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    Roger/Alex by Grim Walker

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 11/09/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    The Great Outback
    Roger Vs Alex Ver 2.0
    Written By: Grim Walker
    Email: Forbidden_Crypt@www.com
    1) Legal Matters
    2) Something to Remember
    3) Introduction
    4) Conventions
    5) Okizeme and Wakeup Games
    6) Move List
    7) In-Depth Move Analysis
    8) Strategies
    9) Tricks of the Kangaroo (Having Fun)
    10)Styles of Play
            - Crouch Dashing
            - Wave Dashing
            - Crouch Canceling
            - Custom Strings
    11)Vs Character
    13)Tekken resources
    TTT is registered and copyright Namco. All char's etc
    are also copyright Namco. This faq is to show how to
    use and when to do moves of Roger from the hit TTT
    and is not to be changed or altered without my consent
    and permission. This means, in simple terms for you
    dumasses out there who are going to go around it anyway.
    That if I find you ripping my faq, I will be rippin you
    appart. This faq is PROTECTED. So there.
    This was origionally a "Dish Out" Faq because of the amount
    of requests I have been recieving to get Mine and Synners
    but synner has "Dissapeared" leaving me to do a full fleged
    faq BY MYSELF. So, I will do my best over the next few weeks
    to take this dishout faq, and revitalise it. Also this is the
    ONLY faq I have written, all other faqs with my name on it are
    FRAUDS thou and throu, other than the Faq I wrote but never
    finished with synner.
    19\09\2000  -   Well first overhaul, not much changed actually,
    Ver. 2.0        more of a focus on some tactics, like wave dashing
                    with roger (yes this can be done) and crouch canceling
                    etc.. There are some really good new features, I have
                    added a bigger custom string section, as it has been
                    asked for so many times, I thought I would add it.
                    Oh, and now I think of it, killed the Ideal Tag Partner
                    section, have decided that that is personal opinion, its
                    up to you who you team 'em up with, I am here to show you
                    how to use roger. =) And added the styles of play section
                    to add to some fun. And also added some VS players char
                    strats.. These are still open for anyone that still
                    has any, I am happy to hear it. Ya all know my email.
    Roger is a very tactical character to use, a lot of his
    offence and defence ride on the quick poking ability. All
    references to Roger also refer to Alex during the faq. There
    is no case in which either character is better than the other.
    Keep in mind, that the tactics may include command throws,
    that are or can be, hard to do the motions for, and will need
    practice. All you advanced players out there are cool with these
    thou I am sure.
    These are the conventions used throughout this FAQ and
    these are recognized as the general commands used in
    discussions regarding TTT between online Tekken players.
    (based on formats by Tragic and Abrar)
    f -  tap forward        F -  hold forward
    b -  tap back           B -  hold back
    u -  tap up             U -  hold up
    d -  tap down           D -  hold down
    d/f - tap down+forward  D/F - hold down+forward
    d/b - tap down+back     D/B - hold down+back
    u/f - tap up+forward    U/F - hold up+forward
    u/b - tap up+back       U/B - hold up+back
    QCF - quarter circle forward (d,d/f,f)
    QCB - quarter circle back    (d,d/b,b)
    HCF - half circle forward    (b,d/b,d,d/f,f)
    HCB - half circle back       (f,d/f,d,d/b,b)
    Button Layout--> (1)  (2)  (5)
                     (3)  (4)
    1 = left punch
    2 = right punch
    3 = left kick
    4 = right kick
    5 = tag button
    Con: * -Hold the movement shown before the asterisk till
    the end of the string.
    Con: 315deg - f,d/f,d,d/b,b,u/b,u,u/f
    Con: ~ -commands after this sign is done immediately before/
    after each other.
    Con: n -Neutral position.  There should be no joystick motion
    for about 1/2 second.
    Con: + -When commands on either side have to pressed together.
    GS - Guard Stun
    Tag- Can tag if last hit connects
    TTT- Tekken tag tournament
    FC - Full crouch
    SS - Sidestep
    SSL- Sidestep left
    SSR- Sidestep right
    WS - While standing (rising from crouch)
    var- variable
    BT - Roger has his back to opponent
    CH - Counter hit
    -Hit ranges-
    L - Low hit
    m - Mid hit
    h - High hit
    SM- Special mid hit
    ! - Unblockable
    G - Ground hit
    Bulldoging| Definition: to stay in your opponents face and smash them up.
    ----------  How to do it: Basically bulldoging with Roger is anticipation,
                frustration, and anoyance. Poke like crazy, mostly low and mid
                if you can help it, and pull out throws whenever you feel your
                opponent is fully content with blocking everything you can do.
                Your main idea here is to get your opponent on defence, and
                keep him on defence untill you feel capable of tagging, or
                doing a substantual amount of damage. A few "BULLDOG" moves
                can consist of:
                WC, 1+2
                The idea is mainly to set the moves up, train your opponent
                to block at certain heights at certain times with strings..
                Here are a few of mine for easy reference:
                Those are only 2 that I use in an offencive game play.
                For more reference, see "CUSTOM STRINGS" Section.
                The more you keep your opponent on defence, also means
                that there offence will consist of fast hitting high, mid
                or low moves to gain initiative. This is easly choosen by
                the type of character you are fighting.
                E.G. Heihachi:
                Best played at CD distance, when bulldoging Heihachi, dont
                let him move out of range, his moves to watch out for are
                the shadow steps, b+1, his d/b+1 (basically a d+1), and
                his deathfist. These moves will slow your momentum down,
                and come out fast, or do good damage, sending your opponent
                backward. Most, ALSO hit mid and high, so when bulldoging,
                try to keep your offence, while standing, and dont get
                caught crouching.
                Every character can be choosen in this manor, for more
                reference, please read "How To Beat" section.
    Turtling|   This is hard with Roger for reasons of he can bulldog and
    _________   poke well and most people prefer to do so. But when you are
                forced to turtle, block as much as you can,  roger has no
                real "POWER" moves like the deathfist, so HIGH amounts of
                damage arn't really going to be an option. His closest
                resembling move to a DEATHFIST is the f,f,N+2 that does
                decent, unfortunatly not devestating, damage. Most likely
                if you are turtling, then you will be forced to poke
                finatically to survive. You can not let big power moves
                come out, and ones that you are not sure of what are going
                to happen next, can normally be countered with a simple d+1.
                D+1 is your best friend with Roger. It is the best way to
                get into your WC position, and can stop anything that may
                be of threat. The most used, IMHO, of all the moves in the
                game for ANY character (EX Hei\Paul) is the d+1. For roger,
                he has been blessed with the N+2 after the move, that hits
                mid, and also, he has a nice range WS+4. The D+1, has its
                secrets thou. As Reverend C said in his Anna? faq, "The
                key to the d+1 is not doing it when your opponent does
                the move, it is to do it right BEFORE they do there move."
                In other words, it is best to anticipate the move that
                your opponent is going to do.
                Rogers CH 4 will juggle, and has amazing range, thanks to
                those Kanga legs, (SAME AS ALEX) and when in doubt of a
                powerful move, this may be the best thing to pull out.
                In short notice, it may not be the best of things, I am
                not saying try to take on the deathfist. Because you will
                not hit him, and be slaped with a counter dor %60+ life.
                No, I am saying if they wiffed a move, and you just want
                a simple button press counter, this is the move to do it with.
    Chickening| Roger has stubby arms. That does not mean, that he cant
    __________  chicken or punch. Chickening is all about buffering what
                moves you think are going to be reversed. The first round,
                just play and watch what the comonly reversed moves are..
                Things like the (1) in 1,2,(1) and the last hit of the
                animal rush.
                Moves like these are EASY to chicken.. Simply do this.
                Hold down the LAST button you pressed for the move.
                Then push FORWARD and the corosponding button as of this
                Left Chicken: f+1+3
                Right Chicken: f+2+4
                So it would look like this sorta.
                Roger: f,f,N+1 (hold 1)
                       push f+3
                Paul:  Reverse
                Roger: "CHICKEN"
    Chicken Baiting|   This is more of a fun thing, if your opponent does LOTS
    _______________    of reversing do this to change his mind. Give him
                       easy reversals all the time, and when he blocks them,
                       HAMMER him, forcing him to reverse. When he does, lay
                       the "CHICKEN" into him. This is bessed used against
                       scrubs and the like who have never seen chickens before.
                       It is not likely that chicken baiting is going to work
                       on an advanced player, infact, a good player wont use
                       reversals to beat his opponent, but if you happen to
                       find a reversal happy chappy, please, go right ahead
                       and turn him to lunch.
    Here is the complete official movelist for Roger/Alex with
    commands, damage and hit levels in TTT, adapted from TTT online.
    If something is incorrect or if wehave missed out something,
    please e-mail me about it.
    Throw name              Command        Throw-Type    Damage     Escape/Note
    ---------------         -----          ----------    -------    -----------
    Head Butt                 1+3          front         30         1
    Jumping Powerbomb         2+4          front         30         2
    Animal Face Crusher       1+3_2+4      left          40         1
    Animal Rolling Arm Lock   1+3_2+4      right         40         2
    Reverse Throw             1+3_2+4      bt            var        var
    Reverse Neck Throw        1+3_2+4      back          50         Inescapable
    Giant Swing               f,b,HCF+1    front         70         1, #1
    Pile Driver               QCF+1        front         25         1, (3+4)
    Tomb Stone Piledriver     d/b,F+1+2    front         58         2
    DDT                       d/b,D/B+1+2  front         45         1+2
    #1 = Any button upon landing to tech roll...1/2 dmg (35) on tech roll.
    Move name               Command                 Level          Damage
    ---------------         ------------            ------         -------
    One Two Upper   #1      1,2,1                   h,h,m          6,10,10
    A.Rush to W.Punch #2    f,f,1,2,1,2,1           h,h,h,h,m      10,15,10,15,20
    Animal Gigaton Punch    f,f,N+1                 m              23
    Elbow Sting             d/f+1                   ?              ?
    Wind Mill Punch #2      f,N+1                   h              30
    Animal Godfist          f,N,d,f+1               m              50
    Animal Head Butt        d/f,1+2                 m              20
    Animal Gut Punch        d/f+2                   m              ?
    Low Jab Uppercut        d+1,2                   sm,m           5,15
    Wind Up Punch  #3       b+1                     ?              100
    Jab Uppercut            2,1                     h,m            12,12
    K's Flicker    #4       f,f,2                   m              20
    Stomach Smash           f,f,N+2                 l              6
    Crouching Uppercut  #4  D,D/F,2                 m              20
    Head 1st Lunge          f,f+1+2                 h or l         15
    Capital Punishment      u/f+1+2_F+1+2_f+1+2     m              35
    Animal Smash            F/C+1+2_f,N,d,d/f+1+2   m              22
    Tail Tripper            d/b+3                   l              17
    Konvict Kick            f,f+4                   m              26
    Rolling Animal{RA}#5,#6 d/b+4,2                 m,?            17, n/a
    Animal Kick Rush{AKR}   d/b+4,3,4,3,4           m,m,m,m,m      17*
    Animal Sweep            SS+4                    l              17
    Exploder                3+4_f,f,1+3             m              25
    Running Exploder        f,f,F+3+4               m              40
    Franken Steiner         d/f+3+4                 ?              15     #7
    Jumping Knee Drop       u/f+3+4                 m              40
    Stagger (Ali) Kick      d+3+4_D,D/F+4           l              13
    Stagger (Ali) Kicks     d+3+4,4x2_D,D/F+4x3     l,l,l          17,7,7
    Stagger (Ali) Kicks     d+3+4,4x4_D,D/F+4,5     l,l,l,l,l      17,7,5,4,3
    Animal Jumping Sweep    u+3+4                   l              17
    Animal Drop Kick {ADK}  b+3+4                   m              30
    {ADK} to {AKR}          b+3+4,4x4               m,m,m,m,m      30,17*
    {ADK} to {RA}           b+3+4,2,4x4             m,m,m,m,m      17*
    Elbow Drop              U/F+2+4                 m              35
    Supercharger            1+2+3+4                 n/a            n/a
    #1 = f+1 on 1st hit changes damage to 7.
    #2 = If Windmill Punch is blocked, Animal Upper is guaranteed during
    #3 = Unblockable.
    #4 = Tag on hit.
    #5 = Press 2 during 1st or 3rd hit to shift to Rolling Animal.
    #6 = Press b after 3rd hit to roll backwards.
    #7 = Shifts to throw on deep hit or guard, throw damage 45.
         Tag on throw only.
    #* = The rest of the hits are the same damage.
    	In this section, we'll analyze only those moves that we
    deem worthy and effective, including {of course} all of the new moves
    that Roger has acquired in TTT.  Hence, not all of the moves from the
    movelist above will be analyzed.
    I've decided to use a basic "Five Star" rating system:
    *               -         Custard does more damage than this.
    **              -         It has its purposes, just not many of them.
    ***             -         Not too shabby...
    ****            -         Now here is a REAL move you can use!!
    *****           -         Abusing a move is, bad right?? Not this one!!
    ??              -         Varies on Situation
    And a basic "How Often To Use" rating:
    1 - Out of the blue perhaps.
    2-9 Basic Move..
    10 - Main Arsenal
    NOTE: All the moves are not on this list as of yet. Only the useful ones.
    It is currently assumed that you know how to use basic things like
    Ali Kicks, as they are a very well known and basic move. In later updates
    of this faq, you will find all the moves posted with uses and
    Throw name             Command     Throw-Type      Damage    
    ----------            ---------    ------------    --------  
    ANIMAL STONEHEAD       1+3              front           30             1
    Grabs opponents head and headbutts them viciously...
    Common throw, there are better ones than this, but for
    reasons of completeness I will add it here. This is actually
    better that the Jumping Powerbomb IMHO because most char's
    default to {2} for an escape, and this has good followups.
    So really its not TOO bad.
    **  5/10  Just for the mixup.
    JUMPING POWERBOMB         2+4           front           30              2
    Grabs opponent and plants a powerbomb with pretty blue stuff
    all over the place...
    This throw looks cool, but its not really a good one for a
    big arsenal. Agian, learn to pull off the command throws faster
    and substitute them for this. If you really have the need to do
    this, make sure you mix it up with the A. Stonehead.
    **  5/10  Just for the mixup.
    DDT                     d/b,D/B+1+2     front           45              1+2
    Roger\Alex grabs opponents head, before falling to the ground
    and making them eat dirt...
    This move is THE BOMB of all moves, it can be done WC or,
    with practice, standing up too. Do it from the WC position
    if you are in need of a throw, it works really well. And
    the double button escape makes it nasty just to pull out
    when ever you feel the need. Just dont get too predictable
    with it. Dont give them a chance to catch on. Mix it up with
    the normal and other throws, and beat them up with the Arts
    of the Kangaroo. =) Also keep in mind, that if you need to
    do this, try to keep it on the retreat. It's D/B motion is
    a handy buffer for the d/b+4 animal rush.. So you can decide
    weather or not you want to do the DDT after all.
    ***** 8/10  Mix it up!!
    GIANT SWING             f,b,HCF+1       front           70              1
    Takes opponent by the legs and turns around a few times before
    releasing, throwing them a huge distance...
    This move, again, is one of his best. It is good for stopping
    momentum, and can REALLY do some damage if they do not know how
    to quick recover. If they do, it does half damage, and leaves a
    distance between you and your opponent, and you with the
    initiative. Also the reach of this move is VERY good, so if
    your opponent thinks hes out of throwing distance, hiff
    him for a mile. Roger does not have a slide, but he does have
    a running ali kick. Its not quite as effective, but it will do.
    Just run up, and use it for OKIZEME or if you feel that your
    opponent is going to do a rising sweep, or kick, then go into
    a SS+4 combo for some nice damage.
    For those more advanced users, you will all know that rogers
    crouch cancel and crouch dash are very fast, if you want to
    crouch cancel into a Giant Swing the comman is something like
    ***** 8/10 Mix it up!!
    ANIMAL DRIVER           QCF+1           front           25          1, (3+4)
    Grabs opponent by the arms, turns them upside down, and dumps
    them head first onto the ground...
    Sounds cool right?? Well thats about right.. It SOUNDS cool.
    Trully this is a WASTE of a move. It is the WORST move in the
    arsenal, does BAD damage, and has no use whatso ever. Ok, so
    it leaves your opponent FU/FT but really, it is useless, take
    my word for it, he can't do anything with it like king can.
    Try it if you like..
    *     1/10 Not even for the Mix up.
    TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER    d/b,F+1+2       front           58              2
    Roger\Alex turns opponent upside down and drops to his knees,
    planting opponents head into the ground...
    Learn this motion FAST and FLUENT cause you are going to NEED
    this move!! Huge damage, no recovery, front throw, looks cool
    and gets aboout a whopping score. This move ROCKS plain and
    simple. I mean, if you dont escape it (Damn 1 button escapes)
    You are going to be in a world of pain!! Damn, it even gives
    you initiative, and leaves your opponent really close!!
    What a move!! Follow up with a SS+4 if they like to quick recover
    with a rising kick, and you will plant them to the ground again.
    Many times I have killed an opponent masher who has rising kick
    or sweep by doing nothing but this. Also, if they just lie there,
    a simple sweep or d/f+1+2 headbutt will do a fine job of hitting
    them for some good damage. The headbutt leaves your opponent a
    little furhter away thou.
    ***** 8/10 Mix it up!!
    ANIMAL FACE CRUSHER     1+3_2+4         left            40              1
    Roger/Alex grab the opponent in a headlock, run along
    and drop to the ground planting their face into the
    When you have to do a side throw, do it. Not much to
    say really. Go for it.
    ***  9/10 Only at their side.
    ANIMAL ROLLING ARM LOCK	1+3_2+4		right		40		2
    Roger/Alex take the opponents arm, jump up, swing around
    their head, and ends up with an arm drag, kinda like the
    tag throw 2+5 with a cool twirly bit.
    **** 9/10 (**** only for style, else its only ***) Side throw!!
    REVERSE THROW          1+3_2+4          bt              var            var
    Varies. Roger/Alex turn around real fast and throw.
    Try to stay away from this unless you KNOW they are going
    to run into it. Its a basic throw, and really there is no
    huge advantage of it. Dont wait for the charge to do this,
    youll just get run over.
    *** 7/10 Use it if you feel it nessesary.
    REVERSE NECK THROW      1+3_2+4       back        50       Inescapable
    Slides in behind the opponent and grabs their head, then hip
    tosses them onto their stomach.
    Its a Back Throw.
    **** 10/10 When your behind, do the damage.
    Move name                Command             Level           Damage
    --------------           ------------        ------          ---------
    ONE TWO UPPER            1,2,1               h,h,m           6,10,10
    Roger/Alex does a right punch, then a left, then an uppercut.
    Basic and OLD. The last 1 can be a ready chicken. Cause thats
    the one thats always reversed.
    The first 1,2 is a very good poke, and on its on has a use
    rating of 8/10. You can also throw after the 1,2 to get
    confused opponents. I dont even use this in custom strings anymore.
    There are better options, and if you REALLY need to do a midhit, do the
    d+1, N+2 for a poke, faster, same range, and chances are, it
    isnt going to be reversed, but buffer a chicken anyway.
    This move was really under rated in the last faq, it cant be
    interupted, and is good for killing time, so rather than
    giving the whole move a byast rating of 4, I boosted it to
    6 as there are some uses for it.
    ****   6/10 Use it when you need a poke.
    CROUCHING UPPER         D,D/F+2           m           20
    Roger\Alex simply does a smallish uppercut.
    Good poke, JUGGLES! Its fast, and has a LONG range, so not
    all his moves are short like a lot of people believe. This
    also hits mid. So its good for EDDY's and LING's. The best
    thing about this is IT JUGGLES. Yes thats right, and you
    can pull of any standard juggle.. Its main use thou, is
    to move roger back into a standing position fast and
    efficiently.. When the headbutt doesnt seem like its going
    to work, then this mid hitting move is proberbly a better
    option. Dont be afraid to use this as an interupt, if you
    get it, you have your juggle, else it will be blocked and
    roger will recover before anyone can seriously hurt him.
    Just dont be TOO predictable with this move, cause sooner
    or later, your opponent will catch on. Do this in strings
    and you should be fine.
    Any standard juggle can be followed onto this, also the
    tag is a pretty good idea, you have to be fast, cause it
    leaves the opponent a little far away, but that should be
    fine if your not a cheeze JIN b,f+2,1,2 Generic mishima
    ***** 10/10 Poke Poke Poke
    ELBOW STING                     d/f+1         m             ?
    Roger/Alex does a rather hard and good distanced elbow downwards
    on top of the opponent...
    This move is fast, even thou its an elbow, it can be reversed.
    It has a slight guard stun, good recovery, and knocks opponents FD/FA
    so it gives good initiative, and follow ups on a counter. Its
    main purpose thou, is to damage those anoying RISING KICK players.
    This move will knock them right back were they started, and to
    boot, they will be FD/FA. This means that the sweep is proberbly
    comming.. Any player that likes to TECHROLL is allso fearful of
    this move. It has the tendancy to put them back on the ground too..
    With a quick follow up of ali kicks, for the extra damage, this move
    turns out to be not as bad as it looks.
    Its speed adds to its usefulness in custom strings, and does great
    damage.. I still do not know the damage for it, anyone know email
    me.. But I have decifered that it hits mid. Meaning a crouching
    opponent would get a good headache of you slammed him ontop of the
    head with this move.. Great priority, but dont try and beat out
    moves you dont have to, like the WGF and TGF..
    ****  6/10 Stop the initiative of an opponent.
    ANIMAL GIGATON PUNCH         f,f,N+1       m            23
    Roger\Alex leans back (ducking) and then drives a hard punch
    into the opponents ribs...
    This is a really nasty moves in the hands of a skilled player.
    It takes effort and time to learn which moves it is good against
    and which not. It is also good for wakeup and will hit grounded
    opponents like Kumas and Jacks. It ducks high attacks and has
    no real noticable start up frames whatsoever, it only looks that way.
    Its not like Pauls deathfist, so you cant pull it out to put a
    major counter with it and wipe out %80+ of an opponents life
    bar (OK I exadurated.. %60+) This move has just enough start time
    for any anoying poker to have finished a wiffed poke, to eat this.
    What I mean, is when you see a poke, and it wiffs, do this. When
    your opponent brings his arm back, this should go in and hit him.
    Its not quite an ANTI POKE device, but it serves useful. Also,
    when you want to punish an opponent, or an opponent tags, this
    move is the way to gain initiative. Its ducking ability is enough
    to anoy jacks who enjoy the f+1+2, and also, the big bonus, is
    the fact that if it is blocked, it knocks an opponent back, and
    prevents roger from being hit. There is, to my knowledge, no
    retaliation that is guaranteed, against this move. The most
    useful part to this move, is the fact that it hits techrolling
    opponents, and if your quick, can have the ALI KICKS follow up.
    There is also the opportunity to do this move out of a crouch
    cancel, its very easy to do, and its usefulness is invaluable.
    The motion is simple to look at, but to do its not so easy..
    Got that? Try it, its easier than it looks..
    Also, if the move hits, and is NOT kickup recovered,
    (When the opponent flips up onto there feet)
    Then the u/f+2+4 elbow drop is guaranteed for some big
    extra damage, as that is the ONLY escape from it.
    ****  8/10  Learn the timings for this one.
    ANIMAL GODFIST              f,N,d,f+1        m              50
    Roger\Alex crouch dashes and then lets off with a rather
    large and nasty uppercut....
    This is the move most people DREAD. Roger/Alex are small
    characters in there own right, I mean, they are REALLY small.
    (Ok not as small as that little orange ugly mug impersonator
    gon, but small none the less.) And well, the AGF does SOO much
    damage on a counter its not a move you can leave out of your
    arsenal purposly. It one of his strong points, and should be
    used as one. When I say this, it is used it custom strings,
    and fast damage on duckers. It hits mid, so a ducking opponent
    will proberbly fall for it. An idea is to use the f,n,d,d/f+1+2
    a few times during an erlier match, and then pull this move out.
    A lot of SS+4 animal sweep will also train the opponent to duck
    a lot, so all you really have to do is get them of guard. DO
    NOT base your arsenal around this move. It is not THAT useful.
    Just use it as a "TRICK CARD" so to speak. It is also THE MOVE
    to do after the f,n+1. It becomes unblockable, and you can CD
    right into your opponent. It is a Guaranteed hit, and most likely,
    after a few of these, your opponent will be DEAD, or eating the
    F,N+1, or DUCKING. So the AGF is useful at many points, a quick
    note, DO NOT go head to head with a MISHIMA with the CD. YOU will
    loose, and about %50 of your life while your at it. Although Roger
    can CD fast, it does not match up to the pattented WAVE dash, and
    HELL SWEEPS that the mishimas posess.
    However, this can be chained, like all his other moves, into his
    WAVE DASH. So it can come out somewhat like a wild card. =)
    *****  9/10 Use it when you KNOW there is a High attack.
    ANIMAL SMASH (a)             f,N,d,d/f+1+2           m             22
    Roger\Alex crouch dashes, before charging slightly, then doing
    a vicious headbutt...
    No need for this, it has short range and bad start up.
    You can use it for wake up games, but I just dont. And
    you shouldnt eather to be quiet honest. There are much
    better options than this. The times that I do use this
    thou, is when my AGF is being stopped, and I want the
    opponent to feel content with ducking. This is an
    easy move to see coming, and has a little too much
    lag time at the start to be of any REAL use other
    than TECH ROLLERS, wich, I might add, is the BEST
    time to do this move. The CD will close the distance
    on the tech roller, and the headbutt will knock them
    right back down. This is actually easier than the
    AGF to land on techrollers, and this is the one I
    prefer. Otherwise, I use the f,f,N+1
    **    2/10 Use the AGF if you need a Crouch Dash attack.
    ANIMAL SMASH (b)           FC+1+2            m              22
    Roger\Alex charges slightly, doing a vicious headbutt...
    A very cool and dangerouse move. Rather than doing a WS move,
    mix it up with this. It knocks opponents back, and
    does good damage, leaving you momentum. When you duck a
    high hit or throw, this is the move you will use to get back
    up on your feet again. If its blocked, Roger/Alex backs away
    And is esily out of there. The speed of this move makes it
    one of the best WC moves in the game.. It hits mid, but has
    VERY fast recovery, and leaves the opponent with a slight
    stun that is BRILLIANT. The real trick to this move, is
    when you have a grounded opponent, like one that has fallen
    for the SS+4 or d/b+4 tail triper. Just do a d+1 (This will
    esnure that you will not get hit by quick recovery) And do
    the FC+1+2. This will hit if the opponent does anything other
    than roll sideways, or just lay there. If this happens, and
    you dont get hit by a rising kick, then by all means, go for
    the d/f+1+2 headbutt that will stun an opponent long enough
    to gain momentum if blocked, or put an opponent right back
    down on a counter.
    ***** 8/10 When your down, hit 'em with your head.
    Tail Tripper                    d/b+3               l             17
    Roger\Alex turns around, using his tail to trip the opponent up.. 
    This is a really good move, it is used as a close range sweep,
    the best bit, is it keeps you standing, and has no real
    retaliation to it, there is nothing to my knowledge that is
    guaranteed on this as a block. The best bit is that if its
    blocked it has no "Trip" animation. If its blocked, you remain
    standing, so you can retaliate with d/f+1, d/f+2, f,f+4 and
    stuff like that..
    Mostly thou, keep in mind that this move has LOW range, and if
    it is wiffed, it leaves you wide open for some dangerouse
    retaliation techniques..  And that is not something you need
    to be taking. The best time to use this is Okizeme, and if
    someone is bulldoging like mad.
    ***** 10/10 Look ma, Im spinning Im spinning..
    Konvict Kick                    f,f+4               m             26
    Roger\Alex lunches forward with a huge kick..
    Big damage from a kick, it actually knocks down the opponent,
    unlike Rogers standing 4, and does good damage. It has excellent
    range, and does big damage considering most of his other moves.
    It takes a lot of people by supprise for some reason, and is
    perhaps one of the best retaliation moves..
    If the opponent is running toward you, or even if your fast,
    tag diving.. This can be used as an interrupt. Chances are
    this will become your favourite move for punishing wiffed moves
    also, so always keep this one in the back of your mind..
    Oh and it hits mid, so any of those feeble crouching turtles
    ya can give a hammering to.
    **** 7/10  And..... kick...
    LOW JAB ~ UPPERCUT              d+1, n+2          sm,m           5,15
    Roger\Alex do a simple jab before hitting with a nice uppercut...
    This is your main poke. It is fast, REAL fast, and it can do some
    real mean moves when your in tone on what to do next. Add this
    to your custom strings, its worth it. And this is the MAIN poke
    to do. Also you can stop at the d+1 for a WC position. You should
    use this VERY often. It will stop ANY attack if you are in close,
    its recovery is VERY good, and being a poke, it is to fast to
    retaliate against. You might get a reversal, although I have never
    seen it reversed. A lot of the time, I run into an opponent and do
    this. It stops any anoying pokes that arent d+1, and roger can beat
    out a lot of characters with his d+1 (other than Anna who has the
    fastest d+1 in the game) The REAL bonus of this move, is if the
    opponent is ducking at the time, the N+2 part will hit for the
    little damage that it does. BUT being a poke, this move can be done
    a few times over. The other thing is DONT forget the plain d+1. That
    is the move you should NEVER forget and USE all the time. It is a
    stop block for any move in the game other than a faster d+1. It can
    interupt strings and combos very fast. And, the main advantage of
    Roger is the fact that everyone thinks he has short arms, and range
    matters.. Well heres the trick, his short arms are VERY hard to see
    at times, especially when you are doing custom strings and poking
    like mad. You wont need to worry about range, you get in close with
    a CD and poke like crazy with this and the other pokes.
    ***** 10/10  When you need to poke, POKE
    WIND MILL PUNCH                 f,N+1            h                30
    Roger\Alex "rolls" one hand over another before leaning forward,
    and hitting the opponent with his fist.
    This is a good move for those scrubs that think blocking
    everything is the way to survive. This leaves the opponent with
    NASTY guard stun, and for all you scrubs that like damage do the
    GUARANTEED AGF for some good damage. Else if you all are like me,
    remember Roger\Alex can crouch dash REAL fast. So Crouchdash and
    buffer a DDT for some COOL looking STYLE points. The bonus of the
    AGF thou, is that it can not be broken. As the DDT can. If you find
    that the DDT is being broken, then do the AGF.
    NOW, after a few weeks of tantalising play, I have found this move
    to be VERY VERY good, and it has risen from a 3 to a 9. I will explain
    First of all, it has a "hypnotysing" effect on some players, they just
    sit there and block it. When I say "hypnotysing" I mean that it wont be
    countered. Because of the wierd lag, I have NEVER actually seen this
    move countered at a CD distance. Anyway, the main reason it went up,
    was the fact that everyone sees it as an oppening to do free damage.
    THIS is a bad idea. I have knocked out a range of moves, from Kings:
    WR+3+4 Sattelite Dropkick, to Laws: f,f,f+3 Flykick. If you just pull
    this move out of the blue, after, say, you pummel your opponent attack
    after attack of pokes, then the slight pause has a confusion effect on
    the opponent as you have trained them to block. During this time, they
    will realise that the attacks have stopped, and try to attack, in wich
    they will eat this move. Or block it, then you just do the damage once
    Dont OVER use this move, cause it looses its effect. And people learn.
    Once per person on a good player, or if the opponent cant figure it out,
    twice a round perhaps, but dont teach people around you how to stop it,
    by giving them the opportunity to see it over and over. This is a scrub
    tactic, to do the f,N+1 over and over with the AGF on the end.
    If its blocked, anything moving is guaranteed. Anything from a sweep,
    to headbutt, to throw. Its all unstopable on the "catch" but throws
    can still be broken. So all in all, use it often, if you can, but
    sparingly, and be careful. Its recovery is fast, and can prevent
    a lot of ducking opponents poping you up for a big juggle. Like
    Jin's WS+2. But be careful anyway.
    ***** 9/10 Use it when you KNOW its going to hit.
    ANIMAL RUSH TO WINDMILL PUNCH   f,f,1,2,1,2,1    h,h,h,h,m    10,15,10,15,20
    Roger\Alex rushes forward with a series of jabs, before doing
    a "Wind Up" and nice hard punch to the mid...
    This is a good move on a counter because it is unstopable
    and does good damage after the first hit. Else it is stoppable
    and the opponent will duck you, if this happens agains Kazy
    or Jin, be ready to have your stomach hangin out of yer ass
    and about %60 of your life bar gone. If its a scrub, and stands
    there blocking all of it, the last hit also leaves with NASTY
    stun, leaving an opening for whatever you plese. The main one
    is the AGF. I tend not to use this. After the first punch, there
    is no reversal option. On a counter, this move makes me laugh every
    time, the second to last hit, puts them on nasty stun, and the last
    hits sends them flying backward. And the damage is good, for
    punishment on a wiffed move. Else I dont use this, maby once a day,
    and thats how often you should use it.
    The real advantage, is if your timing is good, rather than finishing
    the string with a wind up punch on a counter, slam the AGF in there..
    It does way more damage, and looks so much cooler!!
    ***   5/10 Use it when you know it will counter.
    HEAD 1ST LUNGE       f,f+1+2       h(close),l(far)         15
    Roger\Alex dives headfirst into the opponent and ends up rolling
    onto his feet.
    You can use this on a running opponent. If he/she is
    running toward you, simply do this. The damage sucks,
    but the other good thing is if you buffer a throw in,
    the only thing an oppoenent can do after blocking is
    the d+1 or just d. Thats why you mix it up with a
    D/F+2, or a d+1, N+2. Again, it is a seldom move that
    comes out on when you feel its nessesary. I dont use
    this unless I am being told by instinct alone. The actual
    move can stop a lot of things, be ready for shining fists
    after you stand, they are not guaranteed, if you are ready
    but, they can be suprising none the less.
    Also, at a distance, this can be used as Okizeme, it hits
    ground opponents, and is exellent for taking out air asault
    ***   5/10 This is really personal opinion.
    CAPITAL PUNISHMENT      u/f+1+2_F+1+2_f+1+2          m            35
    Jumps into the air and lands, hands together, on the
    opponents head.
    Good long distance move for those who are running in toward
    you, or tagging or whatever at a distance. Its also really
    good for low fighters like EDDY and LINGS. If you've used
    A.King then you know how to use this move quite well.
    Its damage is somewhat more of a powermove for roger. There is
    no real retaliation vs this attack, if you get caught in mid air
    thou, be ready for a small juggle. Else, if you are against an
    Eddy or Ling, use this when they do handstand or phoenix positions,
    were they can not block, and this move will evade most of there
    attacks. The other option for this move, is stopping tech rollers
    while they are rolling. Again, like the SS+4 you can do it over
    and over. It also kills quick recovers, and should be used on a
    ground opponent atleast once a match. Its most likely going to hit
    any moving character, and if the opponent is smart, then he will lie
    there and take the Ali Kicks that should follow soon after. This
    is not an OKIZEME tactic, as it will not hit grounded opponents,
    but it sure as hell comes close.
    On a taging opponent, this will knock them right onto the ground,
    and any basic OKIZEME follow up will hit to keep them there or do
    some free damage.
    This hits large characters on the ground.
    ****  7/10 When you need a move, pull this out as a last resort. Or
               to kill taggers and LINGS and EDDYS.
    ANIMAL HEADBUTT         d/f+1+2         m          20
    Roger/Alex does a downward headbutt with the side of their head...
    This move is really rather short when it comes to hitting
    standing opponents. But to hit a ground opponent this can
    be your best friend.  Ground games this is your best friend.
    On a standing opponent, it will leave them with a good guard
    stun, sorry no follow ups here, and should be used as a fast
    retaliation if anything. It knocks WC opponents to the floor
    and thats were you want them. Its recovery is decent, but
    thats ok, if you are using it, you are going to be hitting
    the opponent anyway. You dont want to overuse this move,
    its not like a poke, but it works very well in custom strings,
    and on a rolling opponent. However, a rolling opponent may be
    hard to catch, a lot of the time, if I catch a rolling opponent
    with this, I meant to use it as OKIZEME, and the opponent moved
    out of the way. Its tracking isnt bad either, so an opponent that
    rolled sideways should also be damaged. But this is not guaranteed.
    It is not often I fight someone who rolls sideways untill being
    ***   8/10 Remember ground games are one of the main points of
    JAB ~ UPPERCUT          2,1             h,m         12,12
    Roger\Alex simply does a jab, then an uppercut...
    Good poke for the moke mix up, remember if you mix pokes
    into your strings, you can manage to confuse and anoy an
    opponent to hell, and back. On generalisation, I use the
    d+1, N+2 a lot more than this, because the 2 is a lot slower
    than the d+1, but if you cant do the d+1, N+2 then by all
    means this is the next best thing. The BIG bonus on this move,
    is the fact that the first 2 hits high. And if an opponent
    ducks, and does not do a d+1, the 1 on the end will hit, but
    other than that, this is GREAT in custom strings if you can
    be bothered using it, which you should! See custom strings
    later on.
    This combo leaves a good stun when it hits, it comes out
    slow thou, not ineruptable. King can put a giant swing
    guaranteed after this, I am not sure it is the same with
    Roger as his arms are a little shorter.
    ***** 10/10 POKING, POKER, POKED.
    ANIMAL GUT PUNCH        d/f+2          m               ?
    Roger\Alex puts his elbow hard into the opponents ribs...
    I love this move, it is part of my custom string all the time.
    I cant get enough, it hits mid, so any ducking opponent is in for
    a mean suprise, and in custom strings, it keeps opponents on their
    feet. I also use this as a poke, as it is very fast.
    You can use this pretty much anyware you feel, there is no limit
    on how many times you should use it, its a poke, and being one,
    I cant actually say too much about it. There is no downfall to
    it that I can see, perhaps its short range, but thats what you
    get for a poke..
    ***** 10/10 MORE POKING
    TAIL TRIPPER           d/b+3            l             17
    Spins around, tripping opponent up with tail...
    This move is one of his best. If you manage to get roger
    with Tetsujin or Mokujin then this is a mean glitch. Which
    I am going to let you figure out, because I personally think
    it is very cheep and should not be done. Or just email me
    and I will tell ya how to do it. =)
    This move comes out fast, its short range means you have to be
    close to an opponent to do it, but its ability to sweep while
    staying standing is invaluable none the less. The fact that he
    stands is more so used in the custom strings. If you teach your
    opponent to stay high, this can be the move to finish the string
    off, and lay some OKIZEME down.
    This can also be used as an okizeme tactic. The fact that it leaves
    you standing gives you all the standing attack options that can
    put a tech rolling player back on the ground. Like the Knuckle Bomb.
    Luckily, I have never seen this move low parried, so it is VERY hard
    to low parry, but if you wiff, you are looking into a whole new world
    of pain. But thats ok, if your doing it, you arent going to wiff are
    ****  10/10 Suprise!! Your on the ground!!
    JUMPING KNEE DROP          u/f+3+4           m                  40
    Roger/Alex Jumps up and lands on opponent with both knees...
    This is more of a Lei masher than anything else. When Lei
    does the "Play Dead" bit, then you just smash him into the
    ground with both your knees.  This move can do great damage
    to players that like to play possom. And at 40 damage, it
    is one of the more powerful of Rogers moves, infact, if you
    can land this, it is going to do a few things. Close the
    distance between you and your opponent, it is also going to
    do good guard stun if it is blocked, and 40 damage if it hits.
    There is nothing really bad about the move, it leaves you on
    your feet again, and IMHO is one of the best OKIZIME moves in
    the game. As long as you dont wiff, but then again, how many
    people already know this?
    ****   8/10 Get back up fool..
    Elbow Drop              U/F+2+4                 m              35
    Roger/Alex jumps into the air, and does a BIG elbow drop...
    Again just a Lei masher, use it the same as the above really,
    only difference is this one leaves to on your back.
    Its not as useful as the knee drop, and I dont use this.
    If anyone can tell me good ideas, please email me.
    Also dont forget it is the guaranteed followup to the
    f,f,n+1 if the opponent doesnt kick up. The knee drop is not. =(
    ***   4/10 I said GET UP!!
    EXPLODER            3+4_f,f,1+3          m                25
    Roger\Alex waits a while, before leaping into the air for
    a double leg dropkick...
    This is a good move for when you block someone that has just
    done a really bad lag move. Or is about to sway backward.
    This move realy is a good one with the effort of finding
    out what its good against. If an opponent sways, I do this
    often, the dropkick has the tendancy to beat anything that
    they do. Also, if an opponent is running at me, I do this.
    If they slide, you go right over them, and if they do anthing
    else, your dropkick will leave them flat on there back, and you
    on yours. From there it is whoever can gain initiative again.
    At 25 damage, it is not the best move in the world, and if you
    can do the Satelite Dropkick on command, then thats a better idea.
    ***   6/10 Meet my Feet.
    RUNNING DROPKICK          f,f+3+4             m                  25
    Roger\Alex leaps into the air for a double leg drop kick...(no lag)
    Much faster than its brotherly counterpart. Its damage is
    understandable and its speed is good too. The main use of
    this move however IS its range. Taggers, long range blond
    bomers, who ever likes to stand out of range and do big
    moves. This is the one to nail them with. Its also good
    for people who are running in towards you. The main
    thing about this move, is the guard stun it leaves behind.
    You should not be OKIZIMIED if you use this properly. And
    I think it is one of the most underused moves in the game.
    If you mix this up, with a running ram, then you can pull
    off some nasty damage. If the opponent ducks however, you
    will find yourself sailing overhead harmlessly.
    ****  8/10  On those runners..
    SATELLITE DROPKICK            (RN)f,f,f+3+4         m              40
    Roger\Alex runs along, before leading into the air and doing a
    SPINNING dropkick...Very cool looking.
    Its better than the dropkick counterpart, damage and style
    wise, but its also harder to pull off. If you need the
    dropkick, try for this. You will only get the drop kick
    if you miss..  Otherwise it has the same tendancys as the
    last two dropkicks, except for a noticably larger guard stun.
    *****  8/10 Whenever nessesary.
    *NOTE* After the dropkicks, do a d+4 or a 4 while on your back,
    this will stop any ground or wakeup games that are about
    to happen.
    STOMACH SMASH          f,f,N+2         l               6
    Roger/Alex crouches forward and smashes the opponent in the stomach...
    On a counter, this causes double over stun. Useful to the point of
    if your quick, you can catch the double overed opponent, or
    if they tag of the stun, you can catch the tagging opponent
    off guard. This is also fast, good range, and good recovery
    time. And can be mixed up with the K's Flicker. The main use
    of this move, is to do a long range counter. It wont juggle
    like K's Flicker, but it hits low, wich is why it suprises
    so many people. It is one of the few high moves that hits low.
    The damage is nothing, you get more out of a poke, but used in
    custom strings, this is one of the best moves you can come out
    with. To start a match, this can also be a good idea. It leaves
    a good stun, and chances are, you and your opponent both went for
    a move. So the chances of a Counter are rather high. Use this also
    on falled players as OKIZEME. 
    Dont overuse the move, unless you are training an opponent to block
    low. If so, then use this in conjunction with the SS+4 and the d/b+3.
    Also, if the guard stun hits, the AGF is the esiest follow up.
    ****  9/10 K's Flicker has the same animation so mix it up.
    FRANKENSTEINER       d/f+3+4           ?                 15
    Roger\Alex flips over head first. On a good connect he catches
    opponents head with legs and flips back over planting opponents
    head into ground...
    This move is the MAIN arsenal of all the moves. The damage is
    UNCANNY. It leaves for good follow-ups, and when you block an
    opponent, pull out this move, straight away. It catches quite
    nicely after a blocked EWGF or TGF.. Also, when the opponent
    crouchdashes, do this. If its hellsweeps, you will massacre
    them. If its TGF you will beat them to it. If its WGF again
    you will beat them to it. If they are unlucky it will even
    throw them.
    The main advantage thou, is the long range, and the huge damage
    that follows on a good throw. It is supprising what close range
    attacks will leave you an easy frankensteiner after the attack
    is done. If your opponent deathfists, a quick crouchdash into
    this move may come in handy for some larger amounts of damage.
    Aslo, a running in opponent, has the tendancy to run right into
    this move, which is funny to watch in the least. It leaves for
    good OKIZEME and anything from a d/f+1+2 to a d/b+3 will hit
    for that little extra damage.
    Its also taggable to a lot of moves.. Hwoarangs d/b+3+4 for a start..
    ***** 10/10 Whenever you need to, get dirty.
    Animal Sweep            SS+4                    l              17
    Roger\Alex sidesteps into a large sweep, and stays very close to
    the ground.
    It will duck all high hitting, and even mid hitting move. This
    move has never been low parried in my sight before, and it will
    connect almost every time. Dont wiff it, cause if it is blocked,
    it will leave you in a sweep stun position. For this reason
    it should be mixed up with the Hop Kick u/f+4, which should
    be mixed up with both of them. This is one of my most used moves.
    It can be the best move if you use it carefuly. But the thing is,
    it can also do small juggles off the animal sweep. My favourite,
    is the damaging d+1, CC, 1, f,n,d,d/f+1.
    That does great amounts of damage.
    If you find that your opponent blocks low a lot, you may want to
    change to the hopkick more often, so that when he\she is not
    expecting it, you can do this move again, and knock them down.
    ***** 10/10 Look, its the floor.
    Unfortunatly, Roger/Alex really lack in this department, its kind
    a shame really, thats all they need to be REALLY mean..
    Sweep: SS+4, U+3+4
    d+1, WC 1+2                       <-- Thanks Synner.
    d/f+1+2, f+1+2                    <-- Big Chars and Taggers only.
    d+1, WC, F+2
    d+1, d+3+4
    d/f+3+4                           <-- Not a true juggle.
    d/b+3, d/f+1+2
    d+1, CC, 1, f,n,d,d/f+1
    d+1, CC, 1, f,f+4
    Small Juggle: u/f+4, WS+2 etc
    u/f+4, d+1, WC+1+2
    2, 4, d+3+4
    1, 1, f,n,d,d/f+1 (My staple juggle)
    4, f,f+4
    d+1, N+2, d+3+4
    d/f+1+2, d+3+4
    f,f+1,2,1,2 ,f,n,d,d/f+1  (Big characters only)
    Those are the main ones I can think of..
    High Launchers: Devil, SS+2, P. Jack, SS+2 etc
    f,n,d,d/f+1, d+3+4
    f,N+1, 1, f,n,d,d/f+1
    u/f+4, 1, f,n,d,d/f+1
    Thats all I can think of for the moment, try some out and
    email me the results.
    9) Okizeme and Ground Games
    This is grounding your opponent, and hitting them or keeping
    them on the ground for extra damage. To do this here are a list
    of moves in no particular order.
    Ground Hitting:
    d+3+4, (4), (4)
    Tech Rolling\Quick Recovering:
    All of the Above
    When doing okizeme, do whatever move you feel nessesary to
    keep your opponent grounded. Some characters, like NINA, can
    do huge amounts of damage on a grounded opponent before they
    can get up. However, rogers strong point is poking. So Okizime
    is not the esiest thing to do. Here is a simple rundown.
    If an opponent techrolls:
    At a distance, it is a good idea to do the f+1+2, becuase of its
    jumping ability, it will move a large distance forward, and hit
    the roller. Otherwise, a shorter distance, the f,f+3 jail kick
    will help, because of its slightly longer than normal mid hitting
    range. If the opponent is close, and you are in a ducking position,
    The FC+1+2 is the best option, as it will leave the opponent a nice
    distance of the U_U/F+3+4 knee drop, or the running ali kicks.
    A grounded opponent:
    The main Okizeme tactic here is the SS+4 that will leave the opponent
    flat on the ground infront of you, after a rising attack. Otherwise,
    if the opponent is distanced, the knee drop is a much better idea.
    It does 40 damage, which is more than most moves do to knock the
    opponent down. Otherwise, a quick ali kick will get you into a safe
    distance from your opponent, while doing a small amount of damage.
    10)Styles of Play
    - Crouch Dashing
    This should be the biggest part of your Roger game, it will utalise
    every opportunity for a fast and deadly attack, you must learn the
    f,n,d,d/f motion fluently. Thou Roger does not have as many attacks
    as the mishimas from the CD, this means you have to learn the cancel
    and utalise more of his standard moves, which in my opinion can be
    absolutely devistating. This talent is used for getting close very
    fast, and range for Roger is a big issue. Being small he can get
    under a lot of moves, and using this before or even after a sidestep
    can give you the advantage you need for some big damage.
    - Wave Dashing
    Or, seing that its not QUITE a wave dash, I shall call it an ANIMAL
    DASH. Now this looks somewhat different from the wave dash, but has
    the same priorities. It goes under High attackes, closes large distances
    at a small time, and can chain into ANY move what so ever. Including
    things like the Giant Swing.
    The motion is done like so..
    f,n,d,d/f,f,f,n,d,d/f and so on.
    You get the idea. =)
    - Crouch Canceling
    This is somewhat an abreviation of the ANIMAL DASH (god I love saying
    that.. =) ) The reason I put it AFTER the ANIMAL DASH is because
    if you can ANIMAL DASH then you can CROUCH CANCEL. The motion is simple
    as you are doing it already. You have to break into the chain, and
    pull of a move. Like so.
    This is a Crouch Cancel into a f,f,n+1.
    Many things can be crouch canceled into with practice and time.
    I for one am still learning and am not afraid to admit that. Many
    of you mishima users will find it much harder to ANIMAL DASH and
    CROUCH CANCEL with Roger as he is much faster at it than a Mishima
    IMHO. Then again, you must also learn some throw commands on a whim,
    so you can pull out huge moves. At the moment I have gotten the
    Crouch Cancel into a GIANT SWING down, the motion is one of the esier
    ones, as it contains the BACK press on the joystick.
    The most underestimated move from Rogers CROUCH CANCEL is the SS.
    It is devistating at the right time, and two sidesteps can leave
    you behind an opponent that has just retaliated.
    This is done as follows.
    f,n,d,d/f,f,SS,f,SS etc..
    This is a double sidestep, and can be of great use. It take a litte bit
    of practice, and the f and second SS is completely un-nessesary. This
    is just an example.
    - Custom Strings
    Here I have been asked to add a large section, however I still do not
    feel this nessesary. I think everyone has there own custom strings, and
    a lot of good players just "wing it" as they play, meaning they mix up
    all there known attacks and try to confuse the opponent.
    Here are a few custom strings nonetheless..
    d+1, n+2, f,f,n+2, d+1, n+2, d+1, 1+2
    d+1, n+2, f,f, 1, 2, 1, d+1, u/f+4
    This section is really badly developed, and email me your
    custom strings, I will add them. =)
    - Poking Strings for Roger
    Well I will start off and say that Roger is a powerhouse when it comes
    to poking. He has so many insane strings and juggles off of simple poke
    starters. I will break down the strings I put in and say where you can
    branch off into other combos/juggles/tactics. Here is how to set these
    Ok this is a basic fast poke string.  The d+1,n+2 is one of the fastest
    pokes in the game and is all mid so no ducking.  The f,f+1,2 is a setup
    for a sweet CH combo.  If you CH the f,f+1,2 you want to finish the
    string f,f+1,2,1,2 then juggle with a quick f,f,u/f+4(insert u/f
    juggle).  This can lead to some nice 50% or greater juggles.  The added
    d/f+1 at the end of the string serves a dual purpose.  The first
    purpose is that if you CH with it they are facedown ont he ground and
    you get guaranteed okizeme (Ali Kicks etc.) or any Okizeme game you
    want to play.  The second purpose is if its blocked you are both pushed
    a safe distance away and they cant retaliate with anything guaranteed.
    Ok this is a great poking string that gives you some sweet damage.  As
    I explained above if the f,f+1,2 cH's punish them.  If it doesnt they
    will usually eat the giant swing tick(f,2,1,hcf+1).  Giant swing tick
    is a sweet sweet move that you must mix in to your poking strings at
    least a couple times a fight.
    Ok now this string seems a bit awkward at first glance, but here is the
    beauty of it.  A counter hit at any point means they hurt bad, and it
    TRICKS them into getting countered.  They will think after the second
    d/f+1 when you f,f, that they can d+1 counter you out of the 1,2 but
    you instead hit them(hopefully CH) with the gut punch and get some nice
    damage or at least a poke in.
    This is just a plain and simple poke-a-thon.  They cant get in and
    interrupt you unless they time in a fast jab perfectly.  The f,f+2
    leads to more juggles on CH.
    Ok now this is a nasty series of strings.  The d+1,n+2 pushes them a
    bit away if it hits or if it doesnt then you go for the ss trip.  If
    you land the trip there are plenty of nice juggles to do.  If the trip
    is blocked... pray :)  The point of this exercise is to train them to
    anticipate the trip.  Then the u/f+4 juggles come.  Remember that you
    can delay the trip to hell and back to mix them up even more.
    Wave dashing with Roger??? Am I insane?? Nope.
    Wavedashing rocks with Roger. You have hellacious mixups.
    Almost better than the Mishimas I may venture.  You can mixup the ws
    uppercut(WD+2), the convict kick(wd,f+4), the giant swing(WD hcf+1),
    the Animal Godfist and all sorts of other insanity from this. USE THIS OFTEN.
    Well I will end this section with the basic moves I use to make up any
    good poking string with Roger.
    And so ends Fireseals LEGEND poking section, there are some small aditions
    to that, wavedashing etc, but none the less, thank him for the whole section.
    Any problems please email me.
    11) Vs CHARACTER
    This is were we tell you how to beat charicters..
    This will be a Greulling fight of throws and pokes. Stay close,
    get ready to escape the throws, and try to pull off the SS+4
    with the u/f+4 mixed up after the SS. Poke your way through this
    one. Also, watch out for fast moving pokers, if you find that
    his poking is much faster than yours, then go to antipoke
    measures, namely the ali kicks, and the SS+4. Be careful,
    if you see Roger crouch dash, then get ready for the AGF.
    Dont try to beat him with a CD, once it is initiated,
    chances are you will loose out with a good %60 life
    gone. Thing is, this is proberbly going to be a GREULING
    match, watch out also for the FC, f+2 that can juggle for
    good if not devestating damage. Good luck against a master,
    cause he\she is gonna poke you till you scream.
    This guy is a JOKE. Watch out for the twin pistions. Stay low,
    and keep an eye on the laser while tagging. His twin pistons
    are seriously overused. It is not a threat if you are standing,
    it is only a juggle if it lifts you up, and in that case, its
    gonna put you into a juggle. Chances are you were ducking at the
    time. If you can do a lot of f,f+1 and SS+4 then you should
    discourage the use of this move enough to initiate a crouch
    dash game. After this.. do a lot of WC 1+2's
    to keep Angel/Devil away and try to get in close with his
    crouch dashes. If Devil/Angel crouchdash, just do the d+1, N+2
    and it should beat them out of anything they do. Although,
    if you manage to go against a mean player, watch out for the
    devil twister SS+2. It will send you up and land you in a world
    of pain. A lot of people do this as there main assault. Thing is,
    this hits mid, and chances are, if it hits you, and they have jin
    as a tag team partner, you are going to loose a greater chunk of
    your life bar than truely nessesary. In reality, if you face a
    master with this character, your best option is to not let them
    initiate crouchdash, the WGF is special mid like Heis, not
    high like Jins, lucky that Devil has no real juggles that
    will do damage on his own, the main one is just WGF, 1, 1, WGF.
    Be careful, and stay close. Devils most powerful ability is his
    crouch dash.
    Stay low and away. Do headbutts whenever nessesary to prevent
    the reversal, and buffer easy reversed pokes. Anna's d+1
    rocks, so watch out for that too. Try to pull out the AGF
    whenever she goes to crouch, and mix it up with the CD+1+2.
    Otherwise turn it into a GREULLING poking match. The d+1, N+2
    is a good choice of moves when it comes down to it. The more
    SS+4 mixed up with a u/f+4 you do, the safer you are. The best
    option is to throw her whenever you can. Otherwise, watch out
    for her assasians dagger QCF+1, its fast, REAL fast. And as for
    a poking war, your biggest advantage is that you have fast moving
    pokes. Remember you can initiate your Crouchdash game with her.
    It may be a good chance at survival, and against a master Anna
    player, you may need to side step alot more, and stay back,
    luring Anna to come to you. If you can do this, then you
    will have no problems pushing her back. Chances are, your
    command throws should do enough damage to put her out of the game,
    problem is, landing them.
    Watch out for 3 main string moves.
    d+1, N+4
    d+4, 1
    d+3, 2
    These are the moves that she makes strings out of. So be wareful
    of these.
    Armor King:
    This guy's WGF is anoying. A LOT of his moves hit high. He has no
    mid throws, and the WGF is the only mean midhitting attack. Just
    get in his face and stay low. The WGF is, IMHO the best WGF in the
    game, its not as damaging as the EWGF or the 3EWGF, but it seems
    longer ranged, and more chances to hit than the Mishimas. As for
    juggles, you are looking at a small chunk of your life bar dissapering.
    Whenever he Crouchdashes, he is either going to do the Black Knee
    or the WGF, knee is mid, wgf is special mid.
    So a simple d+1 will stop anything that may come out.
    The clothsline from hell f,n,d,d/f+1, is a very
    fast move, but it hits high. Try to duck the clothsline if
    you can, cause if you get hit by it, you will go flying backwards.
    Also watch out for his Black Shoulder. That can be very damaging.
    After the black shoulder, forget the throw, it is very apealing
    to see A. Kings side to you, but a quick poke, and anything that
    may have done damage is then thrown out the window. Just do a
    simple d+1. It is your best chance, as there is a large guessing
    game after that on what is coming next. You can then do the N+2,
    the FC, 1+2 or even the FC, F+2 for a juggle.
    Else, he can poke just like the rest. Watch out for his D+1, and his
    D+1, N+2 cause they can be anoying. Dont throw Head to Head cause you
    will get poked first. And Vice Versa. If he trys to throw. POKE.
    Keep in mind the Hop Kicks and the Low Dropkicks. They come out
    of no-were. The hopkick is fast, it has good range, and damaging
    juggles to follow. As for the low dropkick, again, if you stay
    low, this should not be a problem. Dont try to low parry it,
    chances are you will land flat on your face with sore ankles.
    Otherwise, its a poke match from hell.
    This guy is strings, LOTS and LOTS of strings. Watch out for his
    WS strings, they come out fast, and dont stop. You dont want to
    get juggled, because he can do some nice damage like that.
    Just try to poke and block as much as you can. And inticipate
    the next move. Sooner or later, he is going into a high move,
    and that is your oppening.
    An advanced BAEK can wavedash, this is perhaps his highest
    priority to get close, to land his dangerouse strings. If
    you get hit by the last hit of his ws, 3, 3, 4 his u/f+3+4
    is a guaranteed hit, so be wary of that string. Baek has
    a few low hitting moves, but during some point he must go
    to a high hitting move, this is were the AGF comes in, for
    big damage and string interupts. Watch out for his d/b+3 also
    as he can knock you on the ground and do some dangerouse
    okizeme with it.
    REMEMBER: If the next move has the option of being Low, or a
    mid hitting juggle starter, better to block mid. Unless you
    know that the next move is low. Because, you would proberbly
    be better off taking a low hit, than getting juggled for a
    lot of mean damage.
    Mashers shouldnt be a problem. They are fodder for the f, N+1
    and the SS+4. If they keep mashing, just keep doing the SS+4.
    I dont really know what to say about an advanced player.
    When Eddy goes into a handstand position, he is very vunerable.
    But this does not mean rush in and smash him up as fast as you can,
    no, this means, you must time yourself very carefully and try
    to catch Eddy inbetween his strings.
    The best moves against and Eddy players are as listed.
    d+1, N+2
    d+4         <-- Its a low kick.
    And so on. Anything that hits fast and low, or mid, will
    proberbly be ok. The thing is, you wont really have a problem
    too much with smashing Eddys into the ground, the lag between
    the moves should be enough to get in and waste them.
    Otherwise, just poke if you get in close.
    Oh, and CD is your best friend here, any high moves from Eddy
    are fodder for the AGF!
    This guy AINT no joke nor jack. This guy can pull off some of the
    most DAMAGING juggles I have EVER seen. Stay up, and watch for an
    oppening, he is NOT slow, so you have to be clever. Poke when you
    can, and watch out for his punch parry. If you are caught by it,
    you cant chicken it, you will take throw damage, and you are left
    with you back turned, and he can pull of anything from a side kick,
    to a Head Rush F+1+2. Chances are, he is going to sit down infront
    of you. There are two options here for old Ganny. He has a Megaton
    Palm, that hits mid for NASTY damage, and also a arm sweep, that
    he can turn into small juggles. If he does the spits, then he can
    roll sideways, but this isnt too much of a threat. If he sits down
    infront of you, you should do a d+1 straight away. You should not
    let him get back up. If he does, its a guessing game, and that is
    not what you want. Also, he will try to get you with his Sumo Push
    d+1+2, if this hits, you will stagger backwards, and if it is blocked,
    he is left with initiative. Although I dont recomend trying to stop
    this move with a poke, you can try it if you feel nessesary to stop
    it. Also, keep in mind, that he has a slow, but damaging sweep. It
    is hard to sidestep, and has no sweep stun when blocked either. So
    all in all, ganny here is a good character to use. The way to beat
    him, is utalise the d+1 as often as you can. Sidestepping is an
    excelent idea, if you mannage to sidestep the f+1+2 summo rush
    thingee then it will leave you on his side, if not behind him.
    Also, his d+1 will be utalised as a defence, followed by a guessing
    game of FC 1+2 and so on. When he crouches or goes down, get out
    of the way, out of range, just move. Get into CD distance, and
    wait for priority to ANIMAL DASH and murder Ganny.
    If you get hit by the last bit of his WS+1+2, 1+2 the throw
    for him is GUARANTEED so be ready to break it.
    A good heihachi player will have you on your toes all the time.
    Dont go head to head with his crouch dashes. Chances are you'll
    loose. Get the throws off, and roll whenever you are grounded
    and think the stomps comming. Techrolling is a good idea sometimes
    just to get away from a stomp happy opponent. But if your opponent
    mixes up with hellsweeps.. Then you have a problem. Stay down,
    and take the first hellsweep. Its better than taking the whole
    two hellsweeps into an TGF. (I say 2, because most people know,
    that the 3rd hellsweep will chances are, not connect.)
    Watch out for his kicks, things like the standing CH 4 can be
    leathal and damaging to say the least. Dont get him on a counter
    with your CH 4 because, it will do an automatic counter. He still
    takes damage, which is funny to watch as an ending move I might
    His WGF hits special mid now, so don't be afraid to block it from
    any height. If you a crouched, it will send you back a bit, and
    you should be able to recover before he does anything too painful
    to you. Just keep in mind a few things about his Crouch Dashes.
    1. After a hell sweep, if there is a pause, the TGF is coming.
    2. The second hellsweep is always blockable accept on counter.
    3. The TGF has no Mid\Low kick after it.
    4. The WGF is SPECIAL MID. NOT mid.
    Heihachi has no d+1 poke, it is a tile splitter, BUT a good
    Heihachi player will know that he has a d/b+1 poke. That is
    just as good as the d+1 poke of other characters. He is BEST
    played out crouch dash distance. Dont let him get into this
    position. Chances are he will shadow step out of hellsweeps,
    and stand back. His CD game is very good, so you want to poke
    ALL his CD's. Make sure you dont let him get to CD distance.
    Stay in his face and poke like mad. Dont let him do anything.
    The Twin Pistons d/f+1,2 is a good juggle starter, be careful
    of this. You should SS+4 whenever you feel a mid\high move
    comming out. He wont stop in the middle of a Crouch Dash.
    Or if he is wave stepping, again, a SS+4 should stop him.
    Remember, Heihachi is uncannily deadly from all angles, My advice,
    is to SS+4 whenever you can, Keep in his face and poke him head
    to head. His CD game is very good, dont let him use it.
    Throw. Whenever you can, stop the momentum of his strings. Dont
    go toe toe with strings, you will lose. And loose a lot of your
    life to boot. His kicks are very fast, fast and deadly. Once
    you are in the air, he will kick like crazy to keep you up there.
    If you are against a string player, watch his strings carefully
    for one round, or before you challenge, and learn the ones he uses,
    then, its a simple matter of poking or throwing Hwoarang, and poking
    in the small time he leaves open between string connections.
    The secret is, a lot of moves hit mid\high. Very few of his
    kicks will actually hit low. CD is an option, but only if you know
    that the move coming hits high, else you are taking the risk of
    getting kicked. The SS+4 is your best friend. Stay back out of
    his way, and look for openings, and SS+4 or f,f,N+1 your way into
    Crazy Legs: This is a Class of its own. This is a very dangerouse
    way to play old BOB here. I have no tacticts VS this, just stay low
    and POKE like mad. Dont do any lag moves, and try not to get confused
    by the amounts of moves that soon follow. Crazy Legs depend on the
    player, but is very pattenised. Just watch for a pattern, and look
    for oppenings to destroy your opponent.
    Jack 2:
    Raw Power. Watch out for his uppercuts, and SS moves, they can do
    the damage. And he is faster than people estimate, so take care.
    He has mostly the same moves as Mr M G Jack, with lack of a few
    and gain of some others. Watch out for his Ram, it seems to go
    down well with scrubs and masters alike, and also his SS arsenal.
    The SS arsenal is mostly high, that doesnt mean stay low, cause
    you will eat a double knuckle in the head and that would hurt.
    No no, just SS and poke. Get in his face, and wait for a botch
    up of Wiff. Then nail him. On Paper, should be easy. IRL, not
    so much.
    Jun is VERY string based, and a lot of moves can be ducked. She is
    an easy kill all in all. Just stay low, and headbutt. Also, sidestep
    whenever she wiffs a move, and punish her. Watch out for the Can Can
    kicks d+3+4 thou, those things are leathal to their name. They are not
    like jins can can kicks, she must have been having a period when
    teching him those, cause something went VERY wrong. But anyway, the
    most favourite string to scrubs is the Punch Punch Sweep X3 and from
    start again. It is easy to low parry the sweep. Watch out for the
    No Hand Cartweel Thingee thou.. (The thing were she flips sideways
    and hits with both her legs, you know the one, I forgot the name)
    And poke her out of her long boring strings, and teach them that
    Roger\Alex is a force to be reconed with.
    Else all in all its nice and easy.
    Now, a master. Stay out of his reach. Once he juggles you,
    do whatever nessesary to get up. DONT STAY DOWN. Cause
    once you are, you have a problem. Jun is VERY good at dishing out
    damage to air and ground opponents, and more so when it comes to
    juggling them. If you get in close, expect strings. Low parry when
    the sweeps come along, they almost always do, and interupt whatever
    comes out high. Again the Can Can Kicks are a favourite in this
    recipie for destruction. Keep that in mind. This is going to be
    a greuling matchup of skill and poking, good luck.
    Scrubs? Learn the breaks and beat them up. EASY.
    Masters?? Get in close and poke. This is going to be a war,
    and watch out for the multi's, default to {1} for your break
    after you miss the first {2} break. Chances are, if there not
    good, they will do the Giant Swing. Else watch their hands,
    and if they do the Mussle Buster, default to {2} again.
    All kings multis have {1} as a break in them.. Just learn that and
    you should be fine against throwers.
    Now, a master will utalise his pokes, and his strategical
    moves. He has a fast hopkick, that leads into small damage
    juggles, that can put a world of pain on if you get thrown
    on the ground. The most prefered ground throw is the Head Bomber.
    The break for it is {2} so if you are ground thrown, do this.
    Poking kings are more anoying, they tend to use a lot of standing
    pokes, more so, you should realy be standing against king, if he
    crouchdashes, poke with a d+1. Watch out, king has the d+1, N+2
    as well, and its a little slower? Anyway, it is still devistating.
    His new poke, is the d/f+1,2 that does an elbow sting, into a gutpuch.
    This is stoped by poking yourself.
    Ok, now, king likes to throw. Most of his damage come from throws.
    The most used command throw is the Muscle Buster. A break of 1+2.
    Then again, the other one is the giant swing. Which has a break of {1}
    So an idea is to push 1, hold, and press 2 for a break. This should
    break any throw that has a break of 1 or 1+2. Watch for the mid throw
    moves that can leave you in a position that you can be ground thrown.
    This is one time I must say, Poke like crazy, and GO head to head
    with his crouch dashes. If he crouchdashes, do the same. He might
    do the double knuckle out of the crouchdash, but your AGF will beat
    him out of it anyway. And slap him with a counter to boot for good
    damage. Dont go head to head with king throwing, being a King master
    entitles you to know the breaks for king too, which are the same as
    Rogers\Alexs so just stay safe, poke, SS+4 and Hopkick, and anoy
    king into submission.
    Dont get hit by the fart. Easy as that. Nah, Kuma is a force to be
    reconed with. The new Bear Stance is very nasty, and can keep away
    a bulldoging opponent really well, just be careful, he has a few
    options from here, namely a bear fling, that hits mid, and also
    a bear swipe, that is like a fast poke. If this hits, the harder
    right hand swipe is unstopable, and quite damaging, however, this
    will take him out of the stance. Also, when he is in this stance,
    he can not block at all. This is handy, cause you can CD into an
    AGF which will hit for good damage.
    Poke anything else he does, watch out for his deamon paw uppercut.
    I think everyone would agree that this IS his best juggle starter.
    It can launch you up, for a quick tag or good damaging juggles.
    So watch out. The circus roll is tagable, so if you get cought
    by this, you can expect to be hit by the partner soon after.
    His fastest poke is the f+1, which combos into a G-Clef Cannon.
    The Cannon does good dammage, juggles and is taggable, so watch
    out. Else, his d+1 has an uncanny range, and is fast, so it will
    stop pretty much anything you try and do if your not careful.
    His f+1+2 hits high now, and is pretty much faster than T3 so
    watch out. Do a lot of SS and WS moves. And really poke him to
    submission. Break the Circus Roll whenever you can, and if
    you dont, be ready for damage. Else, just be careful..
    I have never played an expert Kuma before. Any help anyone??
    Watchout for the d/f+2 cause that's gonna hurt. Else you should
    be pretty ok. Just keep an eye out for her tricky tactics. 
    She has the d+1+2 were she disapears into the floor for a bit,
    and raises back up. The other disapearing act she does, she comes
    out of the roof with unblockables. This is not actually that
    dangerouse, a standing 4 kick will stop her from hitting you
    most of the time, the hit, though unblockable, follows a very
    narrow path straight down. So anything to be hit by it, must be
    directly under it. The other real damaging things are her
    Poison Wind d+3+4, which is easy to avoid, and her SS+3+4.
    Which is like rogers SS+4 but not as cool. I have never faced
    a good Kuni before, so do not know much. I think its a lot like
    This is pretty much GREULING. Don't let him juggle you, you will
    be in a world of pain.. Just stay out, and try not to get caught
    on a CH with the 1-Inch. Else, the Dragon Slide, and the Dragon
    Tail are his main low moves. Wait for a nice high flip and smack
    him with a AGF or Windup Punch (F,N+1) Just sorta stay back, and
    do a lot of Animal Sweeps (SS+4). Otherwise poking will beat him
    out of anything big he migh try to do. Watch out for his WS
    position, he has a BIG uppercut that can lead to a WORLD of pain
    on a good tag juggle. His Junkyard Combo (B+2,3,4) is a favourite
    with scrubs. They try to mix it up with his other Dragon Punch
    Combo (Is that what its called?? B+1,2,1) Don't even let him start
    it. As soon as you see the first punch, D+1. Easy fix. Else, if you
    know its the Junkyard, lowparry the 3. And do a hopkick for a nice
    little juggle.  The other problem you may face is he has a fast,
    and I mean FAST flip from the d+2 punch. This may be a problem
    for any rush moves, as the d+2 will stop you, and the flip will
    send you right up for some mean damage. Otherwise, he has a parry
    (Just found that out. =) ) And a wierd dance punch parry. While hes
    dancing hes fodder for the f,f,N+1. Otherwise, you should be able
    to poke like mad. And stop almost everything else. Just low parry
    the second hit of the junkyard combo. PLEASE!
    Kookie is the right word for this guy. A lot of people do the razor
    rush into a stance (f,n+1,2,1,2,4) Just remember if Lei does the
    last kick, he goes into a Crane stance were he CAN NOT block. There
    are also (To my knowledge, I only just started playing lei) high
    or low hits from the crane stance. Get low, and ready yourself for
    a headbut. That will stop most lei's in their tracks. If you are
    against a HAHAHA lei, then you have a problem. Try to pull off as
    much damage as you can. And make Lei come to you. If you have someone
    who can Tag Slide, do this when you can.. Else, if they can slide and
    the whole HAHAHA Lei thing is happening, wait till he does the HAHAHA
    and slide him. Chances are he will do a MID punch to stop you and
    will go off his feet. Otherwise, just look out for the RAVE SPIN,
    (d/b+4,4) If he does this and you block, stay low and do an Animal
    Headbutt. If Lei lies down FU/FA Do the Ali Kicks. Dont get near him
    cause he could Rave Spin or Kangaroo Kick, just beat him up. Thats
    what Ali-Kicks are for. If he is lying FD/FA watch out for the slide.
    All his moves are pretty much low, so go in carefully, stay low, and
    get ready to block the slide attempt. The other thing, while I remember,
    is dont attack a backturned one. It is bad for your health.
    The other thing I have learned, is people tend to prefer certain moves
    from certain stances, if you watch carefully, you may be able to
    anticipate anything that may be coming.
    What to say, ling will stay low, REAL low, get in on her. She's fast,
    so watch out for her WS+2 that can lead to a MEAN juggle. Her juggles
    are FINATICAL so dont let her get you up. A lot of her moves are low.
    Do a lot of Knuckle Bombs (F+1+2) and Ali-Kicks to keep her at her
    distance, and a lot of Animal Headbutts (WC+1+2) To discourage her
    from getting close. All in all this is a nasty battle. And should
    not be taken lightly. If its a scrub thou, pulling out those dumb
    Phoenix Stance, roll around throws, just duck and Animal Headbutt
    till they die. Oh, and remember the most USEFUL move against ling.
    USE the D+1 WHENEVER you need it. Its going to be a NASTY poking
    game. The thing with ling, is a master will be all over the place,
    dont try to throw a backturned ling, you are gonna get hurt somink
    KRONIK. Ling can poke fast, and is made for poking, so you have to
    be ready to unleash all your fast and low power moves at a distance
    to prevent being juggled. A f,f,N+1 is the best thing against a back
    turned ling. Else, good luck. Its gonna be a war.
    Machine Gun Jack:
    What to say, he is NOTHING like Ganryu, just poke him till he goes
    BALISTIC. Thats it. SS+4 heaps, mixed with the Hopkick, and all in
    all you should be able to beat him EASY. SHOULD is the key word. On
    paper this is all good, IRL against a master, its a different matter.
    Watch out for throws, and make sure you dont stay too low. A few of
    Mr. M G Jacks moves are power low, but they are slow. PARRY THEM
    whenever you get the chance, and remember his guns ARE blockable.
    He has, as I have discovered, a very fast d/f+2 uppercut, with good
    distance, mid hitting, and doing decent juggles can make you loose
    a good portion of your life. Else a lot of his moves are pure, raw,
    unadaulterated power, and are not very hard to stop.
    Also, watch out for the Dark Greeting PLEASE!! This move is EASY to
    stop, and so many people get hit. One more thing. Dont anticipate
    what he is going to do next from the Scissors. Its either a low
    Scissors or a good Megaton Punch. All in all, you can do a d+1
    before the second move comes out. Then go into a poking frenzy,
    from string to string, don't let him do anything. He is very slow
    in the long run, and relys greatly on his power play. So just poke
    untill your opponent tags, and realises his Gun Jack is neautralised.
    Then again, if you fight a scrub, laugh.
    A master.. Good Luck.
    See all Chars. Just learn the stances so you know who he is!!
    Dont do the Rolling Animal Kicks, you will eat Bloody Scissors soo
    fast. Keep out of his kicks, and watch out for his F+2 and his
    f,f+2. The hand snap thingee can be sidesteped after the first block,
    but that doesnt leave you with much initiative, if none at all.
    D+1 helps alot, also the AGF. Forget the Infinate Kicks, no one in there
    right mind will do them. Or a smart person will do the first few hits,
    which I might add does DAMN nasty damage.. And then stop. If they like
    to continue them thou, a simple SS+4 will stop them very quickly.
    A good idea is to watch out for his legs. They are very long, and
    can be very damaging if your not careful. But any ogre will try
    to initiate his crouch game, the range of moves from this position
    is too good to give up. Also, when you are down, watch out for his
    double fist cannon ball thing that he does. It hits grounded opponents
    for more damage than I would apreciate taking, and that, other than
    his SS+4 wich is a type of sweep, is about the only ground hitting
    moves he has, but dont think that is not enough, because it is.
    If you get in close, throw him and get back out again. Its as easy as
    that. A master will do a lot more of his kicks thou, and you will
    have to go toe to toe in hopes that your jabs are faster..
    This guy is the Deathfist masher of the millenium. Most likely,
    you will face nothing but 10-Stringers or Deathfist Junkies.
    All you have to do is poke. If by chance, you do face an opponent
    that manages to use paul more than with Deathfist alone, then you
    will have to watch out for his Elbow QCF+1, into juggle with deathfist
    ender. The Falling Hammer combo's, like the deathfist\falling leaf
    combination, just do a d+1 to stop whatever comes out. Its always
    useful against what ever he is doing, Paul is boring, and I am not
    going to say much more about it. I mean, simple pokes and SS+4
    should surfice.
    This guy is wierd. Get out of his way, and watch out for his SS. Dont
    wiff and you cant loose. Well thats an understatement. Hehe..
    Dont get hit by the F+1+2 or you will hurt. And dont get juggled either
    cause Jin gonna come in and lay the smack down on you.. Else POKE and
    Throw. Nice and easy. Never faced a master before, and I bet you wont
    But chances are if you do face one, you will proberbly be in pain.
    I have never faced one, so go for your life.
    True Ogre:
    This is a POKE war. POKE EVERYTHING you can. Your D+1 can beat ANYTHING
    he tries to do AT ALL. And that is all you really need. Just POKE like
    Crazy!! And you should be fine for a while. Make sure you dont let him
    get any moves off, and if he does, SS or Duck or whatever. JUST MAKE HIM
    WIFF!! And you should be sweet as for the damage. If you really feel like
    going head to head try a lot of throws. Thats fun watching a Kangaroo
    throw a Dragon around.. Also, watch out for his crouch games, and his
    Headbutt juggle starter. Otherwise, as Reverend C said in his "Anna FAQ
    the D+1 should stop anything he does."
    Watch out for the d/f+2. Fastest uppercut in the game. And the juggles
    with damage are VERY good. Just dont get caught. SS a lot, and hopkick.
    This is really all you can do. A good Yoshi will have you lost in strings.
    A bad one will do nothing but his Crap 10-String, which I might add can
    be poked at 6 different points in time. Just dont let his dancing around
    intimidate you. Get into him, and throw him around a bit. He has one
    command throw, so learn to break it. And watch out for unblockables.
    The unblockables have good tracking, so dont try to SS and get in close,
    chances are your gonna get stabed. At that wouldnt help at all..
    Also, watch out for the Roo kick, that can lead to BIG juggles. If you
    get caught by it thou, you must have been sleeping. Cause its SLOW..
    Keep in mind that he has the sword slash for Okizeme, that can be
    rolled sideways out of.
    Roger\Alex are fun players, and should be played as such. Dont get mad
    if you loose, just learn and get better. There is no point in winning
    when you dont learn more of how to win. Just get in there and have fun.
    He can be VERY competitive when it comes to tourneys, so dont count him
    out of those, and just get ready for people to laugh when they see who
    you choose. Cause personally, I dont when I know a good Roger\Alex is
    standing next to me. I know I am about to be in a new world of pain.
    14) CREDITS
    Abrar, definitely... Kuma/Roger is UNSTOPPABLE!!!
    StatiK, Cause he takes roger to new heights.
    Castel, since we're on Zaibatsu EVERY day checkin'
    moves/combos/strats and since he's such a nice guy...
    He makes life SO much easier...
    All the rocking legends at tekken on TekkenZaibitsu that
    gave me input on other chars and how to beat them...
    Namco, for bringing back Roger...now we can forgive you for
    Eddy, Hwoarang, Baek, and the list goes on!!
    Synner for being a legend Roger Player.
    FIRESEAL cause hes a rocking legend, and did the custom strings
    section OH SO WELL, Rock on man, and keep playing ROGER!
    Anyone I've missed for whatever I missed. Lol.
    I will get to yall if I missed ya in the new update.
    	THE END

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