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    Lee by Cybermitsu

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    Guide to the Silver Haired Devil   Ver. 2.3
    By: Carlton Kong  
    Alias Cybermitsu on the tekkenzaibatsu.com BBS
    <email - raizel27@hotmail.com>
    * Notice 1: This is my first FAQ ever! First time. No experience. With that in 
    mind, be aware that there is a high probability that there will be various, if 
    not stupid, mistakes on my part. If there are any, please infrom me of them by 
    sending me email at the address above.  
    * Notice 2: This being my own personal work, it is my obligation to protect what 
    I believe are threats to my work. Guide to the Silver Haired Devil is property 
    of Carlton Kong, copyright 1999-2000. If you wish to put this FAQ into some part 
    of a vast anthology for Tekken or simply wish to use a tidbit of it on your 
    website, contact me at my email address above. If I hear news that my FAQ has 
    been used in any other manner without my consent, written or otherwise, I will 
    have no choice but to take legal action against those who have used this FAQ 
    without my consent.
    *FAQ History*
    Ver 1.0 - First Publication of FAQ. Released on 2/13/2000
    Ver 2.0 - Added Combo Section. Re-evaluated the adv. backfist rush. Removed 
    "Moves to Use and Abuse" and replaced with a "Move Analysis." Revamped "Movelist 
    and Conventions." Added "Tag Teams" section. Added "Netsu List" section. Relesed 
    on 3/15/2000
    Ver 2.3 - Fixed mistakes in movelist... I think.
    *table of contents*
    1) Bio on Lee Chaolan
    2) Advantages and Disadvantages of Lee
    3) Movelist and Conventions
    4) Move Analysis
    5) Combos
    6) Fighting Strategies as Lee
       -Okizeme Freak
    7) Netsu List
    8) Tag Teams
    9) Special Thanks/Contributors
    *Biography of Lee Chaloan*
       Lee Chaolan was an orphan boy growing up in China. On one fateful day, he was 
    adopted by a rich businessman. This businessman was named Heihachi Mishima, CEO 
    of the Mishima Financial Empire and the founder of "The King of Iron Fist 
    Tournament." He was raised by Heihachi as if he was Heihachi's own son. But Lee 
    had a brother who took much of Heihachi's attention away from him. That brother 
    was Heihachi's biological son, Kazuya Mishima. The two grew up like any pair of 
    brothers should. Unfortunately, Lee was unable to learn the Mishima style of 
    karate, while Kazuya became a master of it. When Heihachi found out about Lee's 
    apparent inability to learn the Mishima style of karate, Heihachi enlisted an 
    old friend family friend named of Wang Jinrei. While Heihachi took of the task 
    of training Kazuya, Wang went to work with Lee. At first, Lee was unable to 
    master the simpilist of techniques. Then, Wang brought Lee to an old friend's 
    dojo in America so that Lee could train with the man's son. That young son was 
    known by many fighters now as Marshall Law. While Wang talked with his old 
    friend over glasses of rice wine and tea, Lee and Law sparred with each other, 
    with both learning much during the stay. While in the U.S., Lee learned that 
    Kazuya had arrived in the city they were residing in. Lee eventually found him, 
    who was fighting an American named Paul Phoenix. Their bout ended in a draw with 
    both having a variety of injuries. As they fought, Lee watched Paul and learned 
    his powerful shredder kick combo.    
       One fateful day, Lee received a letter from Heihachi, saying that Lee must 
    return immeditately to the Mashima Family Mansion. Lee left the dojo and 
    returned to the masion, where Heihachi gretted Lee with open arms. It was nearly 
    five years since Lee had set foot in the immense mansion and the mansion had not 
    changed a single bit after he left. Heihachi took Lee to the Mishima family 
    dojo, which was a place that was completely forbidden from him as a child. He 
    felt honored as he passed through the threshold. Lee was stunned to find that 
    Kazuya was there, meditating in complete silence, with a huge scar that had been 
    there as long as Lee had remembered. In the dojo, Heihachi  forced Lee to fight 
    with Kazuya in one-on-one combat with no rules. Lee tried his best, but 
    eventually Kazuya beat him to a bloody pulp. From that day forward, Lee swore 
    that he would do all he can to become a true warrior, capable of defeating BOTH 
    his adopted brother, who defeated him, and his adopted father, who shunned him.
       At the first Iron Fist Tournament, Lee finally got a chance to fight Kazuya 
    near the end of the tournament. However, he was defeated, allowing Kazuya to 
    advance to the final rounds against Heihachi. In that battle, Kazuya won and 
    threw the lifeless body of Heihachi over the cliff where Kazuya was thrown off 
    so long ago. During the years before Heihachi's readmergence, Lee served as 
    Kazuya's personal assistant and was ground under Kazuya's heel. This also gave 
    him even more motivation to despise and hate Kazuya. Eventually Kazuya announced 
    the second Iron Fist Tournament, where Lee saw Heihachi for the first time in 
    over five years. Unfortunately, he saw Heihachi's punches and kicks much more 
    frequently than Heihachi's face. At the end, Heihachi regained control of the 
    Mishima Financial Empire that was taken away from him during his absence. He 
    also threw Kazuya into a volcano to make sure that he and his evil power was to 
    never return to this plane of existence. With Heihachi back in charge, he gave 
    Lee the assginment of running the Tekken Force, the MFE's personal army. During 
    one of their earliest missions, Lee was absorbed by Ogre until being released 
    with the help of Heihachi and a boy named Jin Kazama, Heihachi's illegitimate 
    grandson during the third Iron Fist Tournament.
       Now the Tekken Tag Tournament has begun. Who will emerge victorious?      
    *Advantatges and Disadvantages of Lee*
       Being new to TTT, people don't know much about Lee. Most people find that Lee 
    looks and fights just about the same as Law. This assumption is what makes Lee 
    useful. He has his own unique blend of moves from Kazuya, Paul, and Law, who are 
    three of the most deadliest characters that have appeared in the Tekken series. 
    Lee aquired Kazuya's Axe Kick, Paul's Shredder, and many moves from Law. He now 
    has a HUGE, if not IMMENSE, set of new moves unique to only him. One of the 
    greatest additions to his movelist is the Hitman Stance. It has four different 
    moves that can be performed while in that stance. It also allows Lee to sidestep 
    while remaining in the Hitman. Many moves in his arsenal can end in Hitman, 
    creating confusion for your opponent. Having a body type much like Law, Lee can 
    move around very quickly without much of a problem. This gives Lee a major 
    advantage against people who can't move around very quickly, such as the Jacks, 
    Kuma, and Ganryu. 
       In gaining a great amount of speed, he has extremely poor stamina. His lack 
    of stamina is a major problem since his other problem is a lack of power moves 
    and one hit wonders. Those two disadvantages alone makes fighting quick 
    powerhouses very difficult if not immposible. Another problem that Lee has is 
    difficulty in  juggling opponents effectively. Lee can be a very powerful 
    juggler at times, but the difficulty for his most powerful juggels is 
    staggering. Although Lee has a variety of moves, he lacks useful moves in two 
    very key departments. Those departments are side step attacks and mid-level 
    attacks. His side step attacks are useful, but requires much thought to be put 
    into and his lack of mid-height hits give him a disadvantage against people who 
    block low. They can simply duck a combo or chain and you'll be eating a juggle 
    in no time.        
    *Movelist and Conventions*
    With the development of the "Move Analysis" portion of my FAQ, I beleved that a 
    movelist and convention list would be a waste of space for this FAQ. Then, I saw 
    my FAQ printed out without much info on it. So I have decided to keep my 
    movelist on, with a few new features. I have also added plenty of new things 
    that I might have missed in the movelist and the convetions. I also omitted 
    things that I found useless for Lee (crouch dash!!). These conventions and the 
    movelist come from tekkenzaibatsu.com's list. 
    1 - Left Punch 	3 - Left Kick	5 - Tag button
    2 - Right Punch 	4 - Right Kick 
    f - tap forward once 			F - hold forward once 
    b - tap backwards once 		B - hold backwards once
    d - tap down once 			D - hold down once
    u - tap up once 			U - hold up once 
    d/f - tap down/forward once 		D/F - hold down/forward once 
    d/b - tap down/back once 		D/B - hold down/back once 
    u/f - tap up/forward once 		U/F - hold up/forward once 
    u/b - tap up/back once 		U/B - hold up/back once 
    N - Neutral joystick i.e. no movement
    FC - Fully Crouched 
    WS - While Standing from a crouch 
    WR - While Running
    SS - Side Step 
    SSL - Side Step Left
    SSR - Side Step Right
    + - Commands must be input simultaneously 
    , - Move to be done following the previous one 
    _ - Or i.e. either command may be input 
    ~ - Command to be input immediately after the previous one
    = - next in sequence
    SH - stagger hit 
    GB - guard break 
    HS - hunch over stun 
    KS - kneel stun 
    JG - juggle starter 
    OS - forces opponent's side to face you 
    BN - bounce juggle starter 
    # - see corresponding footnote 
    c - CH modifier (eg. JGc is a juggle starter on counter hit) 
    l - hits low (block d/b) 
    m - hits mid (block b) 
    h - hits high (block b or duck) 
    L - hits low and grounded opponents (block d/b) 
    M - hits mid and grounded opponents (block b) 
    H - hits high and grounded opponents (block b or duck) 
    Sm - hits special mid (block d/b or b) 
    ! - unblockable hit 
    <!> - unblockable hit which can be ducked 
    {!} - unblockable hits grounded opponents 
    *!* - unblockable hits big grounded opponents 
    " - indicates block point in string hits
    Command           Place           Name                 Damage      Escape
    1+3               front        Neck Fracture            30            1
    2+4               front        Chastisement Punch       30            2
    f,f+3+4 [~5]      front        Knee Drive [tag]         28            1+2
    (1+3_2+4_2+5)     left         Harassment               40            1                         
    (1+3_2+4_2+5)     right        Stunner                  38            2
    (1+3_2+4_2+5)     back         Bulldog                  45           n/a                   
    Command             Name                                Damage     Range  Prprt.
    1,2                 Double Punch                        5,12       hh
    1,1,1,1,1           Machine Gun Rush                    5,5,5,5,5  hhhhh  SH
     = 2,2               = Lee Knuckle                      12,10      hh     #1
     = F+2,2<2           = Lee Knuckle Combo                12,5,10    hmh    #1
    b+1,1               Fang Rush                           8,8        hm
     = 2                 = Triple Fang                      15         h
     = 3+4               = Hit Man Stance                   n/a        n/a
    2,2                 Rave War                            6,10       hh
    F+2<2<2             Rave War Combo                      6,5,10     hmh
    SS+2                Rear Cross Punch                    17         h      GB
    (SSR+3_SSL+4)       Lee Screw                           (30_24)    h
    d/b+3               Slice Kick                          16         L      HSc
    u/f+3               Quick Silver Sting                  20         h      GB
    d/f+3               Step In Kick                        18         m                         
    f,f+3               Split Axe Kick                      23         m      GB
    FC,d/f,d,d/f+3      Dragon Slide                        17         L
    3                   Head Kick                           18         h
     = f+3               = Step In Kick                     15         m
     = b+3               = Feint Hammer                     19         m      KS GB
     = 3,f+3             = Dbl. Head Kick - Step In Kick    10,15      hm
     = 3,b+3             = Dbl. Head Kick - Feint Hammer    10,19      hm     KS GB
     = 3,3,b+3           = Trpl. Head Kick - Feint Hammer   10,10,19   hhm    KS GB
    b+3~3 [~4]          Feint Mist Wolf [Mist Trap]         33         h      #4
    b+3<3               Mist Wolf Combo                     18,18      mh
    d+3,3               Silver Low - Head Kick              8,18       lh
     = f+3               = Step In Kick                     15         m
     = b+3               = Feint Hammer                     19         m      KS GB
     = 3,f+3             = Double Head Kick - Step In Kick  10,15      hm
     = 3,b+3             = Double Head Kick - Feint Hammer  10,19      hm     KS GB
     = 3,3,b+3           = Triple Head Kick - Feint Hammer  10,10,19   hhm    KS GB
    WS+3,3              Tsunami Kick                        10,17      mm                          
     = d/f+3             = Step In Kick Infinite Starter    18         m      #2
     = D+3               = Silver Low Infinite Starter      15         l      #2
      = 3,3,3,3...        = Rave Kicks                      10,15,10,15 mhmh  #3
       = u+3,3,3...        = Feint Hammer - Rave Kicks      15,10,15... mh    #3
       = d+3,3,3...        = Silver Low - Rave Kicks        15,10,15... lmh   #3
    (f,f,N+3,4_WR+3+4,4)Shredder                            20,15      mm
     = 4                 = Shredder Combo                   25         h      GB
     = (f_d/f)+4         = Mid Shredder                     15         m
     = (d_d/b)+4         = Low Shredder                     15         L
    f+3+4               Silver Sting                        30         h
    f,f,N+3+4           Delayed Dragon Slide                15         L
    b,b,N+3+4           Handspring Backflip                 n/a        n/a
    4,3,4               Shaolin Spin Kicks                  16,12,12   hhh
    FC,(u/b_u_u/f)+4 [~5] Quick Catapult [tag]              22         m      JG
    FC,(U/B_U_U/F)+4    High Catapult Kick                  28         m
    FC,(U/B_U_U/F)+3+4  Rainbow Kick                        30         M
    FC,(u/b_u_u/f)      Fake Somersault                     n/a        n/a
    d,d/f+4             Silver Tail                         18         L      OSc
     = 2,2,1              = Silver Demon Fist               27         !      #6
    f+4                 Snap Kick                           7          h
    b+4 [~3] [~5]       Silver Heel [Hit Man Stance] [tag]  22         m      BNc #5
    b,b+4 [~3]          Cutter [Hit Man Stance]             19         h                  
    d,d/b+4 [~5]        Blazing Kick [tag]                  22         m      JG
    4,u+3               Roundhouse - Somersault             16,30      hm
    4,4,4               Machine Gun Kicks                   16,8,10    hhh
    d+4                 Laser Edge                          7          l
     = <N+4,4,4          = Machine Gun Kicks                20,8,10    hhh
     = ~N+4~3            = Silver Cyclone                   20,80      <!>
     = <N+4,3,4          = Shaolin Spin Kicks               20,12,12   hhh
     = <N+4,u+3 [~5]     = Roundhouse - Somersault [tag]    20,30      hm
    D+4<4<4<4 [~3]      Laser Edge Rush [Hit Man Stance]    7,5,5,21   lllm
    3+4                 Hit Man Stance                      n/a        n/a
    f,N                 Mist Step                           n/a        n/a
    #1 Chain after the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th hit of the Machine Gun Rush.
    #2 The Infinite Kicks have to be started with 1 Silver Low or 1 Step In Kick 
       after the WS+3,3.
    #3 Sequence of the Infinite is 2 Rave Kicks, Feint Hammer or Low Silver, 
       2 Rave Kicks, Feint    Hammer or Silver Low...
    #4 If the High Kick is blocked, tapping 4 at the exact frame will cause the 
       opponent to grab    Lee's foot. Lee will auto reverse.
    #5 No hit is required to buffer a tag after this move.
    #6 This move only works with Kazuya Mishima on your team.
    Command          Name                             Damage      Range   Properties
    1,1...           Freaker Jabs - Hit Man Stance    15,12...    h
    2 [~5]           Scatter Blow [tag]               23          m       JG GB
    3                Scatter Kick                     21,13       h
    4                Ship Slicer                      22          L       JG GB
    (u_d)            Predator Step                    n/a         n/a
    Command          Name                             Damage      Range      
    d+3+4            Silver Cyclone                   80          <!>
    d/b+1+2          Silver Fang                      100         !
     = u,u            = Cancel                        n/a         n/a
    Command                    Hits           Damage                   Range
    d/f+1,2,2,1,3,3,3,4,3,4    10 	      10,5,6,5,7,6,7,7,10,25   mhm"hh"Lhhhm
    *Move Analysis*
    This section used to be known as the "Moves to Use and Abuse," which covered 
    basic moves that every decent Lee player should know. It had also note any moves 
    that were, in my opinion, invaluable in ANY fight. But I have recently gotten e-
    mail saying that I didn't include this move or that trick. Well, FINE! I'm gonna 
    analyze every stinkin move in his movelist. Everybody satisfied?
    Neck Fracture - 1+3  {1}
       This is a basic, generic front throw that everyone has. Lee simply grabs 
    their head, twists his body a bit, and falls to the floor, breaking the neck of 
    the opponent. A bit on the weak side for a throw. Still, it is a generic front 
    throw, so you can't expect much. It also gives a person a free sweep if the 
    throw connects
    Chaastiment Punch - 2+4  {2} 
       The other basic, generic front throw. Lee puts his opponent into a headlock 
    position and then gives them a powerful shot to the head. This is quite possibly 
    one of the slowest throws in the game. With that said, I use this throw often so 
    that  I can waste precious seconds from my opponent if they happen to have very 
    little health. Most times, this ends any hope for a comeback.
    Knee Bash - f,f+3+4  {1+2}
       One of the quickest throws in the game. Lee grabs his opponent and suddenly 
    knees his opponent in the face. It does a little bit more damage than his 
    generic front throws. But the real power of this move is the ability to add this 
    into a rushing game. I have been able to trick people by goating them with a 
    knee bash and then following it up with shredder, spinning slide, axe kick, or 
    another knee bash.
    Harassment - (LEFT) 1+3_2+4_2+5  {1}
       A side throw from the left side. Lee forces his opponent to the ground, locks 
    their arm behind their back, and steps on their head. The funny thing about this 
    throw is that he is laughing the whole entire time. Get this off for some major 
    style points
    Stunner - (RIGHT) 1+3,_2+4_2+5  {2}
       A side throw from the right side. Lee steps around the opponent, puts them in 
    a head lock, then performs a flip and lands smack dab on their head. Resembles a 
    type of tumbling throw. The way he gets behind them is reminiscent of how 
    Dhalsim in SF EX + Alpha does one of his throws that sort of snake around his 
    Bulldog (BACK) 1+3_2+4_2+5
       A back throw. Lee simply performs a bulldog, slamming his opponent's face 
    into the ground. Really looks good. One problem: the chances of a person being 
    able to get behind a person and perform the throw is slim to nil.
    Hopkick_Uppercut - u/f+4_d/f+2
       These two moves are not mentioned in the movelist, but they are the most 
    commonly use popups that Lee has in his arsenal. They are easy to perform and 
    are extremely useful in counterattacking an opponent. Good to use if you have 
    been going low against an opponent and you decide that you want to go for their 
    midsection since Lee lacks any good midsection hits.
    1-2 Punches - 1,2
       A set of punches borrowed from Law. It's simply one left and one right punch 
    throw one after another. The reason that this combo is so useful is that it 
    gives Lee a extremely quick counter attack after someone has done a long string. 
    It also gives Lee the power to actually deter someone from trying a move since 
    this set of punches have priority. It can also link into the rave punches or the 
    rave war combo.
    Rave Punches - 2,2
       EXTREMELY slow right punches. SInce both hit high, there is a major chance 
    for retaliation off of this move. DO NOT USE THESE PUNCHES. 
    Rave War Combo - f+2,2,2
       Quite possibly the best punch combo that Lee has next to the backfist rush or 
    the adv. backfist rush. It hits high, mid, then high, making it useful against 
    people who try to duck under punch combos. Doing only the first two hits gives 
    you a slight advantage, although you might be hit out of it. It is really a good 
    combo filler and at times catches people off guard. It's a good move to use when 
    you want to try to get close to you opponent without much fear. 
    5_6_7 Punch Combo - 1,1,1,1,1_2,2_f+2,2,2
       Affectionately known as the "Machine Gun Punches." Lee simply does four quick 
    jabs, then can opt for a fifth left jab, lead into the rave punches, or the rave 
    war combo. It's really up to the player. The best one IMO are the punches that 
    lead into the rave war combo. You can also perform other such combos with a 
    fewer number of 1's, such as 1,1,f+2,2,2.
    Backfist Rush or Adv. Backfist Rush - b+1,1, [3+4_2]_ b+1,N,1,2
       This is an extremely useful move if your outside of sweep range. Lee just 
    comes in from out of nowhere and hits you with two left jabs to your face. Then, 
    Lee has various options. He could go into hitman and confuse your opponent. He 
    could complete the string follow up the jabs with a quick backhand, forcing your 
    opponent out of sweep range. One of the more ruthless options that Lee has with 
    the backfist rush is to buffer a throw with the rush. Do recall how close you 
    get to an opponent when you perform a backfist rush. You can get extremely close 
    to your opponent giving you a chance to stuff a move down their throat. 
    Personally, I use this move as a filler in a combo or as a quick way to get near 
    an opponent and harass him/her some more, especially with a throw. Hehe!
    Silver Sting_Quick Silver Sting - f+3+4_u/f+3
       These two moves provide what might be the only power moves that Lee has. Both 
    simply cause Lee to jump into the air and kick his opponent. The difference 
    between them is speed, power, and range. The regular silver sting is quite stong 
    and can also induce a guard break. It also has great range for a jump kick.  The 
    quick silver sting is not as stroing and does not cause a guard break. The quick 
    silver sting, however has much better recovery time than the regular silver 
    sting. That extra speed gives it the power to be used in a chip and combos. Uses 
    of both are vital to playing opponents since they both look quite the same and 
    that only the player notices the difference. These, unfortunately all hit high, 
    making them esy to duck underneath.
    Slice Kick - d/b+4
       I really don't use this move often in my game, although I really should. 
    Equivalent to Kaz's own d/b+4, it is capable to hit grounded opponents. I have 
    also heard that it does stun on counter hit. The stun that it provides is 
    similar to King's d+3+4,4,4 on counter hit. The problem with it is the fact that 
    there is nothing that can be done after the stun, including throws, jabs, etc. I 
    have yet to confirm the possibilty to tag in your partner for a hit.
    Step-in-Kick - d/f+3
       Please check my comments on the rave punches for my opinion on this move.
    Axe Kick - f,f+3
       A good move to pull on an unsuspecting opponent. Lee performs a classic axe 
    kick in the style of the Mishima family. It's tough to get down correctly, it 
    can be used in an effective mixup game with his f,f,N moves. Like the other axe 
    kicks, this one causes a fall back crumple stun where the opponent falls quickly 
    to the ground. You could possibly go into the shin kicks, especially if its a 
    big character.    
    Shaolin Spin Kicks - 4,3,4
       Not particularly useful in a tough fight. It is still pretty quick and can be 
    used in a juggle or two. The first two hits are good to chip at opponents with. 
    Good move to use to get people to fall for the roundhouse to flip.
    Roundhouse to Flip - 4,u+3
       This is an extremly useful juggle starter. It starts with Lee performing a 
    regular 4 followed by a sudden flip, causing your opponent to fly into the air. 
    Very useful if you use it with the machine gun kicks or the shaolin spin kicks 
    to cause confsuion. I've seen it used in parts of combos and it can do some 
    serious damage.
    Silver Sting_Quick Silver Sting - f+3+4_u/f+3
       These two moves cause Lee to jump into the air and perform a jumpkick right 
    into the head of his opponents. Each are simply variations on the same move. The 
    silver sting causes a guard stun and forces your oppoenent quite a ways back. 
    But it has a horrible recovery time. The quick silver sting is much quicker 
    (duh!) and has a better recovery time, but it lacks power and the guard stun 
    Quick Somersault - FC,u/b_u_u/f+4 [~5]
    High Somesault - FC,U/B_U_U/F+4
    Rainbow Kick - FC,U/B_U_U/F+3+4
       I really don't like any of these flips. Why, you might ask. Simple. They all 
    require a full crouch position. That alone eliminates their usefulness. The 
    quick somersault is a good juggle starter and is taggable, but it required the 
    all so tell tale FC position. The high somersault is just to get behind a 
    person. The rainbow kick is really useful since you can get people on the floor. 
    (Please check 'Okizeme Freak' section)
    Shin Kick Combo - d+4,4,4,4~3
       This is the move that every Lee player will use as a last resort. The first 
    three hits are low, so you have no fear of being countered. The last hit is mid, 
    so if they duck to block all the low hits, the last one will always get them. 
    Since these kicks are all use 4 to hit, it's quite easy to buffer a chicken 
    against counterers. Some words of caution: 
    1. The last kick has an insanely long delay time, thus allowing you opponent to 
    get in an attack. This means trouble against power hitters, such as Paul, 
    Heihachi, and Jin. Fortunately, you can go into the hitman stance with a ~3 
    after the last 4, which cancels the delay time completely. Another bonus about 
    going into hitman is that it auto blocks high and mid attacks, so you don't have 
    to worry about getting hit with a deathfist or a twin piston.
    2. The beginning low kicks are EXTREMELY easy to parry for a veteran. Since not 
    many people have parried the shin kicks on me, I don't know exactly what can 
    happen off a parried shin kick, but I can only imagine...
    Use this on people who just tagged in since they can't automatically block low 
    as they come in. The shin kick combo also should be used to chip since a 
    sucessful 1st hit guarantees a sucessful 2nd hit.
    This move also has a habit of killing scrubs and newbies. Don't ask me why.
    Shin Kick Mix-Ups - d+4,N,4,3,4_d+4,N,4,4,4_d+4,N,4,u+3_d+4,N,4~3
       These mix-ups for the shin kick combo are quite useful. The first two are 
    excellent juggle enders, although you may not be able to get in all the hits for 
    the second variation. The third variation is extremely useful. Once opponents 
    get acustomed to the shin kick combos, throw this into the mix and watch their 
    expression of horror just gush out to their face. The last variation is the most 
    useless, since it links up into the silver cyclone, which is an unblockable that 
    has a huge amount of lag time. Thus, it allows someone to get a jab or a ewgf in 
    your face. 
    Thses mixups are designed to confuse intermediate and even some experts. They do 
    work, especially if you've "trained" your opponent to anticipate a shin kick 
    combo and suddenly switching it with a d+4,N,4,u+3, poping up the opponent 
    giving you a chance to try out a juggle or two. 
    Low Kick to Head Kicks to Step-In Kick_Feint Hammer - d+3,3,f+3_b+3
       Another good combo to that forces your opponent back. You could add more 3's 
    into it, but it increases your chances of being countered. Then again, you use 
    all 3's so they are easy to buffer a chicken with. I use this move in ending my 
    combos that cause my opponent to hit the floor hard. This is another good move 
    to hit people that are tagging in. 
    Blazing Kick - d,d/b+4 [~5]
       This is Lee's best juggle starter. Heck, I consider it as Lee's ONLY juggle 
    starter. Getting the blazing kick in consistently is vital for you success as a 
    Lee player. It knocks them pretty high in the air, thus allowing you to use your 
    imagination to develop some hard hitting combos. Or you could just tag in your 
    partner and allow them to kick a**. One word of caution: doing the blazing kick 
    can at times be extremely difficult (One day, I couldn't even do the motion for 
    about a week so you can imagine my anger and amount of profanity). So practice 
    it consatantly until you can get it to work in your sleep.        
    Spinning Slide - f,f,N+3+4
       The spinning slide is an excellent surprise move where Lee dahses at his 
    opponent and then slides leg first at his opponent, causing both to fall to the 
    floor This move should only be used on people as they tag in, since it hits low. 
    It's possible to add it into your chipping game, since forcing your opponent 
    back to allow enough room for the dash and neutral. I haven't try to do it, 
    Silver Tail - d_FC,D/F+4,4,4...   Silver Demon Fist - 2,2,1
       This is an extremely useful move to add in on occassion. It's similar to 
    Law's dragon tail, but much faster. On counter hits, it causes the opponent to 
    expose their side, thus allowing for a quick side throw or shin kick combo. But 
    with the new sweep blocking system, it can leave you open and vulnerable to 
    attack. So, it's best to use it as infrequently as possible. You can also 
    perform an infinite number of low sweeps by holding d/f and pressing 4 over and 
    over. I only use that if they try to roll at me to get into a more offensive 
    If you have Kazuya as your partner, you can perform the silver demon fist, an 
    unblockable similar to Kazuya's rolling gut punch, f+1+2. It's extremely fast 
    and Lee sort of dashes in, increasing it's range. It causes a crumple stun 
    similar to getting hit a with Kaz's rolling gut punch. What makes it useful is 
    that it looks exactly like a regular silver tail until the last second. Thus it 
    has a much better surprise factor than his other unblockables.    
    Silver Whip - f+4
       This has got to be the fastest kick in the entire game! Not even some of 
    Hwoarang's fastest kick combos can match it's speed. The kick is easy to 
    perform. It snaps a person's head back once they are hit by it, making it an 
    essential against people who are relentless bulldogs and chippers. It also has 
    quite an amount of priority for just a one hit move. By repeating this move, you 
    can force your opponent to rush back at you, allowing you to stay on a constant 
    offense. Try to stick in a jab here and there after a few silver whips and see 
    what happens. 
    Machine Gun Kicks - 4,4,4
       Whoa! Talk about speed! Lee busts out three kicks in rapid sucession at an 
    opponents face. Since they all hit high and use the same button, it is a simple 
    matter to buffer a chicken against counters. They have a great ability at 
    stoping bulldogs much like the silver whip. They also have an equal, if not 
    greater priority than the Silver Whip.  The machine gun kicks can also be used 
    as an effective combo filler.
    Infinity Kicks - WS+3,3,[d+3_d/f+3],3,3,3,3,3.....
       Ah, Lee's signature combo. Everyone knows about it, but people just never 
    expect it coming. Quite useful against overly offensive people, since it 
    immidiately puts people on the defensive. Do not use it if your far away form 
    your opponent. The Infinty Kicks were designed to put pressure on your opponent 
    at close range. If your too far, your going to get an ewgf or a pheonix smasher 
    in your face. 
    Mist Wolf Combo - b+3>3
       Not all that useful. All Lee does is a little snap kick toward the stomach 
    and then a kick to the face. It's a good move for people at close range. But the 
    most important aspect of this move is that it can lead into the the mist trap. 
    Mist Trap - b+3~3~4
       I've heard A LOT about the usefulness of this move. You know what? Their 
    right. This is the perfect move to use if a opponent is defending. I believe 
    that this is the first move in Tekken history that requires a block to actually 
    get to work right. Basically, Lee kicks them at the head, causing your opponent 
    to grab the kick. Then, Lee performs a sweet animation where he simply pummels 
    them with a vicious throw much like Kaz's Bitch Kicks throw.  
    Silver Heel - b+4~3_5
       Not much of a move but extremely useful to add into a nice mix. It doesn't do 
    much except juggle on CH. Even with that, it's reminiscent with Bryan's b+1, so 
    it is difficult to juggle with. It's usefulness increases when you realize that 
    you can tag out without having to buffer a 5. Imagine this: I constantly harass 
    someone with b+4 until they begin to block. I perform the silver heel from quite 
    a distance, which leads that someone to dash in. Suddenly, I tag out and my 
    partner comes in with a cross body chop. Sad ain't I? By pressing 3 rather than 
    tagging out Lee ends in the Hitman stance, which is useful upclose since Lee 
    takes a small step back during the animation to the hitman stance.   
    Cutter - b,b+4~3
       Not much of an awesome move here. All it does is a simple roundhouse that 
    sends your opponent flying if it hits. If it doesn't you can always go into the 
    hitman right after the move and watch them try to attatck you while you have 
    them eat some moves off of the hitman. I've seen it used in some juggles which 
    did some damage.
    Shredder - f,f,N+3~4_WR+3+4,4
       The shredder kick combo is one of the most important moves in Lee's arsenal. 
    Borrowed from Paul, it allows Lee a chance to stay aggressive. It works 
    especially well as an okizeme move, a juggle starter, and a juggle ender. You 
    can mix up the end of the shredder with a 4 for a high kick, a d/f+4 for a mid 
    kick, and a d+4 for a low kick. This is an excellent move to use in order to 
    close the distance on an opponent that is trying to run away from Lee.   
    Hitman Stance - 3+4
       The hitman stance is a vital part of Lee's overall figthing style. Many of 
    his moves go into this stance after a set of moves. The hitamn stance also gives 
    you various options. You could use a couple of 1's to do a bit of chipping. Or a 
    nice 2 to pop'em into the air for some juggling. Or try a 3 for a bit of a power 
    move that also limks up into a combo that looks much like the mist trap by 
    pressing . Or try a quick 4 sweep that causes your opponent to float for a small 
    juggle. Or if you wanna try to be sneaky, press u or d to sidestep toward your 
    enemy. As I stated in the shin kick combo portion of the FAQ, the hitmam 
    automatically blocks high and mid attacks, thus allowing you to do a slow string 
    and not get a face full of fist.    
    Silver Cyclone - d+3+4
       The fastest out of Lee's two regular unblockables. Lee ducks down slightly so 
    that he can duck under jabs. I'm not really sure that he can duck under mid 
    height hits. It can be seen a mile a way, though, with all those pretty silver 
    lightning bolts that surround him.   
    Silver Fang - d/b+1+2    Cancel - u,u
       This unblockable looks exaclty like Law's unblockable. What am I saying? It 
    IS Law's unblockable. It can be cancelled so you wont be left to get your a** 
    kicked while you charging for the silver fang. It also has a surprsising amount 
    of range for an unblockable.
    SS+2 - Rear Cross Punch
       Lee performs a sidestap and punches his opponent in the face. The move 
    doesn't do much damage, but it does cause a guard stun if an opponent should 
    block it, which is nearly consistently. It also does cause a stun when it hits 
    with a clean hit.
    SSR+3_SSL+4 - Lee Screw
       Lee performs a sidestep and then pulls out a vicious slash kick that looks 
    quite similar to Bruce and Bryan's f,f+3. It's a pretty strong move, which is 
    always a bonus. There is one problem: the move depends on what sidestep you are 
    using. If you sidestep toward Lee's right side, use 3. If you sidestep to Lee's 
    left, use 4. This is difficult to get down, especially in a close match. 
    --Ten Hit Combo--
       Like most of the characters that came from Tekken 2, Lee has only one ten hit 
    combo. The ten hit was borrowed from one of Law's ten hits. It's relatively easy 
    to block it and can give your opponent time to retaliate if they block it all. I 
    personally DO NOT like ten hit combos, due to the fact that they are easy to 
    --Special Movement--
    Backflip~Hitman - b,b,N+3+4~3
       Lee simply performs a backflip similar to Nina's, Anna's or Bruce's. The 
    whole point of using the backflip is to simply run away from an opponent to get 
    some breathing room. This allows for the setup of Lee's very useful running 
    game, which allows him to do the shredder mixups as well as his spinning slide. 
    Use it in conjunction with the hitman stance so that you can remain on some sort 
    of offensive stance while retreating with the backflip.
    Mist Step - f,N
       Most of you are going "huh?" Well, Lee performs what looks like a combination 
    of a crouch dash (f,N,d,d/f) and a wave step (d,d/f,f). It allows Lee to cover a 
    whole lot of space in a very short amount of time. It can also be cancelled out 
    with almost any move. It can be used to buffer in a quick throw or an even 
    quicker f+4. If you hold b while performing a mist step, you will be able to 
    block oncoming high/mid hits. 
    Fake Somersault - FC, u/b_u_u/f
       Now this is a move that even brings a "huh?" to even me. All Lee does is a 
    fake flip. No attack power. No real distance move. Not even a second move that 
    you can go into like Law's fake somersault. I think that this move was added as 
    some kind of taunt for Lee.
    This section of my FAQ will cover combos (well duh!). If you have any combos 
    that you wish to be mentioned in this FAQ, please email me at 
    raizel27@hotmail.com. Please include the timing for hits and make special notes 
    such as "extremely powerful." 
    Afer many hours of thinking and practice about/with Lee. I have come to a 
    critical conclusion: Lee sucks as a juggler. He has a nice multitude of juggle 
    starters such as the Blazing Kick or the Hitman~2. Unfortuately, he lacks the 
    ability to keep his opponent in the air for a long time. I find that it's best 
    just to tag in your partner for some combos. But by popualr demand (and the 
    Raijin Juggle movie), I will finally include some combos in this FAQ.
    d/f+2 - generic uppercut
    u/f+4 - generic hopkick
    Hitman,4 - hitman stance, sweep
    Hitman,2 - hitman stance, uppercut
    b+4 CH - silver heel
    d,d/b+4 - blazing kick
    f,f,N+3 - starter for the shreedder
    ---Suggested Combo Fillers---
    Combo fillers are basically moves that a person can use to juggle opponents, 
    whether it's only a puny three hit juggle or a monstrous seven hit juggle. Since 
    I don't really like to juggle with Lee, here's a small list of moves that can be 
    used in a combo.
    <standing jabs> - these are often the best juggle fillers, since they are the 
    easiest to perform and keep them in the air for quite some time.
    <backfist rush> - never, EVER complete the entire string unless you want to end 
    the juggle with the combo. The first two hits act much like the standing jabs, 
    although they get Lee closer to opponents.
    <hitman, 2> - only do this as a first hit off of the blazing kick. 
    <shin kick combo_shin kick variations> - these are great ways to end a combo. 
    Leaves the feeling of "I can't believe that happened to me" on opponents. The 
    shin kick combo works especially well against big opponents like Jack and Kuma. 
    Plus, it does a nice amount of damage. 
    <silver whip> - great move to use as the first or last hit off a juggle. Using 
    it as a last hit really creates that sense of fear that my Lee is able to use 
    that super quick kick in a combo, which inversely means that I must know that 
    move can be used to stop people cold.
    <machine gun kicks> - not such a great juggling move. It's best used if you want 
    to do some damage off a combo with relative ease and without wasting a lot of 
    <low kick, head kick, feint hammer_step in kick> - this is an extremely good 
    move to use during a juggle. Although it may not do a lot of damage, it looks 
    really good to do it right.
    <infinity kicks> - these are the most underrated juggling moves in the book. 
    It's best done off of a blazing kick.
    <silver sting_quick silver sting> - one hell of a way to end a juggle. Using 
    these moves in a combo that causes major damage, which is useful for a person 
    who has some of the weakest juggles in the game. 
    <shredder> - another big damaging way to end a juggle. Problem is the fact that 
    getting a shredder out during the small amount of time that you have in a juggle 
    is hard at best.
    ---Combo Examples---
       1,2, b+1,1,2
       b+1, 1, b+1,1,2
       f+4, b+1,1, d+3,3
       u/f+4, d+1, ws+3,3
       u/f+4, d+4,4,4,4
       d/f+1, b+1, b+1, 1, u/f+3
       *4 4, uf+3
       *4 u+3, f f n 3 4 
       *4 u+3, d db+4 
       *uf+4, 1, 1, 1, f,f,N+3,4,4
       any of the previous juggles w/ a partial delay for the first hit
       hitman,2, d+4,4,4,4
       4,u+3, d,d/b+4
       *4 4, 4 4 4 
       *UF,N+4, f,f,N+3,4 (wait)4 
       f+3+4, rush in, d+4,4,4,4
       ws+4, 1, d+3,3
    Note: Combos marked with * were first seen by me on the Raijin movie. Give props 
    to Raijin in Japan for some of those combos.
    *Fighting Strategies as Lee*
    Strategies for any charcter are simply a joke IMO. It has always been my belief 
    that you can use a character in a variety of ways. An excellent example would be 
    two of my good friends. They use the same characters but in very distinct ways. 
    Both use Paul, but one chips, uses good juggles, and constanly bulldogs his 
    opponents while the other uses Phoenix Smasher, a crazy okizeme game, and has a 
    tendency to turtle a lot. Therefore, I'll try to give an all around strategy on 
    how to use Lee in various manners.  If you feel that I have missed something 
    important, e-mail me at raizel27@hotmail.com.  
    ---General Lee (not the confederate general)---
    Whether you use Lee to bulldog, turtle, or whatever, there are a few things that 
    you have to keep in mind with Lee. Lee's insane amount of speed allows for 
    either a great dashing offense, where assaults with pokes and jabs rain down on 
    opponents, an excellent defensive retreat, forcing opponents to drop their guard 
    as they try to hit you. But be careful playing a defensive game. Lee has 
    extremely poor stamina. If you get hit while in a turtle game, your gonna be in 
    for a world of hurt. 
    Another point that I should make when using Lee with any type of mentality is to 
    keep the confusion factor extremely high. Use nearly every move in the movelist. 
    Never do the same custom string more than twice in a round. Try to use moves 
    that have multiple switch ups., such as the laser edge kick variations. Those 
    are extremely useful.
    ---Lee as a Pitbull---
    Fighting Lee as a pitbull causes people to get aggrevated very quickly. Don't 
    know why. So he has some of the quickest moves in the game. So he has an 
    infintiy combo that drives people nuts sometimes. So his hitman has an unusual 
    amount of priority over moves. It's not a big deal. But to a bulldog, these are 
    all pluses for using Lee. Due to Lee's great speed, he can hit his opponents 
    with a flurry of hits, forcing them outside of their normal attack range. Then 
    while they dash back in, Lee hits them with a barrage of blows that can do some 
    heavy damage.
    Here are a few strings that I find very useful against opponents:
    b+1,1, d+4,4,4, 1,2, u/f+3_f+3+4
    1,f+2>2, d+1, ws+3,3d+3, u/f+3_f+3+4
    f+4, f+4, b+1,1, f+4, f+4, b+1,1...
    f+4, d+4,4,4, f+4, d+4,4,4...  
    1,f+2>2, D+1, d/f+4 (should lead to a silver sting), 2,2,1_u/f+3_f+3+4  
    f+4, f+4, d+4,4,4, f+4, f+4, d+4,N,4, u+3...
    f+4, b+1,1, d+3,3,f+3, f,f,N,3+4_u/f+3_f+3+4
    One move that I have found uses for Lee in this aspect of his game is the mist 
    step. It's appearance is similar to the wave step (d,d/f,f) and helps Lee move 
    across the screen at a high rate of speed. It can be canceled out with a b if 
    your about to be hit with a power move such as the Pheonix Smasher. The mist 
    step can also be cancelled out with a ss or a move. One move that I find 
    extremely useful to use during the mist step is the silver whip. It comes out 
    extremely fast and can annoy the best of opponents. You can switch that up with 
    a d+4,4,4,4 or d+4,N,4,u+3 to get extremely annoying. Add in the f,f+3+4 throw 
    off of the mist step to be more annoying.
    His advanced backfist rush is invaluable in a pitbull game. You can do various 
    moves off of that move. It also opens the opponent for a brief period of time, 
    giving you the chance for the upper hand. You can also use a partial backfist 
    rush and get in close with a throw.  
    But if all else fails, try the mist trap. Although it's insanely difficult to 
    use (anyone that can get this out consistently, please e-mail me on how to do it 
    right) it will turn a turtle into a whimpering sack. Remember, the mist trap 
    works only on opponents that are blocking.
    ---Lee as a Turtle---
    Fighting on the defense is difficult at best with Lee. At worst, it can be a 
    complete nightmare for a Lee player. Being on the defensive causes a person to 
    rely heavily on powerful moves, which creates a very powerful comeback game. 
    Unfortunately, Lee, lacks power moves which basically eliminates his comeback 
    Lee fortunately has some very useful moves on the defensive. His backflip helps 
    him to get quite a distance away from his opponent in a quick way. This gives 
    him time to set up his excellent f,f game. His Silver Heel is a great defensive 
    move and can give you the chance to tag in your partner without the fear of 
    Surprisingly, Lee's abiltiy to change into the hitman stance off of his moves 
    allows him to get extremely defensive. Most players try to jab him with a 1 in 
    hopes of getting a quick hit. Fortunately, it automatically blocks all mid hits 
    and ducks under most regular high hits. This factor allows Lee the ability to 
    damage opponents well without much fear of retaliation.
    The mist step, which I mentioned in the pitbull section, can also be used by a 
    turtle. In a turtle's mindset, they have to wait for their opponent to make some 
    type of fatal error so that they can retaliate with a counterattack. The mist 
    step is the perfect thing to use to bait your opponent into attacking. Since you 
    can cancel the motion by holding b, you are safe from most forms of retaliation. 
    But if you want to cause damage, mix that up with a silver heel. Most people 
    will try to charge in and hit you during the mist step. But when the silver heel 
    hits, it will usually cause a CH, which will pop them up, thus allowing for a 
    Although limited, Lee's sidestep moves can be of some use on a defensive game. 
    Although his ss+3_ss+4 come out much too slow, his ss+2 gives him the ability to 
    strike very quickly while trying to run away. What is so good about the ss+2 is 
    the fact that it causes a guard break when they do block it, giving you a bit of 
    a better recovery advantage.
    ---Lee as an Okizeme Freak---
    If you don't know, okizeme is a japanese term that basically means hitting an 
    opponent while he is still on the ground. Although this might not be an exact 
    translation, it's sure easier to type "okizeme" than typing "hitting an opponent 
    while on the ground." Well enough definitions, let's get on to some okizeme 
    Lee doesn't have many moves that hit low enough to hit opponents while they are 
    on the ground. This can be a problem when you are going against sleepers 
    (Sleepers are basically people that stay on the ground and wait for a failed 
    attempted to hit them and counterattack). Fortunately for Lee, his okizeme game 
    can used pretty far away rather than being close up with other characters. 
    One of the best moves to use for his okizeme game is his spinning slide. Since 
    the motion involves a f,f,N input, this move can be used at a relatively safe 
    distance. A move that also involves his f,f,N motion are the shredder kicks 
    mixups. This can really get to people who attempt to roll forward or back in an 
    attempt to get back into a fighting position. 
    Lee does have a few okizeme moves that require Lee to be at close range. Lee can 
    also use his d/b+3, which hits grounded opponents at close range. Lee can also 
    use his silver tail to hit people while they are on the floor. And if your 
    timing is right, you may be able to get off a silver demon if they try to get up 
    off the floor right away. He can also do the dragon slide from crouch position 
    to even add cause more chaos.   
    One of the riskier okizeme moves would be the shin kick combo. It can be used on 
    people that try to get up by rolling back or forward. The problem occurs when 
    you try to use it when an opponent tech rolls. When this happens, you expose 
    your side while doing the laser edge kicks, giving opponents the perfect 
    opportunity to counterattack. The riskiest move in his okizeme game has got to 
    be the rainbow flip. This is that one flip where Lee leaps into the air and 
    basically lands on his opponent back first. This is an EXTREMELY dangerous move 
    to perform. If they try a roll back or forward, you will get them if you do the 
    one that goes straight up at close range. The u/f one should only be used if 
    your opponent is extremely far away or tries to tag in his/her partner.
    ---Lee as an Anti-Tagger---
    Anti-Tagger is a term that I came up with after people began to use the tag 
    button to escape and try to make a comeback with their partner character. This 
    really gets me annoyed, since I can wear people down very quickly with Lee and 
    all of a sudden be forced to do all that over with against a  new character. 
    Good thing that Namco added that little defect where you can't block while your 
    tagging out, thus making my job at doing damage much easier.
    The first move that I always do when people tag out is go for a low hit. This 
    includes the shin kick combo. Since people can't block low when they tag out, 
    they believe that they can stop me from rushing with a jab. Well whadda you 
    know? Doing the laser edge kicks at that time causes a CH, guaranteeing that all 
    the hits connect, causing a great deal of damage. The shin kick mixups really 
    screw with people's minds, especially the d+4,N,4,u+3. Another good move that I 
    like to do is the silver whip. This moves comes out extremely quickly and is 
    capable of allowing you to perform a silver demon. 
    Speaking of unblockables, Lee can use his to discourage people from tagging in. 
    One of my favorite things to do on people is to simply go for the silver 
    cyclone. Since he ducks during the charge up, he can avoid most high attacks. 
    Mid attacks could be avoided, but I need to confirm that at a later time. His 
    silver fang unblockable also is a good and devastating move. It has a great deal 
    of power, plus it can be cancelled, allowing Lee to get into a defensive stance 
    when a person gets in before the punch is launched.
    *Netsu List*
    An integral part of any team is the consideration of the netsu power up. For 
    those who are unaware, netsu is the state when your character has flashing red 
    border around their life bar. The way that you get a netsu power up is when the 
    character on screen gets hit a certain amount of times, your partner will become 
    enraged and gain strength. During a netsu power up, the damage that your blows 
    infict is increased by 30%. Taking Lee into consideration, he takes only 5 hits 
    to gain a netsu powerup when off screen. There are, of course exceptions to that 
    5 hit rule.
    Note: 0's indicate that the character doesn't get a netsu at all.
    With Lee off screen-
    Jin :  0
    Kazuya : 7
    Devil :  7
    Ogre : 0
    True Ogre : 0
    With Lee on screen-
    Heihachi : 0
    Kazuya : 0
    *Tag Teams*
    This section provides a semi-complete analysis of tag partners that Lee can use. 
    It includes general tips on using the pair, a few of my favorite tag juggles, 
    and my own opinions on the team.
    --Jack-Types (Jack-2, P-Jack, Gun Jack, Kuma, Ganryu)--
    It is my personal belief that the Jack-Types are the best team up with 
    characters with low stamina, like Ling or Paul.  So they might be a little bit 
    on the slow side; their power and high stamina make up for it. At times I think 
    that their high stamina can make up for both themselves and their partner. That 
    is true in the case of Lee paired up with a Jack-Type. Lee also helps out a Jack 
    by making  up for a Jack's lack of speed. Since they have such different types 
    of style, your opponent would be confused at what to do with each of your 
    partners. Whenever I want to go on the defensive, I put in a Jack and turtle a 
    little bit while Lee recovers some lost health.
    --Mishima Martial Artists (Heihachi, Kazuya, Jin, Devil/Angel)--  
    Family affairs... Not much to say in this topic since I'm not really good with 
    the Mishima family (just can't get that damn crouch dash!!). But I do have one 
    thing to say: if you know how to use a Mishima and team up with Lee, your set 
    for some ass-kicking and smack-down laying. The Mishima's (except for Devil and 
    on some level, Kazuya) are excellent jugglers. And rememeber the blazing kick? A 
    class 1 juggle starter. Can you say sickness? I knew you could.
    Ex. Lee - d,d/b+4~5
        Jin - b+1+4 (short)
    Jin also gets bonus points for being able to counter.
    --Williams Sisters (Nina, Anna)--
    This team reaffrms Lee's status as the pimp in TTT. Both of the Williams Sisters 
    are excellent pokers and bulldogs, much like Lee. But unlike Lee, they also are 
    some of the best jugglers in the game. Combine that with the blazing kick, one 
    of the best class 1 juggle starters in the game, and you have quite a formidable 
    team to reckon with. Another bonus that the Williams Sisters have is a counter, 
    which is quite effective due to the fact that not many people know they have 
    one. But they also have something in common with Lee, extremely low stamina. So 
    be careful using this team, unless your juggling and defensive skills are top 
    --Chang Family (Michelle, Julia)--
    Another team that reaffirms Lee's pimp status, although him teaming up with a 
    girl nearly half his age may not look that good.  Once again, I must make a 
    reference to Lee's blazing kick and the Changs excellent juggling capabiities. 
    They also have extremely low stamina. One thing that I find odd about the Changs 
    is the fact that they are excellent at not poking consistently with a variety of 
    moves, but they can also are excellent at counter-attacking thanks in part of 
    their extremely fast moves. And when they counter attack, they usually send them 
    across the screen, such is the case with the elbow f,f+1 and their body blow  
    WR+2_FC,D/F+2. This can be a blessing or a curse depending on how you play. 
    --Kickboxers (Bruce, Bryan)--
    Sweet lordy! This guys can lay more smack down than the Mishimas when their 
    paired up with Lee! First of all, Bruce has those god forsaken triple knee that 
    can lob off so much energy it isn't funny. He also has a nice variety of canned 
    strings that can murder people who aren't paying any attention. The same can be 
    said for Bryan, although I personally think that Bryan can fight autonomously 
    without Lee, along with everyone else (The man ran through a hail of gunfire and 
    shot by a tank, only to throw the turrent right into those Tekken Force 
    soldiers). Bryan also has a few launchers that are quite useful. Basically, 
    these guys are some of the best jugglers in the game, they just need a high 
    enough juggle starter. <cough> <cough> blazing kick <cough> level 1 <cough> 
    juggle starter.
    --Manji Clan (Yoshimitsu, Kunimitsu)--
    I've been a Yoshimitsu fan from WAY back. Back in my T2 days, I was quite a 
    fomidable opponent with him. Nowadays, people wipe the floor with me when I use 
    Yoshi. So some of these tips may not be as good as the others. 
    Yoshi has some of the fastest moves in the game (standard jab, yoshi flash, 
    fubuki) so he is quite an excellent chipper. He also has some of the best 
    juggling skills I have seen in quite a long time (Tragic, we need to talk about 
    those juggle movies...). He also sports some pretty wicked unblockables that can 
    annoy the hell out of people. My personal favorite unblockable is the flea 
    stance d+1+2, which now has been augmented with that flea headbutt 1+2 to pick 
    people off. A little sick trick that I theorized off of this is Lee's knee bash 
    throw~tag,flea, flea headbutt. So the inputs would be: f,f+3+4~5, d+1+2,1+2. Can 
    someone please confirm this for me.
    I also recall my days using Kunimitsu in T2. Those were some of the worst 
    matches that I have EVER had. But now things have changed and Kuni, like most 
    other players from T2, have undergone dramatic changes. She now has more juggle 
    starters, some new unblockables, and a new set of outfits. Those new outfits, 
    however, concern me due to Kuni's... uh... history (recall T1). I still think 
    that she still has many similarities to Yoshi.
    Sorry if I started rambling just a bit. Now down to business. The Manji's are 
    both excellent jugglers in their own right. Their various sets of moves and 
    confusing stirngs are some of the longest, as well as toughest to block, in the 
    game. Their variety in unblockables make up for Lee's lack there of (two only?). 
    Once again, Lee's blazing kick comes to play.
    Here's a juggle that isn't for the feint of heart with Lee and Yoshi:
    Lee - d,d/d+4~5
    Yoshi - f,F+1+4
    It's a major crowd pleaser, but if you screwed up... let's say your friends 
    would ask you to get out of the car and walk home.
    More teams to come in the next update...
    *Special Thanks/Contributor Lists*
    ---Gotta thank Castel and the staff at tekkenzaibatsu.com. The Zaibatsu kicks 
    ass and let's you meet a lot of interesting people.
    ---Gotta thank Mecro, Devil Lee,  FusionTech, Renick, Fingers_of_Fury, StatiK, 
    LN, and any other member on the Zaibatsu BBS that likes Lee.
    ---Gotta thank Adrian, Dan, and Mike. I taught them various skills that they now 
    use to mop the floor with me. What was I thinking!
    ---Special thanks goes to Raijin Aoki and his Lee juggle movie. Enough said. 
    ---Special thanks also goes out to LN, Devil Lee, and Ultimate Lee for their own 
    guides. Each of their opinions helped to influence my arguements against their 
    ---Extra thanks goes to my family, who have seen my grades plumet and not do a 
    single thing about it.
    ---Lastly, gotta thank Namco for releasing what is quite possibly the greatest 
    fighting game ever.

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