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    Lei by NQuick

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 04/03/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    version 1.1 by  Nicky Quick
    This guide is intended for use by  "the Tekken community".
    It may be freely distributed as long as the contents remain 
    intact, credit is given to the author for his contribution 
    to Tekken knowledge in general, and no monetary compensation 
    is received. All non-official information contained in 
    this document are copyright (SUISA) joe nickerson, April 1, 2000.
    Decent Speed and Power 
    Amazing Array of Moves, Stances
    No WS, FC or RC moves
    Difficulty in getting to the Stances
    Difficult to master all the myriad possibilities
    "Bread and Butter"
    f, N+1, 2, 1, 2, 4 _ 3  The delay-able Razor Rush.
    SS+1+2, 2, (JG) f+1+2, 2  About 50% damage if you land all 
    of this one!
    SS+3, 3, BK, D+4, (JG) SNS, 2, 2, f+2, PNS, 1, (JG) 4~4, 3, 3   
    Side-stepping really restores a lot of this great moves 
    potential and helps Lei to two powerful juggles using the 
    Rave Sweep to Snake bites juggle, then the Rolling Kicks.
    db+4, D, (JG) SNS, 2, 2, f+2, PNS, 2 (JG), f, N+1, 2, , 
    1, f+2, TGS, 1, (JG), f, N+1, 2, 1, 2, d+4, CRN.  It's just 
    way cool to juggle from Snake Stance and then bounce 'em 
    off the ground in Tiger for another round of juggling!
    "Style and Strategies"
    Lei is meant to be played intelligently - offensively but 
    also deceptively played. On defense he's not a  stopper 
    with heavy counter strikes, rather he's a mover and clever 
    counter puncher.  On offense, making full use of the Razor 
    Rush, with its delay and stance switching possibilities as 
    well as its 2 different endings (the low sweep or the 
    knock-down mid kick) is at the center of Lei strategies.
    Deceptively, Lei has a full bag of tricks - including not
    only the 4 prone positions, back-turned stance, 5 animal
    stances and 2 special stances, but also quite a few 
    acrobatic moves such as the Tornado kicks, back-flips,
    and Clean Sweep (from standing or prone position). His
    mix-up game is second only to Xiaoyu, especially when
    using buffered techniques.  Bringing all aspects of Lei's
    game together into a cohesive, coherent whole is the
    key to success with Lei.
    Most of Lei's best power moves are to be found more or 
    less equally distributed amongst the stances so combining 
    moves that do damage, change stances (to BK or Prone positions) 
    or get Lei into the 5 Animal and 2 Special (Phoenix and Drunken) 
    stances is the secret and passion of every dedicated Lei player.  
    Juggles after almost every starter can lead to the Razor Rush 
    stance changing cycle:
    uf+4, (JG) f, N+1, 2 , 1, 2, f+4, CRN, 3, 4 ,2, 3 (JG), 
    f, N+1, 2, f+1, PNS, 4, 2, 1, 2, f+4,  CRN, 2, BK, D+4, 
    (JG), SNS, 2, f+2, DRG, 4, 1, 2, 3 
    Lei can go directly into the Razor Rush as his juggle so he 
    can get to stances quickly, or he  can use any of his other 
    juggles, and get to Snake Stance afterward as well:
    df+2, (JG), [1], 2, 2 (= df+2 (JG), 1, 1+2, (BK) [2],
    f+3 (SNS).
    Following the df+2 uppercut juggle is a buffered version of
    Lei's Hook-Punch to a second spinning uppercut juggler, the
    Spiral Upper, followed by a switch to Snake Stance via a
    second buffer.
    f, N+[4], 1, d+3, 3 (JG) b+1+2, 3~4 _ 4~3 (=f+4, d+3+4, 3+4 
    (JG), b+1+2, etc.)
    In the second example, Lei's Rush Combo, doesn't go very far 
    before a quick drop to PLD springs the Kangaroo Kick loose to 
    pick up some major style points for the Cannonball head-butt juggle. 
    NOTE:  To explain the use of the bracketed buttons above: 
    [1] must be held to get the Hook-Punch (BK) and [2] must be
    held to buffer into SNS.  In the Rush Combo [4] must 
    be held until the Kangaroo Kick input is completed.  
    See my Buffering Guide at this same site for a more detailed 
    explanation of buffering as well as a longer list of Lei's 
    buffering possibilities.
    "Fighting against Lei"
    Because of the vast number of Lei's widely varied techniques
    it's almost impossible to know what he'll do next.  "If you can't 
    beat 'em, join 'em" is a wise old saying: The best way to beat Lei 
    is to join him - learn his moves, learn to recognize his favored 
    moves in order to evade or interrupt them. Of course if you learn 
    all Lei's moves, you might WANT to join him! Don't hesitate to 
    try side-stepping the Razor Rush and then counter. Also don't be 
    afraid to block then power counter if your character can.  Use 
    low attacks liberally to knock him out of prone positions and 
    stance changes but watch out for his low parry.  If you can
    avoid Lei's juggle starters you can limit his stance changing,
    thereby reducing the number of possibilities you have to face.
    "Little known Tricks"
    "After Jumping"
    Or AJ.  I never saw this in any FAQ but I noticed it in play.
    After Jumping is the same as While Standing (yes, WS!)  Ironically
    this has nothing to do with Lei, who has no WS moves, but if you 
    like to play Hwoarang, Law, Paul, Julia, Xiaoyu, Jin and a few 
    others as I do, then you can imagine how many more opportunities
    this presents to bring out the Tsunami Kick, Skyscraper Kick,
    Rising Double Axe and many other favorites. It has about the same
    timing as a WS move, obviously if you land and then input you'll
    get a normal standing move. Just credit Nicky Quick with this one
    please - for the history books.
    "Ha-ha Steps"
    I first saw this step used by the 1999 world-champ, Seok, in
    final round matches against Mike Nappi.  In his new Lei FAQ, 
    Slice calls this the Ha-Ha step.  Have a look at his explanation
    for the details, I simply "juggle" the B and 3+4 buttons listening
    for the correct Ha-ha sound to come from the toggled controllers 
    - that's right, it's a great name for a useful addition to Lei's
    mobility. Make sure to avoid pushing 3+4 faster than B or you'll 
    get the not very Ha-ha Backflips, Tornado Kick, or if you're 
    luckier the Clean Sweep - in fact, all kinds of great moves can 
    come flying off the end of these laughing, staccato steps!
    All the ways you can get to Snake Stance including buffering
    but maybe not including every Snake coming off of buffered
    combos and mix-ups:
    f, N+1~u _ d
    df+4, D
    BK D+4
    SNS 1,1,1,1,1,f+1 
    [2], SS+3
    [3], SS+2
    [2], F+3
    [3], F+2
    [1], SS+4
    [4], SS+1
    "Big Misconceptions"
    That Lei is Jackie Chan - Lei is LEI!  As much as I like Jackie
    Chan, Lei is not a clown, he's an Ass-Kicker!  Jackie Chan
    is a great kung-fu artist, acrobat and comedian - but too sweet: 
    does he ever look like he wants to really hurt somebody?  Forrest 
    Law acts, looks and plays like Bruce Lee, but Lei - Jackie?  
    No way!  Lei likes to play, but your ass has to pay!
    Thanks to Abrar and Reverend C. at Inside Tekken for the format
    used in this FAQ - cool people and great site in Auckland, NZ.
    Be cool.
    Nicky Quick

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