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    Wang by Siroccoh

    Version: 3.0 | Updated: 10/18/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Quick Wang Strategy Guide
    Version 3.0
    11:41 PM 10/18/00
    By: Robby Stone AKA Siroccoh
    Email: siroccoh@lanset.com
    Author's Note: I just wanted to make a quick Wang guide to help all of those poor confused
    souls out there who wonder why Namco went to the trouble of bringing back the old geezer 
    from the depths of Tekken 2. I will not be going over every move in his arsenal, since I 
    realize that this is suppossed to be a QUICK reference guide, but rather only go over the 
    moves that Wang should use to to not get his ass beaten. There will be no explanations about 
    the gamesystem here, no conventions. As you can see I designed this to be as compact and to 
    the point as possible, as well as it being designed for the above-average player who wants 
    to learn about a no to little risk fighting style with Wang. I'm also willing to revise this
    if I find out some more stuff from you other Wang users out there, so don't be afraid to 
    tell me off about my guide here or give me any advice. I'm willing to listen and I will 
    be happy to respond to your comments.
    Disclaimer Notice: Don't go off posting this anywhere without my written consent, don't 
    go off publishing this anywhere and not giving me credit. You can print this off for 
    personal use if you wish, but don't go around selling it, since I didn't make this for 
    some lazy-ass bum to go around printing off my hard work to make a buck or two. Hell, if
    anyone should be getting paid for this FAQ, it damn-well better be me. Overall, just don't
    do anything that would be known as plagarism. If you'd like to take something out of this 
    FAQ for one of your own, just be sure to state your source in HMLA format (ok, you don't 
    have to worry about the HMLA thing).
    Revisions to Version 3.0: Added in 4,4 special move analysis and added some more follow-ups
    for his side throw which can be tagged off of. Also added another paragraph in the "Slapping
    People Around With Your Wang" section describing Wang's major weakness and what you may be 
    able to do about it. Also corrected some deceiving information about db+2.
    Revisions to Version 2.0: I corrected the error about which side throw can be tagged off of,
    along with including another way of performing it that I forgot to include last time. Also
    added a few custom strings and juggles. f+4, db+4,2, 1, f+1+2 is Wang's most stylish juggle
    that I have yet to see. Also threw in some new advice in the 'Slapping People Around With 
    Your Wang' section.
    -- Table of Contents --
    - Wang's Basic Moves
    - Wang's Throws
    - Wang's Special Moves
    - Wang's Juggles
    - Slapping People Around With Your Wang
    - Credits
    - My Personal Info
    -- Wang's Basic Moves --
    --> 1
    8 frames. Leads into G-Clef Cannon, which juggles on CH. No frame disadvantage. 
    - Just about any other move listed in this FAQ, except for df+1+2 and db+2.
    --> 2
    10 frames. Twice as much damage as 1, and gives more advantage on contact.
    - a buffered df,DF+2+4 
    - 1
    - d+1
    --> 4
    10 frame kick execution! Floats on CH, which can be followed up with f+2 for easy damage 
    (and is the only time when f+2 should be used).
    - 1
    - df+4
    - f+2 (on CH)
    --> d+1
    Standard ducking jab with 8 frame execution, no recovery, basically used for interrupts.
    - FC+1
    - WS+1
    - FC,df+4
    - cc, 1
    --> df+4
    Hits mid, 12 frame execution, good distance, good recovery, even better recovery on 
    contact or CH.
    - 1
    - d+1
    - db+4
    - QCF+2 (on contact)
    --> WS+1
    This move is quick, is the only WS move Wang has that doesn't leave him in complete
    disadvantage when blocked, but it does lack range, so make very sure not to whiff this 
    move, that is unless you like getting WGF'ed to death.
    - 1
    - d+1
    - df+4
    - db+4
    -- Wang's Throws --
    --> df,DF+2+4
    If you want to be a good Wang user (heheh), you HAVE TO get this motion down. Hands
    down, this is Wang's absolute best throw, let alone probably the best throw in the 
    game. Double button escape, the best range of any of Wang's throws, insanely mad 
    follow-ups, can be tagged off of (hence the insane follow-ups), looks totally cool 
    (this move is so funny to see as the finishing move of the round), and just reeks of 
    absolute intimidation towards your opponent. Also, even when you screw up on the motion, 
    most of the time you'll perform his normal 2+4 throw anyways, which isn't that bad either, 
    due to the position that that throw puts your opponent in. If you don't believe me about 
    the power of this throw, go read Peter Hahn's excellent Waning Moon FAQ (yes, this move is 
    so good it got a FAQ of its own).
    - Too many to mention, see Han's Waning Moon FAQ
    --> Opponent's Right Side, 1+3_2+4_2+5
    This side throw is also extremely powerful due to some of the really great tag-in follow-
    ups you can perform. Otherwise it is just a normal side throw, with a single button 
    escape, and I'm pretty sure it does something like 40 damage.
    - Tag-in with other character, experiment
      - Anna or Nina: d+3+4
      - Ganryu or Jacks: uf+3+4
      - King or A. King: Ground Throw
      - Kuma/Panda: ff+2~5, ff,N+4<--(Wang tag-in slide) or 1+2~f, 3+4
      - P. Jack: b,db,d,df+1~5, ff,N+4<--(Wang tag-in slide) or df+1+2 or U
      - Yoshi: 1+2 or uf+3+4
      - Kuni: uf+3+4 or d+3+4
      - Ogre: ff+1+2
      - T. Ogre: df+1+2 or d+3+4 or ff+1+2
      - Xaioyu: df+2~1~5, ff,N+4<--(Wang tag-in slide)
      - Lei: uf+2, FU/FA 3
      - Pretty Much Anyone: ff,N+4<--(tag-in slide)
    -- Wang's Special Moves --
    --> 1~1,1
    Only use on CH (which happens a lot due to the fact that the first move in the string 
    has only 8 frames of execution), as then it will be a guaranteed juggle, or else a good 
    opponent will block the rest of the string and get you on guaranteed minor counters. 
    Otherwise, if not on CH, just stop at the first 1.
    - Juggle (on CH)
    - Tag Juggle (on CH)(if you have a strong juggling partner like Bruce or Hei)
    - 1
    - d+1
    - df,DF+2+4
    - df+4
    --> df+1+2
    One of the most powerful okizeme moves in the game, damage-wise. Too bad it's really 
    slow, so it isn't guaranteed after too many knockdown moves. The only time to use it 
    is after a db+2 or CH db+4,2 juggle that leaves the opponent lying FD/FA on the ground.
    Otherwise don't bother. I've heard it is also guaranteed after a WS+4, but since the 
    WS+4 has such shitty recovery, I don't really use that move too much, except when mixing 
    it up with my crouch dash game or when it's guaranteed after a blocked SS+1+2.
    - None
    --> SS+1+2
    Can we say crazy guard stun? 27+ advantage on a blocked hit! As you can imagine there 
    are some extremely kick-ass follow-ups to this move. Also causes stun on CH.
    - QCF+2
    - QCF+4
    - ff, df,DF+2+4
    --> QCF+2
    Wang's Deathfist. Okay, so it doesn't do as much damage as Paul's, but it knocks the 
    opponent backwards when blocked, it is basically all Wang has concerning power moves, 
    and sets up a nice little charging game when it does hit. Only 13 frames, and is pretty 
    safe to just stick out there.
    - Charge! (when it connects)
    - 1 (when blocked)
    --> df+2,1
    Much more useful for Wang than it is for the Changs, since Wang lacks quick, low recovery,
    juggling moves (plus the Changs can use 1~2~1 instead). Just don't try to use anything 
    after you get this move blocked, otherwise you'll be eating jabs all day long. Instead 
    just block. Mainly used as a minor counter retaliation move (this move is guaranteed after 
    Julia's uf+4). Also this move has really good tracking, a thing that few of Wang's moves
    - Juggle (on contact)
    - B
    - b+1+3_b+2+4
    --> db+2
    The ONLY ONLY ONLY (did I put in enough ONLY's?) time to use this move is if your opponent
    is sloppy enough to whiff their attack. Definitely use it then, as there is a mad crazy 
    juggle you can get after this connects. Oh yeah, and this is NOT guaranteed after a blocked
    or CH (you can escape the stun and block it) SS+1+2.
    - Juggle (on contact)
    - b+1+3_b+2+4
    - Pray (when blocked)(and no, Wang does not have a move where he prays ^_^)
    --> 4,4
    This move is really fast and the second hit is low, so it makes for decent poking action. 
    But don't even think of abusing this move nearly as much as most Julia/Michelle users because
    Wang can't link it off his sidestep like the Changs can (instead you'll get SS+4, which is a 
    HORRID move -7 frames recovery on CONTACT, -20 if blocked). Also, this happens to be one of 
    the more overabused moves I've seen (especially with the Changs), so you might get the second 
    hit parried by the more aware opponents you'll face. As a rule I never use this move more 
    than 3 times in a round (unless they don't know how to parry it).
    - FC,df+4
    - WS+4
    - FC+1
    --> FC,df+4
    Don't even think about using the rest of this string, as it is horribly slow and Wang will
    usually miss the other character anyways. The FC,df+4 is Wang's sole FC SPECIAL move that 
    actually has some benefit to it, so use it once in a while. But once again, I stress that you 
    should not over-use this move, since you'll get low parried REAL FAST against good competition,
    and that is never a good thing.
    - d+1
    - WS+1
    --> db+4<2
    I usually only use this a FEW TIMES per round, and never follow through with the 2 part of 
    the string unless I am TOTALLY certain that the db+4 part hit on CH. But when the db+4 does 
    CH, follow through with the 2 to set up Wang's most powerful juggle. Note that you can 
    delay this move just so slightly. Lastly, if you delay press a 5 until the last second after
    the lifting palm hits, you can do a tag juggle where the opponent will fall FD/FA, which 
    creates some weird tag juggle opportunities.
    - df+4
    - 1
    - d+1
    - db+4 (If you really wanna piss em off, but watch out for low parries)
    --> f+4
    Somewhat slow execution (yet it's deceiving at 17 frame execution), but great recovery, 
    especially since it knocks the opponent back quite a bit and creates a guard stun. Also 
    juggles if it connects.
    - Juggle (on contact)
    - QCF+2
    - QCF_ff, 1
    - QCF, df,DF+2+4
    - QCF, d+1
    --> b+1+3_b+2+4
    I have to say Wang's reversal is probably the best one in the game due to the fact that 
    it can reverse all left punch attacks WITHOUT BEING CHICKENED!!!! That means whenever a 
    Mishima comes in with 1,1<2 or a Chang throws out a 1~1,1_1~2,1 or Anna whips out an uf+1,3, you 
    can reverse as long as you like. Wang can reverse certain double input commands that are left 
    side chickened (such as Kuma's f+1+2) and still not get chickened. 
    - db+4 (also follow-up with the ,2 portion if opponent rolls)
    - d+4 (also follow-up with the ,1 portion if opponent rolls)
    --> df
    Learn when to use this move. And once you become proficient at recognizing low attacks
    from your opponent (especially in strings like Julia's 4,4) ALWAYS use the low parry. 
    I can't remember the last time I blocked low instead of using df instead. It gives Wang
    so much advantage in his defensive game that this is a MUST to be able to do.
    - uf+4
    - df+2,1
    -- Wang's Juggles --
    db+2 and CH db+4,2 follow-ups:
    1, db+4,2, df+1+2 (!)
    f+4, uf+4, and CH 1~1,1 follow-ups:
    db+4,2, 1, f+1+2 (!)
    1, 1, d+4,1 (!)
    1, 1, db+4,2
    1, 1, 1, QCF+2
    1, 1, 1, 1, f+1+2
    D+2, FC,df+4,3
    df+2,1 follow-ups:
    QCF+2 (!)
    ff, 1, d+4,1
    ff, 1, db+4,2
    CH 4 follow-ups:
    f+2 (!)
    CH SS+1+2 follow-ups:
    db+2, 1, db+4,2, df+1+2 (!)
    df,DF+2+4, fff, db+4,2, 1, db+4,2, df+1+2 (!)
    Class 1 Juggle Starter follow-ups:
    ub~b, SS+1+2, db+4,2 (!)
    UF+4, d+4,1
    UF+4, 1, QCF+2
    -- Slappin' People Around With Your Wang --
    I have to say that Wang is probably one of the few characters who can be played as a
    "turtle" and compete against good players. Since Wang's strengths lie in CH'ing the 
    opponent, low parrying, and using his reversal (at certain points), he truly does possess 
    all of the weapons needed to establish a strong defensive game. Also remember to develop
    your SS game, as then you can get off Wang's rather effective side throws and SS+1+2.
    But that doesn't mean Wang can't turn on the offense either, since he does possess moves 
    like 1, df+4, db+4, and SS+1+2, which are all extremely effective at frustrating your 
    adversary and making them unsure at which height level you are going to attack at next. 
    But I find that Wang isn't a very strong custom stringer, and tends to be one of the main
    reasons why people often over-look Wang as being a decent character.
    But if you need some customs, here's a few:
     1, d+1, FC,df+4
     1, ff+1, db+4, df,DF+2+4_df+2,1
     1, df+4, QCF+2
     1, SS+1+2
     1, ff+1, ff+1, ff+1,....1~1,1
     1, d+1, cc, 4
    As you can tell, I'm not much of a custom stringer with Wang, so don't rely on these, 
    unless you like losing as much money at the arcade as me. ^_^
    Easily one of the most important parts of Wang's (and just about every other character's)
    fighting style is movement. You HAVE TO become comfortable with all of the movement options
    that Wang possesses. Besides the standard sidesteps and dashes (which you should be using 
    practically all of the time), also mix it up with his QCF crouch dash. At the end of the
    QCF, don't become predictable and always end it with his Deathfist (QCF+2). Mix it up with
    db+4 at the end of the crouch-dash, or one of my personal favorites, the Waning Moon throw
    (df,DF+2+4). And whenever you SS a move, be sure to follow it up with a hopkick or side
    throw to punish your opponent. Believe me, when playing with such a frail old man, you need
    to aviod attacks instead of charging right into them.
    Never forget Wang's throwing game. He has probably the most powerful throw in the game 
    with df,DF+2+4 when utilized correctly, and can completely turn the tables in your favor
    if you get this move to connect. It is highly suggested by me that you should read Hahn's 
    Waning Moon FAQ for the best ways to set-up and follow-up Wang's Waning Moon throw.
    As for punishing whiffed moves (which happens quite often if you move around a lot), I 
    mainly stick to using db+2 (and a highly damaging juggle) or if I'm too far out of range 
    for the db+2, use the QCF+2 for a single strong strike that sends the opponent reeling and 
    sets up a shoulder charge.
    For okizeme, I suggest sticking to using db+4, as it is really quick, and if you see the
    opponent rolling when you hit them with the db+4 the ,2 will hit as well, making for VERY
    good damage off of the ground. There are also a few situations where I use df+1+2 to hit
    a laying opponent, but not too often. If the opponent is doing a lot of tech-rolling, I
    will usually catch them with df+2,1 or df,DF+2+4 as they quick rise. Not much to it eh?
    The reason Wang isn't a top tier character mostly lies in the fact that he has the weakest
    durability of all the characters in the game and takes damage like the old man he is. 
    Believe me when I say that you are at a great disadvantage when playing against normal to
    heavy-duty durability characters because a couple juggles will do Wang in rather quickly. 
    That's kinda why it would be smart to pick someone durable as Wang's partner, but then 
    again, don't completely learn a new durable character for Wang's partner just cause I said
    so. But his lack of durability is just another good reason why you should most definitely 
    learn to move around and avoid attacks instead of getting hit by a WGF juggle that takes 
    away all of your life.
    Also, there's the inherent taunting factor when using Wang. First off, the guys name is 
    Wang. C'mon, I can think of just about half a dozen different rather funny comments I 
    could say after winning a match with him. Plus he's an old man. Last, he's an old man 
    named Wang. ^_^ I think you can get an idea of what I'm aiming at here. Oh yeah, and if 
    you pick his costume where he doesn't wear that hat of his, Wang has to be easily one of 
    the funniest looking people in any fighting game, let alone Tekken.
    As for picking a partner to compliment Wang, I really can't tell you who to play. That's 
    your decision. But if you want a character who plays alot like Wang and is CH oriented, 
    pick someone like Kuma or Julia. If you want an interesting familial team, pick Ling. If 
    you need someone to take a beating while Wang is recovering on the sidelines, pick P. Jack 
    or Ganryu. Hell, most characters work well with Wang. I really can't say who to use, but 
    when I pick a partner for Wang, these are the questions I ask myself: Does he/she have 
    good follow-ups after Waning Moon? Do I actually know how to use this character? Is this 
    guy any fun to play with? I apologize if this doesn't help you out with picking a partner, 
    but it's just about all I can advise. Sheesh, just have fun and pick the character you feel 
    like using.
    -- Credits --
    Ainvar: For inspiring me find a character that everyone else doesn't play, and to learn 
    how to play a character with as little risk as possible.
    Castel and all of the staff on Tekken Zaibatsu (www.tekkenzaibatsu.com): For having one 
    kick-ass site with all of the frame data that I'd ever need to find out what is guaranteed
    after what-else, and for having such an organized BBS. Oh yeah, and the Combo Exhibitions 
    rock too!
    Peter Hahn: For making that completely awesome FAQ on the Waning Moon! Keep up the good work!
    The Game Room: For being the place where I almost always go to play Tekken. 25 cent 
    continues own all!
    All the Good Comp at Birdcage Game Room: You guys always seem to find something new to 
    impress me with, hopefully I've done the same for you guys as well.
    -- My Personal Info --
    My name is Robby Stone for all of you people who couldn't read my name in the title, and
    I happen to live in the Sacramento area. On the internet, I go by the alias of Siroccoh.
    I'm about 6' tall, caucasian, skinny, and I don't tend to pick any specific characters all 
    of the time. I suck gameplay-wise (due to the fact that I only have about a year of true 
    experience under my belt), but I have enough observation skills and time on my hands to 
    figure out most of the little intracacies that make up Tekken, and am always happy to learn 
    new tricks that I haven't seen before. As mentioned before, I frequent The Game Room 
    (actually there's two of them, one in Folsom and one in Citrus Heights, the Citrus Heights 
    one has better comp) and if you're ever in the Sacramento area, be sure to drop on by one of 
    The Game Rooms, maybe you'll see me there.
    The ultimate key to winning in Tekken is........practice....and good competition. Hope I 
    inspired you. ;P

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