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    After-Jump Guide by NQuick

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 04/05/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    version 1.2  April 5, 2000
    This guide is intended for use by  "the Tekken community".
    It may be freely distributed as long as the contents remain 
    intact, credit is given to the author for his contribution 
    to Tekken knowledge in general, and no monetary compensation 
    is received. All non-official information contained in 
    this document are copyright (SUISA) joe nickerson, April 1, 2000.
    After Jumping
    - Xiaoyu
    - Hwoarang
    - Julia
    - Paul
    - Law
    - Jin
    - King
    This FAQ should be considered an Addendum to my Buffering Guide,
    version 2.5.  I believe this to be an original discovery, having
    never read, seen, or heard it mentioned, explained or demonstrated.
    It truly came from buffering (no doubt unintentionally) and belongs
    to buffering.  That means I just noticed it over time while playing
    Tekken but now the full implications have come clear after working 
    on my Buffering Guide.
    There doesn't seem to be a simpler name for it than what it is.
    What it DOES is serve as a buffer for multi-directional commands
    in exactly the same way as FC and RC do.  After Jumping = Full Crouch!
     Equally important, WS moves can follow.  After Jumping = While Standing!  
    I recently mentioned After Jumping in my new little Lei Wulong Profile 
    but I must start here with a  modification of what I said there:
    AJ (After Jumping) moves are performed in a similar timing to
    WS moves but the input must be made Upon Touching - not before, 
    while in the air, and not too long after landing, otherwise we 
    get the normal standing move. We're talking again about a window
    of opportunity in which to perform the chosen input. Some
    moves are however excluded: Leaping ground strikes such as u+2,
    leaping kicks or strikes which land on one foot, and some Special
    Arts like Xiaoyu's Front and Back Layouts are also excluded.
    Let's look at AJ as a buffer in multi-directional moves and
    WS moves - unfortunately Xiaoyu has only one leaping kick
    that will work as a starter but more important perhaps is
    how many follow up WS and FC, df moves your character has:
    Ling Xiaoyu
    uf+4, (AJ = FC), df+2,1 (= uf+4, FC, df+2,1) Xiaoyu performs her 
    leaping Cyanide kick and, upon touching, can go directly into the 
    Lotus Twist to add two low hits onto her mid-hitting Cyanide. 
    This is directional buffering pure and simple and with all of the 
    benefits: we've created another interesting mix-up and prepared 
    the way for an WS+2 Sunflower juggle!
    Xiaoyu can in fact go into any of her six FC moves or any of her
    three WS moves following Cyanide or any normal jump: ub, u , uf.
    uf, (AJ = FC) df+4, 4
    uf+4, (AJ = FC) 3, 2, 1, 4
    uf, (AJ = WS) WS+2
    ub, (AJ = WS) WS+4
    uf+4, (AJ = WS) WS+2
    uf+[4], (AJ = FC) db+3  Don't forget you can buffer buttons as well.
    Hwoarang has no leaping kicks to combine with AJ moves, no
    FC, df moves, and only one official WS move:
    uf, (AJ = WS) WS+4, 4  The Tsunami Kicks.  Bob jumps forward
    (covering about the same distance as his crouch dash) and,
    upon landing we tap 4, 4 to get the WS+4, 4.
    uf, (AJ =WS) WS+3  Officially we get the Spinal Tap from f, f+3
    but it also is a WS move so this means it's an AJ move.
    uf, (AJ = WS) WS+2  Hwoarang has at least this powerful uppercut 
    juggler as a basic WS/AJ move.  Again, from a good distance away
    you can jump in (instead of the more familiar dash) and surprise
    your opponent with a WS move - three more blows and the damage shows.
    Julia Chang
    Julia of course can jump all day and tack on one WS move or FC
    move after another. But, like Hwoarang, she has no striking
    starters.  I'll just get things started here so that everything
    is clear:
    uf, (AJ =FC) df+4, 3  Leaping forward as far as a crouch dash,
    Julia lands and goes directly into the Bow and Arrow Kick.
    uf, (AJ =FC) df+2  Body Elbow.  NOTE: The FC, df moves work AJ
    but the d, DF+1 Thunder Palm (again!) move doesn't.
    u, (AJ = WS) WS+4  Here we jump straight up (over a low strike?)
    then lay 'em out with the Skyscraper Kick!
    u, (AJ = WS) WS+2, 1, df+4, 3 The Uppercut-Low Razor recovers RC 
    so the FC for our Bow and Arrow is already buffered.
    uf, (AJ =WS) WS+2, 4, 1 The "predictable" Uppercut-Razors Edge
    becomes a surprise juggle starter - crappy burthdaze to you...
    Paul Phoenix
    Since he doesn't have any WS moves except WS+2, Paul said he 
    wouldn't mind if I shared a couple of his FC, df tricks:
    uf, (AJ = FC) df+ 2  Jaw Breaker
    uf, (AJ = FC) df+2, 2  Stone breaker
    uf, (AJ = FC) df+2, 1  Gut Buster
    uf, AJ = WS) WS+2  Just so you can juggle a bit more.
    Forrest Law
    Law has just enough useful WS and FC moves to give him a bad 
    Reputation again - doesn't he have enough cheap somersault 
    tricks already?
    uf, (AJ = WS) WS+3  The range of this jump + spinning side kick
    is about the same as a buffered crouch dash + f, f move.
    uf, (AJ = WS)  WS+3~4  Side Kick-Somersault.  Only if the left
    kick whiffs are you going connect with the right kick juggle.
    uf, (AJ = WS)  WS+4~3  The Front Kick-Somersault is much more
    useful - both hits connect.
    uf, (AJ = FC) df+3, 4  This time a low kick to somersault juggle.
    uf, (AJ = FC)  Ub, U, or Uf+4  Catapult Kick Low.  Law's gotta go.
    Jin Kazama
    uf, (AJ = WS)  WS+1, 2  Twin Pistons
    uf, (AJ = WS)  WS+2  Rising Upper          
    uf, (AJ = WS)  WS+4, 4  Rising Double Axe
    Three isn't really enough for me!
    But what can you do?  King only has two!
    uf, (AJ = FC)  df+1  Leg Breaker - he's no faker.
    uf, (AJ = FC)  df+2  Crouching Upper, time for supper.
    LISTEN, that's enough rhymes for the times, have fun
    and - let me know if you got something to show!    
    Have a look at your own characters move list to determine what you 
    can use to expand your own mix-up and high-damage (most WS moves 
    hit mid for damage and/or juggles!) strategies. 
    Until next time, be cool.
    Nicky Quick

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