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    Anna by Reverend C.

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    VERY Advanced Guide to Playing Anna
    version 1
    By Reverend C. (K.C. Ma)
    e-mail me at:	reverend_c@yahoo.com
    *                        Legal Things:                               *
    Tekken and all the characters in Tekken are copyrighted by Namco.
    This guide is written by me, but if you want to distribute it or
    print it or whatever, feel free to do so as long as you don't alter
    the content. If you have to alter the content, to be included in your
    web site, or publicat-ion, or whatever because my grammar sucks and I
    can't spell, just e-mail me.  If you want to make a profit out of this
    FAQ...  e-mail me for my written consent, but if you don't, I probably
    will not find out about it, but if I find out, I don't know, we will
    find out when that happens.  But if I see a crappy version of my guide
    being passed around web (because you have some lame comments or tech-
    nique, and you want to add it to my work) I will not be very happy a-
    bout it.
    *                           Table of Content:                        *
    Why Anna?
            -Why Anna
            -Strength and Weakness
            -Anna is not Nina
    Movelist In-Depth
        -Custom Strings
        -Crouch Dashing
    Interrupting & Countering and VS. Human Strategy
    Having Fun
    *                             Introduction                           *
    For those of you reading my other FAQs, you probably notice a trend.
    In many ways, I mass produced my other FAQs.  I replaced the content
    of my first FAQ and made two more.  Well, for this FAQ, I'm changing
    the format, and I'm going to spend a little bit more time on this one.
    I'm not producing FAQs as fast as I used to, mainly because school has
    started, and there are a lot of works that need to be done that's more
    important than writing FAQs (I tried explaining this to my professors,
    but they don't see the importance of FAQ writing...).  My time spent
    playing TTT has been greatly reduced, now I only go to Nickel Nickel
    two to three times a week.  But whenever I find time, I'll work in the
    Like my other FAQs, I assume that you already know the basic of TTT
    mechanics, how to throw, how to juggle, how to block, etc.  If you
    still don't know how to block 10-hit combos, goto tekken.net and check
    out the move-list they have to learn how to block them.  This FAQ is
    not written to do that.  It's written to as a guide on how to adopt
    to Anna's style.  How to play competitivly with Anna, and what Anna
    can do.  No, I'm not the best Anna player in the world and I don't
    know every little trick Anna can do.  But there isn't anyone I can't
    beat if you give a few games.  So if you never played Anna before and
    want to learn how to play Anna, this FAQ will serve you well as a re-
    ference and a good place to start.
    *                               Why Anna                             *
    One of the reason I play Anna is because I love her zebra outfit.  It
    is, in my opinion the coolest outfit in Tekken.  Beside that outfit,
    I would choose Anna because she is a little bit quicker, does a better
    job being annoying, better side-step juggle starter, better move to be
    initiated from full crouch, etc.  Anna can't do as much damage as Nina
    in terms of quick short juggles, and Anna does not have Devine Cannon,
    or Bad Habbit Kick.  But all in all, Anna is much improved from Tekken
    2 and PSX Tekken 3 Anna (She's without a doubt the most improved char-
    acter in Tekken).  Anna's strength lies in her quick attacks that has
    extremel short recovery time, and her ability to do level changing at-
    tacks that either stuns or juggles.  Beside being one of the most off-
    ensive character, Anna is also one of the game's best defensive chara-
    cter.  In Anna's posession is high/mid attack reversal, standard low
    parry, automatic low parry, automatic throw reversal, and high/mid at-
    tack parry.  Anna is not only the most balanced character in that she
    can do everything, she's better at most of those things than rest of
    the characters in Tekken.
    Fast, quick, strings that cancel into side-step and tracks well, mid
    and low side-step juggle starter, parries, reverse, throw reverse,
    multi-throw, quick recovery, moves that hit grounded opponent, great
    full crouch moves, posesses speed and power, great offensive strings
    and attacks, and all defensive manuevers.
    Does not have Paul's Deathfist, Heihachi's Wind God Fist, Kazuya's De-
    mon Gut Punch, Orge's useful unblockables, King's multis...... Again,
    Paul's Deathfist...  Just kidding, as you can probably tell, Anna has
    no real weaknesses except that she gets hurt more easily than Gunjack,
    Kuma, King, etc.  In the hands of a master, Anna doesn't any weakness
    to be exploited.
    Anna is not Nina:
    For those of you who have been playing Nina, you'll have to learn to
    play Anna in a somewhat different style.  Anna does not have Devine
    Cannon, but she has many other moves.  Many of Anna's strings cancel
    into side-step.  Anna has two juggle starter from side-step, one hits
    mid while the other hits high.  Anna has Cat Stance, which is not as
    useless as you imagine.  While playing Anna, you'll have to constantly
    jab and kick and stay in your opponent's face.  You don't allow any
    room to breath, and whenever you get into crouching position, that's
    when Anna's most dangerous.
    *                               Movelist                             *
    Command      Place     Name                             Escape    Note
    1+3          front     Arm Grab Flip                    1
    2+4          front     Lifting Toss                     2
    uf+1+2 [~5]  front     Neck Throw [tag]                 1+2       #1
    df,df+1      front     Embracing Elbow Strike           1+2
    qcf+1+2 [~5] front     Palm Strike [tag]                2         #2
    u/f+3        front     Bone Cutter                      n/a       #3
    1+3_2+4_2+5  left      Serpentine Arm Snap              1
    1+3_2+4_2+5  right     Torso Splitter                   2
    1+3_2+4_2+5  back      Triangle Hold                    n/a
    #1 Lei can punch reverse this throw.
    #2 tag throw only works with Nina.
    #3 cannot be escaped, but can be blocked.
    Multi-Part Throw:
    Command                Name                                 Escape
    qcf+1+2                Palm Grab                            2
     =3,4,3,1+2             =Arm Bar                            1+2
     =1,3,2,1               =Standing Reverse Arm Lock          1
      =2,1,3,4,1+2           =Falling Reverse Arm Lock          2
      =3,1,4,1+2,1+2         =Rear Gatelach Falcon Wing Squeeze 1+2
      =2,3,1+2,3+4,1+2       =Gatelach Toss                     1
     =1+3,4,1+2             =Arm Sprain                         2
      =4,3,4,3+4,1+2         =Inverted Crucifix                 1+2
      =1+2,4,3,1+2,1+2,1+2   =Rear Cross Lock                   1
    Special Technique:
    Command             Name                          Range     Properties
    (df+_1),2           Double Punch                  (m_h),h
    =4                  Bermuda Triangle              h
    =1,4,2 [~U_~D]      Snake [SS]                    h,h,h     #1
     =3                  High Kick                    h         GB
     =uf+3               Bone Cutter                  h
     =4                  Spin Trip                    L         BS
    =1,2                Jab Rush                      h,h
    =1,d+4              Low Kick                      h,l
    1,4                 PDK Combo                     h,l
    uf+1<3              Fatal Attack                  h,m       CSc #2
    (FC_d)+1,N+4        Low Jab, Rising Kick          Sm,m
    b+1,1,1             Cross Cut Saw                 h,h,m
    FC,f+1              Cat Thrust                    m         JG
    (WS_f)+1+2          Scarlet Bomb                  m
    df+1+2              Offensive Push                n/a       GB
    SS+1+2 [~5]         Bloody Chaos [tag]            m,m       JG
    qcf+1               Assassin Dagger               h         GB JGc
    db+1                Scarlet Rain                  m         HS FCDc
    2,3                 Jab, High Kick                h,h
    2,d+3               Jab, Low Kick                 h,L
    2,4                 Jab, Roundhouse               h,h
    2,1,4               Twin Jab, Low Kick            h,h,l
    (FC_d)+2,N+4        Low Jab, Toe Kick             Sm,m
    FC,f+2              Scarlet Windmill              m         GB SLDc #5
    f,f+2               Executioner                   h         GB
    (WS_qcf)+2          Rising Palm                   m         JGc
    b+2,2               Double Slap                   h,h       OB
    SS+2                Chaos Tail                    l         KS JGc RC
    3,4                 Head Ringer                   h,h
    3,3                 Spike Combo                   h,l
    =2 [~5]             Upper [tag]                   m         JG
    =4                  High Kick                     h
    (FC_d)3,2 [~5]      Low Spin Kick, Upper [tag]    L,m       JG
    (FC_d)3,N+4         Low Spin Kick, High Kick      L,h
    (FC_d)3,D+4         Low Spin Kick, Shin Kick      L,l
    df+3,4              Mid Head Ringer               m,h
    SS+3                Slice Shot                    h         OS #3
    df+3,1              Assault                       m,h
    =4<2 [~U_~D]        Snake [side-step]             h,h       #1
     =3                  High Kick                    h         GB
     =uf+3               Bone Cutter                  h
     =4                  Spin Trip                    L         BS
    df+3,2 [~U_~D]      Creeping Snake [SS]           m,h
    =1,4                Biting Snake                  h.l
    =3                  High Kick                     h
    =d+3                Low Kick                      L
    =4                  Roundhouse                    h
    df+3,3,3            Flash Kicks                   m,h,h
    =1,2                Double Punch                  h,h
    =4                  Roundhouse                    h
    (d_df)+3+4          Twisted Mind                  L
    (FC_d)+4,1 [~U_~D]  Shin Kick, Spin Punch [SS]    Sm,h      #1
    uf+4,3,4 [~U_~D]    Can Opener [SS]               h,l,h     #1
    b+4                 Cat Stance                    n/a       #4
    =4                  Cat Kick                      m         GB SH
    4,3                 Scarlet Attack                h,L
    f,f+4               Falling Heel                  M         GB
    (UB_U_UF)+4 [~5]    Flip Kick [tag]               m         JG
    FC,(u_uf)+4 [~5]    Flip Kick [tag]               m         JG
    FC,(UB_U_UF)+4 [~5] Scarlet Flip Kick             m
    df+4                Wine Opener                   L         KS
    b+(1+3_2+4)         High/Mid Attack Reversal      n/a
    #1 link to Bloody Chaos (SS+1+2) or Chaos Tail (SS+2)
    #2 stuns when kick counters
    #3 cannot be done after string side-step cancels
    #4 auto parries low attacks, and reverse all throws
    #5 auto parries mid/high attacks
    *                          Movelist In-Depth                         *
    (df+_1),2           Double Punch                  (m_h),h
    =4                  Bermuda Triangle              h
    =1,4,2 [~U_~D]      Snake [SS]                    h,h,h     #1
     =3                 High Kick                     h         GB
     =uf+3              Bone Cutter                   h
     =4                 Spin Trip                     L         BS
    =1,2                Jab Rush                      h,h
    =1,d+4              Low Kick                      h,l
    Usefulness:  7/10
    Anna probably has the best strings in TTT.  They're fast, they alter
    level, they can be delayed (not this one), and they can be cancelled
    into side-step, which can then be linked into either mid or low juggle
    starter.  This is probably the worst of Anna's string, but it's still
    very useful.  Avoid using high kicks and roundhouse as they are easily
    ducked.  If you're very close to your opponent, you can use Snake very
    carefully.  It has three high attacks, but they all come out fairly
    fast, and they cancel into side-steps.  All the jabs are very fast, so
    Anna will be very safe even if they're all blocked.  It's very hard to
    buffer chicken in strings, however, so be careful against characters
    who reverse.  1,2,1,d+4 is good for little tick damage because if you
    use it sparingly, no one will see it coming, but if this is all you
    use, then you're asking for the low kick to get parried.
    1,4                 PDK Combo                     h,l
    Usefulness: 7/10
    Very fast punch and low kick, best use in strings to poke, or for in-
    terrupting your opponent's attack.  One problem is if you use it too
    often, the low kick will be parried.  Sounds bad, but you can always
    alter between PDK Combo and Double Punch strings.  The high punches
    in Double Punch Strings are almost useless except to annoy your oppo-
    nent, but it's very handy against those parry happy opponents.  But be
    careful of those people who duck instead of parry, most people will
    not parry all the time.  They'll duck the jabs, which will block the
    low kick, thus nullifies any effectiveness these two strings have.
    uf+1<3              Fatal Attack                  h,m       CSc #2
    Usefulness: 10/10
    This is one of the new moves that finaly puts Anna ahead of Nina.  It
    is extremely fast, both parts come out extremely fast, and chance of
    you getting hurt once it's started is pretty much nil, unless you pull
    this off from half a screen away and wiffed of course.  You can always
    delay the kick for those people trying to counter, and the people who
    duck will probably not get up in time to block the kick.  The delay
    allows you to counter more easily, and if you do get a counter, Anna
    can start a fairly damaging juggle of the stun.  Great move both used
    in strings or by itself.
    (FC_d)+1,N+4        Low Jab, Rising Kick          Sm,m
    Usefulness: 10/10
    Most characters have this, but Anna's is the quickest.  There really
    isn't anything in TTT, Anna's low jab can't interrupt.  Anna doesn't
    have too many options when it comes to WS moves.  The WS uppercut has
    a very short range, so rising kick is a good alternative.  It has good
    range, it's fast, it's quick, but remember to buffer chicken though.
    All in all one of the most useful move, both offensively and defens-
    b+1,1,1             Cross Cut Saw                 h,h,m
    Usefulness: 2/10
    Pretty useless if you ask me.  First two hits are high, it's slow to
    initiate, recovers quite slowly, too.  Doesn't do all that much damage
    and range isn't all that great.  Doesn't even work well in juggles...
    Just don't use it.  Except when you're opponent just sucks, after you
    train them to block with all your strings, do this couple time, it's
    fun to watch them get slapped around.
    FC,f+1              Cat Thrust                    m         JG
    Usefulness: 7/10
    One of the moves that Anna has but Nina doesn't.  It has great reach.
    It hits mid and juggles.  The speed and recovery isn't too good.  It
    is, however, a very important move that made Anna's full crouch game
    so deadly.  After Scarlet Sweep start getting blocked, throw a Cat
    Thrust in, and you can start a juggle once it connects.  Another good
    place to use it is after SS+2 Chaos Tail.  If your opponent stays low
    after blocking Chaos Tail, throw it out.  Scarlet Windmill is much sa-
    fer, but Cat Thrust will let you do more damage if it manage to con-
    nect, though.  
    (WS_f)+1+2          Scarlet Bomb                  m
    Usefulness: 8/10
    Much like Nina's, except that opponent will not fall on knockdown po-
    sition like Nina's.  It's a good way to counter, and deal out quick
    easy damage, just make sure you don't wiff with these as the recovery
    time is horrible if wiffed.
    df+1+2              Offensive Push                n/a       GB
    Usefulness: 3/10
    Useful in strings, as it will push Anna's opponent far away to leave
    Anna safe.  Not all that useful, but throw them out once in a while to
    surprise your opponent.  Or if you're playing some scrubby opponent,
    and you're ahead for good, just run up to them, and push them around
    until time runs out.  Be careful when you use it tough as it's not the
    fastest move, and if wiffed, Anna will be in a world of pain.
    SS+1+2 [~5]         Bloody Chaos [tag]            m,m       JG
    Usefulness: 7/10
    It's a mid-hitting juggle starter, and that alone says a lot, but un-
    like Jin's SS+2, this move is fairly slow.  Don't use this as part of
    your attack strategy, but as a defensive manuever.  For example, if
    you side-stepped Paul's Deathfist, or Heihahci's Wind God Fist, Go for
    this.  It juggle to good height, and recovers quick enough to let you
    do fairly damaging juggles.  Another problem is that this move's range
    is fairly limited, if you're not close enough after side-step, it will
    not connect.  Theoretically, this and SS+2 can be used to mix up, but
    SS+2 only juggles on counter hit, and neither of these starts or re-
    covers fast enough for that to be effective.
    qcf+1               Assassin Dagger               h         GB JGc
    Usefulness: 8/10
    This is Anna's answer to Nina's Devine Cannon.  Thanks to this elbow
    attack, Anna is now capable of doing highly damaging juggles.  It can-
    not be reversed, and if blocked, it causes stagger.  The only flaw I
    can think of is the fact that it hits high.  You can mix it up with
    Anna's other while-standing and crouch-dash moves, whatever you do,
    make sure you don't push 1 for Assassin's Dagger until you know that
    this will not be ducked.
    db+1                Scarlet Rain                  m         HS FCDc
    Usefulness: 7/10
    The damage this move inflicts it minimal, but it's not all that bad.
    The good thing is, it comes out fast, really fast, and on normal hit,
    it stuns, on counter, it puts your opponent on face down position.
    You can throw it out in your string once in a while, but you can't do
    much after that, or you can just use it to counter or interrupt your
    opponent's strings.  If your opponent wiffed Wind God Fist, you can do
    a lot of things, but if your opponent playing Nina wiffed d+1 low jab,
    Scarlet Rain is a good choice to retaliate.  
    2,3                 Jab, High Kick                h,h
    2,d+3               Jab, Low Kick                 h,L
    2,4                 Jab, Roundhouse               h,h
    2,1,4               Twin Jab, Low Kick            h,h,l
    Usefulness: 7/10
    Almost as useless as the strings starting with 1,2 jabs.  The problem
    is that it's not as quick as 1,2 jabs, and it only starts high, and it
    doesn't have a mid finish.  Meaning anyone seeing a right jab can just
    duck or block low, leaving them safe, and Anna wide open.  But, if you
    have been very aggressive, and your opponent has been trained to block
    and not take any risk, go for the strings finishing with low kick.  It
    does very little damage, but they add up.  In the heat of battle, peo-
    ple don't react as quickly and think as clearly, and this string will
    allow you to take advantage of that.  Just remember not to use this
    too often and become too predictable with it.
    (FC_d)+2,N+4        Low Jab, Toe Kick             Sm,m
    Usefulness: 9/10
    Same as FC_d+1,N+4, but does a little bit more damage, and starts out
    a little bit slower.  It's much easier to do than d+1,N+4 however, so
    if you have problem with that, use this.  If you don't have problem
    doing d+1,N+4, do that instead.
    FC,f+2              Scarlet Windmill              m         GB SLDc
    Usefulness: 8/10
    The second of Anna's three full crouch moves.  This one is the best,
    as long as you don't wiff.  It causes guard break, parries all mid or
    high attacks, beats all low attacks, has great range, and when count-
    ers, puts opponent in slide position.  If you manage to duck a high
    attack, like Hworang's d+4,4, do Cat Thrust instead as that will let
    you inflict more damage, but if you might be retaliated, use Scarlet
    f,f+2               Executioner                   h         GB
    Usefulness: 6/10
    The only good thing about this is that it causes guard break, stick
    this in your string once in a while, but don't abuse it or your oppo-
    ent will start catching on and duck it.
    (WS_qcf)+2          Rising Palm                   m         JGc
    Usefulness: 7/10
    This move is very good, if you use it right.  If you don't, however,
    this move sucks.  It has no range and it only juggles on counter hit.
    If your opponent is slow, you can use the crouch dash and crouch dash
    cancel to mix up all different kinds of while standing moves and mul-
    ti throws.  But don't ever try that on a good opponent because you'll
    be jabed out of it or side-stepped every single time.  Not that this
    is completely useless in high level competition.  There are lots of
    things you can do with it, and that is interrupting lots of different
    strings (ok, ok, maybe not that many things).  If you know your oppo-
    nent playing Heihachi is doing 1,1, jabs next, duck the first one and
    WS+2 will juggle.  If your opponent playing Hworang is doing d+3,4,2,
    d+1, WS+4, 1,2,3, duck 1, and interrupt that string.  Well, the pro-
    blem is, no one will tell you what they are going to do next, that
    means you'll have to be both very quick on your reaction, and anti-
    cipate a little bit.  As you can tell, there aren't that many chances
    to use this uppercut, but if you do, use it, beats kicking your oppo-
    nent with WS+$ rising kick doesn't it?
    b+2,2               Double Slap                   h,h       OB
    Usefulness: 4/10
    Well, it's somewhat damaging in juggles, but not much you can do af-
    ter that...  I'm not sure if you can even do a d+4,1 after it like
    Nina.  And any moron will see this coming, if they don't duck the
    first move, they will duck the second slap.  This is good for induc-
    ing reverses, and y ou can chicken it...  What else,  well, if you
    managed to miss the first one, but connect with the second one, it
    will turn them around.  But if that happens, rest assured, your op-
    ponent really sucks, and you'll be able to kill your opponent some
    other really easy way, anyway.
    SS+2                Chaos Tail                    l         KS JGc RC
    Usefulness: 8/10
    Anna's second side-step juggle starter.  It's not fast, but it's good
    for countering linear strings, or as long as it connects, it puts Anna
    in full crouch position to start her evil crouch guessing games.  From
    there, you can do FC,f+1, FC,f+2, FC,df+2, any of the rising attacks,
    or another couch low kick for tick damage.  Don't abuse it though.  If
    you want to juggle from side-step after side-stepping linear attacks
    like Jin's b,f+2,1,2 or Paul and Heihachi's d+1,2, SS+1+2 Bloody Chaos
    would be a better choice.
    3,4                 Head Ringer                   h,h
    Usefulness: 1/10
    This move is soooooo useless, so do your self a favor and never use
    this.  Well, I guess if your opponent just totally sucks, You can use
    this every time to counter and knock them down......  But there are
    so many different moves that can accomplish that.
    3,3                 Spike Combo                   h,l
    =2 [~5]             Upper [tag]                   m         JG
    =4                  High Kick                     h
    Usefulness: 5/10
    One of the less useful strings against more advanced players, but very
    useful against beginners and scrubs.  Why?  All advanced players who
    see that left kick knows that a low kick is coming, and the low kick
    will be parried.  However, since the beginners and scrubs don't block
    low on reaction, and they never parry, it's very safe to do the first
    two kick, and the low kick will do decent damage.  A d+1 after it will
    leave Anna completely safe.
    (FC_d)3,2 [~5]      Low Spin Kick, Upper [tag]    L,m       JG
    (FC_d)3,N+4         Low Spin Kick, High Kick      L,h
    (FC_d)3,D+4         Low Spin Kick, Shin Kick      L,l
    Usefulness: 7/10
    If the low kick counters, I'm very sure the second hit is garanteed.
    d+3,N+4 is only usefull in Okizeme when your opponent rolls, but that
    is about it.  The other two is good if you mix them up, but don't use
    it too often, and avoid it against good players because they are slow
    enough to be blocked on reaction.  
    df+3,4              Mid Head Ringer               m,h
    Usefulness: 4/10
    Faster, better, and mid-hitting Head Ringer.  Unlike Head Ringer, this
    is actually useful if you just do the df+3, but I see no reason why I
    would ever use that 4 roundhouse.  But as useful(if I can call it use-
    ful) as df+3 is, I rather use df+4.
    SS+3                Slice Shot                    h         OS
    Usefulness: 7/10
    Personally, I almost never use this.  I can't remember the last time I
    used it.  But that doesn't mean this move sucks because it doesn't.
    It's good when you side-step an attack but don't have enough time to
    do SS+1+2 and is too far away to throw.  It doesn't juggle, and it's
    not that damaging, but it does turn your opponent's side toward you,
    and get you free hits.
    df+3,1              Assault                       m,h
    =4<2 [~U_~D]        Snake [side-step]             h,h       
     =3                  High Kick                    h         GB
     =uf+3               Bone Cutter                  h
     =4                  Spin Trip                    L         BS
    Usefulness: 7/10
    This is like Paul's d+1,4,2 Falling Leaf Combo.  It's so cheap, or the
    scrubs and beginner would think, they will be totally disgusted with
    this combo.  The better players, on the other hand will never get hit
    by this, if they let you finish it at all.  The string is very quick,
    and there's not much your opponent can do but block or duck.  Beginner
    and scrub will block the whole thing and eat the last low trip.  The
    better players will more likely duck after they see the left jab, and
    interrupt your string with d+1 low jab, or they'll at least block low
    at the end and will be completely safe.  Anna will stagger if Spin
    Trip is blocked and lose initiative.  Well, it still gets a good rat-
    ing from me because first, it's good in juggles.  Not that damaging,
    but cool juggle for variation.  Second, if you manage to get to 4 high
    kick, the right jab can be delayed, and you can cancel the string to
    side-step.  From there, you'll have SS+1+2, SS+2, and throws as your
    options.  Back flips, tag out, and do f,f,n,1+2 and f,f,n,4 will catch
    a lot of people.
    df+3,2 [~U_~D]      Creeping Snake [SS]           m,h
    =1,4                Biting Snake                  h.l
    =3                  High Kick                     h
    =d+3                Low Kick                      L
    =4                  Roundhouse                    h
    Usefulness: 8/10
    Perhaps the most usefull string Anna has.  Very quick, and great when
    used in your custom strings.  But don't abuse this, especially when
    done by themselves because all but the first hit can be either ducked
    or blocked low.  Also good in juggles, again, but that great in terms
    of damage, just cool looking punches and kicks.
    df+3,3,3            Flash Kicks                   m,h,h
    =1,2                Double Punch                  h,h
    =4                  Roundhouse                    h
    Usefulness: 2/10
    Very useless.  If somehow your opponent takes all the hits, that per-
    son sucks.  If df+3 counters, rest of them might be garanteed, but I'm
    not sure.
    (d_df)+3+4          Twisted Mind                  L
    Usefulness: 8/10
    Very damaging, looks cool, and just like Nina's d+3+4, this is probab-
    ly one of the best ground attack in TTT.  You can use d+4,1 and d+3
    strings, but Twisted Mind does much more damage.
    (FC_d)+4,1 [~U_~D]  Shin Kick, Spin Punch [SS]   Sm,h
    Usefulness: 7/10
    Just like Nina's, except a little bit slower (I think).  The side-step
    cancel will link to either SS+1+2 or SS+2, but you can always throw or
    side-step again.  This is the move all custom string would base on, in
    juggles, it does good damage and allow Anna to do longer juggles.  One
    thing to remember, the Shin Kick hits special mid, and the recovery
    time on this isn't as good as the one Nina does in Tekken 3.  Use this
    very carefully.
    uf+4,3,4 [~U_~D]    Can Opener [SS]               h,l,h
    Usefulness: 6/10
    Also just like Nina's except much better because you can side-step at
    the end.  I usually just do the second hit when I try to juggle with
    uf+4 hop kick and it gets blocked.  Kind of like Julia's 4,4.  Instead
    of getting punished for the uf+4 hop kick, I risked getting the low
    kick parried.  Against most player, feel free to abuse this as most
    people will get hit by the low kick.  Like d+4,1 side-step cancel, you
    can only do SS+1+2 and SS+2, but most of the time jab and d+1 low jab
    are better choices than either of those.
    b+4                 Cat Stance                    n/a       
    =4                  Cat Kick                      m         GB SH
    Usefulness: 6/10
    It's not as useless as you think...  You'll just have to learn when
    and how to use it, as a surprise like Yoshi's suicide.  The problem
    with Cat Stance is that Anna can't block.  The good thing is that Anna
    will counter all throws and low attacks.  I don't really use it to as
    a counter for throws or low attacks, except when I know for sure that
    a low attack or throw is coming.  And even then, it's still not very
    practical because it takes time to get into Cat Stance.  I usually (
    well, as usually as Cat Stance should be used...) get in Cat Stance at
    a long range and use Cat Kick when the opponent is in the range.  A
    lot of people underestimate the range of Cat Kick, and even blocked,
    it gives Anna a lot of options like uf+1, d+1, and 1.  I'm not saying
    you should find every possibility to use Cat Stance and exploit it,
    just that there are times when it comes in handy...  Maybe once every
    5, 10 matches.
    4,3                 Scarlet Attack                h,L
    Usefulness: 7/10
    The most important thing is that don't abuse this when playing against
    a good player!  Use it very sparingly in your poke will catch a lot of
    people off guard, and against scrubs, this one of those moves no one
    can block.  But if you get too comfortable with it, the low kick will
    be parried, and you'll be punished, somehow...  
    f,f+4               Falling Heel                  M         GB
    Usefulness: 4/10
    Well, the good thing is that it hits mid, and ground people.  Another
    good thing is that it causes guard break.  Now the bad thing, it's too
    damn slow, and easy to block/avoid.  There are times you can use this
    to hit grounded people, but other than that I still don't know how to
    use this effectively.  If anyone knows, e-mail me :)
    (UB_U_UF)+4 [~5]    Flip Kick [tag]               m         JG
    FC,(u_uf)+4 [~5]    Flip Kick [tag]               m         JG
    Usefulness: 8/10
    Very good juggle starter.  Thanks to the new QCT+1 elbow juggle start-
    er, you can easily trick people into getting hit by this.  It can be
    started from both standing and full crouch position meaning it can be
    easily worked into your poke.  If your opponent start ducking your
    elbow, use the Flip Kick after the crouch dash.  
    FC,(UB_U_UF)+4 [~5] Scarlet Flip Kick             m
    Usefulness: 4/10
    Too slow to be useful in my opinion.  Maybe good in class one tag jug-
    gles, I don't know.  If I find out any good thing to do with this, I
    will add it to the next update.
    df+4                Wine Opener                   L         KS
    Usefulness: 8/10
    Another very good new move for Anna.  Think of it as Kazuya's Stature
    Kick (db+4) that hits low and grounded opponent.  The only problem in
    this move is that it comes out a little bit slow, and you'll have to
    be very careful when doing it outside of okizeme situation because it
    can be blocked and parried on reaction easily by a good player.
    b+1+3_b+2+4         Reversal
    It's reversal, you know the deal...  The important thing about Anna's
    reversal is that Anna can reverse more things than other characters,
    including many elbows (Paul's f+1+4, I'm pretty sure but someone let
    me know if I'm wrong) and all Yoshi's sword unblockables.  If a move
    can be reversed, Anna can do it.  I don't know any move that can be
    reversed by another character but not Anna.
    move that can be reversed
    *                         Custom Strings                             *
    Poking isn't my favorite thing to do, but it's probably what I do most
    because it wins me fights.  Assasin Dagger and Flip Kick are great for
    starting juggles, but why would any decent Tekken players walk into
    them so you can juggle them?  It's true, you can sit back and counter
    all day, but why take that risk?  What if you never have a chance to
    counter a solid poker?  Custom strings, when used appropriately will
    bring you closer to your opponent, will force your opponent to make
    mistakes, and the damage from little kicks and punches will add up and
    win you fights.
    uf+1<3              Fatal Attack                  h,m       CSc
    (df+_1),2           Double Punch                  (m_h),h
    qcf+1               Assassin Dagger               h         GB JGc
    (FC_d)+1,N+4        Low Jab, Rising Kick          Sm,m
    (FC_d)+2,N+4        Low Jab, Rising Kick          Sm,m
    2,d+3               Jab, Low Kick                 h,L
    (FC_d)+4,1 [~U_~D]  Shin Kick, Spin Punch [SS]   Sm,h
    df+4                Wine Opener                   L         KS
    These are the moves that should make up most of your custom string.
    Depends on your opponent, you should make different custom strings.
    For example, against most players, you can make really long strings
    that pressure them into making mistake and getting countered, but
    against masters, they'll find a lot of holes in long strings and you
    will end up getting hit badly.  I'll list many strings I use in two
    different sections, long annoying strings, and short and safe strings.
    Once again, I really think everyone should make their own string, but
    here are some strings you can try to get a hang of how to make your
    own strings.
    Long Annoying Strings:
    d+1,N+4, QCT+1, d+2,N+4, d+4,1~u_d+(1+2_2)_throws
    uf+4,3,4~u_d, d+1,N+4, QCT+1, uf+1<3, d+1,N+4, QCT+1
    QCT+1, uf+1<3, d+2,N+4, QCT+1, uf+1<3, d+2,N+4, QCT, UF+4
    2,d+3, FC+1,N+4, 2,1,4, FC+1,N+4, df+3,1,4,2,~u_4
    Long string like these will really confuse a lot of people, and they
    will not know how to defend against them, but don't ever use anything
    near this length against a master because they'll know when to duck,
    when to parry, when to interrupt, and when to counter.  QCT+1 is your
    best friend because when counters, it does good damage, and allow
    Anna's best juggles.  If your opponent learn to duck them (or if you
    anticipated your opponent ducking them), use UF+4 Flip Kick instead.
    Short Safe Strings:
    QCT+1, uf+1<3, QCT+UF+4
    QCT+1, d+1,N+4, uf+1<3_throws
    uf+1, d+1, FC+3, WS+4_1+2
    uf+1<3, d+1,N+4, uf+1, 1_df+1,2_throw
    QCT+1, uf+1<3+throws
    The important thing here is not to leave yourself open for retaliation
    or get too carried away and don't pay attention to your opponent any-
    more.  The string basically comes down to uf+1<3, d+1,N+4, QCT+1, and
    any of Anna's throws.  Mix up the uf+1<3 with uf+1, throws.  Use d+1 a
    lot to protect yourself, and unless you think QCT would be ducked, use
    it.  Anything longer than 4 or 5 hits would be too long, and you'll
    start exposing your weakness that your opponent can exploit on.  If
    your custom string didn't get you anywhere, it's best to retreat and
    start over or switch to a different strategy.  If you get carried away
    and continue to poke away...  watch out!
    *                          Crouch Dashing                            *
    A lot of Anna's offensive strategy revolves around her crouch dashing.
    After crouch dashing QCT+1 will beat a lot of things, and if blocked,
    will give Anna 1 frame advantage making d+1 uninterruptable.  If your
    opponent does anything but block d+1 will hit them giving you 9 frame
    of advantage.  Which means WS+4 is now uninterruptable, and if your
    opponent does anything but block, WS+4 will hit them giving you 8 more
    frames of disadvantage, and you can do another QCT+1, which, again,
    must be blocked.  However, QCT+1 hits high, but that only creates a
    guessing game for your opponent.  If QCT+1 gets ducked, it's time to
    do QCT, UF+4 instead.  You can also include QCT into your normal move-
    ment.  Incooporate it into your dashing and side-step.
    ie.  f,f, d+1,N+4, u, b~QCT, d+1
         f,f, b, QCT+1, d+1,N+4, u~u~QCT+1
    Anther great thing about QCT+1 is that it will safely put you in FC
    position.  After QCT+1, d+1 low jab is uninterruptable, and that means
    Anna's now in FC position where she can do her usual WS+2 and WS+4 or
    WS+1+2.  Or uf+4 for juggle (This is UF+4 not uf+4 hop kick).  Or use
    Anna's FC guessing game if you don't expect any quick jab.  FC,df+2
    hits low, FC,df+1 juggles, but lack speed.  FC,df+2 is your best bet
    parrying mid and high attacks.  The strings like:
    QCT+1, d+1, f+2
    is almost risk free if QCT+1 doesn't wiff.
    *                           Okizeme                                  *
    Anna's okizeme tactic is very similar to Nina's, and she's capable of
    inflicting a lot of damage after knocking opponent down.  df+4 will
    put them right back to the ground.  f_WS+1+2 will hit anyone not on
    the ground or have not tech recovered to block.  d_df+3+4 will grind
    your opponent on the ground.  It does good damage, and looks cool.
    b+4 Cat Stance will catch people who always use rising low kick and
    d+4_3 toe kick.  d+4,1 and d+3,2 will hit your opponent on the ground
    indefinitely.  If they keep trying to get up after d+4,1, you can jug-
    gle them to death and you can read the funny incident I mentioned in
    my Nina FAQ.
    *                           Juggle                                   *
    Anna's juggle is now as damaging and cool as Nina's thanks to her new
    QCT+1 elbow and the fact that Nina has been greatly weakened.  
    * QCT+1: *
    QCT+1, 1, QCT+1
    Difficulty: 5/5
    Cool Factor: 5/5
    Damage: 4/5
    Very hard, but easier than WGF, WGF, WGF.  After the second QCT+1,
    you'll know if 1, QCT+1 will connect, if not, do another variation of
    QCT+1 juggles.
    QCT+1, 1,2, df+3,1,4
    Difficulty: 3/5
    Cool Factor: 5/5
    Damage: 4/5
    Perhaps Anna's best juggle, long, cool, and possibably most damaging.
    And it's really easy to do :)  If I just want to finish the juggle and
    not in the mood to be creative, this is what I do.
    QCT+1, 1,2, f+1+2
    Difficulty: 2/5
    Cool Factor: 3/5
    Damage: 4/5
    Not as damaging as previous One, but it's better when time is running
    out and you'are behind.  Wouldn't it suck if time run out while you're
    doing df+3,1 and the last kick doesn't count?  That happened to me a
    few times.
    QCT+1, uf+1<3, f+1+2
    Difficulty: 3/5
    Cool Factor: 5/5
    Damage: 4/5
    Just another variation of QCT+1 juggle.  I like this one, but for some
    reason, it doesn't always work for me.
    1, QCT+1, f+1+2
    Difficulty: 3/5
    Cool Factor: 4/5
    Damage: 4/5
    I do this sometime when I know I'm going to wiff QCT+1 if I do that.
    * UF+4_df+2_QCT+2_WS+2_SS+1+2 * 
    1, uf+1<3, df+4_f+1+2
    Difficulty: 3/5
    Cool Factor: 3/5
    Damage: 3/5
    The easiest juggle to do good damage and show some flare.
    d+4,1, d+1, WS+1+2
    Difficulty: 3/5
    Cool Factor: 4/5
    Damage: 3/5
    Good juggle, good damage, easy to perform.
    1,2_df+3,1, df+3,1,4
    Difficulty: 3/5
    Cool Factor: 4/5
    Damage: 3/5
    my favorite juggle of these juggle starters.  Easy enough to perform
    everytime, does decent damage, and I love those punches and kicks :)
    1, QCT+1, f+1+2
    Difficulty: 4/5
    Cool Factor: 4/5
    Damage: 4/5
    my other favorite, anytime you stick a QCT+1 in your juggle, it looks
    good :)
    * SS+2 (CH) *
    d+1, WS+1+2
    Difficulty: 2/5
    Cool Factor: 3/5
    Damage: 3/5
    Probably the most effective juggle of SS+2.
    d+4,1, 1,2,(1),4
    Difficulty: 3/5
    Cool Factor: 4/5
    Damage: 4/5
    Probably the best juggle after SS+2.
    * FC,f+1 *
    d+4,1, f+1+2_1,2,(1),4
    Difficulty: 3/5
    Cool Factor: 4/5
    Damage: 3/5
    Not much you can do after FC,f+1.  Besides f+1+2 and d+3+4, This is
    the best thing you can do as far as damage and flare are concerned.
    *       Interrupting & Countering and VS Human Strategy              *
    A lot of strategies for Anna somehow involve interrupting or counter-
    ing your opponent.  Anna doesn't anything as good as Electric Wind God
    Fist, but neither does anyone else besides the Mishima family.  Anna
    is not as quick and evasive as Ling, but Anna's probably quicker than
    everyone else.  What does that mean?  Anna is capable of stoping all
    the characters when they launch their offense or start their custom
    strings.  Know how to use Anna's d+1, QCT+1, WS_QCT+2, side-steps, b+4,
    and her full crouch moves.  These are Anna's tools stop the advancing
    opponent and turn the tide in your favor.
    * Against  Anna *
    Anna has many weapons that make interrupting and countering hard, but
    she isn't perfect.  The best way to interrupt an offensive Anna is to
    wait or anticipate a high attack such as QCT+1 and 1,2 jabs.  If you
    see one coming, duck and jab right away.  d+1 will stop Anna, and let
    you do your own FC and WS guessing game.  Don't try to interrupt Anna
    after blocking her QCT+1 elbow because it's impossible.  If opponent's
    Anna does a d+1 low jab, don't try to interrupt her next move unless
    you can read your opponent and make a safe guess on what that person
    will do.  If I see d+1 coming,  I try to backflip into safety or tag
    the other person in.  Full crouch attacts are slow enough to see com-
    ing, but full crouch attacks aren't all Anna has.  WS+4 will beat you
    and WS+2 will juggle you if you try to interrupt her.
    If Anna is outside of throw range and your opponent is advancing, you
    can stop them using Anna's full crouch moves.  FC,f+2 will parry, FC,
    df+2 hits low, and FC,f+1 will juggle.  They aren't too fast so don't
    use them too much to stop your opponent.
    The other move Anna has to interrupt is uf+1<3.  It's not as quick as
    basic standing jab, but pretty close.  The beauty of it is that second
    kick can be delayed, and that will counter a lot of stuff because the
    delay is long enough to make your opponent think that they should at-
    tack you.
    If you're trying to counter your opponent by beating his move, QCT+1
    is your best friend.  It ducks high attacks, and it comes out really
    fast...  The only thing that can beat it in terms of priority, speed,
    and damage is Electric Wind God Fist.  If your opponent looks like he
    is going to do some kind of attack, throw it out.  Chance is you will
    counter him, and you will juggle him, and you will inflict a lot of
    * Against Armor King *
    Black Upper (f,n,d,df+2) hits mid, don't try to beat it or interrupt
    it.  All other crouch dash attacks can be ducked or countered.  But a
    good Armor King player will crouch dash all day.  You'll see a lot of
    pokes like 1,2,1, 2,1, d+1,N+2, etc.  They have really good priority,
    and very hard to beat.  from distance away, you can counter with QCT+1
    or duck high jabs and interrupt with d+1, but up close, you'll have to
    block and duck.  
    * Against Baek *
    Baek has a lot of high attacks that can be ducked.  Whenever Baek is
    outside of throw range, you can counter with QCT+1, but inside that
    range, learn to read your opponent and find high attacks to duck and
    interrupt.  If you know a low kick is coming, parry it as parry is the
    easiest way to interrupt Baek (and many other characters).  I try not
    to trade hit or try to counter Baek's juggle starters, but I'm fairly
    sure Anna's uf+1<3 and QCT+1 will beat them.
    * Against Bruce *
    Everyone hates this guy because he has that triple knee juggle.  Anna
    can beat just about everything Bruce has with uf+1<3 and QCT+1, but
    I'm usually too afraid to do that as if I get juggle, I'll get hurt
    badly.  From outside of throw range, you can beat those annoying 2,4,
    and 2,d+4, but competent Bruce players will not use those when they
    know it'll wiff.  I don't counter or interrupt Bruce much just because
    I hated to be juggle by this guy.  Whenever you see a low kick coming,
    parry it because that's the safest way to interrupt Bruce.
    * Against Bryan *
    Bryan is one of the best character in capable hands.  Interrupting him
    is often dangerous if not impossible.  When playing against Bryan, you
    should always try to stay outside of throw range.  Always avoid that
    d+1 low jab because low jab can be followed by he four awesome while
    standing attacks.  All four of those attacks has different timing, and
    all hit mid, but if you don't duck, you'll probably get thrown with
    Chain of Misery.  There isn't much you can do at close range except
    duck high jabs and parry low kicks.
    Outside of throw range, however, you'll have a lot more freedom to de-
    fend against Bryan.  QCT+1 will beat just about anything Bryan can do
    at that range because he doesn't have anything with the same speed and
    uf+1 will beat his short strings though.  The problem is Bryan players
    probably won't attack you at that range.  But since this section is
    interrupting and countering...  you'll have to figure out how to make
    Bryan attack you at that range :)
    * Against Devil *
    Devil's range is very limited, and he'll rely on a lot of countering
    you with his uppercuts.  Devil can make good offensive strings, but
    their effectiveness is very limited because of his lack of range.  You
    will not interrupt many of his stuff simply because Devil will not go
    berserk on offensive and you won't really need to interrupt him.  Al-
    ways parry Hell Sweep if you see it coming and Wind God Fist hits Sm,
    so you should duck whenever you see crouch dash since the last crouch
    dash attack, Thunder God Fist is slow enough to see coming, and you'll
    be able to get up and block.
    His lack of range will give you many chances to counter him because
    he can't will just sit back all day and try to catch you with Wind God
    Fist (we all know couple people like that don't we...).  Every now and
    then, back dash or back flip and do either uf+1<3 or QCT+1.  Devil's
    Wind God Fist doesn't even have as much priority as the rest of Mishi-
    ma family (that lack of range...).
    * Against Eddy *
    QCT+1 will wiff against Eddy all the time, but UF+4 won't.  Most of
    the things Eddy does are slow enough to be interrupted with d+1, and
    because it's hard to know where Eddy's going to hit, I always try to
    interrupt everything he does with low jab.  If you're familiar with
    Eddy's move, please e-mail me and let me know how you counter Eddy's
    * Ganryu *
    QCT+1 isn't a very good option against Ganryu for many reasons.  He
    isn't as slow as you think, and if his f+1 counters, you'll be hit by
    the rest of the f+1,2,1,2,etc...   I used to think the best way to
    beat big guys would be countering them with power moves, but after
    playing serious Ganryu, Jacks, Kuma, T. Ogre players, I find it much
    more effective to interrupt their slower jabs and kicks than risk be-
    ing hit by powerful big guys.  Instead of countering big guys, do a
    lot of d+1 and df+1 strings to interrupt them.  If they sit down, do
    b+4 and get into cat stance right away to parry the low attack, and
    counter slow mid punch.
    * Gunjack *
    Read Ganryu.
    * Heihachi *
    How to counter Heihachi really depends on the Heihachi you're playing
    against.  Against people trying to mix up Hell Sweep and Wind God Fist
    thinking one hits low and the other hits mid, just block low, and if
    those moves are thrown at you from distance, feel free to counter them
    with uf+1<3, and UF+4.  Good Heihachi players are hard to beat, and a
    lot of time, it just end up being ugly 1, df+1, uf+1, d+1 jab battle.
    Heihachi's movement is more fluid than most of the characters thanks
    to the Mishima's big, fast side step, and wave steps (f,n,d,df,f), and
    if you wiff, he has Electric Wind God Fist and Wind God Fist waiting
    for you.  If slow attacks get blocked, Twin Piston is there to juggle
    you.  That makes countering very hard, because most of the time, Hei-
    hachi will be on offense, and he does so by moving around you with his
    side steps, dashes, and wave steps trying to catch your mistakes with-
    out having to commit to any move.  That means all you can really do is
    jabs that can beat everything he throw at you.  Heihachi's jabs are 10
    frame jabs, meaning it's not as useful as an offensive weapon, so if
    you can anticipate a jab, throw out your own jab because Anna's jabs
    are 8 frames and if done at the same time, will always beat Heihachi.
    * Hwoarang *
    This is your countring heaven.  Much like Mishima characters, Hwoarang
    has excellent movement, but unlike Mishimas, a lot of time, he will be
    in a transition or Flamingo Stance wide open to be attacked.  Most of
    he attacks are fairly quick, but Anna's much quicker.  If Hwoarang you
    play against starts a string from a distance that'll wiff, QCT+1 and
    juggle, after two QCT+1 juggles, Hwoarang should be near death.  All
    of Hwoarang's kick strings can be interrupted with d+1, learn their
    pattern, try to predict when high jabs, are coming duck it and inter-
    * Jack 2 *
    see Ganryun.
    * Jin *
    A lot like Heihachi in terms of movement, but unlike Heihahci, Jin's
    Wind God Fist hits high and are one frame slower, Wind God Fist that
    isn't executed right way after joystick arrived at df position is two
    frames slower.  This make Jin weaker, but Jin has SS+2 and WS+2 upper-
    cuts that juggles, and b,f+2 that stuns on counter.  With Jin, I'll
    say play more offensively than you would with Heihachi, but always get
    ready to escape stun when countered.
    * Julia *
    Here's the irony, I've been playing Julia for a month now, and I have
    no question in mind she's the best character in TTT, better than any
    of the Michimas, better than the Williams, and better than Law and Lei
    and everyone else.  Countering isn't a good idea at all, and neither
    is interrupting Julia's moves.  She has 8 frame jab that links into
    40% juggles on counter, and if you think Anna's 11 frame QCT+1 elbow
    counters easily, imagine how much easier 1~1,1 counters.  Then there
    is the standing 4 roundhouse, that also juggles on counter.  The only
    way to really interrupt Julia is to see where low attacks are coming,
    and interrupt that with low parry, and this is one of the rare occa-
    sions I would suggest reversal every now and than, except the last
    punch of 1~1,1.
    * Jun *
    Interrupt and reversal heaven here :)  It's not likely anyone's going
    to buffer chicken in the middle of her long strings, if she's played
    that way.  Most of her attacks are quite slow, both in terms of execu-
    tion and recovery.  All you really have to do is stick a jab here and
    there.  Counter with QCT+1 when Jun starts string from distance.
    * Kazuya *
    The most hardcore of all Mishima characters.  Kazuya doesn't have all
    the moves Heihachi and Jin has, just the ones that kill you.  Make him
    come to you because he doesn't really have anything too hard to coun-
    ter.  If you play offensively, Kazuya has so many juggles and stuns to
    punish you, but if you stay away from him and make him play offense,
    he's much more prediactable.  His 1 jab is slowe than yours, and 1,2
    string can be ducked.  If you see 1,2, tap df right away to parry the
    last kick or duck the last punch.  Wind God Fist can be blocked high,
    and low, so block low.  I never seem wave steps used with Kazuya, but
    I'm sure it can be done...  I should experiment with that :)
    * King *
    Besides 1,2 and d+1,N+2, King can't do much to hurt you.  I try to
    stay out of throw range and Counter with QCT+1.  But I see no reason
    why Anna should beat King by countering and interrupting, I'd rather
    just jab and kick King to death.  Always parry the Ali Kicks.  His
    low hitting juggling smash, FC,df+1 and mid hitting juggling punch,
    FC,df+2 can be interruptted with d+1, don't guess.
    * Kunimtsu *
    I really haven't played against many Kuni...  All I can say is stay
    out of her range and counter.  She's really quick and has lots of
    surprise attacks, get familiar with it and it's not hard to defend
    against Kuni.
    * Law *
    Parry the Junk Yard Combo, b+2,3,4.  Don't do anything that recovers
    slowly, and don't get carried away with your custom strings.  Besides
    that, there's not much to playing against Law, he will hurt you, bad,
    and all you can do is QCT+1 from distance, and look out for low kicks
    that come out of no where.
    * Lee *
    Most of Lee's effective attacks hit either high or low, that means low
    block is pretty safe when you don't know what to do.  His attacks are
    not all that fast (besides the jabs), and they can all be countered by
    QCT+1.  This doesn't mean Lee can be beaten easily because he can't
    when played correctly...  I just don't really know what to tell people
    about beating them, so I guess I can only tell you to use QCT+1 and
    d+1 low jabs very carefully.
    * Lei *
    Good Leis are so hard to beat.  Stay at uf+1<3 range, and counter with
    uf+1 and QCT+1 when he's not on the ground.  If he does his punch rush
    that end in mid kick, low kick, or animal stance, try to side step out
    of the rush after the third punch or jab them out of stance.  If you
    are against hahaha back stepping Lei...  try to do tag dive and slides
    when you're in range.  Lei is damn hard to counter or interrupt, so I
    say stay on top of him.  Speaking of hahaha back stepping Lei, that
    must be the hardest move to defend against in TTT.  Much like Mishima
    and their wave step, Lei can move in, out very quickly without commit-
    ing himself to a move that takes time to recover.
    * Ling *
    Definitely the quickest character in TTT.  It's not likely that a good
    Ling player will wiff many moves or even execute a move knowing that
    it'll wiff.  Try not to use QCT+1 because it'll probably wiff or lose
    to another move.  Try to interrupt her jabs with d+1.  Ling is one of
    the harder characters to beat and I really don't have any suggestions.
    I think there isn't much to exploit as far as countering and interupt-
    ting are concerned.  When I beat Ling, it's always nasty, dirty, hard-
    work.  A jab here and a kick there.
    * Michelle *
    Michelle is pretty much like Julia, except the weaker juggles, and the
    lack of 2 button escape throws.  But what Michelle have in her favor
    is her mobility.  She is much quicker, and harder to counter.  She has
    wicked SS+3,4 that juggles, and SS+2 that recover crouching.  Michelle
    can't really be countered if played correctly, and there isn't much
    you can do about her move either.  The only way to really interrupt
    her is to parry her low attacks, 4,4's second kick is always low, so
    low parry that, if your opponent does the second kick.  Always go into
    df after 1,2 it'll duck the standing roundhouse and parry the low kick
    or d+1.  Always tap df after f,f+1 elbow, you'll recover in time to
    block df+2,1 and df tap will duck 1 and parry d+1.  Watch the 1~1,1_4
    string, low kick is slow enough to see coming if you're careful.
    * Nina *
    She's much weaker than Anna and Nina from Tekken 3.  Devine Cannon'll
    take 20 frames to come out and QCT+1 will beat just about every Nina
    can throw at you.  Nina's jabs are as good as Anna's, don't trade jabs
    with Nina, instead, interrupt her high jabs, parry her low kicks.  If
    you see d+4 or FC+4, always do d+1 as d+1 will beat anything Nina can
    do after the low kick that hit special mid.  If Nina does anything be-
    sides jabs, you can probably counter with uf+1 or QCT+1.
    * Ogre *
    Ogre isn't as slow as you think, but he doesn't have anything quicker
    than your jabs and low jab.  QCT+1 will beat most of the power moves
    Ogre has and d+1 after QCT+1 will interrupt anything Ogre does, so
    will uf+1<3.  If Ogre side steps and he's right next to you, run away,
    don't try to interrupt his SS+4.
    * Panda *
    See Ganryu, but look out for his new Hunting Stance.  Kuma/Panda can
    do nasty mix-ups in that stance.  Stay out of Red Bomb range, and as
    soon as he's in range, Red Bomb to counter anything he does (not al-
    ways a good idea, but you don't have many options here).  Besides
    that, d+1 everything Kuma/Panda tries in standing position, use uf+1
    instead of QCT+1 unless you know QCT+1 won't wiff.
    * Paul *
    Deathfist isn't that scary.  Just don't wiff or do anything that re-
    covers slow enough to get hit by Deathfist.  Besides that Anna's jabs
    and kicks are much quicker, and everything else can pretty much be
    countered with QCT+1 and uf+1.  Whenever you block a d+1 Tile Split-
    ter, d+1 Paul out of either sweep or Deathfist.  Better Pauls win by
    utilizing his pokes, not Deathfist, don't retaliate after standing
    1 jab because Paul has lots of advantage after that jab, and you can't
    really interrupt anything.
    * P-Jack *
    I really don't know what to tell you, on paper, Anna will beat P-Jack
    easily, and P-Jack isn't any better than the other Jacks, but P-Jack
    can be very deadly when played right.  I doubt many people will have
    problem here, but if you do run up against a good Jack player, rememb-
    er that P-Jack has HIGH juggle launchers so don't start a move at a
    place knowing that you're opponent knows the attack you do will wiff.
    I mean, if you know it's going to wiff, don't do it.  And do play too
    aggressively either because if P-Jack side-step your attack and it
    happens to be one of the slower attack...  P-Jack will knock you up
    soooooo high, you'll be sooooo sorry.  You should try to interrupt
    everything P-Jack does by staying very close to him.  1 and d+1 will
    beat anything he does when timed right.  Use less QCT+1 and more uf+1.
    * Roger *
    QCT+1 will wiff a lot, so don't go too crazy with QCT+1.  Avoid f,n+1
    because many many things are garanteed after this long block stun.
    Alex Rogers are very small, and a lot of things will wiff, but they
    can be interrupted with d+1 in a lot of things.
    * True Ogre *
    This quy is a joke, yeh, I've seen really good True Ogre players, but
    none of them are invincible.  You can literally beat everything with
    QCT+1, uf+1,3, 1,2, and d+1,N+4.  You can easily beat this guy by de-
    nying him a chance to attack you.
    * Wang *
    This guys is the worst character in TTT.  At first I thought he's a
    decent, solid character with good moves, but for some reason, it's
    hard to win with Wang.  Then I read the frame data, and laughed my
    ass off...  How can anyone be this pathetic??  I guess it's under-
    standable...  Wang being old and stuff.  Not only is he in GREAT dis-
    advantage when you block his attack, he usually in some disadvantage
    even when his attack hit you (even on counterhit sometimes, unless of
    course he knocks you down).  Don't even bother trying counter this
    guy, just go all offensive or just block and retaliate.  I've been
    beaten by Wangs, but that's only because my opponent is MUCH better
    than I am.
    * Yoshimitsu *
    I really don't know what to say here either.  Yoshi is very solid,
    and there isn't many places where you can exploit him.  It's all
    dirty work, and trading nasty jabs.  
    *                        Having Fun                                  *
    Anna is a fun character, not serious kick your ass character such as
    Julia/Michelle, Law, Mishimas, etc.  Tekken is not always about who
    wins and who loses...  It's about having fun.  You can have a lot of
    fun with Anna.  For example, if your opponent doesn't duck QCT+1, just
    do it over and over and over, and everytime they try to counter, they
    get juggled.  Or Maybe, they try to counter you after blocking your
    move, so do QCT+1, d+1, WS+4, repeat.  If they try to counter after
    blocking QCT+1, d+1 will always beat them, and if they try to counter
    WS+4, WS+4 will also always beat them, then they'll have to block that
    QCT+1 or get hit by it.  It's very funny to watch people panic and not
    knowing what to do...  Throw in occasional uf+1<3 and kick them in the
    crotch...  Hahaha, I love the way Paul grabs his genital and fall down
    the ground.  If you do this to other people, be nice and tell them to
    duck the QCT+1, if you don't then...  You're a horrible person, and
    whoever you played against probably won't play again.
    Other things you can do against people who uses a lot of Ali Kicks and
    Hell Sweeps is to use b+4 Cat Stance when they become too predictable.
    b+4,4 will beat a lot of stuff thanks to its range, and Anna will also
    reverse throws, and counter low attacks.  Some times, you can just get
    into Cat Stance from about 3 character distance away and watch your
    opponent trying to attack you and get hit by the kick.  Then there are
    those King players who only try to do multi-throws that you can see
    coming easily.  SS+2+4, CD, and df,n multi-throw starters are all pre-
    tty slow.  Get into Cat Stance and let them throw you.  Everytime I
    run into one of those people who only do 
    *                            Conclusion                              *
    I hate to say it, but Nina is much weaker in TTT than in Tekken 3 :(
    But that's ok, Anna's much improved, uf+1<3 and QCT+1 are awesome, and
    she has many many defensive manuevers including parries, reversals,
    and throw reversal!  She's a fun character, and she has more outfits
    than anyone else :)  I love her Zebra outfit, that must be my favorite
    outfit in all TTT!  If you live in southern California, and you want
    to challenge me, you can e-mail me or try your chance looking for me
    at either Nickel! Nickel!, or SHGL, or Camelot, or UCI Zot Zone.  I'm
    at Zot Zone everyday (pretty much) from 11 to 12, and if you see a guy
    playing Julia/Michelle, Anna, Bryan, Kazuya, Angel, and the BIG GUYS,
    Ganryu, Jacks and Kuma (I suck with the Jacks though) that's probably
    If you like my FAQS, I'm going to work on a comprehensive strategy/
    style guide with Renick (check out his excellent Ogre & Bryan FAQ).
    It'll include all strategy, glitch, and movement canceling tricks like
    wavesteps, hahaha backsteps, etc...  How to use it and how to defend
    it!  It'll take a while, but look forward to it!!
    *                              Credit                                *
    Web Sites:
    The best Tekken web site, with movelist, combos, frame data, and every
    little thing you'll ever want to know about Tekken.  This is where I
    get movelist, hit level, combos, special properties, etc.
    Salute has the best Tekken forum, this is where I get a lot of strate-
    Inside Tekken
    Another great forum
    MIC - getting me all those SHGL tokens :)
    Renick, Decschief, E-man for interesting discussions.
    Alex, Mr. Wizard, Yoshiking, and all the guys at SHGL, Camelot.
    All the readers who respond to my other FAQs.
    The people at UCI :)  Helps me kill time between classes, and the guy
    who play nasty Jin, Armor King, and Anna...  I don't know your name,
    so introduce yourself :)  And the guys who only play Law, Paul, Jin,
    Heihachi, Kazuya and do the same stuff over, and over, and over, and
    over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and
    over, and over, and over...................  and over, and over, and
    over, and over...........  see a pattern ?  :)

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