 low hit in the entire thing, and
            the unblockable at the end comes out slow enough that most
            mashers will mash something in between.  ONLY use the entire
            string against overly defensive scrubs.
     { 6 } C u s t o m   S t r i n g s / S t r a t e g y
           Custom Strings
           Okay folks, this section basically tells you how I put it all
           together with Kuni.
           First, for those unfamiliar with the term "custom string": I
           define this as a quick series of attacks that flows from one
           to the next which leaves little room for the opponent to do much
           of anything in between.  Useful in confusing and wearing down the
           opponent because if he attempts most anything while you are executing
           the string, he will be hit with some damage, especially if he tried a
           move; you will then get extra damage for the counterhit.  Also sets
           up guessing games as you move from one techinique in the string to the
           next...the opponent will be forced to block the next attack,
           (unless the opponent is extremely quick to attack with an extremely
           fast executing move, that is) be it low, mid, or unblockable, only
           you know for sure!
           I will give examples of some strings that I use with a few variations
           thrown in to give you an idea of how I mix it up.  But it is up to
           you to get creative and come up with some that you can call your
           own.  After all, if you only use the ones that I have listed here
           then the opponent is eventually going to catch on and start finding
           ways around them (either that, or he's read this FAQ too and and
           is prepared for it!)  If you find any that you have made that are
           particularly useful, feel free to send them to me (PHahn123@aol.com)
           so that I can add them to this section, along with your name!
           Custom String example # 1
                d+1, ws+4, d/f+4, d/f+2
           crouching jab, while standing right kick, side kick, step in upper
           notes: very quick executing string, mainly I use it to get some
                  breathing room and set up an upppercut at the same time.
           Custom String example # 2
                d+1, ws+4, D+1, d/f+3
                               -> ws+4
           crouching jab, while standing right kick, crouching jab, raining
           banish lunging sweep
           notes: I use this classic to set my opponent up for the lunging
           sweep move by first getting him to stand up by hitting mid with a
           ws+4, then going for the sweep.  Switch up to a second ws+4 if you
           have an opponent that likes to take the risk of low blocking close
           to Kuni.
           Custom String example # 3
                b+1, d/f+2 or d/f+4 or 1 -> b+1, start string over
                   -> JUDO THROW (especially if b+1 was counter hit)
                   -> d+1 -> custom strings # 1 or 2
           notes: I use this when I have more distance between my opponent.
           The b+1 accomplishes the forward movement, and sets up an uppercut,
           throw, or another custom string since it recovers so quickly.
           Custom String example # 5
                1, d/f+4, d/f+2 -> start string over at 1...     
                  -> throw (especailly if 1 counter hit)
                  -> d+1 -> custom strings # 1 or 2
           notes: a simple, yet effective string that plays on the quick
           recovery of the basic side kick.  Use this often to set up juggle
           Custom String example # 6
                      -> d+1 -> custom strings 1 or 2
                      -> 1, custom string 5 variations
                      -> 1+2
           notes: based on the quick recovery of the d+3+4, which many people
           think has a longer recovery time than it does. The 1+2 variation
           is effective if they try to rush in and throw after the d+3+4, as
           the d+3+4 recovers quickly and gives the first portion of the 1+2
           a chance to evade a throw or counter attack.
           Custom Strings (unblockable set-ups)
                d+1, ws+4, d/f+4, b+2 (great after being "conditioned" from # 1)
                1, 1, 1, d/b+2  (push them back out of their jab range)
                1, 1, d/f+4, b+1+2 (push them back so that the 1st hit of b+1+2
                                    misses and the second they can't block)
                d+3+4 (opponent rushes) u+1+2 (good if you keep it fresh, but
                                               you will be punish if the u+1+2
           Again, these are only a few examples that I have chosen.  Please
           use some that define your Kuni to be your own; it's what makes
           yor Kuni different from everybody elses.
           As the opponent rises (aka okizeme, wake-up games, ect...)
           There are several invaluable moves you have when you knock the
           opponent to the mat.  These moves are, in no particualr order:
           Moves that can be used that are not as valuable:
           There are several different options that an opponent has when
           knocked down that Kuni can take advantage of:
           1) Stay down
           2) Roll forwards or backwards
           3) Get up with an attack
           4) Get up with no attack
           5) Roll into the foreground/background before getting up
           6) Quick Recover
           7) Tag
           How to come away with the most damage in the above situations:
           1) Opponent stays down:
              Okay, there are several option here:  A very damaging one is
              to hit them with an u/f,d+3 which takes 25 points away from a
              grounded opponent.  Slightly less damaging is the poison wind
              (u/f+3+4) which will do 21 points, but also hops a bit before Kuni
              lans on the opponent.  You have to make sure you use the right move
              in the right situation.  The wildcard option here is to go for
              a d+3+4.  If you don't space yourself properly, only the first hit
              will connect for 5 points of damage.  However, if the second hit
              connects with the grounded opponent, it will do 23 points!  The
              trick is to learn the positioning of this second hit.  There are
              some moves that set you up perfectly for the second hit like the
              JUDO THROW, but others, like the 2+4 sickle bash throw, you
              you will need to adjust.  The nice thing about this option is that
              if the opponent flinches during the d+3+4, both hits will connect
              for 28 total points of damage.  Take note that large characters
              (all of the Jacks, Kuma/Panda, and True Ogre) can be hit with
              Kuni's u+1+2 and d/b+2 unblockables while on the ground.  If you
              want to be mean, use tragic's old Yoshi get up trap from Tekken 3:
              sidestep to behind the opponent's head (if you're not there
              already), then do d+1, ws+4, d+1, ws+4...repeatedly.  The ideal
              outcome of this scenario is that the opponent either tries to stand
              up or attack; either way, his back is now facing you.  If the low
              punch hit, then follow with the ws+4, then take it from there
              (either a basic uppercut or knee bash) and if the ws+4 hit,
              go for a knee bash to the back.
           2) Opponent rolls
              This is where the opponent really gets himself into trouble.
              The raining banish lunging sweep move is invaluable against
              rollers; It will put them right back on the ground, allowing
              you to continue your okizeme techniques.  Some opponents refuse
              to get up without rolling (especially scrubs and mashers), so
              be ready with multiple lunging sweeps.  Don't be afraid to overuse
              this move either...I used 4 in a row to kill a roller, and I
              still didn't get a chicken.  You can  try going for a
              D/B+3,3,3,3,f+4 okizeme-combo if they roll for style points,
              but the lunging sweep is more effective in my opinion.  The
              d/b+2 unblockable has some range in the execution where Kuni
              will lunge and also hit rollers.
           3) Opponent gets up with an attack
              Another risky proposition for the opponent, depening on Kuni's
              position.  It is easy to dance in and out of an opponent's
              get-up attack range, then pop him with an upppercut.  If the
              opponent does attack and you have poor postion, you will be forced
              to guess if it's going to be the d+kick lightning kick, a low
              kick, or mid kick.  The u+1+2 unblockable can go over all of
              these in it's execution and hit the opponent, but if the
              opponent psyched you out and doesn't move, he WILL hit you
              with something after the unblockable whiffs.
           4) Opponent gets up with no attack
              The safest option for most situations, and many experts get up
              with out attacking.  This leaves the opponent and Kuni with
              a 50/50 chance of having the advantage, depening on the position
              of the opponent in relation to Kuni.  If you are out of range of
              your side kick, you can try a b+2 unblockable as a sneak attack,
              but other than that, it's back to fighting.  If you've scared
              the opponent enough to be defensive as he rises, go for a JUDO
              THROW and put him back on the mat.
           5) Opponent rolls into the foreground/background
              Also a somewhat safe option for the opponent. See above.
      (*)  6) Opponent quick recovers
              Heh, heh, heh...this is what you've been waiting for.  As long
              as you are in range, it is near impossible for an opponent
              to escape a f,f,n+2 or b+2 as the quick recover.  Go for a d+4
              or after it hits, then watch the opponent closely...do they quick
              recover again (fools!), or do they stay grounded leaving themselves
              open for 25 points of ground damage with the u/f,d+3?  Either
              way, be prepared to make the most of this situation.
           7) Opponent tags
              Another mistake that you can exploit, if you are ready for it.
              You can choose to nail the incoming character with a high-powered
              move (I go for 1+2 or f+3+4), or try to peg the downed character
              with a raining banish lunging sweep as he presses tag and runs
              for it.  
           The Art of Chicken
              In order to defend yourself from reversal characters, learning
              to chicken is a must-learn for high level players.  The best way
              to describe the execution method is to use the opposite of the
              reversal motion (f+1+3 or f+2+4) when being reveresed yourself.
              Well, which one do you need to use?  That depends on which limb
              was just grabbed by the opponent.  f+1+3 for a left limb strike,
              or f+2+4 for a right limb strike.  The following is a list of moves
              most reveresed by opponents in my experience:
              1,2,1,4 (usually 4)       
              Sometimes you can just throw a move out trying to get a chicken,
              if you know your opponent will try to reverse.  I like using
              Kuni's f,f+2 after blocking Paul's deathfist...many Paul's like
              going for that reversal, and after I chicken them (possibly a few
              times), they are afraid to reverse most anything.  This allows me
              to poke without fear of being reveresed.  But then again, some
              people never learn, and by "buffering" a chicken, you'll be taking
              away 3/4 of their life bar by chickens.  To "buffer" a chicken is
              really easy:  hold down the button that you used to execute the
              move being reversed, then hit forward and the other button needed
              to chicken right after.  Example:  f,f+2 (hold 2), f+4
     { 7 } J u g g l e   C o m b o s
           I know that some of you flipped right to this section of the guide
           to see some juggles...that's cool; however, you'll need to learn
           how to hit an opponent with a move that sets up a juggle first.  I
           used to think that good juggles defined an expert, now I know that
           this isn't true.  If you can't land a juggle starter, what good is
           knowing a damaging/cool-looking juggle?  Just remember this.
           Note: Any hits in parenthesis means that move doesn't hit the opponent
           in the juggle.
           Conventional Juggle Starters:
           d/f+2 basic step-in upper and f,f+2 rising kazura
           Juggle Starter:  d/f+2 (Step-in Upper) follow-ups:
           Follow up                       Difficulty      Style Points
           3                                 *                *
           1, b+1, b+1+2 (or 3)              ***              ***
           1, b+1, 1, b+1, f,f+4 or d/b+2    ***              ****
           b+1,(1),1, b+1,(1),1, 1+2         ****             *****
           u/f,n+1, 1, 1, 3 or f,f+4         ****             ****
           f,f+4, d+1, f,f+4                 ****             ****
           d/f+2, d/f+2, f,f+4               **               **
           f+3+4, D+1, d/f+3                 ***              *****
           U/F+4, f,f+4                      ***              ***
           D/B+3,3,3,3,3, f+4                ***              ****
           1, 1, 1, 1, f,f+4                 ****             ****
           and probably the most useful combo Kuni has:
           "The Option Combo":
                                      option:         why:
           d/f+2, b+1, 1, b+1,1 --->
                                       3             easy, cheesy damage
                                       1, f,f+4      something different
                                       1+2           style points
                                       f+3+4         damage + style
                                       u/f+4         safer, less damage than
                                       d/f+2~5       need to tag out but didn't
                                                     realize the need to earlier;
                                                     also your partner can tag
                                                     in with a slide that is
                                                     pretty hard to avoid as
                                                     well, (f,f,n+4) if he has
                                                     a slide.
          Juggle Starter: raining banish lunging sweep (fc,d/f+3)
           Follow up                       Difficulty      Style Points
           ws+4, f,f+4                       ***              ***
           ws+4, d+4                         *                **
           D/B+3,3,(3),3,3,f+4               ***              ****
           D+4, fc,d/f+3                     ***              ***
     { 8 } R e v i s i o n   H i s t o r y
           Version 1.0 initial release!
           Plans for following revisions:
           Many more juggle combos, especially tag combos.
           Vs. strategy against each character.
           New custom strings.
           Add strategy section on uses of d/f tap low parry.
           A "Partners that work well with Kuni and why" section.
           Much more...it's all in my head, I tell you!
     { 9 }  T h a n k s / C r e d i t s
            The author would like to thank, in no particular order:
            Name:                    For:                       Enter Initials:
            Udey K.          Cool guy + Got me hooked on tekken!      UKK
            Chi-Fu (Jeff)    Helping me understand Gamest stuff,      ???
            and Chi-Yuan     for all the times we played at your
            (sorry if I      place, and for treating us (UKK and
            spelled it       me) to great food.
            SauerKraut       Playing at his place, competition        ???
            Ed               Competition, turtling like MAD! :)       ELP
            Mike E.          Playing every Friday, competition        JZA
            Hass R.          Brian and Bruce forever!!!               HJR
            Chris M.         Starting to play again                   C M
            Pete H.          Being such a cool guy (that's me!)       HAN
            Kristen E.       Being such a cool fiancee                ???
            Paul Scrubz      Being a punching bag for my Kuni        SCRUB
            Also, I would like to thank Tragic for inspiring me to give the
            Mitsu clan a chance...I saw him use Yoshi at the Chicago TK3
            nationals, and ever since then I have seen the light.  Also, a great
            FAQ writing effort in his TK3 Yoshi guide helped tremendously in
            learning the overall Mitsu gameplan.  I've used some of his ideas
            in this FAQ.  I strongly suggest that anyone serious about Kuni
            in TTT give it a read.
            The sites that have helped me in writing this FAQ:
            www.gamefaqs.com  for all of my FAQ needs   
            www.tekken.net   great site for many reasons, but I must admit,
                             those combo exhibtions rock...thanks guys!
            www.tekkentagtournament.com   nice forum set-up and some move
                                          information was taken from this
                                          site for official move names and
            I would also like to thank all those at Namco that made the TTT
            tournies run so well.  While the midwest regionals could have been
            better with more machines, I think that Namco did the best they
            could, given the circumstances.  Namco also deserves another round
            of applause for creating one of the most fun, addictive, and
            strategy-oriented games ever made!
             -------         _     __     _____       __   __            _
                |    |   |  |  \  |  |      |   |  | |  \ |  | |    |   | |
                |    |   |  |   | |  |      |   |--| |_ / |  | | /\ |   | |
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